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Jamaica farmer. (Jamaica, N.Y.) 1870-18??, October 26, 1871, Image 2

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THE LONG BLAND FARMElt—THlfKSDAY, OCTOBER 86, 1671. ;0tu) Isla n d 4ffltmr2. Jamaioa, Thursday. Oot. 26, 1871* — i t ! m mniuf 'j. Welnlly beautiful a* the. Ideal creation 'ef Rome old master, tritli tho f.nce anil fi­ gure of an Eastern sultan*—a strange, juionsejdighy burning in her stormy eyea —■was Barbaik Brundenel u site gai.ed / '•“'■Beati’ttfd'\ ftrttth a” window o'f\HruSdenel ’ Honsd;.f*stShhl!fed*bJr tli*Jgfaiideur of tho Btofta'tHml riaged 1 Without. By K it side affeb'd Bri titfrititce Btntyionel her cousin. > , '• i,. ‘ Evory noW antf they vlyia iyeets of ’ t lightning flame lighted ,uj> feo hpayeni1. Looking up into her conain’aface, Bar- , hara distinguished an lexprqaeion of] ex*, treme anxiety. ■ • <1 \ Eustace,, what trotitles ypu ? Is there , any one in danger?” fee whispered. < \ Yea, Old Betteridge but now sighted a small vessel—-a yacht apparently—and this is .such a, treacherous coast that a ealamity aeema inovifablp.” , 11 ■ ' Presently there came a tnoi'o tlvid flash than *ny fent had preceSded it. n Eliatace jumped' to liis feet w itlrrorjt 1 of horror. \ ?! What; ie it? ” eagsrljr demanded Bar­ bara. What dkfyou “ Th» yadht IS'tttfefe b ir l ..... Pnatcbirijj his dreadnought from its peg, and catching up a lantern that lay-year by, Bruhdehei tore from, thy, house, fol­ lowed almost immediately, by, ttlio impul- '■ sive Barbara, who hud been seized with a detanpination to porforrar-a- p art in the' perilous work of attempted react?*, When Brundenel arrivCd!|rn tlie bench; ' - with the assistance of sorae sturdy fisher snon who were collebted there, Conferring J as to the course to ho jiul.-med, the li'fe-in.ut was speedily launched. Bn't no amount .of . persuasion could induce Barbara to re|in«, quish her purpose of aocompnnyiog the crew. ■ > \ ,. The oars dipped into.the crisp foam, and t the boat- -carried its oceupants nn great black horrors of wave*. and • down into . whirling hallows wiih swiit liliematioii. , Presently the jacht loomed dp before ■ them, the bristling j i ’ws of the rorits liolil- ’• H igher fasti and the vivid ligh't.niilg play-., ing abputher hows. Half a dozen figures conld he .seen clinging, frantically, to the ropes. Nepror and nearer the rescuers drew, nntll at last they were close to, the-wreck.. The frightened men tumbled edgorlv into tlie boat, until there'Was left'only d soli­ tary figure on tho deckof tho yacht. \Ho did not st>r or seem to d'htice .them mttil-'Briindfenol shouted to hinfe'' “ For Heaven's sake, man; 'ioike down. You'll be drowned.” 1' • f'Pimhrtfrt” wa* tbe replV.' * r a m well enough''here.” ; 1 1' f “ Good heavens',\ Brnndoriol'fliclaimed sharply. he us a -#.■* =- — fee place where the glW.h*d‘ »tood a mo­ mma niiuie there was only a gleam of aky bn- oi water, With a bound lie hod ,i!e*o(liid )l^edJ[|-.»i ■4*lf.fe* f clid'uaniPwasdsaniag^oar-tlwdby'.y below dead ..... .. ^ „ ^ _ _ r fcaugh't'ai! roWebushes in falling, anil had t 'barely! idatta^ed to craWl to that placo 1 of itenipdraiy, security. i ■ «<_<;<••. 1 f! Even as Thornton lookeddownenher “ Life is ivor^h-snvln^phicp ttijfl.*av«d! by 1 , 7 , 0 : 1 They had been traveling companions,a year before, and a warm ailection b « ween feem bad been the resutt.,■ o' .There Was dmorry party hi' Brtiridienel Hourb a t breftkfaat'tUCifeHdWfngmblning. The *tom hod swept past While the Dark­ ness lasted, and)dsy. had davfned Of jtaig ss Sdreim of haaven., ■ : - o Thornton had quite, reootered from iany 1 exhaustion, o f , the previous' evetiirig, ;and announced to hia friend h^ik intehtioti of bidding adienx kdW'going back to Londoq, wff|irtttt! farthfV delay. yW ^enol istsred. , at hlm.undxojolned;.. , “ Yon khnll do nothing lOfitiw sort, I cannot, part',with you eo'Srtba. 'Tho sOa gavo yoo 'up to rite, aud I 'claliu ^ytJu. ‘ Do not think Bf , going we.oWs ,to i cOid|.' I ehatl really feD.lmtt g. you dp*\ .. . “ prlendii are .owaiting mo there.” , j “ Let .tlwrn,wait,” . 11 !' •, But Tlmrnton eeemed i**splUtk.”\. ' ' ,r “ You can send hack WUrjd'by\ftie iheii' whb’wero with you h> tti’f yacJif'’-‘ ■ d p p e l r e s u m e d . , ’ ,'.j. i^b^T q d k C d Uj^-St IhelV jguest. ‘ . * ' 8 h(y.f.’ sh.qyrispff'ed. p.- He wemed- strangely movedr»4trangaly averse to remaining. AhkhUU Whisporitd word from the' giH/eVeh HlkTlps IbBtthoir coloC. - But he leaned ' fefWai d sudd only until hia bronzed heard touched her haih •fta i l your slave,** :he'kald. *' ' tofancinUte every Doay. m n * Srqgdeggl began tp notj.op the change iai hXs.capsiflptlast.;,.,,. p , . , 0 , \Barbara ho said fphf BV^dayi! \have a qato, You y fe ftdJlaglia' Ibve w iththis': hw^dscme stmngoP.I'.\'.o *ii •> > •'( h •n Ent an,” ahfc answered, flushing -'Ifotl^ ' • Hrf-ls gloriod*,'hw ik Silperb.'knd Iadihlfe .inc ■' •ri.at <• all»' 1 ia ' ■ •■ni > bin?.' Tliat ia all.’ •< “ dildeed-p' > . 1 ' 1 ’ ; ' 1 ■ ’'! M ’ H fibtt’t ho exa>pp|'iBting/] l»l lpv>? , . cii linn , Iii(('!I \.liil y d f; t-j .'[.Bftcauyo I ’m hfllf i:W(}o.vft wMh-y wk mge :U self.and inny;a?k)>!oU,to-m^y mis 'sontei'U day.\ \ ,i?iiwiiisi.>l iimi; «.o Hlfe liuiglied.’ __________ ennw, tbo housekeeper, was there to phufcn P fo ^ ty ,- ’ . < > ol fmnim’hA Barbara and Thornton had mado tlie 1 paeflW*- in a atfcunohi g>een and white wlierry, while BrattdeflePariil Mrs. Grim-. tiii- rueks, wnli ilie midsummer hud drop­ ping i s splendor abont them, the haxy air heavy with sweets, the sea one vast purple plain fpeokjsfl witli silver spots. Barbara wandereoHLlittle apart from the m'tTJ^ftnd^liQ^'. pn the edge of eawaHi.: Suddenly there l|on.loq|ced up from tlie ills he was rearing. In lie could see an imploring expression on HiV' wlilte; brightened face. ' • 1 , ‘'“ Fear Nothing\ he si 1 ,her.!,'T l’WiIl save youi*’ He drdpped over the dizzy verge, clin'g- ''lng te t h i sharp, jagged point* of the rock! DownWiird Its made hls siow krid tedioui . .way.: He reached her side and caiVgiit her' <nplnhibjhrawnyianus. ■ n< ■«>* ' t “ My .darlingl\ heimutterodi with wliite •dlB*1. iii'UU'I'l *.*■*■*• 1 i►!.-►' •« '•'* 1 •.\’.ffipy.ph.HW’d wgl*d>” Andsh*' flung her arms round hip nock sn 4 ];cl|ing. tjjewconvnl^ivolyi . . ...i.,;,; . “Hot words seemed like , a rqvejafipp^ 'His face grew ghastly ip its despairing; anguish. He put hpr from him for a, sin:. gleinkfaiit. \ ' ^ ' ' “ I ' iiTd' never dreamed of this,’* ho 1 moaned.' Then-it* turned suddenly, as if not dar-- ing' to trust.liilnself farther, snatclied :the : scurf from his heck and' knolted it-about 1 -her waisti , . - •, >: • .- “ it wanldj bo. easy—so easy—io plnngri i into thp (boiiing flood helow\ he cried, suddenly, .“ Is life so very dear to you: - .1 - o - . 0 t For aps^er she flung up her hands with , a frjghteifi'dl.l/?0^, Tffe lines algmt hif), mouth deepened and hardened as he saw , ihe gesture.' , , . •‘C’llng fast tome,\ he whispered,, bus- kily. \ I doubt if you have choosen wise - 1 ly. - Let Heiaven bb the judge.” Hi* ’arms write aroOnd'lier again]' 8 1 0 ^ '' ly arid with diitlculty ho inado hla, way up ‘ tlie a]mo*t naked face, of fee rock, feu* bardonfd—slowly and wife difficulty, and - on the edge of the precipice lie reefed-.and felt liimself dragged upon solid, ground by ihe atrong arm of Brundenel. < • ■ ' rujfy ftiith,” panted \th* .latter. 1 “ B at 1 ybh iWohavb h*d a taarfew escape''^, n. i My head swtips bnly to feink .of tha.gislk” yoq. rp’n.” ,, , „-,:i : Wonderful I” sobbed Mrs.- Grim'feavr.' ’ -Thornton did not st>eaki 1 -For a'fainUtb ' or tWd ho Was like onie frdni! whom ill’ life ' 1 iqokedat Barbara.,, Lfen. himself, afte iw*f dqptjilyi pal*., 1 . >1 . There-were-half adosen hystaricaHsjae- ulatipns- oaf fee part of Brukdenell.aadi Mrs. Grimshaw, thena strange giifet 1 fell;’ and TliOrriton heard fobtsteji* ’ m feating.1' Looking np a second time, he salir that h e ' and fiarba'rijWore alonef , \ ; His face -became,-strangely convulsed.- He struggled with liimself f<H a mfehktii,' then put out both his arms; . **Bstjbaltj*,” he wbisperod,' ' . Sbe,;fcrept nearer liy a step or tyro, then, drew back'again. . , • j.. t. '.Whsjt ls[it.f| sheered. “ You frighten j me, Gjay. 1 cannot understand yon.” , I. . ,.HIs hands dropped listlessly to hik *lde,- i-itYon are riglit tosUrink -frofe rae;”:Ke(' jgropried. ' “ Away, away! ' Folio1W k fej jGVtmSlia'w .1 You are'not s^ta witji mqk », I '^YTiy nofr?” she ventured. ... 1 V i..i “ Barbara I am nvillsinv’ . ' 1 , ■ n c r stormy eyas dilatbd, ■ ' t\ Asyillain I” she repeated, in slowi ife credulou*touo*.’ \ '' 1 t > '<¥**.” ' H e flung hlhiself eh the gras*. at fee w p d g . i h a ye done yon. iijcafynevei,-: fpjrglv*;my»lt . . tl-, i j “ Gnjr^ G a y IT* : • *»*-.• m i - i t .ijiu-t - m i Yota d o v e 'me;** 'H e went.'- 0 ri' ftereelV: I-khtfel-lthoi*, thohitflj 1'jje wfep.iiH^ap1’ V?}» IgVe ;fep, a p d y o a .jars to t ( . . it , . , deafei jfe^.me. tfiancjlife‘.nr, my hope of lfedy.eh,‘” „.i r • :'.-f r :■ - 1 . a.i • -, Hot blqshessrfopt over her fejeekir'fih* went nearbfto hlth ah^ sooght fe tilfeTieV that 'epfeiftf fey tfeaChetJC The first morning t Her-3 cdme hefe;! told' EUsti^B thkt a '!| ,'rlehd' \ViH-kraitlBg fof-‘fee' in 'Imndoii. 1 ; f e n 11 r J ^ i r - -•* <- • I- a - . - 'W - .I'- 't / h b - \It w*f ay- idfe. ef - whom 3 sfe)kn!i, -1 BMbaTa reoolled asifrota tt blow. ^Thie! color foifiteok h ir feoe ; 1 levying it ‘nkiii^le- Jike luHrfpal'ie^enee agkfe She her handa layolnntarljy, like one groping in tW d ir k ; ♦«* •- * - *•'■ «*' '• ; , ** Havb '-you anytlilrig tUrfelg to ' say 'io1 fewt” isbi'-'asked- in'af 'etrange*- IcyWrik bY -yotcei't i 'll * **• i . 'bo <■ I \lU I -H«lv id ' f' Yaa'/yea! 1 Lhave IMferWrong,''Wlolled;’*' But, believe me, •TfrtV^fedugHtfbi,'iiujr' ' thing like this, I saw tCs danger of my feVlag ybfeb’Ut r lia v r f 'f e t t u l h t l ^ 6*^•»'***' Foolish boy. You’d hfcH«WtfBt ^ ' 1 -V. HufedfeeiInM l*Hlj(MdfegMp!fi«!lttija!l , ((‘-Wiihijiou. motifosgiriw metiHiHeiiVfetiTf' kaowefeat-I-*tni*glc(ii sgalns*itam^*atidK' t ,k»Wrtf«'ofei .feeiflnit.ifeat thw.apeii'ofi m w w w liTPSWiq^ rlfMM#lble,rioiIv: I'jJ I TT, f . , . . t D i . - r r “ And we woulcLnoUat you go. Y«i I IfepW :allifeaa,‘l'»h*isrid-fefs*<»Uyf.n-j'n <) -i!T Olil }»l bi ll'! •nystofi;* fromrnin, I Y ma But I any cost.” Here lie moisture That father lJ2t.1l(JJJ , flfeU takeW'l* Jtnbtt inat^ijfered'at to wipe the . T-r- then I have bseil iike im LiLmaeliteon t h e . earth. FcotiW-hot look on tho face of the (Wm tha bbida'thaWgiillodf n f e l^ W M f e ! -tliH'liuA on thb 'wrOdk':tllat;,«km il 'iilpit. It epvikotl a a lfm y hOurhad;*p,meu't\V.ould , fedlqajsftil.hadidied feen,an4|thefe-”i ,li / If ifei^s-faqpitncapdfriB turn urlion ha -id analal>Sn/i> A. elnfnii * l ’rty' me Barbara,” lie' cried, touching her hand gqi»tij(.’ “1 Afe'W W liiabfe.” \\ , •“-i.de pit^yon.i*- : <,!■«' H- «f- , , flbp turwd jand waikedfswifily toward ; , f*T«B f 3y»S9f|0-bTiiaah <) sue rescued -tlm laifdiDg-p]ace £hjs <*^ 1 0 ; Vered That the 'sniiiriW' Bl'the ‘tW i^W s ' was not there. •A oof step'CAMS 'sttldlffg'up'befilnd lie'r just aasliB-madeitbis nlsspvaty. 1 ! ■ ' , ; “ Ypu miisitjgoi . back!(with , me In th e 1- . F N 'ife\ fidAA'HW'lfehi’e-W if^^iand her. . ,“-J9^efe po,Dfeer WfJf-tfV ,.1V , “W - ' • It wa* too. true. Brtindenel and .Mrs, Grimshiw' liAiI desetfpi ( them, and were 'fclwidy fttr dh'Vhe li<)llil1ivarii\'r<intd.' '* - BafharastOodlrrysiiliVtefor-S'inoiiient] ’ “,Coirie,’fiShe,said;-tlien, in a sbirp,'told-' jrpicp, “ fet’iUs-gi) ationce.-, ImmiweBiiiy.\ . I ’ .They iPitepMd fefentHe-whsisryr' and,! Thornton cang|f pp.feffi Pars.;,-, .gfefears , sat by herself in. the prow, her.passionate, l bluihbiBfetfsisyiiafi^d bk ’the crostKl waves over whWhf they'gll’ded'.1 k '•W6rd;w«il:' said.!’; .dlq'o-n t'<r,.s.f-i-.ii i avr\ - 1 >■« ' At last fes-'iceel go*ted on- tlie sottd St • fee baas.of feo Jwqdiandv,. Barbwa sprang] - :■(. . ;:i'l Thproton^ve l^er ».looh: - • quent with despaip. , 1t . . - * ,rAin I to Co ne no more to Bmndenel House ?” he said. \ ’l 1 1 . “ Never Ugain,” she anadreredv. - - T)ie.n ahedia'rtod eff.i - ,m i Hpi fep| allpppry path she elimbsd] like o ' ^ e D e l i n g f ^ d ^ p i a , , .* I t . Was Brundenel .opened fee.door enliW arrlVal’at the house.' ’ -' '• t^e'fe:fk Tli'bfJlfei'r^ie'cH^/teMlng- ,ly.l\ “ Mrt. GriiflehaW'iin'd'Tliaw’ Wlikl'Was ’ comlagyswd iWleidyiWttli BtifteivB*' bW.” Ain I, to iOoqglstalate eithstof-'yBaY'-' * • ! ■ \{'hfe>”‘.. ! v>- viaVf nvnnt Pinat'I' .»•• h & i l ^ f ^ ^ W M b a w ^ i '. V .* ,«•»!: ■! ,\i' “ What’s happened? ffuroly yoq;,ha?q'- not refused him?” . . . . , , 1 Then lie feid 'yo’-mOifiii'1 8 ifee^ing*in' hair -faoaaWed, filghfened’ Wrii.’ IW allencO' ; hbled ber fe the'dofe'Sri'd iri'sUenbe’We’ilit away, leavisg-her tkefeialsnB. j At fee en4:j°f-*» hour, hs- cam* back fcgfei.. , , -. ■< i-rii- ‘a..* ■, fsSMw ' 6he d id tell him, slttiri'feijisre like some ’) figura'carvedihatoUe.'^' WliBii'tM m of' the recital was reached Brnndenel started np. h l s ^ ^ ^ e n o h p ^ j h l s fefie.Pafe with ) '.-.-I ,■> ; '’’'No. 'nO'l\ -She iukjlf'ljer'4?nie wildly ' Muhd iils hfCck, hel'viafilS-lfl^B feifcon-''’ Ml giving ,wayi ibr'tbo fimdiHttint,- ' “ YoU ' ‘ lot not bomprahvad dfiantijbiptisfion^’- s h e fed.. Ptfeihlai.’l nn i ,Aind^q)i,^hW%I!,,viif'!fl«'tw l.n. - JWWlW-offe:' i . l 1 * !. i He strode several Umea HJi'Hifii down :,fea-MiQ|B,j Aibjasthstamerhatfesgaja'iina I I halfed,by fee,gfel’p.#ide.i?in 5n v.,d c ;,.t tn oIS feWW5» I'he* he -.seidn told him feat the must h svt heard aU. He went up to h er and kissed her. , “Shsll I. never sea him again V aha gasped. “ Never,” Binndenel reallzodiii^iSTir how m illy - | B u t^w h f It wsit'thfee dsys lster. She was out on the rooks at. the honr of twilight. She stood near the verge of-the precipice,' ag the restless tide as it came tnm- Jbfih£Th and wondering in a listless sort o f w i f Tigir .o was going mi Suddenly a footeWT^feMhfisd beside her. . \Barbara oriad.,a rapt, eager' volc*^ and she felt-. fefW 1 fe.*! ^Oli, &ay, Guy r Slieili^>!id liii afms Wlfeout the power of motion or resistance^ 'F i f a few^bliisfui 1 se*nnds she forgOtI‘Vveryt’liing ‘ save fee fradUc 5 oy of.- his pfesaifef>/ •’i'heii »;& 0 ' Ruddenly,piished .him frbiri'her. W M * .tl “ I cannot. Ah, how I loye,Tf>p. at mel” And he suddenly” drew b.ick, turning hls wdr’n face fdllhpon fieh’’ “Sio' hotr I tliava *ttflerbd;\ T thought T lihrtVi'ldr’‘l nevor- see you again. The struggle ia'tafe'* F?tb!ei •; ni.T ; Sheputup^wp w^fefeomhlfeg.ili^Sti.r,, “ For tlielove of Heaven, laava. ine “ I will not!” he cried, fiercely. ' “ You nra tay sun, tny-life 1 I-eliouiS dfeof»'ail?d: I dfe.Tvithout youj, Have mercy, Barbaisi '.”' \ What, vrQnW y o u ' liavel m eido’t sho , “ M * lip*- •, '4 1 iti’i rt.. •. w itt me, darling! I l^Te.jou ^ aljovw hoiior slid' friends 'and eoiiiitrr., ’ I lovo yon better than life.' Tliat So' mn'’.ly ought yen lovo ,mo. You* do lob* me-4. ■you-cannot denyfeat [’J . i - ■ ‘ .§he sW d iikp a stafee. ,ne.felJ1-,at.,fior • feet, llftihg' lip his liandsoine, ci>n;,:q|,-ied. face in prayerful entreaty. i , f ■’'Fly With nfe” 'hci rej-eiited. '.-“ Let lis ‘ 1 leave this plade, ; AfSr from 1 befe Iwe’ ci<n-‘' bq happy togetlier. -I'tVe wlll fdrg^t ttiit'bi We fever /fcupW. t^iy iother.llifB.. - <omfelf- 7 ' Comet” ' , .I -. 1 , „[f > j ’Sije e?{tt'was dumb. , . ^ . . . 1 ' \ 6 nSiik, Bai-biara, 8 peak fe;me. T“jl too ' llirit you iWll 'Wmfe wiih hie.' Te.l' me' ' . that you will be my guiding nngoi in Vfilif ‘ i giftlb«ok! to the whtn'att-l'l , wl|oip Ifehcpi ,1 will not 1 Oh, pity mo,', darling!”, ' ‘ \ , _ ,i: , . \ Heayen- forgive yon,” she -said .at last^ v in a broken Voice. ” You are aorely te’mp. ! ted) Hcavsn forgive Sfotf; and‘ ,sti,eiigth'eii' '■ ine, for I wUlinevee, never go wlUr-'yott.” ’ • He stared up at her half incredulously - for anlnstaptn i.Then ,a sudleni irt»viul»iiip> , of feeling came over hip*. He(bur,i»d hiV • , face iuhls hands, while strong conyulsions .. _shcbkliisfraniS.' ^ • •’ J- *••';•\ 1 “ I-Was triad,” lie trfoatisd, stsggeHrig ‘ to h iifbet a t last, “ mad'With-trilselyi'tiiid'-' 'pain^.^orgits me.darljng, lilkudW iyou::' ’’are'right, You have savedn-O* -botl»..nl •’'Good-bye. Heaven bleas and, kt’ejtyoii.” „, , I He CtrniHfcd lifer t'fe his IiCarfonce iCgnln, , tiifeb'alowiy CilfeasSd ho'r Arid sl'ro'dB'u^ar]-' ’ .pot triuating hiiiitlelfife trikfe tUeinglC ’ftiicSfc’- ’' wardghmoe. m-i' -h i'! h 'U jji i 1 Barbara stool where he lmd left hdr; . Tresently* a .woman s ngure rose.up funn - the foeW' 't6' !feo ’ iefi, and canie !gli<ihig - tOWshfs’hri1.'' ‘ It wad Mra'- ThofeM 'i ' ” J -■ ” Hat: hki’<'*hridKed tlioTriaddeifW'wo! jma'n.-wltU a. thrill laugh; '-■\-Viru'ifeiAft*1 1 i f W l y <?*)>• ^.ept .your isst, nppoi*tmpnt ■ Wife fhfj.man ! f. havej rwen^frnnifp. flick-- bed t o ’watdh 'you both,, And,now Jpur , : llfe sHiili paJr ihe” forieit ol' ybiir gtility 'j/i J '* 5 i .’’ifi-iA ii>‘* i 1 She cartis fesbl'rig '-ofiwhM' like ’itnile' , winged 'fury; lmr ;Mckies* 'feet dAhiiig- close to the verge of tlie precipice, or • ..•klinnjing carele^ly orer.tliq.jnggqdrpcks. #tc. T H E \ a a. G a iner Lulu-, vii tw . piece* aad Sew o n a t t h e Ukrue f e j j f i i B ? \ ! Q H , : i x T I i p i O V . : ; T ' [ C r O •It wll! mtiiii* AV i<lo a n d N a r r e w H em a. H e m e »I1 i.,aim e r of Bias W o elyn^ Gpode, u S o f t H e r i’no, C riipi C iuili.lor Goods difficult t o B im 'onoU ior j&dHttee.-!-.< * ••• -» - ’ '-Itiw U l-foK H e m e w ith C e rda entlOeed, and fitlfoh them dow n at one operation. - - , ( It wiU make Branch golds) .. M a k e 'F ra'ich1Fold* ' arid Sew them on at theiann I 1 * r V ‘«r.‘- >.* ■’> -i i ' v H I t w ill d o Fell Ing, e ith e r Bl»» o r S lr a lg h t. . ItW W 'A o Fringing, Muffling, Quilting, ( Mraiding, i t < \ i ’u c k i n g ^ l-'-jlU (I K.Jt i V k ,’,vv -c’.' 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