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Jamaica farmer. (Jamaica, N.Y.) 1870-18??, October 19, 1871, Image 1

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1 1 «i .'*• j . i j i K S I ,j * * * : ^ 1 ’ <gE w i n g \ m a o h in kb . W H E E L E R & WILSON’S * W 3 f £ - , ¥ M M ^ ^ CRAIGrE & COMPANY’S LONG- ISLAND AGENCY, 240 Fulton Street, Brooklyn.;, Opposite, C ity Hall,' up stairs. T h e superio r m e rits of th i s llso h ilie nro to f t w e ll knuw u ^o.neeiifeeoH n tthg., k n w t*t®3 y jS ip n t , • to be Tjlg.jjSpVSjJWIHG.MibDlKR TH*T( .U\S «*f(S|l j^BK MAD*. r . We guarantee ttieih tfi sdit the p urchaser . . Wo give e a s y \ d e r m a of;, payment. Vfe :ihsti'uit 'fiiireihhsetb W i t l i b u i ’ dHaijgc.' We deliver:• them. ■>Freight p r e p a id . O u r T raveling and Local A g e n ts g ive th e ranVn term s th a t w e do a t t h e P rincipal Office. , 1 Orders m a y be L e ft, \ k ' Payments m a y be Made, . . . ' Needles, Threads, etc., purchased A t our LO C A L A G E N C IE S as follow s: H e m p s tead, a t the.M illinery R o o m s o f 'MRS. D e N Y S E ; G len Cove, a f the M illinery R o o m s o f M E A B E N N E T T ; O r, w ith our T R A V E L I N G A G E N T S f o r Q U E E N S ... ,. C O U N T Y : W. H. Merritt and. Jos. M. Davy, % P .lO addrena P. O. addreiB, G L E N C O V E . (m c lild) JA M A I C A . PM la n ta it*. Fine Jewelry, aM. .Silveflfraro, ' A x ' I > i ijL .'A 3 V * S ’ Ladles’ Gold Hunting Wa cites, from $25 00 to .*121) G ents’ “ “ ' ' 87 90 to 2B0 Boys’ Silver ' “ 8 60 to 18 Bents’ “ “ 13 00 to 46 AMERICAN. WATCHES A T T H E C O M P A N Y ’S R A T E S ; A Large Assortment of Rich Jewelry, Diamonds and Silverware. S j i l v ^ . r i j - P ’l a ' f c ^ d . - - W Ot elaborate design*, a f o u r own m a n u facture w a r­ ran ted equal in q u a lity and .linisl). to a n y , W a re in th e coiiriiry; * • ‘ W e d d ing £ lu g s o f 1 8 nnd 533 Carat G o ld, W a rran ted to a s s a y for t h e full q u a lity represent- et*v , ^ ^ v : • »• “ French. aud American Clocks A n d o th e r A rticles sold a* lower rates th a n a t a n y R e tail or W h o lesale H o u se In th e city. A g e n t f o r the c e lebrated Perfected Specs an d Eye- Glasses StB V lLL E J. H E L IX, 357 & 859 G R A N D S T R E E T , N E A R E S S E X , E s tab lish e d 17 y e a r s .'* ' * * N E W YORK. N . B .—W a tches, Clocks' a n d Jew e lr y r e p a ired on the p rem ises b y e x p e rienced w o rkm an, n t reasonable rates. ■ . . so p tl4 — i( ■■■ LOCALS. Buckwheat is cutting. H6gs are fatten; ing. '• ■ ; ' ‘ ' Without friends'fOrnish tts xritti tbe 'nijqe bf ev'er^« ctaureh' or^&'oeietyvin 'this1, vicinity thai'baa'taken a dbllection. tot Cfiicagq ? Tiib F armer It circulating\ upwards of 3000 p er week', we'hope it will continue so to do through the campaign. This is a good. ijUjp for persons ’In town to advertise. ,,(ipakley Democratic: cftqdidate froip jfiis, Bisjrijjt to the Assembly, fiaa commencpd the cai)|p|9f lijt, , a bjoadsjde ,, of , , jJLQQO, diopters. Printer’s ink is'.better than gas or gunpPW- fre r - •! , M -. »• s.,t < . t . !,• Oar public School hwjrqppiyed its uew.or- gau„ .Itjs a $175,,0,0 fi’Iturde.tt.!’. , By and-by some sort of an entertainment ia to be gotten up to pay, off the $75 balapce due on j t Thu committee' in cliarge of the singing class, for the Sunday.' School .sckolarsydesire to state that the firar meeting,of the children wilt be lield on-.Saturday afternoon next at three o’clock,, at the Presbyterian Lecture Room where Prof. Tomlins will meet them. ’ dtft.-' A., Flbuty, Auctioneer; w ill1 sell oh •Tliursdtty Oct. 26th oh the premises o f Thos. M. Wheeler, all the household and kitchen fanSUmie, horses, carriages, farming utensils, etc., TKe' Fuker e f Ava fiilled to piitiu tin ap- pbalahcfe at the Town Hal1, ' on Thursday evening' hist,\as advbtfiscd, and tliose who were willing to icarry 'offthe numerous Valu­ able presents, carried off .instead,' conside'ra-, bib disappoiiitment. A soiree for the benefit of the Convent at­ tached 16 the St. Slonieii’s R. V. Chvirch, will be giveri at. tlie Town'Hall, on Mohday even- Ofct! 30. Music by the Washington R U U R I L L & CO., , . , , . In v lta y o u r a ttention t o th c lr E L E G A N T A S S O R T M E N T O F D i a m o n d s , W a t c h e s , i T e w e l r y a n d stl P e e w a b e , 3 7 8 B r o a d w a y , N ew Y o r k . . C o r. C h a m b e rs Strcot. Watches and Jewelry Repaired B y C o m p e tent W o rkm en, o io . d . an v n x t . [m e h 2 3 y ll ono. n. ja q p »3. R U P T U R E perieneed fromjtne u ae;or 'musses, n« b » d ease* of R u p tu r e before >ther Informgtlon, a tion, o f in t e r e s t to o th e r lnform o f in t e r e s t to t h e rap t u r e d , m u lled on reeclp t o f ten cents. A d d ress D r, S . A . S H E R ­ M A N , 897 B rosdw a y , N. Y . __________________ IJRISOOLL * PRITCHARD, Importers »f Q r o c i e T y y C l i i r u v , A N D GLASSWARE, P l a t t e d . W R r e , C u t l e r y , . K E R O S E N E .LA M P S , < Etc. M Catherine fit., corner o f Henry. . Ann . *05 G n tnd St., bctw v C linton iirid Snffollc . - NEW YORK. V \ \ Rive perecn’tbfffcttbtlls ovet-tlQ. r|\H K EQUALiXKSi-THE VACUUM: OR AIR A TREATMENT. • ■ Cures Chronic! and Abate diseases congestions and Inflam m ation b y equalising t h e circulation o f t h o Wood JyiS y l I 0 J fnlton Bt^BrooktK^. Y« ing, uet! 30. Alustc Dy me wasumgiuu Band. \ Tickets $1, admitting gent, aud' la­ dies. Well done Wbodlmven! '.The Rev. Mr. James last Sabbath morning preached au earnest and eloquent sefnion ip regqrd to the Chicago disaster, at the. ,>V. 9 0 (lhayen Congre­ gational;, church. Thq ..congregation nobly responded and gave the sum o|.qn« hundred and,thirty two dollars 1 ■ ' ’. Mr:’ A. G. Mills, for sorae time ill,'is »t his mwlher’s residence, in this village; cdhvalesent again we are happy to announce He' will shortly, return to- his government' post at 'Washington. He will go front Thence nhder tlie auspices bf tlih’-Tfeasiify Departmeilt to Europe in charge of the second great ihstall- irient o f government h o n d s ititended for the European market. 1 Aa elegannt little depot is being pushed to completion near the 6pt. Wood, property, at queens. The residents living near the old Stopping place feel indignant at Chariick for keeping them so many years without a depot and now arranging to compel them to go up toward Brushville to reach the cars. ~ .Killian Stump, of this Village, purchased a fine .horse a few days ago for fifty dollars. Tlie real owner turns out to be a German gardener, of Yorkville, who. sent a newly employed German, who could not speak Eng­ lish; for a ioad of manure; not returning, he made & search for bis property and lound the horse in possession of Mr. Stumpb, who is now in search o f theSuian with the fifty dol­ lars. The most enterprising man iblQueensCoun-, ty iB Mr. Spillet, he is ^always up with the times and-lithe.' Accordlhg to’the following ftom'A Hempstead paper, he is just a'Hittle ahead o f Steam; “Janies Spillet, MeWs Agent, itespebtfully informs the inhabitants of Qeinpstefld and vicinity that he is prepared to supply them with the New York Daily and Weekly Papers before the arrival Of the train from the city, by his News Express 1 ’* Rev. Charles Colman has accepted 'an unanimous call, to ttye pastorate of the Bap­ tist Church, this Village. Large audiences have gathered to'bear Mr: Colman, a u d 'a number not members of the church have signified a ,willingness to assist the church in his support here. Tlie little chapel is becom­ ing too('straight for the congregation tbat gatliera dnd already the subject bf “building another and larger is considered. “ Amend your ways and I will'cause, you,” said an ancient prophet, “ tb dtvell in this place, ^indefinitely)”. Taking <hat t for a tbxt we would preach lip the introduction o f ad­ ditional .sidewalks, [Our enterprising Gas Company is busily engaged in increasing its capacity: for business; Rut it has .on hand more coal tar than: i t can Bell here. Times have occurred when whole car loads of coal tar have gohe fromthis place New Yorkward, eeoklng a market. Now why not use a il tho coal tar produced here hcnceforth and much mar® In makibg walka'and “amending our Ways?” . The frame of onr new SoutJj Sido RaiJroad depotjwfis erected yesterday. ' • , The much talked of;yfalh. about the Town Hall, ■s i a success, butj n y t a wpnder, The maker has Ramped hiS|VBWp® uptm it in sev- .eral places fpllowefi hytfi.heword. ‘‘patented.’’ The walk is a common cemcpt. ipph as we use for fouudatiops; auAieftUuts. J t will prove good .if it has. bpen ’Carefvdly amj< .regularly mjxed. . The. patent is/ijptply oq the applica- catiotf of a llttie strip.qf pabhcr cloth to keep the eakea separate, sq. tka.t dn <e#se of one’s wearing out it can be reqdijy replaced. . :At the Odd Fellows htfestlrtg briefly'falluded to last week the folloWlhg’OtHcerfi vwera in­ stalled; G. L. Peck; NifttSk; Henry i Hender­ son, V. G.; B. F. EveHtI, 8.VWrh. T. Brosb,’ Per. Sec.; Abm. H. Remseti-, Treas.j 'Geo- E, Tiliy, \V., Wmn H. '0utl, i G.f’ Lewis 0.- Buckbee. R. S. N.,G.i E .''Rayriori D. 8. G,; Joliu Boll, !,■ G .j.Ji B. EvorHt, 0.>G.; T; D, Hyatt, R. S, -St? G.'* A. HendiiCkson, L; S.; Daniel A; -Smith, RinS.. Vi> G,; George C. SloddarqvLJ, S» V. ■ ’ ' ■ We are pained by theanoouncementbf fhe death of Miss Susie Ms Carpenter, head teacli- er of the intc’rmedisltb' .Department: of :«tur -Public School, after'ia fow'dij's Severe illness. ; Her funeral takea plaoeith'h 'sfternoou, 'at one1 o’clock, from the resilience fbf' her father, Mf.' Increase G; Carpenter;'( Tlte Scho.ol. Beard have passed resolutions *Of respect and dis- missed tho school 'for'the' remainder bf the week. The pupils of‘ft lie school bsvcnlsn prepared a beautifbl tribute to the htemdry of their beloved teacher: i t\ rh' /.i:' , About a mile from tills' Villa^e; 'hhr\tlie Flushing i-oa'd, an ehterprlSe fiati COtimenced' that is tone of importancfc5 -Mr. Dfrarles Lux- ton, of Jersey has established ii' pea't iiiilf; ' It is bow in operation havlh^'Cb'mtilenCed Wbttut two weeks since. ThA mHl ; ruilSi by sieam, tbo hogs are cut out, anil1 \thrown1 into (he hopper and dbmo forth * A' lhick ’ ‘mttsii’. ” It is spread on great platform*1 to d ty l1 It is af­ terward cut into squares afefiiit s’ix’ibciies earh •’ way. Large sheds havfe bheii erectedj Under •which to placC* the* peati‘4he'h cat and dry. AS yet it 'is not |josslbWtp say wbat Vvifl be the expense o f this ib'M'iit ’vlfaatever it ‘may bei' cheaper than coal many Will use it foi it is uueqtmled for h\hklng cheery grate fires. As a fuel it is, wd bpind, hy tiiucii tbe \nitisthealthful of a n y .1 *'' • ’ ----- -*~r—\ . * < \ . ' OrdlnMton and Installations. n On Wednesday next, 25th inst.y'Rev. Janies. M. Huntting, J n , who hss supplied the pul­ pit of, the Presbyterian1-chtfrch. at,-Melville,, Suffolk County, for over two years past, will i be ordained to the: work o f the ministery and installed as pastor ofsaidchurch. The follow­ ing clergy men. have been chosen; by the Pres­ bytery o f NasSau, to takepart in tbe services; Rev. Samuel Carter, J r ,, f offi Huntington, ‘to deliver the charge to the people ; Rev. Lewis Lampman, b f this-.village, to preach thef ser­ mon, and Rev. James M, Hunttiog, Sr., of the place, to deliver tbecharge to the pastor. Qn Wednesday, Nov.Jlst, Rav.JMr. Strong; will be installed as Fastbr of th'o Presbyterian church a t Rqslyn. ( A n o ther Rail^oad.-t-A number .of, .infl­ uential r«ddm>ts( ^.,.^g e r ty ^ y r i> ? N l jb Queens, Long Island, ttylng busines. in New York city, met ouSatorday(in Mp-.iScQtt. R. Sberwood’s law qpce, ,aV.Mo. 183 .Nassau street, to consider tlfe.qew railway, project for connecting ,bjr, railway the ffojflp fit Queens with the ^outh. Side JRailroad. Mij. John E. .McCrea filled the chair, and Cqlonel Morgan acted • dfc. .tpow«pIt*ee pravionsly appointed to confer wilii.Mr. Fox and his associate diirectpra of the South Side Railroad, reported tnaj-Jjlr. Fp^ is willing to co-operate in any plap may be praetioa- blc, Messrs, Sherwood, Thomas Gallister suud, H, P. Johnson were .pppqinted a committee to employ surveyors. to.Jocate the proposed ' brnncbrosd. , , j ■’ N k w C a m p M a x t i N G G k o U n d A — ‘T i l l Ohristian Advocate states .that a gi'ove, suitAblb foi camp meeting purposes, conslitihg 'ot i65 acres, adjoining Cllen Cove, Long Is­ land, {has been purchased fit Mr. James R. Carpenter at $406 an fccfo, or $06,000 for the whole, by an association o f ministers, and fay- m'bft'of New York city intf Brooklyn, ahd that immediate steps aro to be taken to put it in order for occupancy next season. The distance from New F o w is short,. The '.pro­ perty purchased SnfrOunds and 'includes “Pinnacie Point,” hkrilng a splendid west and hqrth sea-front cHjfendl^j- for q full foii(e, and commanding eotne.’qf the flncat viewo on tho shores of Long Island. J t incudes also a dock cenlraUy locate^ and which, after he- ing extended and completed^ will bo found convenient for tha various steamers on tho Sound. i . ... : . , .'.■** » 'I . l i t ; ■ , ! N o accidents havo e rer sconrtetj from buri’ - iaff, storing or hand% Frott’s Astraf Oll* Over lOtyooo famllieti,‘ who opntia.ue to' .mm it, otn testify safety, Jit gives also a clear; soft and beautiful light-^meiqutUed even by \ \ ■ 'm ’ \ l-'. ,H ; C o u rt Froceotlinira. ‘ The Qfieenfl'iiohnty Circuit cliitrt And Spe­ cial' terin bf the Supromq Ctmrt,' Hoh. A. B. Tappttn presidiri!-'. ussiStedl by -Hon.’ J . ’J.' Armstrong, -Can'nty Judge, - and'' 'J'ttsticcs ' SnedekenanJ Seaman, Convened at Die ObUtt House, North Hqmpstead,' on M ouday.: Tito Grand-Jut'y Wer« in session two-days i anil found twelve indictments, ono against) Chas. ..Wagfior,. for the murdor of his wife.,, ■ , The following resolution.in roUtionfo.-.the - Justices of .the Peace.|n Quuans county,, fotts passed by the {ifyand Jury ; ,, ,, WiiEitCAs, business of, ;hi8,qmncL in­ quest \has beeti, to a considerable extent, re- torded b y the'ihddtiOti Of Certain .TustictW'iif -tho Peace of this Countr . in not tftekittg their returns as reqni;od by.ln«y therejpi'0 . , Eesolved, That this f'r;»/tj[ jnqu«3t -do here­ by severely cenp’ure and condenin, tho course, of action ptti-sUbd by’teid' .rftdtiJey; arid ur-‘ gently request, that tin the fotute, \tiio sat'd - Justices file with ,t)jO ^Jerk of ybotiouptv.iill . exapiinations taken by thqtn, at least one week prior to the' sKtihg 'of - any Critaimtl court held in and for'this county. ‘ ' ■ ' The following presentment was -made by the Grdnd J u r y : ■ • * W h b r e a s , the BoaVd (if Supcrvisb'ri'bf tlie' County of Queens, liave failed, thus-far, to erect a new) Qoprt.poqse. und Juil; for the uses of the County, 'thereby greatly clfsap- pointing the expectations of a large portion of its inhabitants, and' ■W h e r e a s , this Grand iJury.-htiving just examined'(at the suggestion of tlie Court) the buildings used for the above nam,c<I pur­ poses, and'in view bf tlffe Uncertainty of- get­ ting any better, a t le.net .tor the present,,arrive at the conclusion that something sht/ukl be dbfte’itnnibdiately fp better the accommoda­ tions, and preserve the buildings. ’ Therefore Resolved, That the attention of the Board of Supervisors he respectfully called to the.facts set-forth in the above preamble, nnd thatthey. be earnestly requested to take iminediate stOps towards nmking sueh additions and improve­ ments to the present buildings .(by. a reasona­ ble expenditure o f money) as the business of thb Connty, and the accomjriodation of per­ sons attending thereat, atid the Comfort ‘of those confined in the Jail, require. Besolution carried. E b e n .' K e L l u m , Foreaian. Jno. AI. C lark , Clerk. - Resolved , That Ebenezer Kellurn, John M. Clark nnd George W, Burroughs be a Com­ mittee to wait upon the Boai-fi of Supervisors of Queens County, and* present the’ foregoing preamble and resolutions. ,. .. J n o . M.' G l a r e , Clerk o f Grand Jury. .'elhe foliowin'g.named pereoas- wero ^natur­ alized : , i i JoitalGety,. Ludwig Heil, . Patrick BrCon, DanicI Ivcriseba,! John Buhner, John Peehl, John; Hygeo, John Kirchorei-, Frank Joey., Peter Kalb. : The following cases wero disposed of in the Supjfqma Coujt: ; Rufus IC. T erry. vs. Betsy M. Hutts and Peter H. .Hutts—complaint dismissed with costs to defendant. ■ TheodoW Wells, ctal, vs. Thomas B. Mc- jCJarthy—Judgment by default for $93 24. Wm. j. Mott vs. JaliaJf. Hoffman—Judg­ ement by default against defendant for $321, allowanced per font, plfis. nlty. Horatto Bateman, vs. Joseph Williams— , Ordered off for.'tbo term on the payment of term feo and (left’s witnesses. Maria Isabella Henderson vs. William A. Henderson—Order confirming Referee's re­ port of rates. ' John Stuber, etaf. Vs. Jacob Newton, etal .—Piscont.inucd witjhout) costs to either party. John V. Denton vs. Mary Ann Denton— Ordered that the report of Hon. John J, Arm- 'strong, refereo, bo confirmed ahd judgment of divorce granted. . - - ' -i !-AlvanI’. Eiyrte Vs. Bridget Foeny—Ref­ erence to Robert T. .Wild, to hear nnd deter- mine. , L‘. Mumford Moore, as Adm., vs. tho Reo- tor etc. of St. Thomas’ Church, llavenswood '—By consent, ordered to he heard at Brobk- . lyn-, , Yfm. Hindloy vs. Apna.Dennin—By cou- sent, ordered to ho heard at Broodyn, Oct. 26, 187K' • ■ 1 ; - Wm'. M; Akley and 'Jnhh R.' Bodell'vs. Rosanna MoGuirey-Ileferonco to Wm: H. Onderdonk, E;q.; to. hear .apd determine. Ohas. A. Powell vs. Rosanna McGuire— Referred to Wm. H. Onderdenk, Esq., to hear and'determine. John P/ Rhodes, eialj'Vfl! Richard Carman —(-Reference to Hon. John J . Armstrong, to hear snd determine. Elbert T. Bailey vs. Wm. McMahon—Rsf- erence to Hon. John J . Armstrong, to hear and detormihb. John II. Livingston & Cot vs., Thos. An- , drew® apd othfirs—jBy content, ordered to be hemd a t Brooklyn., , ] In thumuttor,of'Maty Louisa Powell, an ' irtfan'f—'Order for the payment ot monies to - Maty Louisa PoWeli.1» \ James Udall vs. Matilda Bedell—Refer­ ence to John. S. Patterson. Phabe Shelly and others vs. Samuel Smith and others^—By consent' ordered that this cause be tried at the Kings County Circuit. Edward Fitzgerald, Adm., vs. The Trus­ tees of the - Village Of Flushing—Dismissed with costs to Deft. N. O. Trewhridge vs. Terrence O'Brien— Complaint Dismissed with costs. Eliza Carrington vs. Thos. Burrows—By consent ordered to be heard a t Brooklyn. ) Ann Smith) vs. Daniel Smith-Off for term on.payntent. of term fee and deft'* witnesses. Archipald TJd>,ll ,vs. James Nulivon—-Ac­ tion to recover rent of houco from Deft. Deft failed to appear. Judgement by default for 8 8 0 0 3 - The Farmer* Protective Union vs. R. Wil­ liams—In judgement by Default for 899 60. . Hoary K. Fr->stj vs. Catharinq G, Carroll— 'Dismisaqd. ' Frank Madden vs. Anton Fried tind oth­ ers—Dismissed. ' John H. Mumby vs. C. C. Fostor—In judgement by Default for @292 26. j W.' Smith vs. Dauiol Smith—Off the term j on-pnvmcnt of witnesses foes. | Henry Long vs. Wm, McMahon.— In | jndgomrrit by Default for $165, [ , Vy. lt. Williams vs. Margaret Williams— Action for a ,Di vmicc ' Ordor of retoronco to JohnS. Sncdikur, Esq. Catharine Mtillgamon vs. John Muilga- mon—Action for limited Divorce on tho ground- of cruel and inhuman ' treatment. Verdict for Plaintiff* • Tho Court adjOUt-ncd ou Tuesday evening until to day. . , Supervjsofft’- M a t i n g . - .Och 10,1,871, ..The. Board met pursuant.to tho last adjpurptgqnt. Absent Messrs. Law- rejtce and Graho,m. ,, • , The minutes ,of , the last meeting were regtl for' information, having been approved at the last meeting of the JBpard. , . The.Roard proceeded to audit bills, , 'Thp Clerk laid before the Board the follow­ ing precept from\ tlie Comptroller of tlie State1:— '' ' State of New-York, • ' ) ' Comptroller’s Office, Oct. 7,1871. j . Pierpont Potter, Esq., , , Sin—By cliapt'er 705 of the Laws of 186$, a'tax is directed to be levied upon tbt Coun­ ties of Suffolk, Queens, Richmond, Westches­ ter, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess and Qrange, ’ for ihe payment o f an additional compensa­ tion' to tltd Justices fof the Supreme Court residing in said Counties, and for'tlie salary ,?({[Stenographers fhat may be employecl .under said act. ‘The tax to be 'raised for tlib current fistial yeiar has been proportioned among the several Counties named, as required by said act, and the amount to be levied and collected by the County of Qncens for its portion of said tax r for the year is $1,425 27-100. , , Tito act direqts the Board of Supervisors to levy and cailse to be, collected the said sum as fo County Tax. Very respectfully yours, , i , A. P. N ic h o l s , Comptroller. The minutes were read and approved. Adjourned to Tuesday, October 24,1871, at 10 o’clock, a . m . PiEM'QNT P o t t e h , Clerk. • Farmcra’ E feetlug. At a regular meeting of the Farmers’ Co­ operative Union, of Jamaica, held at the hotel of James S. Kemsen, on Saturday, Get. 7th, 1871, tkq minutes of the previous meeting ’^erOt'ead und approved. It beiug reported thatja slight misunderstanding had occured be­ tween some of the societies, the following preamble and resolutions were adopted: •TVAereas, - A want is felt among the differ­ ent organizations, for some central body-in which .they all can'be represented, and the agricultural interest thereby be generally pro­ moted, a body to which all matters of general interest should he referred, whose duly it 8boiihl be' to obviate or settle digression of feeling between any of the different branches of the organization, therefore be it Resolved, That the Secretary request each of the. other orgaoizations to elect three of their members to act as a Central Committee to meet at snub times as they may hereafter tetermine, and then to equalize assessments, adjust all differences, and attend to all mat­ ters of general interest, except that of markets, so long as. (he Committee who -were appointed at the mass meeting bold Feb. 6th for that purpose Shall continue to act. Unsolved, Tbat auch Central Committee shall adopt, and be governed by-auch bydaws as they may think proper, provided there is nothing conflicting or inconsistent with any of the constitutions or by-iaws*already adopted. Whereas, St,me of tbe members have neglected tb settle their fines and dues, there­ fore be it Resolved, That the Secretary notify all delinquents, that -if their accounts are not settled before January 1st, tbat article eight of the by-laws will be enforced. S. E. VANDERVEER, President. J. J. B e r g e n , Secretary. S t o n e & M u r r a y ’ s C ir o u s . —This excellent show continues to attract thousands of our cit­ izens, big and little, all sizes and ages seeming to be equally pleased with the performances of this first class troupe. We are at a loss to say whether the human performers or the trained animals are the most wonderful in their respective lines. The former have brought themselves' to the highest state of physical perfection by their trainiug, while the latter seem to have been made almost hu­ man, by the care'^stowed uftou them.. ijPer- bc ~>3 af tea all Darwin got his ideas of the i. dopment theory • om a circus. If Stone Murray had ever been in England we suould be sure of it. Wilt perform in this village, lo morr (Friday) afternoon and evening. _ P e r s o n a l . — DanielC. Havilaud, J. DeMott Combs and Seaman L. Pettit, are the partners of the firm of Haviland, Combs & Co., No., 2 Bowery. This is a strong firm and they are doing an extensive business in clothing made to order and ready mode. Their euccto, so marked, is due the excellence of their wares and the fairness of their dealings. No need o f a Doctor for the Coughs, Colds snd Bronchial Affections common at this sea­ son. The wisest physician can prescribe no remedy for these complaints more effective than Kale's H o n ey o f Iforehound a n d tar. Pike’s Toothache Drops oure Toothache In one minute. Sold -by all Druggists at 25 cents,

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