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Jamaica farmer. (Jamaica, N.Y.) 1870-18??, August 24, 1871, Image 8

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n- I ,K ' l m m r i f r ^ r - i*# t / / * **«■VWaml»-.ta»«’tfttate*|iswAjlhirveviW*,«ra)K»43sVr-«-'S»*t«GatMtWFI»« vtw'yW*-'**«'VJ*>auw*tiw>»‘*'l«l#>«**- AUGUST U , 1871. i#y»>y Vt>, \ JV* +A S- •n^Stte* ■ 8 JIMMv s t a t s | y m ANNIVERSARY. HIGGINS’ ORIGINAL UNION ECAR VTJST ’ H O M E F E S T I V A L |For Queens Connty, will be held at the Little Hook North Shore Hotel,. —OK— Thursday, August 25th, 1871, Commonolug.nt 10 o'clock) A H . The manager* give notice that-they have made the most coinpictc’prepumtion»*if#r ihograml Harvest Home Festival for 1871, which it is oxnectyd from the arrange m enu «nade and in progress, will exceed In ihterest and pleasure any o f Its predecessors. ‘ . ‘The ATortn Shore Hotel Is situated on high land a t the head of Little Nock Bay, on the east side, a few rods oast of Little Neck*Churcti, In the midst of an umbra­ geous grove, and ntnid tho most picturesque scenery of Long Island. ’ . An Immense Dancing Pavilion, 17Qx*26 fedt nnd roofed over; also a largo room, 60x25,has been added to the other conveniences, and with a View of increasing tlie comfort of visitors on this and other occasions. On this day there Will be a succession of thosofhtnou* IN D IA N CLAM BAKES from 3 to • P. M., Which havo gained for the “Horae of the Little Neck Bay Clam, a world-wide celebrity. A line Military Band has been alon.' engaged tot the occa- Tickets $1.60, admitting a Gentleman and Lady to Clam Bake. If the weather should prove vtarmy, the Festival will take place the Hret fair day. ’ ’ committee . //emprtMrf.—Charles A. Sammts. Anthony Waring, Daniel Smith, John Pettit. North Armstead 0. Henry, Edward Dodge, Edward 8 . Williams, John A. Searing, Adrian \Van NoptrumV, Latlmm J . Mitchell, Charles Mitchell, Phillip Wiggins. Henry Schvnck. Robert A. Thus, Geo. Dnrland, John Allen, Wm. Covert. Joseph L. Bergen, 'Wash Van Nostrand, Samuel Mitchell. Jamaica—Alexander Hagner. John H. 8 utphin,.Uarr- Lane, John 8 . Sredeker, Jus. S. Itomsun, A. A. De gmuw, Terrene ' O’Brien, Bonj /Lane, Geo. O. McKee. Newtown— itobt. Burroiight, John Burroughs, Jus. M. Whitcomb,JWm* B. Wilson. Oyster Hay —John Whitney, John Hunt, James B. Pcur*nll, Townsend I). Cock, George 3. Downing, John W. Campbell, Alfred Reed. Flwhtnff— BnJ. W. Dowlng/G Edward Carll, Jns.W. Covert, John Algglns, Fred It. Smart, E. A. Lawrence, W. L. Van Nostrntid* jr., G. II. Quartermau, A.D. Cox. 4 ), U. Covert, Dan’l Townsend, Edward Simmons, Geo. Payne, Wm. O. Burhrman, Wm. Turner, Jeffrey Hicks, Ceas. Hicks, Chas. A. Hamilton. Chas. Van Nostrand, Jan. 8 ammls, Titos, Lawrence, Edward Daniels, Corne­ lius Martin. New PorJfc—Henry D. Johnson, Jr., John Lynch, Jas. N. Knight, George iCinir, Tunis Durland, Dan’l Knight, John Bednett, Joseph Monyea, George Smith. fjp H E ORIGINAL. E C O \ W B I M P R O V E D . E s t a b l i s h e d 1 8 4 ® . The O ld e s t H s c l i l n c w ith tho Latest Im­ provements, DOES EVERY VARIETY OF ' F A M ILY SEW INO, front tlie very finest Swiss to the heaviest pilot cloth, ranhvs tho Lock Stitch alike on Both Sides; it HEMS, F E L L S , G A T H E R S , B I N D S , RUFFLES, QUILTS, CORDS, •UCKS, T Has a BUTTON-HOLE AND EMBROIDEBY ATTACH­ MENT. Parties purchasing Machines at either of onr offices csn have nil th e ' necessary instructions free of charge, and.Machlncs Warranted for One Year. We sell on the most accommodating terms, placing It within tbe reach of all to have a first-class maehfne. Partlcularattcntlon given to repairing, improving and adjusting all kinds of machines. Orders from the country promptly attendad to. WM. P H R A N E R , Agent for Jamaica. E. M. WILLIAMS, General Agent for Long Island, OFFICES, 487 Fulton St., hotw. Bridge and Lawrence Sts. Brooklyn, 1 6 8 B r o a d w a y , hotw, 6 th and 0 th Sts., W U l I a m i b n r g h . A ossts IV iktsd . atiSlOyl jg I R D CAGES EASILY KEPT CLEAN And Free from Vermin by using tho Excelsior Patent Waterproof Cage Sold by Druggists, and House Furnishers. Company,* Office, 269 J PEARL STREET, NEWORK. Y jy20ml Send for Circular I _______________ JJA T T E R . RICHARD A. SIMPSON, (Late with KNOX) PRACTICAL^ HATTER, S 9 3 J G r a n d ] S t . , Between- 7th and 8 th .Street, WILLIAMSBURG. mch23yl J p O R SALE, Fifty-Five Scares of Jamaica & Brooklyn Plank Road Co. 0. T. WOOLLEY, Fulton Street, Jamslea. Enquire of augl 0 w 2 2 5 0 BUBnEts °F S e e d ' W h e a t P o r S a l e , Apply to Bugs L. F . PRATT, Flushing Avonuo, near Queens, L. I . r ACES AND EMBROIDERIES J U A t ' J BERNHARD’S p A T T E U N S OF A L L THE LATEST STYLES For Ladles’ and Children’s Wear, a t apis ' J. BERNHARD’S. I ) RKS 8 MAKING DONE IJ..BEUY ^R D ’S. JN S U R A N 0 K AGENCY. al S eb erotheks , A • « E , ,y INSURANCE AGECNY, N o . 10 1 ‘I S E (S T R E E T . 1 N E W YORK, REPRESENTING United States Branch COMMERIAL UNION ASSURANCE CO. 0 / LONDON. A ssets,gold.... ............................. ,4,000,006 PEOPLES INSURANCE COMPANY, Of CALIFORNIA I I AssoStB, gohl. .................... ,(60,Q00 1 NDEPENDENTNSURANCEOMPANY I C Of BOSTON,\ ABtcstHi • $ 0 oO,OOO’ MERCHANTS INSURANCE COMPANY Ot PROVIDENCE ‘ Assestn............................................. ,376,000 GLEN FALLS INSURANCE COMPANY Aeaeste.... « 531575,000 NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY » OF BANGOR, K B ., Asscsts ................................... $245,000 15. ALUGKR, (marl I R. D. AIXIGKR. m m . (IN E TAR SOAP. O N S J A K ^ j j g S Persian Healing or Pine Tar Soap. Each cako 1 b stamped “A. A. Constantine’* Persian Healing or I’iuo T ar Soap, Vatenlod March 12,1807*” No other is genuine. For the Toilet, Bath and Nursery, this Soap Im* no equal. I t preserves the complexion fair, removes all dandruff keeps the, liuir soft rind silky, and prevents it from falling off, rind is the ubc$t Hair Renovator in use.” It Cures chapped hands, pimples, salt rheum, fronted feet, burns, all diseases of tho scalp nnd skin, catarrh of tho head, and is a GOOD SHAVING SOAP. This Soap 1ms already won the pmlse nnd esteem o very many of ourtirstram ilicsin this city and through out the country. It is Used extensively by our bent physicians — Wherever used it has become a household necessity Wc advise ail to try it, For sfttc by all dealers. One agent is wanted In eaqh town, Address A. A. CONdTANTINE & CO., 42 Atm Street, New York. , For sale a t J . H . URINCKERHOFF’S. raehS0m8* JJ10R THE H A IR ' An excellent article for B s a u r irnna ahd Psomotiko t h i GEORGE L. PECK, Jamaica, L. I . Prepared only by J^E S H L E R ^ i | • Fever and Aajue Fills is no new remedy, b u t one tlmt. has stood the test ot Twenty Years’ use. They contain no Mercury, Arse­ nic, or Quinine, and instead of reducing the system, strengthen and Invigorate I t snd leave the patient in a healthy and-sound condition. Front a multitude of lot- tera wo Insert the following: - * ’Jamaica, L. I., Juho 8 th, 1871. “I take pleasure In hearing witness to the efficacy of Deshler’s Fever and Ague Pills, having used them In my family with complete success for the last ten years, nnd cheerfully recommend them to any one afflicted with Fever and Ague.\ S. B. CROSSMAN. Price One Dollar per Box. F - r sale by GEO- L . PEOK, Jamaica. nuglSml ly A R F I E L D ’S G o l d \ W a t e r S o a p I THE GREATEST BLESSING TO HOUSEKEEP EUSI SAVES TIME, FUEL, LABOR, . MONEY AND CLOTHES 1 This Soap Washes the fines/ a s well as the coarsest fabrics, in cold, Warm, nurd, soft, or saltwater, without boiling or nrnchlncry.-removlng -paint, oil, of othor grease, without tbe slightest injury to' the' garments or the skln.Q TRY I T , THERE IS NOTHING EQUAL TO I T For sale by grocers generally. A. R. B A R R E T T , Manufacturer for Long Island. jy20yl l i t Pulton Street, Brooklyn- fAMAIOA SAS&, SLUTS Wire Boors & Windpw Screens Of Black Walnut or any• <ther low Screens o wood. H . M A R V IN Is always ready, to fill orders for work of any sire, shape or pattern, ht a s low price as can h i had a t other estntllihment*-*-for good work. Shop next to Grist Mill, In PUNTINE ST fob# J^ T E WART'S M a r b c l l a B e d S L A T B ; ^A-SSrTIBIiS Very large aaaortmont, Including a great tarlety of elegant, new and Original Designs. T . B. S T E W A R T A CO., 6 0 0 S txtla Awe. i (bettf. Sffth and Sffth Sts..) angimS .. ' _______ Naw Toax,-- jp R B S H VdjnrtftkiM from our Owa Qkrdou WOOD * CALLOW. c j t i t o h i n g a n d t u c k in g d o n e „ 6 7 A t 3 . BERNHARD’S. f l i J U n i H y a i w l JIJIL L I N E R Y l dust rocolved, a targe aesnrtmcnt ot Millincry ainri Fancy lioods, Consisting ot Satins. Silka, VolvetB, Floweifs, Laces, Straw i Bonnets', aud Efats of e v e ry description. Also, a great-variety of l.idlcs’ Dross Trlmminrn, .Cloak and Dress Buttons, Corsets, Hoops, Skirts, Needle work. Edgings, and a full line of • Ladies’ an d Childrens’ H o s iery, P UFFING AND RUFFLING DONE, A t J. BNRNHARD’S. J | | R 8 . A E . CUNNINGHAM’S, FJLJSTO'Hr STO R E, TTulton Street, Opposite Union Hall Street, [mchlOl JA M A ICA H J IL L IN E R Y GOODS New Spring and Summer Styles In HATS AND BONNETS, A t J . BERNHARD’S. nplff ^ FIN E ASSORTMENT OF Ladies & Gentlemen’s Kid Gloves, A t J , BERNHARD’S. I^JA R V IN & ’CO’S SAFES I , M A R T I N JU C O . ’S a l u m a n d d r y P l a s t e r f i r e a n d R U R G L A R . Waixanted tlH Best ia ths World 1 Never Corrode the Iron.! Netie? Become Damp / Never Lo*c Ifreir Eire-Proof ■Qualities by Age I ■ • i i > ' Are th.e Only Safe Filled ( ; .WIIh H Alnm - Mnd Dry Plaster ! A r 4' n o t E quallkd in Q uality , S tyle , or F i x i s n I a. 1 264 Broadway, !New York ; 721 Cliestnufc St., Philadelphia; my4yl IBS Bank St, Cleveland, 0. M riuri Jiitors. J ^ E W s t o c k ; ' - Mrs. GEO. H. PAHSHALL Desires t o annonacffthat tho has just received a new and well selected stock o f, BOOtPS <Sc S H O E S , —or— L a d les’, G e n t s ’ a n d C h i l d r e n ’*’W e a r , TO SOH iv e T4STKS. ' tar ALL T H E LATEST STYLES-CHEAP. (myl8[n3,l |J N I O N BOUT AND SHOE STORE, Cor. o f Heiriirian Ave. and Fulton .St., JAM AICA, L. I. B . F A B E R Thankful for p«it:f*vbrk Would respectfully, inform hi numerous frlends thatho hnrlatd In anew and extensive stock of Boots attd Shoes o f the Marlons stylos, Repair- ing of nH kinds ka*tly done and wlthoUtaelsy. Gents custom work mad* to order. 85 A'! l\\\ ' \M'll\*1*.' -I\'1* 1 I i ' ' »»—# y j y . L . 1'OMLtNS, ilespoctfolly *Bi>oant9* that h e l* prepared to give lnstructloni to * lirtrittdnumber of pnplls in Organ JPligrlng, Piano Playiiig, • t ' ^ P N G , A a d V o i d © O u l t i v a t i o i x . . - ' ForOrgunorflHM ^h<tt<IQn*ricr (HOtswons) §99 W adH pUpl\ , 0n ^VflUaWsnd *t***t4w0* of pnplls fWrPI»#e lesMUllf ApplM UotJ'fiuJiik made to X. W . CONKLIN, ire- Wf I d packitties. BED SEWING MACHINES ! | w F am ily^ F a v o r ite SEWING MACHINES. Adapted to the .Need* o f all Classc*. Simple, Efficient, .. And Dxtrable! Stitch, '■ Hem, Fell, Quilt, Fuff, Hemstitch, Faggot, Frizzle, Cordj Fringe, Braid, Tube, Bind, Embroider. Gather, Pipe. Ruffle, Eto . etc. JR. B . E 8 T E R B R O O K , A g e n t , A t Mrs. QUINLAND’S Dry Goods Store, Main Street, I i- i.U Olii-N , L. I i E d w a r d r . s u m m e r s , A g e n t, A t WHITE, JONES & CO.’S Store, OYSTER BAY. GAGE & P I P E R , Agents for Long lslnnd, j Mo. 450 Fulton Street, Brooklyn; [rriy4m6J -; g E W I N G MACHINES OF A L L KINDS, - R E P A I R E D — AT THU— ** [. / ’ ■ Grover . & Baker {Sewing Machine ‘ ' V ‘ ■ ■ . ’ M a c h in e s , N e e d le* . O il* C o t t o n o n h s i n d —AT— M m . CnnniiiKlmm’s Fancy Store, FULTON ST., JA M AICA. N- B.—Sewing Machines sol'd on Monthly Install­ ments to suit pnrehasers. mch9 •plLORSNCE;. Sewing 'Machines;'.. ?' For sale a t [junl] J . BERNHARD’S. r j t O T H E t v ; . , B R O O K L Y N F U B L I O . : LONG ISLAND ^NEWSPAPER DIEECT0RY. For the sonvenlouce of the public,! Files of all Newspaper* I-abllBhed -. , 1‘ k ' —OK— I c o n i c I s l a n d ; Will bo kept at tbe BROOKLYN OFFICE ot the SEWING MACHINES, 34:0 F u l t c x n . . . S t r e e t , . 1 . • I -n - l' Near the City Hall- 1 ‘ * All persons Interested in the affair* ot the Island are Invited to examine these files. ' : Advertisers may leave their older* her* or obtain in' formation without charge. > ■ . OBAXOp. to CP, ,ih r -i .■t.x* j q E i ‘ i o e i ' i O e i \ | P I O N E E R i p E lee li Large er Saall Qnaatities. , 0rd|R* left a t WOOD. A CALLOW’S, J , KKfcj&twi. er at the FEOP^ ^ I U ^ , , j;, \ :, Kjir ' A.NBDKKNK. JU. S Bpeclalnotlcca'^ouhlerate's. Advertisements for three months or Isas, payahl* liradvance; tor a longer period, quarterly ifiadvance, ■□T Obscene advertisements inserted vmder nocli., cnmstances. ' . . S U B S C R I P T I O N . One copy, per year..................................,-......$ 2 06 . Tw* copies; one year, tonne a d d r e s * - .,-., - 4 60' Three copies, one year, to one address, 8 oo Five copies, one year, to one addrscs .......... 8 to Ten copies, one year, to one address ......................... 15 00 Clubs of over ten, p e r copy ............. 1 7 , ■SF* SnKscrlptlons paya ole invariably In'advanco. K V SAKuct-R. W * iM * a ts snthorlsed ta receive and receipt for job printing, advertising, etc., In Brooklyn, New York, and elsewhere. \ CHARLES WELLING, .. .... ,, Proprietor FanHCr, ■y,'‘ ■ - \ jAMirOAifNaw Yoai. S AYRES, WILLIAM j . . Attorney mnd Counselloa- at-Law, and Notary Hubllc, No. 397 Fulton Street, Brooklyn. Besidence, Canal Street, Jamaica. F LEMING, JOHN, Attorney and Counscllor-at- Lnw, and Notary Public. Office cor. Enlton and Washington St., Jamaica- • . .. apl 27 C OGSWELL, THEODORE J ., Attorney and Couiv color at Law Snd-Notary Public, Jamaica, L. I. H AGNER, ALEXANDER, Attorney and 'Coun­ selor a t Law, office corner Ifcrrimnn avenue and Fulton street, Jamaica; L . I; . . 104 H ENDRICKSON, 1. C„ Attorney and Counselor at Law, 397 Fultop street, Broaklyn, (over Long Is­ land Bank, Room 9;) residence, Union HaU-slreet, J a ­ maica. .. 101 J ACKSON, THEODORE F., Attorney and Coun­ selor at Law, office over Farmers’ and Citizens’ Bank, corner of First and South-Seventh streets, WU tlamsbnrgh. , 103 C OGSWELL, W ILLIAM S., Attorney and Coun­ selor at Law, (Ropmi7,.Mechanics’ Bank building, corqer Court and Montague streets,) Brooklyn. Special attention given to Conveyanclng ahd investing money on Bonds or Mortgages or first-class Clfy Property. 108 CJAYREB, GILBERT, Attorney and Counselor at 63 Law, Notary Public for Queens cottnty; Canal stre'et, Jamaica. L. I. Acknowledgements of Deeds taken for the following States, viz: All the Eastern States, Virginia, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, British Territo­ ries, Michigan, Iowa, Wisconsin, California—and nearly all the other States. 104 JOBM 1. A B U S T K o k d . . .I.IW18 A. rOSDICK A RMSTRONG & FOSDICK, Attorneys and Coun- colors a t La*, offlce Fnlton street, Jamaica, (over Hall of Pharinacy.) Special attention given to Real Es­ tate'business, tho Examination of Titles, and lounina money on Bonds Snd Mortgages. -. a 0 u j s . ^ J N I T E D STATES HOTEL. The United States Hotel. Comet of F u lton , F e a r ! <fc W a t e n S t s .. ■NEW-YORK, This well known and fSvOrite Hotel has recently been renovated, remodeled and furnished new and eleinuitlv throughout. I t Is kept on the ' EUROPEAN PLAN, South Sid.e Hriilroadv (op\ ifiitG i 8 'i,A#tti-),'. 1871. .1871, On and afteir Monday, May 48,', 13 : 1 , trains .will', run ss follows f • < . ■ TRAINS GOING EAST. AiAva noossvsLT.BT, axd QBAKp s r , FXRBIZS, a. t., toa Patahogup at 8 a. m.fand 8:80 and 4.36 p. m- Babylon, a t 8 and 10 a. m., 8:80,4:30,6ffiOf pl'ni, Merrick and intermediate stations a t 8 and 10K)0a. my, and 3:30, 4:30,6:$0and B:30p. in.- ; Rockaway.st 8 ,9 and 16 a. In., 4:30,6:30,6.30 0 . m. Jamaica, a t 8 , 9 pnd 10 a. m., aild 3139, 4:20, 6:30 and 6:80p.m . ; ' ' '-'I ' ■ TRATNfl GOING W E S T , _ , , xkat* r.on xawosk. t , , Patchogub a t ff. 00 , M 6 a. m., apd 8:46 p. m, Babylon ' a t 660 . , 6:60 and 8 a. Jn., 1:26 and A M p. m. Herrick ift 8 : 16 , 6 : 26 ,7:26, 8:26 a. m., 1:65 and 5:18 p m. Jamaica at 6:62,7:10,8:10,8:58 a-m., 2:40,4:45,6,05 p.m. Eookavira) a t 8114,7:25,8:16 a. m „ 1:69,4;18,6:2/ p. m. . „ , , \ . . i BUEDAY TRAIN, i ' A Sunday Milk Train will leave Babylon a t 81 OO s. m-, and Jamaica at 9:30 a. m., for Dnshwlckc;,Retnrnlng leave Busfawick for Babylon a110:30 a. m., and Jamaica at 10:56 a, m., stoppingft all stations, .) • , C. W-. DOlfGLA 8 , SnperinUbdent. iox to Stfautsi, (Bit. P O R SALE • • T f i C E i t Belongldgtothe Estate of Johii L, De&ton, deceased, ; • IN THE TOW N OF FfcTUSHING,; on tho read leading from Jkmatoa to Flushing. Sold Farm contact NINETY A C ltER Of Tillable Land, In a blgh S t a t e , of cnlUvation. ahd THIRTY ACRES of WOODLAND, pn which Is a heavy growth o f Locust. A good Dwelling House and necessary Outbuilding** a good apple orchard and other ftvitt trees. . App'y ta A; V- DENTON, JySOwo , , Execqtrlx, on. th s premlses JQESIRABLK ’ COUNTRY RESIDENCE _ F O R ■ Tho dwelling o fthe subscriber Chichester avenue (Talfonrd Lawn) near Rockaway Road. The ground* are 76x200. House subitantlally b u ilt In modem atyl*i with twolvarooms. There is also a small b a m .' Apply 1 at the DOST OFFICE or to ! mar2 O .R . RALPHS. Box 2,826 N.YOIW - JP O R SALE. A large number of F*xms from 10 «to 700 Am a $ each from (3,000 to 75.000, in good location * -00 Long Island. Terms easy. Inquire of --‘ V FRETTRETOH to REMSENV _ 464 T atan A t**d*, N * tr Yoxx- - Or ISAAC B. REUBEN, Jamaica. febI 6 C R0fiS* BLACKWELL’S PICKEtS, ’ . TOMATO CATSUP * PEPPER .SAUCE- lie* * Psrrln’e Wereasteselsir* Ssnse*! 1 : SARDINES, Eto., at BBW O K E R H O T F’S. '|y iI< L O O X to GIBBS* Seiriig Machiaes far gale e r te Re«t»

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