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Kingston daily chronicle. (Kingston, N.Y.) 1859-18??, October 26, 1859, Image 1

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. •, • '' ·~:· ·-tA~ ·U ~-~~:t . . ' • I VOLUME 1. KINGSTON, N. Y., WEDNESDAY, OCTPBER 26, 1859. \tt~ronidt tl\htgston 2\~oertiecntcntu. Ill i>ITJJL>Iii!ll;lW JilVE&T MORNI;:.;-e 1 [Suuda;ys excepted,] .a,T·~~~STQN, ULSTER COUNTY, 'N'. Y. -~~~~-~....;.._,~ SAMMY BI£Ji:KMAN'8 Oymer and Confectionel'y Saloon • S. R~ liA,B.ljOW, Fublisher & froprietor. PUBT.J.CATION OFFICE • No.3 Wall Street, next door to Bragg & Jan· sen's Drug Store_ TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. S AMMY BEEK~IAN returns hi~ thanks to t.h~se who have thus far Bo liuerally p~t ronized him, and begs to inform the public that he has removed to tt1e. building formerly occu- pied by th: late Mrs. l\lerritt, whe1·e he will be pleased to see all his old friends, and as many new ones as they w[ll bring. He will lteep constantly on hand a large as- sortment of Confectionary, lee ()ream, and the By Mail, $4 ·a. year ; $2 for six months ; $1 tor three months.. Invariably in advance. By Carrier, lZ cents per week. (Payable every week. SINGLE CoPIES 2 CENTS. finest of Oysters. c 1lly TER~1S OF ADVERTISf:'\G . .FOR. :FIVE L:l~&S _o1f LESS.\ i\O.R S~XTEB:S LLNE3 UR LE:SS- One, day., $0 !!S One !.lay ~0 50 TWo,Uny~ 1 -s.o Two !Jars •s Tl>re.JDays. 55 'l'bree Pays, 1 OU lrilllto Dll;,YA 70 Four OllyS, 1 2(1 Five Days, 85 Five Days, 1 40 One Week, 1 00 I One Week, 1 50 'Two :Weeks, 1 :.u Two Weeks, \ 2 so Three Weeks, 2 00 Three Weeks, 3 2:; .One Montb, 2 50 I One Month, 3 50 \'rwQ ~logtbs, 3 ::.o Two Months, 5 oo \Tbr Months. 4 oo Three ~lonths, '6 00 :Six Months, l.i oo !Six Moutbs, 10 oo one Year, 8 oo 1 One Year, 15 oo Special Notices will be charged one-half more -than tbe a.bov ~ rates. AU transient advertisements, to secure inser tiou in .is paper, must invariably be accom pa.nied by tl:.t> Cash. ~All advertisements, to insur\ insertion, -should be sent iu before 4 o'clock, P.M. !J(J-JOB PRINTING lN ALL I.TS BRANCHES. JOHANNES BRUYN, Attorney and Counsellor at J('hn street, Kingston, N.Y. Law, LAWTON & S'P'EBBINS, Attorneys and Co~msellors, 'Mp:flo!fl1l Ball .Euiiding, J?,ondout, N.Y. R. BERNARD. AIR-Y A~KEE DOODLl~. Ye sportii1~ men, e;in~ ear tu song In anmber~ s\Veet and thri1lin~~ I•' or you a liarll ha~ tunea his harp, 1 An<llcnd thiue·ear if ·w11liug. Chnrus-Yankee Doodle is ti.e <oir, A fa\-orite in this nation~ Then let its 11111n1Jers sweetly flow, Wtth all their \pariation. Non~ can excel our rilles fair Within thi~ Yankee' nation; Of this we are prepared to gire Tu all a demonstratioll. Yankee Doodle, kc. Rare Gun< and Pi<tnl• neatly made. '\V e have in brilliant order. That are not :surpass.c.d by any one Within the State or hnrder. Yankee Doodle! &c.3 Good Powtler,.shot, allll alst~ Cap~, At prices fall· w·e're selling; If we should- tell their virtues al A volnmc we'd be swelling. Yankee Doodle, &c. .. And Lock~ ar,d Keys we d'l repair, And fit in order cr.arrllliOl1;: Please call and sec at Ku:<t.ER' s shJ!', Both spo-rting men) and far1ning. Yttnkee Doodle, &c. A. JtuoLER yoa wi:l find at home Jn fair and stormy wca:ther; Come then nt once,~·., that have neecl. But don't all come torcthcr Yankee Doodle. &c. Kingston, .June I, lo:J!). J.ttorn~y and Counsellor at Law, ----- --~------------------ .Main Street, next door to Connty dlerk's Office, . . KINGSTON, N.Y. FRANKLIN· FULTON'S B ER:RY has JUHt received direct !rom Dublin, Walton's Killing Trout Hook. He invites tbe lovers of Trout Fishing to come anrl try them. None g-enuiue uoll.'~s sohl by BERRY,at his great Fishing 'l'acklc Depot, 81 North Front street. 1 c tf N~w $b~'IJ,fng, Hair Cutt~nfiiil}urling, ><;UA..'IU't!IOL.\~\A.ND DYEL>;G SA.LOOli, B .. N'B HOTEL, KINGSTON. C IIILDREN'S GlGS. Wagons, Hohby Hor ses, 'l'oys-every thing to please the chi! dreu, cheap at BERRY,S Empire Fancy Store, 81 North Front street. H. C. ROSEORANi:3E, Barber &; Hair Dresser, John street, Kingston, N.Y. L AtHES' aqtl Childrens' Dow~, Arrows, Tar- gets and Quivers. A beautiful article for exercise or amusement, for sale at WColtl and W'l.rm ba.ths at all hour~--- LAX(>\WOitTA.Y's Emporium. ~~--~-------- ADAM. HATTENBl~UN, Shampooin[h Shaving ancl 1H·A.ll,l.~D RES SING SALO 0 N. rrlle Pol:u R,..t',•lget·ator is the best thing 111 market. Look at them at LANG\VURTHY'S Emporium M'i>in street, near Eagle Hotel, Kingston. --.--------=--~-=---~-------· -- THEODO-RE :pELILL Y, Barber and Eair Dresse'r, \\Wa.ll street; adjoining Ulster County House. o! Hair Cutting done in a Superio>' Manner. JOHN BB.OWN, :Shav'ing a.11.d Hair Dressing Saloon. J:Cingston Av., near American Hotel, Kingston. . -- GASPER LOWERHOUSE, Barbdr and Hair Dresser, pCorner Ferry and Canal streets, Rondout. WM. H. CONKLIN, Architect & :Builder, ·Residen~; Crown St., near Brown's Hotel, Kingstol), N.Y. D . R@I?In. and looll: at tbe fresh invoke of real Meerschaum Pipes and Cigar Holders, at · _. Langwo.rthy's Emporium. . \'\\' W AR-WAR-WAR-Lieutenant J. C. ,.Ives' Military Map of the Seat of War in !Ita.\s, f~r· s~le at Wynkoop's, .rltbt::r·s Remington's, Smitb & Wesson'P, U an!l Ailen's Pistols. together with Smith & Ra~dl!i ·~elebrateJ \Lightning Powd~r,'' Jor . sale,cMaii a.t . • . · Langworthy-a Empormm. ~------ 'L0T·6ffresh Grooerie~ received this day by ·• DUMONT. . . . P ure Ul'lnMI 11.1111 Bl•nnclt.e!l for Medical pur· noses, for sale br BRAGG &. J A.=< sEN. 'YANK_ EE. DOOEll..E.Fish Hooks~Nibble ~ood <,\S ~ )Hte. Call and take a -look at them, at · ... ·. ·. · BEall.v 1 s, ~1 North Front street. ·FOR the\ New American Polished Faced Flat ./Jronsj1 enquire at · .,. : . LANGWORTHY's Emporium. P oH .. Fi~h, Cheese, Lard, Butter, Salt, on hand at DUMONT'S. No.3 Wall street. .. . ~ D IJ!JUES.-A large lot just received and for ·sale at· OH:IPP's Bookstore. H IN'.11S. to Horse-Keeperf$.-A eomplete .MA!WAL fodfiitsem.en, qy the l~J.te n. w. -Hefbert. [Fra.nl> ·F~i:rester,) Ju!t received at · . · W'YNir.ooP'S Bookstore. ltingston, \July 24; 1~59. J tJST received this day a fresh supply of '· Bon<VJt..lJtiJI~on, • \ · Q ra.ha.m, \ · Wine Buscuit. at - ~ .DUMONT'S, ;JF.~~P'!~ S_ept .2d, No. lLWl.\H iltree~ Sign oft h.: Golde\- Tea.kettle, North }'rout st. W HERE did you b 1 lY that. beautiful Cook btove, and what did it co•t 1 Only $15, furnished complete! at Langworth's Emnorium. Well I declare: I will hitch up and drive to town and get one immediately. tr& they go, ail the week long, nod who won- ders, where the fact is hecowtng generally known, that Cook Stoves are re:<lly ~elling at atont cost at _________ _.::L=._!I..::._N_.::G:._W~ _o:_:R:_:T~-Y~Ean p~ri urn NEW GOODS A RE receiveu Pvrry clay at Townsend, Merritt & Crosby. A TTRACTIVE 1:'\TOCK !-We would call at-. tention to the rich stock of Dress Goods received this week. The summer Cassimeres; the drapery and cornices; the shades anti dam a~ks 1 tlle fiool' oil cloth ; the carpets ; the mat- trasses ; the rag carpets anJ feathers. ToW:'\ SEND, ftlERRtTT &. Cr.osllY's. J OE bas cured hiR warts, o.nu the only accoun- table reason why they diRappeared was the fact of his frequent visits to see that splendid \Polar Refrigerator\ now on exhibition a:t Langworthy's Emporium. --~--------------~ B askets t--A sphmdid fresh stock of ev- erything beautifnl and useful in the Bas- ket line just opened and for sale at reduced prices at . lJtmgworthy's Emporium. L F YOU wtmt Fru,h GARDE!< & FLOWER ~EED:--:.. n,u}.:e your pus·ohasee oue door east of ht Ref. Dutch Ghu•·ch. n,f JVIONTA:-;[YE & REYNOL\lS. -----~~~~--~~--~--~~- B IRD CAGE~! llHl.D CAGES ! !--·A nliJst heauWul lot juRt opened-new and rich pu.lterns, and at greatly reduced prices at 2G Langworthy's Emporium. --------- .A: NEW BOOK. A NEW Book by the Author of ·• The Pl'ince of the Hon•e of David \ 7.'HE PILLAR OF FIRE,; y ,~, ... ;- r-nz--T- ., Hogeboom, Hogeboom Wright, Harris Go-uld, Gould. Wright, Wrigat Gould, Gould llogeboom, Hogeboom ;,r- ~ NUMBER 1G8. Oh, many, ~;r;hl~1oe><~~ \T\W\onld sa.ve us,. .did we aa.y. Like du.t c\e!:u' <!hlld. w!t'h ~rnest tearb, \ I will be good to·dRY P __ .. ____ _ O~UTTING -roo MucH.-A green, good natured, Dl(}ney-makinli[, up-country fel- low, who said evmrytbing drily, '• got thiflgs fixed,'' and struck up a bargain for- matrimony. Having no particurar-regard for ~ppearances, the parties agreed to em- · ploy a not oy:er-w-ise country justice to put on the tackling. He commenced the- ceremonies by remarking that \1t was customary on such occasions to commeace- with a prayer. but be believed he would omit that.,. After tyingtpe knot, be said \it was custom,ary to give the married ceuple some advice, but he believed he- would amit that. It was·customary, too,. to ki;:s the h11ide, hut he'believed he-would: omit tlt,at also.'• The ct:remo-oy being en dee, the bridegt>oom teok the justice by the b111.tton-~ele, nod cla'pping his ~o_gel\ on his nose, said : \'Squil'e it's customary to giv-e tlie-ma.gistrate :ftve dollflts-bkt I b'li-ew I'll tJmit that t>'

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