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..,-:',.'''0!'\> r~-w ' ' ··; ... ' ' ! ; .i i . . l ' ' --i . ' ' ' ' . ' • '!r· • 11:4 I ~LUME 1. Kll~G8TON, N. Y., TUES.DAY, OCTOUE·R 25, 1859. NUMBER 157. ~l)ronide 1\ing~on 3,buertistmenw. N otir.cs. ..., ............... ..,..... ............. ..........,.... IS PUBLISffED EVERY MOR~\\ING, [Sundays excopted,J AT KINGSTON, ULSTER COUNTY, N. y, SAMMY BE)iKMAN'S Oyster and Confec~ionery Saloon. Wlliddit's Gallei.'Y of A.l·t, W HIDDIT would call attenti01~ to.thebeau• 'tiful specimens of the Photographic Art which he daily turns out·at his Gtl;llery. His pictures are truly inimituqle productiollB. They cannot be snrpasscd in beauf.y by any other At:· tist in the conn ty. A J)lf,U.-LUS'I'B.A 'l'Qa'-'SSAi.E:= . . · · . • Pursuant to. an order o.f/esse F. Booksta-. New York State Temperance Society. ver, SurrGgate or tbe·connty of 'Ulster, made ·. ~ on the 5,tq day of Sep~ember, 1859, upon the Tbe first Quarterly meeting of this So- ____. S. R. :HARLOW, Publisher & Proprietor. PUBI,IOATION OFFICE Net. 3 Wall Street. next door to Bragg & Jan- sen's Drng Store. ' TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. By M~il. U a yeo.t• ; $2 fot• six mon tbs; S 1 for three- months. I\variably in advance. By C~>rrier, 12 cents per week. (Payable every week. SrNGLEl CoPIES 2 CENTS. ' TER.MS OF ADVERTIS!~G. J'OR I!'IVE LINES OR LESS.\ FOR SIXTEEN\ LINI£4 OR l.I!SS. One·day, $0 25 One Day ~o 50 Two' Days, 40 Two Days 75 Three Days, 55l Three Days, 1 00 Four Days 70 Four nays, I 20 Five' Days, • 85 Five Days. 1 · 40 one Week, 1 oo I One Week, I 50 Two Weeks, 1 50 Two Weeks, 2 50 Three Weeks, 2 00 Three Weeks, 3 2:i Que Month, s= ~o I One Month, 3 so Two ~1ontbs, S aO Two Months, 5 oo Three M.onths. 4 oo Tltree Mon~hs, · 6 oo Six A1ontbs 1 5 oo 1 Six Months, 10 oo One Yea~, 8 oo 1 One Year, 15 00 Speeial Noliees will be eharged one·halfmore tha.n the abov ~ rates. All tr&nsien~advel\tisements to secure inser tion in this paper, must invadably be accom- panied by tl:<> Cash. . , . • ~All advertisements, to msur, msertton, llhGuld be sent in before 4 o'clock, P.M. .!Jt?JOB PRINTING lN ALL ITS BRANCHES. JQHANNES BRUYN 1 Attorney and Counsellor at John street, Kingston, N.Y. Law, LAWTON & STEBBINS, Attorneys and Counsellors, Masonic Hall Bniiding, Rondout, N.Y. .R. B.ER~ARD, A.ttorney and Vounsellor at Law, .Ma4J Street, next door te County Clerk's ~lliee, KINGSTON, N. Y. FRANKLIN FULTON'S New Sh(JA)ing, Hair Cutting, OU'rlin,q, 'SII.L\Ml\OOL._G AND DYEING SALOON, BRQWN 7 S HOTEL, KL.._GSTON. H. 0. ROSEORANSE, Barber &i Hair Dresser, Jobn stree~, Kingston, N.Y. tJrCold and W'J.rm baths at all boiU's. ADAM HATTENBRUN, Shampooing, Shaving and \H!llt~DRESSING SALOON. Main street, near Eagle Hotel, Kingston. THEODORE DELILLY, Barber and Hair Dresser, Wall street, adjoining Ulster County House. Hair Cutting done in a Superior Manner. JOHN BROWN, Shaving and Hair Dressing Saloon. Kingston Av., nea.t• American Hotel, Kingston. CASPER LOWERHOUSE, Barber and fiair Dresser, Corner Ferry and Canal streets, Rondout. WM. H. CONKLIN, Architect & Builder, Residence, Crown St., near Brown's Hotel, Kingston, N.Y. D ROP in and look at the fre~h Invoice of real .Meerschaum Pipes and Cigar Holder~, at · Langworthy's Emporium. W AR--WAR--WAR--Lieutenant J. 0. Ives' Military Map of the Seat of War in Italy, for sale at Wynkoop's, S AMMY BEEKMAN returns his thanks to those who have lbU.!! .far so liberall_Y pat ronized him, and begs to tnform the public that he bas removed to the building formerly occu- pied by the late Mrs. Merritt, whe1·e be will be pleased to see all his old friends, and as many new ones Q.s they will bring. He wiJl keep co.llstnntly on band a large as- sortment ofConfectionary, Ice Cream, and the finest of 0 yste1 s. c ll ly AIR.-YA~KEE DOODLI::. Ye sportin.,. men~ l{ive en.r to song In number; 8Weet and tthrillin!l', For you a Hilrd ha• tnne<.l bis harp, And lend tl1ine ear if willing. Chorus- Yankee tftodle is tl.e :~.ir, A favorite in this nation, • Then let it• numbers s\veetly flow, '\V1th all their nriation. N nn~ can excel our riflles f\dr Within this Yankee nation; 01 this we are prepared to gil'e •ro all a demonstration. Yankee Doodle, &c. Rare Guns and Pistnh neatly made. W ~have in britliant on·der. •That are not surpassed! by any one Within the State or border. Yankee Doodle, &e.J Good Powder, shot, and ah<t Cap~. At prices fair we're selling; If we should tell tbei r virtues al. A volt1me we'd be swelling. Yankee Doodle, &c. And JJOCI{S and Keys we do repair, And fit in order cha.rmiing-: Please caU and sec at KUGLER's shor. Both sporting men, and farming. Yanltee Uoodlq, &e. A. J{vGLiilR yo a will thud at home In fair and stormy weather ; Come then at once, yo: that have need, But don't all come to;:;·~ther Yaultee Doodle, ~c. Kingston, June 1, 1859 . B ERRY bas JU89 rece.ived direct. from Dublin, Walton's Killing Trout Hook. He invites the lovel'S of Trout Fisbin.g to come and try them. None genuine unl·ess sold by BERRY,at his great Fishing Tackle ~pot, Sl North Front street. 1 () tf C HILDREN'S GIGS, Wagons, Hobby Hor sea, Toys-every thing to please the ebil dren, oheap at , BERRY,S Empire Fancy Store, 81 North Front 11treet. L ADIES' ann Cbildrens' Bows, Arrows; Tar· gets and Quivers. A beauti fnl article for exercise or amusement, f.Dr so.le a.t LANGWORTAY'S Emporium, T he Polllr Rllfrtg. el·n.tor ~.·s the best..thinp; Jn market. Look s;t them a~ LANGWO:il:I'HV'S Emporium Sign ofth~ Golden Teakettle, North Front st, M ASON'S Patent Screw Top Pressure Jar ; The best and handiest article ever made for putting up frnit or vegetables; warranted tight without the use of wax or cement. Stop and look a.t them at Manufacturers' Ag~ncy at Langwo•rtby's Empo.Iinm, Sign of Big Sky Rocket, 76 North Front Bt. C OMPLETE Cook Stoves at cost-almo~t, at Langwot·Lby'e Emporium, Sign of Golden TeakettlUJ, 76 North Front st. T HEY went a fishing! Who? Why Jim. Jake. Joe, Pete and John I How tart Nothing short of Dry Brook, and what is better caught 1200 Trout! They muet have had excellent Tackle to have been 110 successfnl. Of course tbey had the best tbe couR try affords. How so? Why they procured it only 'at 26 Langwortbyrs Emporium. W HERE did you b•oy that beautiful Cool< 8tove, and what did it co•t 1 Only $15, furnished complete! at Langworth's Emporium. Well I declare: I will hitch up and drive to town and get one immediately. ::3& they go, all the wee I< long, and who won- ders, where the fact is becommg generally known, that Cook Stoveg are really selling at about cost at ________ _cL_A._N_cGc_W:_O:_R;_T~._Y'~~m~riu m_ NEW GOODS Persons never having su.cceeded in obtaining a correct JikcneAs of themselves,' can be suited at his Gallery. \Ca.ll and see tol' yoUrRelf'. Any who may wiell t11 try, he will cqneider it v. pleaii· ure to wait upon tllem. He will not le~ a pichu.e leave hia room un- ICSB hiR patrons are Buited. Pictures with cases for 50 cents and upwards. 1 c tf DEL wan Co:-;ry, Mai the 20, 1859. My Deer Jhon : •·The Trot ar bitting lik skeeters in Agust, and lHurdoclc sais we muRt com over to the Bee- vertdll and katch a. wagon lode--rite away-- Befour yn start don t fale to stop at that celebra- ted plase tba cal \Langwo :thy's Emporium,\ & Ia in a stock of them \Cm!{ Killer Hooks'' th!lt i here so mutch ~tbout.. Nob01ddy wont use not no other k:incl, arround hea.r--~~11. am Kii- J.-;rs i tel y<~-Dont f'crgette and i am yourn till delh, EzEKU. r.u~!SPUN. 1\l~tson's patent Frl' ... it Ja.r, W ARRANTED perfect w1tbout l.l:w nse of' wo.x or Cement I For sale onls at . Langworthy's Emporium. GOLD PENS! GOLD PENS!! J UST received at Wynkoop's Boekstore.-A large assortment of GOLD PENS, warranled superior to any ever otrered for eale in this place. Call and see them. · Kingston, J nne 1. 1859. . -. A LL ABOUT IT i· or, the History and Mys· tery of Comm<>n Things; just rectlived at WYsKooP's Bookstore. ---------·------ - .. ---- T ilE IDYLS oP THE Krxq.-By Alfred Tenny .. son, just recci ved at WyNkoop's Bookstore. applicatioti.of Stephen 1\h\IOn('y, Administrator · t h ld •. B' b T of tbe goods, chattels and credi1s of John Fat- cte Y was e lD · _mg amton on . ues- lon deceased •. intestate, for autbo.ri~.y to sell, day, tb.aJ,lth inst., io the Presbyterian Jense or mort.gage so much of t}le real estate of t ,_ t 31 d , d the said John Fallon as Phall be necessary to 0 lurcu, a l! P. M • an was opeoe by a. pay his debts, and upon and by 1'irtue of the sermon from Eccl. ix ~ 26, by ltev. Dr. proceedings bud in due form of law upon said 11..- l r N V k A 1 application, the enb;ocriber will sen at public mars 1 • o ew or • etter was re- sale at the house of Peter CriRpell, in the town ceived from Gen. Smith, the PreaicJent, of Shandaken, County of Ulstet•, on tbe 27th . . b day of QctolJer, 1859, at 11 A, 111, of that day, tbe statwg that be was detmned at borne y real estate of' John Fallon, in o.nd by saitl order sickness. In the evenin\O' the Society at- directed to be sold, bounded and describeu as t d d M s· 1 . I l \'t th p follow~. viz : en e r. 1nc a1r s ec ure on e a.n- \ All that certain tract or parcel of land sit· oraroa of drunkenness. uatc, lying nnd bein\' in tbe town of Shanda· ken. b•:ing part ot a~large tract in divisioa six SECOND DAY.-Met at 9 A.M. Judge of Great Lot nnmber eight of the Hardenburgb Foot of Hamilton was elected Chairman PatPnt. which f:a.id part lies on the northerly and Dl', 1\.f'arsh a. nd Rev. 1\,f'r. Farr wer.! side of the Ulster and Delaware Plank Road ~u. .11,1. v and the northerly bonuds of the tanner.y lot appoir.ted a. Busin . .ess Committee, This now in possession of George W. Tu~tle, begin- ning on the wtJsterly bound ot a finy n.ere Jot Committee reported tbe following resolu~ heretofore sold to Conrad l\Hsner wt of said tiona, whicb wete f~eely discussed and tract and. on tbe northerly side of said plank h adopted: road five chains and fifty one links nort east- erly from a hemlock marked tree being tbe 1. The Society see no caus~ for a de northerly corner of said Tannery Lot, from t fr m a of th · · ) d pt thence rnnnina along the said lot of :Misner par ure 0 ny ~ prmmp es a 0 north fifty four\ degrees west twenty one chaii!B ed at former meetings, especiafty at the and seventy links to a heap of stones on the annual meeting at Saratoga Springs in south east side of tbe mountain, then north 35 August last i and therefore do re~affirm degrees cast 20 chains and siFty (60) lmks to a and recommend them as the basis of con stake and stones on the bounds of the Duer tract 3 chains a:nd 78 links southeasterly of' the tinued action, llli><Der corner iD'said Duer traet, then a.!o11g 2. The Society fully approve of the tbe same north 54 degree!! westabont 15 l!h9.ins plan of actiGna recommen~ed bv tbe Ex: to a heap of stones on the soutb'erly bounds· of eoutive Committee in the' f'ollo~1ng reso the Lansett tract, then along the ~ame !;iowth lnt-ioos1 and wish that it may· be vigor tbirty four drgrees and 15 minutes west pb~ut iO chains to the nortb hounds of said plank OJ]Sly carried out in all the town!{,apd roa::1, then aloo.g the same nortb~asterly as it counties of tho State. runs to the norl.h bunnds of the Tannery Lot of Resolved, That an effort nt once he said George W. '1 uttle, where it cro8~>Cs said made by the Society's agents. _tO' raise Plank H.oad, then along the same as iL run11 un ' U SE Mason's Patent Fruit Jar! for Aa.e at til it meets the said Plank Road again and thence ten thousand d&llars by one dullar suh-- Langworr.by'~ Emporium nlong the Rame to the. place of. begitining, eon .. seriptions ; that th·e .!lu.bscrihet's · be en ~ taining about one hundred and eighty four rolled,and their names publisb,ed as m~m WALL p A? ER, lO acres, more or less.\ Dated Sln\ndaken, Sep· bers of the State Society for one year, W~NBDOORWDE-fn AI_!; E.G•,'R, tembcr 1:Jth, 1859 DAVID c. GRIFFIN· and that they shall receive the Journal .a l..Y' 00 SUPREME COURT iJ'ERru:s; Third Judi• ~ p 1-''L.:t • ~d: lb f tb S \ FIREBO.A.RD PRINTS. l\'4 c1a1 mstrtct ..... fU-:s!t<\it to Uie- re4uirement an~.~~ roruu' wn~u\'l • 6 organ ° e 0 ------=-:===-~-~....-.~---.:_c_ of the2Zd section of t,be Code, the ·und~rsigoed, ciet~, for that time,· · T H~ subscriber has jnst opened a line assort· Judges o£ the '!'bird Jlfdicial Dist'!ict, ~1) hereby Resolved, Tbat eueh in everv town aS' ment of the above goods received from one of appoint Courts to be h~Jd m the said D1BtrJCt for thus •mbscribe,be invited\ to un:rl.te 10 · a So the be&t factoties in Ne1v li:n~land, and which for the years 1858 and lts59; and assign.Judges to hold ., ... beauty of pattern and low pr1ces sur1oass any ever said Courts as folloWS I ciety for the .purpose of increasing their before offered in this mark.et, to which he invites General Terms to be held at the Capitol in the b h ld\ · t · 'th he tbe attention oft be public. city of Alba)ly, by all the Justicetlii}fthe District, roern ers, o mg lD ercoorse W1 t . F • S. WYNKOOP, Jn the ftr~t Mondays of .March, l)I;~-~~ Septelllber, State office, and receiving and distribu Op~osite the IJlster County Rank. and December in eaeh year. · . ting such tracts as may, from time to Cnuntry Mere .<nts•npplie<J at N. Y.prices. Circuit vourts and Goul't& of Oyer and Termt- time. be sent to them. S HA W';s P\!lten~ Gall .. (;ooliing ..:\ppar. a.~ne.- ner, a.nd t;>pecial ·rer!\'s to l.e held in the oeveral . f' . The s~bscriber has obtained the Agency of conn ties ll1 the District a. follows '• On payment. (la.ch person wi l reeteve the a.bovf.l valuabl!! i nve~tion, a~d would re- 2d Monda A.!f~~~~a , H~~!Lom. 0 ~~~ a certificate of membership.\ apeotfully can the v.ttentt~n of fr_ugal honse- :ld .. Y March?' Gould, Hlm•is 3d. ftesof'l!ed, Tbat w~ re-eommemf _tO' l<eepers . and all otbers to Its ment~. A cook 3d \ September Wright WI;ight every temperance elector to be vigilant S tove and iron beatet' in constant operation at 1 ' · RENssELAER. and active in the coming_ election, to se LANGWORTHY'S Emporium, Vt Monday of February. Ho~eboom, Hogeboom cnre for tbe Bta! and tll'e· cause oP \\'obi 76 North Frpnt street 1 Kingston. 2d \ May, Wrtght, Harris ~\- Sign of the Golden Teaketle. lst \ October Gould, Gould. bition, the best I gislative and j:udici'al1 of- C OMPLETION of Irving's Washington--The 5th and last volume of Irving's Washing~ too just Peceivod at .,. WYNKOOP'S Bookstore. Cor.UMBfA ficers. · · 2d Monday of January, Wright, Wright 4: Resolved, That the E.iecuttve C&m 2d \ April ·Hogeboom, Harris ,. 2d \ September, Gould, Hogeboom mittee be inslructed early to make them :Jd Monda~:f.r:bru:.ry, Gould, Harris selves acquainted witb the character of T HE Best Merrimack Prints v.t ten cente per 1st \ June,. Hogeboom, Hogeboon> the next Legislature, and to take 8Uch W . 1 • Sd \ NovemlJer, Wright, Goold aclion as may bring before them the yard at Mayer el 8 • ULsTER. h • lst Monday of February, Wright, Wrie;lat 'vants oft e· temperance comroumty, A J\IER!CAN GAS BUR~ER Heating Stove, ~d \ May, Gould, Gould 5. Resolved, 'l'hat a :Memorh:l in he- A for Parlors, ~ails or Sitting Rooms. , War· 1st \ October, Hogeboom, Hog;eboom half &fa Pre•bibitory law, here nresenf:ed ranted the best Heating Stove in the world ll Sc.a:o.a:.u<>E. P • ~Every Rtov~ gunra.nteed to give perfect Sd Monday of May, Hoo-ehoom, Harris be adopted· and put in· immedi~e cireuJa .. satisfaction. For sale Whole~ale 11nd R!ltail at 311 \ November, Go~ld, Wrigbt tion fot• !ligna,ture. _ Langworthy's Emporium, 76 North Front street. · SuLLIVAN. 6 R ·I' ·d· Tb PL. t fti 3d Tuesday of January, Gould; Hogeboom - ~eso Ve , at a L<tT grea er e ort ______ S_I_g_n_o_f\~e~G-· u_ld_e_n_T_e_ak_·e_r._tle_._ 3d \ June, Wright, Harris is demanded throughout the State for the- Special Tenns far tl!e 7'nal of Issues: temperar:ice education of the young ; and' J IM says that Lauretta is a \gosh hanged\ nice )i'al, which is undoubtedly trne. It is also equally true ~hat the finest Rtock of Fancy Goods, .Ba~kets, GigR, Cabs, Carriages and liob- by Horses ever exhibited in Ulster County, are now on sale at I~a.ngworthy'\ Emporium. I F YOU want Fresh GARDEN & FLOWER SEEI>::;. ruaJ,e your purchases oue door east ofl.t Hef. Dutch Churcb,of MONTANYE & REYNOL t;lS. B IRD GAGE::\! BIRD CAGES ! !-A most beautiful lut just ppened-n~w and rich patterns, and at greatly reduced pr1ces at ALBANY. 3d Monday of .May. Wright, Wright that'the cwculation of. the Youth's •rem- 2d ·• November; Hogeboom, Gould per~mce Advocate be eommended to theo RENSSEt.AER. ' j 2d Monday ofAt>ril. Wright, \Vright peop e. 3d ·· December, Gonld, Gould ResoTve.l,.. That the tidings from Ire• Special Terms for Motions only: land of the wonderful power of' the l'evi~ ALBAl\ V. 1853 1859 Last Tuesday of ~21nuary, Wright Harris vals in- breaking tlp intemperance and aU \ . \ l<'el:>ruary, Gould, dou!d its sounds do greatly 'ehee.r our hearts and \ \ l\Ia1 ch, Hogeboom. Wr1ght ll fl h' \ ·\ Apnl, Goulcl, Hogeboom fltrengthen us in a Oll;l' co~ icts iQ ~ JS -· · \ May, Wright, Hogeboom tenible evil, as the ene,wy of Go~ ~~<;i the- \ \ June Gould, Wright souls of mEm · 7 and, io tbe lig-ht of 'this io-· • \ July, Hogeboom,Gould P \ \ August, Wright, Wright :fluenee, wo wou·Jd earnestly request eVel'J' A RE received every day 'at C OLT'S, Remington's, Smith &: Wess~>n'P, Townsend, Merritt & Crosby.· and Allen's Pistols. together w1th Sm1th & Rand's celebrateJ \ Lightning Powder • '' 1 or _A __ T_T_R_A_C_'r_I_V_E_:S_T_O-,C:-, K=-:-l---:W-::-:-e-w_o_nl:-:d:-c-a-:1-:-1-a-,-t~ \ \ SejJtembei·,Hogeboom,Uarri~ minister of the gospel in tt1e State AOW to• OK ·' \ October, Wright, Harris h • h 1 1f f be'l• • A NEW BO . \ ,, November, Gould,. Hogepo~m preac tn e 1a o· our en use; · tevmg 2v Langworthy's Emporium, sale cheap ut ' tention to the ricR stock of Dress. Goods. Langworthy's Emporium. received this week. Tl:ie summer Cass1mcres; --- •• \ December, Hn,geboom,Gould that, by this extraorditml'Y pro\9-idencer A :NEW Boolt by. the A.nthor. of ·• The Prince W B WRIGHT, our churches and people wHI be most ful- ,f the Hnu•e of David \ GEt> GOU!..D, L OT of fresh Groceries received thiR day by the drapery and coruices; the shades and dam · DUMONT. asks, the floor oil cloth ; the carpets ; the mat- trasses ; the rag carpets and feathers. THE PILLAR OF FIRE; IRA HARRIS, ly impressed that the teq~perance battle· Or, Israel in Bondage. Just rect>ived at the Dated November 20, !85 7 • is the Loru's. Bookstore of T- Erti\.Js OF THE ULSTER COUNTY COURT, An address from the Society to the P ure ·wines n.n<l Brandies for Medical pur- uoses. for sale by- BRAGG & J A:< SEN- Y ANKEE DOODLE .Fish HookB-Nibble good as a bite. Call and take a look at tbem, at BERRY's, tH North Front. street. F OR the '•New American Polished Faced Flat Irons,\ enquire at L.~NGWORTHY's Emporium. P ORK, Fish, Cheese, Lard, Butter, Salt, on b;lnd at DUMONT'S, No.3 Wall street. D 'f.41UES.-A large lot just reeeived and lor sale at CHIPPCS Bookstore. m NTS to Horse-KeeP.ers.-A eomplete MA:Nu'AL for Ho\'semen, by the late. R. W. -Herbert :[Frank ForreRter.} JMt reootved at ' . WYNKOOP's Bookstore. Kingston, July 24, 1859. J UST received this .daJE a. fresh supply of Bond's Boston·t ' \ Graham, 11 Win& .Ba!!Cnit. &t DUMONT'S, N.o. s Wall ett'ee~ .. Tow:-~ sEND, M'llRRITT & CROSDY's. . . F. S. WYNKOOP· AND COUR'-!-' 01<' SESSIO~S FOR 18 59 · friends of temperance througboulf the' Krngston, April 11, 1859. In pursuanc-eol the Statute 111 ~ueh case mr.de , , d M h · J OE bas cured his warts, and the only aecoun- . . . ana provided, I do hl'r,~by • :~ppomt the second State W ,ts rea by Dr~ nl!S .' a.nd adopted~ table reason why they diHappe!lred was the BERRY'S F•~hmg Tackle ts now complete at. Mondi\.Y pf March, the thud i\lunday of J.une, the and Ol!dered to be prmted. lD the- fournu}1 \act of his frequent visits to see .th.at. splendid 81 North Front Rtreet. c 2 t fl first Monday. of Septembe\'. :tn~ !hehthlxdr~ Mtohu- and Prohibitionist '' · Jay of November, ns the ttmes •or o mg e r: •. . \Polar Refrigerator\ no•w on exbtbltJOn gt FISHING 1'aCKL.E-i:n greqt vari~ty, whole- County Conrt and Court of Sessions in ai1!W~or the Resolved, That the next qu~rterly Langwort-hy's Emporium. sale and retail. cheap and goorl, at Connty of .Ulster, for the year 1859. A Peh~J'uty meeting o:ftthe Society be held in the City t , A 1 did f h toclt or ev Langworthy's Emporium. will bG snmmoncd for each Term, hut a ~ud 1!. N y 'k h .. 0 · 'I' \'_ f :r B aske s .-- sp en res s · 76 North Front st. si~>'n of the Biu Trqut. J•uy will be ~ 111 n.m<>n.eil unl,y-_ for the Septemi'fel' O• ew or , on t. e .., : uesuay o <~40• erything beautiful and useful in the Bas- . ' u • \ ·• Term. nateiJ JnnuaJ:y 1~ U!5M9. C . J d . uary, and that the .Rev~ Dr. 'IIyng be re-· ket line just opened and for sale at reduced Con\'ress. Water, fresh_from th<~ springa-, N. R_. GR. AHA ,'c ount,y~ ge~ quested to open it with a sermon, and th&· P rices at I.angworthy's Emporlnm. \' -- ... T sun'n()GATE SOFF\\\E lor sale by ! Btagg..., .\ansen.. ULSTER co. UNTY. ..... . ~\'. Rev Theodore L OJJ.uler be h·i~.sllbE!titute •. ' ' w ' u d G t ' ' . ' . • N.otio:;e is he~eP,y ·~IV~Ii. u~.atl wxU. ~J.t.tend •ill • . ;] . . . M ElllNO & L..ure 8 .ooL n er · arm en .s MERIDA~ BRI.T'l' AN, lA WA.RE;....a s_rl!endrd th'e surrogate's·Otlice, 1n the- 1 Y'111~g. ll of :K~g;'ll'o. ~~ , for gent~, ladies, chil(J.~en o.nd'~oya j al- assottmentt mcludmg some beanhful Te.a· in.said County, on M.O.N~!A.Y:of .eaehSveeli, to ex- · · _ 80 a. superiol\ stock ot all kmds Hotnery: and Setts--just opened o.t ' ' . ' . ' ecute thll pqwerij an~ duf!eR .'!'l.l~ferre~,o9 ll!h aJIU Ben;amin L. IIo. od .. the ~lbany jewel- Gloves. Langwor-thy's Emp_or 1 nm. ·tba-r.·tbe'·Sur-rogate.s Ofllce:~Jl be Wt ali-<tlm.es . ., . , :. · .. 1 : . , • :, ·~. ·\':1' ~ •. Woolen Yarns. all color!!. Sbetla.nd wool, . . opeufoPthetrapsGiltlonofb.ullmess. Dateii.Tilnua er whose stock was.so thortmghly ele11new split Zepbyr, double do., s'in·gle do., in all ~ol~ A GOOD' assortment of Law'liii at very }QW 'tyl, J:so'o· \' ' - ' 1h -~ • h b' n b' d:tb 'o'L k ors at Townsend, Merritt & Crosby s. prices, at MAYER WEIL's. I JE$~1!! F: BQQKST A.VER. Sm:rogate. ' out by. uur~t~rs~ as. ~/m or e_. ' : m~, &'· . .. ' ' •;; ' \ • ~ an as·s1gnment for the bene~ of bitt ~r',~£1;.. F .. loor ou Ofoths-Whell Y.OU.p~t up :yo~r p•cro.RIAL Fl'ELD ' ~OJi, cl1L'fi'ANDSEE-TheCe1ebrated 11 Conqu~st. _. . . ' . -. : ... 'brh'! ,.L,····; ' stoves, come and g>et ~ mce p1ece. of 0•1 of the Bevolu,ion; by B. 11: .Loss1ng; for cook Stove,\ the beBt Oooking Stove ever 1top1~. lila a'~~,,gne~S·P~. , ~~ -~ s~~en:t_en~l·. Olotb to put unl].er tbew. We bave a riot. as, sale .at,. . . : Wl\Zi'fi~IWB BQIIIi~For~.' . offered in this market,·~~ot . . iti• wbiti'h•diey ind1gnnntlY 'r-efute/bY,'taD·· so~~B.~J U!t receivl!d 500 or 600 ;n:tll ~~per ~·~m 0 i3 ~e~~;·/~~ 9 ~\' I' ,, ; ' ' ,- 41 }' . ' - : : : .· ! :rt~ll~Q~~h.r:I';IjlP,!;P.O~~'h!IJ.r: . gibM facts, 'tb~ Tbsrmlittohs'bftHe ;S~4te~r' Rag· OaT-pet. · -- . ALL other kind& of' Gooda~Bt)ld at t'he 1 JJ'~~~t (Y!Ii-ll.l,.r,. -~· · 't~IM qr•m.f tffi'~~~e~,T,;oi .. ~tW\ \- n that Mr Hooo· roib.ed1iimi~1f:J · ·u t 1 .. 1!1.. price!!, at Mayer Wi!ll.(jt. · ' · -rof.\'41 An ' J..'llg and E.V-eryflung.'.~ ·,•ull ' • · • September 0 ....,.. \ if!.\\. \ • T

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