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Itiugstmr §thuntirrem:enht A Revolution in the Hunting World, H UNTERS, Trapper!il, Backwoodsmen and Farmers, arouse to your interest, · Vigi- lance supPrceded and Danger avoided bV using the Patent Spring Gun Animal Trap-More cer- tain of its pt'ey than the most perfect rifle in the handR of the most experienced mal'ksman. without lessening the value of pelts or sldns, as i~ the case in the ordinll.ry mode of ghooting.- lt effects the capture of the animal either dead, (cr, if preferred. alive.) Tbe·barrels di~cbarg. ing them~elves simultaneously with tba hooks, embeddinrr themselves in the mouth. It is sim- ple. yet p:rrect and strong in its constrnc!io n, neither cumbroue nor diffivul t to arrange. There are different ~izes, which will effectu- ally operate on :Minks, Woodchucks, Otters, Wild Cats, Lynxes, Foxes, Wolves, Deerso, Panthers, Tigers, Dears, Buffaloes, etc., In fact all animals which repay hunting. No. 25 Wa-n Street, ............ Ki~gston, N.Y. Are prepared to forward with SAFE'i<Y and Drs PATCII, Merchandise, Specie, Jewelry, Valuables, Bank Notes, Collect Bills. Notes, Draft~, Ac· counts, &c. FORWARDED GOODS subject to purcba:se or Other char~eSj and collect the Bame on delivery, throug1lOift.. ·. New York,. Pe;nnsy{!!tfiiu. W~st, Ohio, Indi- ana, Ilhnms, .1\hchi,gan,, K~ntucky, lo~a, Wiaco~;~;~l!l, M.i!lMsota., Mis- souri, Nebraska.,.Canada West, Kitnisa~S, ~c; , Running ;Daily: ;Jl}Xpresses; (Sundays excepted) on J:'assen_gl!~ 'l'!tAi~s and Steame)\Si to and from all the pmJ,o-tpal Ottie.s, Towns and Villages in the West. Cornpe~ent Agents at all points for the transaction of bm>ine~>s; connecting with responsible Express Companies .to all parts of the U. S .. ,OaHf'ornia, Europe, &c .. &c. J]J.!'fJr' All Orders promptly attended to. Tbe facilities of this C<>mpany are unsurpass- ed. Each Express in churge or Special Messen· gers. ~Mark packages vla Amerlcan J!]xpress Company.~ This line will be found to be tha qnic,kest and safest. No charge made for calling for Freight. Leave your orderR at the Ofilce at Wynkoop's Bookstore. C. SCHRYVER, Ag't. COUNTY OFFICERS. &;~nty~i;;'hoy~; R.--G~ Jus. of Scllsion!ll William J ?huRon, j Thomas Bm<>'ham. Sheriff-Abraham A. Deyo. J~. Under Sheriff-Charles Brodhead. J ailor-Dumo11d .b:lmendorr. Oonnty Clerll:-Silas Saxtou. Surrogate-Jes~e F. Books~aver. District .Mtorney-Joseph D. Shafer. Treasure_r-l:l,uram Hasbrouck, New Paltz. Deputy 'fr-eaSlllitrr---Ju.cob H. Du-bois,'Kingston. Supervism:s''Clerk-Jacob B. Hardentierglt G~m's of} Th!tddeus Hait, Modena. Exci 8 e Josep~ lL Tuthill, Elle?ville. _ Fl·ancts A. Voo.rht>es, Kmgston. School f Dau'l 'f Yanllureu, Kingston, DiR.l. Com'rs Bthau Parrott, .Milton, •• 2. · Ephraim Depuy, Kyserike, \ B. Sup't of Poor-Benj. I !?reer, Gardiner. Poor House Keeper-Jame!l Ketcham. I)o Physi!lian-Abm De yo. · Jail do Edgar Elvinge. } John Vedder, Sau~terties. Coroners John A. Bodley, Rosendale. - Josiah Dubois, Jr., ltondout. County Sealet•-L. S Bates, Rosendale. TOWN OFFICERS_ For sale only at BERRY'S Empire Variety Store and Gun Factory, 81 North Front street, Supervisor, Eliua T Yun Nostranu; Town Clet•k, Vau Keuren Grcon; Collector Benjamin D Souser; Justices of the l'e;;.cc,]) L Dt:eker, J]) !lasbrouclc, lt W Tapper .Josiah Dt1bois, Jr; Polict! Justice~, Howard \.Jhipp, Kingston, J. D llasurouck, Rondout; Overseers of the Poor, DRAFTS for an v amount Andrew J Story, Kingston, Jacob Derrenbeck ~ ~~~~~on England, Irel;tnd and er, Rondout; Assessors, David Conklin, Wm. Kingston . SZ D ISSOLUTIO~.-Notice is hereby given that the co-partnership heretofore mdst- ing under the name of Safford & K<1.il, is this :-oicotland, anrl PASSAGE Golden, James A.llri!Jl{; Com. of Highway~, TICKETS to nnd from Eu· John Souser i llri<lge Commissioner, James H. rope by tt.!e Atlantic Royall\lail Ste-am Naviga· Lockwood; 'fown 8ealer, John D Van Steen· tion Company. Office 25 Wall street, opposite uergh; Constables, Henry W Tibbals, Dumond day dissolved by mutual consent. Ulster County Bank, King~t-on, N.Y. k~mendorf, Leonard E Serrine, Albert Maloy, All persons indebted to the above firm are requested to make payment to Charles H. Saf- ford, who is aloQ,e authorized to settle the af- c5ly C. SCllRYYElt, Agent. Jobn Jones. fairs of the Company. Dated Kingston, May 26th, 1859. W®Lalr[l 00®~~~~ Hudson, N. Y. CHA.S. B. SAFFORD, EMIL KAu... THE UNDERSIGNED having purchaRed and N. B.-The Watch and Jewelry business here. taken possession of the Badgley Hotel (for· tofore carried on at the establishment of the merly the Hudson House,) it will be hereaft-er above mentioned firm, will be continued by C. called the B. Safford, wbo assures the public that he wm w ortll. House. give the strictest attention. to his business. 30 S MITH&:. WESSON'S celebrated Repeater -u. pistol tbat shoots 7 shots and weighs but 10 ounces. He will continue the Hotel business as here· tofore, and will be happy to receive a eontiu· nance of the patronage so liberally extended to him. The House is delightfully and conveni- ently located, and affords ample and plea~ant accommodations to both travelers and boarders. LIVERY furnished at all times. Also Remington's and Colt's revolvers, AI .. len.'s 6 barreled do, and a great variety of sin- gle barreled pistols at very low prices in com- parison to what. they have heretofore been sold in Kingston. Call and see them at Hndaon, May 6th, 1859. LANGWORTHY'S Emporium, sign of the Golrlen Teakettle. C. H MILLER. cl3 3m :1 elf Defence is the ruling principle of ~ mankind, and the most perfect and beauti- ful little article ever made for tbe purpose, is the celebrated Smith & Wesson 7 Shooter. I• weighs but 10 ounces, is perfeet.ly beaut!. ful in Lppearance, and the most effective arm ever invented. Call and see it at LANGWORTHY'::; Emporium. P ARKfJR P.A.•J'I;l!o:T CoPPRR MILL.--The most Perfect Ootlee Mill in the world! It is a double mill-first breaking the coffee and then grinding fine or coarse as required, for sale at LANGWORTHY's Emporium. H OUSE FURXISHIXG ARTICLES.-A splendid variety, inoludiug everything useful in kitchen economy from a B1stin~r Pin to a Cook stove, for sale at prices to suit the times, at LA~GwoaTHY's Emporium sign of the Golden Teakettle,76 Forth Front si.. C ook S~oves, Cook Stoves, Cook Steves, Cook Stoves, ULSTER COUNTY Agricultural Warehouse A ND SEED STORE, eorner M~tin 11.nd Ea,qt 1:l.. Front ~treeta, Kingaton 1 Uleter Co., (oppo- site Schryver's HoteL) Merchants, Farmers and dealers are mo~t res- pectfully invited to call and examine our new and carefully selected stock of Implements, seeds, &c., all of which we will sell as low, if not lower than any other bou~e in the trade. MONTANYE & REYNOLDS. &.Remember the new stand. c 1 l.f New Work by Rev. J. 1!. lugraha:nt. Jl'S'r PUBLISHED Tile Pillar of Fire, Or, Israel in Bondage. VILLAGE OFFICERS-KrnGsToN. -~--------------M~-~--------------~-------------- WM. S. KENYox, President Board of Directors. DIRECTORs.-Ward No 1, Amasa J Humphrey, \ \ 2, Edgar Hoffman. \ \ 3, Jacob Rider. •• \ 4, Jeremiah l5mith. \ \ 5, August.us; Decker. \ \ u, Wm S Kenyon. \ \ 7, Wm B Davis. Gu,:nK-Daniel L Decker. TuEAl'!t:RER-J on a than D Wilson. CoLLECTO~t-Isaac L F Houghtaling. Assm>sout>-James J S~yles, Aug. Schoonma- ker, .Martin .Miner. HoNDOUT. TnusTEEs.-Nathan Anderson, James G. Lindsley, Robert R Kerr, James G 'l'ubby 7 Lo- renzo Aiiykes. CLERK-Seymour L Stebbins. 'l'REAt~cmm-Jansen HasBrouck. OOLLECTOR-William Golden. AssEs8oRs-Daniel B Stow, William Wilmot, John Dougherty. OHURCHES.-KINGSTON. FIRST R. D. CHURCH, Corner of Wall and Main Streets. Rev. J C F Hoes, D\ D. Pastor. Sabbath Serviceil at 10 A ~1, Ml.d '1 P M. SECOND R D CHURCH, Fair Street, near Pearl. Rev. Anson DuBois, Pastor. Sabbath Services at lOt AM, and S 1 4 p M. FIRST PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, East Front Street, near Maiden Lane. Rev. John Lillie D D, Pastor. Sabbath l::lervicee at 10 1 2 A M 1 and 7 P M, FIRST M. E. CHURCH, Fair street, between Maiu and Pearl streefs.- Rev. D L Marks, Pastor. Sabbath Services 1\t 10 AM, and 7 PM. FIRE -DEPARTMENI'-KIN'GSTON. . . . GEORGE H SHARP, Chief Engineer. J-8 LANG:WOR'l':liY, Alleiet, do . . - - AllffiRICAN :hlugin~ Co: No. 1, East Front St., Folieman, L. N, Hermance. ? '. , Nu.GAIIA Eng.ine Co. No. 2 1 Fair sh·eet. Fore- man. John W. Saulpaugb. WAsHINGTO:N Engine Co. No. 3, Firemen's llall, Fair street. 1:!'oremau; J. W. Beatley. ExcELSIOJ.t Engine Co. No. 4, Excelsior Hall, John. street. Foreman, James B. Van Gaasbellk. . . . WILTWYCK Hose Co. No.1, Firemen's Ball, Fair stre.eij. Foreman, Mo1·Jmus W. Gl'iffin. ExcELSIOR Hose Co. No. 4, Excelsiot· H11H, John street, Foreman, R. B. N,ewkirk EAGLE Hook & Ladder.Co. No. 1, Firemen's Hall, Fair street. Foreman; James G. Teller. Rom>ouT. DONALD 1\fcMILLAN, Chief Engineer. G~O. M. EMMETT, ht Assist. do GEO. WEBER, 2d do do LA.CKAW.&NA Engine Co. No. l. Foreman, Ed. Wind Winter, P!l~TECTQII Engine Co. No.2. Foreman, Jos. Tubby. GooD !~;•rENT Engine Co. Fo. 3. Foreman, Jas. G. TuLby. LACKAWA:\A HoBe _Go. No.1. Foreman, wm • Ostrander. - R~llCUE Hook & Ladder Co. No. 1. Foreman, J. H. Stratton. ======--~-=~=-~========== HOTELS.-KINGS'fON. King$tOn Hotel, Crown liltreet, Kwgstou, N. Y. S. BROWN, Proprietor. --------------------- Ulster County House, Wall Street, next door to Guurt House. THERON SMITH, Proprietor. N B. Horses and Carriages to let. Temperance House, East Front Street. Joux H. ScHRYYER, Proprietor. -------- ------ - EAGLE HO'l:EL, Main Street, Kingston, NY. Wl!. IIIASTEX, Proprietor. AlHERICA.N HOTEL, Corner Rondout Avenue an<l StJames Street. Ami- H. FREER, Proprietor. ~Board $3 per week. ----------------------- CLINTON HO 'IE.£, llurley Avenue, We~t King:;ton. ____________ A:....:..x.:..D~RE_w_ J {)__:: Proprietor. Humphrey's Hotel, Bridge street, West Kiugstou. A. HeMPHREY, Proprietor. ------- Ger1nan Hotel, Green Street, near NorLh Front, Kingston. JAcoB FRELEWEIII, Proprietor. RoNDOUT. Mansion Hous~, Corner of Division & Lackawanna Streets. G F VoN BECK, Proprietor. GliiJiton Hotel 7 . Canal street. .A METZfil!iR, rropricf.or, LIVERY STABLES. iioR8l:miRIUIGEfiifl!t~ a.t all hours of the day, u.t JOHN H. Dull01!1l> 1 S LIVERY STABLE, Main Street, adjoining Masten's Eagle Hotel, Kingston, NY. M. Hauver's Livery Stable, Adjoining Brown's Kingston Hotel, Crown St. Horses and Carriages to Let at all boars. By the Author of ·•The Prince of tbe Ilon~e of David.\ Being an account of the wonderful SECOND M E. CHURCH.. JER\' ...,,_.ITH scenes t'n the Life of the Son of Pharaoh's ' .:Huo \\l'-''- ' Corner East Front and Liberty streets. Rev. ...- _.,....,.....,.._,....,.....,. IC:!...,.. \\ ....,...,.. -- Cheaper than ever, nt LANGWORTHY'S Emporium, H OBBY HORSES, Gigs, Oabs Oarriages~ Velocipedes. wood & iron hooples, jump- ing ropes, aud all other such traps selling at low prices at Daughter, MOSES, From his youth to the a~cent _..._\ ...... .=-....... \\\\- .... -~\\\\\-.... Wm C. Smith, Pastor. Sabbath services at 10 m I' t b p 1 d M 'd L of Sinai; comprising, as by an eye,witness, his AM and 7 P :M. na • stree , etween ear an a1 en ane, Miracles before P~araoh, Passage of t~e Red Kingston, N.Y. Sea, and reception of the Law on Mt. Sinai.- FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH. H01·ses ancl Carriages to Let ------·- -- -- -- - . CABINET J?[jJR_ZviTURE. J. D. SLEIGHT, KINGI>TON, N;:;...__l,. North .Front Street, Opyoai;te the Twwnery 0 Fic1ms Ji'OR SAL:S the largest .ae.~o1·tm~nt of Cabinet Furnit,ure eve.r e;xpjbW!d in t\hi~> place; among which may be found ·Mahoga-ny, Blac~ Walnut, lliaple, Flag sea~: ;l)ra'wing~room, Rockmg, omce and Easy Clf.AIRS; Mal!oga· ny, French and Crib BEDSTEADS.; Sofas, 'l'ete-a·Tete~, Bure!lus, Card, Centre,:l!'ltl!in~·. &:. Oak ExtenBwn, 'l'01let and Breakfast 'T':A.BLES; Lounges, Looking Glasses, Wash and work StaRd, Closets, &c., &c. • · Enameled and Painted Furni~ure of varians Rtyles an~ prices, Also, a large assorttnent;of Coffin•, of Mahogany, Black Walnut and ·Gtlier' wovd. ~All Furniture delivered in the vi- cinity tree of cbarrre. · All kindsofFnr~itnre made fo o'rilet asmm- al, at short notice and on rea~onal:lle term~>.~ The public are re!'pectfully invited to call be- fore purchasing elsewhere. nu 3m J. D. SLEIGHT. Fountain of Health. TIT}~- U. 1\IA~ON lJ a~ opened a Dr11-~ Store \' l' ~n ~ne office of A. S. P. Sny!.\vr, oppo~H\f . Masten s Eri:~rle Hotel. in :Main Sct.reet. . ;. D1~ SxYJJElt will see to preparang and com- pounding medicines, and will guarantee -t-o use the best articles, and ne·b sell adulterated drugs- to his customers. . . . · · , MAHON has likewise a SODA FOUNTAIN o~ superivr quality, with g~od bealtby Syrups,and no brass or copper to pOison the water: If you want a PcRE glass of Soda Water witb ~boice syrups, call at the Fouat~in of He~Ith~ and yon w.ill be accommodated. Try it, and be: your own Judges. WM. U. MA$0,N •. Kingstop, June 16, 185-9. 4'T.Ill SAFFORD'S Glock, Watch & Jewelry Edablish'Nten.t ... M R. C. D. SAFFORD. Jat.e of the firm of _t;afi'ord & Kail, t·espectlully informs the Jmlllic that the business ol the establishment u.t N ?· 12 Wall street., will be conducted by him \\lith the same .promptness and dispatch as lor- merly. .l:ie has secured the serviCes of one or· 1 the best workmen in New York City, and ili now prepared to do all kili!L~ of repairing to Clocks, Watches and Jew.elry in the very best manner. He bas also for sale a large variety of valuable Watches, Clocks and Jewelry. --------------· --- --- F OR ~A.II~E-A very desirable House and Lot in ProE<pect street in this village at present occupied by '1'. H. Haulenheck. \vm be sold cheap, as the owner does not reside in the vi !lag!!, and has no other property in the place. ~or further particulars enquir~ of R. Bernard~ Mam street, Kingston, or Jamell .Myer~<, 8lSI Ubambers street, New York. 58 3m S URE REllEDY FOR !JYSPEPSIA: 1st-Go to Ben y's great .Fish in o- Tllckle !Jepot, sign of the Yellow I>erch. ~elect from his- endles& variety ofl<'ish Hooks, ~·i~h Line~. Fish poles, flyer snells, &c, an outfit FUCh as can't be- hought at any drug store in Kingston. . 2nd-Take a ride to Cochectou Hflllow.rou\Th it in the woods two or three day~, catch t\vo ~r­ tbree hundred trout, and if you don't ret-urn ~ wiser and a healthier man,tben Berry's Fisbintr T~ckle ill good for ni;;;. Fishinl! Tncltle cheap wbole11ale and retail, at. BERRY'S great variety store, c 2 tf til .Nodb Front street. D RY GOOD.::> cheaper tban eV\er. Elghteen penny ()hallie Delaines only sold lor l2t cents at MAYER Wl:IL's. M ASON'S Glass Fruit Jars 1-'l'he most per- fect, safe and reliable article ever o:lltrt>d to tbe public for presen-ing Fruit of all kindtt. Warranted perfectly air-tight without th-e Ul'e of wax or cement. Pint-s, quarts and~ gal!unll for sale, wholesale and retatl, at manulacttirer& agency aud a~ lheir own pricel!, at LANGWOR~'HY's Emporium L ANGWORTHY guarantees e••ery oue of; Mason's Patent Glass Fruit Jars, and will pay for the Jar and contents it they do uo.t prl'- serve the fruit or vegetables perfectly, it used ~s per printed direc~ions. For sale only at L£!.ngworthy's Emporium, Sole Agent for Kingston. 1 c 6d LAXGWORTHY'S Emporium, sign of the Golden Teakettle. P olar Refrigeral:or.--This is the age of improvement and scientific progress, and mechanism bas attained its climax in the production of this Unequaled Refrigerator, whereby ten pounds of ice will keep a large quantity of food perfectly cool and dry in the hottest weather, and at the same time give yoti g, constant supply of ice-cool water for drinking and culinary purposes. Call and examine a Containing an elabomte and richly colored Crown street, between North Front and John 1 at all hours. Description of the Architecture of the Egyp- streets. Supplied by Elder G. Barnes. Sabbath ======--:.::-=-=--=--==-======== MINUTES OF N.Y. UONFERENCE.-· A tcw tians, their Mn.nners and Customs in Peace and services at 10 AM, and 7 P.M. · K · t p 0 s t 0 f r 1 · c e copi_~s of the l\liuutes of tbe s~vent 1 ··t\ih. War,_ in fhe Temple, the Family, the Mart, and 1 n g S 0 n • ~ ·• cv session of theN. Y. Conference are· tor ~tale at sample at L..L'i\GWO!tTIIY's Emporium. H OBBY HORSES, GIGS & CARRIAGES.- -A bel}utiful and fresh stock, just received direct from Manufacturers, and for sale at their prices--at Langworthy's Emyorium. B ASKETS! BASKETS ! l BASKETS t! !-The finest assortment of Ladies 7 Work Baskets, Ladies' '!'raveling do. and all other kinds ever before opened in Kingaton-just received and at the Tomb; and also of the Israelites, while PROTESTANT EPIBO@P AL CHURCH, HOURS OF CLOSING MAILS. the office of THE DAILY ()Hito..~ICLE. Price 10 in the Land of Bondage, together with Wall street, between N .Front aru:l John streets. NP.w York at. 4 and 9 P.M., Daily. cents. · · .. ·~ PICTURESQUE SKETCHES OF THE Rev. George Waters, Pee tor. Sabbath services Albauy at 7 t A ~and 6 PM' do at 10 A :M. South Way at l l' :11. do Hebrews and tbeil' Taskmasters, North Way at u M'. do Of Scenes, Processions, and Spectacles upon RoNDOUT. Ellenville 7 A M. do \ and beside the Nile. and Legends of the Obe- BAPTIST CHURCH, South Land,.(River Route) 1 PM. do lisks, Sphinxes, and pyramids, and of their Post street, near Abeel. Rev. R. W. Jones, Delhi, Tu.e8day, Thursday and &aturda.y. Founders before the Flood. Pastor. South Land (Interior Route;) Monday, Wed- neuneRtlons o:r:oeautu-ul Women, nesday and Friday, at 8 PM. • PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, Po~;Sa11gerties, Malden, GlaBCo, Woodstock, Miria.m, Amen~e, Luxora, and OsJria, Abeel street, near Wurts. Rev. B. T. Phillips, &IJ., matH:r iB Bent by Albl>uy Way Mail, closing And o£ 'Beautiful Men, . , P\lit'Qr, dMiy at 12M. · • Aaron, Remeses, (Moses) and the Prmce of Uz, M.AILS .ARRWE. (Job), Narrated in a series of Letters h•oln a METHODIST CHURCH. New York at 10]- AM anQ. 10 PM. Dail;y. Syrian Prince tr~~>veHng in. Egypt, tq hls Roy- -q~nt,et !)~.,between. J!ost ~J.nd. w 1 .utJ>, Rev :t Albany at 8-! AM and 1 .; 1' liL do al Mother, Queen of Tyre. · ' • · South Way 1 PM. do W. B. \Wood Pastor. d The volume abounds in characteri-stic pal'!· North Way 6 PM. o ~ages of highly wrought beauty and' Dra!llatic GERMAN LUTHERAN CHURCH, , . EHenville 2 PM. do Warm Weather-Mourning Goods. : D OUBLE fold 6-4 blae-k B£rege Jor ~an'ti~ las ; _atso black cape Merett\ Ch'alli8 and a host of other thin summer dress goods. N. B-Black English Crape 'Uut \on the Bias.\ at · Town§end, :!1-Ierritt & Ctt>ilbJ'. June 17, 1839. · H ORSE FOR SALE.-A fine .131\y Bor!!9~ _ six y~:ars old 1 about ;.i:ll:te!ln hand§! · qigb, ~mghs 11~0 pouncl!!, per.te0~ly ;ldud and gelitio In !!lther ~tngle C>~ dl!Uhle .h!l.rjtess, And W~r­ ranted somJ.d. Wdl be sold cheap for \llfi~h.\­ The owner has no use for him. For furt-her par~ ticulars enquire ot : _ . ·. , : ; -- 1 r· Incident. Hunter street, corner of Ravilte. ·Rev. c. H. · South Land, (River Route.) 12 111:. do 1) 00 KS ! Books! ! Books l ! !-A large stock To the 10,000 t'eaders of\ The Prince of the Siebke, Pastor. Rondout at 8.T A. ~[.·and 11 A. 111. do U of Theological, Sunday School, Hymn & House of David,\ we need -only say that thi,s __ Delhi, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 5 for sale low at Langworthy's Emporium. MONTANYE& REYNOLiDS, i,-·\ .-. Kingsmn,.:N.: Y.: , 60 tf Miscellaneone Books, just received a,nd for sale book is by the same Author, and more wonder- . liJJ,>~S(JOf AL QHURCH, . PM. GO a~>,\1 ge_t tl}ose poor ~mpress10n.~ re-taken Jill cheap at WYNKOOP's Bookstore, fully interesting and enchanting. P1 erpoul ilt., corn(lr Wurts. Pulpit.&l.lp,plied by Sou-tb Lnnd, (Interior Route,) Monday, Wed- a superwr manner at Opposite Ulster Co. Bank. One Vol., ldll'ge 12mo, 600 pp. RZustrra-ted. Rev. Geo:.: W:.atll!l.s of Kingston. · · . nesday and Friday, 6 ·P M. WHIDP!l'~S G~l',y,. \. · S t t dd b ·1 t ~•\ • · ·· · · , · · . WILLIAM KERR. P.M. , No.'3.\\y'a'list' ;;_: ·\~t~l_t1~-~ L ondon Club Sauce-Superior to the ·en o any a· ress Y ma1, pos pl.b.I,U, on ~ .. ~ . . Worc.stershire or any other kind. For receipt of the price. ST. M.ARYS·cATIIOLIC CHURCH, Kingston, April lOth, U!59. c· lU.!ltS.-A..lat e:-i'ot c{ 'll '\\ tf •!>, ;~-. le ily BRAGG & JANEEN. PUDNEY &RUSSELL, Publishers, Division street.- Father R. G. Durning, J•t•ies~. 't_.iJ'n.e Table of Ferry Boat Rhine. ishe~ _and\for safe c_hea-p' !t 'Jiqli B!J~~t ... · , . . , 79Jobnstreet,N.Y. . LEAVESRO.\'DOUT. _. Jnne2a 11859. _ , ·. D.JilOKERlJJ'S.·.•'.,,_. F resh Hobby Horses, AGENTS WANTED, GERM.I[N CATHOLI CCHURCH ~~- ,, ,. ,. Fresh Gigs, Heckinge_r, !'liiJlSt~-· 6.15 A.M. d6wn train, 6.45 -,2.00 P.M. up train, 2132 c· i:rFFIN ;PLATES f~rsa~e at Ne~York pri: Fresh Cabs, THE BAPTIST CHURCH DIRECTORY.-A · : · 7.30 \ no train,· 3.00 ''' dJ?o, ~1'- 33 • !1 ces, at · ... Just Opened at Fresh Children's Cattriages, g_nid,e to .the doctrin_ .es .and discipline~. of- BANKS.\-KI!lirGSil'ON. .8 4.0; \ up: train, 9.08 4.oo ,, no tram . -'· . ~AFFOlt:Q ,81... ~4,II:f§:·r fi d d 1 d t e .9 ao \ uo train, · lf;liO '' )!Q tr, , . · _, \ . , · '\ , 0 LANGWORTHY's Emporium. cers a1;1 or mances, prmCip es a.n . Jlr~c IC S 10,10\ down train, 10.42 5.30 \ down ex. 6.04 stm.ven•s EVergreenS~:· t d •·- .. ·. 'F I' 1 1 . . . of.Bapt1stChurepes. EyEd'wdT.HrscoxD.D, STATE OF NEW Y:QR..{I B,4NK, u \ notrai~ o.ao 'upRud.,:a,'7.02 'by · Mm:n·A-:ni'~R;rii:~A't 1 ~ P URE Whtte Lead and snow wh1te Zmc- Just received at · Fair Street, near Main. Jacob Burhans, Pres- t · I -- h b B & J 'd H ld · 12.00 lll. no rwn, _. , · . . . . Cheap for cas Y RAGG ANBEN. - WYNKOOP's Bookstore. 1 ent j enry :p; Reyqq_ · E! 7 Cashier. 1.00 r. 14 ,, no tl'ilin It _so \ up ~ram 8.23 ~ -GITY. •cits•Sin;i.\a;na:·~irhw-s:.}hy,-T.~ .. N C · . . l .· . · . · LBA;fl\ES RHINEBECK, . 11 .J.. ;Gu.t.htie, :f>, l), :Fot'iliilb ~t · · ~- ' .· : .~:, E XTRA CABS, GIGS A ~ A~Rl.AGES for . JN aU I think there was a score~ ULSmiJ;. (JfJ..UNTY BJ/INK, . . . ·· · . ·o ·1o 42 1 ·u 45 A -v · ·- · · -:\'\ · ·· -. \Yf...Wl{oo}i1$J>'-dokstote. ' the ba-bies-a fine fresh lllVOIC() JUSt open- They d-id agree tbaHhey would go a fishing; Corner of, .WI\;1:\ ~n;d -John,,:Stree~ C_9rnelius ~J-:o ; ::· 2 ~ga:i' iD llf·aJg 1~'\6 01 7 42 8 a2 p M. . : . , .. . . . e \ • ,, . . .· ,]U ed and for sale on reaso~able te~ms at . . BER~Y. ~igged the entir.e party out at bis. Bruya,,P1-!~~i4'Wti;i)O~~~e,D.J,3~nf'~shier. ' ' . ' •. _•, , ' ! -' · . '_ ._ ' • ' • • B .... L, AN. __ K_B._OOKS, .. • •; ._ .. ;:·; Langworthy lil Emponnm. .~reat FuJh1ng Tackle establishment, _ . ~ · • ' ,. · . '·, ., ', · '- . · · ymr.~.,a.~;:!l,i~!.:.YiQ!~e.~ ~a!\31i~!. ~ufes, ao St tl'o _...,.., . - ,. . . · ,~~I>};Bfifl~ B JRD CAGES of every description-a fresh · · o, 2 t:f 81 NoDth F['out Qtr.eet. ' 0 f F J!1N<drl~'P~J'N tJI!.AN~ h .., <' . . corq~~tMl •. ·~t!~A~£ f-or1ts1 ;:VI~Wt,1W'\VSJ always ~ · \n~·.n .. ~ ' · . FiS~ ~j(~~ lot just opened at . . . . . . . r p)IDeJ:,p >· ILW~1l . ......,Mn ~ rejlt •. B~A.,.. :'i ·:Y,'l7 on band. at;~,ljl:ij;:JlY S ]jlq~ptl;e, V'i\lll~ty Sto;tte 81 G ld P . '',. :.,, ·-:•;f, 1 Od. , LANowoRTil-r's Emporium. mrME, TIME, TIME !-Cloa~s 11-nii 1 Wate.P,es terbtmdtPresiCfent ; 0 H Van Gaasbeek,Cas,h;i.f}f. North Frojitai~~t.,. . - . . . 1 ; -~-. , . e:~~· ~~~~K·i>~;~~j·t:· :-; :~;~;~!,~~~~~ . . . . .· ..L can be bought cheaper at Berry s ~~~~t . . --r\'- . . . · · · - : , . · >i · : · ·. · '· Wi d p · · S weet Peas Bl\lle lmperial :eea, and nu\- Variety, S~ored,\.iug$tAn, tl\ap. ~t !lny, pthe:t! • B4'Vi$.f1S.B4.NK, \ · : ' -~~.\']J,tk~J>.l)~~Pt4t.~AM):I~q~ity made • ;,L::' aper. - -· · ·. ·_ . , . ny other varitties, at · plllce.: iAW>1lne Brooch~s, Eat\:!Ql.'OP.fl 1 Ftl.\g$l:t MaiD: S!.reet. Jaeob K Truropbour, Tre!lSUJer ~ . ~AAJl:iW~~l,\t;Q!l!\~;. .togetpey; w~Ui~ large as- llliixof!:~;»d.G~p :P~~~S:. · :MowrAimil & Rsrnoum. Rin,s.s 1 GUI&aml Silver T~i!\nblea ttt · · ·Ed'!ln ~ l!,q(llpgt.o,n~~ae.o;~tw:I· . , _ .. _ · s<! ~tm·*~l:i:l~b()t-Woode~.Ware: ·~e:ue~s of ~11 I! \-.· ..... , • i , 1 -,rwlinHla-~tjl':l -An.t!;Gi!Q:t:3! '~~~..., ,. . . . ,,- .. , . . BERRY'S, S1_NortJI,Fr~mt>fll11~fl~• · · '· RQNDO\U1··· .. _ .~ ~~~M;f:~~~enyt~~.'61B&f1ilr;!: l3't> • ''!:'''1;' ~~r,fqm!!!$., .. : ·. ,, · ·_ l\K!nian 7 o ~ :!!: ~.~ 0 rom~nd ',t~ ~~Atii i~JI fuJticed• that .new. 41'6\ ~~~rgf ·· . JON».OU'J'7,»~KJ :·. ' 1 ?ff i \' · ~& · \. ' . .,L.,I,\U,~~~~!~:c~.~~~~e~~~.~ · ·:.-· ·:mtt~fs-:. ~· .1:Y,Y~if'alDf&lpttllfitUlih~aiBr)'tlf,~l1pq :~ ... Pi!t~~~:S~~(f w~~,..]!r,~ltp'BU~-%\' ~~rry ~~~:: ... ~~~~ .. !!~:t:?UOK', l'te~la~~t; ;V~~Elffl.·-A n~~:Qr.~~~n~ at l- ~t ~·~\~' . -, i 1\% t...-.rWite.tiltt1fOAUltilftuadt. ,r;: perea' _f'l .. ~gw.,~}ty?,&~llW$.i:~~' -l'-lltS~~;\'~~~,9~-:' . ·.a:u•: · -· _ · ·~o anve .... t!fmod!; .o .1 ' . \ ' I

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