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Fulton County Republican. (Johnstown, N.Y.) 1870-1877, July 27, 1882, Image 3

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~- A. MIST \RB- The track hands on the Fon Johnstol\n.& Glo.,;crsvtllc Rmlroad wll 1 o on Tuesdav morwng of lagt Vit'cl§ f01 of 121.f cents per dnJi \e<>m to mndt: n. great m1stok(' for With 1 ut few httlc d<'\lT tu ~t t tlt wl '' lu n I ax~<,ption''• then place!; ha\ c 1 c:en tiilecl at .I coilltpclle•Jto go 1 dl'.;t 11 c.; ol four miles to the old pqcc nnd thcs hn,.e been gwen procuw the nee \~ u, matC'ri 1l for nrc om UDdt..uostunlJ. that t}J.eu st'f:VICCR :\..,11 nd l>e pJt:dung the W.tm ( un-.upU.:Illlj Lin hall<.~ 1 f I ri,qtdl't''<l. m the future nt UDJ fiJUH us >UU 1 \\ 1 th ('ntpUm :-.... md vc u. p< 1 t fur UH.J. V.: ide for l t.tf n 1 it of UC\\ \l -Hoc nrc ~umt> ;plum truths '\\lll~h whtch to r~.:Jnlc the 1 caUc 1 mU momll Jobnsto.\\\o-n as well .as nn~ here clsc he :find<.lth It not Dull IS the )fen who ad:lfertt c m their home papct <:: nrl wat~woid~ uutlit l:i Hpcated thH ug-hout the the who t1 ansnct the busmess of the \'\\\.'\'\lou c~ prck up anJ~p.ef:sooper, mmutcs tell who .. do tlie1JfJ.~n~d nJJ.d keep nltyc the mtcre~ts ot' 1h{' :\. nr-?rspapct m\--armbfy reflect cnt(!rpl'lSe nnd mteihgcnce of l[!c?~f1l\l'unity in wbielL tl IS publls'h£d Chn~tm 1 E 8tnnlnn ~h ~' l\\ 1 m l11 tnrn ll'ngfli and breadth of the 'tllag< ctrs m u hOI\thtd .. t!IHi t ltuilit 1 i!lHftlllUSJfl In the cent a ot Lh m~utgu H.! th~l~ Jumbotuwcltn.J: tlJmc hs~ 1 ~r tom]JlUI IOD8 und u~ t natu tl :-,~ !Ut:t <.t: 'r\ 1 th object o! uL!:!t;l\ ttl n lie t{'lt.:Ul ll t t J hu\c suffe1ed an} ht mlu-. J umt 1 11U tl Ilk C'ouutQ md uc~1 1!1 u Ia t1uu\ ull tiH lit tludamtH~'>Uihit I hun U~ tlu 1.1 Jlo~ ... ~~ 11 Ium s}:uull t the }Jab) tit I h tt t r• t wt:tk:S old wlnch :o.\ 1 tB 111 I .. , a 11\\ lit \ H 1Lh AuJtfst 7Lh m xt i.{J~H·.P. ;.,,~;,;, 1 \,~u\ly \.lcitrtit nfr 1 the pr{ of of tlH.; w1ll ol -- D 1larleJ decc tsrtl \\' t«ltt•l rN1Jrnahl.e :Sup~llll l.'l 1J.lh nexl. The next he nm,s m I he \\nun< t-est hal{. been tixt.!d fo:t ~Ul)lcmbel 19th ~m w~ut• B niTlcc m Glovm\ tllc OnrTl.lAll~ -.l''h£ ~cath of lllRS Maggll! ~ hu:h occurred. on caused a very general regret thJ•ou,lj;oqttt the RuU!l.Art..Asso ?r!r nnd M\' Ln\ enttre community. Of,the dead, is nothmg bul go9<] sho'Jid If spo~<lll, but tlus deeplJ lamented and wottliy young lady but \h•~ was good could be '\\a,:~~~~~::~~~ A'i n dutiful cluld, modpt ma1dc;D and lov: mg tluuglitu she sbowea all: the besl quah tUE\ of the femtdc chanCtet\ -and Was true <:Xhih -at each meettng nntil Tnck and of Frost shall mterposc his frrg1d 'ctn ~;~.~~~~~:~:~.i~u~~:~·:~~~;~:[j ......,.Qyde aJJutteJ: 11f ~bte~C'nt was cauHtd T-ucsda.; mornmg b.; the burnmg uf \ nn Gorden s awwng Wh1lc the m~mbers ot the Congregational Sunday School \\ere pa~81ng under It on the1r way to the p1cmc trrun cmnpilDi<>l!lilbip 1 The awmng WM qmcklJ torn tlo\ n ami the fire quenched hut not befm e 1 he n~\ h pamted wood :v, ork of the ~tore frout \as badly scorched The or~gm of thl! tJre 1::::1 not , known but 1t IS supposed !Some ant tllrcw a l match or a cJgnr from one of tl:e- t l,ifi,gbt~~ J.Wiii<lo•ws above Tile thoug;lalle.S lh,p..al 1 burmng matter has often led to great <OD Hawatmn!> Rememb~.>r tb1s and be l'<lreful -1ht.: Ut:\\ H lu ll•1t:kp Hmt:nti<;~lf ltl) m Hw tdmu tl -1h.s ~Ia \m t dam ,.. \lh u 1 ... '1\1tm; fnud\i m PJcsb)!tCl'lUn Chmch \!ouzo Hull ts '\'l loll Ill l!eulth md Mi~£11laneou.. ~---;!==- Krf:tnich & Bach I [PIANOS The>y a-re acknowledged superi- or to u.ll other Jnstrmnent-s Jnanu- facturCLl in this country, not only by tbL> leil.dmg UrtiSts,. who gl\\e them then· highest endorsement. but b) the- people themselves with vt hom thJS piano is the fav-onte iJi- strllttl.eflt We commend tbis plano to purchasers, who should by all mean!'! gil:elt an examination before decidmg on buying clsE'whcre - Ctncmn-ah. Commerc-Utl. ~ralum~, Alger & OsiJOrn, £XCLl:SIVE AGENTS to and 12 Thtrd Street, 'IROY, N, Y. THE BEST GOODS 11 TilE Lowest Prices ll H BE FOUND A! SELMSER'S \It S IIUUd I' \]met 1 Im$ Ill 11 '\IJll 1Im chuu ' ,\ D 111 t h 111 1 Ol)lllil to th<: n l ru11<il' !o:hup douUt1;1ute eX:pl~e::;sl!d a~toht~Ht Hr:J lcijce lll !tout of the 11 E lhmeh I )~ reJtlains th< true ~~ 1t \'\ ~~ It tt t-:-Om f JU) I N 0. week~ ago The 1(1('\\ttlJ... 1ls• mld'> rep unng_\ 51 Perry Street. -\hs\'i Eh L Huutm ot Espmtnu 1. vL ... tt-' n ftttmdi m GluH..'lS'\)lk ~\\o1k ou thcG1o\l FI'Udt lomttl f 11 th till\ I\ ttllal~ti lm:-~ IJtt.:ll COllJlJilUCCd llosc & Cltusti( h n sdhng gpo L\ 111 0 UH.ln 13totc \\ill Ue optued h mml ( \ ('] \ uud :.\1 n-; \mm; 1 \ ull tml mncc to tht: public tbnt I n>~~t u th • 1 hund u fun line of Teas, Coffees, Spices, o I r ME I.L !UCE &e Also a eboJCc Jot or Lannchy & Toilet Soaps, 1 1 '<' ulso lt chmce Stock of New Summer FEATHERS, Ribbons, and Laces Art Embroldeey Material, Wors- ted., Felts, Canvass, Burlap~. BUllsliln Vrash, &c. Stamping a Specialty. Brainard's Crystal Toilet Wash, coiistan.tty on band Try it. Remember tlle pl8.ce. MURRAY BLOCK, Next door toP. 0., OOiD3 The Grocery Cor. Main and Perry Sts. A FULL ANI) CP:MPLiml STOCK OF SATIN Choice Family GROCERIES, LADIES' COMJIINING < First Quality Goods LADIES\ - 1 r' '' ~~ ))tt~ 1 ~ 1 \'~~~ ~tii\I;IY; I.;J~!~tfi~.~~;\~n~J.~~~~::l.~~:·~~: .. \ y 10 it urn a 111p to 'Pkfttr ~bth. t~nCw~d ~cmtn antl \ 1 m Flour, Corn Meal, Shorts BE 8 T WI; RICES. WHITE MUSLJlif WIDER G~TS CALI CO WI<AJ:'PERS ANDf<UlTB A FU1L LINE -h~' H D (-.;H\U~ of &lu.ttog\.l fommly lt;;·~~;;;;:~~~~J~~ liilllld'¥blll l:i mrp) IP!! I< v~~aliln at l!m•i>t:nuli;, knn.wdnl. f! Mn.,s>•.labu'r, iu>prc•viu:~ ll\>n- [1 Ballstq•n, :Spo e)(p<:<iei.iciJd. H G Dt:\H) .F orlJ~:s l\IIlls '~ b1ch I \1ll sell ut th(' CLOVER -,E76: ~ ehls oulhC! F / &,{, H) R ttuu!, 'Vedn'esdrtv motmug' brolf',rht (Jutfhunthcd tml sex enol tltt httle \ tii\ and clulihcn of po-\Cit} of )it\\ 1 qil ( ~t ou tllt:u \ ll BroatltllJm t1 ctlJ&j fll\1 countlj 'rae gncn. the.r 1 L,'ii the. New I01k Tl Altltougl< panwd by the PllJCbccl stn.tvcd appeuiance of the lltth: one \\e notlc~d n.mong them mun~ bnp:ht an lmh lh gent faces tnd \\me tJleu cd w Itb the t tlll !I nn of ncatnr.&~ aud tn:lmes:! about the t.!p~nt.! cmnptU.) \Jl d the ~.:hildren \\uH' upon their b1~:1 t.<1 ullon butl.-:.ealeUit,..,th~ u~;~ o:.:CI.lf.lt.ian ~cw '\:oll ChtlclrlH \ ac l hou aad eanls w1th tlm rnmt~,; l £tile iM•ot'SilllS who \\etc to enWitaut lhcm \s \c pa&;~E:d throuJh tlu <:ai'l$ \\ ttll(;1'11-ilDg the lmght e-xpectant face~ of these puor ht~le uilfm Lunu.tco \c coultlnot help ft.:cllng d£:ep. t11ankful to the HH:itltution llnougll whotie 1 nd at who~e t'X}JG-IlHe thej Lht to them aluu.n;l 1 ul t O:t\ n p'ule,Q~JwlirY: u • n _ - 1 II j THE :Soru®~ llEUNIO.N -F 1 'm f)lt:in} '':c;:~ ';~~~~tW:~~~~~:~~J~~:tl;~t1i~~~~~~'t~'j::,P)d: \ii!l!llic<Lli<ms :we tH ''au mtcd 111 the llJeiicf -.c the uumon t t the !'; 1hl t.'l,. Llltl o ulut~ )~ flus Con rtcsstoual thst11C1 \\ hu~h lw~ lJeen ILclj uJ thu tlth au<' !l~h l't \,u 0 uol next '\\Ill 1: e t tann aft' au Btul} m I he t-:.t t~on Grwtl \:tun PQ::;t::. tluuuglmul thl tlis t u !. ' ' ult I tl ( ach t~ l tmU t a< ( Ill mltt~c H -.:unf<-'t '-\lth u hm1 u t nun tt<: m that ctl~ fot p~d\:GltuJ tlu Hl:l lll\\~Cllllntl- fn tln :-, Wl \JittullllJllJ rq hctl \\ tth bUth tclilll!~t i11d tuiwHtlcd Hlf ntllll.''i b hcml ~·.~>\'•li<Jt so suj.S the Ftnt Piam (iU t~ 1 \.,.vel ,~t tnlu 0 h 1::1 \!~.:ou hNm.ll} I 1 the tncmbc~> o[ ouch cutnollttecs <!!he! lll walk Qn :Pt..>J.1;J street I J hm:towu Uh \ \ffi'nlh c 1 Fopd .. 't '' lmt ,,. 1 ~ ~rJe~~~fi~~i~o~f~TIJl~O~sf~~H:::Blir:.g::; Icttlllt.:dof thi.Ul tllhouohtlVj }l\'{ ltpctt j t: llj \ uttcu tm r, 1 11 mfmmat ou m d u.:;..tL.c. to the t<JJho1d { umtto nui\ )>tamhl H\U 11\UIUhiJt::J- .... r Uu :Pm;,t.'> tlll. k b\ lhu f\ ~11 I Ill tbt'1:i~ pljtC::; 11' lH!glDUlD£ to ~SplC\ an tntlJ[t!fCllt IB tlJ~ alf 111 1 ilW.l UllktiS Olllt; thlUbi d:Ow ~,., m on th(:! pule f lh &he ped ttl um; \\illll,a:'> e nothm_g \' hale-t:~.:t tu tlo :-> uh 1 If lh 1 tuplo of thut UL\ .dl!sllc to \C\>o<.:l U 4U H (,. --, i (11 l I I\ rhq \ 111 han! t I m I tu \\oa!it.: 11 Jnd h..,,_,lu to ~ w l'i me 51.!].!1 of I h'\ oth~n: 1 c lt \\Ill IJe L comtlctc l!zzl(; wtits,v<•resm•v,.•lqp: \~ 1th 'lu Jnc tu Ulu.m~ut thcmsetvc<: t ~t,~!~~~~~;;s~:~i,;l:~~:~ \T'f\J lt.:l:!Irl \ l fhut·n \! tl ::::l.no\ -:fhe ~l't:UL {!:dubrtlun to he at Ghwcnn Illl Thms da.y· 1..u=rust 3tl ~ct the ~ew ~ mk paue~s w!lu 1he 71lbf!w sneukJ; csfollo\s \! ier the ~rand entre ITt the lftct.poon {mntlf,... marched atuuntl the cudc md t{) Uta nu w of lhc banU the 0 ICut ck--ph tnt Queen was led mto tlte c~nt.).alung \\iJllle bet\\ ct:ll hC!l fqr¢lcJ:t:i denHU:bl1Y hoitoll litth:1 Bndge pot1 1 he lattet wns b ulc<l w•th gHat ap phtU.,c A,fter th \t for }l!ICft Houri;> tho lUI 0 a WCtC tha.- t.-\f.c,l1CS Of '' \\nllCd e:Qtertutnmcnt In p rtvtt 1H I nu lul l;kr unc t ck tal llano phouottotl Orl' then~ lnnd kgs w1u1e l. trc.H~pe of hauied do.,s '\cui throu_h -n huge dy pcl:Co.r.ru mec Tf\.\IU little donke:\; :md a 'lo11 u '''\'-' vcllls cr l.ug\M< Dutll tlte ei11l dtcu \0 ~\thom lds Joi<e~ uud funu,y Htnm:::.s WU! 0 110 ,y '!'lwn ~~»ltl Sl\nlU /iWICil<JUC tl1m I o!wr. auct high ku:km.J bJ Uu:e~.: pms ns who lotnlly !lc>md o! splnltl columns- M:me Znzd dull J ~~ pmk t\!-ghts after I \':illdn~· the mn•nlJfc htgh '~ 11c WU!; Jtolstt:d 1:1\04 tt~e tt'lflfiC net, wh-ence l::ibe U)l·<l!eite•'·amlllng nnd u Hhnll cry •lwok ' .H•Jo,..,.,,.~ Millo :md Hugc1 J lmes ate l'lBhcat at PISCil0 Lake ' -The Annvnlllcv.w:• W' !he Levi Pu:sons l.IlJ,J-~1.) m pumphlct f01m v,;dl be te-U!;) f01 Jchvm) m ulew ila)S -\Vtlllfuport s horsb mdulgcd m ntumv way frolic Monda) 1<htch Iesultedm a ..,!lghtly ln:~keu WUJOU -The Lttha Mmetal HJ,lllll!;; ~ \:h oul Hot J:C opcqc<:\, tllld t-; U'?'JUili\ICd Ji\1,!!;~.)1 ' •~ \'be 'l,tw Ieteil1ust - \. lnrutcd numl.Jo..I of boulltus t w Iul\ c ~ood l<:~ommoU thut\ t 1 \ \-lt:.~.bl 1 l t Thlllr:.\' lttn chun 0 f!d Om jOUUJ 1 ~o the Johnstm\!ll Ilotd 1l 1 k llu\\.! m.1ke. \\('d ls VL':ilt~ to Jolm ... 1.0\lll to '' _p.¥ W'ollli~ vsE.tT -Be liUb~e tl!e.} haH l lu 11 ~ ua\musa mstcad of tll c 1 Dl'ltl llemue<t by cxpemnce tltnt It oHtconws des _ '\ l ll mdt 1\lt:tl ~u urn \'·ounu fueud l IJOI\t:lency mlhg~::l:lhon \c.nkncss m tlu b u::lt 1 \' ~ und othct tiOubltt> of the ex~~ \\h\ \\Omen !, 11<-JIL.) l\' cuvJes 1\0huluo'llll p l{I'IS. OY.cry\\:here DoC 1 tk<j! li (, lll(ll)l Tome - Ho.llt \ hn~ ltPCI\ m thnt 'tnto fOl Bt:Y 0 IIl.l Home J'Ozti u i'l \\ 1\ 4 munt 1 t'i 11 ~~1 U1 \ I tuiJcck lht>\ populm lnln~l m 1 t r r l1I u 1 b 1 tluc I ulton nul blunt I) tg_t.lncy for ArnC:il\ICan and ult I f I It h hHJd lJ hu-=' H ttn:~•u.~ l\tli\d \.\ ~~un u tllJ 1111 l4 :...&;~U~c4 \\14hWteluu 1 t 1' o\n :-.1 cldt \u ut \hah Wlt~ \\' m,h <h luhlll<'u ilfuong In• fliillld' Cash Prices. AND D 1 t1 rg4?ttlcthtce TIMOTHY JNO. T. SELMSER, No. 51 Perry Street 2 J'oluiHoWIJI. G.& W. YOST BUY THE Kumwu Bu•ldwg Ne011fy (}~~. JOHNSTOWN. ~~~~.~!~!~! .. \Roller ~u~erlativc\ w. I. May ·l co. tho House Ke pmg line I would soliCit yoW' fu flpeetton of my large stock of goods, -..onslstm.- ln ptrt oi WOODE:t'l WARE, cuJbl!lcmg allthe l<aditu~mlocles Ulledfor house. kC-\p n~ purv.ose>~ tQgcfficr with a large st.ouk of Tin, Copper and Iron Ware, .A.C>-A'J:'::E: v:7' A:E':t::El, \Oint: thmg entirely new and PQ:SS€5S1Dg man~ x ollt>nt qu 1lities a. large line Of Flour. Important Reductions IT HAS NO EQUAL - ()F PRICES -IN OFR- IN THE MARKET.! LJII!'ttn, Staml an~ Han~ Lamps, F 1 . ~,\\full and complete stock of or Sa e In Johnstown SHOE Silver Phted Ware, K!'lil\ES A~D PORKSofe\er~dt::.crlptioD I 1 t \ 1JQ ;t1 1 t~ \!111\:.!ll('\ W . \ \1'C f L.fi:::::S, a111l Je we !1·~ ( HE\1 EH \1. D, N. BROWN'S, II u Rtl\ 1•1tu t lu r nlrfiu ( onnH- '<Jill IUlft UJ ONLY BY DEPARTMENT. EVERY PAm OF SHOES IN ~HIS DEPART· >ffiNTFOR 0. 0. CROSS & BRO. Ladies, Misses, youths and Children Younglove, Son & Oo. MARK ~ D D ~ W N HA ~ ALL KINDS OF PINE, SPRUCE HEMLOCK LUMBER, FOR SIDEWALKS, \\ l!l(Jl. THEY -v. ILL SELL AT Very Reasonable Pnces. \1!010 tt lnmtll te :;t u k of l 5tUJd thtH h DRAIN PIP l rcfl1-cn • qunutitil !:1 wtll ll(; ~1\~m in )riCo f 1 Int.:- 71, 7:J .uul 7/i ,\larl<et Str<'N, I OR THE PURPOSE OF MAKING .\ ean Sweep -OFTH~ Present Stock PRtOR rO OtTR Approaching lnYenfory. W. M. Whitney &: €o., \'YI 43, 45, 4l1 &49 Korth Pearl St. .. I lntl'(o and 1 F\liatRE.'; AT.B&JIY.-l!f. Y.

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