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.•'•' y '.\'v-'-.'\'\i-W'.•••'•'-':>i^ir/S : ; ^a=fe=^f ^ WABNER, WILLIAMS & SOT^THWORTH PAPER HANGERS AND PAINTERS\\\\ Manley Warner, C. Southwortn., R L. Williams Bell Phone 276-R • Bell Phone 276-R ntrr- g;bRO^OE^PUITrAM sr ^^= ^j^i£.%-2Muon•'_• - . -•'^;\_r. .->..* .•;•_ Contractor r J.\\*. \\ EBtimateg^freely given on all kinds of —^ Mason-Work -. •'\ \ . Residence, S7 East Ave. - Home Phone 29-A_ D. B. POLAND LODOE, NO. ose, i. o. 6. r. • Meets .every Tuesday\evening at 8 o'clock — in.Odd-Fellows* Hall. Clark Bldg. ^WHJOAMdBlWINlS^N^.G^\ GEORGE J..MARTIN. Secretary =5g: ^TATRf^nRTSLOIIClET^p^^TetTy^fcA\ .^^Mejjtt 8U¥nli4&Mb&dB^I«li4 > , in eachmonth O. H. ADAMS, Wi; M. f laRANT D: ; EJBL^^lecretari: WALTON HOVEY, M. B.- ^ __ . . _ _ , ^ V . - Office and Residence. STSouth Main St. Office Hours: —UntU-&-ai- ra.- 1 to 3 and 7 to 8 p.m. Both Phones • HENRY R. BEL YEA . UNDERTAKER .^ ._ -Office in-RearofrReBidence. S9 West Ave. RAYMOND J. LEE -ATTORNEY Office, 117 Clark Bldg. With-E.-J^Fisk Bell Phone 256-W CHARLES W. BUTLER ATTORNEY - BfllLPhona.il _„. =. Home Phone 30-X ~r=V.~-: ^BBOWN-«rSHAW——~- FUNERAIiJ?IRECTORS Parlors and Office, 62 West Ave. Both Phoney $1.60. $2.00 a day. American and European Plan KIRK WOOD HOTEL —'- W. C. Varley, Prop. Special Sunday Dinners Home Phone 92-A E. A. SALISBURY _.HorjtBshoglng.andlQgneralj^p.ate^oi'fc,, Machine Repairing 48 East Street LAIRD CARTING COMPANY William Laird, Prop. • General Carting and Piano Moving \BpfhTPhoffeaResidence \- 41- Prank St. Office. 7 Pleasant St, undoubtedly tbe^lGloria- In-Ex- celsJff \\which ww probably one of the hymns which the Christ -tians-were-slnging-inchureh at Christmas In Nlcomedla. when Diocletian, the emperor,\ordered the church.to be closed and the whole congregation, young and •^Qld^ujqa£d.--t<JUdeftth;^_ .^^^^ It is strange that while we Mw^iTalgehjMmiiB^jiasJhsS Epiphany were celebrated by »SUTK—of— hymnsi^no-fln- state~lirwhich agriculture is taught. Two ^cases of meningitis have np- \peared\ in r Brockport, one of them proving fatal. Muskrat houses must not be injured or destroyed. The shooting of the animal is prohibited. 'Cornell, \^Princeton and Yale will e$te2?ii to us There Is.an old carol dating from the flf teenth_century which •.'Gloria in Bxcehils^fpl; a reinfBaT Justice of the Peace .-^Dsputy-Tow^rClerlc HUGH D. MELLEN Tpu^\ju^cer^Jusfjc6~o£ fhlTPeace Notary Public With Seal . ^ Collector Municipal Commission Office, Town Hall _ v RAYMOND. L. SLOCUM r .:........-. special Agent-\\--——-—-. - Home Life Insurance Co. of New York 82 Adams Block Both Phones .The Mails. ... MAILS ARRIVE. rBOMJBA.ffL. 7.g0.a jn rROMjegsx. 11 % begins : ™A~ba.be~\v\aa*boTh\~dii\of 1 \a.fnald =?1 /-To bring salvation unto usr*~ Kcumore are we to nirig afrald-~\~{- Venl creator spiritus. . One of the^best carols of the Elizabethan period is that-by ^Robert Southwell, JL Jesuit priest who was sent to convert- Eng- land, but who was seized by her Protestant Majesty Elizabeth and Imprisoned In the tower for' three years,- and then, after suf- 'fefiag^the torture of the rack, -was executed Feb. 2, 1594. It begins: ,T£ ,. -.!\'- \ Behold, a simple, tender babe >..... In freezing winter night; ^^In-homely-mangeJC^embling-.lles li _j.^.. Alas, a piteous Bight! During the protectorate of Ol- iver Cromwell the observance of Christmas was' forbidden, and yet, there is a Christmas carol from the Puritan pen of George Wither, who was en- riched and promoted by. Crom- It has been made known that $1,000 oEtb^olrehfteksssenfc: aufcdbyc^Waters: LOtwn-bank-were lost in themails last June. -.,*~~: -*—~—_—= There are from 5 to 6 hundred young Jadies ...attending„-*the_. Oneonta IsformaLschoor this year and just one solitary young-man; -~' \ •••£**&, , At haB been announced tbe..Franklin Automobile company, - of Syracffse will increase, their output to a total of.10.000 cars next year. •\l^iniot\ general ly~known \that all amended law makes the,term of office of all highway superintendents elected this fall four years instead of.two.— Ex. A determined effort will be made by the'state engineer's office to open the new-barge, canal * for navigation from Oswego to Albany as soon as the ice clears Jiext Spring. Rochester youngsters placed bull frogs in the baptistry of one of \tEe leading churches in that city recently and it was not discovered^ until they .began to croak during prayer service. claims or demands against Lovead.J; Staring, late of the Village andTown of Penfield, County of Monroe, State nf^ew=York7\ j deceaBed^-to^preflent4\ 1CK3 CLARK BLOCK Mrei^^Lifer^^Qasual^ the Bame with the vouchers therefor, to the undersigned as Executor of the Will of said- Lovead JvStaring atrhis place for the transaction of business aBsuch-^Executor*at hiff^OfficepNos;* j43 jihd-545 Pgwera_Building,^Jtocju, . da y_PLjl u Jiei. r 191€L_:. ,,. .-.. - **Datfd; November 29th, 1915. .\. Executor. _J(Vm. J. Colgan, Atty. for Execu: tor. Municipal Building, Rochester, B.55 a m ll.2b 2«5pm ft 40 P m ki-it i.i.^^^f LOOan^ 2.62 pm 5.15 p m MAILS. DEPART. roa WSST FOR BAST HRMAN, WEBB & JOHNSON 111 Wilder Bldgr. Rochester, N. Y. General Insurance and Bonds H. B. B. GRIFFITH Local Representative 269 S. Main St. Home Phone 96-X JAMES MARTIN \-FLORIST. 815 a. m. 4.30\p1m \\ 6.30 Dm 9.30 am -3.30 pm 6.80 p m Sunday mails arrive at ,7 am fromtheeaat, and west. No mails dispatched Sundavs. FAIRPORT MARKET REPORT Wholesale Prices as Paid by Local Mer- '' Cut Flowers, Potted Plants Funeral Deafens a Specialty . '' Both Phones 227 South MaTiTSt. . Fairport, N. Y. .Q. W. ESTEN Auctioneer, Appraiser and Dealer in Monuments Residence^ 57 Sdutlf Main Str ^= Bell Phone 220-R Bell Phone 268- J Home Phone 58-X \» Bell Phone 141-R Home Phone 105-X M. A. WASHBURN Carpenter - Contractor • ' JobbinK, Door and Window Screens' Designing and Building Special Office Furniture Locksmith Shop, Trescott Factory ZELMAR A. GILBERT ELECl'RICIAN Specialist in Electricial Construction - Electricial Supplies Repair Work 23 West Avenue. Both Phones Residence, 42 Parce Avenue Home Phone 67-A chants a\nd Dealers. ' GRAIN Corn Meal, per ton. Middlings, per ton. Bran, per ton. Oats, per bu. Corn, per bu Wheat, per bu $36.00 80.00 25.00 .50 .85 1.00 FLOUR 'Pafeht'Spring\p'er\bbK.. Roller Winter; per bbl. 7. '-57:50 6.00 PROVISIONS Butter, per lb. Eggs, per doz. Potatoes .30 .45 well and thrown Into prison by Charles. It begins: ' V As on the night before this happy morn , A blessed angel unto shepherd told. . Bishop Christopher Words- worth of Lincoln has given us ^-the-hymn beginning r°Sing,- ohi •• singr this -blessed*'mornl ! i=James Montgomery, who was consid- ered one of England's most emi- nent poets by no less an author- ity than Lord Byron, is the au- thor of the carol beginning \An- gels from the realms of glory.\ Montgomery was born of Mora- vian parents and dedicated to the ministry, .but he _-took_up. newspaper work instead and be- came eminent in general lit- erature as well as in poetry. Paul' Gerhardt, to whom we are indebted for the Easter hymn; \Jesus Lives.\ has also given, us a spirited Christmas _. J^aj:qt.Lbegb]uibag^^\^4i .my^hejirt N OTICE TO CREDITORS. Pursuant to an order of Hon. Selden S. Brown, Surrogate of the County of Monroe, notice is hereby given, ac- cording to law. to all persons having claims.or de- mands. against.Fred Hacker, late of the Town of Pittsford, County of Monroe. State of New York- deceased, to present the samewith the vouclKers therefor, to the undersigned executor of. the' last Will and Testament of said deceased at her place for the transaction of business as such executor at her residence in said Town of Pittsford on or before the 20th day of January 1916. Dated July 12th. 1916. -,-u.- -^LENA-X^HACKI: Mei In^tu^t^la^Cbmpanlesrcairon^ JOHN DIXON FalroortrNs-'sV rwrPaiiW m ~~%n'd-ML A. W. Palmer CLEANING, PRESSING Hind REPAIRING N OTICE TO CREDITORS. Pursuant'to an order of Selden S. Brown. Surrogate of the County of Monroe, notice is hereby given, .accord- ins to law to all-persons having claims.or.demnnds L ajrainst Albert L. Palmer, late of the Town of\ Perinton, County of Monroe, State of New York, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers Iherefor, to the undersigned \A.\ Worth Palmer, Executor, at his place for the transaction of busi- ness as such executor at No. 103 Clark block. „The_at X ^anlc^f^yracuse T _-bas44nfef9ifc Y,0n ° rl ^ oretheV:3d d ° y ° f ^ 44 West Ave. tY^C©KANING •;•••- Fairport, N. Y. \tmVnigntrrejoices? bought the Kirk block corner of Salina and Fayette streets, for $750,000 and^will occupy a portion of the same in the course of a couple of years as a banking house. According to the Madison Observer, dated November 17, 1875 prices of farm products at that time were as follows: Wheat $1.35, potatoes 30c, ,eggg. JL&C- - butter. -35c.....cheeBe 15c K -hayJ^lCistove^wocd,$2*75..;..« ,^^~^ Five hundred and thirty Cobleskill women made a protest against the liquor business in that town, signed a petition asking the voters to vote no on every 'proposition >for the ' sale of liquor in that town at the recent elec- tion. Cobleskill went dry. A Jamestown boy last Sunday fore- nooiTsent\ up\aTtoy balloon with~a _ note asking the finder to notify him. . That afternoon in Elmira 180 miles away, the balloon was caught by a man who by strange coincidence formerly lived at Jamestown and knew the sender of the balloon. lj \Ar - committee-of\- five tmembers^-ap*- Dated. June 18 1915. A. WORTH PALMER. Execu tot N OTICE order of TO CREDITORS. Pursuant to an Hon. Selden 8. Brown, Surrogate of the County of Monroe, notice is hereby given, ac- cording to law to all persons having .claims or de- mands against Jay T. Hmiburt. late of the Town of Penfield, County of Monroe, State of New York, deceased, to present the same with' the vouchers therefor, to the undersigned administrators at their place for the transaction of business as such administrators. at_N_o. 609 South Main street. East I^hesle\r7N.'Yr. - on^Or;beforrihe 23d day olDec=\ ember,-'1916.-.-*-» *.-•»--* .•«aa.-s».™4!«.t I •-^.*_«*siw.s.-^-«.-^ Dated. June 22| 1915. MADORA J. HURLBURT MARK B. FURMAN Administrators. Chas. W. Butler Attorney for Executor Fairport. N. Y. \ OTICE TO CREDITORS. Pursuant to an • ^ order of Honi Selden S. Brown, Surrogate of the County of Monroe, notice is hereby given, ac- cording 1 to law to all persons having claims or de- mands against Oliver B. Furman late of the Town of Perinton, State of New York, deceased, to present the same with the vouchers therefor, to the undersigned executor at his place for the transaction of business as Buch executor, at No. 609 South Main street. East Rochester. N. Y., on or before_tha£kLday of December, 1915. Dated, June 22. 1915. IISTSORANCE TH(Tonly\*kind that insures ONFPR£MIUM-0Nt^ No disagreeable assessments Why Nor Buy the Best ? We Have It ~\ GEO. A. SLOCUM, Agent -lil In the mio!st strife between of the-wariike King- -Charles and his parliament in ,the year 1629 John Milton found both leisure and repose to write his hymn, \On £he Morning of the Nativity,\\ in which there are evidently references to the dis- turbed condition of things at .thatJtime^-for example: Nojwar.or hattlesound ._- - Was heard the world around. Christmas Eve MEATS AND POULTRY F. s. MCLAUGHLIN General Carting • • '.\ Wells Fargo Express Wood Drawing for the Sanitary Can Co. ! Residence, 38 Filkins St. Bell Phone 227-R Steam Heated Electric Lighted \ ' Newly Renovated .COTTAGE HOTEL H. L, Widner, Prop. 1.50, (2.00 a Day • •' •> Both Phones Dell Phone 131-M. Nine years factory experience RALPH R. ESTEY Piano Tuning, Voicing and Repairing. Calves, per cwt, dressed. Pork, per lb. dressed SpTIhg Chickens (live)... Fowls; per lb., live 15.00 .10-11 .14 '.12 tS North Street Fajrport, N. Y. |^???TTVT ; r -A. BROWN'S BARBER SHOP FiSSsSape^ffi i^Mi-rffp^^ifcrtagjC^ajjjg^?^ \.tf^forth Main Street ' _ Open until 8 p. m. 0 ' Saturdays, 11 p. ra. R. S. WILCOX Scpccial Representative .MmachmoUa Mutual LU»Jniur,»nc.aJBo... Residcnco Phone, Homo 49-A Idan »• State of Ohio, City of Toledo, Lucas County, SB. Frank J. Cheney makes oath that he is senior partner of the firm of P. .J. Cheney. & Co., doing business in theXity of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, and that said firm will pay the sum of One Hundred Dol- lars for each and every case of Ca- ta~rrh that* \cannot be cured by the use of Hall's Catarrh Cure. .' % \ \ Frank J\ Cheney. — Sworn to before, me and subscribed in my-presence, this -6th day of. De- cember, A. D. 1886. (Seal) A. W. Gleason, Notary Public. Haiys Catarrh Cure is taken inter- naliy and acts directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials, free. F.'J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. Sold by all Druggists. 76c. Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation. fgjgj ).-—« •' :L -.=^ - •- '\/•- — • \ • • . Grammar. Grammar is the science, or art, of cocract-apeochr—It-4fl-4ii»fp. truo^that; Tfie^blacRTeg'l\ flame has \died awayj The embers into ashes drift. Outside the snows are eddying, gray, And piling fast in many a rift. White robed is now the cedar tree Where once the catbird nightly sang, And from the eaves by two and three The icicles like arrows hang. The shadows on the somber wall Flit, cross and dance amid the gloom, Arid streaks of ghostly color fall In changing hues 'about the room. The spiders in the-corners dim Within their webs the closer cling, And from the mantel's oaken rim A-pair of children's stockings swing. k ed the rules as mid down in gram- mar, but it is none the less true that -miMor-ft-knowledga~ofuthe~Fule^th< majority of people would -write and speak in a most barbarous fashion. a • O'er fierar^nrd- forest, lane and road Fastsjind still faster swirl the snows, And in tho barn-loft snugly stowed - -A drowsy-rooster- wakes and crows. . The clock strikes twelve, and midnight wanes, While.winter skies stretch cold and drear. . • ,.._, Frost flowers blossom on the panes, The snows float by arid disappear. . ipointed4>y-the -BaptiBt^Sfafe conyeh- tion to pass up on a proposal to take oyer Keuka college, will soon visit the college on a trip of investigation. It is said the Baptists will enlarge the college in case they become responsi- ble for its maintenance. .\'^Ex-Deputy Sherriff John Stimpson of Canastota discovered that a horse and rig from his livery that had been stolen by a young fel 1 ow who—wanted' to \drive out to see a farmer,\ had been traded about, for a week among horse jockeys right under his own nose, before being discovered and recovered just east of Canastota early in the week. The thief escaped. Several hundred carloads of barbed --wire are beings stored on the Erie sidings at Addison and other points. It has been shipped from Western mills and intended for the warring nations of Europe. Owing to the scarcity of ships to take the material across the ocean, all availing trackage is being used by the railroads to store merchandise awaiting shipment. An elaborate and up-to-date water system is being 'installed in the New York State Game farm west of this 'vlYlage under the direction of Supt. Harry T. Rogers. The farm has just closed its most successful year.. Somethingoyer 5,200 young % pheas- ants r .were distributed and about 35, 000 eggs for hatching and reports from those to whom they were sent, show that 60 percent of these eggs were hatched into birds that reached i -Butler- i \\ rnMtoraej^Qr.Ajjmlniatraigr, __ :-PairportrN; -'i N OTICE TO-CREDITORS: Pursuant to a order of Selden S Brown Surrogate of the County of Monroe, notice is hereby given, accord- ing to law to all persons havine claims or demands against Ansel W. Hanks late of the Town of Hen- rietta. County of Monroe, State of New York, de- ceased, to present, the same with the vouchers therefor, to the undersigned Helena Hanks. Ex- ecutrix, at her place for the transaction of busi- ness as such executrix, at the office of A. W. Cur- tis. No. 16 State Street Rochester, N. Y., on or be- fore the 25th day of April, 1916 .=—*=—=*=« — -Dated, October 13, 1915 Choice Meats and Fresh Vegetables always on hand at — GRABB'S MARKET '•' 5 «H •••*i>l m SSI HELENA HANKS. Executrix A. W. Curtis. Attorney for Executrix, 16 State Street, Rochester, N. Y. BING'S FOR BIRDS alio for Bird Supplies, Gold Fish, Clayton's Dog Remedies and _ Bennett's Milk-Bone (Near New Y. M*. C.. A.) . 424 Main St. East, Rochester, N. Y, A. E. HART& SON, Props. Rochester office— Kenny's Sheds. S Achilles St. Bell 70]>W Home 7639-Stone / - Stage leaves Rochester sheds twice daily, a* 11 a. m*. and 3 p. m. poft>4jffice- m 1 -if,i m i riteS 40 Filkins Str Befl Phpnfe 208M; Home Phone 174X '&'• 1 ORDERS may be sent by mail Wignall's Cigar Store. or left at Albert And then across the rooftree swells, Borne by the winds that fall and rise, A sound of many hlirrying bells r A sound that ebbs and peals and dies. And next adown the'^Rtmney creeps The children's saint in all the lands, And, true to all the'trysts he keeps -^_Whlta_haarded_ont_thD__heacth8tona \MbQ'ilTTey^irt Companion. \HoUNr maturity.—Sherburne News. Mrs. William Barker, of.Albion, disappeared a week ago, after having obtained about $2,000 belonging to Her Husband from a Rochester bank, it is said. John Merrill, an Albion painter, vanished the same day. The highway officials, including en* gineers, inspectors and patrolmen, •Imv^a6.i^ ._ ' \ Oeneral Cartinfr and Piano MoTing Rosldcnce, 115 West Ave. - Homo Phone 35-A —--% ~FETT'B qARAOR J7^jG«orsrcJ!ett»J!ioDrictot. . AutomoWTesTfcf6tor~Cjrcles and\ Bicycles Repairc . Motor Oil andlGasollno For.SaK CHICHESTER SPILLS BRAND . DJAMOND ; 'St BlAMONP BRAND PJLL3 In Rnb and/j^ Ooro melalllc bote*, sealed with BIiic<«> Ribbon. TAKB KO OTnxn. n«r*fT«(rV/ Jhm«tUl-*n4_i^_f«r_C0fa.CnkVT£Bfl_y_ trded as Best,Safest. Always Reliable. yean regarded as Besl'I Safest .Always Rell SOLD BY ALL DRUGGISTS A^C hrlstnia's'Oclnro 1 Sdme of tbe\v*eiry best dolls are made\ in Sonneburg, Germany, which haa an academy of design. ==^hiS^'cKooP#ha^sWb1lSK»d-ln:=1861r and Its model rooft contains many ex- cellent pieces of sculpture and rare old •prints. Modeling dolls is no easy, task, and •lt~is.rcmarkable.what .perfect.fig- ures-. tbp_8tudent8 of this school are able to turn out Molds are made, from tho models and from these leaden .pat' terns the heads\ arms, and legs are turned out a special machine being used for stamping tho hands. Tho fac- tories,\ espcclallyrihe~kflefldlng room, jatfiJhot and filled with steam, and for WofWlTg^^^^^^e—n-igh-wnysr and* they have been busily engaged recently in .displacing all advertising material \Oil tho roads\ \'\The ^Inw^of-j the State forbids the decorating of* trees, fences, stumps and even stones byJocal.merchants or patent medicine PALMER'SRESTAURANT Regular Meals at All Hours 20c Just a step from Main street 51-South Ave. Rochester A Well-Heated Oven Every house- keeper knows that aucceaVin baking: depends upon an evenly heated oven. This is one of the many fea- tures that com- mend the STEWART- RANGE Beat.for Baking Under all Condition* Geo.-Mr4i.awens-&r Co. 117 Stele St. Rochester m a m m Roar 103 Sorth Main 8U Fairport, u. Y. JBar^ERYWHtftE^SS^S TE8TKD thl8-roaflon-tho»blgi-br«wny-Qerrnana ^trho knead the mixture wear as few clothes as possible while at work., < ' • .\ • . .••' *. •'• < • ''•—• • • people, and anyone has tne rTghTlff remove all such- advertisements. The raid' against l.a.p.ch advertising -is prompted .byjhoj^h^x^fl^lal^jit Albany' and the law ^a now being scrupulously enforced. *.. . .^ .„.* Wisdom in. Paying just Demands. .A wise man will know that-it la always the part of pruaenco-to-faco every claimant and pay every Just TJeinisml on your ^j^ e rT9 u ^~ talentfl ' > '- or your heart. Always pay; for, tirst or last, you must % pay your entire ^obtT^^Emerfion.. . ' » **-— If it's a New Building give it the best protection It carries the personal thought of \~lhe\ givef,. if -*lmple>r appropriate and creates no greater obligation tha.n the kindlpTthought it .brings. ---PRlCES^rCUSUl Charleft J. Schlitzer Portrait Photographer J.J ,1 AM m -fifiore^fensotia^^as?^! lor the best. kind of roof— j.\i!f»a a :«; rfain- HOOEING. \iff wf lasssjjjl i'VJA'l • •••»?• ! • t*r*~\ Sold Here To Remove Mildew Prom uinen. Mix soft soap and^powdered starch, halt aa much sait, and juhTe of \one lemon/. Rub the ilnen well in this BO* A -tr\ '.'•Hfel m sfc- /.» s ,• - ..^. i. Li latimiZaTrd^einio^Qnztuxr^rosBiioxia; day and night. This treatment will remove mildew stains without aarm* mg tne'nnest linen. : ~ That--15--year~ guarantee labcl-^. has the three biggest roofing mlpsii^gi^ in.the world behind it'. It protects ' rour buildings, it protects you and it protects us. - Wc kccp'.evcrything in our stock- ' right up to tho quality~6f Ctrttriii»t«*d, so you can depend absolutely on anyr tMng-ynii-hny-Jiftre.— ' > f _ V *-;) •''•[•-~ : m LJuiGHUMMERi if m hv yv; MSMEl s.Vrf.««i ^imm& Jii^E;

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