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: -r* ^^CfJS^^FT-^J^ET^^^^^S^^^S^T^S^^^SS^i ..&—'V_ £.LU'J.J. «C'' •^ J: ^-^?vrr?r-c .yjaj^FAitipj '^i-*;- - H^fe^^^agggwW jo^egmmflftKi j^pra^te^lyBg^fe^j^g^^-^ff ESTABLISHED 1872^ EverjT^Wedneiday By\ Published \FtOYDB. MINER Entered at the'Postoffiee at Fatrport. N. Y-7 as second-class mail matter- ' \ Member Western New York Newspaper Pub- fshers' Association.' \ » Office at No. 16 North Main Street rth& flp^flfmt^titf^datiru -water: in.the=earial^near^ the village and provide-tr skating rink-for the winter. The cost would he. low and the returns in enjoyment for the young and^old^would^ba-yexaUarge., ..„ + * * ••. as It —Hundreds of people are obliged to .Stand outside, every day.and face_the .^^nd^n^i^nc|£eTeWOT^^246-R co id,biasts,that sweep^owniUniversityj Avenue in Rochester when waiting I ^ssrSfet ,.—i^^-SiDKie copies. fiveiUuitA^^—., Cards of thanks, resolutions, obituaries, etc., MiVFc€ntST?er^HJonied^ln«K===\iiwthir —•-\ =s>~ death notices free _..__ All communjcatfons for,publication* upon jany — : - \subject u^tt^WfnciftTiere can be a difference \of ; ._ opinion must be signed by the name of the writer, ZTT^ziIn. order f hat \the—reader may know who-.ifcthe '^^^uthor-and- who- is respAnaiblQ^P^U^eontimqals therein expressed. :. -THE HERALD job-rooms are well equipped f>r all kinds of stood job printing. Rochester Syracuse and Eastern. At FffiKtffie^fpH^^^^^^^^^S is .utterly inadequate\to ~ncnTs¥Eilie: eopla^who-4ise=the_cora*^=^And^^w is adding insult to injury, oftimes there are~U diversity- cars-standing^on- West _ bound tracks, empty, but^he f-con^ductorr^obi^yin^ordets^f-coTarsB} refuses to let passengers board them jross* THIS PAPEH_R_E|gtSENTED FOR FOREIGN ADVERTISING BY THE : GENERAL OFFICES NEW YORK AND CHICAGO BRANCHES IN ALL THE PRINCIPAL CITIES because it is not time for him to leave and forsooth' passengers are obliged -to wait for the next one and .mean- while they nearly freeze to death. The same is true of East bound cars on the trolley at times during the day. Some of the men who mismanage such traffic xu.les . should be obliged to take some of their own medicine and then perhaps the rules would be changed: m •When'Jurist mas is made\ C_„au-occaslon-foir-sendlng. ex--_•] pensive presents of all sorts, _aiul to all sorts of people sim- ply as a conipliaun?' jy.it ij the: \fasliion of tlieTniur. the^most^ ^aaufiXui^stJf^jJ^iL^^.-. Th^af^rif«m^^BrTr ^^^j^The^vaUig^f the. present' lies in tlii 1 sir -^\of-the-feeling- w u h-ti~ Benteftsuyt Mabie. and tlu- expression, iot^nly~of rogai-d?=jjufc«a of_j^spect for tUe^^rgciplent. L^-W=h.ei*SpeTsonKi.-of^;n)6derat means make gifts, entirely -of* i Telatidii-r«r c tTn5ir-, ih- ; comes and their usual wpy of living there is no real hon- or either,!!!., the sending or in the acceptaut-e of..tlu>_cemem- branee. The day which com- memorates, the birth of n lit- tle child in p. mungi'i- ought \tp be kept holy by simplicity, sincerity, absence Qf^preten- ^HtoirBud^the-joyoftbe bearfe ^•^•»T : r By MINNA IRV1NGT tCppyrlght. 1915. by American Press Asso- r HE^N all the world is white with ~hnoyf ' / '\\\ :\ ; Ten million tongues tepeat lhey.Hing the'dHefcage to and tro is^jttjMjd^elh^ T*e»»««3Be as* JThe^sJc of'^ebeljs. - Ten--more days before Christmas buyiDg. The shopping should be done by this tirne^ .'.U_.»_ * + Rochester's Chamber of Commerce is urging that buyers of merchandise —^.^iisaitl from thei Bibu r of\\\felurning merchandise, and the shopkeepers ad- vertise \no transaction is complete \u until the customer is satisfied. If you do notilke the merchandise that you buy at this store, return it and we will exchange it for some other article or refund the money.'' Either the -Chamber or the merchants.should re- farm their slogan. In either case the average woman will pay little atten- tion to either one. Half the joy in living with the large percentage of women lies in the act of shopping; attempt to dictate~to-her.aa to the proper methods of shopping and the ^trouble^beKinsT^Werk^oWf^we^i^^marT Drink Law in Force The new drink regulations went in itojeflectin J^J^^^^rnj^e^njUy^^dl caused a radical.change. The London bars, which have become buffets dur-. ing the hours when, intoxicants may not be sold, now serve Boup, coffee •and -: tea in their - places.- - Monday-al 1 signd of liquor had been removed fr^m the lunch tables of the principal hotels by 2:30 p. m. sharp. The proprietors of most of the licensed houses expect that they will be.compelled to close, the profits re- alized during the short hours for the sale of intoxicants being insufficient to. justify them in continuing business. — Widespread^.protests -are. expected ^gatn8t^4he~-new--- order* -=~Already-it has been especially denounced by the Tvorking^rasses;—A=meeting^haafbeen j called of .delegates representing the THE TWEDICIN^^^ f= F?HEY are. the : echoes of a voic.e^ ^From *1>Io55oiii^ bearing\Tljicls of sun ^ -^— To'lands; of frozen white,\': First heard on old Judea's plain, \ \•. . Where flocks and shepherds lay, By time and distance multiplied To welcome Christmas day. F OR then a shepherd boy awoke And rubbed,his sleepy eyes And saw a star^oj[^wjondrp\us light Above him' in the skie^' - And j poihtihg to its glory,^cried:-/;\ \All haQ the Christmas morn/ . \^^\Behbld-the star of Bethlehem; ^ThlTPfince bi^elce 1s'borS! u \ > Prices LowerCost An \AINheate\..*of the Ahcients—Myth Concerning the Parasiter7 / 'la-^moiiater- Jn_Jifttany J „a...dryad^in mythology, a panacea in\ therapeuUcs and a perennial Yuletide, symbol\ #!B the traditional character assigned to the viscum album, \all-heale or mis- tletoe, by Dr. John Knott in the_New; York Medical Journal The mistletoe at Christmastlde is hailed by- doctors as. an old acguaintanfce, the legend of whose healing .virtues is stilf^potent In the^praetice^of .some of that respecta ^ble- pr^J^^iQhj^JJorHt \leastJtwenS tingly commemoraied. riedr * * * fir The movement on foot by the Com- munity Laague of Perinton to secure some suitable get-to-gether place for the men and older boys of the town and village is a good one. We hope that the place will be found and the i- jdea carried out to perfection. It.-isJhuma\n~haturOoy.b74'rl!octabIe trade unions to consider a policy to be adopted toward the-new law. With certain exceptions it is made an offense, punishable by a fine of $500 bFimprisohment; for six months, to sell or supply intoxicating drinks for consumption except between the following hours: Weekdays, noon to 2:30 p. m. and 6:30 to 9:30 o'clock Lin the evening; Sundays,, 1 to 3 p. m. and 6 to 9\pT\m\ A half hour ex- tension is allowed for the consumption | ofliqiior *~durihg~Tf period \when the\ sale is permitted: - Liquor~may~ be delivered after closing hours, provided it is paid for on delivery. Spirits for home use cannot be purchased on Saturday or Sunday, nor on other days except between noon and 2:30 p. m. This traffic is limited to the sale of bottles 'holding not less than a quart. . . • i ' Light Up_on Chrjstmas Eve.——. - Some residents of Boston received thB::folio5Vingt^aiinpunc_em£ut^49|J^^ printed in old English a^few days be% fpre a recent Christmas: \ \To All Whom It May TJoncern— Greeting: We again bespeak your good will and assistance in adding -tooths cheer of Christmas eve.by placing light- ed .candles 'in the window % s of J your houses .between 6' and \\10\\ at night, to the end that the hearts of passersby may be gladdened and that the day. of good jvill and glad tidings may be flt- % solicit^ojiT^Jiu^^b^ \njain inducement is LOW PRICES. Low priq^s \However mean~notliuig without QUALITY~ T We cpmbiiie both^- \FlSST. CLASS meats at ROCK BOTTOM, figiires. Don't you think you ought to 11 . PLAY FAIR with yourself and TRY US ^^~-^^D3!Uin this statement?^ _ ^^^_^_.__;.. r:--r^jS^^^^Bgs PURE FOOD^MAIIKET : _. 7 12 West ^Avenue ' Merchantt-Delivery Both Phone* Saturday^ A, -M^^T9^olnTi l:0^\^nr^M.--^0T£na*IlO'5 -W E DESIRE TO HAVE YOU CALL at our place of bGimess\ l^anclTTfegister- your _• name -in~our4>ookrf or-pnerof-our-Beaufeiful Art Calendars we have selected for bur customers for 1.916. You will see a copy on exhibition in the Hupp Drug Store window and we believe that you will agree with us that, as an artistic reprb- diiction of a wonderfullyJbeaUtiful painting, it is simply unsurpassable. .H\We-are:t&kihg.thisJTietbod of notifying our customers that we have one of these calendars ready to give them, because We do not want to be blamed for not taking care of every one who favors* us with his patronage,. ^Be sure_and call* ^ —,_'„,_ This \Facing a Hard Winter promises to be a hard winter 'if: f Ve m Il-r and just as women like to congregate at thejr afternoon or evening func- tions from which men \are not always Excluded, but from which they tact- fully absent themselves, just so do men like to~ge*t\together and'While a« way the time. One of the reasons that the drinking places of the land are such-a-popular place forthe con- gregating of men is the air of socia- bility that permeates the atmosphere, but very frequently the cup that is taken in sociability in those places is the starting point of a life that does not turn out for the best\. Why should there not be a place in .Fair- port where all the amusements of a public place are found without the drink? A place where the men and man fiber the world over and made boyglcaiLpjay pool and games, smoke, mankind delight in human suffering? \^ ~~A~na\\~wh l at else^but\ th\e - most - acute suffering can result from thrusting work upon those whose aversion to la- centuries its air lodged rootlets have penetrated with the mystery of their origin the pages alike of folklore and of botanical and medical literature. Suspended green in wintry branches, the parasite was By Its strange con- trast of environment invested r with awe and religious.dignity by the^Geltic Druids and outrivaled in fame among the western nations the lotus-of-the Egyptians. Vergil compared its mys- terious leafage and fruitage to the \SF byl's \golden bough.\ The Sibyl of Scandinavia was wakened from Loki's iron-sleep to prophesy the death. by' the mistletoe of the bright sun god ;Ba!de£,^_i ts .flourishing lAjntoi ^jtne^dead starkness of winter may account .?or \the f alal\liu7ali£ies~as8igired to. the ever- green, by the northern nations, but also its wondrous vitality made it a symbol of resurrection, peace and healing. Pliny in Philemon Holland's quaint translation thus describes the lierb in the quaint and ancient ceremony of th€ Druids: j * * * \They call it in their lan- guage All-Heale (for they haue-an opln-. ion oQt that it cufeth all maladies ^he^response waT 2 mo^\ggne1 i aT^fh^ir was expected. Scarcely a honse of those to whom the appeal was address- ed but had.its candles arranged long before the hour-appointed and prompt- ly at 6 o'ciock^lighted up in a flare of Christmas light The effect of good Christmas, cheer and of .welcome to -the c^ohiing^fe^vin~^vTis _ ^harmmg.~The custom will be observed hereafter. Jk f ;M,JJ}QmB,, In the Herald—-every page is a news'page. '„ New Location New Stock iii rii^New Prices ^ Up-to-date Granite and Marble I i for those peripatetic gentlemen who in the pleasant months antigbly drift here and there in the avoidance of toil and who, when the- rigorous weather begins, withdraw themseiy^s__Jp shelt- er in cities and villages. City au- thorities have declared that tb.is.yaga- bond brotherhood, if it visits their respective places, will have to work. The cabalistic signs construed by the I initiate as \work\ will adorn many erstwhile generous doors. What has gone wrong with the world that it should become ' so callous to the de- mands of its nomadic citizens? Has the war in Europe coarsened the hu- read or discuss the day's happenings without having to feel that the hospi- tality muBt be paid for in treating the crowd. We expect-that some of -.the-thingo enumerated above '^wiJT\not whatsoeuer), and when they are about to gather it, after they haue well & duly prepared their sacrifices and fes- tival cheere vnder tbe said tree, they bring thither two yong bullocks milk white, such as neuer drew in yoke at plow or wain, and whose heads were then and not before bound by the horn, which \done the priest, araied in a surplesse or white vesture, climbetb vp Into the tree and with'a golden hooke or bill cutteth it off, and they beneath receiue it in a white soldiers cassock or coat of arms. Then they fall- to kil the beasts aforesaid for sac- rifice, mumbling many oraisons & praying deuoutly; that It would please God to* blesse this gift of his to the good and benefit of all'those to whom he had vouchsafed to glue it Now this persuasion they haue of Misselto thus gathered, That what liulng crea- tures\ \soeuer \ (otherwise * barren)\ do drink of it. will presently become fruit full thereupon; also, that it is a sou- VITAGRAPH-LIEBLER FEATURE FILM CO. * I iiine Lettering anddGleaniiiKxa^petial SEE US BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER ! G. W. Esten Granite Co. * 57 South Main St. Bell Phone 220-R Fairport, N. Y. J ,!<yREATE$f *Tf0T0 PltfT BT.6R WWCHTED SATURDAY AND SUNDAY Both Afternoon and Night 8 REELS TWO I^OURS FOR EACH Doors Open af 1:30 Show Starts at 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 o'clock Admission 20c Children. 10c bor amounts almost. to a religionrH\ 1 ^ countrepolaon pr singular reme \ ...P__ I ^(^nnnliml nil unrmlno Rft.VfJin HTlf TKeirsiB* a hard choice—to \save tFeir agree with all the people who read it, but dear sir or madam, if your boy or husband likes to frequent places where such things aredone, which would you prefer, to have him do so in close proximity to a,bar or under ho such influence? Think it over. * 41 -4 -\-\~ President Wilson's annual message to Congress has been well received by the country, True, some do not agree with all of the text but the majority v ^uLJ.h<^pjBOpjftr^ lives they must sacflfl^e^h^mseTves^ and their principles. PerhapaT.socie ties will soon be formed to succor the disconsolate M bo\ from his hard lot and to provide him with comfortable winter quarters, where in pleasant seclusion he may philosophically re- gard a toiling world.—-Seneca Falls Reveille. be seen whether Congress will do as he suggested. - . ; '' \* Granted, that_the .President has —changed. r hia_mind_in_a.ifew__slioFt months oh the idea of preparedness, many of us have done the same. Why ===:= -~should v th6=aot-of=a-man-in=T»uthority \be censured when the constituency which he represents is doing the same thing. - Before the overseas war broke \•^T'OUrBpoatlea'Of-tieaco'who'f^vo^o^'dia-; \^\ \armamehtsr we-were-one-of-thonv ' wore many, but now the possibility of ..a victorious leader .'or.leaders follow- ed by seasoned, trained soldiery com- ing across the Atlantic faces us, and :::^hirinHrwra - ia-A4)0saLhjiity... The result has been Value of Trained Mino. The thinking athlete *fcota more, sport out .of the games he liuppons to ^ were Tomig , vue pillIlt >vuo ouo ^nd«lsaJn^ton^%^ e ffl die-against all ^vepmlnei So _valn and superstitious \are^many_nations T Jn_the world ftnd oftentimes in such friuoloue and foolish things as these.\ , Sir Thomas Browne was a bit skep- tical of its qualities as a panacea, and modern medical authorities almost uni- versally scout its therapeutical preten- Bions. Strangely enough^ the survival of its medicinal use In England Is \as a^ popular remedy in cases of cardiac troiuble.\ Affections of the heart, we doubt not, have been successfully treated by means of the mistletoe. But we venture-a-lay opinion that the pa tjents were young, the plant \was sus Milk Consumers r-r~ I have purchased _the.milk route formerly conducted by E. \E. Brandt, and will be pleased, to cater to youjr wants in—the\^mil-k._tra.de •T~\wiII have on hand at all. times a plentiful supply of milk and' cream, guaranteed test.' *•*'.-. W. A. ROBISON, . Bell Phone, 208-J 45 Filkin. St. Bell Phone 220-R «••» ^laai 0' BUY EARLY ! Christmas is not far away. Watches, Clocks, Diamonds jewelry, Silverware, etc. Guaranteed * Watch * Repairing AiAM«i^SiiSU^^Oil?nftairfllsBUii6tn^o a trainer and carry them put In purely mechanical fashion. A trained mind to— aupplement-ftr-well-nurtufed ~and trained'—body—creates—true—zest—and- apirit for sport, a thing of which Uie mentally dull but physically superb \athlete's fan know nothiftgr 1 -- -^-.-,y.a= Benson. aiifiV atir'f aliWlf W -srt1H-ia>* a »* i » ! * -^T6^inT^iiy^r o m\ tn0 \P 0QC ^ to ' th war side; We do not want, nor. do Acquiring lYi6hahim6daHTTIttc: „„» —v.-. .. _ -- . Any Mohammedan who commits the -WQ^oxpeefe-- J ^V^\ t — g ^ at ^^ £ ftr .whola-^f-thaJKo™\ »« mftmorv » ' ' •.'• \.» i- *._«-J -»i» ..ft anil B)A worn AM «£<* tltlt*~/\t \I • should be forced unprepared. were Easily Digested. According, to carofui laboratory ex- periments,- white-flour-iamnro-easily- digoatedj- but whole-wheat and .gra- ham flour have a greater amount, of protoi.n. White flour yields 1,150 calor- ies. The best oread flour is - that which takes tne 'greatest amount of moiaturo.. and_the„.bost„paatrx_Jlojr_ that which takes the (cast. - 4 Quaint Yulotide Belief. • A quaint\ and strange auperstiUon holds In the Alps to thls_day^regard- ing Christmas. It is believed that cat- tle have the power .of apeech given them on that holy occasion, but that it is a Bin for any one to eavesdrop upon themr~^~ •—:—:'——- ~^™-rr—_ —-— Have You Sean Our Display of $HQES? Ladiea'^hen^* and ChMdren'a 70c to men's shoes at $3.00 Guaranteed Boot and. Shoe Repairing \•^^SH^rnsHiNirra Joseph Barranco _„ Fnlrport 29 W*»t.Av«nUaU_J_ : Betl Phone' 260-R *nc*»«< ***=<• en the title-of Hafiz.—Cincinnati En- jojilrer. . J ; v ; - Idea For Christmas Decoration. -In the dining room that has.to have a screen to conceal the kitchen there may bo ft very simple and effective ad- dition mndo to ttho-Chrlstmos, decora-., tlons by pinning holly, to It, covering tl^~orlglnfll^Bnrface completely. Laco curtains may also bo erfecroairymsed' In this way' io 3 make lovely bits 6f AT*.I color-in4ho-room. Fpr : Heal| Me -- Use Our Glean Bran Made from pure \winter \yhear Bruthcdandscouredby machinery^ \ liiiii THE MODEL BAKERY AND LUNfeH ROOM O. E. SPRINGETT, Proprietor 14 South Moln Street w m m^. .V^'A-V.'-'l't* ^JttiNli^^^^A^A

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