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The Fairport herald. (Fairport, N.Y.) 1873-1925, December 15, 1915, Image 5

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*-f**A.-. i 'rrf— * ^^--Fmm® VSS^i^S^S^ -• •.A;*w^j.ui&aU3 E,->V3r7£E sggBsawzggg i'iy. gasxagsaggggg --•^ii^f ^.va-^-j t rt.\-~ ^-v ^OB 1 ^^^^ -There-Be Jiiu YICTROLA ^in—Your^Home-- This Christmas ? ^he^ristr^ment-fehafe-br-ings— you the world's best music -. in all its beauty. -PRICES $15, $25, $40, $50, $75 $100, $150, $200, $300 'S ; . „.---Easy Terma.jf Desjred The Corner Drug Store Main St. and West Ave. Fill the Stockings With Our Candy ^GUARANTEE 7 \\ the products of our . Candy Kitchen. .. .. For Christmas, as usual* we will be well supplied to satisfy your needs in the line of Candy, Ice Cream Mixed Nuts, Fruits - Christmas Baskets, etc Is th^re^any-validreason-whyyou should go out of town to do your -l^irport-Candy-KitGhen- George Varlan, Prop. South Mala St. J & X-4- 'Gfethes^onot Make the Man\ —but they certainly help a lot IPyoTrareTrotTtcquarnted- with the kind of tailoring that is done at bur place of business it is time you called and Jooked over the line of cloths from which we are constantly makingsatisned customers *I Have you tried our Hot Drinks and Lunches ? Be a Spug- For eleven months in the year some people tet the ' local merchants fill their wants. Then about Christ- mas time they think it necessary to go out of town/ €J Jf the local merchants are good enough for you eleven months in the year they should be good enough for you during the Holiday season. The Sugar Bowl's .C&nsjbma^ Offerings ©orP^gp^oin^ Christmas shopping at home. Our Aim Give Useful Gifts * We suggest some of the following: Manicure Sets * . . Pocket Knives i=}aridsted.s —7—• CarvingJChife and Fork Individual Steak Sets Community Silver Lisk Roasters Casseroles, etc. -Make Your-Xhristmas^Selection. Early_ Sam Jacobson TAILOR West Avenue Christmas Money. The demand for Christmas money at the New York subtreasury grows each year. On h recent Christmas about |250,000 a day in new coin, both gold and silver, was provided to meet the demand, which kept up until Christ- mas day. This Christmas money comes direct'from the mint eajmyear at this time. Thousands of residents of New York who never see the subtreasury at _a)ny other time pour down on the dingy™ old\' Waif stfeetf building-and clamor for bright new gold and silver. The big department stores.. aiso de- \Triarrd' nevrmoneyr tx>th' tcrpleaae'their customers and to facilitate change. ^e will deliver latw not only at Yuletide but at all • times is to. furnish the best Poultry, Meats, Fish, Oysters etc. that we can find for our trade. \^TOe^SiSnday^dinner Taii*M$^ ldayTrTe^r\is^pl5iIe^-iFtrre^l unsatisfactory. Hardick & Fellows For Christmas we will surely be able to sat- isfy the most fastidious cook. J. J. Tygart & Go. South Main Street Christmas All the Year. Doubtless children wish that Christ- mas*'would last all the year, and in a iobler sense It migh£ and ought to dla- pensq Its blessings throughout eyery_ \season. We should not\be'content\^tlT only an annual melting into tenderness ^towafd.oujr brethren! but should per- petually cultivate the spirit of\ unself- ishness and practical' love. „ > A-Ofialn-of—Gift-Giving. Warren's Gift Suggestions: For Him— ~ House Slippers, D. & P. Silk Gloves Kid ^Gloves lined_ and unlined, Sterling Dress Shirts; Umbrellas Neck Ties, ..Boston Garters,\ Sus- penders in Holiday Boxes. For Her— Silk Hose, Kid Gloves, Neckwear in boxes, Handkerchiefs, House Slippers, China Dishes, Linen Towels, Hand Bags and Leather Goods. Many other useful gifts. J. D. WEBB'S Pure Food Market Weit Avenue Merchants' Delivery Jewelry/either solid gold or dependable quality of gold-filled goods fro;n 25c to #3.00 is a popular priced Christmas suggestion.-. - Watches, from $1.00 to $25.00, afford a useful and attractive present to , the boy, girl>..young lady, young man,, wifej daughter or sweetheart. '!^ii?a^elei4K^ i-keepiug-quaHtics. •• 'jStCrup? - Sterling Silverware pieces . . 35c up. Diamond Rings, Fancy Stone Rings, all kinds of Gold Rings, Cut Glass, Kodaks, Christmas Stationery, Books, Toys, Games, Mechanical Builders, Cards, Tags, Seals, Calendars. Tissue Paper, twine and all the useful things needed to make acceptable looking Christmas packages.. i . il ^_^_^.__. ; ... Buy her a box of our delicious confectionery. Nothing would be more ap- propriate and pleasing. Christmas Candies Ice Cream, Bon-bons Fruits, Christmas Baskets Mixed Nuts and Everything in the Confectionery Line THE-SUGARJ30WL James Bamyt, Prop. Opposite Trolley Station Both Phones When the Dinner is Over READXEOrt -CHRISTMAS * r^rfurnes_^~ Toilet_Waters Hair Brushes Mirrors Stationery- Fountain Pens Toilet Articles Toilet Soaps Flash Lights Pipes .... Cigars , .. Pocket-books ,, An unusual line of Christmas Greeting Cards and Post Cards Compare our prices with those you have to pay elsewhere : : \Trade inTairport First\ mm at «i-i ^dia&g a *,I»J T -..».. ^Hupp ^Drug^Gov 27t*?fe*aMj Store ~~ FAIRPORT *\~ NEW YORK M c- 1! 1 n 1 rjatf ^y Sihoke WigrtalUs Cigars Buy him a box for Christmas— you couldn't do better. Prices 25c 59c^-$ L00i-2,00^to^43 J4^^>box, PlPESTrom a 25c^Biriaf to an ele- gant Meerschaum at $5.00. TOBACCO in packages, half lb. and pound humidors, all the leading brands, Cigarettes and Chewing Tobacco. -*Tf\ %tera2uisfflfpunteinPen •Hardick & Fellows Ford Cars Paige Cars Auto Supplies LIVERY SERVICE ._ ^ r ,Day_and r Night __ ^cket-with-ev*ry-25c-puirchase- A. H. Wignall's Cigar Store South Main Street ET WARREN South Main St. The Pride of the Dinner it is belldved by many that our cus- tom of giving gifts comes from an old ' custotn of priests' putting on. board dt time nud masses said for the giving of alms, and It was called a \Christ •box.\\. Pivur- th Is -.has • come -o'ur- cus(om of giving boxes' and gifts. '..The Christmas candle! What a.charming sound it has and What a ^'horney\ picture it r i^^f^^beT6Te-~ti3--of-~the* ^^y^iwho* y ^ill^attehd**-it8- burnlng on .Christmas. eve! All of us know the legend of the Christmas candle. - If It burns clear down to tlie,sockr :_et good luck and prosperity i will attend thir houieHol^ -throughout the year.-— ~ is the HOME PHONE Garage— : 105-A—— -Residence=6-X H.E.KELSEY North Main Street Ask Your Grocer for Dudley's Products Patronize Home Industry! and incidentally make,a dollar last longer. . -Results. ? Satisfactory. Ask your neighbor or better still, try a package xti our goods' -_.*. nnr customers meats that will satisfy and we believe that we..are pleasing .the ' people :diPJtrade_with us.' For the Christmas Season we_wilUhaxe^^ji^\myMal!x § * • Let Us Do Your- Christmas bend us your order for thafc^ ^CHRISTMAS CAKE Why spend so much' of fhe -Dudley & Co* Manufacturers of Baking Powder .' Packcrsjof i_ Soda and Corn Starch Your Christmas rocery wants will be well taken care of at our store. Besides \ our regular stock of Fancy and staple Grocer- ies and Provisions we have, in an- ticipation of Holiday trade, Christ- mas Candies, Mixed Nuts, Figs, Dates, Oranges, Bananas, Cigars and Tobacco.- - ••* *~ WE GIVE TRADE COUPONS that are good for Wm. Rogers' .'Triple-plate Ware; exchanged at our store. -7^— •• — * Boys and Oirls come in and let us explain howyou*can get valuable presents FREE in SNOW'S Christmas Gift Suggestions FOR MEN ^utsT~Hosiery, Gloves, ijelBT ^us^TendeFsTNecTcweaivMats Caps and Jewelry FOR WOMEN Hosiery, Gloves, Sweaters, Shoes and House Slippers FOR BOYS AND GIRLS m €krtrrirrgr-Shoesr-rSweater«^Tand- —- Hosiery SnpW's Department Store Main St. and West Ave. 511 W .£m\ •~-m m\ large~stock*to pick from and would be pleased to 1 receive your order. - Urne in the kitchen preparing the meals for the Yuletide company—let us do the work r*f t+irft litVr hiiilt h«kf1f Krtrrf 1 ,, Carlton E. Th&yer ' M«*ti~and drocenes \ MefchMits' Deliy^ry South MaJn St. . Specify BIELER'S Bread and. Tea Cakes when or- dering from your grocer Bieler^ Bakery Timely Suggestions from Shilling's Grocery Store ^^Mf^lel^^MTx^^^m^^ Dates, Oranges, Bananas Apples, Popcorn, Grapes Stuffed and Plain Ulives Grape Juice, Cranberries Maple Syrup, Cobb's Fruit Jams and..Ca.nnejcL exchange for a little work outside of school hours. - -W. J. Moore & Company^ Nortb Main Street Service and Quality Advertine in the hjerald—it payfl. Musical Christmas ' Tpee Holder. For the Christmas tree a holder which will certainly delight the chil- dren was placed on the market seyeral years ago. The holder consists of a nickel plated base, containing a music box. The tree la held firmly by three strong prongs and screws. When wonnd up the music begins to play, and the Christmas tree^slowly revolves. This makes a fine effect. The holder Is simply constructedrandthe-tree can- be fastened in it in little time. No' matter how large or how small the case of the tree, the prongs can Ire quickly adjusted to hold It firmly In _place. It.Is. very desinible to have tha Christmas, tree stand firmly. I w m Y.'J I A est \Avemie Goodl Guaranteed Fresh Eggs ^^FUll'tWst^hsice-^FeSr- We recommend our G. B. Farrington's Fresh Rbasted Coffees A. R. SHILLING 7 ' \ ' ' ' \ ' ;_• •• ' \airport rlTVT No New Way of Keeping Christmas. . I have among jny friends some who have tried new ways of keeping Christ- mas, says an English writer. They have not been a success. When folk have done a thing In one way for-some hundreds of years It Is not easy to In- vent a better way of doing It Of , course it has been done sometimes. ^rperlsSUCCeSS-in-any-business--^v^Bavellie^iteam engine, the electric and it is emphasized in the telegraph, ami so on but *»»» w£ to keeping Christmas day no one seems \Wirix \*• '/i- that we have both r at our store tltrn. suits: 1 • • •—^-^—- i M m .1 will not do InsTead of holly and mlstle- , toe, and there is no satisfactory sub; stitute for beef, turkey, plum pudding A^ In preparation for the Hol- idays=-wc -h a ve—^a r-ra nged- -for- an unusual amount of the good things that go to make upIOIppenaable grocery and market. and mince.pies. HOLLANDER & ROOT i Grocery and Market J South Main St. Fairport, N. Y. , Mince pies were known In England In the sixteenth cen- tury as \mutton pies,\ the -other-lngre<liontR~boing-4nuch the same as today.--t.nter they were called \shred pies\ and \Christmas pies,\ as in Her* rick's poems. He • refers tp the old practice of setting a watch on Christmas evo over ~the~*grearstbre of Ininctrples J^iadc for the morrow's feaiBt. iadc ii^^^i^^^ws^ A^X. 1 •ara:'i : V , . - B * !<;'; '-r^mMM&MM

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