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your\CKurar - Doing* - •*»: not Recorded here, If» -your * m> . « i• A .1 ._V- ******* ntnln raUlathQdlatjjhuKh^^^gl \A.. Leland Strang, aged 24 years, died on November 19 at Liberty, N. Y. He leves a mother and a brother,. Harold M. Strang, both of Rochester. The—burial—waB -made in^Greenwood cemetery, Brooklyn, Deceased resid- led in Fairport^ about 6 years ago William Grifwcll ten men-of. the assembled congregation^ met and formed the Perinton Commun- ity-League, a. full report of which is ^giranltfllaewTiel^nitbi^ Next Sunday evening the First Baptist church will be the place of the union •- meeting. Rev. E. E. Sprague of Salamanca being the preacher of the evening^ After the service there will be another meeting of the men of Fair- port and vicinity to.further the plans of the newly established league. The Raymond RaptiBt Sunday school '\'\Til '~ ' \ L ••!.-•«.--,••,-. evening in the First Methodist church the-Perinton Community League was formed. The object.of the League is to work for. the_Mttermenl,Qf the community in general and to prosecute violations of the law,' especially Jjhese who do not obey the jaws in regard to WlTi^St^BF^frirnlBg^^roiri^BeHinff Lli^nnirfi.m^ Lewis Jjordon's cider milP in this vil- lage Friday morning,^e£~3f^C6ro^ . ner Killip was called andan autopsy |^eveaie1aS¥E-caOTezDfideath\^bB\pneu^: monia. The funeral was held Monday after- noon at 1:30 o'clock, Rev. H. R. Saunders, pastor of the-Raymond Bap- tist church of this village, officiating, with burial in Greenvale cemetery. Mr. Griswell has worked-for vari- ous farmers in this Vicinity for sever- al years, and has at odd times been ^Ss^ffi^^^^ 1 ^^!!^^^ ffffS^Fdfc^Sft Ebt^ofigaf i_The.HiatQricaLclub wJlL meet_with Mrs. _C. M. _ Briggs tomorrow ~ after- noon at 3:45. ^^^Wsl^F^^^^^^^erve^^th^ {ahflSJMSJbil^ ^e^JocaltJlaatexh^StajiJ^C^jmag gathering~\place \whefe^^meif^arrgeTF I together /during,, the evenings and ^ns; ^oy^ffeMelvfPwtthouT^ gregate 7 irLa,saloon or hotel. Much interest was taken by those! present, and next Sunday evening the officers of the League will be chosen after the union service in the First Baptist church. We append the- constitution ia^htetB,^iJ^eM^W.4tbjM^^^, Deal next Tuesday afternoonat 3 p. l^pula/ity-'-8o^ ' 'Wisdom woulcl indicate early ^buying- of % \Bracelet Watches-. Surely some will.be disappointed jit Christ- -mas-time. i _•''- . .-, . * ,: - .~ Ourestock ^hows seven styles of these wateJies r prteecL \~$io to $2o;~with gord-fiHedncrase^ ^Wpltham^Eigiri-a-rijfcj ^W.ts?^movements?=^^^^t^ Sunday school exerciseB Thursday evening, Dec. 23rd.,- in the church parlors, and the following committee have been appointed to have charge of the exercises: Mrs.. H. JL.Saund- ers, Mrs. Etta-Adams and Mrs. James J,^;Dadd.^^^---^.^^J^ hwe-decide^to-hold-their^hristmas^Tnpl^ ~—^-^MJitpB 1 Helplefs of the-Raymond Baptist church will meet with Mrs. Charles Hill Friday afternoon of this week. , The Spear Bible class of the Ray- mond Baptist Sunday school will meet of the League,, which was^adoptecLatJ^ith-Mrs.^^^Uaja^agaer Pf weatj the meeting Sunday evening. Name—This organization \shall be Church street, tomorrow afternoon. The Mizpah class of the'First Meth- piecesHnclude Etrusean y -^ are wonderful value and* pleasing styles/'Engraved free. ; THE FRIENDS' ORTHODOX CHURCH REUBEN J. PAYNE. PASTOR. Residence, Farnrinston, N. Y. Services every Sunday at 10:30 a. m.> and Sunday school at noon. SOUTH PERINTON M. E. CHURCH W. H. WHITE. Pastor Residence. Macedon Center Sunday schoolat 1:15 every Sunday and preaching service at 2:15: ST. LUKE'S EPISCOPAL. Brvieefr-evei ! y--Sui \ J Tr30 v o ! clockT^-=- -=-' mill. He had been working atthe cider mill this fall but had not feeling well of late, but no one suspected that he was seriously ill, and at the timeof hisdeatfe he was an company with others who were taking care of the4Jr,v.houaeJbhjatnight. N9,t feeHng ^ry^a¥nrTn~lHe^n^~of^heH3uild^ ing where he was resting on a cot, he went to the boiler room and in a few minutes was dead. < He is survived by a sister, Mrs. Louise Hunt, of East Syracuse, and an aunt, all of the same place. They were notified and came to F.airport and took charge of the remains. _ .Chlpe V. Smith __v . Chloe V, Smith, \aged 63 years, died at her home No. 20 East street, Sunday morning at 3:40 o'clock after less than one week's illnesa .of pleu- knovm-asPerinton^mrounityie^g^e^^^ Purpose—The purpose of thiB-ii ganization shall >berthe betterment.of the community in general and N-thfe prosecution of violations of law orett Mor^L.pf. South avenue next People are coming to know this store as a most reli- lBlel>Iace : tb\B^ Tuesday evenlhg7^~Miss-^ra-^4otr°ii assisting the hostess. _-. mu «: u ii u - c - L s - C will . meet with Mrs.- Officers-The^officers shall.be presi- WinialnBaker , Per rin street.next dent, vice-president and secretary.; j^^ ^ 8 . 30 p mJELoll ca n f Fa. ^raiHl^Pwverbf or~ Quotations -from treasurers- Special Price^0rl2 and-15 cent^JapaHfese rich rhaliogany^ t-olorrsuitable foi ja^iSeti^ ihasklts/ r also fern basket^ three sizes, two shapes. ;They wont last long. Getyours quickly. ;* .'• . : .• f^r,«.<^T*At,-«.* . ro-pneumonia. shall be composed of five men in addi- tion to the officers. Duties of officers and directors— The duties and powerB of the officers and directors shall be those common to those officers. Elections—-Nominations and elee« tions shall be in open meeting from the floor, eithei by acclamation or- ballot, as the meeting shall determine. Membership—Any man who will agree to support, the purposes of the organization and the constitution can J>y_s.igning MB name to the roll be- •I FIRST BAPTIST' \21___ Prayer meeting as usual this even- ing. Remember the Puritan social in -the-church parlors Friday evening. 'Rev. E. E. Sprague of Salamanca will preach Sunday morning and also ~aT^^el^ibli~m'eeting-Sunday,-evening- in thiB church. Rev. MacAlpine ex- changing pulpits with Rev. Sprague ^or-the^dayi —^~ is smiltl uau ueenr— r- — ,n pooFBHTtrfor severarmO«Brr1buT| Finance ;_~s ha 7 e8 ^aT^WSnlined^to^her^beQ^^ut^^a^few Joel Chandler 'Efarfii. The Scatter Good Circle of King's Daughters will meet next Wednesday afternoon, Dec, 15, in the First Bap- tist church. It is very urgent that all members be present. The Ladies' Aid society of the First Methodist.church'will meet with Mrs. Uacob Morrell next Tuesday afternoon. Plans for the annual New Year's din- ner will be discusseoV. The King's Daughters' City Union of Rochester will hold a. meeting in Corn Hill Methodist church Thursday Bell Phone 113 CLARK BUILDING Home Phone 42-A » SATURDAY SPECIAL —ea ^•- , y* - \days. She is survived by two brothers, Wyatt A. Smith, of Perinton, and DurfeeW. Smith, of Rochester; seven nephews, Issac, Roland and Wayne .LFlflrinan, of this village, Eugene Vane, of East Penfield, John - and~PhinTp\ Vane, of the town of Walworth, and Durand Smith, of Rochester; one of stock sold, s gach share to be shallTb~e not less than ^h¥~purcKase'pfice~of\-thiff remain in the possession of The Osburn House, Thursday evening, r^ iii x\ RAYMOND BAPTIST. H. R. SAUNDERS. PASTOR Residence. No. 12 East Church St- ~^^-^orninfc, = worahip^ .._juidJaaraa?ucJLass.at 12 o!clock. Un- i ion service in the First Baptist church at 7:30. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30. Spear Bible class will meet Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Wm. Wagner. Mutual Helpers will hold their reg- ~SIar\meeting \Friday afternoon at Mrs. Chas. Hill's on High street. You —^-wilUfind a cordiall^welcpjne^tjhe^ser- - rice of this church.-— .-•-- niece, Mrs. Mahalie Alias, of Union Hill. V The funeral was held from her late home yesterday . afternoon at 1:30 oiclack,~Rev. H..JR.. Saundem^iajtpr. $25.00- stock to the purchaser until such time as called for as hereinafter stated. \ — Assessments—This stock shall be assessable not to exceed. a total of St I2ca Tie^^~at^hrWt?*trlgekT r ~Ail King% D^u^ters\arF^ mvifedrp'b^nP^^seTltrH • «. n The Fairport grarige*\wTll ' serve a t^rcTTeiT'(ainileY™Bt^therr--ne w -home r ten percent of the face one year, unless the value in any holder consents.] Ltn-ftJarger-assessment'.' Dec. 16. from 6:30 to. 7:30. This dinner is not restricted to grange members, but all- are welcome to come. Rozella -Kebelrab—iodger-Nos-SS^ Gall and let us explain..howypu,can get* a fine (^^^i^set^^amplft^i^h^-portrait in, pur market EjiitaLii^-ttti;*. I will meet Thursday evening in Odd Fel ' Ion' hnll. Thfl Past Grand's staff of A lot of Good things to Eat at reason- ablepriceTTooristaiitly on hand here. of..thei. Raymond[Baptist church of this village, officiating, with interment lib Elmwood cemetery, Perinton. MisB Smith has been a resident of this vicinity all of her life, moving here from the farm north-east of Fair- port wjth. her . parents^ Mr. _ and Mrs. Abel G. Smith, 27 years ago, and has resided on East street all of the time FIRST METHODIST. I f \ *\> 11 :¥-• % J. W. SANDERSON. PASTOR. • Residence. No. 16 Perin st, . Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30 After prayer meeting, at 8:15, there will be a meeting of the official board. A full attendance is requested. On Friday night \of \this week we are to enjoy another of the Men's Dinners. The one given last month was thoroughly enjoyed by all who were there, and this month promises to be even better. We are favored in securing the services of Prof. Geo. Eddy, whcf' will spealc-oirTarkey'B Position in the Present War. Mr. Ed- dy is fully qualified to discuss this subject. We hope to have no less than 75~men at the dinner. - ~A~splen- did menu is in preparation. — ^-Services Sunday as usual.. This month IB given to the observance of .^dyjej^._ Sjinday morning we will consider The Preparation of Ihe* World for the Coming of Christ. The Sun- day School at noon. ~ In the\ evening the Epworth League. By the way,\ -if you haven't been to Epworth Lea- gue lately, better come in Sunday evening. The meetings are going fine.\\ jThe union-service -will be in the First Baptist church Sunday, and Rev. Mr. Sprague of Salamanca will JbeJthe-preacher. • 8ince_then. # J5he_ stajtj.dMn^ nursing aV a very early^age,^ and^for the past • 17 years, since the death of the fath- —Ler,__has...heen__engaged as a practicaX nurse nearly all of the time. Miss Smith waB a woman who was a great home lover, and is well known for these qualities. At the early age of 20 she joined the Free Will Baptist church of East Penfield, and was very diligent in her work-in that church; after coming to Fairport she transfer- red her church letter to the First Bap- tist church, and interested herself in the church here. CHINESE TRICKERY. In Trader»\Who Keep Their Victims *' Finanoial 8lavory. Dishonest travfellng merchants * In China find a particularly lucrative field ED\whicbTld\ ply T their\labors with the result that-almost unbelievable conse- .quences cpme^ to. light, nqw^nd then. Some traders, taking advantage of the simplicity of the Mongolians, make an attractive display of goods such-aa the natives crave to possess, and tempt them. '.to_;purchase__wh.at catches ;JJieir laucy, MONSTER WATER BUGS. One of Them Can Grip and Easily Put =~-i !-...•' to. Death. a^Eiig'g, ,^^ r „. ,^. .J£he. irgg'8 jworst' eriemyja' a monster water bug which • Inhabits'.\Eh'e IFdplcSl\ waters of bqth North and South Amer- ica. This water bug is one of the largest aquatic insects. It is called\ a giant by comparison with other bugs, but it is much smaller than any of the frogs on~which if preys.- Yet so pow- erful are its legs that it is sure death for the frog that gets within their grasp. , • -^The. two_principai jointsloOfte forjr legs fold down on one another, and the stouter of these two has a grooVe \aiong~~Its~front\to~Teceive~the- sharp inner edgejof the next joint, much as' the blade of a pocketknife folds down. In the pools and the estuaries of tidal waters these giant bugs--hide among stones and rubbish, from which they, dart rapidly to attack passing frOgs amrbccasionally fishes. The vic- tim is clasped by thebug's \forelegs and the deadly beak between its two compound eyes is plunged deep into the flesh. • This Is not a case of taking toll I merely of the victim's blood, as in the case of many other sucking insects;, it Is speedily followed by the death of the bug's victim. This appears to be due to a copious supply of liquid from around the base of the beak, which finds its way Into the puncture. Professor Locy has traced thls~to a pair of glands In the head of the giant water bug. Their secretion produces death very quickly,—New York:Amer- ican. ' Rochester will make a fraternal visit and confer the degree on a class of candidates. After the lodge a recep- tion will be held. ^^n^liexT\ M6'n^By'F~sleTpf 1 ~\'Dec. 13th;7~Ka7Tre L hoot-Triber-;Nor : - : 366, Imp.O. R. M. will confer the v War- riors' and t Hunter's degree. This will'also be the first sleep of nominal tions of chiefs. All members are urged to be present. All members of the local W. R. C are requested to meet in their rooms next TaeBday evening, Dec. 14th. annual South Main St. Fairport, N. Y. .„ „,_^.„ ... ;^...;.'... Merchftiit»!,Deliverv^^..^_. ,, *5^cci5-i- * ijwatrs ThiaJs4he_night^qfJhe_ann^are]MT tion of officers instead of last Tuesday evening aa was erroneously g^ e p^ ut CHRISTilAS ATTHE visiTEb FAIRPORT Wo6 to one who is beguiled to walk Into the suare, .for the glib tongue of the -traveling merchant will soon In- duce hiiii to. take possession of that particular article, to which his atten- tion is directed at any price demand- ed. If he has something to offer In exchange fleecing stops there, but In i-a»e he hua uutulng-txr-gtvo-in-vefcum a great calamity Will befall him. The vendor will assure him that . Explaining -Dandruff. _ Anybody who wants to know what dandruff is can memorizerthiB\ little statement ~v~w^ , \It is^G^Jaisease or tile\ sebaceoua glands^hlcn^pen Into the hali\ folllclesanu secrete atTbfly sub- stance, afid dandruff: results when tha glands become infected_ and .commence to exude,an inflammatory substance Into the follicles to such an extent that it dries Into flakes.\ Makes baldness ^acem-unlmportjmt— in last week\.'s paper\ The Missionary society of the Ray- mond Baptist church at their meeting Thursday afternoon elected the follow- ing * officers for the ensuing year: Presidenl, * Mrs. Bruce Knapp; vice- president, Mrs. H. R. Saunders; sec- retary,. Mrs. T. Howard Smith; treas- urer, Mrs. George Emrich. The following officers were elected Sunday morning by the Raymond Bap- tist Sunday school for the year 1916: Superintendent, A. J.-Hull; 1st. as- sistant, TanaeiTJrDa'ddy2nd. assistant,' T. Howard Smith; primary Superin- tendent, Mrs, James J. Dadd; assist- ant,' primary*, superintendent, Miss Yestff Eaten; -treaBur^r.-Mr&i^EditliP VanCurran; secretary, Miss Lulu Lip- pincott; assistant secretary. Miss Lu- ciie Hopkins; \piiSlsir^T^TSlo^cTimJ I chorister, BurtoiTSlocunv. - ^ The' J Wcohd'd1f^Tie^efies*\of men's dinners given by the men of the First MethodiBt church will be held Friday evening 6f\thiB—yeek Hgan In anticipation of our usual laTge Holiday trade we have prepared a much larger as- sortment of good things than ever before. Fairport people know well that this store stands for purity in the manufacture of\ Candy and Ice Creanvand when we urge you to make a portion of your Christmas giving the products of our candy kitchen, we assure you that the purchases bought here will be satisfactory in all respects. , . ~ The vendor will assure him that he •fi h i Captain- Hempel and the peace ship, JacoMIi^re^both^ld^rieJld^QjLthjj Holmes-family of-thia village, and \a few years ago the captain was a guest in Fairport of the family and Mr. ^TclbT^elh^^tool^fiiinrto-Nifigara Falls, and to other points' in western New York. • jgj^ The family sent hjm last week a \tho^Oflcar II and1P6c\eived a nice letter from him in which he.stated that he hoped^ Henry ~Ford'sTpea.ce™ mission would bo successful, and of course.if it should be the officers of the ship would be pleased accordingly. main to the town after a certain lapse, of time. If the native hands over one or several head of cattle as the case nYay be> aifdJm^xtr^8hb L et) \brXTiofser equivalent in value to 30 or 40 per cent of the price of the goods advanced, as interM^„ey.erytUbig.^wJli be satisfac- The—apeake of the evening^ will be Professor G. E. Eddy, whose'subject will be, \Tur- key's Relation to the Present Euro* p'ean War. \A riewly elected man will have something for the banqueters if he lives up to the handle on his name, which was given him Sunday; here's the suffix, \». M.\ Go and meet the man and see if he is entitled Special Prices on Christmas Candies in bulk to Sunday schools, Organizations^ and=school-teai^hers- ; wh9w give candy-at Christmas-time. X Delicious Home-made- Candies in bulje, by the pound or in Fancy \Chrrstrhas boxes. ? XKisTnte^pastetsTMix^ nut Meats, Figs, Grapes-, Bananas, Granges, >'alted-Qr-Rhell Peanuts T Fancy Candies afid a lot of good things. . all flavors, deliveredto any part without extra charge. '•'.-\ of the village I-- i ~TIf\yoTrbftVe7aiiy-paii8-or Ice-cream buckets belonging to UB,. will you tory. However, the merchant, on re^ turning seldom collects the price, but is satisfied fvlth carrying away the promised interest, leaving the •pjur- ^chnSSriVdebt io tbnt*he-ean-foreveiK milk hinj/ rrr?;:rzr::^zz ::i ;!; Thus, it, is • not. rare to see. some Mongolians working for the payment of \usurious Interest on a debt con- tracted by their fathers or even grand- fathers as the result of having fallen a victim to one of these tricky Chinese Treddlers;—Argonaut— • ———7-——~- L ialirs§fi®aiui$! mountain days»_lncltlng At once to work and rest! Days in whose light everything seems equally divine, open-; lllg d 'thousand wln'ddyB>ttt' fthDW^^ur God. . \Nevermore 'however weary, ehould one faint by tho. -.vay who gains the_bleBBjngs of one mountain I smuywi^^OT^^M is planning to have an old fashioned good time in the near future.. The {jpongpiB of the projecrhave jnlisted day; whatever his fate, long life, stormy or calm, ho is ever.—John Mulr. irfeTaKorr rich for- OUR HOT DRUNKS and Lunche* a^re proving very popular. \ J *_ ytm W*f ***rn v«t^ ' ••;- - Have hsS Fairport Candy «tnoiy-pnon»-Ai»w,..»-^-^x^.Jl ^| ...Hive U printed' in U.S. A. by them. Fairport Candy Kitchen. The Herald Pressr; Fairport, N. Y. .' - ,^I**ylFl£SlvAboat^t.»;. There is a heavenly chance in iho\ American cdloniea in Paris and Lon- don to be sdmebody—if you* have a little nerve, and can keep your head and hide behind a cab shelter when you see somebody approaching that -really—knew, you,:in .-.'_ America.__You t : don't-oven~nG6d-to~hava-on,.a_ciQaii, collar. All, you need is not to have a harelip.—JV Montgomery Flagg in the American li lagazlne. i v «»t*¥W«cAaij;rT, l . t -7rz.-, j r g-—— , _^_ „ the aid of the Rebekaha and they have decided to callthe event, <4 01d Time\ night. It is planned to have' each l^ebekabriahd^Odd—Fellow^-invite^fr friend to the doings which will consist of songs, speeches, readings, music and dancing if any BO desire, followed by ? a: aupperp-The ^date-haa-not-been decided upon yet but it will doubtless be the first of January.:\ % - > . ™ Fairpdrt-lodgo,-No. 476i*-FY<& Ay M.i will confer the Master Mason de- gree at its regular communication next Monday evening, and also.receive an official viBit-from-:Diatrict_Deputy. X3f^\MaBter--John^B.~Mdrian.---Sev- erat members of the _ local lodge at- *onded--(^rnithian r ^mple-J6dg0 r Jta itchen, ^George Varlan, Prop. Iby-MT- 1 —fliifmifty- fiurtisa of the same place. The program was enjoy- ed .very much by the large number' present. .- c KecheBter Monday^veTiiii'grWhon-inore-] than 1.Q00 Masons saw the\ Master Mason degVee conferred in full form under the direction of Hermann DOB- Fenb'achr'whd^had-alflo-nrranged-a apecialtf atiracUvCTnoBical -program. . -The Tuesday~MuBlcaie„waa held^in the auditorium of the Raymond Bap- tist church yesterday afternoon and one of the beat programmes of the Beaaoh waa given;; The entertainment wa8-anorgari«recltaLby„M|ZiS|2Ige: GM ml i n( i Fisher ~o£ the Lake Avenue. „ w „„„. — . ... ... S.S.fVhe.te?,- m$ BPrtnUle It tho ant, will fly,the pl»c» «»*irA *• >^eJ^ t rr4-f * I _Ant§ \dens '\ To \\Pestr'Sy \Antt. lhat_frequent houses or gar- may\be destroyed by- flour ot brimstone (half a \pound) and potash (four , ounces)- v Put Vci an iron ot V earthen dish over thq. fi^o. until dla- solved and united. Afterward beat to '\ powder in water \and~wKeroy or -^*\ '-•• - » •/ - ;^7\ SK.*1J*JiJ*+J* L!*LZ.* *J«li'«-S«J IP*' »g* iw •TZZ '^ i?>i \\T* ^••'.i«~-.^jS * ^-m r».rt * i— .JT'TT f.' SSJ* * m

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