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' ?; r ' -'r / _ v - - - — .: • -.-—.* - ^ - r- — \ ^ : ’I / . -i-J ------ ^ • : . . J . : > : . ^ ^ - ^ , — i* • ~ - ;^ r ^ -\ '-- ------ ^,:- :r - : u . \ ~ ■ ■ ■ F •. . - J -<..._ — ^ _ . ._* • •'•'• -V.— - ------ •^M.-W*rrw>.»>;wJ v.; THB FAIRPORT HERAJiP' WEDNESDAY 1 ‘AUGUST :9 1 9 1 1 —: • « : ■ - . — - -• ? . Ford several Miss Inez W ilder spent days last week a t Sodus. Mrs. R. B. Avery of Auburn visiting-M rs. E.- C.- Meachum. ------ .Mles-Beckie—=Berman-ef-—Rocheste is Sf- —«—«v O * J *«. l .,• ikr* : How important spent Saturday with Miss Minnie W o lf. : r ~ T\ Leon Morgan-is working In the Central freight office at* F a irport.—- Gorham New Age. _ Mrs. John Gimble and . d aughter, -Murgaretr-viBited-BfWiilranrlStraub4^ -in-W ebster Wednesday. Dr. and Mrs. J. W. Fox and Mrs. Downing -Jeave .Aug. 15 for two weeks a t Lake George. ~oT .-Miss Elsie Dons \spend ingTTweek\ Rochester Is of'h e r vacation w ith J. J. ’ Richard • is confined .tc home on North st. by illness. Mr. anc( Mrs. Orlo Adams of Wood­ land- aye.-spent-Sunday-at Sea Breezer • Miss Maybelle Howe of New York is spending some time here with her mother. „ ' Mr. and Mrs. A. IY. Deal go to Al- lens Hill today to attend the wedding 6 f l T relative. Dr. and Mrs. W. F. Clapp are spending a week in New York city and Connecticut. a politician looks when-he Bays to-a reporter:-111 have -nothing-to-sayrJLL- ------------------------------ H. H. Knapp- attended the alumni reunion of the Marion Collegiate In- — A.-C. Hookerj— who^e serious in­ stitute at Marion last week. Rush*s Pets put-one over„tha-Y e a^ ger Colts of Rochester Saturday on the local grounds by the score of 6 to 5. — Miss Inez Jennings, of Buffalo, is spending sometime a t the hnmp nf_hp_n parents. W r - b r W illiam s and family. Mrs.- Jam es Hagreen and daughter ftJLJBenfield.-spentw Sunday- with h e r parents, John Young and wife. Profr-and-Mra.—Paul—R: Merriman of Medina are visiting Mr. and Mrs. H. C. M errim an.— Jordan Times. * Mr. and Mrs. C. Q. Brown of Syra­ cuse, and their-daughter, were guests of Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Meachum last week. field and children spent Sunday with Robbins and daughter, M rsr S. J. Florence. _ -ThiLAlpha -class-of-thelF-irst Meth- odiBt Sunday'school\ willTmeet social­ ly with”Mrs. E. C. ' Meachum Friday afternoon. on W e st-ave.-'— . ------ 1—- Mrs. Dewey W alker and son, Don­ ald, of Chicago, are spendjng_a^f£W- weeks wTtH*her parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. L. Hul.burt. Miss Sarah VanNess of Rochester is spending a week in town visiting with the fam ilies.of Mrs. N. W. Sco- ville and L. W. Hollander. • W. J. Mason and wife are spending several days at Williamson with their son> C. I. H a rt is looking after the Mr,_nud J&ra.-JiLliR -Ammgn ,abspnce^ _ _ John Hartung, Sr.* jind daughter, and Mra7 Charles Hartung^ all of Pen­ field, called on Wm. H artung and fa- ---------- m ily lastr weekV-1^ r~. ___ Mr- and Mrs. J. -C. LaPoint and daughter of Manistee^ Mich., are vis­ iting a t the home of John Young and wife on Ea$t ave. Florence, and A lbert Borkhuis_.of New- York city are spending their vacation—a t— Mra.—Ida—Pfenninger’a of this-vfHager and.With other.relatives... _______ - M r-and. Mra— Ered—Borgovr—lltira Frank -Berger and little Miss <Lean- Rochester were guests ette .Berger of of Mrs. Gardner last week. Miss Allene Buckner of the Ex­ press force is on a two weeks vaca­ tion* _She . w ill^jvisit F a irport_and Springwater. — Dansvi 1 le Advertiser. The state dredge which has been at .. .^work a t Fairprot r emoyiiig a sand-bar a.r-jrj-v.MB las-com e-to Broekport-tq do sim ilar work.— Brockport Repub- 1 ic r • ________ ; _ \ t. Mrs. L.- E. Wilder^ of Oneonta is spending the week w ith Mrs. H. L. W ilder on W est Church st. Her two children, Helen and Marion, came with her and Will remain here ihdefi- -n i t e l y ^ r ± \ ~ r - * ■ M iss Helen W inagle and Miss Haz- el Tappin of Memphis are visiting at Fairport. Miss Winagle^ returns this week\and'~~Miss'Tappin\ will re- at turn- from Fairport to her—home Memphis.— Gorham New Age. Many\uf-t h e—s tr a n ge-au toB-fch a t-g .tHrough‘:the“ v illage\'have—a stream er giving the7name \oFUKeTtown “from whence they came. The idea is a toe of conjec- —-tgood-one7-as-it~SHvem turing, And saves a lot of curiosity. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Goodrich and son, W arren, of Fairport, who have *J ------ be err- --Sp end i n g—'several *\days~r w it1fr —t—-friends-in-townrdeffc wood, on Seneca lake, to spend ten 4cirdayfew iih -r-relati ve8'<_there> ictor- • Herald. . <* M There are .advertised letters at thg. :: poatnfftca for-M ir. Clarence - Butler, Mr. John E. Burnes, Mr. W ill Briggs, Chris'tianT. Mrs. _7JMr. Herman Chris'tianT Mrs. AT Johnson, Poney Kozanowski, Mrs. Lottie -Wincho,’ Miss J. L. Mikles, Mrs. M. C. Hill, and Mrs. G. M. _ W oodbury.. — — ----- r7TMr37~Edward— C oombor=nnd=8onr Raymond, . are spending some time visiting relatives at E a s t Schodack, -noar-Albflnyr-—In-their_absence,_Mra^ .Coom be r-s-p a ren t a M r;--and—Mr5T\J.‘ A.oAlmstead, ;of Rochester, are stay- 4ng-irv--Fairpor-t-ftnd-daiepingJiQUflQ for Mr. Coomber. I i ____ ‘ __ I* Rubber tire9 put on- a t Bown's. 1 s t -- ” ” -■ - t ^ = ¥ K = s = . « a s » B r ^ onstrdctlcm.. ' r • ■ • — -- - Bown1 a; nrn 788 ;SoUih; h ^ iiyaH e e t,T ? a j rport.' «bu y .a^ku ggy i ^ Th w For Salo. — -^-2i-IL -R r-ga8oilne-engine-in-good condition. E.* Rbcheflter candy kit- chcn.^ ^ :• .... f. , . All kinds of blacksmith, woodwork, horscslioeing,^pointing,.tripiming, etc. Take Nolle©'n I have started drying chops and am ready for * y o u r . apples. Lewis Jordan. _ M rs.-M ary.E^W illiam s and daugh=_ ter, Carrie, retruned Friday from a two weeks visit among friends in Ho­ mer, Skaneatele3_and_Qther-places ___ Mrs. S. J. RobbinVhas received a quantity of huckleberries Monday from relatives in—Michigan, which were of^a high. degrea_ of_exx;ej Ience. Miss . E va Case is again in her former positionat Morey’s store-and M iss-A lice-C raw ford-has gone from the store to work at .the Sanitary can factory. * ^ The second week.Jn August is a little early for field beans to be ripe enough to harvest, but such is the case on a farm about five miles east proprietora...w.DanieU.Haskin a - t h e new manager. The former manager, J. L. Petit, has moved back to Roch- ester.. ,. • __ JDhe annual reunion of the Parker family will be held a t Seneca Castle tomorrow. The families of L. M. Sherburne, R. T. Ellison and George -.-' The -home of Mr.- and Mrs.;.Clarence D. W atson- o n—the^-W atson «road ia being improved by the_.addition of an?, other story and extensive repairs to the entire house. Dr. Alice B. Tuttle of Chigago came to Fairport last Thursday and will spend two or three weeks at the home of her mother, Mrs. S. Legan and family on South Main st. L i gh In i ng— a triTCk^S-1 ftTge=e 1 m- -on—Ba9ket-afc—Sunday.^ Mr. Holtz, who s a t on his porch across the street, was visibly affected byL-it.ancTdid not recover for_several hours. The Sanitafy Can Co. team trim ­ med the Emersons of Rochetser here Saturday afternoon * a t baseball, 7 to 3. Webb, the local flinger, fanned 12 men and-aUowed but-six-hits. ---- Mrs. George South has taken up her residence at Fairport temporarily. Miss - May Zimmerlin - and Miss Mary~ 'Hamrnond\are guests\ of MrsT a t Fairport.— Michael Sweeney Lyons Republican. irport-friends-have—received~an- nouncements-of—the-marriage_of-Miss Ella Dickin8on-tb ’ E d Ward Th- H a i r o f Ely, Nev. The cerem'onv^took-place- at Ogden, Utah, 27, where Mr. H a ir met Miss Dickinson, and the two then werit to their home at Ely. Last Friday n ig h tl'at their meet- lng^he-rw e n tietirC e n tufy“cIulrdeclil- ioday-for- H a y H ^ d to spend —a week-^s—outing—at—the same_place__as they did.(TBSt_year, iC.r^scent Beach,:^Sixteen ^ot-jthem ,, with Mr. and M rsT'^ErS. 'Bhedd-as chaperons, be there the last week in'A u g uat;- - — _____ _ ..-fMrrand-Mrs.- B e rt-H o w e of Grand Rapid?, ^flch., arrived in town the first of the week.* *Mr7 Howe has gone on to.New York, on business, while Mrs. Howe i^ visiting friends here.\.- A fter a* corrpls~Df\weT-ks-^he Connecticut. Farm ers in this section caff count themselves especially favored w ith Briggs is driving a new Dr • « auto. Rush’s Pets the 'Gordons of Rochester- h ere Saturday: ------- —— - — E. T. W hitmer is enjoying a fewT weeks vacation in Canada. * '.Miss—Mayme— Walohu—iB—visUjng friends and relatives in BuafTlo. M r . d i x o n a r r i v e s . “ Npthing doing” in Police court Cornea From Hartford Conn., to Enter .Buaineai with Hia Father*- ------ — S. Wales Dixon and family have ar­ rived in Fairport from Hartford, Conn.v. and Mr. Dixon will be associ- ated with his this week, ia? If that isn’t news, what Mrs. George Luitweiler is spending some tune visiting relatives in Ossin- ness-has-been—mentioned-before?— is-rand-all-sort^^^of-entreaties_were'mBde~ again very low. * Miss Margaret Spear of Rochester is spending the week with Mr. and Mrs. Clark Spear. ___________ R. B. Spear, wife and. two chil­ dren of Rochester spent Sunday at Clark Spear's. Milton W. McBride leaves-today for a short vacation with fri^jnhv_jind relatives near Oswego. _ M rs. J ames - Carmer and son^ De- Land, of Indianapolis, are visiting at the home of .Mrs^. L. J . .DeLand ______ Mrs. Nora Hawley has returned from her vacation spent at the home of Mrs. A. W- ' VanAlstyne in E a st Penfield. — v ’ Airs. Mary Burr and daughter, Mrs. IL_ Cuff, of Kingston, N._Y., are vis­ iting Mrs. Ida Caulkins and ~other friends-in-this vicinity. • The Kirkwood Hote 1 ’ has'^charxged H.^ Parker_wjLli a tten d .- Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Rusling of In­ dianapolis, who are ^ spending some, time here-with Mrs. Rusling’s moth­ er, Mrs. A. B. Potter, took an auto trip to Corning and other places last week. t Born, Friday, to Mr. and Mrs. A r­ chie Alyea of East s t., a daughter; to Mr. and Mrs. Camille J. Hess of Fil- kins-sL-r-a—daughter-;—and-Monday to Mr. and.Mrs. ..Thomas Lucas of Parce.- ave.. a daughter. 1 i_ Mrs. _Fl5feicnr— a n ^ her daughter, M yrtle, of Auburn, and Miss Charlotte Hurley and a young lady from Brockport were the guests of the Grawbarger brothers the latter of last week. ___ — Mr. and Mrs. D. Wiley and Mrs. S. E. Legan had as luncheon guests F r y a tt a n d -w ifer BrrEM yitlei ee o m r f c P go.* They made the trip from Chicago in-their-car, and expect to tour the Berkshires before^ returning home. W illiam Searle and Fred Slater of Rochester were guests of Miss Arda Esten yesterday. -Mr. Searle is the Searle, w riter pf many plays for the University of_ RdchestefT’ahd Mr. Slater is a Rochester graduate, and this year graduated in .law from Ann Arbor,, where Miss EsterT is a student ini medicine. We~sttTTsayp'’Tt..pays to advertise father, John Dixon, in th e real estate business. . Their goods are on the way, -and they are looking about for a house, having several under consideration. Mr._Dixon-has -been-the—physic8l-di- ^to r ^ o L tb ^ J d A r tf Q P L Y. Vi,Jf 15 years, and resigned some tim e ago, the -resignation to take“ efTect“Aug..'l7 w E HAVE JUST RECEIVED THE NEWEST in Lace Curtains. A novelty net ecru curtain, sure to please the~m ost fastidious huyefT iZZL. Prices will suit all^- to hqve . him reconsider and remain J in Hartford. He ‘ wras also sought in • other places, being offered the Auper- 4 intendency of the physical work .in and Australia. During their last weeks in Hartford there were many social affairs arrang- • ed in Mr. Dixon’s honor. * T he direc­ tors of the association gave him sterling silver | $3.50, $4.00 and $5.00 = a window We also carry samples of the same line that range tea service, the. gym- nasimn fellow sr”gav£‘ htm a“ “ Iarge G randfather's clock and a purse of gold, and a fire company having its headquarters next to the Y. M.-G. A. building also gave him a ten dollar gold piece. These, with smaller remembrances ahowed the high esteem in which Mr. Dixon was held in Hartford. Welcome to Fpirpor£ and home^ The firm will soon be located in its offices in the new Clark block. On Tramp Testing Food Values. Jh e ^ -P u fflim J lrotherft ton- p n ^ v ed through_Fairpo5t_the_fi^sLt_pflCt_jQf. the week on a cross continent hike with San Francisco as their destina­ tion. The men are being put through a—rem arkable test to determine, if possible, the value of foods containing much proteids as a muscle builder. -They- are-on n dtet'^laid out for them by Dr. Dudley A. Sarsent of Harvard U n iversity; — One eats- walnuts; fish, eggs, meat, peanut \ b u tter and beans and the other subsists on green corn, potatoes, celery,- prasnips, onions, apples, bread and the like, which are low in proteids. To Hold Regent*’ Examination. _School Commissioner H arris cp„ndpc.t...a....regents’...examination on. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at the Municipal building, Rochester. Four classes of candidates may enter, namely: -Those..who wish to teach this fall, candidates who wish -fQ enter training classes, rural school student? who have passed some re­ gents’ examination and expect to en­ ter academic departments in Septem­ ber, and members of training classes ^wjip-havespeerar^peHfiissiomto-enter;- in price,from $3.50 to $15.00 a window. Come-in^and see them. SalT F lW e r^ 'l/ali'Bs} Blocks anT -leweTfy m\ J dl*l \-t;\ • • —,*ev 1 • -v*-V 1 • . . ’L' l 1 - • — ---••? 1 ' v* 1 : of h aving less stock to move, we offer vthe people of th i B viciuity duriug the m o n th of J u l i a n opportunity to save 10 cents.ou.each dollar--.pur-- chase of-up-to-date.’regular 8took,-fully guaranteed as represented. - w a t c h e s ; c l o c k s , SIL V E R W A R E , STATIONERY . —Suitable -for—Gifte^—BOUND—BOOKS and other m erchandise~ on which the price is not restricted by the manufacturers. \35 r;*\ Make each dollar earn 10c for jou, Cash talks. Como In and make o selection for future delivery. — 'Do It NO W ! . IT'S A GOOD TIME TO GET A PAIR OF EYEGLASSES OR SPECTACLES HARDICK & FELLOWS. 6 S. Main St., FAIRPORT, N. Y. ..... Notice to Sewer Contractor*. Sealed bids .will he received by the board of tnistees of Fairprot, N. Y. up to 8 o'clock P. M .f August 24th, 1911, for the construction of a sewer on High and East 9ts., of the follow­ ing quantities: \r llQIK^in£{dzffiet of I 5 ^ c h V ^ z i r S', sewer, 450 feet of 12-inch V. T. S. sewer, 205 feet of 10-inch V. T. S. sewer, 1 ,507 feet of 8-inch V. T. S. .sew e r - 15 .surface laterals, 81 lob 4 a teral-se w ersr -4 -::^ t t l r o t e f =9 = HlifiiT^ in The—Herald. Last week three differentpe.Q p.)£_JYho_ad y.erti s ed. _bdth. in the \lo c a l ” and “ display” sec- .tions^Baid *that~ they-^had-n©- trouble- .ha-accoinpmied-by.a.cer-. at .all in disposing of the things .thfiy hadT6F~saTer and_in_two of the cases the ink was hardly dry on the paper before the sales were consummated. Aagin we say, ” it pays .to advertise in The H e rald.” holes. Roy Bowerman. engineer._Fairport. “N T Y . “ tified check' for $ 2 0 0 .00 payable to G. The various' committees...for-the - u ‘ - -firemen's field day- are hard at work J G. Mulliner, Treas. The board reserves the right to re­ ject aqy and all lj>ids. By order of the board of trustees, August 7, 1911. — ' \ R. 11 i amT, e' and a gala-(jay fuU of fun is pronllS-j J ' Village'Ordinanc.r ^ - Res^ _ ^ nt sectioir ^ 1r o t tiie modes of.enjoym ent.-j-^, amended and th a t , the., foliowin described portions nnd parts of the \Ulie're' “ Will \s'e ohirThirgarhe foF surf“and possibly two with many oth­ er, sports and B e tter plan to\bC\ln Fairporf Lab'oF DayN;hnd have..n good tim e - w ith .th e boysr- Of course there will be races and contests for even the ladies will-come in for their share of the day’s fun. Ordinances of the Viljage of Fairport For Violating Penal Code. Tfilim fils' summer, even though for a while it was quite dry. Reports come to\U3 of some nearby counties, parti- and phol room on W est ave.ve. some time, was arrested by Constable- S tarr ~Nhitlfrop-lasi nlght on a warrant culnrly_Ohtario,7_whcre_tha_sum mcr drought has as yet been alm ost un­ broken, save for very light showers, and'the crQp3^ara~sulTonng-^mow ,_fpY lhck of,m oisture.--' r ~ ?I'ho^vTllago-a8SC8soraf-:Mcftflrn^rHui; mea'surtffg-ond - assessing each; proporty^ownorla^obt^for^rtho- Ot l^tlfST ifas heo ed^n-on r^a trehla- W ficOsK M llfow , mu cW!l tl5Y0.uTd:^febT ably cost ^or the oil, one of them re­ plied: #<<It will cost considerably less Uffifrwc “au^poscd ~ It woul(1 r a t fiFair and great many peoplo will be agrec- 'Ably^siirpnRWlrAt-the-low-asaeAsmen'^ N e x t year,” ho continued, “ we ought (o^navqTho~oiT on IhlTslreels as soon as .the A p riL x o jp^fire.uygr-^nd havo tho boncfit- df^JUTbTTho-'enlll'e'Surri- t Rubber tires’put on a t B6wn*s. . Why don’t you get an up-to-date office in the Clark block? J. H. Bover. who has run a billiard a charging him with a violation of sec­ tion 484 of the penal 'code for admit- Villnge of'F a irport be hereby dcsigna-- ted within which no buildings of wood shall be erected, moved, or additions thereto made and within which no build- ing shall ha VomrntTncpd nr PrArt;.iq'n. j^egunjunti L a .perm i t . then? for-sh o 11-be obtained from the Village Board, and the plans of said building are approv- ed Board. Any ...violation—of~ pool and billiard room a boy under the age df 16 years. \ * * .’. *' The warrant^ was sworn o u t. by Mrs. E m m a '- Y e n ^ 8r¥aid ct«7:hffvo fmnuLil m this ordinance is punishable under the penalties provided in section 24 of the Charter of the Village of Fairport. 350 feet on eirclmilde—of “ Main street between the north- Street and Tine oT extension aThnximum fin6*’<5f'$50.00.nhd an im- u ndor^lG * to f rcquen t poo 1 - rooms u n less-accompanied by parent or guard­ ian. • - - • • • - • • i. Shturday_ey/uyng,. .on. M a iiV n it.r i ndy’ B' bro w rir 1 pock’o tbook-^on tainng money afid papers, with own­ e r 's namb^and addrfcss, also grange card from Fairport g r a n g £ ^ - k indly leave at this office or , notify Mrs. Chas. W. Jones, Fairport,. N.. Y. Re­ ward. ' V,M Fleasant Stre e t and an thereof, 350 feet to thq west of Main Street,TJ?hich;l inelandithdreXtofisiohs section,- the north' 1 in c o f • the New Y o rkJCcqtia 1-tra ckaj?e twe e n - the north You Will Need One Soon perhaps, and when you do Don’t Forget - t h e J E W E L S JtWtL MT&On-57QY| 5- B y i l o r the finest Stoves on tfie market ^ t i t h ^ e n r i c e . i n f a c t r t h e r e a r e ^ n c n e ^ better at any price. Best bakers, best- fuel savers. Sold on tbe easy payment plan, or at a liberal P O T - O A S H t ^ S t i l w e l l <Sc C o . H n i i H i i u n WATCH T H IS SPA C E Next Week for an Important.Announcenient. 1 .. and—an'^oiFtension “the'feof \500 \ feet eastward,' the fire lim it shall. b e '5 0 0 feet on each side of Main Street. T h e fire shall also include the lands Boyer - pleaded not guilty and the Case was ^ adjourned- u n til ^tom o n o w J ftbutting-on^pth-aldcs o f W eat. Avcnue.L ' ffio Wt In g~l)5 fpfiTJ a S11 ce^ ^ r j orTsT\ forr a~d fa tflTTCg~o ro h r n h i 1 ^ U icjcoat line of Main Street and.an extension thereof-225 To Rent • % House to rent. Call at 100 South Main s t . . Return Card! Envelope*. 100_for 70c a t The Herald office :f\ When in Rochester Don^t Miss BLAISDEL*S • 2 Oc D I N N E R S 21 Efrn Street, near Main, Next to McCurdy’s ’4 Prime Meats, Home-made fastry. •'Posltlrelj tha Best Meat at Ptlce.ln C ltj,. **. . * * . ' r Two good horseshoera a t Down’s.

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