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w- * II .. -'. v ' - '^\ff^mir , •':, '« • \^1 \. ••••:' :• • ••' ; ' •'••':'•&. * i it • YOL. 1--N0; 28. EAIRPOMX, MOBBQE,g0i|lYvN.:Y.v AUGUST 22,1873. F AIRPORT, FRIDAY, ATO, 22, 1873. THE Utica Herald has been taking notes of the Ttfork of laying the extra tracks oh , the Utica and Syracuse division of the Centfal road. It finds that good progress is being made, every feature of the \vqrX i$ being pushed forward with great rapid- ity. There are some gaps fctill untouched by the contractors, owing to the fact that some of the owners of the land refuse to sell the right of way, insisting $mt the company cannot take their land without further legislation. The Company thinks otherwise, and believes there, is, sufficient.; power under existing laws for the appoint- ment of a commission to fix the value of lands when the owners will not do so. As yet, however, no commission as been called for. The greater portion of the right of way has been bought up quietly and in*v mediately put in the hands of the cofi- , tractors, while those portions still under '$ negotiation are passed over for the present. The work is being pushed forward with energy along the whole line to Buffalo, and perhaps, before we are' welj aware of it, the quadrupled railroad will' be in opera^ tion. Three miles east of Syracuse the new and old tracks will separate, the former passing north of Syracuse, th»Migh Salina and regaining the regular line be- yond the city. AN enthusiastic friend of the American Centennial celebration, writing to a gentle- man prominent in official circles, inakes the following suggestions: \At precisely 12 o'clock, noon, on the 4th of July, 1876, (Washington time,) let all the guns, the bells, locomotive and other land whistles, the trumpets, the drums, the organs and other musical instruments, With the tens of millions of singing vo Ices of bur great i land, burst forth in songs of joy arid praise. All the telegraph lines shall Ibe silent at the command of the United States (govern- ment, from 11:45 to 12:15 p. hi., and then let the great battery at Washington send fte electric flash;, ^nd clink over the vast iron maze' tp evCTy city and town, and ' Europe jisia, Africa, arid the isles of the sea, So tar as 'th^ lines' can be at that moment seeuredj and at . this signal instantly tet the cannon thunder forth the death-knell of oppression; let all the mighty.steam.whistles proclaim.the grand- march of, civilization amid the \Western , wilds, and the isles of tire; s$a, as wep as the eityfuil, arid the fertile plains,; arid:bid' the siuhibering millions of heathendom awake .and join the happy nations in sing- ing that subliihe invocation of praise: \'Praise Grod frorn jvhOm all .blessings '• ' ^floWjV'^&Ci '•\• ''''• \' GOV. BOOTH: OF CALIFORNIA SPEAKS- The Railroad Monopolists Rougfrlv Handled* TH;B Repnblicftii decided to hold.$$ 24th of Septemb^4^ |tate Committee have ;0 Conveptiou on the ©tica. . AijyifCJES from the. Pa>yhee reservation in; Nebraska says the- Pawftees are pre^ pa#ng for war with ti»e Siouac, ih retalia^ tion ioif. the attack : on them sbnle days ago. They afesaid.to have about,.600 warriors among; :them$elyes, : and, have invited the Ottaes, Omahas, Xahktons and PoncaS to fpin them, neatly' all of whohi have &P- cepted the InVitatioii, and' at last accounts the bf ayes, of these tribes were either at or ^'on the way*\ to the Pawnee reservation. \The';;.| i i^ne^:ye^ect'-'tb- muster 1,600 Warriors, and propose to prosecrite are- . lehtlesS; waiagainst the SiouxV •:•'.' ; : ; 0BA^E:S, in .'•MAssAoiitfsfeTTSi— 5, C 4b^.ot^ gerijeral deputy of the Patrons\ of 3\£usbandiy - is; at Bpstph, ehdeavpring to es^ .' tablish a suboyainaiie grange at the Hhibi- 1 - •jfe adai*6ssed!' $ nieeti^g at tM. cpmniercial excij'an'ge, in'that city', on Tuesday, stating that.he had^ established tturee granges in \Western Massachusetts. '. 'Tft'feAsf SEifr SP&N:ER»S forthcoming re- 'pbt£'p v f.i^o4^S : 'and\'se'ciJiriti@'s redeemed and destrpyed during the yeairending June ..30th, W$, ;sh()w| a|;Qtal6f $144,?93;,963.-- ' jTlip average,daily%stitildtipn of fractioiial ettp^ney was oyer $iiOj(50(j.. .^-he amount ; of ; legal; tenders'- jdesttoyed' duting the yea? w^s : ii$6i01^O6^'''. ,\'\ .\• •'.-V ! J'\:' '••'' *•:'. .,•;'•'; |^:pit^:j&'jvlittie ^ istiiigamong the Bcojoerats pflCalifprilia, ,'.Two conyentions ..weife held in San |!ian>- . ;ciscb.ffi'st week. 'One wing is in the railr rbad interest, andtlie: bthef tales side vyith; the farmers' movement. Both have rdade nominations. \ %s. RETURNS of the agricultural department for the 1st of August indicate; a general and somewhat niarked imprpvenDent. in the ( condition and •prpriiise pf the cotton crop since the 1st of .July. , . A cosiPANr of English and :Sc©tch capi- talists are about founding a cplohy in Kansas. They haye. purchased an entire county in that State, atid propose;tp de- vote themselves to and stock raising agiiculttuial pursuits At a mass meeting of the Peoples* Union held in San Praftciscp last week, GrOy. Booth made a speech from whicnwe make a. few extracts, showing the feeling, and ; state of affairs existing on the Pacific: cpast. ' Touching the disintegration of political: parties, the growing tendency towards the centralisation of power and theaggrega-; tion of corporate wealth, he illustrated the absolute power of the railways over cc»in- mercial business' by special and discrimin- ating rates of transportation, applying his,; remarks to the Central Pacific railroad ahd reeiting its interference in jolitical and mercantile affairs on the Pacific coast. He showed that his general propositions were: neither exaggerated nor sensational. \1 [ appeal,\ he said, ^ k to the experience of every business man in the cpmmuhity who takes part: of feels an interest in public af- fairs, to say if he can get together a com- mittpe for the purpose of considering any questipn of public importance without in- stantly feeling the encroaching power of this railroad monopoly. The moment such a committee trenches upOn railroad ground, how many feel that it is danger- ous ground, full of pitfalls, for their pefcr f sonal safety! Attempt to create an or- ganization to resist a railroad demand-^no matter how bold and unscrupulous—rand ho.wmany will tell ypu: 'I shotild hike to join ypu, .but it win injure fne in mty business: the railroad can take away my special rate or give discriminating facilities to my neighbor. They can give out all along the line that none of their employes shall deal with me. They can ruin mer- chants who will not regard their orders.— It may be a questipn of ruin, of bank- ruptcy, pf bread to my fapiily.\ The struggle of his. manhood is earnest and painful, but the yoke is ujjptt his neck, the iron ittjhis soul. A ballot box is Stuffed or returns are altered to carry one railroad subsidy, and then another demand follows. M-en will say: 'I know it is wrong ; it is ah outrage;; but my property is in the city.— One cannot effect its ultimate value, but it 3s^a#g>a^eil; \ainl; -••$&& cOx&^rtisettT^&rys^ prices by their threats,' arid t should soon have the sheriff at m,y door if I resist their demands,' Even in the country' farmers will tell you that rates of transportation may be charged or their depots moved to their dlsvantage or their aocpmmodations restricted, or they tell ypu they owe money upon railroad sections with imperfect titles, . and that they, too, are in the toils. To one community seductive hopes are held out. Threats are made to another to sway both to monopoly's will. Go through the state, and.upon;the pulse of industry there is ah iron finder ciOuntirig its beats ^upon feyery .throat, these is to iron. hand that .tightens or relaxes its: grasp at the ihstahce or caprice of\ an iron-will. . I have ...said | npthihg of. 224,000*000 acres of pubijc lands irrthree times the area Pf. Great Britain-^ (given.to railroads companies,, and at the last session of Crpgress 'bills were intro- •auced..;gi*ing 180,000,000. more* There is not a j>ie.ce of p«vate .or. public prbperty upon our nationaldpmaiti,, which Spine in- cipient or fuil*grpwh^ monopoly has not fixed its. covetous eye, arid which it does not hope tb: obtainihroughVspme jkind of political eorriuption or bargain and sale.'' HO.w io..R.iis.E.'PEiL0aES.--Mr..Chase- Halstead of 'Pprter,; 'sayS the\. Lockport Journal, has a peachPrchard of about three acres, which will produce irom three to five hunted prates, of very; fine poaches this season. . The orchard was planted seven years ago this spring by placing the pits in the ground where the frees were to stand,- They were never budded and nearly every tree produced fruit true to the kind and much nicer. The orchard commenced bearing at three years old and hasi pro- duced good crops ever since. Hi'* Halstead thinks thatit injures a peach tree to move it, ahihe gives it as his theory #hy he has peaches when ..there are so few in the cpurttyv.,. ',•., ;•'•.... •' ... ... , •. '. ' THfe health Of t)i. G> P. ittMi tfie mife- siohary to the Sajidwrjeh Isldttdsj: %hbsp death has preVipiisly been anhpuricod,; had: been feeble fprmprithsi , He .died sitting in his phair, aiid the deniise Was s6 (juiet that hisatteiidahts thought him asieep. ( . INDIAN, HttRPEjBS.--The \Unitecl 'States 'agent for the Creek Indians states thati since the first of May twenty murders have been cbrnrnitted in the 'ScopO Of a County Containing less than 15,000 persons. Not one of the murderers have been Arrestedbi punished. • ' ' . '\ .' ',.„\''' •'•*''• ' '•' TJlR report that,CohiinpSore Tan^er-- bilt tyas dying is set at rest by a dispatch from Saratoga stating tlxat he was playing euchre at eleven plelock last eyehing. 01? 26S deaths in Bropldyn last week, 202 were chMren- under five years of age; THE grand jttipyi rt-js) editpr there Trpii*Cfej:any HERALD. ,25 PEE YEAR f. Livingston, \county have brought in ifti,hdictmeht for murder against Dr.. BiiiS, .•'% i>liilled John Haas at Dansville spme; tlfl^f lincp* 0ftO3LE^A,JN'^ClfccAGO,^-the Chicago Times 'says': ^hefftl panhotlphgerbecop^ cealed that\ the 4lilera prevails\ v herev Pprty-two deaths %i p occurred so far* LOOK OtiT*—^'O$$|g.to the;death of the leader Tuesday,\ says'a Wisponsin |Mer| \but look out for ah old ripper :o!n ^P^nesdav.\ ovakiMI 1 !!, iliattlie Trusteea of the county of BJonro*,, In the Jocli^gR.'Oii ^ oil the j9tF^«r*ot August, 10J9, i*t> .^.<^?ttock.in the afteniottji 6t that day, t» deciae ;o* bbe petition to the sala TrusteesroaaelSyilidnis* H. wllhiir mii liorensib; T. Howard, t)ein^*t'5BS.jQ*Ity pf 0e jestd^At free holders dwaingpiiBa lestats on the pi^posed road in said $ e ttttpnv« d Ufthle to toe assessed for the damag;e8aiia;*y enses 61layhiff owtavich road: t o lay Put ahd<ni»a a road within the cor- poration. •. of saiid V&Ijfee, commencing at the east side of Jtf.^in stiejei 'r That the centre there- ;of toe: one; a^dv onewhi Ji'ods ndbth from the rfonth line 6t -G: Qsjgodc s.loi; in saidviiVage, and parallel therewith;; the ce south W degrees, east Sff chains alida&lia^^jiOilhe hif' - \ J - southfrpnith i e:Erle<«M'ai pftst S. MOREY, Takes pleasure in announcing to the citizens of Sairjbort and vicinity tliat he has opened a new store o n Main Street, first door south of the Drugstore, where may he found a large assort- .meiw of Boots and Shoes; I«ady KTade Clothing; Furnishing Goods of all kinds; Fd# and Toilet Articles. Adheiring sttlctly to a caslv trade, I shall he able continually to offer inducernents tb per- sons having ready money, subh as are hot pos- sessed by credit housesi. jnM4' S. MOREY. Fairpovfe N. Y. B. Yaxiderhoof &• iXEAXEBS IN Fairport AGRICULTURAL running harles I'lurrin's Eesffdehce,.sMldng:ati^|(iM6 chains and 80 links; riorth-iroxn the section; .corner la the said last rnentioned road, a'ccbx^ irig to the survey of G. t>. Titus, to. the saidfpetition annexed. And Wh,ich road will pass* touGugh. your inclosed »and Cultivated lands. Da^jd\ Augjist 19th; 1S73., By order of the-f-3tArd of Trustees of the village of Fairporti; Mi. OTIS CJJAPJP,ClerkviJro.tt57»y of the Board of Trustees of the Tillage, Of ^\airport. N. Y. BEACSiJ Jobbers an| AK3> AMi KI»iDS,0* . •\ * SAI.T AHB WATER LIIIK. MdQ,figg, Stove, Chestmit and Blacksmith's T HE UKDEUSIGHE© having thp past season erected a new Agriottlthrftl WOKIES andJoundiTinFairporti ' '•\ ' r • • Opposite tUc Hail Bead Depot Axe now pi^ared ; to do at Genial foimiry Business In all its branches, and are Manufacturing a large stock of FABMrKG 1MTLBSEKNTS of » superior elass for th.e«pring trade, consisting of Harrows,, Corn Cultivators, t^* trodiice of all kinds purchased, : | . l , AtRi , 0KT, H. I. B. VANDEEHOOF, .A.,'VAN NOBMAN Fairport, Feb. 1878, \fetoWtf Pealers in Pure Whiakie^fQ^^edieiriallJse. . 16 FRON*; STKtEET,' •'*'. • IlOCBiESTEE, 1ST* Y. W.. K. BEACH, Ag't. {] <$. K. SWIFT G-o to %® ? Fellows' Clocks, Jewelry, Silver and Rated Ware. &* Also, agent for the DIAMOND SPECTA- CLE EYE-6I7ASS. \Watches and Jewelry carefully REPAIKEI) and satisfaction guaranteed.. Ives' Block., OTain Street, Fairport, N.Y. WM.I qOAL! Having ototaihed the exclusive sale of the ,'.:\\ EAMOtfS'•'• ' WILKESBARRE COAL! I aih prepared to.sell'thetoest coal atBOTTOM v . : EKJJBES:aftaie mail the Of the N/*, * tt B.K. «. Call and examine quality of coal and leave orders. Orders jaaay he'left fttjbhe drug store of' A, E; Murdoff, anid:receive pirdm'ptattentien. CLOTHING WANTED. UP Ypi}' WAN* a Nice Suit. :!*• iOH VfAST a Black Suit, JEF TfOT^'WAN'T a Business Suit, IIP TCOU WANT a Cheap Suit, IF TEjRlI- WANT a nice Goat and Vest,' - BP-iT«lJ WANT a French Yoke Shirt, IJp'lPOto WANT anobtoy Keck Tie, 11- IfOU WANT Furnishing Goods, IF If OTT WANT to patronize home trade, • IF IfOlf: WANT to save time, , jnp.TCOlC WANT TO JSAVJS MONEY, Ives' New Block, Fairport. rs, Field Rollers, i-ljorse Ciilti¥atofs,&c, • i In fact, aiay implement the Faraner Wants to work the soil with can toe had of us. Having had over Twenty ircai**' Experience in manufacturing Faian Irnplenients,-wefeelcori- flaent that we can iurnish purpatrons with a. class of Implements superior t o those made in this section of the State, not only to finish, but in ease of woi'k and durfttoility. We have several sizes of FJCiWWS. cast ox- steel inoldtooards, Wood Or iron beams a s should he desired, Com a light twO-horSe to a heavy Jhree-horse, We have whatWe tyfSPtt a.riding, or Siolk^r Clilti^ator, Something new. Call and see it.. It is adapted to wotking-jh com as well asthe fallow. We have a large variety of COT» Implex ments, adapteel t o all krndsof Ixoed crops. We rnake aField Roller that is superior to anything of the kind in the State. It is in two sections, iroii heads and double flanged, to re- ceive t^;o and One^half inch oak stave, and is thirty-seven inches- ih diameter and seven feet loh&, unless otheswise ordered. Wo'shall keep the repairs for all of theleading P^ccwsthat have toeen sold in this section. REPAIRING of 'MOWING AND REAPING MACHINES made a specialty. Good Oak and Ash LuroDer Wanted in ex- change for impiem ents. AIsbrOM Iron, east and Wi'oiight. Pick up your old h-ori and bring it to onusl TO FARMERS. The undersigned would call the attention of Farmers in this and the towns adjoining, that he has the agency of the COMBINED Reaper & Mower which is the toestimachtne noW in use for reap- ing and.Tnowing, and will be sold as low as any. Also-, agent for the TiLYLQB RAEE. HENBT WILLIAMS, Fairport, Jaine 6,1873, 3efov6 Simmons M Jennings Eairport, July2!9!iih, iSTiZ. OTIS CliAFP. auljtt If you want anything in our Hue of goods we can make it for your interest to tmv of us, and if you do.hot want to buy we will pleased to see yoii and show you What -we are doing, and When you go home you can tell your neighbors the first time they go to Fairporti to stop at the Bte-w Agricultural Works, and see what nice imple- ments are being manufactured there.' BUSHNEKL & WEBB. mh7tf (IIAKLIS II. HOWE [Successor to W, S. Russ,] • Dealer, in all Kinds of It X J.W I iWJkWilrfJ ' \ ANi All KIHDS'O* ' Coiantry Produce. Also, a full line of Crockery, Glassware and Wooden Ware. Cheap £\or Ocisli t Cash paid for BtT?*?B and EGGS. I**es' jSiock, Main Street, MORE BOOTSv&frD SHOES, BE1TEB BOOTS ATS-t> SHOES, . CHEAPER BOOTS A$B SHOES, Than ev^rj Gaai and Sefe ^.febWyl. ;;';.;,• • J.H.IVES. , .... Macedon, .\Wayne ;CJOM IN: Y., , Represents the foltdwirig sound and'*elid.b'le .- '••• • eoinpanies: .GontinehM,' New York, assets Over.. $ 2,000^000 Niagara, New York, . , \ \ 1»26S,°00 jatm BttUdtngs, BerJrimer, \ \ „M0,O22 Waslfingt()tf Life, N!e.w York, \ \ 3^00jOM mtsmm, . ^ie^a., \ \ 350,ooo Policies issued in the above Gompahies at reasonable rates, bosses .faii-ly adjusted and pTGnip% paid* , MAfiTIN DEAN, Agent, Office ni>. O. ouildifig. Macedon. N. Y. _ „ \f. A PPLES AH©. POTATOES for whicli M* Higli6gt.';Pnce will be VM. iLiL H'OWAllD Main Street. East Side of Main Stifeel, ffirstdoor Sonthqf Canal Bridge. iKeep constantly on hand all kinds of FRESH AND SiLT MEATS; Also, SMOKED MP DEIED MEATS. We devote our time exclusively to thisbusir ness, and purchase none but the healthiest and best stock t o toe found, and are at all times pre- pared to .furnish familiesj hotels and boarding houses with the choicest quality of meat. t^\ Gash paidfor Hides and Tallow. ttJ^C&UNTBY PRODUCE sold at the lowest market price. . JAMSS•\*.. JENNINGS. \ * iirilUIl, 1\. J i Carriage Painting _ix# JUL* Having estatolished himself' in Fairport fof the purpose o± conducting the Carriage Painting Business IN ALL ITS DEPARTMENTS, ' Takes this opportunity of thanking theputolie fox their liberal pa-trOnage, during his brief sojourn here, ancl asks for a continuance Of the same. I occupy roonis in George G. Bown'g Carriaee Shop, and am prepared to execute A. FIRST CLASS JOB, Fairport, June G, 1S73 je6tf Please give me a call. rnh28tf Mrs. Wm. BMf *llrs- tt-M. SHAW FASHIONABLE AND DRESSMAKERS, ALSO DEALEBS IN Velvets, SilK«, fcaces, Vlowetn, Feath- S RlboanB, Hoop Shirts, Cor«et 8 , Acc», &c., *c. FAIRPORT, N. Y. tetoi4tf MAIN STREET, Miss Xi. jam OWN, BEAMR IJS\ FasMonable , Millinery AND \ Ritotoons, Laces/Plowera, leathers, Velvet and Woi'Sted Qoods, B66>Skirts, Corsets, &c ; 5^* Store in Chadwick>s Block, Main Street. ya i irport,I'eb : I*,1873. . , * febUtf PERRIN tb ROOD, PAVE GO* TH» Best Stock bf Barrels s-i In towa selling cheap for casb. * Mc< !Shop sitiiated near Sitiamons, Green Auliffe'SDlantogrsill. ,« T * i ,.,. 1 ' . \'.t:-;; ; ' • • i'.Jv .„>,•) •!,-'.-.vi' : -*- 1 \•i$ : :'i :' ,; ',' ''«[ •'Ij lf-1 f:-§ 1 ^-•iV Jl • I , . »•. -' . - >•. >' 'MM i ? \ I «~.fi$:rj;.-:. 'MM :.M^k *'• •i.'-- :: t M :% • •''. •'>•• ••'•\. ;••£• : ,: M *K •fe sr. i/. KOQD, b21 ! K-

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