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The picket. (Rockville Center, L.I. [N.Y.]) 1865-1870, December 11, 1868, Image 1

Image and text provided by Alene Scoblete, Rockville Centre Public Library; Tom Tryniski

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RATES OF COMMUTATION ox kk §OUTH SIDE llorbl‘ ”to.“ (ORE. | -.- A mak. 6 mor . t mon | Fhere you can buy 'Lm! othmg! =of gm in' maigny. “ff“mfl'wixmunmm od ont, \ Man overhand1*-ahem THE CAPE HuRN GNost whar her |. The aficors and tow ward at the time, bad not an\ | but hearing my shout, A TALE or THRBEA. ,., wer, my velit bene Clarenceville ar so . goo - gas) --ryvons th n * = Jamdex .., ‘H so so . so! CLoTIILER, & ax moose \ltmltfl. 8 . 26 87 3h Would aanounse that in cance we ~- , L the Cheapest. | 8 00 £0 & Mier eepeigert e nR || Poser he Beall vec Ren tn Thill Ler “w'afiza‘hr'tfixm * | Rockville Center . 80 45 65 , crew of the good ship Tmp-«vhpmly *\ to look for my sister, Tt verte no ume, how over | m“ Baldwinvitle. . 85 so Th Freepare .. . A7 55 T3 | he has ty increased his former felliten by Tul (n beving purshaoed the Store Intels > Marriot , L Lar ss T5 uan-mm wi h u he mek, |.... a2 so @ both In New Styles and. Rxtenetve Assortments ond in w & South Oy»terbay ..... 45 65 80 Biman nosh in tile medion, pe tar wilh 0 «F. H. eyant CO” | Amityvi'te \- lar a7 @5 himedi his brotmen ' Rnby lon »nd Beraide. . 50 mo go| eckville Centre, L. L. ss 13 | - . 66 To 870 inant Ner fino, Br Th coh the torte epe pu | | ts . 60 80 100. these moan ie i« catifely coment Unit the mont sera. (BK wat reosivedl a now Stock of [S Las 85 105. palous want of All Clummer of Trade will be fully maine lieves, Delnines, Gi Moline, Ale . . to 00 jog t ile ne Mohair Clollis, Fimicy Dress Bite Polat 7a wa ror] [M8 Goud, lfimlwuu, wod Pulrlnqgua. 1. 15 110 Ware,. &c... de.. I __'\w pointe pelitic, THOMAS R. AGNEW; ain nyt s l 10CERTE®, nf all Winds, 250 & 262 GREENWICH ST., | HARDWAIRE, a General Assortment, me , - y )OTS & SHOES, n eneral nssortment, vases or eText, HOOP SKIRTS.a general. amsortivent, rew york,, \mind“ a General assortment. | Itae reduest the price of COPPERS stoAR | STLERY, a geu- nil nesortment, KE NENE LAMPS & CHIMNE «,General Awsortinent, Y GOODS a general assotrtent From 10 to 20 per cull. aran rea or on u: AlENET TTA. u m b bid notnd Tg. st Coon It', a Genemil assortment, PLoGit and all dad uf 200 and warranted to be of the hest prodnend Is this oomntry | or Imported.. Theme. have boea. manu aetured. Ju. ts 53 FOURTH TR T, BOYS CLO:HING ! 1 hereafter be made more than ever A SPEOLATITY MK NOST COMPETENT & SKILLRUL SERVICES OBTAINED t | fn a branches af the mesufaetaring and stocked with #100 U SELECTED FROM ALL THE o PRINCIPAL HOUSES In NEW YORK a Most THOROCGII AND MAxxiit prosctied the stormy Iitide of Cape Kinto. three qhartern of an hose had etapsed, nnst she} which, by y Among my aboard thbyvease) ws | was by tls ruricd. tor meny to ber ”‘ufil one who peculbitly interested me; a tall slen der youth of twenty one, Mark | Winfield by | me, with ba treany uf coal blick hale Phere wn Yobo oP Yia ten atthe more. \the form the Mr. J. Taylor Wilde, al uns vael 6 T ild merer op. Aint of , timing ne T have shown you ved upon the countenance of any human be- He mbeed little with fils coupmsions, would wall. Gears by- blindly «60. #06060 | ye und, where I vainly besought the captain | theamishing waves. quake. as to whitt I bn \'Two heure ier, pactiig marter : dock | whatVinelshd has done brow, ”MN 290 | iy mafim’n‘n [flu-w mn it'll-u! Staten | I know full welt from as von have seni, on the projecting rock. ; sight deprived me of donscionruest? falling to- sensible I was @nt renthred until we hadipmened M film-sank“- n“:- er to hear or obeervetljone who , \o retary m Inok. for my steter -for the spérif| 18! uf Twelve 1'on lis vicinity, As we apprbached the Cape I noticed that 's inoo gnulually amumed an interested, | j eager look, quite differant from the hlf gee Mell not veer the slip for a madman, ao we pining apathy which ut tee had charscteric Hie eyenuyre dull aud don ioust mw wore wide open with a wide, sluguint expres made thei as nmiuons as stars, Mouticlule every day thut the weather grow | CO 5,4 fer ashore to sou\ the poor git! a- moler, mntal - it | of that poor drowned which I call Vineland Tndustrind Of course. they thought Tarnamaving, and weass del} out cor luv-4! our course, ind Aal y reached Lome, ping: to see sister agin 1. ablpped in this orift, ind as you me state my wish has| dey It has proved IN! | heen. tutfiled. _I knew. she would.. oue, to be a very ularly In lung diseason, yex I know It very well, and. O, how I fy Mel rar | than L had been for long yemra mer was seldom Lint we had the gain. ciury of scelng the captain's cleve -- ©)\ on the morning after Marke relafod. his herw. A need mot wu- wur part, await, looking gid of seventeen, naued Adios W 9! wuory, tike at if bnt wine «aw-511.1 ve found water. The wor m nun-m 55:1\ n“ Kc“. ws was ber custom, . to take . mig about & leagite or so to the with that of Maine Mane? I preceived thar any man abourd ; wits of Every Description, Syle, Size @M vj (ly glauce would oticn waudur toward Fad misa her prounce more | uh fand is Tou * upper retention; me eel h 1 captain what Muck nAd 1 bad seen | frt & Sue tim A weve 1160 -__ uy was induced -to lower a - boat, mp”. can, on a fair average improve your land trom ceeding Fobrwary to Ol Istmma, “fin to DRESS TIIMMINGS, Gener . RESS GOODS, a General Amurtimen, TKD HBT OROUND, 13 Cents 1 # | porming ime Faakion ! that fur Gemvon the quntter eck with un 61 Rew Tou bays & DELATa ES, n gen no leas NIE LARGEST AND MOST col W‘T'“ “ad ”it“? stowed bow 2,000 0¢ | There was sign of it now however, al- MY son unc dunghton have LANNELS & SHIRTINGS. a geal mw ne cP Alne purees Stock oF \20 wwe Ipro) wilh han {, we discovered a mek, the conformation “ML“! work 3! an dow, nt PRICBN every JCK Oh Ades, in her turn, 1 fancied, 100% 8006 IM+ of which pare some resemblance tn a woman's I® fact, except whittle du 's & Boys HaATsw Cabs a ' nt, eral Assortineni men Amor n YUNG, agen' w GLASSWARE in General Assorts 'ARTH WARE, i Assortment, CLOAKING, a. General Assortinent, .. | Terrible Disclosures ! rO8TERY & GLO A ARCRET3S KQzt PMR Mick mom ealoste and steaper sha in any i Chaw Pot fl~ ernd nos TATIOXEIN : a ue CLOTHS. a ( iEADY MADE ( w ime w ke As a Me vine pies wan wee Mle ovale Wty for cach waver save a ante la Wie life cose: ait, dusky co oud rsell myy hogse lu the dy -LiGmu v reut to pay : Imports and bave Genemit prictcations A wrk uP w rage and M0 onl | YaNIEE SOFON®: a gal main. to a The Largect Stock, ar romeo on Man mud Wom t, their MAINTS, OILS & BRUSH ES, i gon'l namo L., BALMOLAL sig LHC] geud msort (] YOOLEN GOODS, Gener Assortinent \ ie 1C medie foe th de spol cue thar un Iu. £. t wT BIt ha long been. add ull hoa « bat at the narnent orc corro & w NG, goon L nac, 5 2) role s at thevanrert all TABLE COVIER, a Gener Assortinent. R trae the mestium of In thie ong, marely wid ue, bo HY Worsted of all kinds, . pr nil: I for ol o \\ad Tit, No. YARNS & ZEP wixDow PAPERS, WINDOW SHAD WALL PAP KU., & With we intend to keep all i ada of. Goode mutate For THE COUNTRY TRAD Our Millinery Drparttient, as. heretorore, willis con- ed by ar wmman Rookaw ay. nr work. sich mud tn. the one ready to receive u thee wort or will please Mrs. Losea, ooc City - Prices. a Cash paid for Grain. _ ; W hie whiten nectetaner. we will iy to, am! modate all who give mea call. We luvite parts tention w our Clothing Department, clit CAINAN ® sii0ns, couples hie oem storm. ourht . ars Lough! for Cueh at the lowest ut | vison at., New York Lu] -U vhf _ ‘ Cul no, Iment' snape ( To the Public. \ Custom bevaxt te The Stcam Grist min #20 Haste »I the mone instadtous. 53 Fourth St., and 98 Broadway F Our motto is i- Small profile and gillc returns ' CLOTHIN terest iu the melinchaly youth. furm und which seen through flying apmay and I have had no work w || bo due thie we cure \lu sight of the Lienk t Na s be found In New York or ie victwiy. t Goods the dluek, n ight be ndstaken for such. wa me n wtriety 2\ caa as wid shores of Staten Land, Here the sw \l\ iin 11 1 could aay, however, could not persuade fumily has not hum weiow Tik maces or Any of vorves wens s0 titt our SMP 81 ypley now ioc pal'nat reaily acon the ante ' : i e \ or ri i ados vlelt from ® h Haver burked slie end of her meany and whut ntt of Toy drowned riser and the 'act that be r wae u pager sore® The Best Garments, The Lowest Prices, vlied to leew One murnfig a ing along likee a winged hou over the pale blue , guy', 'goltly'y “M. und w bim into | There are on two. ways hice M~fi¥£¢mr . , whiltl the dowd from alongxide of pon the nil-rm“ nml pietged our | wally orl a Took demersal | seleton of his poor alten fur down ntpng the ppled, and qul i\ m could mut see it now soemed to fill til with deep deeprir. . He grew _ wider sadder every | CU \N“ bave been well din-colored cloud came tear dark caves under the Cape | Horn waters, that WM commencing uljuist will, . stand by u clew | CAT Cet, Mts O\ Mala-flu wht | man will put ble. Md o ai in a a . with, and will not keup M IN THE METROPOLITAN DISTRICT The men 1pm“: to obey ; nt the same mos | everlusting thunder, ambition, why Lllll he a: \ ment, a protomged, bunituing nose was beard uny wher and he only \Ln— ¥. attention w nton be fvon to the GBI: | Th the mus pro arly adenonilcent in o snc t elt. The chuirint. rlectlon» of olnzeut m tur Nom W. L. WILDE & BRO., BKOOK LYN E. D. a Taylor wito® IIE EARLY ROSE POTATO FRER-- ney your Aoticu,tuRrat Axt ait OLTY REAL MONTMIANFY P the teat o ( conn cnn cece c cnn cnn -- her net the RVA: with ( Nw, KEISLER sill remsias with ns ) Is. aud will he the LA MOW S 0 Kotick To cumprrons. Bor it ho chars in the C hle Bomar Pree 1 rect An ul Nth hart harner wt mre, \ \“;1.'(‘\3.‘\ Parruant to an order of toa, Witham MT antertonic PITA, and mire-mum“ ng Clown t (Queene in her by uly [purchased from us Heep a very good tirtt eer eom; decensa, to exhible the samme with 1 #. FRANK Cop's chen t ihe rebreriin. mo £0 'of Mid or cdt t thew at Backe reopmethro \SUPER-FPEROSPHATE OF 3:1:ng wns Of Mempatend 06 or before LIMB Tieu Rin * \ Sita g Admiahiratare, &c. | nella at 998 pat tow. wanna-null. an ' ont Goods comparn <c CALELNBERG & VAU n JOHN ». RHobEs & sow.. &A flee immcm Rockville Center... %, May Lt, 1908. | tico Ann‘?” pr a DANIEL CLARK, | thr, Warcentmse mad aan a®o. cooysacion wr naw, Mw Nw yhe Mein rnd Prov sorvete Mampttent 11: __ yr‘mm 18 iwnerepy olyE® te “s:- Kotor To ertprrons. ino \ it 1rqlf.°n“.‘.'.,. .,n..,m Par-until! m onder o Hen. Wittzm i iy £75 Sites ou aiwuna Ties nso ra ot Tamien® nflu‘: 1mm In] Pus of tie town ot Kr stead Tu the. ank - T ‘§,wm~ 8.7mm.“ Munk Vou vieemeed bo exit the same um m. us aout WEN wo in me anm fly; sane\ _..u‘ Toc w «of anid deemased, at the residenge of TimotBy T 4 w Maud four. Are at Mubime to she md Town of Hemqpscend on WM\ | Thal mg“ \um-4mm» We teach day of Aprt neo wre ; basal Tesad sai 190. DAVID BEDsLL a “mm-n hats d re “WWW“ vr ih of told lao ala chabe» [Passa m.. ammonites Tinted Revert t. 100 KoTio® To CREDITQRfl human-undiv- Wnuua M. Oxurenin. ol hhwn pun in“ mo Nade n:- r. _ Sowe B, Bh aint bet ine dt ' CE RLD ® N BEITALNNIL 60G:; _. of the tmnt ot eople #0 ins an goplonpet ar anty one dither a mar Every mbsertber in fl’am tew eil! mehve w fr-r reluuge of BAULY m1“ Po 3” ao world nu'hll Wik wore\ ys erbecs for 1960, to Jugal d ie Ther moreris siden bii aet t nl dcte Iva from Bme their an reaches me Cesis | wil mayer tarve monite -from Oktober to Jannary a firty cent, pa c ageut the EARLY ROME PDP VEORN, post jaid rome to thir mot vnitiable y ato G the wo bt early mltl lost sesso aim-n WW wive bashel, and at ( dotisc a pe : mavate to weiy evn, ield enor: “L\ “SR-LE“ m.“ he m erv onine wane ve} was Jimmy, s 9 ae wod aries on haw nut—awful- mum.“ Io tus mast nu‘ mun. r> before meend Wad agente \I'm f Ilmbuum-hmm Pik. kufi'in'a'i'nflx and ten, like on thowsgitd exploding bomtw, the storm cue upon us. - t vappain \ bound Our ca w was torn Hlke brawn. paper ; - tue sheets \Lines and buntifues ull snapped ne- vmmmuo “Puma Fron \o. ¥ F - under pack throm, and then there wis a | ner- Ma. Borron:-In terrific érash ws our maintop-mst went by the I What Iubuth y ania little Ambition will do, wa wont to the Academy of an. an Men with hed to 11 sand acon | - doit ”Trmmmxm wattar bill with | celebrated Wecuurer um Men with axes rshed to the wreck, and soon |- wewly w & for furr will mae a man in the must drltted cloar |_ worth tuatoe uni/um} doliare. MM llrh ww, however, we were enveloped In masses uf lilludinng apriy, n> whikzing keel the | Mfr, Eline: wlitp boomed ai turough the turbulent waturs. | farming and \gettng aloiy\ ¢ “ls seas oune pouting over\ both rally, nod | vrulty 5. “who \gimmi- frome llm|lmlnrl quivered trom stem to avery the | unce, expecially as bearing off p fare anid mitzzen mult reeked Mke wilow sticks | suecsey wirch hive hitherto Gpetiea, wll scemed on the polut of gutng every mio= | conttuae open fier, town Fmfuatrfout m»- of wale raged all wll day thew throug wrouned, crenkng and sirmiming, as II every ju-| | xtint whout to Toward dusk 1 has occaston to go. forward, | cnnun here wtibing Wintly, coma which 1 coald , of yourgg Mark, the hipmnte alluded to. Une arm “a mmmw pointing toward the umm This“! Uorre ® heard him exam-- * there aho ta! = Waedd Ind “Minn, i n‘v‘ifitmlum an el- evead wd w be W911 t Yasm- flow: Fotinded pro- pormous urnu Sgure, the drooplog mante.she waving bnir} W last colld 1b nrean T-hew, in the name of Ia wom Ine beagh preristuued hi w © kwew ited 3 b haves brom inoking: forvenrd ws tile moment ewerdiner | shipped- n fet tt with. nun-n wloue, that \1 did culty, owing to tha, raslinng of the torrefi® of and two grown . up (Yoh, waier aver our dooks, | Mate, Trauma-hm ttre whe m - I nd nearly guined. the fureonitte, whem T fucturtng bedateuds and hm lob. ‘ lice an- wan w p* speciding awit as i cocker, I bnve thonght that a truthful record at my nome Import | am ill opitat, - To the effect I horety + you y with unabrted fury ; | to the following = freaide tatk,\. whileh can be w wild wom, our stip / uny diy fully verided by the closest may» be lorn wounder have resided in Vineland for Md af my only do with eonsideraule diftl wite, one son. who lost un wem at to the windlass bh, .he persum wan-m- Mttle farming. | during dhe yoing wr wy ‘l wily 3 'out E rut- Liu, just vidble mmh’mflyd m Jnnpilted; rig tn the prifeciion, whit appear m this deso- way, In must move Shuy -Lifo as the ierthou-with iit\ sarpimed the youth: |\ wy l hired tin mome dollars ‘l ought I m\ “an.\ hapt m-

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