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The picket. (Rockville Center, L.I. [N.Y.]) 1865-1870, December 04, 1868, Image 4

Image and text provided by Alene Scoblete, Rockville Centre Public Library; Tom Tryniski

Persistent link: http://nyshistoricnewspapers.org/lccn/sn85025689/1868-12-04/ed-1/seq-4/

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Mha dhutch choir in coming to be. regarded aur | __ Change of Lure «of Pigeat l Wan-Mama Tt la very good school. the toa. | propeay, ont megs preset | When I was a boy all hands in the used to pitch ip: when the ge started, swell the note of praise. tn wan a? the days when they didn't h Auudred thousand dollar church. whi thomand dotter organs,. and agear \TW poople had to do their own 'siiging.- a hundred a tencr,a thou- e andan eight banidred dol- J | OR, ELIXIR, | . bergation cure of that con | ant 'the retliree Wat-lithe; arizes from a condition ofthe i and organic dently, In private practice wish un: n un Yt i how wARY or init hoge | x. ReabDACI ruosiine or & THB icts | hem antl of te - Price Ome Dollar botle-Siz botles \bi-t. *= Five raed ia on ine oss | DK J. BRYAN, _. 96 Past 18th Street, New York. f pv-«d: chi.\ | wen 'The earsentiy requestad u e Pt > PIELS. SPECIFIC ar orice: hade Ther < roziry Tik #1009, oa Drie Ipo Tri ACrage Hegel TX I Havas, ~- _ TC. \96 Bait 15th aoa 000. \ omm noont war wk mis sr: 8. Pin- | Butter, Eggs, Grain: and Pro- CLOTH®, #6., «C.; Alsen tinge sortment of I FANCY GOODS, Dress Drimmings, asp MILLINERY G00DS- Also a articles requisitefor V essels' Use, flair DANIEC C. HAVILAND. BEAXNANX L rem # Co., 3. muml'lfljom ~ 'MAVNTAND, comBs Manufacturer of, and Dealerin 'An - Extensive Assortment of with! Fashion _C L 0 F £ I ¥ G! ALSO, BOYS' CLOTHING, N o. 2yBowex‘J‘theh ¥ o rk Anguet 10th; 1668. -if CORDAGE, PAINTN + OTU8, BUILDERS & =t A RD w a té. It is cur latention to ell al our géods at AS LOW <A PRECE | s TauBy cay nHBOUGHT IN NEW FORK CHW, GR ELSE whERX 'We are always reaty totake to exchange duce Gonerally. I We nre now ready to furnish of Thx Farmers and Gardeners One of the Bes Flerii rere i Use. IgRADHURY PI¢\N0 THX AMTA TLK §04NO. , ce CARMAX & STMO\S, prwore tue £27. Krom persons! 's Naxe Roctawar, Is I Merch #7th »maintance with this rm. we PROTECTIVE OLT \Ri Ua on |) Mercantile Reference e are ustig the SCIBLTZEK & 1s iss HAW-11,011“! Naw Parsn ~Monitar - Plas Fiano T the t inmme to she atas of he Lord: n’b'uu' I __ pne} Plapor in eur tentlce snd mey give ' wi p \F dour s. Va. The Pate Planase tric E, R. JangaBishop M; B. Charch,New Fork. {fiat litres \Mr“: Eaniel Wise, Editor Sunday Bchoo! Advocate. . time altowinga D. D. Lore, Editor Nortbent Ail¥scate. oat o wt ( Dr. James Porter, Book Arjiiit, New York. aeth $a yell tee Rev. This. Sewall, WOh'os, Brooklyn. | .,7 f dnes .o p,,... Hy. Fri Mattison, Trintp Oh'ch, J're'y City. « \05 t Pree, Dr. J. P. Dork, 'Missiota,N. York. | a at wedi, ead the | Theodore Then, Editor i pot m. have toannounce ins: Robert Bon \M'KanznlA-dm.

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