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THE PORT JERVIS DAILY DHION, SATURDAY EVENING, AUGUST 4,1888. POWDER Absolutely Pure. Tutt’s Pills ■will sa^e th e dyspeptic from m a n y davs o f m isery, a n d enable liim to e a t Tvliatever h e w ishes. They p rev e n t S i c k H e a d a c k e , cause th e food t o a s s im ilate an d nour- isli t lie Dody, g ive l^eeu appetite, and D e v e l o p F l e s h S o l d E v e r y w l i e r e . OflSlcej, 44: M u r r a y N. Yc i f t e r n t x i e m . HA.TUKDAY, AUGUST 4, 1888.: PCTBLISHED EV E R r^EVENING EXCEPT SUN f 2 kd and Proprietors. OFFICE, FARNUM BUILDINO, PIK E STREET TERMS—T hk D aily UirtoM will he delivered by carrier to village subscribers at ten cents a week Sent by inatl tor $5 a year. T hk T ki -S tatks U nion weekly. Is Issued every Thursday morning. Terms tl.SOper year, strictly In advance. Orders by mall for subscription or advertising will iddress Til REPUBLICAN NOMINATIONS. FOR PRESIDENT, GENERAL BENJAMIN HARRISON, Of Indiana. FOR VICE-PRESIDENT, LEVI P. MORTON, Of New York. W e are nncom p rom isiiiK ly in favor of th e A m erican system of P rotection; Wo pro test against its destruction as pro ­ posed b y tlio P resid e n t an d b is p.arty. They serve th e interests of E u rope. W o w ill su p p o rt tlio interests of A m e rica, W e accept th e issue, and confidently apiieal to th e people for tlie ir Judg­ m e n t. Tlie iirotective system m u s t be m a intained.—RErunr.iCAN P l . atform . ^ w e r S y WAIT - , ipHQSPHnESJ ^ B R A I N , NERVE j J AND LIFE-GIVING TONIC PLEASANT AND AGREEABLE TO THE TASTE, Lets on the stomach and liver. Increases tht ippetlte, assists digestion, builds up the weak kiall and broken-down. Useful In Dyspepsia r o f Appetite, Deadaclie, Insom n ia, Gen, D ehiliiy, M a laria, Zach o f Vitality, Her ! JProstration and Exliatistion. soils JProsi For Sale hy all Druggists. CURE Sick Headache and relieve all the trouble* Incl* dent to a bilious state of the system, such as Dta- ziness, Nausea, Drowsiness, Distress after eatinif. Pain in the Side, &c. While their most iemsr»< •ble gucceit baa been shown in curing $(CK Headache,yet Carter’aLittle Liver Pills are ecint% Yalnable in Constipation, curing and preventing this annoying complaint, while they also corre« *11 disorders of the stomach, stimulate the liver and regulate the bowels. Even if they only cutal HEAD ___ ! in 80 many ways that they will not oe wUiiag ‘‘ ache I«-thebane of so many lives that here Is where w« make our great boast. Our pills cure it while others do not. Carter’s Little Liver Pills are very small an* very easy to take. One or two pills make a dose. They are strictly vegetable and do not gripe or purge, hut by their gentle action please all who use them. In vials at 25 cents; five for $1. Bol* by druggists everywhere, or sent by mad. C A K T E B M E D I C I N E C O ., N o w Y o r k C ity * . “JUVEEN” overthrows Dyspepsia Buy a box of “ JUVEEN\ 25c. and mail the outside-wrapper to Hamilton Chemical Co., P. 0 . Box 1864, New York,and y ou will receive F r e e 30e. worth o f charming Photographs for fam ily entertainm ent—foreign views, celebri­ ties, etc. W h at is JUVEEN t\ “ JUVEEN\ is a purely vei/etaVle and absolutely oound o f floe substances in the luijar coated pills. lUY^RINGERJI iSoB MwsMim b other wringers, and cosh F hot little more. # EMPIREfreTSj W f fiSA N T E D . igenw wanted orerywhere. Enirire W. Co.. Aubara, W. J Itep u b lic a n S t a t e C o n v e n t ion . H eadquarters R epx ’ betc . vn S tate C om ­ mittee —T o the Republican Electors o f the State of ic Republican electors of the New York : Th( State of New York,and all o thers who m ay de­ sire to u n ite with them in upholding the p rin­ ciples o f the Republican party, as declared in the platform adopted by the last National Convention, are hereby requested to send del­ egates to a State Convention to be held at Saratoga Springs, on Tuesday, the 28th day of August, 1888, a t twelve o’clock, noon, for the purpose o f nominating candidates for Gover­ nor, Lieutenant-Governor and a Judge o f the Court of A ppeals; also for the transacti( such other business as may properly come b e­ fore the Convention. Each Assembly District in the State -will be entitled to representation in accordance with the basis established in the State Convention of 1.885, and upon which sub­ sequent conventions have been held. J. N. KNAPP, Chairman pro tern, Second A ssem b ly D istrict R e p u b lican Con­ vention. The Republican electors o f the several towns comprising the Second Assembly District of Orange c o unty are requested to send the usual num b er o f delegates to a convention to be held a t Middletoivn on S aturday, Aug. 11,1888, a t 2 o’clock p. m., to choose .six delegates to Convention to b e held at S aratoga August 2.s. The p rim ary meetings are hereby called for Friday, A ugust 10, a t 2 o’clock, a t the place o f holding last town meeting, unless otherwise directed b y Town Committee b y public notice five days prior, Dated August 1,1888. >Rep. Dist. Com. A short time since the Gazette uttered an agonizing wail in which the Democracy was urged to arouse from its lethargy. Now it is the New Haven Registei' ( Dem.) which hoists the flag of distress and wants to know “ the reason of this masterly in­ activity.” It says “ we may as well be frank, while we are upon the subject, and stafe the situation as it is. The chances to-day in Connecticut are against the Democrats,” It is evident that some Democratic editors are awakening to a painful realization of the exact situation. •'i4 A DEM O C R A TIC T R IC K . T h e D e lusive “A v e rage” o f th e M ills B ill Effectually E x p o sed. Clef'eland Leader (Rep.) The most deceptive misrepresentation of the Free-trade organs in regard to the Mills bill is that which asserts that the bill proposes an average reduction of 7 per cent in the whole dutiable list, from 47 to 40 per cent, and that, therefore, it can not be very injurious to the industries of the country. For the purpose of illustration, we w ill take ten leading articles on the tariff list, and show how they are affected by the Mills bill and its alleged “average reduc­ tion” o i l per cent, as follows: Present d u ty. Mills bill, Redue, Iier cent. per cent- per cent. W o o l ................... .Y) free Salt ...................... 40 free S u g a r ................ 82 08 Rice .................... IIX) IIKI L u m b e r ............. D Iree — T inplates ......... S4 free Hemp and Flax.. 20 free — American fruits. .'IS free Cutlery ................. 3,5 Earthenw a re ... 55 10 .. . Average ........ 47.3 on 10 art. tioa^ 4 a rt. 7f i 21.;i on 10 a rt. This list contains articles that the Milks bill puts on the free list, that it allows to remain as they are, and that it reduces, and is a fair and illustrative selection of the whole. Under the present tariff the average duty on the ten articles is 47 per cent and a fraction, just what the Democratic Free­ traders claim. If the Mills bill passes, the new dutiable list will contain only four of these articles, sugar, rice, cutlery and earth ware, the average reduction on which as shown by our talilc, is 7 per cent and a fraction, just the reduction claimed by Cleveland, Mills & Co, The fair way to strike the average would be on the ten articles in both cases, ami that would make the average of the present tariff 47 per cent, and of the Mills bill 24 per cent, and a careful examination of the whole bill shows, a.s we have stated heretofore, that the rcductimi, based upon all the articles in the present list, and not upon what remains after many articles have been free-listed, is just about 2:i per cent. They have passed a hill for Free Trade in products that pay over if^SOO, (100,000 an­ nually into the pockets of American far­ mers and workingmen, and for a tariff for revenue only in products that represent five times that amount in wages and pro­ fits to the same farmers and workingmen. The Congressional committee, appointed to investigate foreign emigration, is mak­ ing some important exposures. Agencies in New York and also in the Eastern countries with their thousands of sub- .agents are constantly on the lookout for convicts and paupers who pay the agents a big commission for passage to this country. They come here and are in the worst kind o f servility—the most degrad­ ing kind of slavery. They are literally owned by the men who pre-pay their passage here. Then they are thrown into the labor market here, and compete with oar honest laborers who are trying to raise a family in accordance with the demands of our institutions. It is time this double dyed slavery busi­ ness was shut down on. We can welcome intelligent independent, immigration to this country, but we don’t want the slums of European poorhouses and prisons. FROM W AYNE COUNTY. L ake , July 29.— We are now having splendid growing weather the frequent showers during the past two weeks ac­ companied with intervals of hot sunshine help vegetation to do its utmost. We have had no better corn weather for years than has come to us in the past four weeks. Hay and rye harvest is well advanced both crops seem to be very satisfactory in volume and condition. The pasture seems to hold out fair, giving us plenty o f milk. As the season advances we notice more and more the absence of fruit—very few pears, no plumbs no peaches, or cherries and the apple crop promises no extrava­ gant yield if the young fruit continues to drop as badly during the month of August as the past month ........ There is a pressing demand for new potatoes, $1.00 a bushel is freely offered for any of fair size. It is generally beleived that the potato crop is to ibe a bountiful one throughout the coun- tiy. Indications seem to point that way but the potatoes have to grow yet, the tops are looking very promising just now, all through this section for miles but there is the blight to fear during the next month if the weather is not to sultry and wet we may hope for a full crop. These crops corn, potatoes and buckwheat are yet to be made and we can scarcely hope for a favorable return from each. ___ There seems to be no very favorable returns from the apiary y e t; very little surplus is reported from our bee men up to this time. We can hardly understand this as there has been a profuse blossom from raspberry do’wn to this time. The white clover even hangs on yet.—P. W. By its mild, soothing and healing pro­ perties, Dr. Sage’s Catarrh Remedy cures the worst cases of nasal catarrh, also “ cold in the head,” coryza, and catarrhal headaches. .50 cents, by druggists. Ayer’s Ague Cute “ breaks up” chills and fever, expels malarial poisons from the system, and restores health. War­ ranted to cure. __________ A yer ’ s A gue C ure is sold by T. R. Anderson, 9.5 Pike street. The marks of premature age may be ef­ fectually obliterated by using Bucking­ ham's Dye for the Whiskers. It colors uniformly, and always give satisfaction. COULD NOT KE15P Shop without them. I considei Sulphur Bitters a^ remarkable bh iider your lood puii- )le, — by*your m( Bitters is si I entirely The sale o f Sulphi here that I could not keep shop without them, E. S. Y ates , Pliarmacist, 99 Es­ sex street, Lawrence, Mass. uave useu a juim c jji relief they have given w) dyspepsia,\ dizziness, pain constipation dnd disordered in the side, ired stomach. Backache is almost immediately relievod by wearing one of Carter’s Smart and Belladonna Backache plasters. Try one an J be free from pain. Price 25 cents. YVoiilU You Believe The oroprietor of Kemp’s Balsam gives aw a y thousands of bottlfes yearly? This inode of advertising would prove ruinous if the Balsam was not a perfect cure for coughs and all throat and lung troubles. You will see the excellent effect after taking the first dose. Don’t hesitate! Procure a bottte to-day to keep in your home or room for immediate or future use. Trial bottle free at all druggists. Large size 50 cents and $1. K emp ’ s B ai , sam is sold by T. R. Ander ion, 95 Pike Street. W. M. Detrick has fitted up a at No. 1 Hammond street, opposite post office, and is now prepared to dispense vegetables of all kinds. A fresh stock vegetab will be supplied di •jl3dw2w. laily and orders promptly DON’T I.ET T H E BEES STOP W O R K . Often a busy hive will stop work to send out a swarm. To keep them steadily at work I pursue the following method : As soon as the swarm has left the parent hive I take off the extra boxes for honey, lift out all but one comb and carry them to a irew stand. Next I put in four to six empty frames according to the size of the swarm before it divided and replace the surplus cases and close the hive. I then shake the swarm from their alighting place into my bee basket and dump them before the hive. ‘ they have just left. Watching them closely 1 secure the queen and the work is done. The remainder o f the bees at the alight­ ing place will return to the old hive as soon as they miss the queen. The field bees on the combs carried to the new hive will do the same and I have the same working force as before. The desire for swarming is satisfied and the work in the section goes on as though nothing had happened. The combs removed to the new stand will have retained a plenty of nurse bees to care for the larvte which hatches out and yet the hive will not send out a swarm the same season, as the old bees are so scarce. The captured queen may be placed in this hive.—G. E. Hilton in iY E. Homestead, For over a quarter of a century, physi­ cians have prescribed Nichols’ Bark and Iron as a reliable and valuable remedy for dyspepsia and general debility. N 1(3101.3’ B aric and I ron is sold by T. R. Anderson, 95 Pike Street. A .S*ViC E XO M O X U E IK S - Are you disturbed at night and broken of your rest by a sick child suffering and crying with pain of cutting teeth ? If so send at once and get a bottle W inslow ’ s S oothing S yr ’“« dekn T eeth in g . Itsvai It will relieve the poor little si _ ______ lieve the poo.......... . mediately. Depend upon listakeistakeabou--.. about it. It cures dys- mothers. there is no m --------- . entary and diarrhoea, regulates the fltumacb and bowels, cures ‘wil M r s . W in s l o w ’ s S o o t h in g S y r u p is sold by T. K. Anderson, 95 Pike Street. PILES I PIL E ^ !* ETCHING PILES. 12 POUNDS OF TUMOR is a hideous thing to ha^’C attached to a hum an frame, yet Mr. Reuben Severance, of Upper Stillwater, [part o f Old Town, Me.] had one In his groin which h e carried for about ten y ears. It began to form about fourteen years ago being a t first hardly larger than a pea. Severance, in his sworn statem ent before ex- Governor D. F. Davis, of Maine, says* “A t first i t did n o t trouble me much b u t as it grow in size i t was accompanied by severe darting pains. Food did n o t digest; had a ttacks of dizziness; roaring sounds in ears a nd passed sleepless nights. In 1885 tum o r weighed several pounds and extended to knee. Now least ex­ ertion caused intense, tearing pain like stick­ ing of needles in flesh. Abandoned hope and took to bed. Physicians declined to c u t it out, s.aying I was too old and weak to survive. Am 76 years of age. Some one recommended Brown’s Sarsaparilla. I experienced immedi­ ate change for b etter. Appetite returned; food ceased to trouble me; ringing noises left my head, a nd b est o f all tum o r began to shrivel u p and disappear. I t is now and has for some time been entirely gone. Can and do good days work. I say God bless the m an who invented this medicine. He should w ear a crown. I mean to always keep by me a bottle of Brown’.s Sarsaparilla while I live.” W ith this statem e n t we have paper signed by po.stmaster, druggist, as well as seven of the town olHeials, stating that they know the above to b e true, a nd ex-Gov. Davis also adds his evidence. There is no case of Blood dis­ ease t h a t cannot be c ured b y BROWN’S SARSAPmiA A ra W arren & Co., Pro- No Loose Bristles! No Bleeding Gums! Perfectly Polished Teeth- Dr. G. B. Bentley, Dentist, S yracuse, N. Y„ t posse.ssei stle brush. ) gum lini wound or irritate the most tender or spongy writes: “ After persoml use I am thoroughly^ th e most tend er convinced that it posse.sses marked advan­ tages over the bristle brush. I t cannot g roove the teeth at th e gum line, neither AT ALL DRUGGISTS. rjNHE J I N E S T FLAVORED ORACK- in the m arket are PAUL & GO’S EAGLE MILK BISCUIT. Look lor an eagle stamp on eaeh biscuit. !Eli3Q.xra, S - u . s i ix e s s Collegre particulars. cor. Lake and W .afer'stZ ^ ^ Ebmrai^N!'Y. X > RIGHT’S DISEASE is caused by JL> ABUSE, EXCESSES, NERVOUS DEBIL- ----- DISCHARGES, FEVERf . .......... STONL.^ 2M B r^w a y . New York. H o o d ’s Sarsaparilla jiared by eompeteiit pliarmaeisls. The com- hination and proiiortion of Sarsaparilla, Dan- a peculiar medicine, and in carefully pre- ed by compideiit pliarmacisls. ation and proiiortion oi Sarsapa delion. Mandrake, Yellow Dock, and oilier remedial agents is exclusively peculiar to Hood’s Sarsaparilla, giving it strength and our.ativc power Mqienor to otliev prepa­ rations. A trial will convince yon of its great inedieinal value. Hood's Sarsaparilla P u r ifies t h e Blood creates and sharpens the appetite, stimulates the djgi.i. and gives strength to every organ of the hodv. It cures the most severe cases of Scrofula, Salt Rheum, Boils, Pimples, and ;ill other al eetloiis caused by impure blood, Dyspepsi >, Biliousness, Headache, Kidney and Liver Complaints, Catarrh, Rheu­ matism, and tlial extreme tired feeling. “ Hood's Sarsa irilla has helped me more ir c,at<arrh and i iipure blood than anything else I ever used.\ A. B a l l , Syracuse, N. Y. Creates an A p p e tite “ I used Hood’! Sarsaparilla to cleanse my blood and tone up my system. It gave me a ood appetite am' seemed to build me over.” ;. M. H a l e , Lii. i, Ohio. \ I took Hood': Sarsaparilla for cancerous humor, and it h, -lan to act unlike anything else. It cured r e humor, and seemed i tone up the whi to body and give me ne life.” J. F. N i' ON, Cambridgeport, Mass. for c,at<arrh and i iipure blood than an’ I give me i Send for hook g n ^ng statements H o o d ’s S a rsaparilla oldbyalldruggist'. g l ; six for gfl. Proparodonly y C. I. HOOD & Ci> , Apothecarie.s, Lowell, Mass. lOO Dosos One Dollar AN OIL ish, not xmrnish. In upon h aving it. Alio sale everywhere. B utton & O t t l e y , M’f ’rs, 71 BarclaylSt., N.Y Sales OYer 42030 ,( ,OPLb, 0 5 Actual Cost Less than $1.25 per G-allon. 'k Highest Grade'\of Excellence; \Sold Under G-uarantee.''*«f , _ Any Building Hot Satisfac­ torily Painted,will he Ee-Painted Free of Cost. • ^ FOR SALE BY MALYEN, GORDON & CO, J J E N R Y DUTCHER, WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER: No. 2Eroflt Street, WATCHES CLOCKS AND JEWELRY BE FAIRED OUR CLUB WATCH HOXviA am o m o FROM S35.00ITO S40.00. By o u r novel club arrangem ent you secure a good watch for $1 aAveek. CALL AND SEE, B ust D a i r y J u n e T u b B u t t e k a t 23 C ents A P o u n d . 4 P o u n d s N ew P r u n e s fo r 25 C en t s . J e l l y B o w l s a .\ d G l a s s e s . T r e O r i o i n a l M. vson F r id t C. vns , a i S iz e s a n d E x t r a R u b b e r s . T h e N e w C r o p l.’^ws J a p a n T e a , E x t r a D r a w , r o u 00 C en t s . HOAGLAND’B, - UP-TO’V ROWELL &. CO, Newspaper Adv. Bureau, 10 Spruce .street, N. F. DUTOHEE’S FLY KILLER! C E R T A I N D E A T H . and are K I L L E D O U T R IG H T . Humanely, .so quickly they cannot get away. Use i t freely. Prevent reproduction, secure serene peace and quiet. Alwaj’s ask for D utoiier ’ s . FOR SALE EVERYWHERE. C O N D E N S E D .T I M E T A B L E . o_of t l i e D e p a r t u r e o f T r a i n s f r o m : J e r v i s —A d o p t e d M a y 3 7 t h . BA8TWAED. CUlcag FarK ana bunerns, arriving m isew xorK dt9.17 A.M. [, Mountain Express. Dally except Sunday, stopping at Guymard, Otlsvllfe, Middle* town, Hampton, Goshen, Greycourt, Mon­ roe, Turners, Tuxedo Park, Sterlington, Paterson and Passale Bridge, arriving In New York a t X0,37; a .M. ■ - ’ ilBLlmltea, - ------------ - — 1. Dally. St. L ou I e ---------- - dletown, Goshen, Turners ai ----- arriving in New York a t 11.52 A.M. 2.13 P.M. Dally, except Sunday, To New York. Stopping a t all stations to Paterson, except OMord, anlvlng in New York a t 4.57 P.M 6.05 P.M.iDaUy. Milk Train. Stops at all stations to Turners (except Oxford,) a ndatSuffern, Paterson. Passaic and Rutherford, arriving In New York a t 11.22 P.M. 7.40 P.M. Dally. New York Express. Stops at Mid­ dletown, Goshen, Turners and Paterson, arrlvInglnNew Y o rkat 10.30P.M. Sundays oniy. Stopping a t all stations ex- WESTWARD. 7.50 P.M. X 10,20 P.M. Erie Express. Stopping at principal sta- 12.15 A.M. Dally. Chicago Express. To Re Buffalo-Ntapni-n Falls. Dnnklrlr. _______ lange of ihurg, Calllcoon, PO R T JE R V I S , MONTICELLO & N. Y Tim e o f th e Dei>artnre of T rains from J e r - A v enue S tation—A d o p ted Ju l y 13. NORTHBBN TEAINB. ). 2—Leaves P o rt Jervis a t 12.30 P . M. and arrives Montlcello a t 2,00 P . M. ■ — —ort rt Jervis a tt 6.45 P . M, and arrives No. 4—Leaves P Jervis a 6.4 Montlcello a t 7.45P.M . SOBTHKEI\ No. 1 —Leaves No. 3-Leav( ___ Por t Jervlervis SOBTHKEN TEADfS. „ Montlcello a t 7.20 A . k I Jervis at 8.40 A. M. 'es Montlcello a t 4.30 \ ’ b J a t 5.40 P . M. M. and arrives in P , M, and arrives in DR. BRADYS’ composed or MANDRAKE, DANDELION, GENTIAN, CHAMOMILE, PRICKLY ASH. &0. The Gfeatest Blood Purifier Known Cures Eruptions and Spots on the Skin, Regulates the Bowers, Relieves Pain and Cramp m the Stomach, cures Kidney Complaints, Dyspep­ sia, Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Headache, , Constipation, Sallowness of Complexion, and all kin­ dred complaints arising from a disordered stomach or a torpid and Diseased Condition of the Liver Price per Bofi/e ; 6 for $5. p a m intneaiae or nacK, or a sense oi smiamg and heaviness In the stomach, with loss olap- petite, don’t fa 11 try a bottle of this w onder- fulmedicine. P rice $i per bottle. w rite to Dr. R. w. Brady, proprietor, Hones- dale. P a.,and he will send you numerous certU- icatea or remarkahle cures by Mandrake Bit­ ters. If you are afflicted with any or the dls- troubled with upstiveness, Dyspepsia,Piles, Nervousness, Sc., should take the Mandrake Bitters regularly lor a time. Reader,il you are enfeebled or In poor health, h e s p e to g et a bottle or this wonderful medi- Prepared by DR. R. W. DRADY, Honesdale FOB SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS- The Illinois Watch Company Guarantee their 15 jeweled ADJUS™^WATGHES Stand the Railway Test. FOB SALE BY ALL FIRST-CLASS JEWELERS. B US1NES8, BUSINESS, BUSINESS. How to do work for business men so that they will p ay larger salaries is taught at THE PROGRESSIVE ELMIRA SCHOOL OF COMMERCE AND SHORT HAND IN­ STITUTE OF ELMIRA, N. Y. : C A TALOGUE ERBE. 12juUy N. A M il l e r , President, EXHAUSTED VITALITY ------ X ^ D E SCIENCE OF >r 8 and the untold miser- F Physical De- bUity, Premature De­ cline, Errors of Youth, _____ sntially. Office, N Diseases of Man. u m ay n e v e r see i t a g a in. Hav?f!TfirCATAWRH EV£ r | sation. There are -' ( 3 ? severe spasms o f | sneezing, frequent I a tta c k s of b e a d - ■ ache, w atery a n d | ■ (flammed eyes. I T ry th e Cure. I em n BALM, h a y - f e v e r each nostril and is G6SS s ' s s f o i ' / s ' s s f e r s NICHOLS’ For Thirty Years this valuable combi­ nation has been used a specific for AGUE and MALARIAL FEVERS, DYSPEPSIA, INDIGESTION, and all NERVOUS DIS­ EASES, such as NEURALGIA, SLEEP­ LESSNESS and PROSTRATION. It i s AN UNRIVALLED TONIC, restoring tone to the debilitated System. NICHOLS’ BARK AND IRON for overworked men and women, invalids and children is recommended by Physi­ cians. Where other Tonics have failed this has made a conspicuous success. Nichols Bark and Iron can be obtained at all Druggists. BILLINGS, CLAPP & CO., Proprietors, Boston, Mass. The New Excelsior. .ms Luiuugu swuLtiy A man who eried in ringing tones— “ I f ye would ease your pains and moans Take P u lque!” “ I was a wreck,” the man proclaimed; “ A dismal wight—my system maimed By p a tent nostrums, dearly b ought, Because they did avail me n a u g h t— O P ulque 1” (Continued next taeek.) (Pronounced Pull-Kee.) P in nUF is a N atural P roduct and n o t a r u u m / C Patent Medicine. leCentui _____ .unadulterated am' ^ _______ O u r circ u la r gives yo mony o f a score of physicians, your druggir\’-iggist’s. be found invalvable. R e tail P rice 5 0 cents p e r Q u a rt B o ttle. FOR SALE BY\ ALL DRU(JGISTS. Jno.L Bonnell, Real Estate & Loan Agent Uommissioner for Fenn’a and Notary Public, offers All the building lots on Main street and Jer- sy Avenue and 7,000 acres. Including a num- sr of valuable farms, situate in Montague and Sandyston, New Jersey, belonging to the late John Rutherford. Agent for the Western Farm 7 per cent. Mort­ age CO. Capital and surplus $760,000. 7 per cent Water, Town and School Bonda Accident insurance Co, of North America. The new Combination Business and Family Building Lots on Lands of Mrs. Mondon. Dwellings in all parts of the village and Mat- amoraa Farms to exchange for village property. Money to loan on Bond and Mortgage. Hotels, Farms, stores, Grist .Mills, Foundries and allother property belonging to a General Agency. Correspondence solicited and inspection In- Office Farnum Building, Port Jervis, N.Y. it and will n o t cost over one-third as much as in the old way. I have now a num b er of walls on of F ay’s Manilla Building Goods which 1 invite the public to examine. Call and see what I have in use; also the goods. Send 3 Two Cent S tam p s for C atalogue a n d Sam - ** I am also carrying a large stock of SLATE “ lA K B L E l Z E U M A N T E L S Of all Colors ihieh I a m selling v ery cheap- LORENZO WOOD, 15 F ranklyn St. Port Jervis, N. Y. 108 sq feet Roofing $2

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