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Port Jervis daily union. (Port Jervis, N.Y.) 187?-1888, July 25, 1888, Image 2

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f a t a a o K ' i j a a n s D A i t t o h i o h , M M £ s i t ) A t s t a s i a ® , tts t t g s , i8 S ^ POWDER Absolutely Pure. T S Isrpow d er n e v e r v a ries. A m a rvel o* o e a u ty atrengrtb and w liolesomenesa. More econom i­ c a l th a n th e ordinary kinds, a n d can n o t h e sold. In c o m p e tition w ith t h e m u ltitu d e of low p e s t, sh o r t w e ig h t, alum , o r p h o s p h a te pow d e rs. Sold o nly in cam . K o t a l B akiwg POWDEB CO., 106 W aU s t r e e t , H . Y. a i i c l a i l i j m i t io t t . WEDNESDAY, .)ULY ar>, 1888. PUBLISHED EVEUY^EVENING EXCEP'!’ SUSS F ako i f s ' u S ” - 1 and Proprietors. OFFICE, FAKNUM BDILDISO, PIK E STKEET TERMS—T he D aily TT n ios will he delivered by carrier to vIllaRe subscrlber-s at ten cents a week Sent by mail for ^5 a year. T he T ki -S tatks U nion weekly. Is Issued every Thursday morning. Terms tl.50 per year, s trictly In advance. Orders by mall for subscription or advertising will please address TKl-STATES FKINTINO CO.. For.' J kkvis , N. Y. REPUBLICAN NOMINATIONS. M s Pills s t i m u l a t e t h e t o r p i d l i v e r , s t r e n g t h e n th e d i g e s t i v e o rgau .s , r e g u l a t e t h e h o w - e ls, a n d a r e u n e q u a l e d a s a n ANTi-BILIOUS MEDICINE. Ill malarial districts their virtues art W id e ly r e c o g n i z e d , a s t h e y po.ssess PECULIAR PROPERTIES in f r e e i n g t h e s y s te m f r o m t h a t p o i s o n D o s e s m a l l . E l e g a n t l y s u g a r c o a t e d E r i c e , 33 c e n t s p e r h o x . S o l d E v e r y w h e r e . Office, 44: M u r r a y S t., i f . Y , FOR PRESIDEXT. GENERAL BENJAMIN HARRISON, Of Indiana. FOR VICE-PRESIDENT, L E V I P, M O R T O N , ()£ New York. W e a r e u u c o m p r o i n i s i n s l y in f a v o r o f th e A m e r i c a n sy c te m o f P r o t e c t i o n ; W e p r o t e s t a g a i n s t its d e s t r u c t i o n a s p r o ­ p o s e d b y th e B r e s l d e n t a u d h i s p a r t y . T h e y se r v e th e int* r e s t s o f E u r o p e . W e w i l l s u p p o r t th e iu ti r e s t s o f A m e r i c a . W e a c c e p t th e issu e , a n d c o n f id e n tly a p p e a l to th e p e o p l e fo r t h f i r Ju d j m e n t . T h e p r o t e c t i v e sy s t e m m u s t I m a i u t a i j e d . —R e p u b i . i c a n P l .\TF0RM. T u t t ’ s P il l s a r e s o ld b y T . R , A n d e r s o n , 95 P i k e s t r e e t . R e p u b l i c a n S t a t e C o n v e n tio n . HEADyCABTEKS UEPI'BLIC.AN STATE COM­ MITTEE—7’o the Ueimhlican Eleetom o f the Istate c f Xew Y o r k : The Republican eleetors of the State of New York,and all otliers who may ue- sire to unite with them in upholding the prin- iles of the Republican party, us declared in tform adopted li.v tlie last Nationai re hereby reciuest egates to a State Convention to Vie held at Saratoga Springs, on Tnesday, tlie 28tli day of August, 1888, at twelve o’clock, noon, for the purpose of nominating candidates for Gover- idge of the the platt Con\enti tR i R W P H o s w i s ; ^ - ^ ^ A ^ B R A I n ’ N E R V E | A N D L IF E -G IV IN G T O N I C rpose o nor, Lieutenant-Governor and a Judf Court of Appeals; also for the transaetii ;ier husinei fore the Convention. Each Assembly District in the State will he entitled to reiiresentation I 4n accordance with the basis established in the State Convention of 188.), and upon which suVi- sequent conventions have been held. J. N. KNAPP, Chairman pro tem j o h K v r o o m a n , ; PLEASANT AND AGREEABLE TO THE TASTI le ts on th e stom a c h an d liver. Increases ippetlte, assists digestion, b u ild s u p th e weak Irall a n d broken-dow n . U seful i n 2>i Loss o f A p p e t ite , S e a d a c J ie, In s o tn n ira l D e h i lity , M a l a r i a , X aefc o f V it a l i t y , N e r lous Prostration and Exhaustion. CHERRY MALT contains blood-mi sustaining properties. It Is friendly a..,* !ul t o th e sto m a c h , a n d c a n be u s e d by thi ie llc a te lady. I n f a n t, t h e aged o r in f ir m , Foi people w ith seden tary h a b its a n d over-worke< oaen i t Is a v a lu a b le tonic. $ 1 . 0 0 p e r B o ttle, F o r S a le h y a ll D r u g g ists. C herry M alt P hospf Anderson, 95 Pike street. •HiTE.s_is sold b y T. B . CURE ■BIck H eadache and relieve a l den t t o a b ilious s tate o f the system , tuch a s DIfi* ziness. Nausea, Drowfiinesa, Distress a fter e ating. Pain in the Side, &c. W h ile their m o st remarS- cble iucceis has been shown in c u ring SICK les i n ^ gnlate the bowels. Even if they only HEAD A cqc they wooid b e alm o st p riceless to those vriifc mffer f rom th is d istressing com p laint; but fortu- natalv their g oodness d o es n o t end here, a n d those who once try them w ill find these little pills valu­ able in BO m a n y w ays th a t they w illnot b e wUliBf to do w ithout them. B u t a fter a ll sick head ACHE J»thehane of so many lives that here Is where w« make our great boast. Our pilla cure it while rer Pills are very small an! pills mak< ' ______ In vials at 9.1 cents; five for $1 by druggists everywhere, o r sent by mail. CARTER MEDICINE CO., Y o r k Q l t y . C arter ’ s L ittle L lver ' P ills arc sold by T. H. Anderson, 95 Pike Street. C^HETKRS^ND VAB^Of^-E^WltSuF^i m tlo n f rom b u siness, a n d t h e A s a b e i Mineral orings Water cures the KIDNEYS, DIA H s , DROPS’T, BLADDER, GRAVEL^AND 2 «i Breadw fiy. N e w Y o rk. ^Uiuliy K O W E I ,! , Ss CO. H O N E Y E X H I B I T I O N S AT FA IRS (Read at the Eastern New York Beekeepers Association. Ought bee-keepers to make honey ex hibitions at our county and state fairs ? I think they had, and I believe that here is a field that has been too much neglect­ ed. 'Ihe great point to be gained is that thereby we can increase the home con­ sumption of honey. The benefit the great cause of apiculture ’would receive from a judicious exhibition of honey at our fairs is that it gives us a chance to bring our honey in its different shapes and ways of putting up directly before a large number of consumers, with yourself behind the counter instead of the retailing grocer, who is often, I am sorry to say, not very friendly to our interest. It gives us a splendid chance to get right at the con­ sumer, so to speak. We can disabuse their minds of the adulteration bugbear, and nail the “ Wiley lie.” How strange it is that this falsehood has secured such a hold on the minds of otherwise inteUi- gent people. It seems impossible to con­ vince a great many until you corner them right down with an oifer of $1,000 for proof and samples. I tell you, brother bee-keepers, if you get up a nice exhibi­ tion of honey and wax with some of the implements necessary in the business and an observatory hive or two of bees, it has been my experience, that you will not be without an audience, questions will gen­ erally be asked you as fast you can answer them, and I know a great deal of good can be done. It also gives us an opportunity to see and talk with the old fogy bee keep ers, those who keep but a few skeps of bees in log gums and nondescript hives, to try and induce them to have their honey made in neat sections, and not lower prices by offering for sale their unmar­ ketable honey. Of course harm to our pursuit might result from an exhibition by persons given to tco much bragging. Some conceited novice in the business might do injury by enlarging upon the number of tons of honey he tbiakshe can produce, and how soon he expects to become very wealthy, without giving as well the dark side of the bueineas, when some severe winter he may loose from fifty to one hundred per cent of his colonies, or the weather he such during the time of the honey flow that every pound of honey he receives he finds has coat him two dollars or more per pound, as has happened in a great many cases this past year. Now just here I want to say that I think a great deal of harm has come to our business by this boasting, and reports of phenomenal large honey yields, it not only induces others who have no natural qualifications into the business to increase the competition, but causes the consumer to think they ought to buy cheaper. It may he urged that by these exhibitions v/e will induce many not now in the business to embark in it. I think not. 1 believe the better Setotspaper A d v . Bureau, 10 Spruce street, N. Y. Way is tO Com e right OUt square and let them see what we are doing. I have made exhibitions at the Saratoga (’ounly fairs for a number of years and have yet to hear of any one starling in the business as the result, but I know it has been the means of helping hundreds, I may say thousands, i)f pounds of honey out of the glutt< d city markets. I think, perhaps, you will agree with me that for the cause of apiculture exhibitions at faffs arc desirable, bat P U T C H E E ’S E L Y K I L L E R ! C E R T AIN DEATH. K ILLED OUTRIGHT. Humanely, so quickly they cannot get away. Use it freely. Prevent reproduction, secure serene peace and quiet. Always ask lor D it c h e r ’ s . ^ O K S A L E E V E R Y W H E R E . •Will it pay the person making them for their time aud the necessary expenses ? We might ask docs bee keeping pay ? Does any business pay ? The answer de pends in a great measure on the individ­ uals themselves. It miy not pay directly the first year, but if advertising is worth anything it no do’ibt will, in the long run. If your fair managers offer no premiums, make a good display one or two years without and I think they will then, rather than lose this attrac'ive feature. There is also a great advantage in being the first one to start anything like this. Now, friends, if these few ideas that I have here advanced will result in in­ creasing the home consumption of our honey, thereby helping to relieve the city markets, I shall feel repaid for all the labor I have given the paper. T U R N I P G R O W IN G . I have been a successful turnip grower for thirty years, not having an entire fail­ ure during that time, and seldom failing to grow a good crop. Occasionally the price of turnips is so good that I make more profit per acre from them than from any other crop, and again the market is overstocked so that I can not sell them at all, and then I feed them. Two hundred bushels per acre is a moderate crop, and four to five hundred bushels are not un­ usual. As they are nearly always grown as a second crop and require no cultiva­ tion, the cost of growing them is trifling. My turnips rarely cost me more than five cents a bushel in the cellar or pit, and at this price they are cheap food for cattle, sheep or bogs. I do not feed them to milch cows, for they impart their flavor to the milk and butter, but for young cattle, steers and dry cows I value them greatly. I have never succeeded in fat­ tening old cows BO quickly and well as when I had an abundance of turnips to feed them, the turnips enabling them to digest a large grain ration. The turnips require a flue, compact seed­ bed, and it is time aud seed wasted to sow them on loose, freshly-plowed land. I have often had men come to me for seed to SOW from one to ten acres of turnips just about the time they ought to be put in, and on asking them about the condi­ tion of their land they would say, “ we haven’t plowed it yet.” I always advised them not to buy the seed, knowing that the crop under such conditions would be a failure, I rarely fail of a good crop of turnips among my melon and cucumber vines, as they do not shade the land so as to smother the young plants. Turnips may follow early potatoes if the land is harro'wed to level and pack it. I have also gi'own profitable crops on clover sod by plowing as soon as possible after cut- titing: the crop for hay, and rolling and harrowing at once to pack it, and then harrowing before sowing often enough to keep the surface fine and free from weeds. If you have fine manure to give s light dressing and will apply it soon after plowing, BO that the frequent harrowings will mix and pulverize it, you may ex­ pect a heavy crop. Pine crops of turnips may be grown after wheat by burning off the stubble, or if it is not heavy enough for the fire to ran in, scatter straw over the ground. The fire ought to be suflicient to burn everything clean and leave the land bare. Then the surface should be harrowed fine aud mellow two or three inches deep and pressed and pulveriz d with a plank drag. The ashes from the straw are a good fer­ tilizer, and there is little danger of the turnip fly when land is prepared in this way. The best remedy for the turnip fly is a thrifty plant. If the turnip comes up vigorous with large seed leaves, and starts at once to grow, theie is little danger, but if it comes up feeble and is choked with weeds,: or bound by a hard crust, it will soon he destroyed. On this account I al­ ways sow after a rain as soon as the land will work, and I consider the caances for a stand and freedom from weeds ten to one better than if the seed had been sown be­ fore the rain, to be washed in and the land packed and a crop of weeds started with them. The land cannot be too fine and level before sowing, and it should be thoroughly harrowed and then leveled with the plank drag, and after the seed is sown the drag without the weight of the driver should be run over it again to cover the seed. I BOW about one pound of seed to the acre and use only thumb and forefinger. With a pinch of this size sown at a cast you are not likely to get them too thick. If you find them too thick it is easy to thin them when they are an inch or two across, so as to show plainly on the ground. Go over them some morning when the !-un is bright, with a harrow. Those that the harrow destroys will soon wilt so as to show if they are thinned enough, and if not,: you can cross harrow. I recom­ mend that this be done in the morning be­ cause the ifiants show better with the sun low. The harrow v/ill help those that stand. When we s-ow among vines we cover by hoeing the land over as lightly as possible. In harvesting turnips I pull clean a space large enough for the heap, say eight feet in diameter, and lay them in a circle, then I pull for a rod wide all around and throw to the windrow of tur­ nips, then as we cut the tops off the tur­ nips are thrown into the center and the leaves are left around the pile to cover them with. Before leaving the heap we shape up the edges and cover carefully. The tops, if rightly placed on the heap, will keep out all rain ond so excluae frost, unless the mercury goes near zero. As turnip haivest is always late iu the fall when sudden changes in the weather are common, it is wise never to leave a heap until it is well protected. In looking over this article I see that I omitted to j;ive date of sowing. The best date, if one could be sure of moist weather, is about August 10th, and the 15th is sea­ sonable. I have grown a good crop sown September 1st. Still, if the weather is favorable and the land in the right condi­ tion it is well to sow a part of the crop the last of July or first of August. —Waldo F. Brown in Ohio Farmer. stimulate the liver, regul do not purge. They are sure ' please LOOK ^YOUMO! ^^Leaurelle Oil k PREVENTS WRJNKLES, Ageingof Skin Preserves a y o u thful, p lum p , fresh c o ndition o f f e a tures. If you desire a transp a r e n t, clear fi’om Dleinisli, or '■ OIL IL , i t cures _______ R E L L E O ts cracldng, chapping, r iS of skin. Keeps fac\ and tones. Without gi GRAY HAIR I f i t is d e sired to gradually d a rken o r x*estore f?ray h a ir t o i t s original o r n a tu r a l c o lor use W E L L S ’ H A I» BALSAM R e stores G ray H air to original color. A n elegant di’essing, softens and beautifies. No grease nor oil. A tonic r e storative. Pi-events th e h a ir com ing o u t r --------- - -------- *■’ Salt Rheum T h f agonies of tiiosn w h o suffer f rom seveio salt I iieuin a re indeserihahle. T h e cleansing, healing, inirlfyiiig influences of H o o d ’s Sarsa­ parilla are unequalled hy any o ther m e d icine. 1 tak e p leasure in jvcom n icm ling Hood’s Sar.saparilla, for i t h a s done w o n d e rs for me. I h a d s:ilt rheum very severely, .alfccling m e over n e a r ly m y entire hody. Only th o s e who h a v e suffered from lliis disease in its w o rst affliction. iny me benefit until I took Hood’s Bars. form can im a g ine th e ex ten t of my I tried m a n y m e d icines, b u t f a iled i “ ALW A Y .S IN A D V A N C E .” “ There is one thing that is in advance of the public demand, aud that is the price of coal. ” The public demand for Dr, Tult’s Liver Pills is always advancing and increasing. “ They have saved me many n doctor’s bill,\ says Ohas. P. Schmidt of Madison, Ind. It is expected that with­ in another decade no family will feel able to be without them. Thousands have been relieved of indi­ gestion and loss of appetite by a single bottle of Ayer’s Sarsaparilla. The use of this medicine, by giving tone and strength to the assimilative organs, has made in­ numerable cures of chronic dyspepsia. Price $1. Worth $5 a bottle. to receive subside, the dis:ipiic.,i disease. My Then the disease iicgan A g o n izing Itch a n d P a in l now T am entirely free from blood seem s to be thor- iiirilicd, and my general health is greatly bonefiteil.” L y m a n A l l e n , Sexton N. E. ClmreJi, NT rtli Cliicago, 111. “ My son had s.ilt rheum on his hands and the calves of his legs, so had that they would bleed. He took Hood’s Sar- ton , Mt. Vernon, Ohio. From 108 t o 135 troubled with salt rheum crack open and bleed. He took Hood’s S saparilla and is entirely cured.” J. B. S ii C O N D E N .SE D T I M E T A B L E . Time of tlie Departure of q'rains from For J e r v i s —A d o p te d M a y 3 7 tli. FA8TWABD. 3.M. l Dally, Chicago Express. Stopping at Middletown. Goshen, Suftern and Pater­ son, arriving In New York a t 7.07 A . M. A.M. Dally, except Sunday. Orange County Ex­ press. stopping at all stations to Grejr- court and at Monroe, Turners, Tuxedo Park and SuffernB, arriving In Few York at 9.17 A.M. 7. 42A.M. Mountain Express. Dally except Sunday. stopping at Guymard, Otlsvllle, Middle- town, flampton, Goshen, Greycourt, Mon- BIG MOKEY with the only official lives of Harrison & Morton Exquisite steeJ portraits. Votei-s’ Cartridge Box, Protection Policy, &c., complete. -3000 agents at work report immense success. For best work,^best terms, apply quick and make dladelphia. Pa, XJENSSELAER POLY rECENIO IN- X V S T IT U T E , T B O y , N . Y. jontains list of R vat for 62 years, with their position; also course Tumei _ _____________ _ . ___ jrson and Passaic Bridge, New York at 10,37;A.M. 9.10 A.M. Dally. St. Louis Limited, Stopping a t Mid­ dletown, Goshen, Turners and I^aterson, arriving in New York a t 11.52 A.M. “ I w a s seriously 1 m e d ical Oxford, aiTlvlng in New York a t 4.57 P. 6.05 P.M.;Dally. Milk Train. Stops at all statk to Turners (except Oxford,) andatSuffe I treatm c hC I decided to try H o o d ’s Sar-saparllla. I ; in n o w en tirely c t The marks of premature age may be ef­ fectually O b lite r a te d by using Bucking­ ham's Dye for the Whiskers. It colors uniformly, and always give satisfaction. T o - N i g h t a n d T o - M o r r o w N i g h t And each day and night during this week you can get at all druggists’ Kemp’s Balsam for the throat and lungs, acknowl­ edged to be the most successful remedy consumption. Get a bottle to day and keep it always in the house, so you can check your cold at once. Price 50c and f l . tSample bottles free. M Y W I F E .SAID to me last night: How much do you sup­ pose we paid rut for doctors and medi­ cine in the la.st year? I told her I did not know. To doctors I have paid nothing, and five dollars’ worth of Sulphur B if ers has Kept health in our family. L. A k d e e w s , 12 Bowdoin St.,Boston. P IL E S ! PILE S I ITCHING P ILE S . ilDg and stinging; ______„ IL al owed to con- [ often bleed and ulcerate, _______ _ . _ ______ JWAYNF’S OlNTMKNT SCOps thC itching and bleeding, beals ulceration, and In most cases removes the tumors. A t druggists, or by mall, for 50 cents. Dr. Swayne & Son, Philadelphia. Backache is almost immediately relievad by wearing one of Carter’s Smart and Belladonna' Backache plasters. Try c and be free from pain. Price 25 cents The action of Carter’s Little Liver Pills is pleasant, mild and natural. Tliey gently timulate the liver, regulate the bowels for t h r e e y e a r s , and receiving n o benefit from e d t o t r y H o o d ’s irely c u re d o f salt -urn; my weigl f h a s in c reased f rom 108 lbs. 135.” M rs . A lice S mith , Stam ford, Conn. I f you suffer fi >m s a lt rheum , o r a n y blood d isease, t r y H ood s Sarsaparilla. I t h a s c u red m a n y o thers, a n d w ill c u re you. Hood’s Sarsaparilla P A R I C g R ’S ^ H A S R B A L B A V A Cleanses a nd beautifies the hair. Promotes a luxuriant growth. Never Fails io Restore Gray Hairlo its Youthful Color. ! CuresscalpdiseasGsahdhair failing arriving In New York a t 10.30P.M. ' 4.35 P.M. Sunday ------- - ------------- - -------------------- HINDERCORNS. ford and Secau at 8.37 P . M. WESTWARD. . Dally, except Sunday. ' Stopping a t Lackawaxen an -------------------- HoneBdale Branch, arriving a t 10.32 a. m. 7.10 A.M. Dally, except Sunday. Way Freight. To Deposit, ^topping a t all stations, arriving 12.35 P.M. Da\ 1 0 0 D o s o s O n e D o l l a r H ood ’ s S a r s a p a r i l l a is sold by T. R. An­ derson, 95 Pike street. EXHAUSTED VITALITY ------ - rr nn HH EE SCIENCECIENCE OP liU.l'HJLiiijf ]viedical Work of the S OP bility. Premature De- T U V e n C Cline, E rrors of Youth, I IS I w E i L r lan d the unto; KNOW P O E T J E R V I S , M O N T IC E L L O & N . Y T i m e o f t h e D e p a r t u r e o f T r a i n s f r o m J e r - N a t u r a l F i n i s l i M. and arrives P .M ,and arrives iesired , w ith o u t t h e .slightest in ju r y to th e finest F r e n c h Idd. A llow no su b s ti tu tin g . In s ist u p o n h a v in g R a v e n G loss. Sold e v e r y ­ w h e r e . B u t t o n & O t t l e y , M’f’rs, 71 Barclay St., N.Y 0 at 7.45 P. M BOTITHSEN TKAItrS. No. 1—Leaves Montlcello a t 7.20 A . M. and a Port Jervis at 8.4U A .M . No. 3—Leaves Montlcello a t 4.80 P. M. and a For t J ervlB a t 5.40 P . M. FP.EE AND QUICK TBANSFBH OF PASSEN­ GERS AND BAGGAGE between the Erie depot and the depot of the Montlcello road a t Jersey a ve\\° Connection w ith Brie tialns a t Fort Jeovis. ffiWWRINGER\” and will not cost over one-third as much as in the old way. I have now a number of walls on of Fay’s Manilla Building Goods ivbich invite the public to examine. Call and se No one knows better than those who have used Carter’s LittJe Liver Bills what A® \ID E T O filO'irZXEKS. Are you disturbed at night and broke of your rest ’oy a sick child suffering an erjing with pain of cutting teeth ? If s send at once and get a bottle of M re W inslow ’ s S oothing S yrup fob uhil - OBBN T eething . Its value is incalculable. I t w i l l r e l i e v e t h e p o o r l i t t l e s u f f e r e r im ­ mediately. Depend upon it mothew, there is no mistake about it. It cures dys- entaiy and diarrhoea, regulates the stomach and bowels, cures wind colic, softens the gums, reduces inflammation and gives tone and energy to the wholes stem. MBS. W in s l o w ’ s S o o t h in g B y E u p fo b T e e t h i n g is pleasant to the Avhich I am selling very cheap. LORENZO WOOD, 15 Franklyn St. Port Jervis, N. Y. 108 sq feet Roofing $2 DR. BRADYS’ composed of MANDRAKE, DANDELION, GENTIAN, CHAMOmLE, PRICKLY .d^H, &C. NICHOLS’ BARK AND IRON For Thirty Years this valuable combi­ nation has been used a specific for AGUE and MALARIAL FEVERS, DYSPEPSIA, INDIGESTION, and ail NERVOUS DIS­ EASES, such as NEURALGIA, SLEEP­ LESSNESS and PROSTRATION. It is AN UNRIVALLED TONIC, restoring tone to the debilitated System. SAVES m m M C H O L S ’ clans. Where other Tonics have failed this has made a conspicuous success. Nichois Bark and Iron can be obtained at all Druggists. BILLINGS, CO., Proprietors, Boston, Mas CLAPP & N ichols ’ B ark and I ron is sold by T. ] .nderson, 95 Pike street. The Greatest Blood Parifler Known Cures Eruptions and Spots ou the Skiu Regulates the Bowers, Relieves Fain and Cramp m the Stomach, cures Kidney Complaints, Dyspep­ sia, Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Headache, Constipation, Sallowness of Complexion, and all kin­ dred complaints arising from a disordered stomach or a torpid and Diseased Condition of the Liver bloating, internal heat or scalding urine. If Ynil chronic weakness, bearing doi II I uU or perversions incident to life-chang If Ynil have uterine catarrh, suppress! II I ulf painful periods, or ovai'ian drops If Ynie suspicious growths, dispos q I UU tumor or cancer, or hemorrhage, 't Rllilflc quickly a run-down eonstitu- •I UUllUO tion and brings refreshing sleep. f Will dispel those dull tired looks and feel. I Iliii ings, and bring back youthful bloom and beauty—restores the nervous system. Unf hQ |>n Give itto your weak and delicate dauglifr III U111GI d ers, Not a vestige of impure Blood can escape its healing and purifying influence. ■f Vniii value good health, and hope I I OU life, use “Female Kemedy,” F r / c a $7 pap Bottle ; 6 for $5. ■engthens lase^/ ■ “JUVEEN” a . a,..l m,ll (ho o u t s i t ^ wi-eijpcr to H a m ilton Cliem k-al Co., P. O. Box I80t, Now York,and you will receive F r e e floe, w o rth o f eliarm iiig P h o to g rap h s f o r fam ily entertainment—foreign \ iews, eelebri- W h a t is “ JIT V B E S V ' “ J U VUES'- IS a p u rely vegetable and absolutely hurniless cennpound o f five substances in the l.rcpav«l nml com b ined a f t e r the recipe of th e most famou.s spc-eialist living, f o r th e c u re of C o n s tipation '^^Foi'saio'^at all druggists or address the Pro- daie: f M he wm seM J ie a te s o t rem a r k a b le cures b y M a n d rake BIL ters. If you are afflicted with any or the dis­ eases at^ove mentioned,don't fail to try a bottle Ladles who suffer from sick headache art particularly requested to try the Mandrake Bitters, as it Is in this complaint that thej have been found especially useful. People who are troubled with cestiveness, Dyspepaia,PUea Nervousness, &c., should taae the Mandrakf Bitters regularly for a time. Header,If you are enleebled or In poor health b^sme to get a bottle ot this wonderlul medt Prepared h r DE. K. W. DEADY, Honesdah FOE K,iLE BY AU. DRUGGISTS W. L. DOUGLAS $3 SHOE. T h e only fine c a lf $3 S e a m iesa Shoe In the w o rld m a d e w i t h o u t t a c k s o r u a ila . As stylish and durab le as th o s e costing $5 o r $6, and h a v in g n o t a c k s or n a ils to w e a r th e stock­ ing o r h u r t t h e leet.m a k e s th e m as com fortable ana w e ll-fitting as a h a n d s e w e d shoe. B u y th e best. None g e n u ine unless stam p e d on b o r i — “ W . L. D o u g las $3 Shoe, w a r r a n te d .” W . L , D O U G L A S selled for h e a v y w e a r. W . L . D O U G L A S S 3 SH O D la w o rn b y aU Boys, a n d is th e b e s t school shoe in th e w o rld. Sciandra’s Preserved Pulque. (Pronounced Pull-Ke.) ^M ARK. I t is a Natural Product, and is NOT a Patent Medicine. I t is the pure and simple Juice of the Century Plant of M:exico, unadulterated and uncompounded. IT CUKES ALL KIDNEY TROUBLES;, and is the only known specific for BRIGHT’S DISEASE. I n eases o f Ityspepsia, Insomnia, E x i lity , Dropsy, . \nd -wasting diseases, it ivill be found invaluable. Our Circular gives -you the testimony o f a score o f ihysicians. Send f o r one. R e t a i l P r i c e , 5 0 c . p e r Q u a r t B o t t le . MEXICAN PULQUE CO., U. S. General Offices,) Jersey City, N . J . FOR SALE BY ALL DRUGGISTS. The lilmois Watch Company G u a r a n tee th e ir 15 jew eled a d j u s t :^^ w a t c h e s stand the Railway Test. Jno.L, Bonnell, Real Estate 5 Loan Agent (Jo m m iB s lcn e r f o r F e n D ’a a u d JNoUiry Public, offers All the building lots on Main street and Jer- ey Avenue and 7,000 acres, including a num- ler of valuable farms, situate in Montague and Sandyston, New Jersey, belonging to the late John Kutherford. Agent for the Western Farm 7 per cent. Mort­ gage Co. C a p ital a n d s u r p lu s $750,000. 7 per cent Water, Town and School Bonds. Accident Insurance Co. of North America. The new combination Business and Family Building Lots on Lands of Mrs. Mondon. Dwellings in all parts of the village and Mat- amoras. Farms to exchange for village property. Money to loan on Bond and Mortgage. Hotels, Farms, Stores, Grist Mills, Poundrlea and another property belonging to a General kgency. correspondence solicited and inspection in- Offlee F a r n u m Building, P o r t .Tervls. N.Y.

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