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FRIDAY, JULY 6, 1 ! | a/The long article on our first page-, 1Sj the declaration- of the rrnperour in (Which is probably from the pen of Judge his message on the opening of the two Rochester, will be found very interesting,; houses of the assembly on the :sd inst., \nspect[fully suggested, that the sever- al counties appoint two or three, dele- gates each, to meet on Monday, the O- CHANCELLOR SAN ei through this village this morning, ou his j way tc Mayville. u y- j rs !t S 1V0S a mc,r <- minute picture of the in-; ; that war with Buenos Ay res would con-11 Gt/t day of July next, at the place a TYirn '* Cmal a{rairs of Mex 'co than nc have hith-, t'mue ii:i the governmentr.honldacknowl- \boce . mentioned. June 22, 1827. ' Rssj cr(osceu> , edgfi (he illcorpor}1 , (OI , (lf , he p rovil1ce ; STEPHEN VAN.RENSSELAER ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I of Cis Platina with the Empire of lira • PUDLICK MEETING. «3; therefore the prospects of pence „ i~<~T ,/T7^ nm«<m< ». • -e l A ,ar S e concourse of citizens of One- i •*• far distant.\— Statesman, «WHAT SHALL W E W RI1E ?\ is of-! .„_ J, , ,. . . t ... . sce 5 and tne adjoining counties, !i:end- teu the inquiry of the person who is uuder, | v lo , he ccnMitution and libt , rt ( . f , he the necessity of giving the pnblick the week-: country, convened in Batavia ou the ly [weakly) cogitation**! an empty brain, j 25th of June 1827. The meeting was It is true, there are subjects enough, and ! first addressed by T. F. Talbot, Esq. fruitful ones too, to enable any long-winded : in some very spirited and appropriate! slaves, witliin the jurisdiction of New York, pasted in 1799, and declared Termination ofSlavery in the Stale of New-York. —The first act of the le- gislalure of this slate, \vhi< h led the way to the final disenthralnient of all List of Letters Remaining in the Tost Office at RW& T Julv I, ir,-27. i THAMES Baker, David Brown Hivid p\ Brown, Gee.r-ro. Bell, Ezra Ri< kfy/d JOHN TOUNSEND. NOTICE. A MEETING of the Athens of the counties of Chautatujue, Erie, and Niagara, friendly to the American system, and particularly those in fa- vour of some governmental protection to the growers and manufacturers of wool, are requested to meet at the court house in Buffalo, on Thursday editor to dose his readers with two or three j remarks on the subject, connected with coiurnn.s a ireek of stale slang or sentimental! the abduction of Morgan—Rev. j\lr. j that all childieo of slave mothers, born noos'ense But (o be obliged to write is no! Cochrane then delivered an address, j on a,ld »&» the <lih day of July of the I the 19th day of July for the purpose. very pleasant thing. When one voluntarily j ' v hich had been prepared for the occa-! same y ea >*, were born free, but should j of electing a delegate lo attend the ' L * \ national convention 16 he holden at takesup Iris pen, bccar.s* some subject hap-1 sion > an,J wl,ich was listened to with j remain the servants of the master or oens to strike tea forcibly, then ideas flow] profound attention, and universal ap- »«xeaat»f the mother,—the male chil- y ' ~ nlmit-o. I dren unfit they reached the age of 28, clause Harrisburgh, in the itate of Pennsyl- vania, on the SOlh of July, and also to The meeting then organized, and ' an( * l he females to the age of 25, provi-1 adopt such other measures as there may chose Trumbuii Cary, Esq. Chairman,' ^ed, { he master oi mistress caused the 'be deemed expedient. — July 2, 1827. New Store! gpootaneoasly, and every sentence breathes ]jf> t arid animation : but when forced to it as to a Usk, it is \ like the wounded snake, that drags make s editoi ;• would be cf no use—It has not been feral Wtmesm, m ,},„ ?reat c |, art( . r f) f our I tion of the law of 1799, which embra want of subjects--there are plenty of them: i liberties, it is declared \that all men I cetJ »he above provisions, and passed The presidential question : the \ Morgan af-j are created free a:id equal—that they ''. ahoUier law, which provided, that all fair;\\ Pcrmssion gun locks;'\ the weather.> are endowed by their creator with Cre- • children of slave mothers born after the , ^^ &a tlio-'sarid other interesting; topicks might. | ator with certain inalienable right*—and i l***»g* °' tlie law tne \ *na«ed, sh mil j H^Hc, subscriber has recently remo 9999999 \* \* ^ 9M --- — ° \' M ve£ t nis bwiness into ins biitk hous\. two doors south of the corners, tion and laws of our eour.trv have sol-1 *ey were taught to read, or \received I ° n the . Majrille ™^, ^here he is now tlnee quarters scbooha^ previous to rece,T »H a general and well selected bout if and may possibly ear tothetbing a- ; «»^tm bed enjoyment of these rights. | tht - >ir becoming 1 8 years of age. An- ! as& °rtm^ni of boatitl«A«ia^ttaafe2i^r>. In relation : A:ul whc,eils *<« righ* have bees I™** ««i«i of the^samciha,<kdud to the second, we have repeatodlf oapmased : tr:in H^ l) \l^n and violated by the so- j Ogt on and after the FOUR Tri Of ctetv ol men called Free Masons, in the! JLLi 1827, oil the stares in this nv some prolifiek genius, be descanted upon, j among ihese, life, liberty, and hap-j st!VL ' 'heir master or mistress nntii no doubtto the edification of sued:;, aaddi- piness.\ And, whereas, the constitu- lB *J we, e 21 years of aqe, pn.vided aaaaaaaaH Baaaal •••••••••••1 ••••••^^^ vcri sorts and classes ot re:iacrs. As • the first we nave been a ton* time thinking a-1 tmnly guaranteed to every citizen lhe! l \ ,ee quarters scOoolmg previous GOODS our sentiments, and they remain unchanged —almost a year has passed, seen op.e >:allij'::ig circumstance in relation to that diabolical transaction—the atmos- chere thickens—it still presents itsel , J kidnapping, and probable murder, v r*tate, born before the fourth day of wc have not - --- - - r ' I * • .... , . - T _? to kidnap Col. D. C. Millet, and burn and e'emoiish his \July i; to l/««' captain Win. Morgan, and the attempt |/\^ 1799, shall be, uneonditio.iaUy of- dailies', eclcurs prmtingi stui presents itseu m Us j fit ^ therefore, but wc sec co reason wbv I Resolved—That we consider the so- wc should fill our paper with dalettianp or- ator?;, without bringing forward anv thing ciety of Free Masons, and all other se I cret Societies encioachments upon our To several of our most distinguished deceased patriots, among the foremost of whom, were the late Governour Tompkins, General Ciarkaon and John Murray, Jon.—to the yet living and House, Esq. Tisd.de IJ epkins, Thomas IJcn- ten, Cyrus Logq-an. Benjamin Lawrence, Aioah Mason, David Mason, Asa Moss, Jostah Morse, Jacob Orcutt, 2, Sophrcnia Osborn, J;imes P. Rodgers, Esq. John P.at- tarv, William ! tanton, Hebcr Sqniers, Chel- lus Salferd, Thomus Stroud, V* T illiam Sex- tos, Orrin Stepbeas, Jesse Smith, Bramerd Spencer, Marques Turtelott, Chester Tuck- er. John Wood, Thoasn Wells, John White lull. r ,7 MOSES ADAMS, P. M. *KtY order of Ah ram Dixon, Esquire, u •^L' rommi-sioii'r to perform certain du- ties of a judge of the supreme court, residing in the county of Chaataoqce, notice is here- by given to all the creditors of Charles Knight, of ( hc town cf Sheridan, in said county, an insolvent debtor, to show cause. if any they have, before the said < emmis- sioner, at bis office in Westfield, in the town of Portland, in said county, on the tenth day of August next, at one o'clock in the after- noon, why assignment of the said insolvent's estate should not be made for the benefit of all his creditors, and his person bee^f \ptcd from imprisonment, pursuant to the act, en- titled, \ An act to abolish imprisonment for debt in Certain cases. 1 ' Dated June 13, 1S27. CHARLES KNIGHT, 55 Insolvent. P A VID MAN V, Aiioraey at Law, (vrrsxFiELn,) XT AS opened an office, in the brick buiid- I \ ing, one door south of Henry Abell's.—- CONSISTING or 7Jav J27. 48tf GS.ofP^il new opon tiic suhject, the opinions of divers! rights, and dangerous to the liberties of! venerable John Jay, and to the liberal persons W the contrary notwithstanding.— ! our Country. I and free principles which animated the But, say they, \the masons hare bought Resolved—That we consider the j legislators of other days, do the people ban r This reminds us of the noted \atfrer; members of anv secret association, | ()1 ' this slate owe the homage of their - -iMinrnvC Til ; TEAS Stor Forwarding, AJVD g*J Commission Business. i key. bound together by ties and obligations titude for being completely released HARD WARE, Hollow Ware, DRY GOODS, Crockery. THE SUBSCRIBERS TNFORM their friends Jl and the p;bJick, that they have formed a copart- nership under the firm of Goodrich, Fowle, fee, Co. and have purchasrd the store house on perou ol tl::s dark conspiracy, merits the on-j°« k°ard t!i e U. S. frigate Brandywine, her the advice of a sage matron, to her sen: qualified disapprobation of the freemen ; ti;,, *' tl March 2d 1 827. \don't meddle with fiat gun. r.iiiy ;\ and | n f this countrv. j \Within the last 15 days there has Resolved—That we view with dis-jheen a revolutioninhere, the people refu- we fear if wc cngafre in sucb a quarrel, we may get \ blown up.\ This we leave to our ipprobrtiofl and alarm the conduct of' \\f t0 abide by Bolivar's Constitution, friends oftlieFredooia Gazette and Buffalo the nublick presseSj in refusing to pnb-1 ** t ' ; ' congress is about convening to j (4IIU itwjt uance of the same. 1827. Westfield, July 3. JOSHUA TINKER, JR. Grindstones. A QUANTITY of Cuyhouga grind- stones, just received on eonsign- Patriot, whom x.e wo.ld reeemmend to Mr. hsb the facts m relation to this subject,! «fct a p. evident and other government j .^ l)and m||gt ^ ^^ Mm[ Secretary Clay, as accomplished imarpshoot- and endeavouring to spppress all inqui-1 offieers-Mnta Cr« is at present at the j ^ y^ wfao ^ conoerned will •hey mav make pood seconds. Oar r y, and tuin the subject into ridicule—j Head ol aiidirs—ail Colombian orlicers | N. B. The debts due the late firm , ment, will be sold on reasonable terms, of E. Mallory, Sf Co. that have fallen : Portland Harbour, June 6 53 GOODRICH, FOWLE, & Co. PIS- ouizzical friend at the Bock n^iv also do the and that we « di discourage the circula- i «re seised and imprisoned. This very ; see the propriety of this request, as all quizzical friend at the Eock mav a!,o do the ana mi we win owcourage UK circula-1«' -.*—«»« TT\ r t\' s vt, r v 1 I demands against the old firm must be iii • • .; li lion nf such nres<\s. as far as we »• mav! nav a vesse arrived irom Uuavaquil ! • . .. r • i T T> T. rubbek some semce in this war, as trell as \'\ l \ • UCI pies..a, a^ I^I as we may, . ,-^ I settled forthwith. J. l.JR. in cautioning drunkard, against the use of l;1 ' r * hi ^ ^ I ? th lWu ° ffi '; er 1 S ^\ 5 ^\S I CASH TAID FOR Doct. Chambers'potent remedv for in.oxi- 1 B«olfrf-TM. .the _ independent | despatches _ ; _I boarded U,e vessel, _and ! ^ , ^ ^ ^ tt A ¥ rpc cation, lest the or^an^ cf the stomach should become corroAeJ, and lose their reiisb for a fbartb of July dinner. As a COtocfcrsltc ai- fument against such a remedy, he says: ' ! How crrsbarrassirg i; would be for a pa- bent, cured by Dr. Chambers, to be ; laced in fashionable society, and be pri sent when the social glass went round '. How mortify- ing to be compelled, with respect to 'die quietness of his digestive organs, to leave the room course pursued on this subject by 1). C.; while on board, they, with their letters, j £$ IJAC'IL OA.IJ 1 O* Miller,S. Southwick, and J. F. Kair-i were sejzed and transferred to the guard | eiijld, and all oilier conduct! rs of publicki^'P- Bobvar is ex j ournats, -i. . ST^S^The notes and unset- defenders ol our rights, merit apjnu...... •• ',••\\ '<* pittieifiated: he will no!tied accounts of the subscriber are lelt • , l i r i i iionut liann ano siiom •• fc ^- - . . . _ r — .•-.. „ , ...,;ii!ni . •.'! in he I-IIII liileiice ' uuuul ' 5 e -, Ucii'r r i7 ''\od forth the bold I Venezuela, and on and that too, perhaps, abruptly But we brj leave (,• ask, \ how embar- rassing would it be\ for the lather, mother, brother, or wife of such a person to be una-; bletowalk outwit'Lout meeting him stag- ; gering about the streets, or perhaps still worse, to find him snugly laid down in the ditch: What think yon, friend .Salisbury, •„hich of these eases is the most \ embarrass- ing?\ He may, perhaps, be very correct in intimating that the remedy might inter- fere with the practice oifashionable society —it may hcj'-ishionuulp, for aught we know, to jet a little ** feoasy,** (not to say drank,) re pretend ;iis of high on every ^rsatoccasion; but not to a knowledge of the ntshi tion, .tiid entitle them to the confidence and support of the community. I Resolved—That it be recommended to the people in the different counties in the western part of this state,to choose in their respective towns one delegate from each town to meet in a convention to be \Ad at Batavia on the third Mon- day of July next, to deliberate upon the subject of the late disturbance in this county, and to adopt measures for our future safety. It was slated to the meeting (hat the committee, heretofore appointed for that purpose, had completed a narra- 1 tive of the facts in lelation to this sub- ject, and that the same: was ready for | publication—and therefore it was Resolved—That it be recommended to the people in Genesee, and the ad- jacent counties, to raise by subscription forms to publish the said narration, and forward the fuuds to Jonathan Lay, of the Peruvians before he can gel them quiet again, without question There will be hot works 1827. ^ Hinman Holden. GREECE—The aspect of affairs in this country is still more cheering. Lord Coch- rane prevailed on the two governments to unite, and meet at I'cros. I le published a fine, spirited proclamation, on the news of | A an important victory at Athens, where the j B Greeks carried an mportant position, and son. Karaiskaki was slightly wounded. Lord bam C. leftE{rina,on a secret expedition, March Handlcy, or Anson Hammond. Incoll 24, with Tombaai, in a steamboat, and Mi- liam. Ludlow Francis, Lombard D aulis was to join him with two vessels.— Some think it against Alexandria, some a- gatnst Candia. Supplies of ammunition and flour have arrived at Eguia. Lord C. said that if Athens was not relieved on the 15th of April, he would attack the Turks. Gen. Church, (we presume the cidevant Neapoli- tan general,) was going to join Karaiskaki. Greece is full of joy for Lord Cochrane's arrival. List of Letters Remaining in the post office at Westfield, I July 1, 18-27 ' SyfjVERILL Lemon. Andrcss Joel. Rish- •ZV op Alanson. Center Joseph, Esq. 2. urand Fisk. Fay John, Freeman Kas- Gardner William. Henderson Wil- Haw Isaac, Ferry Hull, Doet. It. * Incoll Wil- ....... aniel. Miller Almoreau, McClurg James, Miller Henry B. Mason R. R. 2. Roberts Ren- net, Ransford Arunah. Talcott, Judith. Spencer Doct. Silas. White Henrv, Will- cox. S. NORMAN KIRBE, osrt. P. Jl. T HE subscribers have made ar- rangements which will enable them to keep a constant supply of Coarse Salt. They are prepared to contract for the delivery at Portland Harbour of anv portauon—the coarse salt is much pre- ferable to the fine, and will be sold as low. April 24, 1S27- 47 GOODRICH, FOWLE, &C. .ASAHEXI wcocaurr, Saddler., Harness, Cap, & Trunk Maker, Carriage Trimmer, &c. H AS commenced business, in the building formerly occupied by Mr. Knight, nearly opposite Averill's tavern. He respectfully solicits, as he hopes to merit, • share of publick patronage. Westfield, June 8, 1S27-, 53-3wp UjC. The vecatiter we leave Wtite redoubtable ! Batavia, by the 20th day of July next. Resolved—That a collection be ta- editors of the Buffalo Emporium, recollect- j k rn „p a t this time for the same purpose. rag that they once published a sage and. Resolved—That the address of Mr. learned essay on the subject, to which the: Cochrane, together with the procee- rcader is referred in DO, 2 or 3, of then first | dings of this meeting, be published. Meantime, we would inform Mess, i 1 vjiume. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Lazell It Francis that, notwithstanding the si The new administation in England was fully completed, by the accession ot influeniial and powerful members from the recently ministerial benches. The seceders appear to be heart sick oi\ their I foolish opposition, grounded upon the j aristocratick notion thai they could o- Te nmf Takers.- A gentleman of verpowcr the king, commons, and coun- bas invented what ho calls a . try List of Letters Remaining in the Post Office at Mayville, JulvL 1827 AgfUSTIN Elijah, Ayrcs, Wm. ESQ. An- «£v nis Sabra. Flood Daniel F. Crip- pin Alanson, Cole Timothy, Covill David, Cook Rernsrd, Cheretree Brigs, Carrier Ammi. Darling Daniel, Darling Ilariet, Duglast Luther, Douglass Betsey, Drake Job E. Davis William. 2, Day Israel Esq. Footc Samuel, Dea. Hull Harvey, Hawley Erie, Hickcox.J2, Mubb Amos, Hitchcock Hiram, Iluby J. Golf Harvey W. Gin- til Thomas, Ghason Hiram. Leach John, Ebenezer. Lawrence Theania, G cents reward! S TEPHEN Baker, an indented boy, ran away from the subscriber on Monday last. AH persons are forbid harbouring or trusting him under pen- alty of the law. Whoever will return said Baker shall be entitled to the above reward, but no charges. North East, Pa. June 13,1827. 54-3w ORRIN WYLLYS. Strayed, IROM the subscriber, on the >1 3th inst. a bright red cow. with a ~PJ readers «o the notice of a meeting for choos- j ^ ( ; ospp j Advoeate, conducted by I - WF|) j^ ^ ayV iTtc', on Monday night ing a delegate to the Harrisburgh coawen- j Mtur9t Everett % Tattle, is hereafter]^ m Jmiah y^,,,, tion, which wc publish to-day. The subject. t() ^ p U l]i K ; t(: d at Auburn. Prow MM is one of such vast importance to the coun- < p CCt ' wfnj , wc ] iavc seen of it, tie stone try iu general, and to (lit: fanning and man- ] j lousP there would be the most fitting ufacturing interests particularly, that wc do j p/ acc fur it. —Prisbee earnestly hope it will be attended to. 83\ The anniversary of our national inde- pendence was celebrated in Ripley, by a large concourse of people from that and the adjoining towns. We. should have been gratified to have laid the proceedings before o«\r readers, but we have not hdc.u famished M Kb a copy. ' I importance we Remaining in the Post Office at Portland, July 1,11W7. >AMES Bock, Esq. Admiral Eurch, is Col. Natbi Bird, 2, John Brewer, II. Coacfa, A. Dixon, Esq STATE COm'ENTIO A ^ In conforms, to the known. WUmt* YSS^vSi^emem FJy, Abraham FHi- of the Farmers, U r oolgrowers,an rfj^ 2 Lll(i us C. Foot,_ Esq. Good^ THEJtrin of E. Mallory Sf CO this day'dissolved by mutual consent June -1st 1827* ELI IS MJLLOKT, JOSHUA TINKER, Jr. THE subscriber will occupy the old store, forma hi under the firm of E. MaUu'ry, >V Co. where he will keep e',;i.-.lc:i(l',' o* hand n general assort- ment of LEATHER, HOOTS, and SHOES, and CASH paid for HIDES , I 827- E. MALLORY. d SKJyS. J.nic 21, IS-!7 comaiun icate on tit 30th

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