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X.ADIBS' DBPAUT'WIXSTsTT. ' •MM $otttgu RELIGION. Oh! wide they wander from the path or truth, Who paint Religion with a brow of gloom; JHcr step is buoyant with unfading youth, Her features radient with immortal gloom. &eiection£. ROMAN WOMEN. The Roman woman, as well as the Gre- ' cian, were under perpetual guardianship; and were not at any age, nor in any condi- tion, ever trusted \with the management of their own fortunes. Every father had a power of life and death over his o\7n daughters : but this power was not restricted to daughters only : it extend- - A „ .1 '«-n-f--i»iJ -studied was t7te fubilec of the universe. Tki MORTGAGE SALES, and unconcern they manifested, stuaieu wu*, *m*j j , „ ftrvy virtue of a power contained ;„ • efforts were made'to blacken and de- morning \JfgWW^^fwr * tain ?***• **£**£?* fame their characters-acou^ °^>^™^ /—; with U ™**~* In life's gay morning, when the crimson tide . Ofpleasure dances thro'each burning vein, I •*••» to sons - _ . The Oppian law prohibited women lrom having more than half an ounce of gold em to Joseph FA** 1814, executed brfff\ nsa: id Elizabeth Stor-hrn-V • li P Ellioott,nowdocea^;' STV,f ' ar She leads with guardian care her charge a side From the broad passage to undying pain. And when the fleeting joys of time are past. And dark despondence on the spirit preys. She bids with holy hope the sufferer cast To brighter regions his confiding ga/.e. From slavish fears—from low debasing care, 'Tis hers alone the sinking soul to save; For her its sweetest smile creation wears, For her no tcrrour has No—should this scene in fa Each shattcr'd planet She would not tremble , konws The arm is near her From the Amaranth., SONG. O there's a calm sequester'd spot, Where the beauteous birds are singing And there's a neat and lovely cot. Where the honey suckles clinging; And there a beauteous maid doth dwell, But where it is I must not tell. And there's a sweet and fragrant bower, Near which a riv'lct's flowing ; And there the rose and lily flower In various hues are flowing, And there is seen the beauteous belle. But where it is I must not tell. And there's a lovely flow'ry glade. Over which gay youths are strayiug : And there the Beauty 'neath the shade, On her magiek lyre is playing; JJ U J w here Lhi* virtuous inaid dolh dwell, Oh do \Ot •**—* cannot tell. Vl I \.-' e. From the Armrantl SOLdTl DE, Oh what can Heal AHacerated heart ! O-w'r.ican rmnquiline the troubled breast; What can extract misfortune's poison -i da«i, Or ball our mental turbulence to rest When with life's weary load we are opprcssd, When o'er oar ruined ba>r*ness we brood, Wh«w by congenial souls no more one--. d, V\ hen fled tb • airy phantoms we pnrsued ; Oil! nought can cure those ills—like Btered solitude. How wretched is the rmn who cannot taste The sweets which solitude akm* can yiel I! Thegradearofhia soul mast bedehas '. ils heart insensible, must be eongealcd : With more tuau flinty bardness most be steel'd, Lost to the charms which nature's bounte- ous innd - •-; Scatters o'er mountains, woodland, vak ari: : fieH, • • • Which might its hardest heart raise and ex- an<! : Which nought b«it*an Almighty wisdom could hive plan'd. Oh solitude! sweet harbinger of care ! Tliou sovereign antidote for afl my wo 1 H by pure and one ataminated air, Makes earth a- em paradise to me below ; It is thy pleasing shade which can bestow The purest j! *sure 1 nave eyer felt; Far sweeter than vain fashion's ebb ant flow, That shrin polluted where those fools have kadi, Whose sterile hearts,—thy shades, ecu Id nev- er mu f . '\{#*•** TVherj but a hi'.d; I loved thy sacred shades. Twa* there v.r ieebia hand first strung the lyre, There free from ail the human heart degradV i I felt the glow of that poetick fire ! JVhich 'midst misfortune's gVmadid not ex- pire (Who«o intervening clouds would oft intrud •) Yet wh.lc the muse verr ••>.. all I desire— Which in my childish exta - I woo'd la thy dthghtful scenes-in pi asing solitude. LEONORA Pittsburg, May Wl, 182* From the Saturday Evening Port. TO MY QUILL. Companion of each lonely hour, Through every change, I love thee still; 'Tis thine to soothe affliction's power, My slender quill. ployed in ornamenting their persons, from wearing clothes of divers colours, and from j yet as the civlized woild unite in that, riding in chariots, cither in the city, or a thousand paces round it. They were strictly forbid to use wine, or even to have in their possession the key of Eternal descended a» the dew of hca- Now, though we do not mean to ^ * ^ refreshing of the, nation.\ question the right which every man has ••^\\-ig-'?.'' 1 \':-. • - , = ss to the lawful disposition of his wife, as | \IK-W\.\ * »-» <• ... he has to any other article of property, that day. all that certain tract offers**?* ate, lying, and being in tlv> county of n\ 1 '\ tauque and state of New-York, hrirV ' a;: ' or par<:el of a certain townsbJD v h!»K ^ r ' • •• i • ii . (,„ ^ any place where it was kept. For either of these faults they were liable to b divorced by their husbands. So carefalwere the Romans lrom proved so should it unite to do away anu ut- terly exterminate the revolting practice of robbing n woman of her character. ^^ ^^ ^ ^.^ Enough may be said to answer all le- ( ^ ^ rf Cm „ u \ :M , and gal purposes, without employing wi*-^, Actions of the breast and longs hood and abuse. It is a melancholly Thousands a certain other man or survey of said to ? ships into lots made U>v the -aid ;;,,!] U; | Land Company, by the ^aid Jos j 1, Elhcou is distingnisbed l>> part, of lot number (•• in said township, beginning a! a stone This strictness, however, began in time to be relaxed: until, at last, luxury becom- ing too strong for every law, the women in- dulged themselves in equal liberties with the men. l>ut Sttch was not the case in the earlier agrs of Rome. Romulus even permitted husbands to kill their wives, if they found them drinking artoe. And ii' we may be- lieve Valerius Maxnnus, Egnathu Metelhu, baring detected bis wife drinking out of a ca«k, actually made use of this petUUflStoo, and was acquitted by Romulus. Fahius Pictor relate?, that the parents of a Reatan lady, having detected her picking the loeii ol a chest which contained some wine, shut her an anil starved her to death. W omen were liable to be divorced by their husbands almost at pleasure, provided the portion was returned which they had brought along with them. They were also liable tobe divorced for ill temper, winch. a* it could be construed into a fault, was at feast the fault of nature, and might some- times be that o'f the husband. A few sumptuary laws, a subordination to the men, and a total want of authority, do not so much affect the sc\. as to be coldly and indelicately treated by their husbands. S icb a treatment is touching them in the teiiJcrcst part. Such, however, wo have i (ason to believe, they often meet with from the Romans, who had not yet learned, as in modern limes, to blend the rigidity of the patriot, and roughness of the warrior, with flat soft and indulging behaviour, so con- picueus in our modern patriots and heroes. Husbands among the Romans not onlj themselves behaved roughly to their wives, aul even sometimes permitted their servants and slaves to do the same. The principal eunuch of Justinian the Second, threatened to chastise th<' Empress, bis master's wife, in IIK- manner that children are chastised at school, if she did noi obc Ids orders. With regard to the private diversions of the Roman Ladies, history is silent. Their pnblick ones were such as were, common to both sexes; as bathing, theatrical represen- tations, horse races, shows of wd.t b.'ast<-, which fought against one another, and some- tit™ ? against men, whom the rmperoorf, in the plenutude of ttietr de'spotich power, or- dered to engage them. The Romans, of belli sexes, spent a great leal of time, at the baths ; which at first, per- haps, were interwoven with their religion, but at last were a lv considered as refine- ments in luxurv. They were r laces of pub- lick retort, where all the news of the times were to be heard, where people, met with their acquaintances and friend?, where pubiick libraries w. re ke. t for such as chose to read, and where pocU lecited their works to such as had patience Ui hear. union, mauiage, becomes despised by pubiick and icpeated violations of its most solemn obligations. The younger classes of the community, growing up with such improper matter constantly fcifore them, lose, or never acquire-, the respect and reverence in which tli\y should be taueht to view it. Hence the evil impression remains with the boy, even after be merges into manhood; a pei iod of life ins then arrived at which j cores ding have been performed by the use of this ! sixty in ding to m Whene'er my heart's- with grief oppress'd 'Tis then my jetty tears listil; Thou calm'st the tumults of irn heart, M) dearest quill. Thou 'lender, dear, bewitching thing, Tho' thou no charms to others show, Yet I the pleasures thou dost bring, Can ne'er forego. TTiere'- not a friend I jet have known, In whom like thee, I can confide The secrets that to thee are shown, iVone know beside. Through the remainder of my days. With joy my vacant moments fill; And may we both in virtue's ways, Be guided still. When in my service thou art grown old, And I have ceased your guide to be, Then may some partial friend behold My love for thee. PRIVADO. CONSOLATION. Apuroaohing death alone is paiu, In leaving life the pang is o'er, Why then at death so much complain, If after death we grieve no more. medicine in cases of long St which other medicine, had produced no I favourable elTect, ami where the most skilful Physicians had given them op as hopeless. It is not pretended that they are art infallible cure in nil cases, but of such as are incurable, there are but it'Vt' but what will be greatly relieved | by the use of tbcra. Scarcely a case .of Colds, Coughs, Pain m the siii 0 . the impressions of our infancy are too i ,.,..'.,-,. . . , '. , v- l • •. difficulty oi breatn»n<i, w.mt ct sleep deep to be removed, rrom him it mav . . - . ... ' • from debility, or even seated consumptions, but may be relieved by a timely iise of this Healing Balsam. bote. on part of lot number five, run. two degrees fifteen minutes ew twenty chains, ninety Ihret links, toasW thence on a line parallel with the i.orth ca-.' tern bounds Of the said bod, conveyed tofe said Andrews, north, twenty seven deem, lony live minutes west, forty eight < st venty two links to a str said lake. be transmitted to his posterity, until the ' '\ ' TCCS ; r.?, lone, en the shored thence up said lake, and beta* :ng thereon, to the place of beginning, r or taming one hundred acres, he the saw more or leas. Dated January 23 1827 DAVID E. EVANS ' Acting Exec T A. OsboR^r, Ktfy. : -.'o-, '-•1,-1 vice becomes so extensively diffused, as to effect, deeply, the security and happi- ness of the doniestick ciicle. A PICTURE OF WOMAN. The fiillmriitg pieture of womtttk is token from an excellent e.-.say publish- in a late number of the Quarterly Re view. We would recommend it to the perusal of our fair country women, who, ive feci disposed to believe, sat for the drawing. Tn speaking fif those. in the middle ranks of life, the writer observes : — '' There tee behold woman in all her qlori/ ; not a dull to carry silks and jewels, n puppet to br dangled by cox comb children, an idol for profane adoration .- reverenced to-day, discar- ded to-morrow : always jostled out of her true place which nature and toci- i ly would assign her, by sensuality or by contempt : admired but not. respec- ted ; desired but not esteemed} ruling by fashion, not by affection ; import- ting her weaknessjnot her constancy, to the. sex which •\h'; should exalt • the source and the mirror of vanity. i: We sec her as a wife partaking p Y \ urtue oi a power contained hi a ccr- *' tain mortgage bearing date the tventf • r sixth day of December, in the year cifrhteci Each Dollar Bottle of this medico* ^^^.UK! twentv one, execJted b,'\»S contains about 40 d.wes, which proves! TcilU ;,.. aha CeliildaTeflthk wifejtoij! them to be a cheap medicine cooSkJer-j ner Holmes, for secmrmg the payrcentcfa inc: their virtues. I certain sum of money, in the said rowing 'For the fuither satisfaction of the tneutioned, which said mortgigt has brea pnblick, the following Certilkates are ! ^ ,!l ^ M W J l ? '.''-\ n E ', Marshall^ Kw, 1 ,-• , c . , B : therefore, default' ai mg bee* made ii, il,. oftered lor perusal. payment of the said sum of money, aotteiS i hereby given, that all thai certain piece r- Dr. lUr.T.r.r.N, Sir—The cause of human-; parcel of land, situate in the county ofCl -• ity demaoda el me to gi\ e yon the following ; tauque and state of New-York, knew? asd statement: My wife had for six years been ! ,j; in a deciiue, and pronounced by her Phy-i- eians to be in a consumptive state, and was attended by a severe pan in her side, will a Cough and diliiculty of breathing, was rcduci d so lew as to be unable to i elcventu^aBge of •any'^ la::cp*o call- ; h, ret All from her bed to the fire without aid. hopes of h'-r recovery bad long been given ' op. In lias -ituaiioii, I was prevailed upon, as a last possible resort, yet without any hope of success, to make use of M Ander- son's Cou^b Drops.\ She commenced the use of them in February last and after using two bottles, to the astonishment of all, in the month nf May following the health of my wife was entirely restored, ami since which, lihtinguisbed by a part of lot number sixtv in the sixth township and elev the Holland Land Cccnp ed, beginning at a stake, at the northeast corner of A-her Holmes' orchard, (hence south, thirty degrees cr.st, one ehaoi an] I sixtv two links, thence «.a>(. fort? deems north) two chains seventy five links, tkree north, thirty seven degrees west, to the Uric road, thence bounding on said road to tna place of beginning : containing seventy fve square reds of laid.-he the same irorr cr less ; together with all and singular the kfr radjtaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging, will be sold at pubiick vendue nn the eighteenth dav of Julv next, at tea d VUF.S TT STYLES. . rcntly, or evidently on the brink of the grav« the care\ and cheering the anxiety of ; ,„ ]i ,; ( , uo tlu , [ , l ln ; m ( , i p ^^ Y onnn at a husband; dividing his labour* by I liberty topdblish the above. la heir domestick diligence, spreading fully, &c cheerfutnoss around her • for his sake sharing in the decent refinements of the world, without being vain of them; placing all her pride, all her joy, all her happiness in the merited approba- tion of the. man she honours. As her health and strength were perhaps never; „ciock m the forenorn. at the house cos better. Feeling a deep interest that the pub- j iq)t bv Asa pj crco , mQ keeper in the torn imk in general may resort to the same rem- j ol - Hanover, in the countv of Cbautauqce when their Mends or relative-, -.ire appa- ; |) a!t .,i Jannary 1:\ 1827. ' 33tds J(\»!i N E MARSHALL, Asswner. m respect- |\KFAOLT having been made ia die payi i *-' vl' a certain sum of nxmey senved ai '• i **, Dulchei 1 )Aov. '.•; nioi i^.-ifrc. dated the iwenlr-fifibda; of Jterch • •lie thousand eight bnndred and t\ , on'y- ; >x. exe» rated by Natbaa Wisnor aad Sural) bkwife,ic Elkaaafa Jchnsew, Botiee is hereby pvea, ;iis.:. I virtue uf a power eoBtaiard in said nortgagc,f , shall t xe.'.-p lo safe at poblick vendue, ;.i ihe LOIIM lliuis torertilytbnt \he gnbsrrincrwas broej 11 I .• j vorv luw.liy spitting blood, titlended with a conub Jtkini 826. a i aad catarrh, and that nothing afFtrried me rebel > ; ,i „*}'„„*;,...,.4^ I until 1 coniiiit'iii'.-.l mking Anderson*! Coosh mother, we find her the affectionate,, |(rop , thtmt rf whttU the ardent instructress of the children ; h inds of (b>d of restoring ulilo .-tiCe of beahk. And I da faathei certify ibat ihn wife <^l .Mr. Natii in Huntington, living ia tl>< sane ;>ia<-p was TRUE WF.LSH EPITAPH—ON A WIPE. <« This spot is the sweetest, I have seen all my life, It raises my flowers, and covers my wife.\ ON A DRUNKEN HTJBBANn. From the Ari '. Runaway Wires. — It appears to have been reserved fbi tiie present gen- eraitoo, to exc' i in cruelty, the rtftned attempts ;it barbarity which mark the usages an i customs of the llomans.— Tnke up a newspaper from what quar- te. of the country you may, and you are clmost sure to find some heartless wretch exposing himself and his friends by advertising his wife as a runaway. Some of these notices are couched in the most unfeeling language; as if the advertiser were dead to all the nicer sen- sibilities of his nature, and rejoiced in holding up to the pubiick dirision, her j whom, in the presence of his Maker, he has aworn to love, to honour, and protect. Such is the apparent levity with which those records of a man's shame are written, that attempts are made to be smart and witty. Indeed a competition seems to exist among such who shall be most unfeeling and pro- fan: 1 . Exhibitions of this kind are too gen- erally looked upon as matters of amuse- ment, gotten for the entertainment of the rabble, instead of being viewed, as they ought to be, foul stains upon the | bright escutcheon of our national char- acter. Written in most cases, as their temper indicates, merely for the par- pose of creating a laugh at the expense of female belpiessMt, it is strange that they are so frequently admitted into re- spectable newspapes. Strange it is too that the pubiick does not recoil from the oflensive spectacle, and point the finger of shame and scorn at the exhibiter,r..til- er tnan by quietly looking on, become a silent approver of so wanton a viola- tion of the domestick attachment of the sex. One man recently offered a she has tended from their infancy ; training them up to though and virtue to mediation and bcnavofcncc-, addres- sing them as rational beings, and pre- paring them to be men and women i:i their turn \\ weie ihe BKsas in ili° /ao again lo a comfort* allhricd with a verv bad eoegh fo »r oi THE RESURRECTION. The following beautiful and descrip tive. extract, is taken from Sermons, published under tine title of the Scotch Treacher : u Twic'c had the sun gone, down up- on the earth, and ar. yet all was quiet at the sepulchre ; Death held his scep- tre over the Son of God ; still and si- lent the hours passed on : the guards stood by their post, the rays of the midnight moon gleamed upon their helmets, and on their spears ; the ene- mies of Christ exulted in their success: the hearts of his friends were sunk in despondence and in sorrow ; the spi- rits of glory waited in anxious sus- pense to behold the event, and wonder- ed at the. depth of the ways of God. At length the morning star, arising in the east, announced the approach of light : the third day began to dawn upon the world, ichen on a sudden the earth trembled lo its centre, and the. powers of heaven were shaken ; an an- gel of God descended, the guards shrunk back from the terrour of his presence and fell prostrate upon the ground ; jfcts countenance was like lightning, and his raiment wat as white as snow , he rolled aimy the stone from the door of the scpidchrc, and sat upon it. But who is this that cometh from the tomb, with dyed gar- ments from the bed of death ? He that is glorious in his appearance, walketh in the greatness of his slringth ! Il years, and that in 1C..J she «H< reduced an low iliat u (rasthoognt she must soon be in ln>r j»rave, i ns slip wms acareelj able to \\-i;k from !:\r bed lo I tin- fir>», when the commenced taking Anderson's Caogh Drop*. IIIP n>e ol which, inn *: rt tbm so fir restored her, that the itas torn ahtt .'•-• >a zood afejM \*'\'•' '''•\' cheerfully ncoma tut thit Medicine tit Ihe puhlick. PHILO JUDSON, raster of the C <iur ', in JlsJiford. (Conn.) Jhhford, Sept. iS, T.:t. (Tr > Tor sale by Fcnn Denting, n Avi nil. in the village of WeslfieM. ir the roamty of Cliautai'que, on the 12 Ii dayo! V- eember next, at oae o'clock in the afternoon, all tii.K piece ol mad, lying bathe lownii Ripley,in -.till (••'imty, anddescribed on the ivzyi i I ih H' I- land company, asjiaitot\ hit namln i thirteen is in ilie thud lowubip and fifteenth range, and I'o'.tii'tod as follow! : Beginning on th? toulbers boundary of the Buffalo ur.d Erie road, at ife northeast comer vl let onmber thiricen atarpmid , ibencesonUi twenty-serea and tl.rrc fourtlH de- grees east, on :hp east line of said lot ten c! aios with me nr»t parallel wnl thence westerly, v.i :: r:^!it tu-- line,-i\\ chains; ihence nor'berrv, tiie first line, ten chains to ti;p road af resaid;— iheaceensterlv I •• II place of I>eginning. contaii iag six acres -of Ian Dated May II. i.'T ELKA>'All JOHNsON. DIXO' A;t v. ii. i n • Westfield. •bmo. Valuable Medicine, eventb i;av of i\!;\y. ia tho fifty first endecc ;• ofthe United States i por : OKTilKRN DISTHK Tt ! NKW-IOKK,To Kit RE IT REi«F.!\ir>r.RED, That on tb yearof the Indc of America, .\ o. 1827, / : ^::^: , Ct said district, bath deposited i? this effics lbs j title t>t' :i heel; the right wberccf he c] lii ; For Coughs, Consumptions, andAsth-] as author, in the words following, I i wil mas . '• Cobb i Ahri Igmcntof J. Walker's Cri! 'ESSRS. CROSBYS—Regarding as I dr. dtp health of the afflicted, I feel co—trained to speak ol the benefits which my lamilv li»ve derived iiom the use ol L.v MOTT'S Cowgh Drops For three years previous lo ll!J3, niv wile had | renented torus of bleedtag at Ihe lungs, with pain ' in the side ; and on liein;: informed by her physi- cian, that a seated consumption would he the re- sult, uidess immediately arrestee!. 1 procured a bottle of the above drops, which have elfectually restored her to health. 1 also had a little daughter, who was sorely afilicietl with spasmodick asthma, so that she be- came pale and emaciated, and so distressing were the fits, that the little sufferer appeared niany i imes neat I v suffocated. Maay dings were tried ical Pronouncing Dictionary, and Ftp - of the English Language; carefallj < i;; 1 led from the Londoa quarto editions, pub- nsbed under the inspection of ;hc AcUi '• m which Mr. Walker's principles of OrtUt .- raphy and Pronnnciation aic stricdy folknf- ed: and in addition, each wen! i- systi n»' ! - icalty Divided, the secondary accent noted; the plurals of Nouns, the present tense and preterit of Verbs, the Participle-sand tho va- riable Adjectives are inserted; and all osc- less repetitions of Words arc avoided. 7° which are prefixed, Concise Prmcipks (:[ ... , ., • Pronunciation, and rules for AccentuatioB witliuui effect, till we made use ot La Molt < ... .. . ' .„,,,, , *„ Cough Orops aceonipnnied with the syrup, and | anJ Uw OWWOBOl Syllables: With an AP\ as 1 believe, it was the means blessed to her re- | pendix, containing a class of Words wbJCa covery. Several months have passed, during I are in common use in this conntry and nrt which she has had tul one paroxysm, in which jfotind in WalkeiV Dictionary. 1'articular- '' : ' \ lla ' \\'\• \ h ' ;u \ \ ' \' \ >£l1 Ui:! ' ' ;i;: suc ' ly designed for the use of Schools. Bj Ly- man Cobb, author of the Spelling Book.\ is your Lord. He has trodden the wine press alone ; he. hath stained his raiment with blood ; but now as the reward of three barrels of lime, for the | first born from the womb of nature, apprehension of his supposed runaway [ he meets the morning of his resurrec- wife ; and another, equally unfortunate j tion. He arises a conquerottr from in his attempts at wit, offered a pair of, the grave ; he brings salvation to the I care not what flowers rise over the Elf, I snuffers for the recovery of his abscon- sons of men. Never did the returning provided tie dauakard will not rise himself''' | ding rib. Besides the air cf lightness I sun usher in a day so glorious f It cess. 1 can further stale, that my brother, James Reed, was, in the year 1824, for several months confined a considerable part of the lime with ihe asthma, attended with cough, difficulty aftneutn- mg, &.C. At ui;j;ht (more than in the o'ay lime) he was olten timler the asostdistressing apprehen- sions of immediate suttoenlion, so that he would rash from his bed to the door lor cold air. The practice ol un eminent physician was unavailing, and he was nl length' induced to make use of La -Mott's Coupli Drops, which hate been so saluta- ry that he bus tor six months pu>t enjoyed good health. JOHN REED. Jackson, N Y. Oct. I& 1G25. Sold wholesale and retail, by O. iy S. Crosby, Columbus, Ohio; by F. Dcming, Wesfjield, N. Y. and agents of their appointing throughout the U- nited States and Canadas. Each bottle contains 43 doses: Frice one dollar. In conformity to n n net of the congressof the United States; entitled \ An act for fl* encouragement of learning, by securing •\* copies of Maps, Charts, and Books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies, da- ring the time therein mentioned ;\ and aI ^' to the act entitled M An act su; plcmentaiv tn an act entitled ' An act for the encourage- ment of learning;, by securing^copies m Maps, Chart?, and Books, to the authors and proprietors of snob copies during the time therein mentioned,' and extending the bene- fits thereof to the arts of Designing, Engra- ving-, and Etching historical and other prints- K. R. LANSING. Clrr* p/ the District Court ef the P»\** Sfotes for the Northern Dish-id of X** York. *52 Cash paid for rags, • * 1 •

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