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VOL. II.J r — TTITI > i ' **• \ •*\ • ••*.~^----••*\-» » PUBLISH*:!) ON FRIDAYS, 11 V v9 UTT SHf*! ««T#! ^VM\?*\! Westfield, Fiiduv, June 29, 1827. i ner- but we all know that many a mm .shall protect her, wh fcTMIT —IMJ [No. 56. AT V. ;.si ^.i CM [become* a drunkard before lie sets his \»«t within one—it will not tivirii 1 or. her oppose r ^ . -» f *i4AA.< w „ oe courageous enongtt to do so, tt through the doll midnight hour, PP. j would only tempt the importer t-> hc- N .. be is iter insult f t shows the darker on our scutcheon.! man brought forward by the. Dtfe of What shall delig.i-j hat it pollutes so fair a surface, it be-] BridgewMerfrnm Urn hmnkk twmiitim ead en- construction common h«- j proclaim to the decrepit communities of joiner, and established himself as a -wemnst first minister to our- 1 by his nnkiadness, tears even more j dred years a people, but fifty years a na-j common shepherd boy. Stevenson, onsocjij»w»«. Bflore we revive oldjaw, we scalding than thoseshe shed over |»i s |«ion,we have already,m this particular, who built the light-house on the Bell most abolish old customs. Before we transgression. To fling adeepergloom j stained a wicked pre-eminence o\*i rock—which is dry only once or twice aflnrai?e*ofo»iroKn, whicharu| aI,lhl * :n bestowed on sacli selves. Th nailing. T i are wasting ar«rti beforeusisi deed an- C ™& lfAy lh \ h: f l ° { ?\'\\-™*«-\.V over his new horn children-andThe! Equity to be made of the ch djmKiow pervades the various classes a8lisif #to «*« really be be^hb stmk-h\ they would sell it to him. o! our community. In one way or an He caused tame of the. steam engine, to a popu~ iefs, wheth- : Inlion of I [J millions ! This will ex~ victims nf intemperance itwl s i:i frightful num oers. nor talen», is destroyer ;• s< «t, n;>r ag\. unsub hied l>\ falls awav nor ratiK, ( i I '•.\ subtle M in .ci ihce, it is their morning and evening and midnight to Olll (Ipvotiorl, their noonday Irom .1. From tire highest crai U!S lye lowest, from the drawing-room to : destiny, and woman is dVgrad- ,., p y tc h ellj from the gentleman to the ed from her angel station; the young | a ;; 0 , n( -,- ,]' They re- plain the power and the rank which en being, who has now nothing for'P'it'd that they did not wish to part Great Britain holds among the nations her hot the sot's disgusting brutality— 'with that land, as the bones nf their j of Europe being in resources actual- nothing for those abashed and trem- jfiunets, and their Brothers were lying ly stiperiout to all that could unite a- bliog children, but the sot's disgusting there ; but stili, to please their father gainst her. example ! Can we wonder, that amid j Chsns, they would sell some of h. For = tnese agonising moments, the tender a certain quantity of English goods they bow their faces in the the beauty . . c . !Sto;r , «f,-... ' F ' th CenU fao e . °V ,WrSa chords of violated affection should snap! \greed to sell him as much land as one j r xred f' !S °r\ , IO ! n ' nv ' m , ,n S •*' asunder ? that the scorned and 4eser- ot nis young men could walk around in I mnrun ai«. arrvsieu j], ( , VV ine tint has been rocked upon the , . • • „i , . , . , , , .. b'd wife Should confess I Uteir pn>mise, me mature are arresiea , . ...,•• is the priSe i f their nsefutaess, and ihe| OCfaY)j ap( | r i 0lJr ied beneath an l:idi;:n wjritclorks •fiii'r old seek the tomb u. s!; . % ( , mv! . ,./,;,.., :( . „;.„ S( ,;, U(l ,- ''' ; '\- ' disgrare ; the rich are overcome in their . ;( .i ves ^.;,i, t j, e n,. r y lifraor t splenddid mansions, the poor in their catsrd no other shores than oar own— Troni Zioe s TTcra'd. uch land as one | A HINT TO DESPONDING MINIS- TERS. , ,i Mr. Editor, —No' Ions: since a ladv re- \ Beginning at the <rreat river U*«J •„ «^. «i rn • ,7 -, . ,, .% 8 ,. . • .. . »teq to me thefollowmg anecdote; which that winch kills, the Ijeartr' ^oaqoanock,\ now Kensington, and containsau useful a moral, and the manner nicatioa was so ^lr??i;.g- to my wrote it down the first oiportu- u »» there is no a d; \ '\\ tbatthough it would have been hard ending at the great river just below!of its cooum bu 'for her to kiss for the last time the eold Kalbpingo,\ now Bristol. The bar- mind, that I dreary hovels; the arm ol labour is down, till it reaches the miserable abode paiaiyz-d, the Hght of learning ts exthV WMe re the lather and mother will have -;i ; :,-- ! ; genius is struck down in his \tm*. thoueh ;!ie children cry for feread eagle caTer, and the holy functions of defiled in the dust —down to the bottom, even to the pi is- m hi-o^.-, the forlorn inmate of which cy ? Had he died in the light id\ liis dians. When they came for their pay' A certain minister who had bren very remonstrance, | y |- t i ia ,j ons :t t soinc fashionable hotel live beea also the tears of shame. But Peon. \ Was it not your own choos- showers of reformation mercy, and nothing mast hear voices ('I an lannedcommunity. Above oil, it is it is !'.. custom. Th e more advanced t.iivi- tutus in flinging open tleir own tune rorns to act:—the sin that shrouds doors to each other, and the polity of itself m the broad mantle nf custom, their esteem is testified by !the number custom must expose and destroy. A| 0 f bottles they can esaptj together—it to hfhold him, fallen awav from th 1 station he once adorned, degraded from eminence to igDosniny—at home, tur- ing that the ground should be mea3ur-: e ' se could satisfy 'nis mind. Seeing-no out- ed in this wav ? \ pouring of the spirit, no sinners converted Some of Peoa'l commissioners be-! ™der his preaching some time, his soul was vast proportion of the cases cf confirmed intemperance may be traced, not so is the enstom. The husband deems it but civil to commemmorate the acciden- much to any innate d?ptavedaess, r;s to the crafty worki *ol the on; •. > \-..'. >..---••-, : ,t gfj . •;-.• ; and we, who continue to follow these usages, even while we ! mgh ;;t ti'•::'- are t;::iseive^ more or less (.':.'•; able with the < v.ls we lament nv« r, and are bound to o:- ert our efiorts fi>r the aio'vatwn m them. ; i! vi^itof his acquaintance by a jd;>ss of a'\ - r>t Spirit, and the wif<e holds it a duty to celebrate the flying call nf her Companion with a t:isie of the latest .\•'.•• r,-. r —for this also is t!^e custom.— Til* 1 uninteresting eossipry of every tittle evenin* coterie must be en'i^caed with the customary cordiai. Custom de- • bcsTtwrth despondiug and melanchollv fears. ning his dwelhog to darkness, and its cam« «arm, and said that the bargain) While thus exercised, one night he dream- holy endearments to mockery—abroad lv *s a fair one—that the Indians ought ed,—a gentleman hired him to work for him, thrust from the companionship ol the t0 be compelled. and the price of his labour per day was worthy, a setf-braaijed outlaw—this is \Compelled!\ replied the Govern- stipulated. On inquiring what his employ- ee wo that the wife feels- is more dread- ***, u how are they to be compelled !— j c \; 7° u!a havc h \» about ' he ™ s inform- AH than death-tltitshe mourns over Dei;; yon see that this points to mur-1««! %£ ^^^^0 as wotse than wids.wiiaod. »>rj Then turning to the IndiansL,,. for the rock i s £ { and hard I There is yet an Ithcr picture behind, with a smiling countenance, he said—I could never break it to pieces.\ \-That is from the exhibiting of which I would \ Well if you have given too much land! nothing to you,\ said the gentleman; \fol- wiiiinglv be span id. I have ventured t°r the goods first agreed on, how much , low my directious and I will pay you your to point to lluise «,ho dailv force them- \ill dor\' *&*V. 1 1 .- ^ ,'.„ - .11 1 ..1 • -„ ii'-.u .u- .1 T i- J L -i ne labourer then went to work: and tho' selves before the a orld, but there :s one Vl rth this the Indians appeared much it apptared aD cndless and thereforc ^^ ig a iroad tracts, \ that seem to p ufflikea thick flieht of snow, lea\ mg 1 Tprf , ,1,^ nmrone a dim \ The brisk d>hiking—the rich citizen stakes a do- zed, the poor one a dram no trace of their poss r, and disap- j gg^^f psmting for twenty one,\ hapti ;!oarii;™ wheie ' • TOM ill more must be dorl Least of all, 5 ses his new-born manhood in the strong intends training it 'jnp. Births, marriages, and burials are a ;^o. fall hallowed by sirou\ driak. Anni- certainly, a e n«>t to he left undone, bot| drirrtt tn KvWlch ^ if we would have them of any the veil that bangs between, and draw with the Governour, and retired, smt- The minister saw that the drrom contain- her forth?—the priestess dying amid Ting and happy. The Indians being' ed instl,,ctl0 ° forh i™; he felt the reproof. her unholy rites—the sacrifice and the gone, William Penn looked around on i \™ med °°^^ i ^i V* a f gam ble f u ed ... / .. , ?r /. , , .... ,. . . -with seeing the rock} hearts of nvanv of his sacrifice? O, we compass sea and his Iriends, and lifting his hands and hcarcr3 brokea b} . \ lte hammcr of Go d ; s land, we brave danger and death, to eyes, exclaimed—\ O what a sweet and word.* snatch the poor vietiin of heathen super- cheap thing is charity! Mention was stition from the burning pile—and it is made just now of compelling these poor well—but shall we not also save the creatures to stick to their bargain ; that /> F.r.F.CTioNr.r.ni>G.—The practice of elec From the Butler Sentinel. I-eastol ui,« in we relj on t... mias versanes, civiek ntsttvities. military dis-i. , c , 111/ • • 1 • r- . . ,• 1 . 1 < -n 1 tionperina- ->e ,t ; (, s 1,... i n ™~ -u-\ - ,r. •.,,,.!,, -.,,. \-.,. m ,., ;«. , -ii- 1 ilovelv ones of our own household, from is in plain Esrghsh to light and kill them p°««rouj as it is called, has mouropin •istea arm nt aiitnority. i»e maj n> !.,! iivs municipal elections, and even . -. . .. .. . . ' , . * '— —• \ •- - »-^-«-« —*-—-• « «•'-,. r r L*. hnt no mm as well in- 1\ •' • 1 ,t - -,i immolating on this-h>ul altar, not alone, and r«K< me laws, out RC ,.' .y as WCII m reugious ceremonials are nothing with- . . r? . . .••. •• , 1 • i rr VI. >e f.te rjpatl rate when l!ie mischief is con; Lews can onlv 1 n P e \ out strong drink. The i •ntion 1 - u hat we wan ,,r' •V c'mr •remi\ r. I: though we very properly parish thief and the murdere gainst which we a; re- • nt- leed, the )Oil what consistency can we all about^a little piece of land!\ | j™. arrived to such a hight, as to call loudly niuju .vim-. , . . 1 1 M .1 i rni • - - -« • - - <-.'»' lor publick execration. Ireatinrr—coz- it;caie l ihe-i ,ll V ,erish,n ? t ; 0 ^' bUtal,h r VOrSh,,, \ i Th ' S T?- ^ \fVFlSL e jcning-brow-beating_ridingtheco5ntry- ped graces ol her ser—the glorious at- story as related in Weess s Lale ot \\ in. keeping watch at every corner of 1 he street tributes of hollowed womanhood ! Penn. It is so characterestick of that 1 that no man may pass without being haded imagination's gloomiest reverie never remarkable man, that there can be lit- and asked for his vote;—this has become tha conceived of a more revolting object, le doubt of its genuineness and authen t 1 lis f i„ onepU^J^^^A^fe^ir^,^^^ , , , t our faces, srithUhilfc his boisterous adversary sits'; ? h \ °, wn l) , erS01 ? the ***** , \'7' k t How happy it would have _been for mera of a liule noisy day, and the co- !<!ssus whose footsteps millions wait uji- on, must alike be apotheosized in liquor. A rooeh hewn statesman is toasted at, '••\««» l* Ithroneh the same mummery in another. 1 «r God, and setting r.t nought the ho- the early settlers of all the American drunkard, for an offence to which our Here in the brimming glass's the ad- • «\g«f e » e » t » »r which He created co Ionies—and how happy for the no- own daHy practice:; naturally lead him? i i,^,-'^ 0 f sn , nt , successful candidate 5 ,,cr - Uer husband—who shall height- merous trib es of aborigines, had all our We do all but the deed, ourselves—we | ming i e lt!t . ir congratulations, and there!*\ , hi3 j7 s ' ? n(1 (ilss ' ) \ yA [ e ••_ car f' ancestors possessed thepacifick policy tread on the borders of the forbidden S ; !<: th> ' ll!l, v:;i\ lill'l III: IIIIIIHI SHIM C| Ul'llf. ,. I Ml I 1 I I .' .-, \ ' \ •.- . ' • * I belK,lds t he^6or«drnnkmdshaming era ^5 , warb |edu^ s,,al T~ ° er ,blessed with a William Penn, for their the fair face <f .lav—\ enforce t he Lw« .... u~,A\ nrr hnAt, ~u\ L„\ •« .1 lhe,r budding virtues, and pluck up the | Governour ? In that case, how easy it would be t o settle all difficulties with in whose own bosom every thing beau- t j ie Creek Indians.— Friend of Peace. tifdl has withered, every thing vile grows beholds the iowbora drunkard shaming eranceis warbled from the lips of those V\'VT.- i 7 1 the f,r face of day-« tnfortt faeLho , re bending body and soul to a | »he.r budding virtues, and ph.ck up the lae*r and with rtiese words on his viler thraldom than that from wllicll i young weetls of passion and vjee? bhe hr», ne toony ;-\r^vz\s the evening| t i iew fathers rescued them ckib, from the caronsings of which, if he j ::; * • retires anexposed,it is because the shades alniast indispensable routine of a candidate for publick offico. We ask,is not this conduct deg ra iling to the human character? Can any man who resorts to such low means, if he be elected, feel conscious of deserving publick favour ? Or, must he not feel as he has acted— unworthy of his own estimation? Every m^n possessed of a spark of honour must feel so. It is insulting the people in tho higncst degree, in the tendcrcst point. We long to see the time when {he people will bo permitted, of their own accord, to choose men to serve them. It is the only way in which a man can feel truly honoured. Let the people scorn the fawning, groveling syc- ophant, who, like the chameleon, changes his colour every hour to gain their favour— ari'i there will be no more electioneering. But deplorable as the frivolous usages r;i ™ • t W »o «&»J teach them to bend nf night do mor«- for him than his ! of society show, in their effects upon the I their little knees rfi devotion, and re- own prudence. u Stpprc* drinking young, the prospect is doubly terrific*,! P™* ll 'eir Saviour's prayer against hoMun and Son! establishment^— j when wc behold their ravages among | \temptationir^ She who^ M herself cries the anxious f.1 1 her, who shudders, the more nsatare. The common ca- le-lt hi- *r,» may di ink there of the wa- j lamiiies of life may be endured. Pov- tersnf death, which however he is notjerty, sickness and even death m:>y be W all afraid to press upon his friends at, met—bat there is that which, while it kk l/7/i/ d :es not government j brings all these with it, is worse than all home. impost a tax o/i ffoncstirk-spirits ? n these together. When the husband is the tnmiwy of on<-, who sits at his and father forgets the duties he once loaded table, boasting of the age of his. delighted to fulfil, and by slow degrees Foreign liquors, rmdTecouhting the va-J becomes the crenture of intemperance, rimrs voyages that haTe rendered them!there enters into his house the sorrow to exquisite. Truly, there is a little] that rends the spirit—that cannot be absurdity in these things. Besides we alleviated, that will not be comforred. may fine and imprison a poor wretch,] It is here above all, where she, who now and then, for intoxication, but it! has ventured every thing, feels that eve- will go only a Iht'e way to reduce the' rv thing, is lost. Woman, silent, evil—it will not teach him temperance.!suffering, devoted woman here We stay lessen the number of dram! bends to her direst affliction. The \hops that pour forth their steams or! measure of her wo is, in truth, full abomination from every hole and cor-' whose husband is a drunkard. Whn temptation's fettered slave ? These are tculy the mother's labours—but they are not hers. Connubial love and maternal tenderness bloom no lon- ger for her. A worm had gnawed into her heart, that dies only with its prey— the worm, Intemperance ! ******* I would not even in anticipation, do my country injustice. I glory in my citizen one rava chall mi lioweve phrases gross and besetting sin, the parent of so many others, is a national h!»t ; and if Men Raised by Merit.— Dr. Frank- lin who from a journeyman printer, From the Buffalo Patriot. Mr. Davis' Gun Lock — agoriv. The editors of theFredonia Gazette paf- became one of the greatest men in fAeltake somewhat of the percussion principle civilized world ; and whose life u-ritfen j one would suppose, in their own composi- oflhe steam engine, and thereby the remark tbat we added respecting Mr. Hart's donor of one of the greatest gift* of Froooma, have literally exploded these ever bestowed on the human race' by gentlemen, between our lingers. In the man, was a mathematical instrument ptenitude rf their wroth, JJjrJw* *gg , ? . L 11 j r/-„ in our devoted teeth the following terrible makcr,in a very humbi? sphere lis ^^ (o ^. it . Henry Ckm, Samuel Smm- labours have benefitted mankind to the ^ j. uob jjumi, and A. Mmmmb, by all extent of thousands of 7iiillions, and w } lC h they expected to prove, that Mr. Hart's /ever is not a time, for the silken \dart , an eminent mathematician ant, ases ' of selfcoiuiuendation. The mechanisi, and known from its tm- or a major seneral's commission in the V. S. Army will qualify a man to judge more cor- nrovements in the manufacture 0! cor- redly of a percussion gun lock, than the Jagc, icus a Ooemmlter. Bri luBev, a smith whs forges, or the hunter that uses it,

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