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The western star. (Westfield, N.Y.) 1826-1828, May 18, 1827, Image 1

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\ \L I. T—rtqgmc'!v-.{-nm'i..i.i—-m jg-K j>- Tare--- P0BI.TSHET> CTBRI F-RTDAV\ >•/'• ,- |FEST7TBI.», CHAlTT »'•„•••• CO. A. 1 fa village subscribers, $2,.\;0. To i fH. WestfieigU Friday, May 1 8, I 827. 11 mail ibscribers, $2,00 To com p: nit •• No. 50. High seasoned, acid, bitter jokes* And v. hen we strive to please the mob. A jest, a quarrel, or a job, If any gentleman warx, a wife, A partner, as 'tis termed, for life, An advertisement answers well, of the .drawing roo . or taste ofi that most inexhaustible of all subjects— hav* wn;»„.i r • • . '.he Irnrarj, we should take then, »„ tfe leather. J |,y. *£ Ti* * C *^' i\* ,hen fcr ! ' » « up me fire boats, a.i-i the cow-yard, or show them in u-liat manner we disposed, of kitchen offals. \ Ay free, iiif baa' your story toil/ When wi'*a bosom crony ; But ttill keen something to \oursol' Yell scarcely it11 to our. ADVi. ^ot i jcceeding a square, will be inserted rhre ! treeks, for gj. For every subsequent nsertioo, 25cents. A liberal deduction will .'.', m ule to those who advertise by die year. Ujfotfef. .1 the I • 5. Review . and Literary CJaz. TiiE BRIDE. The lady sat in sadness—her lair lid Shrouding ber eye's dark beauty, while soft bauds Were wreathing her thick tresses, and amid The glossy ringlets twining- costly band? Of snowy pearl; but oft a uccp drawn sigh Heavin\ the rich robe that folded o'er her breast, And, srbeo she raised her bead, within her eye Sparkled a tear which would not be reprrs!. She \-lanced towards the mirror, and a smile Crossed her sweet lip—it was a woman's feel- rr • C3 Of mingled pride and pleasure, even while The bii bt of sorrow o'er her heart was sleal- Horses, carriages, servants swarm, No matter whether pood or bad, We tell you where they may be bad. We also tell you many things, About republicks, states,and king?. Our services we can't express— The good we do you'd hardly guess. There's not a want of human hind, ljul we a remedy can find. Now putting all tbescthings together, You'll surely own that we are clever ; All will confess who are not sneaking, Newspapers are well worth taking. * r \\\ ! . ! i, | ua< ; ! : t!,<,t >- '« Ibe Turkish line of bat- DEZS-M PftEFRKABLK TO CBRISTIAKtTT! tie ships. The itnn^t.1 f> • -. ,•>•.•• i /. i • !•• • immortal Lanaris, with Christianity reveals a G.MI, glorious,! Ins brulot, was to have accompanied us in holiness; Deism, though it acknovvl-• and there was every probabilitv that' ,J,, ^ S \ «**>J« •» a gn-.»t measure o-'had not the enemy's fleet retired, there iVVhafa provoking thing t-.\h- made a v ^^»wiMralcbarach ? r;Mie«.fure 1 would have.h.cn decisive work? 'd^ositnry for every ferret— common 'P r<,,,T tsm ' Christianity contains a ft is my ditfy here to say a few word- sevei foi • th.: fild. of 'al.linr; * A ^.,J4^--*sed revelation uftbe will of God :lof Captain Fi.f-.rik Hastings, a man [it is terriblv provoking to he obliged to . ,sni * eaves fil ° m P'i'hct darkness as whoso persevering exertions f., the J watch eveiy little trilling observation I lo !\ s W «N; therefore 1 Deism, Chi isti- Greeks merit what they have obtained, I which we may happen to make—i«i a . m, ^ l e *\« J> fts palpable, obvious aadjthe kive af tbe % nation#'Seis an Ea- | think three times and speak, mice, then|*^\ pte r J'? Uttflbc n:ilurfi (,f vii,,ie «»d gfish gentleman, ef«family and f^tune. [to speak with fear and tiemhling | ( . s ,j \' ce : De 's«>» envelopes the nature of .ind formerly commander in the British out words be carefully stowed away by v,rtoe ;u,d v,co 1!l ,1,e greatest doubt and navy. Upon the first breaking out o»\ '^Pl^'tv: therefore I prefer Deism, the (ireek revolution he hastened here' |some friendly listeners, and peddled j 1 From the Hkaca Jlfvaevm. CONVERSATION. \ The ladies arm-in-arm in clusters, As great and gracious a' as sisters; But hear their ah-ent thoughts o'ither, They're a'run deilsao^jads tbegither. Whyks, o'er the wee bit cup and platic, They sip the scandal portion pretty ; Or lee lang nights, wi.cribbH lenks P<;re o'er the devil's pictnr'd beuks ; only to some vague notions relative to the fitness ofthings, or to moial beauty loot at some future period, after seeth- ing in the poison of their own minds, and receiving a due and precious in- crease. By reason ol these things, con- versation, among individuals of pru- dence, and ihose who are able to cur- ry it on, loses its freedom, and becomes stiff, formal, and reserved. Society. instead of being connected together by j fl\ c, »ating, his nltimate guide; there- the most fascinating of all ties—instead ,ore l ^ refer I)eism - Christianitv often of being charmed bv real wit, ar in-! refol,ns P«»i»gatea«d vicious men ; De- structed\ bv science—is b'arelv linked j %%m *f/ wr —»hereftr< I prefer Deism. bv the cold formalities of fashion, or c,irist »«» , y frequently prompts men to involved in interminable broils of rKuyi* 01 ***^ llle mosl extensive philan- warfare. It is really • fearful sight to ; t,,ro P.v» and compels thess t<> execute behold the hotile acav Christianity furnishes the strongest pos- and exerted himself for two yeais to sible motives for virtuous conduct, and serve the cause ; but at last finding him- the most cogent reasons for abstaining!self of less utilhv than his active sni from vicious conduct : Deism appeals spirit made him wish to be, he formed the plan of bringing out one or more armed steam vessels, and repaired to England or to expediency, which makes a man's for that purpose; and it was princi own sentiment and feelings, however pally at his suggestion, that it<vas de- termined to appropriate pait of the loan in fitting out an expedition of iteam vessels. Hastings being appointed jo command one of them, by extraordina- ry personal exertions, and the sacrifice of a part of his fortune, was enabled to get her finished, and brought her out of contend- ,h °** * cheu,tfJ : Debw scarcely devises | here a long time before the others will v issue razed she thought ofby past hoars I Stake on a cfeauce afarmenrs tackvard, (raoaiti a is ul \ instaqtanepus : M H ' ,5a ««'\^« <»\ ••••>'s ci me : ueism can »un victory and honour, if hi Wbeasbewas wont, within the orange bow- j A\'eheat ld ; c o:,;e unhang'd M.ekgnard. ' iJS the clouds of contention grow thick- \\ \! c * *';\- ^ ;; 1 '. ^'» ^;)^ - i f'\ T ' ™Jh ** j«e. Skwq \ nens,,lc ° rhere^s some exceptKm, man an iroman, M . in ,. blac^^ :1 s .,:,j t ,>f contiadh lion ,! \ \ fore l P re! \' Dws »' Christianity, Nvour him, he will stand a fifair er *» But tliis is Gentry's life in commou. , ...t '••. „ r .i.e . ! as 'res me of eternal existence bevonrilof eclinsimr fTnrhran* k; M « To sit benealfl the moonlight' and the arm let this is Gentry's life in commou That the greater portion of convci Of one she loved was toidiog round her form: gation between the diflerent individuals ar d destroys the veracity^of some while nruyA P°«r«inn of felicity, it mil be my H fortone chance becomes th spirit of th st...m aud :,%i ' re * mp ^eternal existence beyond! of eclipsing Cochrane himself, whose memory, with electriek powers, strikes ll \ ? raw > a,i(1 *»*» ifh is noi tl 'be an coming will, I fear, be tetarded several months longer. The plan of jlie Turks, since the fall hf IMissolonghi, has been, first, to sub- wn fault ; Deism leaves me perfectly ;norant, let my condect here be what While to his throbbing breast she oft would j nf po | ite societv? sIu , u!l , consisl in sl;iR . jt |)l)liries the atJBO , |Aere fol ^ intta chng, Jderous tittle-tattle, and petty scandal, ,j tv of others. And playfully ber loosened tresses fling j excites the surprise of the ignorant, and ft is undoubtedly a most consoling '' m, '- v ' w \ether I shall live beyond the due Samos,~one of the largest and rich r.ighi fetters) o'er his neck, then with bright' commands the attention of the curious, reflection thai a majority of mankind & ,:lve (!| \ not ; whether such existence, cheek est islands, now in possession of the Gieeka ; second, the capture of Athens , , . .. ....... „ ...... , —and, third, the prosecution of iheir Another change came o'er ber face; rise]search with success for those particular «e can, even by a pecuniary sacrifice, ,,rtfer Uusm - Christianity will sup- advantages gained in the Morea. The passions of the mind from which such have oar miblick rights protected by the P°J n,e l,nder lhe 'anguishments of a|ti, st u f these was left to Topal Pacha, unhappy consequences flow. But we longitudinal tongues of oat legal score- ~ bed, and M the prospect of ' Smile when he strove his tenderne I Were we deeply versed ia the science take so deep an interest in mir affi.irs. il . t!u ' rt \ be an >'- wi . M he ,imited or infi \ ess to speak, 'of mental philosophy, we might perhaps We all consider it a great privilege that **\' 1,: 'lM'y or miserable; therefore I turned lod raised a crystal cup that near her stood ; Upon her cheek a de per crimson burned, .-ind t« her eve there rushed a fearful flood Of wdd emotion; eagerly she quaffed. With trensbhng lip, the strangely-blcndei! draught. .. .. ... .... death,, w } 10 W as named commander of the fleet, might almost as well undertake to do- sentatives. Much greater therefore is * i. \ S \' P '\^ Certa,n '^P*\ t,,at !and who having taken on board troops scribe the different kinds of soil that the privilege of bavin* our domestic!; i death lsonl y a short though dark pas-1front Asia Minor, has been threatening give life and nutriment to those poisons concerns freely discussed in every so-! S! '£ P ,nt0 an '^'^rilnnce « incorruptible|u^ i s ] aru i fo, lhe j ast S1X nio , it h s . fi ut which spring from the earth. ]t there- c ial circle, \ without money and with undefi!e < ] > a,lti wl \ dl »*«• \ ot away.\'| ,|| |,i s attempts have been frustrated fore our view of the subject be superli- out price.\ We are certainly safe foi , Deisni w,:l tl,en ,eave me sinking in an the Creek fleet. He has now retun cial and incorrect, it is because we have « j„ a multitude of counsel ihere is safe-r***\ ° f S ,oom - v apprehension, without to Constantinople, whether from w by urned ant Awdthen^nlo^andia-icrmgrcccntscned,!^;^^ capacitv fo comprehend nor ty.» Let every one therefore seat him- '° 7 \' su PP orl — in trembling expectation, of repairs, or on account of disturbances Am T not now a gay aud happy bride: . dis[)0si{ion to investigate. •'' s ,.|f composedly under his own vine and : tl,at ,he ic - v hand of the Kin g \f l «\ i« *\ city, 1 have no means of deter- Many no doubt make use of slander- fig , iep , for he may rest assured that the !rours _ ,s :,b( ^ ut to se,ze me : bul w,,elhcr i mining. But Samosissafe until spring, ******* Slie stooo before the altar, ber paie brow i. flitted to the boly cross; toe sun «N conversation as a kind of safety innumerable tribes of gossips that flock to ron ™J me to hea-.Tn or hell, or to >jwk«n 1 doubt nut the Turks will make •valve, to give vent to tbe superabundant around the out-posts of molality and ,'?~ x \ l' : an » ,b »«t:on,I know nc*. ; \»H oiort extensive preparations than ever Shed through the painted window a deepl virulence of their spiteful dispositions, goot | breeding, will save him the irk-| prefer—; No—it is impossible to attack it. The second part-of tk* glow taking a strange delight in stirring up sonie trouble of minding his own busi-, tcat \ liy man ca P ab!e ? f correct reflec enemy's plan; viz. that of taking Ath- tioncan, after tracing this contrast, say,; PnS) was entrusted to Kutnckis Pacha. deliberately and sincerely,— therefore j with the Albanian Turks, who set down Upon her check, and be, who thus bad wen j strife, without any particular prospect noss . And as an additional pill to sweet- of advantage. on the eup of enjoyment let him reflect •' How now, ye secref, black, aau midnight that this kind of interference in his con- hags, cerns proceeds from the Miost friauUw ••• Whatis'tyoudo;\ ! motives. Many have in view some particular It is one thing to please ourselves in purpose, and slander for the sake of conversation, but quite another thing to Her hand without her heart, tvas at her side. The boly priest, too;—but as less allied To earth than heaven she stood, when called to speak The deep response, her voice had grown BQ weak I prefer DEISM 9wrt*m. GREECE. i before it in August—what progress he | had made up to the 15th October, I i detailed to you in my last. Since then .1 only know that Gourah, the coni- J mander of the place, was shot through face, She shrank from him as loathing his embrace. Then starting up, with fearful calmness said, \Father I premised—have I not obeyed? But there i* yet another vo'.v unpaid— For I am the betrothed of Death, and, lo ! The bridegroom waits his promised bride e'en now. r Ournnplial tOTch shall be the glow worm's, tight, Our bridal bed the tomb. ()h '. it is sweet To think that |kw^ K0 „ rie f caQ ft lY0W it<i Wight O'er young a.Teciion! Ay, e'en I can greet The rnnrriage cup, when drugged with ac- onite !\ She trembled, would have fallen, hut again als is merely the spontaneous effusion besides. But this view kfjast like all !mary detail of the public k everts up to'i As for lhe tilird P art ' *\« P\^'\? \ f id minds too barren uf original ideas to others that are made without esperi-l that date. Since my leaving Napoli, the.r advantages in the Morea, the en- pioduce any thing useful and instruct- et'ce eniy has been prevented from ibis by ,,,... !.< ny wno converses upon subjects repug- lion ol the surg.^ i • • J- i * , , , i ,i - . • A\ .'.,-. ..,„,: duced to such a miserable remnant, tins description are very often under nan! to the taste and beyond the com-; Utet, and arrived bete pist wnen it was ., , .i. • n f li.ii.i • .- i-\i i . i.i -v..-!-; ua „, ,.,.^ 0 .k^i j that he could not undertake any enter- the influence of envy and hatred, but prehension ot every individual present, supposed the Iorfcisn Beet were snoot| . . \ , tlieir intellectual soil will be found too It may powever he laid down as a gen-1 to make an attack on this island, and:P\ s ° P . ' » • \- ' barren for the vigorous production even eral rule, that fashionable circles, with j attempted to react the tragedies of Scio * a P se ^ ' u . nlv of monei of such passions. They slander exact- few exceptions, arc pleased with shin-, and Ipsara. But the Greek squadron .^. ° i Brov ;,j oni A, winter is ly as a child prattles, simply because der and with wit. It is also necessary, was ready to oppose them, and the ad they are incapable of an)'thing else, thercuuc, to possess either a dispositioi Yet society is often thrown into confu- to discourse on the characters and con-limp , , , . , , '! .. . A i • i r.i . „^o.„.-» ouite possible; bet that he will no: ! they are incapable of anything else, thercuuc, to possess either a disposition jdition ol this vessel was ol the greatest, ». • ' . ms'deml- -1 importance. The Turkish fleet then re _ . ' . . , . tion, but very many in whom this same I anecdote—a story—a white lie—that I Napoli. I beleive 1 slightly mentioned By the packet «*ip EdwardBcmafie, cap- I channel is so completely deficient ml will excite aoiveraal laughter. If so, to you in my last, the arrival of»bis ves- tain Funk, we hare received our regular depth as lo overflow and damage the. he is very fortunate ; yet but few pos- sel in Uieece, the first of the exp»di-ifflesj»ftlieConsUtu 'possessions of others. Now, it may I sess suck dexterity. To he ante, a per- lion to be commanded by Cochrane;) re.i bl ©f crimson stained her cheek and— she ivas nut! Selected for the Western Star THE NEWSPAPER. Tis truth with deference to the college, Newspapers are the springs of knowledge ; The general source throughout the nation, Of every modern conversation. What would this mighty people do. If there alas! was nothing new ? A newspaper is like a feast, Some dish there is for every guest: Some large, some small, some strong, some tender, For every stomach stout and slender. ^ vcrv villainous idea—whi. h is toe of-, who is unable to slander, from eonsci those who roast beef, and ale, nought in, t cn eveiy idea—that lingers in their entioos scruples ; unahlfi to tell while I •>»:i! > Arc pleased with trumpets, drums, and fight- minds. It is ns much a breach of po- lies, from a want of dexterity, aud en in'; likeness and hospitality, as though we; able to be. scientifick, from a desire no Tor those who are more funny made, should introduce our guests at the back t>> offend the ta^tn ul the company ? The arts and sciences, and trade. For witty and satitick folks, Greece. —The editor, in the last nurn- .!•. hot hot. With ,,ps, thai if the Forte should not give these advantages and directed by a manja catagoi ical uswer, ^^ uhout luss oi it ' nf Hastin£>»' ski cou! a.\ mucli may ne am ! 1 door, entertain them in the kitchen, and] Alas poor soul ! be must either remain ber, it she I I instead of exhibiting to them the neat-1 silent, or j make somi sage reman mv falls s. tried, determiiM'il i imie, »v',rettd from anil 'I * i i with any nf th; me- etisne '!..•• ylan heic \»-us W \t\ lie bout J <r ,;i Constantinople A hu&ttiiiies would iauaediately onfirmatl m uf this inteUlgenee,

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