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^ IL FAUX PARI IB. And u ilso? an-i must we serve ? Alas! 'twere vain our fate to fhun The course oflove ran smoothly never, Since vows were breathed or beauty won. And is it so ? and shall repining O'er cloud the parting hour i Oh no . Each breast its own fond griefs enshrrining, tio siglisshall heave, no tear shall flow. One soft farewell, one look revealing Each silent thought, be onr's alone : .No murmured vow, to heaven appealing:, Shall shame the truth our own bosoms own. Apart in form, in souls uniting, Slow-waning Time our truth shall prove : Till gentle Hope her beacon lighting, Lure back the wandering bark ol Love. J UST published, by R. W. Haskins, Buffalo, the Revised Edition of Cobb's Spelling Book, which is now for sale, whole sale and retail, by him, at his bookstore in Buffalo, by H. New- comb, Westfield, and by most booksel- lers throughout the country. [The following recommendations are selected from numerous others, by men of high literary Stfltltil'l\ I FronTsheldon Smith, H. B. Potter, and Daniel Lock wood. Commissioners of com. schools fir the town of Buffalo J an\ John Mann, inspector of do. Aug. 1,1326. . . .. . Having carefully examined the revised edition of Cobb's spelling book, we feel warranted in pro- nouncing it the I est work of the kind at this time before the publick It is compiled with care and iudgement. The anaugement »s excellent: and »he orthographv «nd pronunciation are in strict conformity to' the nio,t approved standards of our language Our common schools have loag laboured under embarra*sments,frora the great vu- rietv of spelling books, which have been introdu- ced' each varying from the others, and deviating more or less from the true standard A rudin.en- lal Look, of sufficient merit to supersede all others, has long been much needed. Mr. Cobb s work M well fitted to ensure such an object From H. J*mes, Amdi P.^boJy. P- E- IW«*> S Farsytfc, and J Drew, tearliers ol schools, m the village of Buffalo. Aug. 12.1826. Mr R W Haskins, rjl . v Sir—We have carefully eJammed Mr. Cabn s \Just Standard for pronouii'ing theEnglish Lan- CMCV,\ and have found it so exacilv to follow J. Walker's principles .)f pronunciation and Bisor- thop-apli' . that we can consult it with as inm-h confi.U n.e as either the New \ oik or I h.la.Mpuu, .dil.on of « alkei's Diceuiiary. Aatoaf. die „•»- ny other advantage* which this boo* possesses, mb N i,e .reiui, i.ed the compile alptobbetJcal ar- raneement of the word* in the spelm.i; l**«on»- tlieV-lasMficaiioii eftae woids terminating i:i (ton, i of seveial huudren wordj , and ii'i Cound n Valuable Medicine, For Coughs, Consumptions, and Asth- mas. WTESSRS. CROSBYS—Regarding as I do «** the health of the afflicted, I feelc onstrained to sp^ak of the benefits which my familv have derived from the use of LA MOTT'S Cough Drops For three years previous to 1825, my wile had repented turns of bleeding at (he lungs, with pam in the side ; and on being informed by her physi- cian, that a seated consumption would be the re- sult, unless immediately arrested, 1 procured a bottle of the above drops, which have effectually restored her to health. I also had a little daughter, who was sore,y llWiiird with spasmodick asthma, to that she be- came pale and emaciated, and so distressing were the fits, that the little sufferer appeared many lime? nearly suffocated. Many things were tried without effect, till we made use of La Mott's Cough Drops, accompanied with the syrup, and as I believe, it was the means blessed to her re- covery. Several months have passed, during whiehsbekas had but one paroxysm, in which case the same means were used with equ••! suc- cess. I can further state, *a« my brother, James Keen, ana*, in the year 1824, lor several months onfined a considerable pat t of the lime with the asthma, attended with cough, difficulty of breath- ing, iic. At night (more than in the day lime) he was often under the mo^td Stressing apprehen- sions of immediate suffocation, so that he would rush from his bed to the door for cold air. The practice of m> eminent phy-ician wns unavailing, aud he was at length induced to mukc use of La Moll's Cough Drops, which have been so salula- rv that lie bus for six mouths past enjoyed good health. JOHN REED. Jackson, N- T. Oct. 15.1823. Messrs. CROSBYS—I have for eighteen years been troubled with an affection of the Bretiti mid Lungs, attended with a severe cough, pain in Ike side, and difficulty of breathing ; and in the fall ol 1025, I became so much reduced, that my life was despaired of, and receiving no visible benefit lioin my physician, 1 was advised to make trial ol La Mott's Cough Diops, and after taking one t>ottie, was restored to perfect bealtb—and it is my firm belief, that the use of the above named drop*, saved my 111e. THOMAS JONES. Columbus, Ohio, July 22, 18-6 17fi>|>ly Sold wholesale and retail, by O. $ S. Crosby, Columbus, Ohio; hy F. Denting, h'est field, N- V. and agents oj their appointing throughout the L- mted Strifes and Canada*. Each bottle contains 40 doses: Price one dollar. New Books. J UST received, and for sale by the subscriber, at his rion.fcc.—the insertion used by our best inodriii writers, at unv edition of Walker's dictionary, eny its containing 23anfr JSitf ^ablc Cone o Weekly,fra* U* R. i. Statesman. inc. MIC. Pennsylvania Motet. Pbil«d*M iirti.ks 1-2 3-4 1-2 Neiv- York Notes. The tuAei of the eh sod the tact ol b>Bkg mad (|hers iu t!j|j t Ba|(li o| Ghttler nearly tw.re the number ol woni- . „ .. . ^ Ult . uxilim .^ :i| ,. j Fmmtr *, B ink found in anv other spelmg book ue nave te. ii.— K, Jn&meu't i Eastoa Bank do We iherelore most cordially I-ccommend <. ol.b s Ud| . , fc ^ rf i )e | awarft <! o spelling book to parents and -eachen as the most Jt . flrrso;) n | V4 H .nsburgh bunk do valuable elementarv book with srktcb we are ae cuainted ; and to extend its nsefutaess as far as in our povver we have severally intrm-.uceil it into our schools to the exclusion of other spelhiig books pieviously in use by us. Among the multitude of I pcommend.ttions which we are actable to pcMUh, are the foUowiag pft,,,^^ •.— Addisoa Searle, G. Crawford, an.l L. S. Everett, Miui-ters, Buffalo; T. Mills, Mioisler. Moscow; B. W Hi<-Uox. Minister, Caaaada^aa , J. Lalhrop, Augusuu P. Ha-call, and belli M. j, a , - Gates, inspectors of the scUool districts >ii U town of Le Roy ; John savage. praeejMer ol An- ; .^^ c - lll;lll)il , bun. Ac.xleaiv ; S SnareaTet mm* 9. C Laann K j j bank*. Ministers, and N D. Strong,classical instructor, ,- ^^ % ,_,. ) ' Auburn: Eli Meeker, Preceptor of the Aeadeny, Montrose, Pa ; Levi Glezen, preeptor ol Kiader- hook ocademv; Richard Salmon, iiuui-ier. Geae- seo. NV. Eli Eddy, teacher ol a select school, anti J. Brown, S. Holnian, and D W K.c!«-i. teacher- of publick school- in Geaeaa: Omo Clark, minister. Geneva: S B. Num. .lereptor of the Washington school, K. Cuslim n ami W .». Bulklev. Manlias: W Wiaaer. lt*aca,<w.ate Wasa.li War. Barker's Exc. Pfatwbvrgh Niagara t'tic.i Anbura t«< ii,'va CaNaadaigaa Grii iv fo.bk. Kocbester Ch) l y Valley <-a;.^\ll )hcn;!ii^,o i- S2Q 1-2 1-2 1 Todd^s Grammar. Troj Si I.' ..fctady lilnica OiMii^e \. wbargh, un CV/i'i c'.icut XvU t. N•••.. ' lavea bk. p» B Igeport > I •.,<•!! I'll. i NurwaBt Eagle Deri v H irifbrd Ph • >. ' liddletowa others le do 1 -J. 1-2 75 a :* 89 a 99 1-2 1-2 1-2 .\•1 A NEW Grammar lias just been published, by LEWIS (.'. TODD, and i^ f»r sale by bw at Jamestown, tv Olivpr Spafford in Fredonia, and I MvdekUmdBmk'. by H. M-wcomb, W*:stneld. The \ hoi ot this embodied togeihe part of Etymology - work has in 'In first |>!* e in a concie v?. •iiiter, ail tn-ii . which i< ni\«' esaeaiial to he coat Kted to memory, and which comprises th tandamental princiales< fthe whole sxsu-in. Tiiif pun is compiled mostly from Murray'« Graawaar, j ^ O1 |, •with ?oroe variations with a view to ipprovesaeat. j\- ll(l . All the iiffinitioiis are expressed in a very l.n f and !/ >iin x'yle. that the yoiu g scholar may eji-iiv comprehend and retain them. He has in the se- cond place, introduced a chapter of Illustration^ giving a more critical and opious uccoiint ot 'he pans of speech, and their uumciou-. modifications and variations, which he design* the srholnr -lis!! s'.udv at his leisure, while learning to parse, inrt- cler to exienu and improve his knowledgi of En • Biology. He has, thirdly, explained Syntax under Iveatj - ninf Rules. Each rule is illustrated bv examph- of parsing, aud generally a num'\er of noies is ap- pended to them, which from their vanity and • ... •- . ii_:i.t \\ n i.f-'s _ ••-4 M • . ichus Us Note*. i rill liii .r.- : ' , N nock uix do . AI Mec 'MS 1 2 5 lo l!o 4 Simplicity seem to explain about all poesWe rnsr- in our language, an I founhly. he has illu-.iHiPi< Etymological and Syntactical parsing, j* • ssan iier lhat cannot fail to be very advantageous l<> Ih learner. And the work abounds with such -en tences RR an calcsilated to inspire ihe voutlifn! mind with the purest principles of moiahtv ami patriotism. The following testimonials in its favor hare been politely furnished the publisher : From Mr. Smith, Principal of the Ftedon> • Academy. Mr HcLt—Sir, At your request I have exam iued Mr. Lewis C. Todd's Grammar 1 find no- thing in il objectionable ; but on ihe contrary i appeors to me to be well adaited to th* Cdpacuie< of the young. The rales and illustrations, ,is also the remarks uj on the different puns of speech a>-i celeulatedto n in'er the study ea>y and iaaaraatfas*. and to rtbridge, in a gre .i measure, the lnbour of the student, as well as of the instructor. On Ike whole, 1 think the work as well adapted to the usr of common schools as any with which I am ac- quainted . lours Respectfully, A. SMITH. Fredonia, Nov 21,1826. From the Rev. Elisha Tucker, Pastor of the Bap- tist Church, Fredonia. Having partially examined Mr. Todd's in A Grammar, 1 cheerfully concur in Mr Smith's o- pinion. as expresred iu the above recommenda- tion. Dec. 2,1826. E. TUCKER From S A Brown, Esq. Attorney at Law, and Member elect to the Legislature of this slate, from this county. Having, at the request of Mr Todd, insprcted his \ Abridgment at Grammar,'' I beg leave to acquaint the publick, that in my opinion, it is a work well erecuted ; and that on account of the omission of O.ihography, as well as the brief, though perspicious manner, in w ,ich he has treat- ed Etymology and Syntax, it will amply meet ihe objeci for which H was compiled, »nd be a cheap and usefull work for common schools. 1 therefore, heartily recommend it to schools, and to 'he com- munity at large, wish-ng thai the industry and skill of the author may be amply rewarded. SAMUEL A. BROWN, Jamestown, Nov. 18,1826. •>f Maine. Passttsnaquoddy broken Wtscasset do t.'asiiiie do Hal! welt Si Aug. do Keiineln'ck hank at Haahrarl do All others 3 1- V<ir Ilimpshire Note* All Hie bunks 3-4 Vermont. •M. A;ban r s 1 1-2 Burlington bbiik 1 1-2 All oUsers 3—1 CU/UMIJ Notes. Baak of U Cat Kingstaa aacei, \'oik,U C b M.'irreal 4 Mm Jtrmm Nates. ppopU s Hciuk at Piit- er-on par Commercial und. 10.3-4 N. Brunswick do 3-4 :->lale B at Camden 1 Get muiiiowii do do 1< aimers Bunk L»ucks coiirvty 1 Lancaster i5ank S-1 Uettyatwrgfa b;iirk aa (\ai lisle Bank do Mauk of PittsM gh do Eai in. c^. Mi c. do Silver L=ike 2-\> Greeesba gb bnnk !•> Brownsville do b New i lope do Northei;. bank 1 Oil.i-i • anks I5a95 Detatcare Nil's. L iiirel tiank 00 I'iii incis do I All, thers I 1-2 MmTjlami Notes. Baltimore banks 1 I'oi l Deposit Siinei;-el r o£ \ \ c:.\. Somerset breach do Bank ! Somerset ilo (.'utr.'i'i land H. broken All others I l--a 12 I r nVtNM N\tes. Bk ol Virginia and hraarbes ! u 1-2 Fai rr.eis biiiik tol do iiixl brain lies do Bank of the Vai. da U. bk, ol Leeeharg do do Chai lesion do do Honimv di> NWttaakofVa. 6 District of Columbia. Mer bk ol Aiex. broke Kr.ii•kiln do of do do iionk ol Columbia 2-j All others 3 4 N<>rt!i CertKna Notes. S bk. and brni.i-lies 5 Newbnrn 6: C. F. do Sottth Carotin: Kottt Charleston Baths o Georgia No f er. Ilk ot Augusta 3 1-2 a 4 J^iiitc Bank <i.> P'iint.rs bank do Sunk of Diiricn 25 a 30 O'u'i) Notes BkofCltllicothe. 7a8 liank ol AIHTJ. tta do Bk ol bti-ubeiiviile <lo Eai .£i Me. bank do Laaeastee do do Bk. bt. Clatrsvilk do do Mi. Pica-.ml do W Bereree bank do Kt'ntiiclrii Notes. Bk of Ky. *i hraaefca. do Cota'wealth Tennessee Notes. S. bank it br'chs. Nasliville biiiiks Louisiana Notes T HE ALBANY AHGl*?, and DAILY CITY GA'AETTi:.— Tlie patrons of this establishment are respectfuuly informed that Mr. AARON- FREEMAN is a n authorised agent of this office, empowered to collect and adjust accounts, and t o receive subscriptions, in Westfield, a general assortment of He is now engaged on a tour through Sclwol Books, Children's Books, &c.j the western part of this state. The ne- a)D onL> which are, jcessity of making collections, and the Woodbridge's Geography, i weight of expense which has been iti- Greenleafs and Brown's Grammar, curied within the last year, and which Blair's Rhetorick, j is constantly accumulating, by the es- Bezout's Ostrunder's and Filer's A- tablishment erf a daily paper and ihe Lime i T 1IK Subscriber keeps constant!? on hand, for sale, first rate stone Lime. Wotfidd, Oct. 28. A. RT T MSEY. rithmetick, Brief Reniarker, Child's Instructor, Murray's Introduction, English Reader, Sequel to do. School Testaments, Walker's Dictionary, abridgedj American Preceptor, Webster's, Marshall's, and Cobb's Spelling Book, —ALSO— Common Bibles, Watts' Psalms and Hymns, Camp Meeting H>mns, Blank Books, Writing Books, Chap Books, Toys, &c. Copy Slips, Ink Powder, Fine' Black Writing Ink, in Bottles, Drawing Paper, Fine Water Paints, Glass Inkstands, Fine Black Sand, Sand Boxes, Lead Pencils, Slates, Slate Pencils, Indian Rubber, New Justices' Act, Pasteboard, Wafers, &c. &c. H. NEW COMB. DAILY MAIL STAGE, From Buffalo, to Erie, T HIS line of Stages leaves Bt.ffal.. :ini! Erie, Pa.every day, at 5 <>' clock in ihe morning, sleeps «:t Fredo- nia, and arrives at the above places, in additions to the matciinls of the office, have rendered the employment of an a gent essential. The proprietors avail iheanelm trf \'JS*^ 000 \ ! tl^ second day this opportunity, to express their ol.li- I ';••/ lnrr ? \\'^, s .'.:.«» gations for the liberal pa(rorwige iliev ProcVavialoiii, Ji'J Dt IV'id Clintfuiydmti-nour if the stale of \%J\\YLWt.S^, it has been repre- V f senfed to me, that ff itliatu Morgan, who was unlawfully conveyed from the jail of the '.-ouuty of Ontario sunn.lidst in the month of September last has not been found, and that it might Fiave a beneficial effect in restoring him to his family and in prom, ting the de- tection and punishment of the perpetra- tors of this violent outrage, if, in adtii tion to the proceedings heretofore n*Jop- have received. They will spaie no ex- ertions to merit and retain it. During the approaching session, regular and full reports of the legislature shall be given. In this respect, as well as in the current news of the day, the subscribers to the daily paper will receive it by the first mail and in the most prompt man- ner. The de'iys, and occasiohl ang- ularities, which occurred at the com- mencement of the daily Argus last year, shall be avoided. Every effort will he also made to render the semi- weekly Argus an interesting reading journal, in relation to news, miscellany, politicks and legislative leports. Partaking in the general feeling in favour of internal improvements, the proprietors will be happy to receive from the friends of the several plans of improvement, succinct accounts of their progress and probable advantages.— They will also feel obliged to their po- litical and personal friends, for such ad- vice and assistance as will faciliate the labouis of their Agent in making collec- tions and in procuring subscriptions. CBOSWELL& VAN BENTHUYSEX. A reus office. 1 D<c. 4oJO. SHERIFF'S SALE. B Y virtue nfa writ of jferifacias, issued out of the court of com- mon pleas-, in aud for the county of Chnutauque, and to me directed and dtlivirerf, against the got)tls nndihtit- ted by me, a proclamation was issued, tels. lands and tenements, of William offering a spectfick reward for these pu poses:—Now THCfJtrOsW, in otd< r /'. Dickson, J haze seized and taken ail that certain piece or parcel rf land. that the offenders may be brought to ItHuate, Iginfj, mud being in the toirn condign punishment and the violated j (t f Ripley, aud county aforesaid, pur- majesly of the laws thereby eflixtaallv vindicated, I do herein offer, in addi- tion to the assurances of compensation heretofore given, a reward of Three Hundred Dollars for the discov. ry ol the offenders and a rew;:rd of One llundii-d Dollars for the discovery of any and » very one of them, to Vie paid on- conviction : and also a farther re- wr.rd of Two Hundred Dollars for au- thentick information of the place where the .said William Morgan has been con- veyed, and 1 do enjoin it upon all Sheriff's, Magistrates, and other officers and ministers of justice to L.e vigilant and active in ttte discharge oftfaeiff du- ties on this occasion. In Witness whereof, I have L. S. berennto set r.\y hand and and the ptivy seal at the city of Albany, this ^(ilh day of October, Anno Domini 1 S2G. Di; WITT CLINTON. Copy of a Utter from his Excellency the C Proclamation Albany r 26th Octoher, 1S2G. Gentlemen, Understanding that William Morgan is still missing, 1 have thought it advis- able to issue the enclosed proclamation offering further rewards, which you will please to see published in the News- papers of your and the neighboring Counties, and in hand bills if you con- ovetnour, enclosing the above ituscd by the said i'.'i 'liam V. of Ru fits <S\ Re* d, and on which Elizabeth Dickson note reside;, and which, on the map of the Holland Laud Compa- ny is designait d an a part of lot num- ber thirteen, in the fourth totmthip and fourteenth range, the south corner oj which is south thirty degree* ra.it two partus and I went f (inks from the. souih corner of the dwelling htntse si- tuate upon f/ir fwenrimet, hounded on the south cast by the. Buy'ah r.:id Erie road, two chains and eighty eight fink::, on the southwest two chains and ninety seren links, on the northwest three chains and fix links, aud on the northeast two r hains and eighty links, every angle being nearly aright angle, eontniniug one acre of land, be the snare more or less, together with the hereditaments and appurtenances thereunto belonging : All of which I shall expose to sale on said premises, on the thirtieth day of January next, at one o'clock in the afternoon. De- ceaseVrr 14,1826. \ 28fds E. RISLEY. Jr. Sheriff. American Traveller, AND Stage Register. The Traveller is published on Tues- days and Fridays, on a h.igc imperial Baggage, beyond the customary al- lowance, will be curried on reasonable terms. As soon as some necessary repairs are made on the road between Buffalo and Cattaraugus, the whole route wil! be pei formed in one day, of which due notice will be given. The fare being now REDUCED so low, travellers desi- ring to stop at any of the ittteraiedrare towns, will find this line of stages chea- per and more suie, than the water con- veyances. For seats, apply at the Franklin House, Buffalo, and at GEO. REED'S Erie. N. BIRD, and others. flC/ 3 The publkk are respectfully in- formed, that the utmost exertions wttl be made to render this line of stages worthy of publick support. The inns fixed upon to stop at for refreshment. are of good repute : and none bet so- ber, be employed careful and attentive drivers, will To the Publick. A LL the demands and acesftnts heretofore made and contracted with the firm of Holden and Suther- land, and also all the debts and ac- counts due to cad contracted with me since the dissolution of said firm, tc-je- tirer with all the books, notes, cud vouchers relating to the same, Slaving been assigned and made over to Ilin- man Holden, by me. all persons inter- ested are notified hereby of ihe same, and directed to call on Air. Holden Un settlement. LUTHER SUTHERLAND. Nov. 10. IS26. John C. Dunham is duly authorised to attend to the settlement of the above named accounts. All persons owing the concern must call on him and j make immediate settlement. Any per- jsons holding due bills for goads against tfie firm vf II. it S. are reqwested to present them. ?.;. Jf. 11)1 • 0EX. Storage, Forwarding', AN'D Commission Easiness, r r 2 T HE subscril Ji. his fiiend her informs _ ds and the STL publick that he has resumed the above business at Portland Harbour. He is prepared to receive property for the spring navigation. He offers his services as general agent in the accom- plishment of any business requiring a- cency. From past experience, he be- lieves he shall be able to merit the con- fidence of his friends. Ample security will be $ivcn, if required, for the faith- ful performance of all contracts. Port- land Harbour, Dec. 9, 18262 ftf GEO M I'OWLE. , beet, bv Badger & Porter, at No. 81, ceive it adviseable, the expense ot which i Court Street, Boston: and contains a gieat variety of Literary and Scientifick matter—Manufacturing, Agi icaitnral & C I IV LS. notice to the publick thst he >T has on hand at his store, a lev/ doors south of the corners on the May- vide road, a general assortment cf £« Pmerson Sin e i.k 3 4 I ft. Oi I s liMaks -TaG Salpin S M h B C uuc 1 Mississippi Notes. Cuniierlantl Banb 1 | Naicin-s Bdiik 6 Mount Holly do Bank af N Brass*. un.lpr £20 3-4 \•t .'•• B-ink ii Trcn. Sussex. unil#T % 10 1 J Alabama Notes. Mobile Lank 7 a 8 Tombickbe do JLomhi.H AI'oMier- Michigan Nntes. 75 | Baak •TAfcrairaa I 1-4 iiitonnui on .anted. THE SUBSCRIBER i S wishing to ascertain where bis sis- ter, ROSA KEELER, is. She landed at Quebeck about ten years ago, from Caven county, Ireland, since which time he has not heard from her. Her husband's name is THOMAS KEELER. If any person in the United States, or I will defray 1 will thank you for such further ad- vice as in your opinion may lead to a full developement of these outrageous proceedings that have occurred in your county. I am very respectfully, your most obedient serv't. DE WITT CLINTON. THEODORE F. TALUOT, DAVID E. EVANS. TRUMBULL CARY, Wm. KEYES, Wm. DAVIS, JON, LAY, T. FITCH, L. D PRINDLE, E.SOUTHWORTH, JAS P SMITH, A Committee iu behalf of the Citi- zens of Genesee C untv. tttovti. T HE Subsetibets have removed their Hat Store to their new biick Canada, is acquainted with the present I^^ a £? d °° rS S ° U,h cf the cor - resideece of the above family, by giv-1 ner .' * here the y are constantly manufac- ing information thereof by letter to i,urinu Joshua Aikin. P. M. Clintonville, Es- sex county, N. Y. they will render the advertiser a great service. THO'S. M'LUIN. N. B. Printers in the United States, and Canada will confur a great favour Westfield, Nov. 7,182f» by giving the above one or two inser-! **« & f - K - ROCKWELL, tions. (t?\ Cash paid for most kinds of I Kccscville, Aug. 17, 1826- Halting antj Shipping Furs. 23 Commercial Intelligence—information interesting and important to travellers— the. latest Foreign and Domestick news- Marine list—Prices Current, &c &c. As a vehicle of general advertising it of- fers singular advantages having aniore extensive circulation among places of public resort, such as Stage-Houses. Steam Boats, Hotels, Reading Rooms, Set. than any other paper in New Eng- land. The Stage Register, is a publication very useful to travellers; it is issued in a neat pamphlet form, as an accompani- ment to thi*Traveller,once in two months an-d furnishes 9 full account of the prin- cipal lines of Stages. Steam-Boats, and canal Packets in the New England states and the state of New-York. Price of the Traveller, $4 per ami. of the Traveller and Register, .<•\> per ann. half in advance. July, 182o. HATS, I of every description, and of thr latest fashion. Please call and see. Bring on your Grain ! A LL those who expect to pay me xJLin grain, are requested to deliver it by the first of January next. Pleas* remember this request—I have grain contracts to fulfil at that time, and de- pend on my customers to assist me lo meet tbem. Nov. 21. 05 SILAS SPENCER^ . . v ~; &W made in tiie most fashionable and aara- bie manner, and will make to order, a- ny kind of work thai may bs wanted in his line, en short notice. Also, on band, a gmeial assortment of Leather, to wit : S\^a\v\s\\ Sole <\YU\ Vppcv LEATHER, WAXEDP) n 1f cl . £ Call bkins : GRAIN ) UJfcJ by the f BARREL or GAL- EON, Sue. All which will be sold low for PROMPT PAY. He has also on hand FOR SALE First rate Waggons. CASH PAID FOR Hides and Skins* Sept. 23. A RUMSEY. \ ARSHALL'S Spelling Book for XyjflL for sale at this office. Dec 16. LL those indebted to ihe subscri- bers by book of longer standing than one year, or by note cf six month* due. must expect to fiind them lodged with F. Dealing, Esq. for collection.— All grain contracts must be closed, (es- pecial ones excepud,) by the first of Feb. next, otherwise cash will be de- manded. Nov. 23, 1S26. i-.W E. MALLORY. & Co, FARMERS* res. x$a7 : Executed in saperiour, style, for sale b;> V.ie gross. dozen, cr single. 9*\ Dei

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