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VOL. 1.1 West field, Saturday, July 15, 1826. [No. 6, pr:;: l«Tli i> F.VF.RT S.YTCRDAV, Bl BA&VST XJfiWCOftTB, \r \v. STFll in. <•• i ru.jir CO. Pt.;V, VCS.9KS. T ivill ige subscribers. .>:.\.().—To ofii c and mail ;ubacribers, $-\t>0. To com lanies of ; •• i»r more, whoreccivi p • apers at (lie office, s?!. '• , Mosl kinds of country |>ro lu© '\' rei- ve \ iu payment, if delivered iu their * son. i 1 wealthy customer, who discovered, o *';,••' jTit lio discovered in von, somemeai motive or trait in your dealing. Yououghl ion again farmed m the wane order, and pro- Study by every moans to make his Iter, if his nose for you. Well, Jobs, cccded to tlic bowery, UIHTO an excellent dome comfortable and inviting—; did you get the paper ?\ dinner was prepared for l! i citizens, by 1«. U here the treasure is, there irill thai \ No, daddy, MM as that Mr. Neth- to have your prices uniform. If yon sell an Kinyon, and for the military, by J. Ilovey. Aeewi be also ; and a man's presence,] erside was done, in come Mr. Hookit article to a man for one dollar, and the same After the«loth wmresmwed, the foUnaring as w «-\ as his heart, will always be land Mr. Nabit, and I come back.\ kind to another man in the same neighbor- toasts were drank with a-pint, and feeling «Vete njost—-where lie has most pleas-j \ Confound my ill luck;—go back, j hood, for seventy-fh <• cents, you « ill proba- bly !<e detected, and ten to one, if you don't i lose the custom of both. Remember that a ADVERTISEMENTS U II b :..-.; .1 three weeks, for $1 per iarc For even pubseqt»en1 insertion, . i •. Alihcrai leductiou will be made] la*, or secure a I i which did honor to the occasion. The com- ,,re « And 1 will venture to assert it as a'do you hear? and ask Mr. Liberal if pany broke ap at an early boar, withonttbe fact i***\**\**^ that be who find his | he will be kind enough—do you hear? occurrence of a single accident to mar the h \ me a l )a, ' :iulsf> > »»' 1 «•*» stroll into kind enough to lend me any northern i\ , , <-., i i„; t . it Ik* wilderness of the world. While paper he mav have, or if he has not merchant was never known to break or tail | festivities of the day. Jndge Artemas Her-j . ... . ' ' ,..-,' fc . - . , , ;. ... .. ,, , on the other hand, a scolding wife and one. ask him to lend me yesterday's oa- rick presided at the table, assisted bv J. i , , , . .' * . . . . . . j is ... ,, • i ' i not house have driven many • wretched per again, or the dav before, or the dav Iracy, Esq. as Vice President. i, , , , .'.. , ! ,• • , * 0 , '. / I husband In a tavern or tiplmg house, before that, or last Sundays, or, do ! where cards, women and wine, have you bear? any of the last week's pa- Sahbath, a nation's S( . aK . ( , hh own >J- (h( , (lcstnati(jn a j ptM - s . (lo you hear?\ w ith In- \foods on his •! Iieives. I Hint be loo forward in prosecuting c rery di btor on all occasions. I' may be necessary to spurthe suspicious debt, but the] TOASTS The Day —Freedom's OB.r.GXId'Aa*. '. I .1 i IKN ST Hi. ••:.: Em '• ! , on the write; : -; onr pa- per, i am led to believe thai t'.-'\ are given I , Jo p thought. II. In ns : ,i- tmiiil to a • • male, of the angelic kin '. when bis ; Lewil lered, and th. re i» no tracks of bis advance, and 1 cannot ; . i him. In the ii' >1 i ami cr of his *• tali s,\ be }' is di I this \be; 'it} '' by saj ing— J mes was I ie Ii ' fht of the 11 lies,\ and J is fri .-.\•: us, vet hi 1 soon Call honest laborer, who intends to pay yon once I deliverance has blessed and lanctihed it.— / </iS . faviihi. a year, and fails by come n«i»fortune topayjl gun, 3 cheers up bis dues, will never see you sacrifice hu \ Yes, daddy.\ In a word, he habitually kind to one' \1 am determined oa going ri n ht Tht CatutiMiom and CnnmYmVrf «iaHsr 1 anjother. Have no separate secrets, nor away to subscribe for a newspaper: 1 property but once. Now, gentlemen, I amI Hit i —May th< sptru <>' tL first, or«r re- allow yosuracKres any .dis of mystery ;. will not Le so pestered with borrowing uut wddfTsinq ...»M If tu an) om man «',- the [strain the ambition of the last 1 gna :J eh.' but open out your whole hearts to one from unacconiodatin<j neighbora. n nMTchant! of am one place. I nm speak- ing a word to the merchants generally, in the western part of onr state. The doctors mav bear from me next. SILVER GRAY. Ripley, July 10. Free CrocemmettU —(..uhmiu-d as space, lasting as time. The State of Wew-York —llrr pohkc works, the best eufogiuni upon her public men. 1 gun, 6 cheers. Th< I 'ni'in of the St tfi i—May no faction disturb, or state pride endanger it. 1 gnu. another. Conceal as much as possible u You are riyht, Mr Eagcnoos, the each other's foibles, and cultivate hab- | print* rs only ax one dollar right down, its of affability, forbearance and good;and then you have a whole}far to pay nature. Never be sullen in a pet with t'other one dollar in, and then you can each other, especially in the presence dispute the bill, and they will send the of strangers. And to say all in all, jnoospaper three months aftei that afore [love and live together as the heirs of it is settled—them folks what brings the l cheers. State Sovereignty —May no power infringe tem • p ' i led FIFTIETH *»«IVERSA«f Of AMERICAN INDEPENDENCE The 50thanniversarj of our .National In- upon, or any violence destroj it. 1 g-im, In his second number, dependence was celebrated al Mayville, by cheers. •ibed a fi ! Her, a dancing mash r the citizens of that place and its vicinity, pa ./<//. raon, •tfaVutu and CatToll—The trio and a bai ber, better than a raw band ^ould the 4th inst. in a manner equally creditable of liberty, freedom ami independence, 1 do, and the bt ipwill bi nkehj In to them, and to our infant and enterprising gun 4 cheers. contfoue, unless 1« falls in love with* 4 Eiec- county. I li'i\hin^l —The corner stone of the t , t \ as her . . is d I, as appears by The day was ushered in by a national sa- temple of freedom. Drank standing. I\Iu- paper always throws it where it was ta- ken, nev. r thinking that the subscriber is done over.\ \ Here comes John—well John, have you got the paper?\ \No daddy, the neighbors borrowed bis third number, whom i.<- has closcb hate from a double fortified six pounder, ta- sk—Washington's Mac Ii. watched thus for. \Uncas\ comes next, ken by tbe gallant Perry, wlienhensd tht Greece —The spirit of ber martyred dead .. I although from c »llege,it is presumed be enemy, on lake Erije, and mom them our'a. still animates the living Greek, l gna, 4 Las just commenced. u Obsenrer,* 1 ntadi Atl2 o'clock Hie processkiu was formed cheers. an early appearance and begun bj collect- under tbe command ot'J. Dexter I'.sq. Souls dlatuiiu The scions from the pa- in.'- his force! in the beat of blaze oat the y\ u baloftheday, at R. Kinyon's, in the rest of the north; m.t_\ they nourish in per- l ike shore, but has G . dl) made an bonora- following order: bl retreat. \Ripley\ improved the mo- Martini Musii meat, t K>k the advantagi of a lawyer's plea ta disprove that evidence bis better judg- ment allowi i. '• Norval,\' is v< ry much ile- hghti i with MINK sailing on the high sea-, aij.l his mind was so enlarged in the tifans portatioo of goo.is, tfiat he has built \\ r.i- r.-n a!,- adi/tOa both '• hanks'' of the A! i- nv. II. !i.i appeared again and shown that love has much pastime of hi- intellects. N . ha appeared in bis first number,and isa i t e scath r< 1. but Ins econd may becollec- ted. (>. has ari ea liip i in the air of fame, 1 •• ; •• horl ie, as his win \ Capt. Vitrn/s and ('apt Starr a COas- nits a/ llijltiuen. Citizen* and Strang* rs. U< volnliwtaru Soldiers. Committee ttfArrmngi me-its. Orator, and Rt win of the Deelura- limn (f Independence. Clergy. President mnd Vice President. Ie the- ordi r they proceeded to Mr. Tra- y'i, wherethej wen i;i«• 1 h 1 . a largeo n- petual verdure and bring forth fruiu meet for bberty. 1 gun, 1 cheats. J.a FdijfUi, •• the Apottlt of Liberty'' — Though absent from our cm It-, be is pres- ent m our beat ts. l gun, C cheers. From theLouisimm Advertiser. O/i ! that my friend nould — take a Newspaper. \John! Oh, John!—do you hear? Hun to neighbor Liberal's and ask him .all the old papers, and Mrs. Parrot sent if he will oblige me by the loan of this' to get the morning papers as soon as morning's paper a few moments, just to they were done with.\ look at the ship news and the adver- \The devil she did—then I may ti.semenis.\ hang up my fiddle'till sundown, for \ That's just what I said yesterday when she begins to read 'tis from alpha moining, daddy, when I went to bor- to omega, (iive me my hat John, row the paper, and you know you kept Never mind breakfast; Sir. Swallow, it two hours and he was obliged to send will you accompany me,io the printing for it.\ j office! 1 will subscribe immediately: \ Well, then say something else to one dollar did you say? I will give hiii), John, do you hear, John ? and give twenty-one before I would suffer sucil my compliments. John, do you hear ? impertinence. If I lend WSf paper 1 \ Yes, daddy.\ (exit and returns.) \ Well, John, have you got the pa per TJ wish I may be d .\ A Bruised Reed. —At the court at Tht Sages of the Revolution —Their deeds x . , , , , ,, ., , ••, .j Wo daddv, neighbor Liberal is Concord, .Mass.) Mrs. Sallv Reed wa* better preserved in American hearts than on u • \ t •• ,- •\«. i . i . i <• i. • • 1 walking about the room waning tor Mr. lately tried for an assault commuted on marble monuments. 1 gun, 6 cheers. i.\ t . wsmollL „ r lo finish reading the Lou-i her husband John Reed, of Bedford, The JuhiUi—'VUv names of heaven h>r| ib i ;imi Advertiser, or Mr. Longw'md lo; by \ pounding\ him with a large mallet another half century, and America can bid J j r(> p tkeGasette; which he has got al-[on his \knowledge box\ She was defiance tu the world in an.is. 1 gnu, 6 tin ers. VOLUNTEERS. B\ ihe President. South America —Mav most asleep over. ; ' But is not the Argun and Mercan- tile Adveitiser come ?\' sentenced to four months confinement in the common jail. At her request, she was permitted to go to Cambridge \ Yes Daddy, but Mr Netherside. jail, \forth* benefit of tk tir >» ( i,i'-i of ladies. 'I in\ then moved to th* , not experience.!. Pride and Vanity, taken . . , ,, ,;!,..„: liberties b< courthouse, and opeuing to the right and from the Gazette, H ven rood composition, , . , . > •< [>v the \ • • I . • *... 4 ...... i • , • ii... *•'.,','• > '|C III . i . ' but .'• • i r • •''' -' . < trla !. T: ccom- mnnicatHm of B. '•• W. leaving the village •• i.. tnd m ationing tbe bank of C. snows the Don-cxistcn< e of the *• one hundred and ; fifty n tl ildiogs.\ \SilverGray\ writes left, entered in inverted order. Itwaspe- culiariy inten sting to witness the march in rfreedumexpsi b i .. rs, and her is reading one, and Mr. Scribder us bl Application was made for a divorce, laughing over that tunny piece he told by her husband, who had received so you he was going to have published in 1 many striking marks of her attachment, u- firm as ber Andes • ice President. Tit Union of till honed mt n. • . r ti_L -Li .,tj,.n. nfthn rm« • Bj tin Marshal. The Congress of the tlie procession ot the old veterans oi lue rev-1 - .' o'.utton.—If they did not march '• as they u-1 st A to do when with a firm and audi Cnit'tl States —Less talk and more busineas. Bj W. Peaco . Em\. Tk* Orator of *roll, (• ; a tici - of i ,i . . .i.. r . ...\ i,i...r',- umt\theaau —He has told us the rest steady eve thev mi t the iocs ot uneny, _\et J me same spiritoff76 was there, nnconquer- willbi ra i »nd reading. '• Juuius\ is for , M , \ i. \, — . cd and uiicotiipii-rablc A ball centuiy peace, vet lie thinks such writers as I have , , , i . . n „i ...„ i 1 . had elapsed, yet every breast stul glowed described can find an 4 - opponent\ Historv , ,, • , i . .• . i . >i • '' nith Freedom s bolj fervor, and seemed to of tbe Horse Bee is useful, but the Elephant ... l£ , ,, ' ,. , . ,,,,„.. 1 I bid defiance to tlie ravages ot tune. might be describi ii in a. less compass. \-1' bare m i Ic crlorts against tbe combined for- ces, 1 shall be careful ta secure a lading i ; u e, by supposing much learning has made li:-:n m;-.d. QuiNcmr. FOR THE WESTERN STAB. f : MBEB m. MB. STWCA MB. The merchants, according to promise, Come next under my observation. Ihaidli k:i •\.' went lem in, h >w to address \ou. I am not practical!) acquainted with your busi- i. . aud I don't feel able togivevonan\ information about it. Th re is, however, one grand principle which I think always ought to be observed and adhered to, and IJv M. Prendergast, Esq. Tht Statt lfr,<nl —Ma\ it- nppow rs in the last legisla- the u Mirror,\ and I believe he has read which was granted without alimony. Frnm the Connecticut Mirror. That part of the public who have read with surprise and astonishment, At tbe court bouse, where were assem- bled a 1 irge concourse of people, the exer- cises v.i re in the following order : 1. Introductory prayer, by Rev. R. Mur- ray. J. Music. 3. I declaration of Independence readbj A. Potter, Esq. 4. Music—Hail Columbia, j. Oration by I)a\id Mann, Lsq. 1). Mu-ic. 7. Prayer and benedictiou by Rev. B. Murray. In speaking of these exercises, it will be impossible to render that justice to the acton in them, which their merits so well deserve. Tbe addresses to the throne of Divine Grace were peculiarly appropriate, fervent and sine* re. The music as performed by the hand, who knidh volunteered their services, A .. • -.'!• 11 as couM not fail of adding materi- al]} to the interest and effect of those exer- cises. The Declaration of Independence u i prefaced by a short but appropriate aiui i.. ling address, and read and received in such ;• manner as would not have disgraced 11M author or the audience when first pro- mulgated to the American people. Of tbe n.< rits of tbe Oration, we ought not to speak. it twenty times over. k ' This is provoking ; I wonder why they don't takt the pipers themselves, ami not be troubling their neighbors.\ M Uliy don't )ou take a paper, dad-.the illiterate letters of Mr Samuel and ily ?\ ( Mr. Joseph Strickland, may be grateful u Why—whv—if I did I never could to learn that their parents and natural tore he speedily gruhhed out of their placesIg^ , diance to'see it. An impertinent | guardians, Mr. Abraham and Mrs. Sa- tad the scraper of contempt cover their sc tof spongers ! go again, John. There rah St nrkland, have offered a suitable nemnry. must be one of the four liberated, and I j reward to any one who will return them Bj Lei i Steman, one of tbe soldiers of the know it will give neighbor Liberal plea- to their disconsolate relations, that they Revolution. Maj Congress be as willing to do justice to the Revolutionary soldiers, as the] are to enjoy the freedom thej won. By Jonathan Brigfaam, a revolutionary soldier. The United Statt t —May she nev- er want for friends to support her indepen- dence. By rfahum Parkburst, a revolutionary soldier. The iiitniury of the imntvrlal Wayne. By Cant Starr. The Mija Mnngtrt of] suie, to gratify me only for a moment ' M Well, John, what success r v u Can't get a paper, daddy, Mr. Li- beral has ir\t the Mercantile Advertiser away from Mi. Scribelerus, and Mr. Dolittle is looking over his shoulder while he reads it, and he'll want it next.\ \ This is beyond all bearing ; it is now seven o'clock, and 1 suppose 1 must wail till after breakfast before 1 can net the news, and who the d CTawrmigwe May thej have firm hearts and l^g|| a violent passion) would give asu i adben I to bj a part of the mer- ' mts in bis country, and by a part not. I m iau tie | rim iplc of exchanging vour • , for th< various products of our.soil. I r, in anj otbi r country, saw • 11....- . town, or a store, where everj speci tot ag- !!•' ural produce \^.:- not, in one ten e. ed a lawful tender. If you enter in- to n reantile bu iness with no other view tlian to sell your foods for. cash in band, and then to remit that cash to the \\ bolesali m it in New-York, suffer me to say, pou We can only say, that it was one of the ha do busine i on a small -.ale, and yon have Jpiestcnorts of human genius. Thecharac- been in the habit of viewing men uml things' h r of the congress of ' 7»J, was portrayed u. on a small scale, and you possess, I think, I the most bright and lively color-; then ex rat.is. a contracted mind. How can we j ample pressed upon us with force and ener- buj your goods, i:..le. von take tbe fruits ot gjr j the evils ot luxury and party ipirit If von ask what you shall strongly illustrated, and we were warned of th« ir dangers, and called back to the prac- steadf liands, with keen eyes to tight the en emicjs of liberty. By (.'apt. Berry. The raranei of emr <(>un(ri/—\]dy they be lathered with aqua- fortis and shaved with a band-saw. By Ca|»t. Fowle, of the West field Guards. Virtsseamd Integrity —The brightest wreath to dick tin- soldier's brow. By Mr. C. Dibble. The Amrrian Jiai^. ii . i II i i i .i ' . Swallow.) May it never be pulled down by the paw ot . ,. < a I.ion. markee to read B newspaper alter breakfast. Do you hear, John, go a may finish their education, before they shew themselves to the world. The no- tice is from the New-Eegtand Galaxy, and in complying with the request to publish it, we not only remit all claims' to the reward, but give the public no- tice of our liberality. ADVKRTEVESMEANT. Stopp tew Runaways. Hwereax tew yung men nayin>\I Joe Strickland and Sam Strickland haw ljellopped from ower bed arid bored and none in two parts unknown this toe kawshun awl parsons hwat sum ever knot toe trust or arbour the sad runa- t instantlj—do you hear John ? * Yes, daddy.\ (Exit.) (Enter i mxscxsii&Amcous. do with it, 1 villa, wer, take our ashes and lour, and our cattle MM] horse! to the cas- ter,, market—our com, rye end bogs, to your distiners, win re yen run oamuit them into cash, or find a distant market. There it no other way for u> farmers to bvu, ;iri ,j j; tr >on lomake pro; i rtj. Don t be iBnaaaHuJ to trust an boiiesl man u hen he i-> under the ty of trading. Daw't he tew aaefiaus tioe of that republican simplicity which characterized that immortal conwress. Tb» addrt ss to the soldiers of the Revolution, was particularly attecting, and the tear of lucelatction glistened in tbe eye of the vete- ran M the orator dwelt on scenes gone by and tbe deeds of other (fays. We are vcr\ happy in being able to announce to the pub tosell torn . -, • . and Urge men tobuy whatj be that lliey will soon enjoy the opportunity OM t ii. id, loex-l t!,em in debt to you. of reaaaaf the whole of this Oration, which I have s,^. u so,,,,. „f >ou pcatlemeo in your only ranunms to be known to be ajpreei- m I-make twelve and a half cents, | ated. h. | MATRIMONY. The duties between man and wife- are various and important. They sup- pose the union not oi persons only, but also and principally ol affections. It is not joining of hands, but of hearts ; which constitutes marriage in the sight of Qod. Mutual happiness is your mutual object; yield therefore to one anoiher. Be ye equally yoked, is the command of God ; let neither seek base- ly to throw an undue weight on the other's shoulders. Sufler no intemper- ance from any cpiarter whatever, to in- leniipt your harmony; you are con- nected for life. Nothing can separate your fate in this world, O let nothing divide your affections. Regard each other with the fullest confidence; the least spark of suspicion from either, must forever blast the comfort of both. There can be no harmony where there is no faith. A w lie should not only love her husband, hut on .very occasion gain John, and wait till one or the nth I ways on owr akkount az wee will knot el of the papers is out of the hands of! pa won sent ov thane contraktia it \z these internal gormandizing m-mopoli-1 feerd sad runaways hav gou won In Nne Zeis, and he sure to catch it, John, and.yawk and won toe Bostown ware th i then tell Mr. Liberal that 1 will return |ar uittiii in two bad hab bits sich az plain keanls paw p iw go in to thea trees sir curses by m lot try tickits and sevrul uther ah tickles tw»i newmrus too men shun hooevur wil tack up sad rujtweighs so that tha ma be Reed turned to Var- mount there pair aunts thai he hand sum lie rewordid in horn gun phlints wool den luuitmegs and sictcfa lick. tbtam Strickland. bur At east Sol Simple Sarah ^ Strickland. Sqwire mark note a beams it \z hoppd that awl prin- tarz in nne engtiland aud new yawk. . one hundred dollars, by ofTendmija 1 On leaving; the court Louie, the prooass- shew him all the attemi >n in her power ' Good morning neighbor Eagernoos —anj thing noo r* \ New ? fire and faggots, 1 have sent a dozen times to Liberal there, to re- quest the loan of his papers, only tor a moment, and he has the impertinence to refuse me.\ '* Refuse you ?\ u JNot exactly refuse me, but he per- mits such fellows as Longwind, Nether- side, Sciiheleius, and Newsmonger, to poie over them for hours, not only [through a mistaken courtesy) depriv- ing himself but his neighbors, from get- ting early intelligence of what is pass- ing in the world.\' 4i M\ goodness ! be they reading 'cm now r* u Yes.\ (sii>hin<r.) '•Well, that's abominable ! Why deal you take a Noospaper yourself ?\ \ Why don't you take one ? you are always inquiring alter Nona, as you call it.\ \ \ Why I did lake one, but the prin ter don't leave it at my house any more, 'cause I hackeled about the price, and wood'nt pay him.\ 4i That's • good reason for the prill- wil print the ahuv free great hiss and that mist hur huk'uig gum boo prints the gall luck see will tack pa az abuv meu shund. Old fashion marriage portion. CapS. John Hull, who was one of the first founders of the Old Church, a Re- presentative of the town, and in lt>80 an Assistant, was a man of wealth. A daughter of his married to Maj. Samuel Sewall. As usual in those days, the father was expected to giro his daughter a marriage portion. M So father Hall, after his (laughter was com- pletely, and richly too, dressed ami prepared for the ceremony, caused In r to be put into one side of a pail of lar^.e

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