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V O L . X I X . N O . 1 7 . W A R S A W , X . Y . , A P R I L 4 , 1 8 8 9 . JSu b s c r ip t ! in S 1 . 5 0 & Y « p V (32.00 a t en d o f Y< Y ear* P u r d y C o t t a g e B u r g l a r s . The examination of Mr. and Mrs, W il­ liam Clifton, arrested in Rochester, March 15th, for robbing the Purdy cot­ tage, was held before Justice Wood? worth on Tuesday, Tae witnesses sworn for the People were S D Purdy, of Ba­ tavia, Detectives Kavanagh and Seifferd, of Rochester, and L D. Henderson, ot S.lver L*k<\ Tlie goods found in pos- t'CSsica. of tna Clittons when arrested and those affcoiward sheared at Ryan’s aud Samuels’ pawn sIiop 3 in Rochester, were produced oa the examination and ilentilR d by M>. Purdy and the detec­ tives. 1 he'value pf tho articles stolen from the cottage L, at a low estimate $300. The goods now iu possession of the Sheriff aro valued at about $150. I t is expected that the remainder of the stolen property may yet be recovered. The testimony of Detectives Kavanagli and Soifferd gave ti detailed account of the arrest of Mrs. Jennie Clifton, at Leonard’s saloon and boarding house on S. South Paul street, the arrest of Clif­ ton later, and the finding of goods in their possession and at the pawn shops. Mr. Henderson is proprietor of the hotel at Silver Bake, where; Mr. and Mrs. . Clifton boarded. This hotel is about 200 feet distant from the Purdy cottage. Mr. Clifton went there to board on the 6 th of February, his wife arriving next day, and they occupied a south-west corner room on second floor, 14 or 15 feet frdm the ground /;' Ciifton’s.baggage consisted, of a bundle done up in a rub­ ber coat, Mrs. Clifton’s of a targe yaliae and a truuk of ordinary size. Mrp. Clifton remained at the lake until the 21 st of F ebruary, when she returned to . Rochester. Miss Mabel Hammond, bf Rochester, was the only witness pro­ duced by the defendants. The main point of her testimony was that ; Mrs. ; Clif ton’s baggage' was taken from her house to the station when she started for Silver l i »ke, and that both trunk and satchel were packed heavily. Clifton stated that on the afternoon of the 21st or 22d of February he entered a freight car star;ding on the. side track to be loaded with ice, the west door of which WaA open, and found there three parcels, oho •■* ; eauvas grain Rag,' One a . large paper fiour bag,; and: th e : third a ban die wrapped in oil clod). He did not thfm dlstnrb il'em. but returned iii the rink; and one in the /engine ipom of the Silver Lake ice house. \ Two, of the, paresis he-shipp ad to R ochester b y ex- * P res?,, addressed to M rs. J ennie CliftoD, one w eighing 35 pounds and the other /. between 40 aiid 50. v The third one he took With him when he went to R o ches­ ter, several days, later, in the: car w ith , th e . horses belonging to the ice com - . p any, Jiaslie©. W bod wor tb considered the e vidence sufficient th hold t hem b n th e charge of burglary and. larceny tb 7 await the action of the grand jary , and th e y returned to their cpvarters in the V . 7 / 7 /7-v. 7 y 7 . H a l e o f p i a r i t l g e $ a l t W d r k s . - On Thursday morEing last, in accord­ ance with published notic^ the Eldridge Balt works were tdyered for sale by . th e Sheriff, at M. E . & .E. M. B a rtlett’s of­ fice, on foreclosure of a mortgage held ' by the Bradley Fertilizer C imwany. 7 Among the probable bidders from out of : A toWn, - representing -'various creditors. Were General Bissell, of LeRoy; W alter ; Bradley, of Meriden, Conn.; George R-riffiourn. of Ridgeway> Pa. * Mr, Ash-'; ley, representing tho Jackson Lumber Co.y of L o c k p o ftr ’■ 7ML- R ;3id:aatVMP.; E L d y .:-of Erie* P a . , ! the last;; man Hon ed gentleman ‘ being.: -mlayor :©£ that city. ‘Before the sale b e '. , gaa;'M r.; A u g A l l o f G ffieseo; claim e d on behalf of M., D . .0uaqe. the right to water flowing in a natural: channel into ■ the G a tka Above C dace’s mill, and gave notice th a t hhe p u r c h a s e r of: the E k h rid g e . w o rks w o iild be hekl liable for dw Verting the stream . Th-. lirsr. bid o f ; 020,000 was; mada by Goarles R id, o f E fie,. P a; , -who i$ one of t he stock lid] deys .,• -7■;■<-/£ the E ld r id g e saik c o m fphy, ahd/also a' judgm ent ■ cfe.^t,er;f or $10,^00; Tbe other ” -'-bidswere as folio v s : W alter Bradley, K.;7$3i/500;;.' Augustus Frank, $35,000; G ; ; > L Mo rh , $35,503; Mr. B - a d y .$40,000.; \ -- Brady, $17,000; Morris, $47,500; Brady, SiBjOOOj'MorriSjSlOiOOO, Here the bidding . . . made by Mr. Morris for Mr. Reid. The purchaser Jailing to. comply with the* • ; terms, ofv the bid the sale was? Vagkin opened by the Sheriff at 2 30 o’clock in the afternoon. Ail bids were then with­ drawn back to the one b f $31, 500. made ,■. . by Walter .: Bradley. '- 'Mr. , M c N a if b id $32,000 and the ?aie was then adjourned to this (Thursday); morning at half past ten o’clock. ' - I ^ . B a a r d e f T r u s f e . e s . A regular meeting of the Board of . Trustees was held on Thesd-sy evuiiirg. 7 i h O. Starks moved tinu W. Webster' be made: temporary yhairman but the motion .was n p t seconded, . On motion Mr, W e b s t e r , Mr. Abells, clerk of board, acted; as ch airman. ; Oa motion of Mr. Ranigan the board proceeded to ballot for president, Three votes were east for O. L. :MtorrSi.dnd' three for W. E . W ebster. Two more ballots were taken with the same result. Mr. Morris moved to adjourn until the next regular meeting. The vote was again a tie and the motidn was declared lost. Mr. Han- igan moved that the board proceed to ballot for clerk. Mr. Campbell second­ ed the motion. Three ballots were cast against taking a ballot for clerk and three in favor of doing so. Mr. Haui- gaa again moved that the boarAproceed to ballot for clerk, the motion being sec­ onded by Starks. Before a vste ednld be taken, Mr. Morris, J&r. Webster and M r. McCullock withdrew, leaving tiie meeting aithcnt a quorum, : A l m o s t a T r a g e d y i W hat m ight have been a fearful trag­ edy was only frustrated on Sunday last by a slight change of circumstance. Sunday morning dawned, an almost p e r­ fect spring like day, and the inhabitants ot LeRoy awoke: with smiling counte­ nances. little dreamimg that anything unusual was going to happen during the live-long clay. Ar, about 4 o’clock p. m., . a gentlem an em erged from his residence on St. M ark’s street and walked quickly up St Mark’s to Xorth. Hesitating a moment, he decided to turn down Xorth and thence to Maple avenue. Whem about half way down the avenue he noticed a couple of what might be called w o u ld-be dim e novel adventurists who seemed to be looking at him yery in- trntly, as if coveting something about his peison; but being accustomed to walk tho streets of LeRoy at any time and unprotected (that is before it wa3 a license town) he dispelled all fear and walked leisurely on, little thinkiug that he was closely pursued by the two youngsters with eyes sparkling with am­ bition to gain the coveted prize, “ by hook or by crook.” On reaching the house of a friend about half way up Churph street, the gentlem an suddenly turned in, and throwing down on the ground cl 036 by the door what proved to be the coveted article, walked in and closed the door behind him. The. lady of the house looking put of the window and seeing four sharp eyes coining toward her, was somewhat frightend at the occurence, and raising the window excitedly saicl: “ Boys, what do you want here?” whereupon they scampered tip the streat. Five minntes later a rust­ ling noise was heard a t the back of the house ahd they were seen. bearing away the fruits of their Sunday adventure— which was about an inch and a half of a stum p of h lighted cigar. If any person doubts the triith of this story tiiey are at liberty to ask the squire, who Was the victim, ’ - - a, in - Gazette. X l i i e l> e a t h K . The Batavia Neivs of the 27th says: “ Mr^ Samuel Galkins died this m o rn­ ing at E a s t Pembroke, m akin g the sixth death in the family in about tea days. ,Mrs. S^mnel Calkins had been ill with consumption and prior to her last illness it was not expected ill: ' ’ 1 ■* ,M rs.: Gaflcins’ ^ JNewman, would maiden name was relatives reside id The Rev. ^dmtiel Calkins and Bradley Calkins were to b<v buried at 3 o’clock tliis afternoon at East Pembroke where all t hose who haye died have been laid side by side. There have been no fune­ ral services except prayers offered at tlie , 7 '- • ' -\ .Mrs. Bradley Calkins died at 1 o’clock this afternoon. Her death, the seven tin removes the last member of the Calkins family in East Pembroke. • ; Deacon D. G. ; Smith died at East Pembroke on March 6 th, and his son-in James B. Sheddj died on the 14th, •. Smith resided with Mr, Sliedd and their house was situated on the oppo- sitr side; of the road and but a short disr tance from the ill fated Calkics hoiish It was thought at the time that Mr. Smith’s d eath resulted 7 from a paralytic stfokej ahd M r,: Shedd’s from consnmp- tibn, but it is no w said that their iliness resembled the attacks which caused the deaths ; in the Galkins family, : v T his makes nine deaths that havel occurred in practically the sanae place /during this month. The disease is said to be ty­ phoid pneumonia and caused by decay­ ing vegetable m atter in the cellar. / ^ Qsxir S e n a m r . - . \ A writer from. Albany furnislies iliis; ^‘Senator Edward Cyrug alker of Ba­ tavia is the worker of the Senate. He gets up every morning and walks three n iiles. b e f o r e b r e a k f a s t . H e is at his desk long before the hired hands have time to clean out the senate chamber. He earns his salary, but he doesn’t need it. He is p u t down as a; banker, and has about all the money there is in^Batavia locked u p in his cash boxes labeled “ A to Z ,” •, He is thrifty, and like all bankers»i leans toward the protection of corporations. He is not a special favor­ ite of the wage workers. He has a son hero as Clerk of one bf the senate com- mhtees, which shows that cffice-hoiding funs iu the family, / Senator ^ a i k e f i'' is... a kiq^jly man, and has tried for several years tb induce his son to take morning Const itutional spins: w ith him. But like his Gretna Green bill, it isn’t a success. The boy prefers that his father should do the y/alkicg for the family,”—^ . , / ' A ;Y . M . « ^ .A y i i i W a r s a w . At the regular called meeting for the organizing of a X^uog' Men’s Christian AssociatioiT in this place on Mopday eva nihg. March 25th, A; F. Judd Was elect­ ed temporary chairman, aiid I. D, _John-. son secretary. After rt-short conference, tho me.efcing was adjourned uutxl Monday evening, April 1st, at 7:30 o’clock in the session rooms of the Baptist ehurch, after a prayer by Rev. H. H,,Emmett, the following oMcers ware elected for four months: Pres., A. F. Judd; vice- presv, Avi hue Randall; sec. ahd 1 treas., Wm. M. Higgins. Rav. H , H. Emmett and.Jas. Reid were appointed by the chair to act witli the officers a s' an execu­ tive committee. This committee met on Tuesday evening at. 6:30 o’clock, at the office of Jas; Reid, in the Lincoln block. The men who have this work in their hands will make i t g o , and Warsaw will have a Y. M Cv A. 7 ’ ' C T e a n l J p . Now -is the best time for the house­ holder to clean up his premises before the hot weather comes. Seev that no decaying vegetables are in the cellar house or garbage heap or any where else on the premises. See that your premises are not the receptacle of yonr neighbor’s drainage,ffiis barn-yard, pig­ sty or any other part of ‘his premises. See that no sin&oe water is allowed to run into cellar o r well. W y o m i n g C o u n t y B i b l e S o c i e t y . The anuttal meeting of the Wyoming County Bible Society was held in the Presbyterian church on Wednesday, the 27 ih inst. The meeting was called to order by the president, Hon. Augustus Frank, and prayer offered by Rev. D r, N assau; The minutes of the meeting of Sept. 27, 1888, were read and accepted, and the following officers elected for the ensuing year: President, Augustus Frank; corres­ ponding secretory, E. A, Miller; treas­ urer, L. A. Hayward; recording-secre- tary, Charles Cheney; vice-presidents, L. X. Davis* Arcade; J. H. Loomis, At­ tica, Rev. J. C. Long, Castile, Benja­ min Brooks, Covingtob, G. G. Prey, Eagle, W. A. Morgan, Gainesville, J. M. Davidson, Genesee Falls; A. Lyford, Java, E. C. Sherman, Middlebury, Rev, J, W» Grush, Perry, Rev. H. T. Chad- sey, Pike, G. H. Dunham, Sheldon, Rev. J. E. Nassau, Rev. W. A. Hobbs, S. X. Whitlock, Warsaw. . I t was moved and carried that the president, corresponding secretary,treas­ urer aud recording secretary be an exe­ cutive committee with power to fill all vacancies in office and to locate a. deposi­ tory for the sale of Bibles. It was also moved and carried that the sum of $200 be forwarded to the Bible Society in New York, one hundred dollars; of which is to be a' donation to the society aiid the balance to he'credited tp Book Account for Wyoming Coauty Bible Society. At the evening session brief addresses were made bjr Rev. W. A. Etobbs, Rev. A. J . Brockway, Rev. H . W. Congdpn, of Wyoming, and Rev. Mr. Boyd, general agent of the American Bible SoPiety. '77 :77:.,J '• The summ ary of the canvass of county made by Rev. Mr. Meyrk^l, a$;ent of the County Society is as follows: Amount of collections ............. $ 133 .43 “ sales ............... l, 68 i )62 . . . 2 g 5 gg 550 00 “ 7,*1.4 349 191 26 3,159 . 95 2,500 ' .8 .•<£ expenses. Xumber of calls made,. . . . . . . . , : . ' /. “ destitute found..., 7 ..... ■ “ _ “ supplied ......... “ individuals. supplied.— .... Bibles and charts sold.............. .. . Number of sermons preached....... “ miles traveled;.. . . . . . . Ecclesiastical bodies visited.. . . . . . . Ereights paid and ineluded in ex- ; peiise. account.,... v' , . . . . . . . . . . . . Number of Bibles given away... Value • “ £?- 24 84 179 l $46 93 R e m o v a l s . W. C. Duryea, the p h o tographer,/has removed his family from Perry to7 the house corner Livingston and Prospect •house on Fa-rgo street recently purchased by him; Air. Booth from N. Maple tp Center street; Baul Stevens from Center street to Hermann’s .. new ’ house above Erie station; Qefch Moore into the% house vaeated by Steuehs; Will Her^ inahn into the house with Mr. Foster on W ater street; Geo. Gould from Trutnau McCphneirs house ou Center street tp Summit ave»ue; Wm. Hodge from Suffi- mit ky^hu0 his farm near Wyomihg; Win. Crawford from farm in Orangeville to Washington street; Richard Barry to house purcbaaed by him pf Judge E. E Farm an ph/West Brooklyn street; John Cleveland into the house on Liberty street purchased by him of . C. H. Sher­ wood, and Harris Norton from that house to the town of Castile;; Giiarles Haiii has purchased J / C./ T aylor’s house and lot on Con ter street, for $1,500,; and Mr, Taylor will remove to his farm on the west hilJ; Lon, Btreeter Wili remoyed from Gainesville to the -Sprague house oti Oourf street and will have charge of Mr. Gage’s mill; ’M'r. ;and Mi’a.; Jansoh and Mrs. W right havej mpyed from E; GV Shattuck’s house 1 to the Whitlock house on North Main;: Fred Smith from E . K: S mith’s to his Own house on E Buffalo strept; Frank Brigham to E. K. Smith’s house;{A. G . Yosburg from Fred Smith’s house on E\ Buffalo street to the piie h e it north- Of Mr1. Frank’s; Calvin Bhby’ from Genesee sfcreet to Eipt. Buf­ falo. street; Hugh G« aham has moved to Syracuse.; Dell Provin from corner Liv-. iiigston and Prospect streets to Grove street; John Donahue has rented the Dayidson house corner Livingston jind ect street; ’ - furniture warehouse and finishing ; rebms of M illiard & Co ., had a : narrow ... .. 40 : On Tuesday, ‘April 9th, the popular E tie will run a low rate; personally con-r ducted excursion to the National Capital. The route will be via tiie famous “ Ocn- tennial line” of 4876, Erie R ’y to Waver- to Washihgton. Pulmah Palace sleep­ ing cars and day Coaches will run through without changei Oh tije return trip parties can stop off at BaltimeTe, Philadelphia and New York if desired. Tickets are valid going on above date and for return on or before April 15th, 1889,,by any regular train stopping at point of destination, Fare going and returning (same route) from Warsaw, onlv $10/00, Fare round trip, returning via New York City $13.00 train will leave Warsaw at 7:10 p. m. For sleeping car berths and f u rther: information apply to ticket agent of Erie R. R. : . ;; •'/•••:■ y:---'7.7,;7.,7:-/;7;;>>\ , S o c i e t y f o r T i l l a g e W o r k . The Society for Village Work will meet at the house of Mrs, W. C Fowler oa Monday evening, April 8, 1889. All ladies interested in having the work con­ tinue are •cordially invited to attend. For the benefit of those who w^re n o t present at the \last meeting when Mrs,' W right gave a full report of hefc«winte,,,s work, we will quote a small, but impor­ tant part. “I have miniBtered both spiritually and physically to the sick; I haye brought tweuty-one children into the Sabbath school; eighteen adults have been influenced to attend church and prayer meeting; my influence has been used to keep children from tbe street/and persuading them to attend the publicsohool,” * A n I m p o r t a n t P r o m o t i o n . The Grand. R apids Eagte of the 26th th inst contains the following, which-is of local interest: “ O ne of the most competent and able generaL freight agents in the United States is Mr, Clayton E Gill, of the Grand Rapids & indiana railroad. H e has for years been a leader in the Can - tral Traffic Association, and on his opin­ ions, counsel and assistance have been eagerly sought oy older men who were connected with roads having more mile­ age and a larger traffic. He has for years been Chairman of the Classifica-- tion Committee of the Central Traffic Association and has held that position since the Trunk Line Association joined with the Central. Traffic, the Trans-con­ tinental, the Northwestern and the Southwestern Associations in an effort to secure a uniform and universal class­ ification for all the railroads on this con­ tinent—a very, high honor, but one that can only be won by ability and capacity for the arduous duties of the position. So apparent was his aptitude for the intricate duties of the position; so thor­ ough his.m a stery of its . d etails, and so u ^ f h l W re his labbira .. hi sectiring har - uaoby of M oCkffiQ D g /|hB M r t i i d s in; that most inipprtaiit. departm'etiL the Trunk L ine m anagers began to think that they could not dispense with services, And that it would be Tise the ; railroads to; form :;a Glaesiflcation Bureau, to which all the questions of that d epartment for all the roads might be referred for settlement, and that he should be givep tfle General Manager’s position in that Bureau. The idea ‘ ’ With all tp whom it was broached, formal action necessary was taken; Bureau has been formed with its quarters iii New Tprk city—it will prob­ ably have a branch office in Chicago, and perhaps others, later, in San F ran­ cisco and New Orleans or A tlantal-arid Mr. Gill has been selected- to set it go ingi to orjganize and manage it. He is to enter upon his new diities, May 1st. His resignation to P reside H u g h a rt of the G. R. I. will take effect with/ the of'nexfe/m p n t|n/7'/;/‘••/:.: /-;^v /7' Eagle as well as the other friend^ of the G. R. <Sc I. and Mr. Gill will be sorry to hear of this change, so far as that road and pur city are concerUed, yOfc will re j oice that; Mr. G ill lias won, though yet a young maffi so high a dis- tmctidia and so enviable a prdmotion in his professipn. Though M s/ hpine will; be in New York city,, his duties will cause him to go abpufc the country eon- siderabiy, and he promises his; many -friends here to make frequent visits to the city be will think of as home; and for which he has the warmest affection. v / ' A T e s t • C a s e ' \ ' The Lockport correspondent Pf Democrat: and Chronicle s.ays,.:\' under date of March 26ih; ‘ ‘The rather novel case of the People against Jaines 'Mayne,/; tbe^Niagara refusing/to dig up his peaph trees and destroy them when marked by peach commissioners, as affiicted with th t -1 yhi- IpwSi has been on trial here for /over a Week,.//witii postponements. Over a hundred witnesses have been examined, including Professor Bailey of the agri- cultural departmonfc pf G.orilell Univera sity and others. Tuesday morning the jury after being out all night ckme into court and reported they could not agree. This is the first case of tlie kind ever trmd/ip the United States and con­ siderable interest was manifested. It was shown that the ^‘yellows” was a contagious disease and could ruin en tire orchard!?, and that diseased fruit had been sold In laige quantities. The court ruled that the law was.: constitu­ tional and the case will be fried at the next term pf court, ” A a r r o w E ^ e a p e E r o n i a R i g F i r e . O u r M a r y a n d H e r L a m b . Here is an original “poem” read by Sena­ tor Vanee in the United States Senate a few days ago: Our Mary had a little lamb, And her heart was most intent - To make his wool beyond its worth, Bring 56 per cent. But a pauper girl across the sea >i Had one small lamb also,. Whose wool for less than half that sum She’d willingly let go. ,; Another girl who had no sheep - Nor stockings—wool nor flax— But money just enough to buy A pair without the tax, Went to the pauper girl to get : S o m e w o o l to sh ie ld h e r l e e t ; And make her stockings, not of flax, But both of woo) complete. When Mary saw the girl’s design She straight began to swear She’d, make her buy both avool and tax Or let one leg go bare. So she cried ottt: “Protect reform! Let pauper sheep wool free! . If it will keep both her legs warm. What will encourage me?” So it was done and people said, Where’er that poor girl went, One leg was warmecf with wool, and one With fifty-six per, cent. Now. praise to Mary and her lamb, Who did this scheme invent, ’ / To clothe one-half a girl in wool And one-half in per cent. . All honor/ too, to Mary’s friend, ■ . And all protective acts, That cheaply clothe the rieh in wool ’ ‘ ’’ wrap the poor ih tax. P E B R Y A N D S I L V E R 1 A H E . W h a t o u r R e p o r t e r H a s S e e n a n d H e a r d —- A l l t h e S le w s . Street and yard cleaning is now fir order in Perry. M artin Sweet t plowed hif garden on % /k. D b e ^ .'A titveirti^iu^ . advertising pay ? The mefhkanf who conducts his buisness on the theory that it doesn’t pay* and he cannot af ford to advertise, offers his judgm ent In oppositiond^tiiaibf aaill the best busi­ ness/m e n of the world. WitL k few years of experience in condticting a small business on a small capital he as­ sumes to kiibw more thkn thousands of merchants whose hourly Bhsihess tran-: t sact ions amount to more than; his do in a year, aud^ ^Tho ,affia 8 sed:their pursuing a course that he contends does not pay. If ndoney spent in advertising is throwri aw’by why is it that the- m o st successful m 0 rchant in every ' city or a d v e i ^ 6 Es ?7 If advertising doesn’t pay why db the most exteiifive business firms in the world spend millions bf dollars to newspaper publishers;: or because t hoy don’t know/ as much about business as thb parsi- mouiou ■; stbrekeeper: who says. that money spen t in, advertising is /money /thrown away? Such argument a(5 that o f : the man ayerse to advertfeing ia absurd and devoiAbf common sensei and it rb-, quires mbre than the average mail’s pa-r tience to discuss 1 With him the proxDosi- tion bf whether advertising pays or not.; His cbmpiaeeht seJBconCCit in assuming that he knows more than the combined bm iness world is too ridiculoais to com ­ mand attention. ■ ' Short Center street last wee W inter overcoats are at a discounts Where? On the owner’s backs. The uords “ To L e t” a re being called/ in and the placards are decreasing rap-' idly. • ? Paint pots and long ladders carried by: men wearing white overalls [are cropping out on our streets S S S S An 18 pound pickerel was captured- on the upper m aish of the lake one day ; lasf week. A new game called setting hop poles has broken out among some of our ag ricultttral friends. $ •' J.. ■ : • .•••'* .... >•-' ■••• • -.••••, ... -V '7. • Spring styles are now shoved to the front by Perry merchants and spring fashions are now lips at the tailor’s. Miss Anna Cole has been performing the functions of the town clerk the pass week with gracefulness and skill. ^ B aby carriages containing bright-eyed little “kids” per: xahulafed the sidewalks bust week . S we e t barbmg ^ s p r ing. . - Commercial drummers hrevbbimng. ‘ to ; Perry lively and afi speak of the opening of the spring ttade. /\ ■. L a st . wook Mr, Jam es Barnai pcfeed of his house and lot on legany road to Wffi. Buckmani for $35®/ Women in ; door: yards: with shhvfeis ffi their hands ahd wearmg sun bonnets./ 7 Our readers might as well proibarb/^tb crane their necks hnd look; around theb corner for the fiist h a n d brgah. If is o n D. S, Walker new residence: last keeping htiuse ais happy . mti'A . Vfc ^-v-«T A n « removed a n ^ jg how as a ffiihister;.: cases at E, book stofb are now: filled some novelties/ ,/. The breaking up Of the-iea m the lake las t week knOekbd the undefpffimg I rbist; under the toboggan glide and it fell itt m -77- '7777 ■m i escape from destruction by fire Tiiesdav evening at 10 o’clock. The Nuuda iVe?7.s says, th a t just before retiring M r. / H /Willard, Whose house is, within 50-feet, ; happened, to look oyer into the finishing room and saw a blaz 9 ; He lost no ' * in getting oyer there and fotind a hole bumed fchrOugh the; floor and a fire just getting under good headway.. With a pail of water he soon extiflgaished it, but in a fevv mint ifces mope hkd it been undiscovered the whole shop would have been in flame.^ asr the Varffish and qthef ihflamable material near by would have gone off like a powder house. II Is S11P- ppsed;tq.,h^e originated from the stub of a cigar thrown into a Wooden box filh ed with sawdust and used as a cuspadore hear the stove. '.=,/■! -/.. E l e c t i o n o4* O f f i c e r s . At the annual meeting of McNair Hcse company held on Monday evening, the following officers were elected: Presi­ dent, P . W. Quinan; vice-president, J. W. Burr; secretary, Frank Morris; finan­ cial secretary^ H K, B'shop; treasurer, J. J . Fiynn; foreman^ B.T. Gage; 1 st assistant foreman; O. E. Ketchum; 2nd asst, foreman, John Bassett; trustees, S. O, BrininstooJ, E. Sisson, F. E. Norton, J . W. Burr. The following were elected active members of tEb company: M. B. Hale, S. E. Salisbury, H. N. Harris, W, H.TCJheney, A. J. Fargo, L. C. Morris, A.S Ft lch, James Patterson. The new contributing members are E. J. Ahcer, J. E. Sprague, C. E. Burr, W . S. Clute, b . W. Humphrey, H. L. Humphrey, J. A. Montgomery, Frank Montgomery, G. L Luce. S. Hurl b art, of Horhellsvil 1c, was a guest of Mrs. H. B, H u rlburt over Sunday^ ; , ; /'777; Thos. Flattery aiid his business part­ ner, Mr. Roach, of North Java, were In tpwii Tuesday. -”/:-■•'>,/ /.>-' ’ • / / . Miss Mamie Brown and Mr. Charles Brown of Erie, ' Pa., have been the /gUests.' of Mrs.. W. F, Kingsbury. [ r;~rMr,. and M rs.: R ihsom ; Chaddock o f ; Horinhllsville, were the:;guestis: ^addockoyef'-^unday,;-'7/G : 'M. G; Rowe returned from Minno Y-.v ; \ / ' 7 ;: 7-/7 Mr. and-Mrs, Smitla of gston eotrajby, ;h‘a.v« bcei : their daughter, M rs/ Ge Hon. William Patterson, was the giiest of Frank bn Friday, 7 . / : , ; :v’' ' / Judge E. . E. Farm an from Was hin g t on. / Charles MalMy, of Rochester, former on P o r ta g e , L iv - the guests of ; Botsford, J r . of Toronto, Augustus returned that all men oyei* seveiity years of age are legally exempt from working a ^'''Iax.7:/‘7/77;:\ :-'//; :\-7v :-'77-7-.-;.-/.-'7: .U/pleasure steamers- which winfered on the West side of the Jake/have suffci*- ed cbhsiderabiy frcm the breaking: u p of fhh ice.::;..\/': :/-':. 7 / 7 -:;'7./7\; r \' • 7 A: portion qf b u t village is oyer puzzles and neW ones'ar& a inyestigatien in the office of; th? AYalker/House, ia on the 27th, of cph-: sumption. Miss Anna H a iriug| 6 ii^ age ^7 years. 7 The funeral Was .' J ^ p h ’aTchureMrjan IM day m o n ^ ^ ^ 7 has had the lake during the7 t ‘ ' ‘ ' Rimrnef who the AValker HeusO at Winter, has leased pai man house in town, -:/ - : Miss /Lottie';- Barnes, teaching the waiiter school iu district Number 1, Lcrry/ brought h i t laborBtq a close oflFriday. / ; / ;r;'-/.;/. . Pretty soon the dark- visaged Italian yrill comA tb our villagb with a platfbrm' of plaster paHs iniagcs oa his head; ,fb r S£l»l© *r ^ 7 L a st week ; M r.' Wm. E. ' T a ttle dis-/ covered three fali blown : dandehbhs ffi ft* must have; takefi: a pret^ 7 : 1 ^ -- ’• ' K‘7 /7-7/ s mb) * is . Miss Stella Noiton, of ..Warsaw, staying in town at the resideUce of J . B. Slocum. A . P . Castilian. It ft for Dakota this morn- D. W . Hawley and Hawley, : Rock Glen, are friendsifltow n . ;' a 7/7 7 -G, W. Moses of ElMi, N. Y., . the. guest of J, J. Bjroinstopl and visiting Jacob ;F 7 y.Gtmbkeh^- purchased a house o t H atch & Oble ok : Borden ayekue f b r ^ / i 0 ^ ; -/7 7'7 7\ -/v- : ‘ ‘Pigk in Cl over, ? ’ aiid “Three/ Bliiid: Micb,” tho two hew and Iffiert pRzMi’S ; have and are having a tremendbus sffie,, / Watsoh Sells them, .-yj- /. ;7: v7-/- -7-' \ Some of b u r local fiffiermen went tb Pikb last week and report that specHed y brook trout are showing up well, iu itib strejams'this yeak: '-/7/^7-7'7/77. 7'7;. Travel oh the Silver Lake rafirbad has ......... \ “ .'sobffi increased mucli;: shriek of the h\kA steamers L a st week} Mr. -A7\ a t Aikeu, for a'ebnsideratipa 0: HoussWiyes in Perry /as w^H $•? toW)3S} are ho,-^ aausuaHy/ busy, ps ^ :iug^A as::and7spec^aH ^ ^>:/fb^.4lbS^s; •yvT ' f t r e a t f i a r g a i n s i n ' Tmnieiise iiew stock just received and at prices below all cqmpetioh. / ,. ' : : 150 BedrOom Suits. . . >50 Couches, 25 Parlor Stilts.’ v 200 Mattresses. 800 F ’ncy arud other chairs. 175 Spr. beds. Office desks, book cases, sideboards; haU racks, chiffoniers, cabinets, easels, extension, library ancl parlor tables,, fancy stands, music holders, etc. A fine hne of baby car­ riages? Many articles at less than whole- sale prices. Don’t miss these bargains at the Lawrence Furniture Store, All goods delivered free of charge. T e m p e r a n c e H a l l . Gospel temperance meetings will be held in the hall over Geo. Lemon’s store, on Thursday evening, commencing at 7:30; also on Sunday afternoon at 3:00 o’clock. A oordiaji invitation' is extended to Ml who are interested ih Gospel tem­ perance work. By order of the secretary or tho Young Men’a Temperance Union, M a r r i e d . Warsaw, April 3d, by Rev. Dr. Nassau, Les­ ter M. Shutt and Effa G. Curtis, both of Perry. D i e d . Scottsville, March 23, Capt. John Qit, aged \ 76 years. ■ . Caledonia/ March 23, Mrs. Mary Welsh, aged 82 years. Wyoming, March 27, Mrs. Solon Barnes. Batavia, March 23, Mrs. Elsie C. Lew is.; Castile, M arch 20 , John Windsor; aged 38. Batavia, March 29^Mrs. Chas. Holton. Attica, March 19, Edwin S. McIntyre, aged 76 years. O b s t i n a t e In d igef»iioia. O b stinate cases Of indigestion, constipa­ tion, piles o r liver com p laint a re easily e n red by a few H a m b u rg Figs a s m ay he p roved a t sm a ll coBt. 25 cents. Itoge, o n e ffir. M ack D rug Co., N . Y. F r a n k WUsqUj sole agent for^Warsaw, N. Y. ? - ~ i/r Jqhn P, Robison/P ^ R , is preparing for Memorial Day. has extended an invitation/fo A\'\ nent Buffalo oratOT;/ 7 / 7 > ■: The:;gent|im f: evaporator prpjec.t oh ih e ; Silver IittkA/;7'-/ oiitiet, are from Hoiley, OrleAhs <btthty; / - -m Y7' / ■- '/> : : /;v ;7 77 / / “ ; Tho roads in this : vicinity tiHed u j | -T?. very fast last week :.abd:7eigy&^ siastip farmers werA; in town afieh-ifa*flAh: r The increase in capital stock of thb. Citizens’ Bank has been raised. ^ \The bank has a splendid report (for kfarch. Improvements &re to be made on thh “D jllbeer Tract,” and the-new street, lines have been changed for the better. Push the work. Died, In Perry, April 2d, Frank- H<*r- ri=, aced about 50 yrs, D r’s. Crichton and Harding made u post-mortem and found-that aeath was caused by ulcera­ tion of the bowels. Village trustees met on Monday night and appointed, the followmsr Board of Health: M Hr Baker, J. N. Wyckoff^ and Lewis KAetou, M. H. Olin- received au order this week for 50 tons w r e, from ttfs Silver1 Lake Niagara grape patr5rs. - This is the largest, single order for wire eve? filled in this county* . , r The latest from tbe scene of the shqot» ing affair near Perry, iff.- whioh BowCU was wouhSwi have been accidentalt aBd7^ have been published m td / attempted suicide are denied. 7 , There was a special meetlhg ot thA Perry Eogice Go, >|ield at the' partment on Friday evening, and tM ular montffiymeetiug o?Tthe entire partment waa held en Tuesday / , / .

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