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Wyoming County times. (Warsaw, N.Y.) 1876-197?, October 11, 1888, Image 7

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.' >\ With. Headache,'Neuralgia, Rheumatism Dyspep­ sia, Biliousness, Blood . Humors, Kidney Disease, Constipation, Female Troubles, Fever and Ague, Sleeplessness, Partial Paralysis, or Nervous Ptob- tration, use Paine’s Celery Compound and be cured. In each of these the cause is mental or physical overwork, anxiety, exposure or malaria, the effect of which is to weaken the nervous sys­ tem, resulting in one of these diseases. Remove the cause with that great Nerve Tonic, and the result will disappear. / Paine’s Celery Cfiirrpaunri J as . L. B owen , Springfield, Mass., writes :-—' Paine’s: Celery Compound cannot be excelled as a Nerve Tonic. In my case a . single bottle wrought a great change. My nervousness-entirely disappeared, and with it the resulting affection of the stomach, heart and liver, and the whole Celery Compound Sold by druggists. $1; six for §5* Prepared ,only by W ells , R ichakdson & Co., Burlington, /Vff . For tbe Aged, Nerval^Debilitated. Warranted to color more goods than any other dyes ever made, and to give more/brilliant and durable, colors. Ask for the Diamond, and take no other. ■ A Dress Dyed A Coat Colored Garments Renewed A Child can iise Unequalled for all Fancy and Art Work. At druggists and Merchants. Bye Book free* WELLS, RICHARDSON & CO,, Props,, Burlington, Yt. CEN T S , t mawm- -AS That is the way our goods are marked. No clot and dash, short hand, cryptogramlc, private cipher bus mess, with us but FIGURES; Our figures tell what We-ask and they tell what., we.want, foi- our figures are mtyked to. stay. We Are ONE ERICK as well as. PE AIR PRICE. Tha fact is WE PLAS'E 6 Ulff L-’iGTmES down 1:0 the last shaWag tiistt can .come /off the pficS, ■ and when we make a price i t is our lowest and ■last; o.ur best, and bottom-price* :We could not ; do ahy/.beftor ’ for the Presideii-t, -..and; we ’ w ifi /trfehtvo.u as Well as we PLAIN-. •MAllK PRICES, ana PLANEQ DOWN FIGURES Wh /: .. \/. : •/ /-///Z'Z . / -T- - $ t f T i m T ■ H ^ MR*. .-H' iMDn Street. WARSAW, N. ■^.^cmr.rcrn.r-w**. \ . .V , HTH-E PEOPLE OF TEE STATE OF NEW L • YOE& To Anna Mary Zehler, John Zehler, peter Zt-Mer, Anon Kehl. Michael Zehler, Mary . (.Weft, Mathias Zehler, John Peter Zehler;. Nich­ olas -ZeMer, AnnaWffiy Greff. Jacob Zehler. John Zeblc.r and id-'Vd E. Zeiiler, vwiereas, Nicholas Zehler, executor of the last, will' and .-'testament '.ulally.settied,.andhas:apptie;:i to. our ■ sui’fpgafe’s Dfy!T}it..nf rtniiuj/xr. for u Htalvioii for ’T/hat; BUT- Ft-S3. . lag© of Wars-aw, in saicl county, on the 22rixl day 01 .October,-1838,: at 10 o'clock .iu tlie forenoon, to ■ .attend the Judicial settlement of said accounts'. And those of you. Who . are under the .age of rvrenfcy-one years', .are required to' appear by. your. general guardian, if you have one:, if you -■ have none, that you appear and apply for a spe­ cial guaixiiah, to be appointed by the Surrogate . for you; or in the event of your neglect.- or fail­ ure to. do so, afspeeial guardian, will, then- and there,, be appointed by. the surrogate,, upon the application of th© petitioner, to appear and act for you'in these proceedings. . . ' In testimony whereof, we.have caused the seal of our said Surro- ' .••- gate's court to be hereunto af­ fixed.. Witness, Byron Healy. Surro­ gate of said county,, of W yo­ ming, at Warsaw, is said county, . this 4th day of September, 3888. BYRON l i EALY; Surrogate. \ 40w7 ri’dlE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OB NE WYORK, \JL To Marcus Carson. Therori Carson; Samuel L. Carson. Harriet'0. Tib bits, Julia 0. Dodge, Edward. Reeves, Arabella Warner, Catharine Reeves and Alice E. Wheeler, heirs at law and next of kin o f Eliza Carson, la! e: of the town;-of Warsaw, ih the county o f■ > y Gin ing, decased: Whereas, Harriet CJ Tibbies, executor named ■in the last will and testam e n t of the said Eliza Carson deceased, has applied to our Surrogate’s court of said; county of vVyomiDg, to' hare the will of the shtd Eiiza Carson, deceased, which, relates to both realvand personal estate, proved and. admitted to probate •; Y an, and each of' you, are therefore hereby cited to appear in said Hufr.ogate’s court, before the Surrogate of said? ..^ h w t o n s. w e l l s , ; 1 COUNSELOR AT LAW. OFFICIAL STENOGRAPHER, Wing Bloefe. ,[34yl] W aRSA W, N .Y . ' ~~7'. L, WOODWORTH, - .. . “ ATTORNEY aiid COUNSELLOR. WARSAW, N. Y. Office .NO: 9, Buffalo-Stn ' HOTELS. ALKER HOUSE, A. Ii. WALKER, -. . - Prop’r. Newly refitted, ami refurnished throughout e'irst cTass accomodations and ciiarges rea^ona- bls. / / ; : :- :7;\-' - . -•■.27yi-- / 7 EAST GAINESVILLE, N. Y. ■' ^ H i r e a A i B H o u s e . 7 \ _ 7 \ z t. fir. YYHlTdOMB, RtisS CO a T s , Proprietofi* Fret Bus to and from all trains. East Main Street, ROCHESTER, XT..Y B E N T t S T E Y i g ' - ; D . G A RDINER.' .‘ - : DENTIST. : 83 ^ Office in the Walker //lock. ' .'77; ' .W A R SAWtN..Y ■ -g’.-./.A, LEW JSj ; 7. ./.--,- .//-/ '■ ■ V ^ DENTIST.. - • O P Office in Opera House Block, ■ ■ Warsaw,- N , . Y . _______ . JO S . B. GATES, ' DENTIST. tober A. D. 1888, at ten o'clock in the. forenoon of ' that day, to attend the proof and probate of said' will - In testimony whereof we have caused the seal- of the Surrogate's, court of said-eounty of Wyoming to be hereunto affixed. - [n s -3 Witness, lb roe Heaty arrogate of our said county, at- the v/llase of ■ Warsaw, the lutu d.iy u., Any ust, A, I>. iS/>8- .BYRON 11 LALY, buiTOgate. T HE PEOPLE OF THE .STATE OF NEW YORK..—To James Hahigan 1 elia Galligan, John Halligan. Alice: Oallsm. Julia Shier,. Charles P. Halligan, Thomas Hahivan. John O’Brien, Joseph O’Brien, Mary HaHlgan, and Margaret Mercer, the widow, heirs at law and next Of kin of Richavd5.Halliga 11 . late of the town of Java, in the county ,of Wyoming, deceased: - Whereas, John E. Mason and Mary Halligan, Executors named in the last will and testament of The said Richard Halligan. , deceased, has ap­ plied to our Surrogate’s- court of said county of- ’ Wyoming! to-have the will- of -the said. Richard Halligan, deceased, whicli relates to . both real ahd personal estate, proved and admitted to probate: you and each of you,, are therefore hereby cited to appear at a surrogate’s court, to be held b r and before the said Surrogate, at Ms office in the village of Warsaw, ih said county of . Wvoming, on the 28th day of November, A. D. - 1883 . a t ten o’clebk in the forenoon of that day, to attend, the proof and probate of said will. And those of yffityivho are under the age of twentv-one years, are required then and there to appear by-your general gaardian,if you have one; it you have none, that youthen and there appear and apply for:a specfcl guardian,, to be appoint­ ed by- the.. Surrogate . for you; or. in the event of your neglect or failure to do so; a special guardian will; then and there, be appointed, by the Surrogate upon the application of the peti­ tioner, to appear and act for you in these pro­ ceedings, , In testimony whereof we have caused the seal of the surrogate’s court to be hereunto affixed. [L, S.] Witness, Byron Healy, surrogate of our said county of Wyoming, at War­ saw, in Said COUhty, this 30th day of Juty, 1888. 42 BYRON HEALY, Surrogate. MARVELOUS M E M O R Y DISCOVERY. Any book learned in one reading. Sflnd wandering cured. Speaking without notes. • WhohyuniHe artiflclal systems. S Piracy eottdemed by Supreme Court. reat inducements to correspondence classes, •\ Prospectus, w ith opinions of Dr* Wm. A. Ham- -. mad, the world-famed Specialist In Mind dis­ eases, Daniel Greenleat Thompson, th© great Me gist. J. M. Buckley, D. D., Editor of the Advocate, Bichara Frootor, t*ie scien- m,. judoh. P. Beniamin. Ave.,NewY<wk. Office ahd residence in Morris & C o ’s Blc-c Ic Buffalo street, opposite A. B. Lawrence’s Fur- .hifure,Store,.: .......... , Warsaw: Y. Y..'April l8p-5. 0 \ R. GALKINS, D. D . X ^ ' 7~~ , . ’ -'i DENTIST, a '' Good .Plate Work for $8*00 per set. S/iT’Office over the store o f A. Cole & Son. lOtf PERRY, N .'Y. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ^ o b E r t m i l l s . TONSORIAL PAELOBB BAfiH ROOMS. Opposite Bingham House, WARv ., ^T, N. Y \ PHYSICIANS. £ J R . D. E. MATTESON, ^ PHYSICIAN & SURGEON, Special attention given to Gyneco^gy and ner­ vous disease©. 83^*Office, in Furniture B lock. Hqurs—10 to 12—1 to 8 and 7 to 9. Country and night calls promptly attende d. 27m6 WARSAW, N. Y. :RS. D, a . BENEDICT, . PERRY, N. Y. ’ ; Cures Cancers, Tumors and Scrofula by new methods. No return of disease. Circulars, free. XH&ESSXSTG' impar ts a natural finish, hot- varnish. Makes shoes wear longer because it is an OIL dressing. Ladies should insist upon having it. Sold every- whflrc* n . BUTTON & OTTLEY, 71 Barclay St., N. Y. XT OTIOE TO CREDITORS.—Pui’suant to an fv- order of Hon. Byron Healy, Surrogate of Wyoming county, notice is hereby given to all persons having claims or demands against the estate of James MeEvoy, late of the town 6£ Gainesville, in said county of Wyoming, de­ ceased, that they present the same with vouch­ ers thereof, to the said, administrators,, at the residence of Margaret MeEvoy,. in the town of Gainesville, in said county, on or before the 29th day of September, 1SSS. ' - Margaret MeEvoy, Francis Murphy. Administrators. # o f to iu f.jb v '5 -ty E ' and S'RAY ■ The great Collection of the most tb rilling per ■ s.onai adventures, of ,both sides during the Great Civil-, v* ar. Intensely interesting accounts of ex­ ploits of-Scouts &nd spies, forlorn hopes, heroic bravery,;, imprisonments and hair-breadth es- f capes, romantic, incidents, hand-to-hand strug­ gles, humorous and tragic events, perilous jour­ neys, bold dashes, brilliant:successes arid mag­ nanimous actions on each side the line,- 60 chap­ ters. PROFUSELY ILLUSTRATED to the life. No otherfiook at all like it. AGENTS w a n t e d . Outsells everything. Time for payments allowed Agents short Of funds. PLANET BOOK GO,. Box .68181, 28m5 Philadelphia, I’a., or St. Louis, Mo. H I N D E R C O R N 8 . The best of all remedies for Inward Bains,, Colic, .Indiges-. tion, Exhaustion and all Stom- acli and Bowel troubles. Also the most effective cure < for j Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis and] affections of tlie breathing I organs. It promotes refreshing / sleep, improves the appetite, overcomes nervous prostration, and gives new life and strength to the weak arid aged,. 50 c- and $ 1 , 00 * at Drgguists. B O O K A C fE U T S W A W T E B FOU What California Republicans Thoaght «i Ilarriaon in 1888, The position assumed by tbe Republi­ can newspapers of tbis coast, and par­ ticularly of San Francisco, on the Chines© question, was very different in 1882 from what it is. at present. Then they were outspoken in their denunciation or those Republican members of congress, and par­ ticularly Senators Harrison, Edmunds, Ingalls, Sherman, Hoar and Dawes,-who so bitterly opposed the anti-Chinese legis­ lation of th e ' forty-seventh session; now the Republican papers are... their apolo­ gists. ’1 Upon the twenty year exclusion bill in­ troduced by Senator Miller, of California, and vetoed by President Arthur, and the ten year suspension bill subsequently passed, all of the leaders o f the Repifblif eun party in botli houses took a- pro- nouneed stand. , / . ’ The opinions of the Republican papers of this city at that time on the attitude of the Rejmblican leaders is best shown by extracts from them:- / San : Francisco/ Call, April 10,\ 1882; ‘‘Notwithstanding that most of the Re­ publican senators, except those .who repre­ sent tlie states of the. Pacific, opposed the passage, of the . anti-Chinese, bill; which! President Arthur vetoed, there is a studied effort to deceive our people by saying.that Democratic congressmen are! trying to defeat the passage off another anti-Clainese. bill. W e have reason to bo- sbnatdrs and representatives in cbngi’ess do their, utmost to pass the bill; which the president^ instigated by his stalwart friends, vetoed?” / - [Senator: Harrison voted for Hoar’s amendment admitting “skilled” Chinese laborers.—See Congressional Record, vol. 1, part 1, page 1716,] - , Safi. Francisco Call, April 5, 1882: “The recent exercise of tlie veto power b y Pres- • ident Arthur in reference t o the Chinese bill is perhaps the \most arbitrary act ail American president has ever performed. * * f: The; message is worse for the president and for his. party than i f he liad based it 011 an excessive term of prohibi­ tion. It is a flat contradiction. o f the. platform on which l i e w a s elected, ,. and raises the question, whether , the anti-. Chinese, plank in the Republican platform was not a deliberate deceit practiced upon the people of -this coast.” ’ . ..[Senator Harrison voted for. the Chi­ nese. .! See .Congressional /Record,' vol. 1,... part I, page 171'7-i • ' San Francisco Bulletin, April 8, 1883:. “The opposition to the • Chinese; exhibited, by these .facts has; been extending instead of decreasing. It is, in short, the d e v e l­ opment of a great labor question-Which no. public man. cab. face and c o n tin u e in or enter public life. It has already been -formulated as protection to American, labor, which is just' as necessary as pro­ tection to Americanmanufactures.,, \. [Senator Harrison, was. one , o f . those thus denounced. See Congressional Re­ cord, vol. 1,. part. 1,.-page 2617.]! , Similar denunciations of Senator- Har­ iri soil’s votes are-seen in The San ! Ftan- Feb. 9, 1883, and in The Bullet in Of April 39.:—San Francisco Examiner. . He Leaves a Party Without Principles. Henry D, Hotchkiss, the lawyer,; of .No. 33 Nassau street, has sent the following letter of resignation to the / F irst Ward Republican association o f Brooklyn: . / . I beg to offer my resignation as a mem­ ber of the First Ward Republicaii as­ sociation. Although driven from th e support of the Republican candidate for president in 1884, the tariff plank in the Republican platform of that year in­ duced me to s till connt m yself a Ilepuhli- can, in the, hope that the party would ultimately return to the high and patriotic standard it once maintained) . both in . its policy!and candidates. It was because o f this hope, but with a sanguinity scarcely justified by my observation o f the course of the parity since 1868, that, as a member of the legislature of 1886, I entered the Republican caucus and acted with the Re­ publicans oh ali party questions. But the time has come when further hope is neither justified nor possible, and When those Who believe that the party no longer represents either its principles or theirs, should withdraw their support. Respect­ fully yours, , H e n r y D* H o tchkiss. —New York World. Guarding: H o m e In d u s t r ies. ■ . In the window of a store in W ashing­ ton is displayed a handkerchief embla­ zoned with stars at top and bottom for the states and territories, with a small flag stamped upon it and the inscription: “Protection to Am erican Labor and American industries.” . Appended is this card: “Republican Handkerchiefs, indorsed by the chairman of the Chicago conven­ tion. The only authorized Campaign Handkerchief. Imported Chinese silk.” —Boston Herald. A Pleasingly ‘Explicit Answer. What, is the real reason the Demo­ cratic party desires to retain the whisky and tobacco tax?-—^Cincinnati Commercial Gazette. ' . r -' That’s easy. They believe in raising necessary revenues by methods that are least burdensome to the people; that is, by taxing* luxuries ratherthan necessities. But, by the way, what i s the real reason why the Republican party desires to make whisky and tobacco free of tax?—Cleve­ land Plain Dealer. Eo Cannot Stand Free Wliislzy. Peter Ritner, a leading Republican of this county, has come out for Cleveland and Thurman* * He voted for Harrison in 1840, and took an active part in that cam­ paign. He has been a hard and earnest worker for the Republican party ever since. He says he cannot go free whisky and tobacco. H© thinks \Cleveland has made a good president and should be re­ elected* He has great influence amon, the farmers o f the comity.—Carlisle (Pa to The New York World. Of Course They Are. The Standard Qil trust, the Pacific Rail­ road ring, the Rubber trust, the Sugar trust, the Steel Rail trust, the Cotton Seed Oil trust, the -Goal ring, the Lumber trust, Jay Gould, the land grabbing cor­ porations, the Pinkerton blood tubs' are all for Harrison, free whisky and the 47 cent. tariff^Ihdlanapdlis Sentinel. Shadow* “a* a woman taw them.\ Bright. Fun, *nd Good, full of •* laughter, md tears,'’ of thffiline mternt sndtouching pithoi, It ueOt airtight to all. Splendid BteelJPluke*, «nd •800 »joon * VI ^ i rtcWy colored In «xact Jq »dWoBwn4i«ah. ■ Where Harrison Needs to Recruit. ... Gen. Harrison’s plqgsician has advised hfs distinguished patiept to come east and recruit his strength^feay at Cape May. Cape May is ia Ne w Jersey, where Hiuv ri^ n ’s strength will need recrniHng* -bb* ftog«!ttoiL~B(>«tM i S«nJd.:J i ~.. i . . L - W t r fin rialldmrinc. - Mr. Joseph W. filter, whose rapid promotion on the pension rolls made him the Republican candidate for governor of Illinois, J has opened his canvass with a speech from which it appears that i f h e is not elected in Illinois the southern negro will be bulldozed with shot gun*. If this is true,%here t . ought to be no objection mad® to Mr. Fifer’s election. If it is true, let the ’ fifty-three . cent tax rate, the Springfield rings, the legislative lobby, the robbery o f the farmers of the state by a policy of favoritism for - millionaire tax dodgers, and all the other issues of tlie campaign be put out of sight, and..let Private Fifer he sent, sonth to 'put down tlie. shot gun rebellion and stop the btdl- In the meantime, how aboiit bulldozihg in Rlinois? YYe have heard !froin Fifer oh the southern shot ,gun. W hat does he think of the Pinkerton Winchester? . . ;- Does he understand fully that under a Republican administration . in his /own state “men of grit, ’ ’ desperadoes and fu- . g itiyes from justice, one at least o f them a homicidal fugitive from a southern state, have been publicly advertised for and pub­ licly, armed . with repeating rifles; that thus armed and paid by private, parties, aiid remaining under the orders of private parties, a Republican, administfarion. in liliiipis, asking ho qnestiojis concerning /themi,knowing they/were;’ not/citizens of Illinois but chance corners # 4 vagrahts, lias sworn them in as offieers off Illinois, /and has. placed th em before the .people: Of: the . state jvith loaded rifles in tlie|r hands, as representatives of the government “off 'for, and by the (people?” / ;Does he knpw that th e s e . men, . . ;thiis /imported into the state and vested w ith the state’s au­ thority while they remained • as firnied mercenaries in private employment, have. Ufied; . their rifles, w ith deadly effect, firing into streets crowded with the citizens of Illinois pursuing their daily avocations tinder, the.:supposed protection o f its laws?. /Does/he know that - in Illinois; husbands. /have lost Wives. and wives diusbands by- /these mercenary bfillets? : Y-/, If Mr, Fifer thinks; he can ignore all this in his canvass, lie reckons without his . host.. If he flaunts the bldody shirt a.s his banner in this canipaign, he iniist use .the P inkefton W inchester as his banner \‘\'ff.-—St. Louis Republic. •’/' . ' That’s \What’s the .Matter. W e see no particular reason for finding 7 fault w ith Mr. . H ig g in s t h e soapi manu­ facturer, for his decision to vote against the Democracy b n the tariff question. '. H© : is entirely frank in . stating . his / reasdiis* He does not. pretend to be controBed b y '; any/regard, for the' coiiiitry. as . a whole/! What, he says is that tlie .passage of the .’ M ills bill would reduce his profits; some­ what, and we rather .thiiik he is right. If,. however,, every naan whoiii the-' tariff-' -hill will, ■beyond question, benefit v o tes. w ith /the Democrats, ./Cleveland. .. w ill be supported by at least niuety-nine out of every-hmidrecl. Yet it still reliiains to be said that Mr/ Higgins is an active, en­ lightened, liberal gentleman, who may be trusted before, election day/conies; round to reme-mber that even if a great piiblic gain- does, involve a temporary loss- to . h im self. i t / is h i s , . duty to , stand' by the; right principle./ Mr. Higgins will never make a good Republican. •. lie is not that sort of person- It takes a good deal more than a rediictioir o f the. tariff on soap- /to change the complexion of a vigpfous, free handed, old tim e believer in the Jeffer­ sonian creed. ^ B rpoklyu Citizen. Their Different Objects. ! The / Republicans declared /for free Whisky in order to maintain a monopo­ listic tariff oh imports. The Prohibition­ ists want it because they believe th a t it is wrong for tlip government to derive rev­ enue from What they call the “national . v ice,” .' The Republicans would succeed in rnhning up the price of clothing, and the Prohibitionists Would;/ succeed in With­ draw ing from the . m a n u facturers . of spirits the recognition of . tlieir business as' a legitimate . occupation by the govern­ ment, : The Prohibitionists would plunge the country into a national debanch in the vain hope that it would lead to a national prohibition, and the Republicans would do the saiiie thing to build up gigantic home monopolies at the expense of the home consumer. Iff however, the two parties, working on different lines, could reach the same result, the Prohibitionists would, find that their Utopia was as far away as ever, while the Republican dream would be realized. T-'-Kansas Citv Times. Whooping I t Up in Indiana. The Democrats are pushing the cam­ paign in Indiana with unprecedented vigor. It is expecteddhat by to-morrow the first poll of the state will be com* pleted, a thing that the Republicans with all their parade and bluster have as yet ncxb even begun. Three polls of the state w ill he made, the last one just before the date of the November election. In speak?: Ing of this, Secretary \ Marsh said: on Friday: “The first poll is not counted as particularly significant. It w ill show how many persons there are in the state who will be entitled to a vote in Novem­ ber, and its value w ill be simply as an enumeration of voters.” Having ascer­ tained this, the Democratic leaders* know where to work and whom to work, upon, and in this respect the Democratic cam­ paign is at least a month ahead o f the Republican. It is believed that the Dem­ ocratic majority in Indiana will reach 15,000. St: Louis Republic. Presidential Stature. The American. people have never been much given to electing short men to high office. John Adams, his son John Quincy, and Martin Van Buren were the shortest of our presidents; and they stood 5 feet 6 inches. Harrison drops ono inch under this; Polk was 5 feet 9, and Pierce 5 feet 10, All the rest, from W ashington to Grant, were 6 feet or over. Grant was 5 feet 8, and the presidents since /his time all exceeded his stature. It will be found on investigation that Harrison is too short to reacb.-^-Chicago Herald. Whisky for Fine Arts. “I will take,” said the tramp to th© bar­ tender, “a little free whisky to be used in the arts.” ■■ . -••••- “W hat’s that?” growled the drink dis­ penser. “Ah,” said the tramp loftily, “you are probably a Democrat and haven’t the plat­ form which wo Republicans recently adopted. W e there demanded free whisky for the arts, and I will take a little just now to he used in painting my nose.”—* Binghamton Leader. BepubKcan t e - i c . ken, of Maine, appears to be that free wljisky would enormously increase drunk­ enness?! but that increased drunkenness is to he lesis dreaded than decreaaed pro- INFANT m : f ■ A THC ONLY P e r f e c t S u b s t i t u t e fo r M o th e r 's M ilk. INVALUABLE IN CHOLERA INFANTUM AND TEETHING. a p r e - d i g e s t c d F o o d F O R DYSPEPTICS, CONSUMPTIVES, CONVALESCENTS. A P e r f e c t N u t r i e n t iw all W asting D iseases . Requires NO COOKING. K eeps in all C limates . . Our bopk “ The i -Cabe ANiy .Feeding or Intaxts/’ sdvmg ;• also valuable A evicii to -1 xva .-: ■ LEDS, mailed free to' any &ddress.: B o liber-G o o d a le Co., 7 :7/7 M O N T I Y t f> ,000 A ^ © n ts W a n ted! a t O: .'rr&y? #*; • : voters withtfie only-official nycs .or quick aiid make $200 to $500 a moiitli. /Outfit 35e, HUBBARD BROS.; PMDdelfiffia, Ba. /..// The Bank pf Warsaw does a. ■ / ; E L Y ^ / 7 \ ; Qleauses theN a s - shi P a s s a g e s ,! AU ilamatiofi, Heals voWrrVFb tRe/ Sores, stores the Senses of J a s t e- a nd r it C E ljifE S D E P O S I T S , /- / . ' : Z 7 ; 7 7 / / ' . / / f p c t f f i ^ r i s / SELLS E^EHAMSE bn all ||arts ot/ United State? and Europe. ^ iiftb stlfer tri^fere st TjP feiit ^ 7 ®#^ s ’ v'7: i A lU C H J S T U S U R A N i:ffA # ?tL^ -;“ 77 ■■ I v 7 ;/'7/E .;:0.-:M o N A IR ,-7U a shieff - _'GU R |77: M A i r A particle into each/nostril and is agreeable 7 / Price 50 ceat-s at Druergists; by mail,, registered ': : 60 cents. ELY BROTHERS, 56 Warren S treet,!:/ ; - New.YorL. - ;-r.: - -'/ - - / • - ■■/ ■ ff- . i HYD^RAULIC ujm m w a s L lu _ £ 5 J e * , t0 ^ >r . Washes: absolutely clean, entirely wiihout • labor,, rubbing, machine, chemicals. or injuiy • I l t o g6ods, and./ p b sitiveTy/do tk e l r dw h worlir t q :l a /finish-; Sold; with such guarantee. .■ Save. I tlieir ’cost iuioiitlily to .atiy f a m i ly , hotel* .ladil-.. r dry, etc*. They cover the whole bottomof - tber- j boiler, a r e :non-conductive o f b e a t . .S trictly .'I ’ iKiehtihc:-rJ3iI a Warit never before suEpliga... I ■erfect.yelieS P to kll womankind. 'Thousands 1 in use* Permanent ageats.wanted every Where. • I t j .-™. c «s-»s»%.nlafa and tenns.1 ' J / ; 7 /rMllaiiameyer M|ff.B o * , 6 €ityfla 11 Pi aue/THeWTYBrK^\ / Glrins®.sai1 J l |earitifi.es .thefiair, Proriiotcs a luxuriaht growth. Never Fails io Restore/ Grajf /Hair to its Youthful Color. “EreventsDanOi'uSaiidhaiX’falling * .50c.arid: $1.00 atDruggiste. Best and FurQ8t M:ed!Gine§ li' -/7.r.E VER:' -MADE..../ ■':;/// i r '/ri’C T S /Itw illdrive tlielluffiorfromyoiir sj^tem, and .make; your ; skin Hlr?n ■..N'- • - eieim.' afidl -.sin.opth, /Those A ' .Js ■' iU V CUliabliUI. i & ^ r !^%.wi£© and use] iS °p A- I f/IIIi/i®/'iiii! e i The Dose ! sriiall^-onlyat© spoonful. It ia best and chea i and cheapest medicine. Try It, you Svill be satisfied. : : Get it of your Drug^st. ^ ^ > £5 D on ’ t W ait . G et it at once ^L If you are sufferins from Kid* nev Disease, and wish to live .. _ okl age, use SULPHUR BITTERS^ They Send 3 2-oent stamps to A. P. Ordway & Co.. Boston,Mass., for best medical work published? C H E R R Y M A L T c c PHOSPHITES N E R V t AND LIFE-GIVING TQNlC PLEASANT AND AGREEABLE TO THE TASTE, Acts on the stomach and . liver, increases , the appetite, assists digesticn, builds up the weak, frail, and broken-down. Useful in. Dyspepsia*, j ECS3 i o f Appctitn, Headache, Insomnia, Gen~ eraZ Debility-, jhfalaria, DacJs o f Vltalitif, Fer­ vour, Prostration and Exhaustion. CHERRY MALT contains blood-making, life sustaining properties..-1ti’s friendly and health­ ful to the stom ach , and can be used by the delicate lady, infant, the aged or Infirm. For people with sedentary habits and overworked men it is a valuable tonic. $1*00 per Bottle. For Sale by all Druggists. L EASSS,, such as MEy RALGlA, ;-Sl#EF- sL*!s?r ................................... resfcrmg/tefie to.tb© dchiuiated.^ for oyefworkod irien and wrimwi, ]i and children is recommended by clans. Where other Tonics h # e this has mad© a C o n spicuous-success. . 7 Nichoiis Bark and Iron can be obtamed at 7all Dniggists. BILLINGS, GLAPP it CO., Proprietors, Boston» Mass; v for all affections of the throat and lungs, and diseases arising from Impure blood and exhaustion* The feeble and siclt* struggling against disease, and slowly drifting -... to the grave, will in^rnany. eases.recover,tbeir^health by; ■ the timely use of Parker’s Ginger ©onic, out delay is dan? gerous. - Take it in time. It is invaluable for lul pains and disorders of stomach and bowels. 60c. at Druggists.. EXHAUSTED VITILITf IHE SCIENCE OF LIFE, the . great ;/ MefficM .YYork of the : ageoriManhood.Nerv-,; buri rind Pliysica; '.UeJ,;.- hiiity,. Prematnri: ; ciihe, /Etypns-Jf Yrinth^/;i • and the uRtold miser- ■ ies consequent thereon, 300 pag 0 S . 8 _vp., .125 pr©- KNOW T H Y S E L F REGISTERED. r TO THE LADIES OF WYOMING COUNTY. 3>R . M c G I L L ’S Famous Specific Orange Blossom is perfectly harmless* Can be used by the most delicate lady. Also tbe Doctors Stomach Powder, and Pile1 Cure are without equal. M r s . E. C. S hattuck , Aswnt, Warsaw, Wyo. Co., Y, For rates and agencies address / M rs . E. T, P ryor , Geu’4 Ageat for Wyoming, Niagara, and Eri# coun­ ties; Attica, N. Y. j H i m A REYOLVEES, Send Stain n l l N d } list to JOHNSTON & SON BCEipfions for all diseases. Cloth, full gilt,, only *i,oo, by mail* aefried. Illustrative sample free to aL you and middle?aged men. -.Send ..now. The Gold Jewelled Medal awarded to tbe author by tbe Nation­ al Medical Association. -Address P.O*. Box 1896,Boe- ton, Mass., or Br. W. H* PARKER, graduate of Har­ vard' Medical Coilege, 25 years?; practice in Bosto,i, who may be consulted confidentially. Office, No. 4 Btdflncn St. . Specialty, Diseases of Man. .. Cut this out. You may never »ee it again. U D l l P P i ^ - - X>o Your Own- Dye lag, a t H o m e . : They will dye everything. They are sold every­ where. Price lOc. a package. They have noequal for Strength; Brightness; Amount in Packages or for Fastness of Color, or non-fading Qualities. They do not crock, or smut; 40 colors. For sale bj* Frank Wilson, Warsaw, N. Y. New Book of Travel, Discovery and Adventnye Lie r © x n lPoIe to F o i© , o r T c u r s £ R o a n d th e W o r l d . Wild sports of .the'jungle and. plain; jcurne; in unknown lands; fights with sayage men am ferocious animals; sublime scenery: the deeds o t­ her© discoverers; \through the Tend ancl Frigid Zones; Adventurous voyages* shipwreck©! ana marvelous escapes among the islands of t” _ ' sea, etc., etc. Over SOO engiavtngs. AGES?' W ANTED. liveliest selling book ever proa Xn both English and German. 2fem5 8CAMMELL & (XX, Box 897ff St. Louis, Mo., or Philadelphia SO days’ time given Agents without capital. Fenn, imJ/for price N, Pittsburg, j i \ * acribe for the Wyowing 0* GR ATEF y L~COMF5>RTlN <£; E P F S c o c a B R E A K F A S T . ■ ’03y a thoroWh knowledge of the .natural lAuf | which’ goveun The operations of digestion ajfc-s nutrition, and by a careful application of tJbB fine properties o f well-selected cocoa, Mr.- E f „has provided om* breakfast tables with a. d „ .. cately flavoured beverage which may save to many heavy doctors’ bills* It is by the use of simh articles of diet that a constit#* may b e gradually built up until strong e«eu*' to resist e very tendency t o disease. - HnnfiW or subtle maledles are floating around re© to attack wherever there Is a weak point. J may eseapem a n y a fatai shaft Uy keepmg,m-, selves well fortified w ith pure blood and ft pr©f ©Tly /nourished frame.”—Clvil Servlce Gnsp^* ifade simply with boiling water or mBk. : only in nalf-pound tins, by Grocers, thus;, - - y JAMES, EPBS & 00., Hom«©0|

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