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Wyoming County times. (Warsaw, N.Y.) 1876-197?, October 11, 1888, Image 5

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HV [' * —The street spistokiex lias rejtireVj^roBi business'., ^ - ?' : t-V ■<,, , )j . j * #..••. ;> > .• ■—TheWariettf*' Machine company is- -em­ ploying seventeen, men and working’ nights to fill, orders. . —M. A. Bichards lias a very .handsome Cleveland and Thurman banner.in .front of bis house on Fargo street. ; 7 / —Bev. C. B. Sparrow addressed a tem­ perance mass meeting at tlie Opera House iii Boehester on Sunday afternoon.. ■ —Isaturali/ation to be e Sfeetive at the coming election cannot be made later than October 27 th, ten days before the day o f tbe i ■-.- t • S-v.o TfWYV. 11 ,. \X. ■ri U r - ■ •• • : tV.: —Mr.. E. T# Buxton.;reeeiyed: last week': ■/ from New York, a n ew dog. cart, and a fine V.; i-nss'etbai-ness'i w hich is very becoming to 'y:bigbnndspinebofsei v/ \ ' i t ;/ •' V:- —Ihe vegular nieeting of the ■ Y’s Will be • /;held;at' Tuesday,. 'Oct; '18, at.}! p. 'niV;’ '. A'; re-; ■/’/port/of the State convention will be given V band it is hoped all will'be pf eseiit.:, ... ;/ ;■ —Eev. W. A. Idobbs'preached his, first ser- mon'fis.pastor of the Congregational clnirph on. Sunday morning. . The church Was very •handsomely decorated with flowers# ' . —Considerable interest . was,; taken by. ‘. ;• .parties; on- M a in. street last Thursday eve- ning in a horse trade, by lamp, light, . The '; ' hordes were inspected by the flaring light of . ..torches. • V 7/. / •• \ .;. .; ■ .7/.' ^O aniel Eldridge,.' formerly of the -Eld/ b'-'mifigBysalt. w(nks-: 'bas; opened; an oflrce. in 7\\^ interests 61 the \ 'Mutual Beserve l i f e Insurance Company o f ;^:/.l^ew;Amk--.v.' / . / / v 'V. /\••.;/. •:. •' —Ex-Coyernof VPib’ce 7 of ’ Dakota, ad-.. .\/ ' dressed a remiblicah nieefing atthe rink on Friday evening. There Whs avforcli Tight V:. -parade' of the Warsaw clubs and drum Corps . previous to the/meeting,; .' ; : 7 7 • 777. /—It is lioped there will be. a large attend-;- :: ancB of nieinbers o f the\ Boyal Templars at. ' - -. their next regular meeting Tuesday night, : Oct. ibtli, at half: past sey eii, to,attend to iih- poi'taut- ims-iness.V-'y SvA'^V;i^Aks.bs')-'‘'.'*. ’ - .W .•’•-/• . .BeA/Sec. • V—The entaftainment given by thow Young : • /Mens’' Catholic Club - on Wednesday / and Thursday .evenings was a great success/ Sor . .ci!flly:..and:; .flnanciafly.- ,. A . clear, jubAt of •' b ^ S ihldw a s; made.’ff oni the - who|e ; afitiir; in ' V .bs: various branches, /. ■ : 7 •’ —tin. Sunday afteriioon ' D . / .. was arrested near \ the ..-.Erie station by i--' h'.. j' Zi- •Several of the prohibition banners on Liberty street were ^ torn :dowm sometime during Tuesday evening .or liight. ,z *** V y.'C ■(f;, A ViiV -V S^ith,. th|Hleumera|a-|* s^e^ker who is .to!addr%s the m eetihg'^fhe JbUrt^House Friday-evening, will be the guest of Gen* Thayer while in town. —Hon. F, C,. Beck will address a demo­ cratic meeting at Bliss. on Friday evening. It'is expected that Air. Beck will speak in \Warsaw and other, towns in the county next week. - ■' . • - ' •>. • V, * . - » . ’ , —On Tiiesday the prohibition, banner ap- peared writh the following sentence attached: “License high or low. is vicious in - principal, : powerless as a remedy and cannot be granted without sih.’.’ V ■ • ■■ ■ — Bev, H, XI. Emmett, addressed a large prohibition . meeting at Williams’ Opera House, in. Attica, on Tuesday evening. The Warsaw Broliibition Glee ■ Club w7ere in at- tendan.ee and rendered excellent music. Air. Emin eft aiid the glee club wdll be .'present at a polaraising.and massmeetihg.. in' Castile this.(Wedhesday) afternoon apcl evening. ^ —-The horse' .rapes,;\ bicycle races,- balloon asceiisioii etc., announced b y '. the managers of the Wyoming County Agricnltural Soci­ ety to take place on Tuesday forenoon were: necessariiy postponed on account o f the bad weather. The full programme would have been carried out but for the continued rains and consequent heavy condition of the track.. The managers hope to arr ange to have These various; attractions' take place at an early' ’■ ¥ I € | A l T B W T E S V •. .; For the. Laundry use Tulip soap. V ' .. <--Olean now has free postal delivery.: , ; -M3f end ,cah be had at. six cents a loaf at LeBoy. : . . : - ■ . —Castile has goiie; into the' skating, rink business. '.-,V V ' —A strong smell of oil. is said to -rise.from, a LeRcy salt well. . -V . -rFarmers are picking apples. They hope .: to get $1.50 per barrel. ; . —The County Board of Fife Underwriters meets at Attica on the lith inst. .. . —Judge Beck has accepted the nomination for. Jiidgp and .Surrogate p f Genesee county. - —ITon. John M. McKenzie, of Batavia, lias: bought a grist and saw mill at Byron Center./ / ' .V . -- —A Mt.. Morris mahufacturing company have received- a diploma, from a World’s fair iii soap —‘Being vaccinated is all tbe tashion —The Arcade woollen mill will blose and put in new- machinery. .. —--Sixty persons. wrere naturalized in Brock- j port .. { —The Erie's operator at Castile, J. B. Fox, died of consumption Tuesday, —The Strobel woolen mills at Muniford, are to shut- down several days- a week,- ... —St. Mary’s chinch, East Arcade, has a new bell which is to be blessed to-day. —Immense piles of rock aredbeing got out of the blue stone quarries at Bortageville. —B. -L. Cole; has been made- agent of The Buffalo, Boehester & B ittsbmg at AV^oming.- —The. Genesee -association of . Congrega^ tional churches met in Oramel ou Tuesday and Wednesday the 9th and 10 th* —Airs. James Muffoid, a prominent society lady of Brockport, attempted suicide by taking arsenic. She may recover, - —The cornet band at Eagle have sold their *. ■ • ' i handsome band-wagon to the comet, band at Hume, and wull purchase a. lighter vehicle. —George .Copp,.--business man,and. cattle buyer of'Sinclairville, / aged;, - about:.. 40,* was found dead in. bed Friday night, from supposed heart disease. —C. A, Briggs, late of . Silver, ..Springs^., has' taken possession of ,the. St. James hotel at Leicester, He • formerly: • kept, the Cascade house at Bortage Bridge. ' . —The Leader say si .Bev. W .. B. Aliicklow, of Java, was. a t . Arcade; after; furniture .for; •the lecture room, o f his new clrarch At-Java - ATlTage,;; It -is a handsome, 'edifice; - in'; the- Queen Ahne style o f architecture;: ' ■\ •'//.. . ^Application -will be. made to the board, o f : -.Supervisors, of .'Gattaraugus. ..county at its • next meeting to . divide the town of South- Aralley, and to form a new Town';from The: towuis of Carroltpn .and Great Aralloy'. . - : ,. —The postponed reunion Of the lo6th.TTew York Volunteers at Gettysburg is to fie held Tuesday, October ,16th. Every.. member must be in Elmira on the 15th, if he . goes with the excursion,; :as the train leaves fit ten . o’clock that evening. ;. , - —The pole raising ' and meeting at Biiss, ; advertised for :la.st. week, fias postponed On account o f the weather to Friday, Oct. T2th, when Hon. F. C. Peck will be oh hand and address the people at 3 o’clock, or as soon as the pole, is up. ■ -V —George Johnson a few days ago bought a calf of AiaiTin Dean that was ten weeks, old and weighed 3J5 pounds. Tlie .. animal; was sent to •- the'-' Western New. York - Fair specimen of Caledonia. calves, and .. will find its way to -a' slaiighter house' a fter • t h e ; expo^ S v ; / b ':-fljv:P-:Tozid^';Of^;hflihs6hsbU3^; iS/togo . ; . to Hutchinson, KansaS,; .to: take-. eharge -.of - .... .Goxiihlocic llumphrey’s wrdiics;:'Air; Tozier . ; is experienced in the salt business haying: - ■ - been - f 6 r some Time- coniiected with the ' ' Gouinloek.&;Humphrey works; in -.Warsaw. ... y --rAirs. Wellington, o f ..' St.. Paul,- sister of r'.Iflrs. E. W- Cook, anfl of Air. ChaddoCk i s . ; visiting AYarsaw relatives. Airs. Ayellington ’ :.,. fias Air years - an elocutionist'- iii California. . .and- other: distant parts p:f. the world,-haying. ''; for severfd years been preceptress' of a school . in.:ArLstr 8 -lia-. ' .-/ • - / ” . ; ; / .. . . >-At a meeting of . the Addisoniail 0lub;: ..held' on. .Monday'' evening at\ the. .-residence ; e f Ali'bilanigan, .Alaciam Broiigliton was re- I .. elected .president. -.The other officers chosen y ;:-;weie, as '\Lpiiolrfik:’ •Ym^pjresMeiiti.. Miss Biafi-che Baftlbtt;'. secretary,; F, -E /N o r f oh;- ;■? '.Treasfire-r, Edydn'Banh. : /T''- - '. v : . fi-Judge Green, who 'spolce.here.so accept-. . ably early iii Septein.ber,. hakjiist been uiian- imously renominated, for. member of- asseni- ; bly by the democrats, of Ids district. •-. His: ' friendsclaiiii.for.him thatih the 'absence of ; . Air, Sheehaii.j of’ Biiflaloj lie will be the -■ leader of his party, in the assembly next win-. - .:,ter./-\ .: /- ;- V ; , ---- :A- f Jet that many people are ignorant of : is that no, business is done by tlie. Surro­ gates on County Clerk’s.flffices on ..Saturday :. afternoons /since the passage of the half ;• .holiday law. People often conie from re­ mote parts of the County only to be disap­ pointed as to transacting business with the, . . county offices after nboii on Saturdays. I , —Willis Baker was married at Freedom, on Tuesday afternoon, the 2nd inst. to Miss Katie Pritchard of thaf place. Key. IL Hi ’. ' .Emmett performed the ceremony in the presence of about forty guests a large num­ ber of whom were from Warsaw. Many / very handsome and useful gifts ■ were re­ ceived. Mr. and Mrs. Baker will occupy their new house on Butternut street as soon as it is completed. ' —The . farm , house of Thomas Scott, ... situated about lialf a mile east of the Crystal sajt 'work.s, caught fire from tfie burning.out of a chimney on the night of . the 29th of /September. Fire was discovered soon sifter “. nddiiight, when the honse was full of smoke. .: work about the chimney, was . biirne.d and a hole burned through the floor, •but the . fire was. soon extinguished. The damage was. settled by the payment of .$25, . by E. H. Owen, the agent who wrote the in- siiran.ee policy on the house. ; —The building now nearing completion by the Messrs. Bartlett will be a ^fine. one and hn ornament to the village.. Great care has been, taken that no essential comfort or convenience for its occupants should be lacking. The projecting windows on the fronkaj^? very sightly-and pleasant.' The spaces Between the floors and ceilings, under the/ftfii^l, have fieen fflled w ith mortar and sand to deaden sound and render the build­ ing less liable to destruction by fire. The central part of the structure will be lighted by a light shaft to' a ; sky-light in The roof. \When completed tlie store on the south Side of the ©round fioqt is to be occupied by Airs. Cotton, that on the north side by a firm from out of town, thus adding one to our businessliouses. The front of the middle floor will be fitjted np for, offices be used by the ownersf the ’Messrs.'* Bartlett. The upper front is to furnish accommodations for McNair Hose/Company. There are one or two rooms not yet secured by tenants, —Lost between German church on the West Hill and Hall’# Corners, Monday, Oct. 1, a brown overcoat, with . red flannel * pockets, and the lining torn out of the left ^ sleeve. The finder is requested to leave it a t Halls Corners eheeshfactory. \ tf ^Wyoming territory they hate no rain, ' * \ ' ' ' —*• ^ \T n lip soap is ex- find $yeat' $ f i * .—Wheat'fias/opened at 97 cents, oats at 83 cents,; and barley at 65. cents per bushel -in... the local markets. . ' • / ; ■,,\/■/ /. •: ;' /; ; - 7 -All The local fairs of this, locality; seem, to: have Suffered pecufiiarily this: season; from the Biiffalo;exposition. ;';. ; ;.. / —The. Silver Springs school has opened,, with Prof: Clark, .ok Arcade, as principal and Aliss 'Murray, of Pike, as preceptress, —There is talk of the. sale, of t h e . salt' Jock. at Cuylerville to -parties who., will make improvements and put the block in operation. - - ... /■: —It is an undeniable 1 fact that the; small pox epidemic in Buffalo is on the increase, and, that: the contagion is liable to. spread to mahy of The surrounding, to wns . : / - --John GlpV of Aft. - Alorris, . had severa sfieep killed and/others bitten by dogs last arh-- x-u .... -\-tr ■/x-i n » ,A'. • -» • • where he killed One vyith a chib /and; ca-qght h e otlief. ■' V ; -The board of excise granted , three^mere licenses on .Alonday evening, .making '4S in II. -'. If liquor stores' were, -twenty' feet deep nd. piled two stories high, our board would license one more man, if one more sbould -Jiataman. .. The Board of Equalization of Taxes have fixed the valuation pf property in Wyomiing Coxmty at $14,060,062, ripoii which amount a State’ tax o f; $29,195.37 must be levied for the. year being 2.62 mills on the dollar for fol­ lowing: purposes: Schools,, 1 mill, general purposes, ;97. mill ; canals, . 65 mill. . —If i s believed that there were more farmers’ teams in Lockport Wednesday with graiii than on any previous day in its history; The number is estimated as high as four hundred. It Was witli difficulty that The grain (priueipaliy barley) could be hand­ led, and it was very late before all was un­ loaded, * —-Qardiner Bobinson of Pike, has had his pension re-rated and increased' Through the efforts of Capt. A . C. Skiff. He has . hereto^ fore received $10 per month, His re-rating >yil! give him back pension from; the 3 rd of April, .1884, thus giving Kim an additional four dollars per month from that time, he receiving hereafter $14 per month. •A t is perhaps not generally known, but nevertheless,.says an exchange,• it is/a fact, That the law forbids any pensioner bargain­ ing or selling his quarterly pension before it becomes due, and all.persous are forbidden to accept the/same in any manner, as securi­ ty or other wise. The fine is^ fixed at $100 for any Violation of the act, aiid is equal upph the soldier and dealer. . —If the merchants of the country mark the tariff tax separate on their goods; and also enter it on a separate page on their ac­ counts to their customers, it yvould in a short time inform onr- fellow-citizens as to the amount .of prbfeCtipn there is. on each and every article in the tariff bill. Such a keep­ ing of, accounts woulfl soon tripe out the pro-; tection theory; —The dedication of the 136t]fi Beg’t mon­ ument will take place: on Tuesday fhe 16th inst. The oration will be delivered by I. Sam Johnson o f Warsaw and the excursion Will be accqmpanied by the Peoria band. The Northern Central B. Si., makes a rate of one fair for the round trip from Various stations, among them being Attica, Warsaw, Silver Springs, Castile/and Portage# Tick­ ets good going on Erie railway regular trains on Monday, Oct; 15th, and on Northern . Central train leaving Elmira at 10:15 p- m., same day, and for return passage on regular trains within ten flays. Members of this ex­ cursion desiring to v i s i / Washington can purchase tickets at Harrisburg at a rnte of | $5.00 round trip. Pullman sleeping cars will | run through from Hornellsville and Avon to [ Gettysburg, provided a sufficient number of i berths are secured in'advance to warrant it. I For tiqkeU and sleeping-car bertha apply to I agrnirti f t fffntftnti ’ The. democrats are making preparations for pole raising and rally. . Mr. Charles Butler, our genial; cheese maker, attended the teacher’s institute at Pike last week. f The republicans at the Center raised a pole on Friday last. They were addressed by O. L. Cotton, B. F. Bristol, Dr. Dutton and C. E. Bristol. 1 - i i Miss Yina Freeman who has been very ill with typhoid fever is recovering. The infant son of Wm. Bray died on FrL ; While Lon Powell was threshing on the farm known as the Mathias place, spark& day last of cholera morbus, from the engine set fire to the barn and it was entirely consumed together w ith the contents. Partly insured. Dr. Wright was the owner. Bev. Alills is in attendance at the Al. E . ' conference at Boehester. • «,- . . •’ - -■* i> «- ■ i--” . ■. • • f f ' * < • \ Mr. Spooner, our meat market man has moved his family from Otto, Cattaraugus county, to tins village. •• ■ A nine picked from the Sandusky and Bushford base ball clubs, defeated the/ Eagles at this place the 28th to the time of: nine, to tour. Three o f the E agles best play­ ers were absent. J h tii places were filled by. scrubs, hence the defeat. ■ E. J. Copeland made a trip to Boehester and Fairport week before,last. :■> Our teacher, Aliss Campbell, was institute last week.: .• ; Thomas Breiinan, who; lives on the top of Primrose hill!, has ^ust.completed a fine farm-. 'residence. ALf.;.B is: a .successful ..ahd pros-, perous farmer.:/ r- ^ .. On account of th e raifty weather of Satiir-; day of last week, The deniocratic pole raising fit' Bliss ..Was postponed fimtil Friday of This week. A. Lard, W. Jones, • W. Showerman, Jc ; AlcCali and AV”. Prey liaye each, raised hand- . ' some poles, . ff om /vhich fid at Harrison aiid: .'Alorton,streamers. ,../ ;/\'; ' ;/'v;-//fi / A, friend .lflmarks tliat “it. has; rained fif teen: days/in succession;”'if that, is so it has not. copied off .our politicians in the least. / : /. Mr; A\zm, Tuttle and wife of Perry, Were ’ the! guests. on Sunday of 3>. S. Kn.oWlton and wife, '• ’ / \ ’- -V ./ Mrs. Ffazer nee Aliss Aiartha. .Clark, of Franklin ville, is visiting, her .sister, -.Aliss' Yiptof;WelinaaHi. . /’.'/;'- ;/ / /. -././ / .. / ’ The Alissioh Bahd o f Little AYofkers, will hold their annual m eeting, at the Baptist Ipcture fobm on Thursday p. m ./.-.-•// //. , / , ■ AYe/are sorry. to learn. tliM oirr /; Old f f ienfl^ :T>. M-. .Strong,, Mas1 been, quite poorly again .but.-at! present .Writing is ninch improved,; oply, confined to the house a dfiy or two. / A T h e Batavia board, of education have instituted/prec.autidnary measures to prevent' the spread of sm all pox contagion;. there ahd; . fit a recent meeting. ordered that all childreii in The public schools, not already hafing been vaccinated, have .The / operation:, pei- formed at pnpe. / ' ’ _•; —Airs: Sarah Niles,, aged 35 years,. wife of/ Charles P. Niles, died Sunday afternoon in convulsions incident to - congestion /of - the brain. She had /been in poor health, for some time. The funeral was from The house\ Tuesday.,, Bev’s; Tanspm and Yradenburg officiating .—Arcade Leader.\■ ' : •/ / ^-President Jolin /Boyd .. Thatcher of the State. Association, of Democratic Clubs has chartered a canal/boat and will! trayefSe tlifi- . entire length: of The Erie, Oswego find Cham­ plain ; canals, meetings ' being -lield - ■very e afternoon and . .evening. . . . The Hon. ■ C, B. Brecke'nfidge of Arkansas and-, other, speak-/ ers will be on board. /■■/ ../. ;■ /'•/ . /-M rs, Jos.eph T. Aloofej of. Oiildield, shot liefself through The heart WitM a small: rifle last week.' Her body was found puThefloor by her tw;elve/ year, pld / Son on h is return; from school. She w^as in : hei’ 38th Year.: About a year ago she began divorce proceed­ ings but, discontinued them. . She : has two children—One a girl of SGveiiteen. : . —At the coroners inquest on the body of Mrs. Aloore, of Oakfleld, the jury deliberated ./, ThAT, s-nviE om> ;Wbh1,r- ■' •• - j ■ Again y-e heaf/the same' old song . ' ■, / / As: sung in eighty-four, •' ■/ ’ : . \-/ About a gaunt and hungry wolf . •/ Snarling around thj doof . / / .' They sang if “Grover wron the race” Business mhst diC! and rot,: ': .AYofld.iipside cloAmOi .<b>wh side up-,..-/. fi.AndwhIch.Lta • .-j. ,/GnCe more the. wolf if; trotted round,. ;. V And; now they join hi rl-'ya'.-.e,.. • / / .Should old acquaintfincb be forgot, - \ In tune of /“auld lahg syne.” u/t a short time before rendering a verdict They fouhd that the eleceased “Caused her own death My shooting hefself with a rifffi, caused by abuse from lier husband.” He aflr mitted at the inquest that he had choked and kicked her the night, before. /. / i / —The town of Orangeville is liable to / have some heavy damages! to pay for neg- iectiug a brqken clown bridge near /Orfihge- vilic Center. A/Briggs,, of Yarysburg, ’while; coming from /Wethersfield, • Alonflay evening, the 24th, was thrown from, his buggy and: badly bruised; the horse fell, breaking the harness. There was ho sign to warii people/ from driving into the broken structure. —On Wednesday last Alfs, L. Adams, ot Buffalo street, had a close call from/ being shot, and all about a few hens. It appears that a neighbor of Air. Adams, Isaac Sander­ son, took offense at some hens belonigihg.to The former, who he claimed - Were trespass­ ing, and in. a fit of passion seized/his gun and let fly regardless of everything# The shot penetrated a wiudow befOre Which Mrs. . Adams was mixing bread - but a few minutes before .—MUca JKiijtisi ■ ■ ■ '■ - . .; —M. N. Cook, of South Byron, has /this year sold $.384 worth of fruit from his tWq acre pfiax orchard fit that place./ Form that same two acres he has also harvested/ this year about 100 bushels; of /syheT 90 bushels of potatoes. Air. C/ atfribtt|Bs‘ the prdductiyehess/ of his pear Orehf^/Tp thflrflugh;tillage: , / H e ' flpes highly, but; stirs, the ground- with .cnltiyator. find hoe#thdrc>ughly.. and often#> .•- He neveis Uses a plow in his pear orchagrd; as to flo^or! yould injure the roots of his trees, and so, he thinks, be greatly fletriihehtai to their frhit bearing and maturing qualities.,..''\/. ;/,. 1 —Michael Burnes, andhismotherwere for the second time victimized by a.robber Sim- day moming, to the Tune of $27# BfiputY j Sheriff Witheril was put bn tifiick anid piur-; i ^ e d the thief, so closely that he retumefl\ $17 the same Alonday. H e ; had bought a • watch and some trinkets with / the rest. It . s not .decided Whether he will be prosecuted or not. Osc'ar Jones house was searched for the goods, but of-course they were not found there. Young Cusack, the tbeif, was ar­ rested Wednesday morning, and boflhd over to Warsaw J-iil till the next court, by,Justice Alorse, Bejnvty Witheril took him there. He Was 16 y ears old and it is his - second offence. He came from: a charitable instittrtiom to work hereabouts, three years nga-^AriSW*: ■ Header. ‘ Bev., Mr. Stfutt. gave notice t Sabbath he/ should preach a . Temperance sermon, as it was the flay set apart by the Wofld/s AY.-.C/ T; Uv, for ..prayer- for .the suc­ cess o f the temperance cause., ! :/- / .\■' Z; Air. Loren Duggan returned home from Denver, Colorado, last week, on account of poor health. Jos. L. Beaumont is confined to his bed with fever. The Harrison and Alorton club has re­ ceived its new uniforms and under the skill­ ful hand of Capt. C. E, Bristol, make a fine appearance on the street. Air. Fred Barrett corfimenced bis school at Johnsonsburg last Monday. W. E. Johnson is making extensive im­ provements about his farm. Airs. Boxie Altoft was married at her resi­ dence on Wednesday evening, to Mr. Hall, of Kansas. MTe understand the happy couple are to return to Kansas next week. The young people’s “mission band” of the Congregational church, of Gainesville, will Japanese Weddihg ceremony wiil be giveii ! by members.flf the society . 1 /The proceeds,. / to be devoted to the cause of HomeAlissiohs. /•: Mohfiififava*.-'-': /; -v •. . The Weather-bf, the iastweek has been very; disagreeable.. - It; has been bn®' cdntinual stoiau bf f;aih Imii br snow. -. Union; Cofners'hy the side of hefl’husband.; who. ciied scveral years.ago;, She Was. about . 68 ;yearS of age. Mrednesdfi y . o f last week. She Wfis.buried at StiTkeihviIle,VB®v.; Mr.:;AlfilloWs officiating# / TheItoyce boys are runningThe&'tmctipn : .engine arouhfl . the. roads folio-wed ! a threshihg machine. might ?c left tlieir water tank at home as they Could have dropped Their hose in the : Water anywhere. .; ■ •/////:.-'// At a family /reunion! at The r esictence b f ; nd! -iT'iicf.lVhVn nRTolrolvr laa^- WrToolr oil V»-nh< oTfirlrl - : ./eight down To . thirty-eight in/ age Were pres- . ent. They fepresent several different bcch- patibns /and h air: from/different states/: We mormug. trom tne rupture blood v e s s e l.in tern a l; hemorrhage choked her to death in seven minutes, ./; /// / / - . M a s t / W y o m i ii g .* ;; ;; The farmers are busy / gathering their ap- The question is asked j, can! a Christian con­ sistently pray for God’S blessings on Ms em f . iue^um e r s are ousy gainering vneir ap- deavor to rid society ofv/thEs; ciirse of iuifiV ^ s’ which there is fi fair Gr0P‘ . and then vpte ior bigh license:. ' • \M tis / Lida Hntebinson. of Pbarl Crftp.k: Mallory Weiim/an is, bUyihg quinces to ;ship:;/to Mielngfih:: /: . ^ 75 /cents;, per busheli- :/: / :/ . c .. .•,///;’:; ;;/-: '///'; / '\ . D ./S. Knowltoii has shtit: ddwh his. eyhp- iprfitor for- a few .flays . in. order to. / pick tbe. fruit^’-of./his iafge brchfi wMi/s. Kelly, of Yermbht, who/ is yisitiiig :bermothef!is,WeTeaxn,;qnite jinade th e m a little anxious,. fefiring i t m ight aiicrease. :7 - ; . / /-. . /o: .;/;\//;\: Airs. .Howard Clark left on AYednesday for a visit./to. her mother inThe Eastern part of the Airs.. Lida Hutchirison, of Pearl Creek- : spent one, day last Week Wishing friehds in ; This vicinity. / ; .; ■/ - ;./■-.- ,/-'^'/-/:' ; ;/ The ‘TpBtibal/pot’’ simmers very gently/in' thifi cbmmunity, - Bepubiicans, /Pemocrats - and* P f bhihitibnists live side / by side in per-’ fecWharihQnyr / . ! . The East Yhiirs.aw correspondent/ of the? ^omiiig. Beporter; announces that H. AY. Tbis-beast is-iiot fo f sune tiiiknoWn, . •/ Sonib L’ieks he tries to do, ',/\ h •/'■/’' ./, BerhaphybUiWifih to-kflbW his name. • .. r -; : It’s simply Bugaboo. h / ; ^ The habits of this mighty W’olf ■ The wisest men confound, He fileeps three, yearfi upbu a stretch, i The fourth comes prflwling ’found.. /, : This pobr old beast is most plfiyed out, / His power begin to fail; : But when he does not come to time ;; The clbWn just tWists his tail. / But let them sing their old, bid song, ! .For theni that wolf was made, /Doii’t touch h im with impioUs hands, / Its all theif stock m/ t r a d e .;./;, / / > Died,; in Pike, ; W e ^ Oct# 3d, .1888, Mh.Bilas Nqjycpmbj bhe pf Pike’s oldest find most esfeejnefl residents.: Air, Newcpmb was born in/Kingsburjv3^aShmgton county; N, J., Jfin/ 4th, 181/5. Tile year fbllpwihg his birthhiS parents settled ih- Bike uppn tbe farm now orvned by Frank ltobinson; aiid run by Biley Buttle,; He married in Pike May 3i^t,..1838> . ltoxanfi,, daughter of. Sixnoii anfl Mary. Lathrop. Af ter their! marriage they fesrded/fi short .time at Utica, Alich,, where their first child Was born. They soon returned To Pike Where they have since rer sided. Alrv Newcomb was a. house joiner and cabinet maker. ITntil: the last feW years . he was largely-engaged in The manufacture of fine.cfiri’iages#: /Last June,: as. Air. New-? Cjomh.. was feturning home from/Portage, after, a day’s pleasure, With . his : grfiiidrcnild,. soiide Where on the rPad, the Writer floes not remembef just where, he was throWm from his buggy andi /badly. hurt; about the head, and has / sine® gradually failed until -his VI ^ 4-I-. >UL'/\ ' ». In#' • L- a 1 Vl1 ■+•. a ' <4-V#v A aa • Bev. J.TL June, of; Perry, officiating. : Willie Kingi of Hornellsville was the giiest: . of-his brother,/Lawrence cKing, a few days laskWebk^ ■ / '.■/',./,- /' ./=-;. / • Mr. and Mrsy P> Caligan attended AVafsaw fah one day last w e ek./ / \ AIr<.Wnfl. MaSf #M/.--'T-: Cheney went to Boch- Cstof Thnrfiflgy last, //.-'■/ TrfiTohn'Healy-went to AYnrsaw last Thars*- Jfllto tlflB^/Wnrsaw is; ji^t th%plaee, barks: wJtoWhfis been'' wbrkihg; at ____ _ past shzamef, ;is:; home bn a Shprfevisit; -:; . //:'/\//';/ / /\■ : Dan WfllioAk ims served his time/ fit The: Powers Ho/toL / Dan has been;t^'Work at th® Powers; Hotel nearly; a yefiii nnfl has gained many frienfls, . who Will be soiiw to learn he is to lefiye. . ; ,7.' - , .?=///■ - . ,/V . •/... Mrs# ;/Qfiackenbnsh was much surprised last Wednesday , by . the retmrhing of . her brother, Geroine.JoneSj, who Weiit to Cali­ fornia 37 years ago, and has never been here sihce# ; ;Nb one .knew; of his. coining home, and he took fill of his old frienfls aiid relatives by shrpiise.. -/ Plintf DaggettTs ifin l^ti. 7 ■\ ’/ Bert Walker is vfiry low at the present writing, there is but little hope of his re­ covery.- s - Dermis Chadock, of Batavia, was in town Monday buying horses. - Clint.'Daggett and family leave Thursday for Michigan. ' Chas. Daggett has sold his black team to AH# Ohadock, of Batavia. one half;ppunds: .. But/ don’t let/ /Mr.. Aveiy. . flatter liinigelf that h® is' tho ; Pnly oiie thfit efin raise big/squashes. Alcmt Howard M s . one /■which, . weighs TWenty-phe .and threer f otixThs poun ds, Now Who M s a larger: one? ' /•'....// /^.,: : '/i^ e li-'/^ I e iL /.: ';;///. //./ ; B . E. Je^isPii found 'a .market - basket' iii ■one of Ms apple trees one day last: week. The owner cfin.haWe the.same by calling on. All*.. J., and'proving property. • '/• The fepublicfins. of this place; raised a fine pole about 125 fest in Might Tuesday after­ noon. . 7 C: 31. Draper/Ms a now girl. Weight 11 % 7 /:/'';';/: ; 7 / '/'.;'//' We. are tp have a cofil yard here-^-if. the ’ eycT \ ' ’ ' \ \ \ ■ ■ - : - W h y we sell more •.././'stores i n ./■ /•/ r l a r u s .AIi\: AlyerS:;h.eld forth With his Punch airfl Judy show in the school house Friday find Saturday . evenings. The TefiCher of the school. Airs# Gibson, reports thfit /she is. minits a bell; Perhaps Air. MyerS. can, give her some information as to; its. Whereabouts. -L'QC.AL:/N<YTtCE'S;/.;:;/.: —Miss Alfirtin is in New York /this Week looking up all the new styles in ;: millinery which/sM Wiff. at lowest prices. •./' -- ://- .- ^-L ost .—On Tuesday .evening/; betWeeii Warsaw find Perry Center, a sefil skin boa. The finder Will please leave it ;at this Toffice / of the residence of J. H. YVhite, Perry Cen- 'ter.!/ 7 .>/.. ; -/ / - ,r ;Z7/;':// . ■/ —Go to AI./A. Bichards’ to get yonr ness find harness straps, haltersy etc,, at one- If former prices, ;/:-;-'43I0t/,7- Lookrat put flopr oil cloths before purr jing, Largest stPck and elegaht styles, at 2t. '/,;/;.;//. /: WM svbb ’ s # ,/ ./ Cany the news to Sfifahi. .Father Mya she shall have all the Tfilip sofip she wants, if he has tdgo.without/ tobacco./ -/. /.;//'/\;//' Z- ?:///!;/ ; ^/:7' ! Tb' R e u L .. W,\ /;./., :„■/ ../ ; Fiirnifihed hoiise,. every cphvcnieiace for hpMe-keeping; first-class cistern and cellarfl To man and wife, np/childfen. ; Kent $12./O0 per month, : No. T2;Cimton ;Avemie- tf —Everthing new ancl; styhsif ih ,the way of . hats, bonnets, feathers, ribbons^ etM can/be found at Aliss Alartin’s mdli/nefy store; Dbii’t . -f\i'T- to see / ^-Musical find campaign goods at Walker’s bookstore. -:7/--.7/- .'•//.//■. \r' /.• •; \/•:. (C lea r in g /O n t z;- :.-7 '. . Of campaign goods, at very low prices; fit W* W, Hard’s. / / ';/../ .. ./ 7/ /.:/.....\/ - ./; • —The /man. that bjiys a !horse blanket or, robe This/fall or winter .without seeing Ai. A/' /Richards’ stock Will mfike a mistake. . 43l6t; • -7 /iSbW'\S$bel£;■ •'//// of crockery and glass Ware sefling low; . 7r ,;./:/'. ;/•/ / 'v '.W z ; '/;;;///W .'% ,fia r d ./// c a f l i y 5 j 0 ^ d p l t e ’? QropGls YH /tliu s 7 ^ /; size/ persom 7U ti : 0 HB B o t i s e , B i i t N-fiGP C ^ e f i l 3 ]jr fa e t u r ^ r s , ; wcw s e l e c t 7wl3ia£f#ew . o r s i N / f f i i H s ^ Y o u t l i e : ( | e s i r a M e ^ ^ co i i t s e i n / i m y i n g insiipeB t o yoiL a n o f n ^31 w.tlfe / feesr^/ ; ^tc>ck^ o f Manket$ 1 we have; ever had; We cfiin ShoW yon some npvfilties;in fur rpbes.> / ./^/-/^ /7'/7;/-' 72t7r; / '/ /;'\-;./;// , All the I attest 7f0/r / /wdaflt can be found aT MtifiS A, C; Belljs.A ../ Jufit received a fresh new stoek / p f ladies beaW W /comfpf^w^ ■f7;' ^ / -'43/fe; / . / / / /. p } : •\ ' ' Ktolidfiy gobds arrivm g at - -:'7 -v/7 ';W-V'7 : ■ '/7 7 , • -/; W w W fiH a id#^// . ;^B u y y«mv solid sRsref/wfif e if ydu wfiiffe somettong reliable#; ! Bettef: and ciheaper: tM mlilatfid Wfi^Wfifld fu h y Wiurfintodfi /7 ? \ /-'j; / .fl-M 1 / about; mjisic invtheir fiflyeft^Bfiqnt#. ;-7 1 Geo, H. Ellwanger. Cbas. H. H Wf JiUwaiigert fd Boehester^ ; For The very/ bfist* kip /bflpts; suitable / for this seaSpn gb:Tp - / / : ■ ; /43tf . /:'/./:• '■ / J, W. Mbl^QpMBitX, \. -.\ Gbpicq stotionefy at at W ilson’s# /’ :>'./- \' .\ 77 : ;/7;7:: ^^^/W:/ R u b b e r G o o d s . •• - ?v.. * • ’v-. :■ . • . .t\ •-' • • - Buy the best and ^ save money. «Every style of patterns at 43tf J, W. MoNTooarEKx’s. —Charles Ketchnm offers some’ excellent building lots tut Center street. It is but a moment’s walk from Buffalo street and near the school house. - Parties wishing to build can have long time for payment, and if they wish can have ■ m oney advanced ' to 1 a j - they can is; ■rn: a / e o m p & i r m g • j MILLINERY is all ready/ for inspection. Styles ape !han 4 / somer than ever and prioes as low.

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