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»I { ■# rfT-. ' .. ■ ... ■ '■■■■ -.J -v: ■'/' - ^ -■■■ : . ■' ' . ' . ■ ' ■ ' ‘ • : - ,■. v i1.,V . ' . . 'j- ..i 1 ' ' / ! .in Miii./jjiiir.jn ^ ■. A i -Jr./vC ■^rri - 7 r;\ > - ' 'T tte-Fiye-G M loai B i l l . . /. Gov. Hill delivered an address on the grounds of the .Ontario. Agricultural So­ ciety Thursday afternoon to an immense throng. That eyeniiag, after reviewing a big parade of dem o c ratic clubs, the governor addressed an enthusiastic au­ dience^ almost as large as, that on the ag­ ricultural grounds. The governor spoke upon the tariff at some length and on the excise question. On the latter question he made one new point, as follows; “I reiterate the accusation that the repub­ lican party has; been insincere. Let me . give you the proof. A year ago the re­ publican State convention declared in its platforih that ‘we recommend com­ prehensive legislation for giving local option by counties, towns and cities.’ This emphatically committed the party to the principle of local option. This year there is no such plafik. The doc- trine of local option is ignored. There is no mention of it. This was not done hy ^qcident, but by design. The princi- • pie has been deliberately abandoned and the reason is clear A -bill had passed the previous legislature known as the five-gallon bill whibh I had approved. • The bill had not attracted muhh atten­ tion and the republicans evidently had little interest in its approval. It was . among the ‘thirty day bills’ and a mem­ orandum was attached to it and filed in. the office of the Secretary of State. The - ■ • bill prohibited the sale of: liquor, ale, wine or beer, in quantities of five gallons , or upward, in those cities; towns or vil- lages: wherein the local, authorities do grant any retail licenses. .• When our • V;’ . •':• opponents assert a demo eratie ex- : ecittive has vetoed ail. of the alleged tem­ perance\ legislation passed in recent years they exhibit .either their mendaci­ ty. or their ignpranc-e. \ They either de_ sired to ignore this bill or had forgotten i t X Under .previous laws the selling of liquors, etc., in quantifies of five: gal­ lons and upward was not regulated or prohibited, nor any license required ; , therefor ivhile this bill prohibited whole- / .sale liquor selliDg in those localities ' where no license xwa& g ranted... The bill was reasonable, fair and proper, and was cheerfully approved. The monio- t . : randum of approval expressed my sub­ stantial occurrence in the principle of local, option as applied, which it was iu-.; : sisted was only another name, for home'; rule, and laid down certain principles . which should govern legislation as hon- estly designed to restrict the evils Of ih'- temperance. That memorandum clearly indicated that all similar bills or any bills involving the same principle woUld meet with executive approval. But the legislation last winter failed to pass any ; such measures whatever, and the re­ publican convention, when it met this fall, suddenly abandoned: the whole doc­ trine of local option. ; They refused td apply it any further. It fhns became evident that the republicans: did not want to pass any measures which Were likely to be approved,; and they were temperance advocates * u* effect only, . They f avored local optl m so long as there was no prospect, of its success, and abandoned it tlie moment it because feasible. I invite the stfeoH ni of the fait-rainded men of Hie Bf«?e to This 5-galloh bill was framed by citi­ zens of this town who had it introduced at Albany. . Cheap Exciii'sioji jo Ciett.ysbnrg. • The 13dth Reg’t. N; Y. tols. will hold their annual re-uni on an d at the same time dedicate their monument on the ; battlefield . of Gettysburg on Tuesday, Oct. 16bli, 1888. They have secured the following very low rates on the Erie railroad, viz ; One fair for the round trip at all principal stations in Wyoming, A llegany, and Livingston, counties. Those who take their wives and all others who desire, can have, a sleeper at Elmira by paying $2.00 extra if they send in their names at once to E. H. Owen, Warsaw, N. Y., or Geo. P. Morey Avon, N. Y. The fare from Warsaw is '$8:05. This is a rare chance for all who desire to visit this celebrated battlefield. Teachers’ Institute. O n e of the m o s t in t e r e s t in g features of the institute held here last week Was a class in mathematical geography, taught by Miss Dann. The class was com- poeed of Prof. Albro, Principal I.‘ B. Smith, of Warsaw, Principal Mary E. Catton, of Perry, Principal T. B. Lovell, of Attica, Principal - Arthur Hunt of Wyoming, and several others. Miss Dann is thorougly at home upon this subject as her manner of conducting the class plainly evinced. The institute as a whole was one of the most success­ ful ever held here. Commissioner Foster’s plan of inviting some of the ?»t teachers in the county to assist the luctor added greatly to the profit jure of the week. U e n a p laiil^- SB>eeell . . Hon.. John J. Hemphill, member of congress from South Carolina, addressed a large audience at Irving Opera House on Monday evening, upon the important issues of the present, campaign. The democrats of Warsaw., were fortunate in securing . the services of so able a speaker, one who could: discuss the vital questions involved, in such a f air j clear and convincing manner. Mr; Hemp­ hill’s statements were all substantiated by absolute facts of American political and commercial history, were presented in a brilliant and effective style, and illustrated with capital new jokes and stories. No “ old chestnuts’• were served up, such as some audiences here have lately been treated to. He said that Grover Cleveland deserves the gratitude of the American people if ..for no other reason|than that he has forced the think­ ing and talking of this campaign to take high ground, and made it a campaign of ideas* ,c In referring to the ; stuff and nonsense talked by P. T. Barnurn four years ago about selling all his prop­ erty for fifty cents on the dollar in case Cleveland was elected, the speaker said incidentally, “ the difference between P. T. Barnum and Benjamin Harrison is, that Barnum has the greatest show on earth and Harrison no show at all.” The audience Was very enthusiastic and showed keenest appreciation of Mr. Hemphill’s oratory, logic and facts. Excellent music was- furnished by Hurlburt’s cornet band. The Warsaw Cleveland . and Tiiurman. club . was present and made ■ a fine appearance in their handsome new uniforms. ' ' F e r s o n a l . ■ Mr.' and Mrs. Henry Hoyey;, of land, Neb., are visiting friends in town. A. B. Herman returned to New Bruhs- wick, N. J . , on Monday. : - James Dudley left for Philadelphia on Friday evening to, pursue his medi­ cal studies begun ’at Harvard College, in the IJhivers ity of Pennsylvania* .; Y Miss Maud Picket is in Elinira attend^ ing the Y. P. S. C* E. convention, as delegate from this place. Mrs. E . S. Hooper and Miss • Grace Hosmer, of Avon, are guests of Miss Lida Webb, Mairi street. Mrs. W. J. Stone and daughter pf Bradford, Pa., are guests of Mrs. Van •;... As th e weather seem s less threatening i t has been, decided to Tgo on With the fair without interruption, which had been arranged for Tuesday will be carried out 6n Friday. Many improvements have been made in; the fair grounds ahd . all ; arrangements ' pos­ sible fpr the best display p f exhibits and the comfort and convehiehce pf specta­ tors. The W. C. T. U. hate a large tent erected in which meals will be served a,t feaspnable charge* >. \ > Arrangements have been made with Allen, the world renowned aero- to make a balloon ascension, de- ANB MURpERiER. A Know ing Eqiiine. . . Atpica News m y s . John R. Bar­ bour of Java, is the possessor of a very fine stallion, Young Philip Alien. The animal is 18 years old and has quite a history. He is a full Morgan, descend­ ant oi Blacihawk aiid Justioa. With one exceptipu the harse, since he was twp years old, has beeh driven by no one but-his owner. 'Mr. Barbour is 68 years old and one of the old pioneers. He has resided in this vicinity for . 63 years, and knows all the older residents in this locality. Mr. Barbour has trained his horse to perfection. He obeys the commands of his owner as well as a well- trained soldier could.. He marches, wheels and will go lip or down a seyCh- inch stair: at : the word of command. Since July last he has been driven 28 miles every day. In 18^0 Mr; Barbour drove the horse through |R. I., and over the Catekill hioutifcains, and he has vis­ ited every capitol in tlie United States except New York, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. In the campaign of 1884' Mr, Barboiir ^who by the way is a, dyed- in-the-wool democrat), rode the animaj over 400 miles, carrying a large banner With an eleven foot pole. Barbour’s father was: a 33d child and his grand* father lived to the ripe old age of 103 years and 8 months. At his visit to Rhode Island he called upon an uncle, who w»8 aged 98 years at that time and hale and hearty. Barbour resides on his farm at Java on*the west line iof Erie county and looks as if he were good for 50. years more. He is of a gehial dispp- sition and when you see him and his horse together it is hard to tell which to admire most, the man or the horse. M a p o f tlie Genesee. Secretary McClintook of thej Chamber of Commerce lias completed d map of the Genesee river showing every stream flowing into it and‘the possibilities for the storage of water. Survey! and es­ timates made show that theljollowing reservoirs are available for the water storage scheme: Cuba : ....................... ■Rbckvilte ........ ... Mill Creek— .1 ___ _____________ Iloneoye; Laice ....... Conesus Lake...^. __________ _ ___ Silver Lake .......... * .............. ; Genesee Rivei’, below Portage ....... 530,000,000 ___ .48,000.000 85,000,000 -999,000,000 ;i,4sa,ooo ........... -.1:14.000 58,000,000 T o tal- - - ____ ____ - — - ............. .3,237,000,000 This amount of water is equal to 377 cubic feet per Second for 100 days, The present low water flow of the Genesee at Rochester does not exceed 100 cubic feet per second, although the wheels now in use are rated at about 10,000 horse power. The Genesee river thoroughly controlled, will create at Rochester 48,600 horse power which at the price of water power at Lawrence, Mass., would be worth $1,027,000 per year, equal to 316,000 tons of coal. This is a sound basis, according to Mr. Mc- Clintock’s eatimate for a city of several hundred thousand inhabitants. As a result of the examination of the Genesee river between Portage and Mfc. Morris made a few days ago by Secre­ tary McClintock and E. A. Fisher, it is stated that a dam at Mt. Morris, ten feet high will make a pond of 8,006,760,000 cubic feet. This would create a flow of 46,335 feet per minute for 120 days of lowWAfcer. ; N. F. Simpson of Carlton, N. Y. j and Miss Ada Simpson, of Lawrence, Mich., are guests bf Mr. ahd Mrs. Henry G sd retsee, Jr. . General Thayer and Miss Lou Thayer paid thbir respects to Governor Hill in Rochester bn Friday. A.*,■ Dr. Clayton E. Truesdell left for adelphia on Sunday evening. F» B. Keeney returned, on Monday from his brief business trip to England. He reports a pleasant journey. Mrs. Wm. Bristol has been spending a few days with friends in Brockport, Mrs. 0. H. Dahn wiil leave to- (Thursday) for a visit to friends in Lex- Mr . Ned Harris and bride of Amherst, Mass., were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. N. Park over Sunday. . /. • George W. Frank, Jr., of Kearnfeiyv- Neb., is the guest of his father-in iaw,; N. R. Stedman. / • t A, P. Gage returned from Dakota on Saturday. . Fred G. Rowe of Sauk Center, Minn., yill be married qh the 24th icist*,. to a jroung lady of MinueaxDolis. Mr* and Sirs, M. rG. Rowe leave for the west next week, and >yill be present at their son’s wedding. •• •• ' to . ■ik'bs&liiiisli- ^ v T h e . action of the Wyoming COUnty delegates in the 31st Disbict pohgreS- sional Convention in making a break for Sawyer and nominating hiin on ihe 237th ballot, was a good .deai of ii surprise to every one hot in the secret, and later de­ velopments indicate that not even Saw-.. yer’s owju delegates ip the convention had any . accurate inforihafibu of f the move. Genesee county VdClegates Stuck to , Mr. Walkey 1° the last. The Cplain effect of the nomination upon -future political events will be, to give the nomi- natioh for Congressman in ’90 to a man from Livingston, and it was doubtless with this point in view that the Livings stoh county men presehted no caudidate of their own. And unless something un­ expected happens the man will be: Janies W. Wadsworth of Geneseo. I t is lih^ derstood that Hoskins received in retur n for handing his delegates oyer to Sawyer the’ promise of control of the - federal- patronage in Wyoming county for the next two years. Sawyer’s statement in his speech to the effect that he would not again be: a Candidate for Oongress- man is supposed to haye been put there at the rt quest of the Livingston ; dele- A committee cohsistihg of Judge Far- man and William Tyrrell were sent for Mr. Hoskins, and when they returned the eX-Lieutenant-Governor; was received with applause. He spoke brieflyj sav­ ing that he was a true ;epublican who always supported the party nominees His defeat, in the Convention, he said not left one sore spot xipoh hiin. , -News. “ 'Xiie-. M y s tery W e ll.” . ;■ Tim Sullivan’s oil well on Buffalo street near the glass works remains in statu quo, and whenever the pump of the water well is worked*a fluid; half oil and half water comes out. If the yield would continue in proportion to the quantity pumped up in ten minutes; the well would produce ten or fifteen barrels per day. The oil is a dark amber color, and closely resembles old rye in tint and consistency, Several gentlemen versed in oleaginous matter have visited the well add hardly know what to think of it. ^ ■ The well has been pumping oil since last Friday. Oue theory is that a small belt extends frdm the Bradford' field through; Olean, but if this is so why did not the oil show before? Another- and more likely theory is that the fluid is the leakage from some of the big tanks on the hill which has percolated through the soil u n til it struck and mingled with the water vein supplying Sullivan's well. Another peculiarity abqnt the well is the fact that other wells in the vicferfiy are •UU f t mis hie g their wonted of , aqaa pcura .— Olean Democrat , scending by a parachute, every after­ noon during the fair. The contract made by the society with Prof. Alleh is that no pay shall be; given him unless he makes the ascent and takes the drop. The entries for the bicycle race are as follows: Thursday, the mile : hoyice, F. W. Relyea, J , F. Mbntgomery, E. J- Ahner, E. A* Willianis, W. E. Millet, Gebrge Bowers and E; T* Montgbnaery. One mile handicap, B* P. Gage* F. E. Norton, and E. P. Cochran, of Le Roy. i)riday> ohe-half inile, 1 :45 class, F-XW* J^lyea, E. J; Ahner, F. A. Owen and E. T. Montgomery, J* L. Bucklin Warsaw4 W. K. Holmes, Lamont, . .. Two mile handicap, Wyoming coun­ ty, :F.v;::W7 Relyea;' B. B .. Ga,ge, F.: E. Horton iuid . Holmes. ; Friday WiU be: the great race, day and there will be: a large field ; of :trotting horses. The horses are already in town so there is no chance fbr disappointment,, and the races will be for money and reputation. ;X :,X\: •- . W o o d for<l-b o o l i t t l e . .. The Za7ce JZepitblican, in men- : tioning the marriage; of Miss Gertrude Doolittle of that place, to Charles; W. YVoodford of Port Henry, N.; ••Y., says: The beautiful ceremony was impressive­ ly performed by ihevgcqqth’s ;i^:ofcher^ the Rev* Sidney.: Wbplford, Rebtor of Trinity church, ’ Grand. Rapids,; Mich*, assisted by the Rectbr of. the parish, the Rev. J. Wynne Joues. The . Happy couple were supported, a t ; the altar by the bride’s t wo brothers and their wi ves. s T h e floral d e c o r a t io n s ; a t : t h e etrarcli w e r e th e m a n ifestatioid of lo v e ’s grati­ tu d e ta s t e f u lly and p r e t t ily arranged by th e d e ft fin g e r s of t l i e ! b r id e ’s la t e S an - day: s c h o o l cla s s . After the cereinony, the relatives of the newiy matrie^<?ouplC partook of a Sumpthbus: wedding1 breakfast at ; the home oi the bride’s parents, the? break\ faskroom hatlhg beeh BrigttnedXby a profusion of choice flowers tastefnlly ar­ ranged. The Wedding presents were numerous and handsome, prominent among them being a yase of exquisite design, supporied by a handsome^ pillar, the gift of friends and . admirerb in tlie congregation of St. Mark’s ehtitchl; - V ; The character of Mrs WOodford hobds no eulogy, it stands aloft high in the ap­ preciation Of her friends and acquaint­ ances. ' .Ever faithful and true to the call of dhty, she has won the; well thbrit- ed'esteeni of all. iBhe leaves a vacancy hard to be filled among the acfciAe work­ ers of the church of S t. Mark. Her kind­ ly assistance in the social entertain-t ments bf the to\vn will be sadly missed. The best Wishes of all accompany her to her inew hbihe^^in M v X Mr. and Sirs. Wopdford departed fbr their new hoine in the East on the 1^6 p. m,., train,, amid Bhowers: of i-ice aad Bill Jacobs; a Noted Texa# Bandit, Cap­ tu r e d a t A ostiv , Tex., Oct* 1. —Tlie county jail iiere shelters one of the . most nbted desperadoes r and train robbers Texas has ever known. ; For riiore than a year past offi^eers have bead scouring the state in search of Bill Jkcobsi and at last he has been caught. .: His captors Were W. (3. Doughei’ty, sheriff of Frio ; arrested him at a wayside shanty , about ten miles south pf Pearsall, i^ i n g Mm; \>y surprise and forciug him to - surrender at the point of their pistols: They; eohyeyed hhh to Austin and placed him behind the bars in the county prjsonv from whence he will be taken toMilam county. : ; . ’ XY- V-\: j:;;\ Jacobs is wanted for a: long list of mtwdera, the mpst noted pf winch was hi$;.Xbi%tkE’.kfib’;' ing o f Deputy Sheriff Lee Fooi of Miiam cpnhty , and also the murder of Frank Rhodes ,in Pearsall. He s knowh to have killed several Others, and has throughout the state as adangefous desjperado and prof^siona,l ti’ain robl^r. : Jacpte^ man who planned and engineered the IdcNedj rhi li oad robberyi and his arrest is the mpsf: important event iii criminal affaii’S that has occurred in Texas for yearsX He was chief , of a band of. bandits, and several thousand; doilp'sjwil! heqiaid ^ . X THEX ^HiiSESE question . f aif was a, fipe due, hbtWithktahdi ing the bad weatheiv X Did you see see ; Noonan’S: • big show at the fait?4 •:ItXWaeX.k-:i^WW^ ’ Hebpledpmplate pf ^^ bey s' grapes aDd pears. Coonibg parties are ' o’ night. ;:'::l- ':Yv'-;:YX::X'^:-' Y;.=rXX'X:v--^ a. number o f our demd< Wfiliaujs (& Co* had a splendid exhibl4 tion pf their goods: af the ; Silver fair, Which was much adihifed. • The steamers ArrovqHl^bh and Frc. Gotfe were last week laid up \in sal harbor on the West side of the winter. jfr. GleVeland-: M akes S everal Suggestions -. for L egislation byC Congress. W ASinNGToW, Oct. 2.—The president has transmitted to : congress, aeconipanying. his ; appro val of die^ GhffieseX^luisimi; bill, h hie^ sage containing suggestioiis aiid f ecommenda- tioris t6 more effectually accomplish by legisr la tion the excliision of the Chiiiese from-this: eountry.; He reviews the negotiations which have heretofore X taken place : between.; the Ghmese arid American governments and; the apparent mutual understanding betWeeii . the plenipotehtiaries pf each in regard to the treaty which Ms lately been rejected h|^ the Chinese government, and concludes thht the: hearty congratulations*' • • Letter from A. T. Hurt ley. •: W e are permitted to make the follow­ ing extrabt,from a letter received from Albert T, Dudley, bearing date Sep­ tember 29th: ” \ .X’ ■ : “T perhaps oiight to say that I am really no more a democrat than I anj a reptiblican. If I inherited any political preference, .it is fbr the republican party. But after freeing myself, as.far as possible from; prejudice a n d . partisanship, after Carefully reading and conscientiously thinkmg;, . I am so far in favor Of the policy which Cleveland advo­ cates, aiid so far opposed to that which the republican leaders all follow, as to be very anxious to cast a. ballot. for Cleveland this fall. I am neither a rabid protectionist nor a reckless free-trader; yet:I sincerely believe in the necessity and justice of a thorough, re­ form of the tariff, and I admire Cleveland’s honesty and fearlessness iu striving for that reform. I can have no sympathy with the party, cant which loudly prvlaim s love for the workingman, and then, when, the public treasury is overflowing > r from unnecessary taxation, cries “keep the tax on the food we eat, and on the clotn.es we wear, but gives us free whisky and free tobacco.” You will thus have to count me merely as one of the constantly increasing number of young men who have gotten tired of hearing about the results of the war, and want the rectification of present abuses rather than any glbrifica-: tion of the past. Aside from the matter o f ; intemperance, the great political questions now are with regard > to over-taxation, and the injustice of the-great monopolies. On these points democratic sentiment seem s: at least decided and progressive, while re­ publican is’not.” Yours tiuly -4. j f.. volvcd is hierely a n attempt to postpone aci as Shall permit such Chiiiese laborers as had ah'eady left thrir coiuiti*y a t tlie tiine of the pasMge of the exclusion bill, and Avho poS-: :sess the proper cMtifioates, tq laud; aiicl also that ah appropriation of. S276,f»l:fl.75 be, ari- thoiuzed for th e : purpose of . iiuiemnifyiiig Chinese siibjects who have stiff Mod: dafnage. thro it gh violence in the f emOte mid compai’r atively imsettled portions of our country at . the hands o.t>Iawless men.. V..X.: . ■ X. : v. CROp! REPORT. ; \ PlJDIiEY. .Heavy Jtaius Dam age Crops iii Xeiv JEngf-^ ’ Iaiiii—Frost .’ In • tlie Sentli. '! WASiiiiW^Tox, Oct. L—The1 w eather crop biilletin for the week ending Saturdayy ^ept. : 29, says*. . The weather durixig the week was generally favorable for all gro wing1 Crops iii all sections «sxcept ;New Englaiid,., where heavy rains were reported as uhfa vorabie. ; Throughout the cotton Belt ropoi’ts indicate th a t fM Weather diming thp WMk; has hM pfo^Vedfffe edhdii^n of 4he:ep } . In.Iipuisiana the cpnditiQM wMe fayprablo for cane ahd the harvestihg dCriee; ahd. gen- eraliy thfoughout the Gulf states the weather •was; favorable fo r . eottbn ;pi'ekmg aiid' the seeding of wheat. Iaght Xfrost occurred in Xthe Northern portion of the Gulf states, even the tobacco regions pf T«nhes$eeX Kentnpky, FCpf ^th: Car<^a in the •Middle Atlantic and^X N ew.England states, : which will probably restilti M damage to the growihg crops, but warMhgil of : these frosts ‘ ivefe issued to the threateUiBd sectipns in time^to enable thc«e reeeiying them to^se- cnre: the greater portion of the tobaecp crop not previously cut, . '• ' X' • ,A- Blackmailer: Caught. RqeHESTEB, .N.'Y.,'Oct*X'^-r-!-: few day* ago H J. Howe, a weU knovm scale maker, o this city, received lett4ers claiming $75 bn a Uote alleked to X haye been made by his soil, , fo r which he was requested to.: m ail a cheek Believing; it to be an attempt a t blackmhh, Mi\ Howe ga!ve infprmatiofl to the police and was advised to send a decoy letter. V TM| re-X suited in the arrest of Alfred Moll, a young Ihaii Of respectable fainilF* He was tuMed over t o : the United S t a t^ authorities oh a charge: o f. improperly using the. mails, being held in $500 bail. X X •:•?r VX - Tlie Law Was Constiitttional. BB 0 pKL.yN, Oct. 2.—After; the passing of: the grain eievatbr bill, by the legislature, which regulated the charges for handling grain, two eleMtpf pwmers decided te^teSt the constitutionality of the act.: They violated the provisions of the: bill by cbargihg more than the law permitted, They had the case brought ui) on a: writ of habeas corpk? aiid certiorariX The general term has deeMed that the bill is cpMtiteitional and therefore dismissed the w rit/ The caSoyrill probably be carried to thp cbur^tXpf appeals. >: •'.\ :; | . . ; Only the Rohes Were L eft ; ; N orfolk , Va., Oct. 2.^-A boy, tvhOe pas&-.. , icg through the Hplliea, two miles from; Yfi’- ginia Beach, dispoyered . the skeleton, of /a, man. . From the scattered clotlimg, papers; and other articles found around, i t was iden- tified as that of; ;.Alonzo Dehds; the missing salesman of W. j& B .. Hdiiglas, piirnp manu-X faefcurers of New York. Buzzards had eaten every particle of flesh off, leaving only the bleached bones. Tbe presumption is that he committed suicide. _X-; Watson &: Spin ■uaflb f a:'jgpod >: slipw iiir> Florail Hall of their .finh sk»ck of ware^ at t t e f a k inhch attention. . .... il. Sheridan republioari elub ak 4hp^pnterwenttqGuyiervi)lAoh tbpdrt generous hospifcalitT from fhoJ citizens. :/X XJ demolislied his ; carriage on the SKt-... Fred was fortunate in , escapivig; mpf0 / serious injury by the affair. ;; W >.; A*.: Gillbtt’s ■o.i:ee ■ i fair drew much favorable comment frpi’ t lie, people winch passed -HiVbhgil hall./ It was X X •.;.'Wygahi-;&; AibnHy secured the edi Xhuilt/byXFrank ' The. barn ik the largest one in the town : XXXY:Y .-X.-.The : tbl^ssF fankie Abdei^oiKwaR celebratedi on the 26th. Sam' had his bride lit ’thcl YairXoh,Xpnir^a^- ;-X •> X-^:' X- Gpldwatei* Brothers macl© an excellep* display of. goods frond Xthe: vafibiis de iMf tments of ; their_ large establishniei: at the-fair on \ : FrieDds of , the 136th veterans shbdld remembbr the reunion: and ’• excursion to : Gettysburg . oil the; 15th* Any body is invited to ; go with ; thb boygOn this itrip, X :,- ;X:/;^ X- One of; the prefty features of X.. . , play; in floBfll hall A k the:fif R ev. FranciS' S u l livan is fiill o f ph splehdid hew flftg sfone waif fro Joseph’s church to the side Leice&ter F t f b p t ■ / X;; x?:. 3>XS. ^ ipa^de lag of b is pbal stoves: at th e , fair Xlast week* He in ay w e l l f e e l a jh e i pride il the; various fine goods ously displayed.' . X ;xlfci® K k t:xH ^ n (^ ' 25th,; by Rev/. TX XL* Gaswell pf tHis place, and M i?a Blhc ; Woodru#, of Henrietta The ' joins with hiikuy?;friehdh / : jgratnlatiphs to XMr. an d Mrs. Gaswel. They h a te rooms at the -'^tYalkeT'^bh^ The: music ftitni8^^^^ at the fair by th Peoria coriiet band was a ; yety* pleasB feature of the Tk<e> bpys pjs all the late marches and. airs jpf the ‘ hi handsome style. . - ;YX- X?; ^^XshhocflXhf ^X dftstrie fc r-No.•::3 , ; '. : Periry| ppened fpn thh Monday lM |, nfi^^ ^ s e h b h ^ v a ' ir^AiBa^L^-XYX/; .,. The receipts for the first day; a t 1 fair were $591 at the, gate as $587for the Ikst year, : At;-'the1: _ stand ^ footed up $38. . t ;XXThex ‘beautfihh: hfifiit3ttre:r |^ . x ^ X Wegtlake had displayed at y'-4 caught the comihendation of the foreAxSRdXy^tfi; WasXbnt a s m ^ the nice s rticies to be found, jai fake’s* :;X;X-'r \■' X/'XX YXvxX:'- . ;':The:pafh®F-ol 'a;4eaCh^fbi(>fhf faliAhd; winter' :the;|p^rspn;'-' m .MisiX LplMeXHa^^ilXx^ school opened on Monday last. Y - • ^ ;That • NL •'. Olhl Yeit \ H o n e # *. | . '; In these days of adulfceratioii and fraudX in all branches of business and pursuite, it' is pleasing to know that there hh one mamt- cine prepared winch is strictly, pure*, a medicine ,is Sulphur^ Bitters in (cmnng scrofula: you can_depend on them] every time. \V. Bi m q m A, M., Gfewleston, An Oil Train Wrecked ahd Afire. . New York, Oct. 2.r^-The passenger train: over the Pennsylvania road, leaving Jersey City for Rock Hill a t 4:15 p. m., ran into a train of fifteen tank cars filled with oil at Passaic bridge. The oil took fire and the c*ars exploded or ran Over causing great excite­ ment. The passenger train backed out of danger and went aronnd by way of Newark. The engineer of the oil train, George Skirm, was badly hurt* The damage to property is $10,000. Sm othered to D eath. Jack s o n v ille, Fla., Oct 2.—A. M. Reb- ston’s saloon was burned and a tinner named Brown, who slept in a room In the , building, :w«e Mttofiiered to death by smMce. -A ------------- j — —- MowfcaeerChase . geateneed. P obtland , Me., Oct] 2L — Bdward W. ' ty ponttMnd andsentenced UV tv ■ * v:- - whs Tie ma de / o f; stov^,=;; terprisiDg dbaleF. -X/v^'vx X':;. ;>;:;_tX.;x The jutemle thp caihpaigh spirit ahd oi^^izeqXaX form ed marching X b lub,. Newton; Head. ;; The little \ much epjoyment. X// ..XX'-X - •• Mameds -iSa Ed. ^Wilhelm aud Miss Lucy both of Perry. The happy couple^ boarding at the Walker House, an/ ceiving hearty congratulations erf * i : . i. •; \ ■- - • * ... ... ■. . _ .• 'L • • — . ! ‘. tv ' M iss Nellie Bartholomew ‘invii score ot more of her yonog friend evening party on the 26th, at good ch^er and enjoyment re| supremo until a late hour. ■ . *•; A j?= > - • .. - v - v - The republicans formed a club last week with Maj.* W, B. commander; W. D. Page XJst Lii M. Wyckoft, 2d Lieut., The clufi; wear .white I'lug hat! and carry\ white and blue colored lanterns*- canes' when on parad j . There is a grand bill on at > Proctor’s academy of musicX R this week. The Hoodman Blind is playing to crowded houses^ f; people sfiould remember the are Tuesday, Wednesday and The Perry salt company commenced, receiving . larg^v

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