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l>AGE FOtIN «TATE N ISLAWP . HEW/ YORK. MONDAY . SEPTEMBE B 27. 1920 THE OAILY AevANCE Satlg Aiiiratt» THt troWE wEwiyAFEW OF rrATEw lai^NO .•iniiLanTiK' Si™ «Sr » : Jttttart. TJ™ * » (aw \f — .r> IMUSnt. OtT a«UiM mtmrnt, atann IsUnd, X. • ntrmtm Eiii«a»» puRT KicHMoyp Amo Iseited' I\ fl lee 11, a. rwM mt »t— w— •SOI- XXXTT. I.Altt Ml TIM M«i fateoM : this \ KiFiniT it 3Ian For several weeks past vre have recorded the chrcBiology of the recent tragedy at South Beach or near it. The murder of Eck- ert w»s the result of a series of events con- nectH with violations of the ISth amend- ment tjT- the Constitution of the United States, or perhaps we should say to the uon- cjifoeemen t of this amendment. As is pret- t y srae to be the case, inactivity on the part of tte authorities tended to aggravate con- ditions until a crisis was reached, and it hapBBicd to come in the shape of a murder. We have called upon the authorities to jset aie murderer. WTiile we recosrnize the importance of enforcins the law, even -thoi^ it ti£ the much disliked 18th amend- ment we contend that cetting the murderer in Ofe case is of still more importance. Two men were arrested, but the available evi- dent did no t seem sufficient and they were acqaitted. But the feelins of law-abidms otiEEns of this borouch does not approve ot the matter drop in this way. and is Jikelylo\ Insist that every power of the Dis- tric t .Attomev's office be set at work to -s^ cure the aitest. trial, apd conviction of the mus<=w»o r murdercfi'of this allesed \boot- lesser.\ Tliere lias been much interest over in ?«as- sauCmmtv Irf^caiise of the prevalence ot ganfrlmr . and pubUc sentiment has l^n raiMii to a hish state of mdisnation. -As a reslSt. the Department of .Tustice is on ik toes, and determined efforts arc being marie to Stamp out the evil. It may be necessary ity tha t would apprehend^ the murderer. Other people state that the identity of the murderer is by no means as great a secret a.s we are made to think, and th e failure of the District Attonicy's officc to take action is given a sinister significance that \vc do npt like. Uobbcry is .bad, and accidents aie bad, but killing a man is something else, and something which should not be tolerated. I t is an affair which should enlist the gi-^atest possible effort and -driving power behind all wh o are connected with the situation. W e (must get this murderer. * Political Ideas The old time candidate sought to win poll tical battles by conciliating the favor of-^l i tical workers and bosses.. -Also he posed as a mixer, circulated ai-ound among all classe.s of the votei-s, and tried to demonstrate that he was a \good fellbw.\ That style of cam- paigning has won a gi-eat many elections, but i t is getting out of date. The mode m candidate should show that he has more ideas' in regard to public busi- ness. H e ought to make definite suggestions for improvement. The voters aie tired of the hand-shakei-s and baby kissei-s and the fellows who inquire with such deep solici- tude for your family. They want some one who can put business efficiency into govem- ment, ^ j * A candidate should have been a student ot public business, and the needs of his locality. He should have some good suggestions to make and a pi-ogram of measures and im- proved methods for which he pi-oposes to ^tand. Even though he may not be able to get these things accomplished, yet if he has made a good fight for them, he will attract attention and show that he is a I've wire. After a candidate has been elected, he . ,-hou.d nevei De saU.^iicd un.ess he is con-| i\ stantiv accomplishing something tha t cai^>e ; i»int^ to as his distinct achievement The trouble with the public sei-^'ice is that so maiiy officials are willing to go ahead in the j did way without effort to secure gieater em- ciencv. There are so many things that need to te done for better business sovernment and for the solution of existing Problems j that anv wide awake o cial should be ab e : to make a record of positive achievement. It will win more votes than the .^cial arte of the n;ixer, though no candidate ^afel neglect the work of organizing and gcttini, out the vote. fiailg Sroirat »y AN Ui.l» ADVANCE IlEroUTEi:. Twent»-fivc Years Ago Niapara Encinc Coiuiiaay ai- poiilril llie lollowing commi.K. twenty fi\e >ear(B aso 1o luakt- mi- ranftfniems fur iis annual icci'l^ tion: FreU KinUl. cliajrui-in; 1- I'. ,\n(lrew5. treasurer; CUarles Watt. sccrLlarv; F. Br>anc. W. Durrows, i;. Meyers. M. Cavotlcy Id Juhn Uirry. The Daily Wants ol STATBN ISLAND AUTOS—MOTOIICYUIt LIST VOCE CAM mn^ _ «nTm drtvr Irwk. « m^t tn»i. » 'I'^rinC. «iattt tu . .. >iii»-Kii{];lit itmriBt ^ I Srrirp.n.o,li 1 rulhuKii Itftirltii; car 1 i)lil<ic<.l.itv loaflnc „ e ir. .11 Iht Wtim tor lb* wlUe rih^^ Tlie West Brishton social Club clpcled Ihe followins officen* twen- ty five years ago; Cliarles K. Wal- ker. president; George W. Board, man. vice-president; John J. Daly, recording secretary; Robert F. rowers, financial secretary; .\r- tliur McKelvey. treasurer; Wil. liatn S. Kelly. BerEcant at arms; Thomas 1!. Davis. C. J. Donovan and Jotin G. Stoll. ti-ustees. J. Clnn was gran years ag( ulating .men ol ^d a pat< lor a he ippftratus. , iting Twenty Years Ago Joiin II. Moore of West Brigli. ton and .Miss Mary T. Williams of Mariners Hatior were maxried twenty years ago today at the par- .sonase ot the i'ark Baptist Cliurch. The ceremony was perlormed by the ILev. William Morrison. aid( ^a packaee before the war 'a package ^ during the war 5IIDULK-AOKI1 K'RU\VIN7'I'IA- v ^'.uViill MRV I5R.-T f,.r bou^r- KXI'KUIKNL-KII Cu.. :;0 Canal St.. and Ifiini .><..1 PIIJ oil M'W- aiiJ wt..aa> A. Anda At KXTKnlKSCKI » jrl.'j>boi DosIliJu.\ Stair i kalnry .U-^slfd. l«:ill>- A.1V«.UM. . r.-f.T« ruf. ,x tJlT. Tl..- The niarriHge of Atle Sitnpkins Prohtbition Park, and llt-nry Becker took place Iwentv vears ago la^l Saturday. The Dr. Kinsaley l.erform©a ihe Abrani ApW^-i Geoip*' Trantor bfcame member; <A rhe IL C. G- i Uaiua. j{ Pori Ilittimun tuenty >ears as and F. rrotCLii> Mm up »i>rk: KO.M1 >lfc. C. . ^ WK WAJfT •mart. HIT' c\ d^r •MrSriti^t^: ^ w«rk««» wtAkw uc^lWiat ^ Imw brisfat, iDMiH^U'Bx^a rirU will b« P^d PUu 4010. 'locVtloB. Addw.. BOX Tb'l KIQHT-KOOM J«Bt t«>Od YOLN« MKN . of ih.- Vuios itdo 'alien anu re. »tid Blchm. ra troiler: corn .hmond Him..-. ... 1 Itood. Iti 0T,mont.;i 11,It. .'il.'. ,«>ar train | „ „ Campbell l.-VTK ,r.; lot 100 X as;, or.l ,o,ibJ>oIt nlcliinond., ....\l.v fJ nidunooi ter, Kim i n,„l .-Mr > IH too .J. TrtrpkmrSSS; . • a no l'i.t.i loiirtiitTOiin,. r. c»rii,l..t..ly OTnlualij tad lUM. ,ltmouRtabl«riKi.iMK , t>t' any fTiatar St.. sStlteSI and a package NOW Uoai OMW iMtt teliu The Flavor Lasts So Does the Prlcel UM,. - 1 J. • • • in tbi.s borotiEh to demand a s^pecial district attifl-ney, or itrand juiy. or l.oth in order to -sccare the protection of the citizcn.s ot bta- tenl-iland. •ahich i.s their richt. NaWirtiUy. The Daily .^dvanci! takes no , T)Iea.-^ure in callins attention to the .short- : corainss of the authoritie.s. part^ularly where they relate to the ollice ot Du-^txict | Jit*«Tie*.- - The latter placed iri offire i almu t aVea r asii. and wa.-^ .=i3pported by thi-s. I ne»5parir . We. thorefore. feel a cer^n of re.-^pon.-iliility for hi.-^ makms iro<^. , Iwtoii.-e it tva..^ charscd by hi.s opponent..^. , prior to the election, that he was not ht lor ; th» offictx and Uii.-, charge wa.., j denied 1.V The Dtiily .Advance. \\c natiual- . iy.-therefore. aie mo.st anxious that we ^hall no t have to retract thi.s opinion. but we wtild Uke to know, in the ^he pecple of Staten I.sland. which i--. ^iway- S^ouiit to other con-slderauons. ^' hat tlie Set .Attome>-.-s office i. dom s about t Aa.Ve-.5ud l»foi^ . we do not ^^ors that at-e heard in the neishl»lho^ ^Id To^™ road. -A citizen, known to u» Whalcn to the Rescue Commissioner Whalen ha.s done some m- ve-ticatinp and a.s a result has induced ti e Board of Estimate '' adoDt a resolution revokinit all the fran- cWsV:. of the Richmond Light and Railread Company. There has l-een so this Subject that it .•=eems almost futile to ^.iak of it a?ain. but we take this occa.s on oo S^remark that the t^lley s are \J on all the lines of 'he Richmond Li^it and Railroad Company and on a p^d m-^Ti-'' tS : Actions of the old Midland lines. The prtsSt company is a result of the act.^Mty nf Receiver Kuhn of the Richmond Lish t and M 1 p Jlroad Company who ha.s consustently i tri^ri to furnish .sen-ice to the people of Sta- ' te i I'lat^l I f the City admini-stration has l\nv method of impt^vinc \Pon ditions Staten Island will by it. In our own opinion-. howe«r, ^he C>t^ ^^^ likplv to cause a cessation of ^el•^lce >at\ei ihan a^i improvement. I t will lie far tetter ft^lhe City^ to let^. well enough ^on e th.„ Fifteen Vears Ago MiJa Ijab..: il..l.-iC8d ralmcr Hamilton I'ark was mairicd fine \ears aRo today to Clarcnce I'll- Inun Morrell ot rhtladelphia. Tlie maid ct l.onor was .Mi^s Ilflm Wheeler and the l>iiile was also atirndiHl by Mir. Kiclerick U I'almer an.l r.lanc-ti,- Mor- nll. The 1\M titan «...- len : Morrell. Tiio cere;nony f.wK I'.ai-i' = • OhrLs! (.•Intidt. and »as fst me<l by ihe Uev. Krank \V Crowdcr. irklas Bocb hMl t Kcw Br'slit«>. HUGE BALLOONS READY FOR RACE The ma lielle .Mllli dore Grant > If th 'o<ik |,la • brides •riase of Ml.-s Edithc r ami Winslow' Tlieo. ,s ot Clifton took i.UM s Mo io,Uy. T1 jthi . rebidcn, , nro.il.l> Ma ,ibia . Wt Ufllhti Jason M. Smith. Ma were married fifteen I>r. It. Irvine ly M. K. Churc Walkin.s. of . offlcial(.il at scHnc time a^ro in \csm HIGH COLUMH I LZ. —i l„„,. hv the ne-- i.lfi.-er Thursday. : president, . president. >eiTetar: . EIOTEJ; SUMMKRFIEI-D CHCRCH .-t mc^t-j officers ^rhun Cm!»• iT- HocWey Starti etmrr mcetinp of ry Club held ^ for't itlHd. advis uralier If liirl- fdne-d.,: e coniin i It was ' ins to h .hi.h an par^iciiw PL.VNS BI G REVIVAI other ciub i at th.. til The ne-.> Edwin Still Gertrude T Frank Handy, '^l; llarotd Iladdi-H-k. -1- ,Iso dei-idpii at the meet- ve a vaudeville show In student of Curtis micht s. the purp.».e ot this 1..^ous iw luiiiK far the French upportcd by the club. Ten Y'cars I *cddi Acu titivcn took I>lat Mi.s.s l>ali honor am of Miss Stapleton : of Jacks ten years .\tkinsotl Julia I'earl Hnd Ilabcrt mville. Fla.. a^o Ioda>. vas maid ol Ila .liich term. Mi-is nuti hofca thR tacnUy jarLv\ Hm key a n cuatlntilJi: . Kcei^i elected were lam Keaay. *-l; > rrf^larc:'--i!t Sessl ot the -Zl team. Mfiitm of the an Helen Meade; captain te«li. Evan*. TSe strli started pra under Mi etMCh. i of orph h. The ot ; .Manacrr. M.r .rretary trea^ur m.s. -Il; .-artaii Marlon WaNh ram. ABOUT THE TOWN With Dark Tteal of I U; lice th.\ f\l- « I-aic- a> lect Onicen Girt*' Clut»» S a.*Iura:iy net^e^.'.arv at beciiinins ot each schtJol term niJ ^ <l&ani2«ti<>u» t» elect new I oCccm. The pa^t two weeks has! bm a very btt.y time tor every-1 nwmienl.v have been fimud w h.iW meetins- «ikI in the, Cirl»' club, e-pecially mui h nct.v Iti hK,\ Kt o shown- The .Mhenenm electeti the fol- rrmiiifcnt. .\nn^ r.mper. 21: vice president. Edith Nil«.m -21; tre..-urer. Helen Cha- p«II. -n; secretary. Marcarot rl.hos„~:i; sencants at arms. Ell«lw!l vmirhis. and r.:anch= Xarrao. \\ ; The .VIpha'a nc* officers tol-; '-»• jjcat\'\\\- - 'mounted Tin president. Manaret Siemer., •31- trwiiorer. ncstnce Ktnloelt. reeretarr. Haniaret Sersicn.. »t arms. Bart»ara n<ie|>er aJid El;ia.be«h Strrlmt The leaders 'f th^ Omicron. .re; pce-ident. Mi Ham K.t.. BOL IV- »^retarT treM-uree. Glad- yJ^Wenostrom- -=1;- twr^eant at . \me tecjUty represeutetiTes of tll« cl»l* *rm the »aiM u l»et ye»r- AUlenenm. *it» WillUma; -Kloba- SCJaa Robms. J**^ •SM—a. 1 l,e«-n In a Chinese laun-. ar-v for l-\. years. The Oriental has always car.ed at my d.~r. Imailne mv furpri-e when I s.-ncht to speed up a conglomeration ..( collars attd .hlrts for a special trip by a per •on.l call at the work,. \So. lec- irc Inik n « le.ldy! H-he-he-hc!\ j Wliv. th« fellow has a full electric; enuipment- Wa-shlui machine,.^ ,,ries of E\S1«-1 mcet-inss include evanKeli-stlc speak- ers oi note and special music will he held at the Summertield Church , commencinB. October 10- A arse • preeram. one ot the mo.st pretenti- planned by this church. h.ts i \^w^^^Jeeiists will be heard at ',hese mcollnc.s. Their names have not . as >el been announced but further information will be elver 1„ the near future. A special mnsl cal director has l«!en ennaced fol U,e .revival series who '<» chartte af a larce chorus choir, it addition, a soloist will be heard a c-ach service- • ihill pert The Second — _ • L- Grani! The Ilev. Ol >riu.-d the c.i actcd vcr !•- flub ten y office John Wifrd Ucimblicat .as orcaniied at Staplctot •am aKO. with the lollowin, „: Charles Hoetle. president C. Duhrmeister. Ilrst vie*' president: Frederick Tynan, sec- ond vice-president; J. H. IVmald- son. secretary, and Adolph I'ape Jr. treasurer- HOL-SEREEriN G COSTS HEAVY •h 1 bl T. A ,ce K [Wild JamC! LHforce. .Moses Alt man. J. J- Wor ell and William N. Grant attend- rd the Hepublican Convention tet jxars aco at Saratosn Messrs- GeorKe Croi.ivell Hraniff. Ji>hn Timlin. Hot Duel. William H. Jackson Decker. John Anderson five lean Aso A bil elven t renle ad dryers- It wa Iiit;h r»-.kins otfic llepartment and Guard, a- -eU as ,n civil life wni -pctacular drill ti Troop P on the att ber 12th at their qu. road All phases the of the W-a.-l Nati.iual In be : will be , Careful housewives illscouraced at th, tliitlr bills for th other housckeepi;is expen-^es will tlnd company in their predicament in .be t-.sui.s just annonn.-^ by ,be l nite.1 Hospital Fund reUliuij to the housekeepins. kitcbcn. and Uundry expctisf of .New^orks ni-n-umiilclpal hoslHt.Is- The total hiU for I he last hospital year -shows an inciea-e of >S:i-ml-!\l over the l>RUre tor the previous twelve 'months- This nsure. the oJRcials »ay. would have run periliaisly close to .n even milliou had It not been for the =cn. ral adbption of » l-rosriliii ,t ritid economy, followed by all ,1s in an effort ;to reduce the lltht about 1>y Btn all supplies .- w.-n ni the larircM number of individual prlies- \t Camo tHx thi- summer Troon blue ribboaa. .n.yhe • \—.-\.I chief cavalry Instructor « Point .piike «t th. work .f the, c« Con.p.ny b; troop ia hUhest ,r„„ conimlsalon ot New Jersey Eicrtlent nttnrtc »tU 1« .^l, »now Ihe for th. istl^ .»4 the I« \ piL? « put Into effect . \em lUj-ik Iven by of tKto- ters on Manor rouith rid Roman ridinB- attd Jump Incln.led In the exeats Ao other eihibillon drills will , wrcstlinc. Silver cups'hosp will he presented to the Individual ,„c«ltahlc dcBcit bro winners, and a larse cup will Ko ,|,e incrca-M-'d Cost ot •thday surpriee patty was o Benjamin Kruscr of 16j » wbo are a o.v - ^ , avenue. West New e increases » Sve years «o today by kitchen and In ^Jp,, Trinity Kp- worth LeaKUe. Those present were: .Mis-ses Hendrickson. Gena. .\nn. and Fanny .Noorday. Itutli and Ethel Grassmeyer. Elsie »nd Charlotte Kramer. Olida Schaver. Iv Olive Doll. -Vnna Matlisou and Kuth Kruser- Also Ijiwrence Hendrickson. Stanley Grapes. Clit- ford Doll. Walter Johnson. Cornel- ius and Alfred Snedeker. Lester Krasct*. Benjamin Kruscr and IMl- mcr Kruscr, Mrs. O- Ktuaer. .Mr- and Mrs- Louis Evana. and son. tr»; marks will Bfcaler gas methods ot construe of the balloons. Tlic three ballootti the longest air line be .Vmerica's entiant , n..ttional balloon rac, .ion Bennett cut,- w start fiom tliis city Three bass have by the .\miy .\ir Servit the navy and another by the -\ruiy BalltK»n school. Fort Omaha. Tne mlier tt.n baloons have bf'n en- tered by Civilian-s- The entry of the balloon school w-ill he piloted by A- Leo Stevens, who. with Pni. fessor l-iavid Todd- ot .Vmlierst College, won fame last spring by an attempt to lllck up radio-elec- tric waves from Mar<i throuch a receivins station Sti.yOO lect above the earth. The. civilian entries are Ilalph It. Upson. Akron. Ohio, now hold- of the international nophy: It, E. Honeywell. Clayton. -Mo ; Wil- liam A. ,\-ssmann. represenLinc the city ot Utile Rock. Ark-; J- S- -Mc Kibben. SI. Ixjuls. .Mo.; E- S. Colo Hichee KJite ' e lor S.S ot cubic feet- an In- ,., r the present rale. .Ilowed the Altatitle . Ihe Publl, uss of Cast let on - yean! aRo lo .nctlit lostllttte at Tilt John XI. Ga left five the Om«5l« bursh. Pa. The Corinthian A. C. deviated Ibe Slaco junior, five yeal^ ago t^ day by « sceu^ ot 11 to ll«, «-«- Intblan rark. St. Louis. M0-: Uoy F, Donaldson. Sprinufleld. -Mo.; Arthur C, Hos- klns, St- I^uis. Mo-; Captain J- M- O'Rcllly. St- Ixiuis, Mo,; Captain Bernard Von Holtman. St. I-ouis. Mo.; and Warren Uasor. Brook, ville. Ohlo- The national balloon, race is an elitilnatlnff race for the intema- tlon»l\\coDtest- In that race there will be eleven entrants, three from the United States, three from It. alv. three front France, one from Great Britain atld one fiom Bel- £iuni. • The Gordon Bennett cup has been in this country since 1>1.1. when it was lilted from France b.v Ralph Vpson of Akron. Ohio- 1 Althouch America is the title holder by virtue of winnlns the last race. Francc has an unbeaten record for distance, made lit 1912- when Maurice Bienalme covered 1.361 miles without louchlns land, beatinft the American record ot 1.- 17J mllea set in 1310 by Alan II- Ilawlcy. . The balloon \Belsica.- of I.OOO cubic metres cai»acity. has been entered by the Aero Club of Bel- «lt>m. It will be piloted by Ernest i Dcmuyter. who .contested In the ' race ot l>i:- lUlii fta\-. AInrli»er. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES tlclr fiinil^lieJ- wim ; es I mokitic M-psratc tshlp.!. rale HI. m-r wwk; pi-r couple, I lioiH kln.Vute ISt.-., _ i-t-nMsiiKf» fwt Itt,irl.f<>r<i J 4 jirivi dav morwlnir: wJif. 11« \K'K'lliSSw i paoaft IfcTt ItleagS 15% Off Any Article SHF.n T» t. CJwrsr*-. •n mluui .-Tuwi.t mautesk wiir«i for rrtarn. , nultahte lot • iicht hon.-^ „vo KniMt. ^ GARAGE S irt in«n ^ rori urnj.hrrt KITCIIKN. »\«! r*'''--^ ill Improwwal^ In r DEATHS i Itatitfa' Shoulder Dimlecaleii I . B^mpes. France. Sept.. •J'\ made today «t the I injnrles re«ived by Roland Bohlfs. American entr«nt for the James Gor^n Bennett Intemattonal Aria- ' tioB Cup. to » Tall here yesterday 'showedo th»t hee h»d* eujtaiiied ...i.ii'L.ki. fftraie .wtrW^v, w » nth . i-hone Timpkln. ..aire ««: nlemaoad BrKbtoo. - VOU ni;NT .pace'tar .t cr .^mraee lu Se« Urtat*--.' .VIIOUT frpl, rlVlat -- \ OIBce. It S-VTUBDAJ. ^fj ArlliKtlea purse eontalalaC \ya — pm*e retora -M.rlMir. llarb-r. WAMTEOr^ i iTitv sra trrraca. rV \ .... OOtta. CAT». awimauT AJOAAU^ • ^owe n MM • y.-xn. r-ijiw ISSBPtow Whitr L<**orn to^rkM iHft*^ ^ A- BOARD Utirr. tAnnU KD wantrd—Youns man biMirtl MUh f«mi»>• Slate ft»« VoMriline tfr.. i'urt Blcbmood. \ tMtIr AAxnnr*. Addr«.: Box B3. ROO.\I «oil bo»r«i In priT«t< •altabke for I or 2 . 20 Paimw «*f.. Port ni«l«DoniJ f.mlly; Inaolr* «Di>>- r.-. . itfAilMio tAlklne p«rr«t. tttt meat irr n>«»» '' t Tn p nnM\\*!* Blilr, ™ _ 15% Off Bed», Betiding and Bearoom I tiHu^n Wood ana M'tat JW Tl on rireaaet^ lS«.-on Chitfoalera. enilllDrob*\. _ 1-. oS Toltrt -W'\- k It'-r.^m. Vanity ^ NlKtit Tatitea- , Houdelr Ia»mr» ; B^dr^ora I Itedroom Cl«li> ^iK^oi. l^-uroom bencbaa. on Metal Btda. -•CfS W.Kkt Jtada. -iT r,: 'iTS S^h Keda. clult-p l.t>onB«»- ^•JW'en Ho> Mprla«» Fl'Sl; \Vcoturn'M^tre\\^ ; flit ' lltlcnra- UahoKattr - \h'Tj^^M^iii unilt^l K\\\\ - n.H . leaa I'll • 1S% Off AU L Son iidli-ell MalW^ . VS'Ulra.wa. IHa Mil L?2=26West

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