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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, September 13, 1920, Image 6

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RICHMOND COUNTY BRANCH HON. GEORGE CROMWELL, Chairman GTJY O. WAISER, Secretary J. F. ATTERBURY, Manager , LOUIS A. DREYFUS, Treasurer Keep The Judiciary Out of Politics ! Act on Primary Day to Avoid Regrets Thereafter Hours For Voting 6 to 9 p.m. Vote for the Following Tomorrow REPUBUCANS Vote for fire DEMOCRATS Vote for five X ! 19 JOSEPH ASPEVALL X 1 LEi^Elk W. CLARK X i 29 TOWNSEND SCUPPER\ X i 30 WALTER H. JAY COX X 12 JOSEPH ASPINALL X 17 WALTiiKri .JAVCOX 19 LESThiK W. CLARK X 20 TOXvNi^liNI) ^^CUDDER • I , Cortland V. Arable Edward W. Brown Tlunims C. Brown Dr. Miiuam Bryan Efias Bernstein C. A. Bmns Miss Cora I- Botler Mrs. W. Burrowes Cfaaxks Benedict i B. H.Brittim Sassell Bleecker £. C. Bridsman F. S. Bancroft H. EL Benedict I\\ Mrs. George Wm. Curtis ' Wadbin Catctiings < J, G- Clark Appletan L. Clark 6 .N.ConIter EL G. Coizens Bmw . a. Catosscio Winsam J- DaTidson ' WHBam DeBost C. D. Darker EkO Da Flaiiqae - A. F. Dmhiuw I G-LEgbert • X B. EUxman A.L.EgBntim KiBtzinic P. EmraoiH Charles J. Fay toeph B. Ferrr Edwxrd S. Flash Frank Focgin K Sit»ag«IWeie Lyman B. Frieze Henry J. Fufler J. Gilfillan D. M. Gaines Edward W. Gould D. J . GooW Thomas H. Garrett J. W. Hughes Ira J. Horton CoL and Mrs. Hardy Thomas Harper A. Barker Ernest H. Heath F. H. Inncs F. A. Johnston Frederick A. Johnston J. B. Kins A. F. Kins Mrs. Arthur KaTanagh F. F. Leman Dwight LesKett CaxI F. Griesihaber A. H. McGeehan Azel F. MerreH >1. MelTin Ralph Monefl Mrs. Morrajr Ernest R. Moodj- Iklercer P. Moseley L. R. E. Panlin A. B. Pouch O. G. Pouch J. B. Pearson CeorRc M. Pinney Capt. A. Hunter Pbtt Mrs, Quimby Thomas M. Rianhard S. M. Richardson Paris Russell Louis J. Rabbage Fred Rohde E. IL Stonington J. F. Smith W. M. Smith Mead E. Stone Theodore PL Spratt E. Clyde Sherwood Frank L Smith Robert C. Stanley A. L. Schwab Mrs, C. E;. Simonwn Daniel Schnakenberg Louis L. Tribus Mrs. (^rge Treadwell F. A. V'erdon — Mrs. R. A. Vosburgh H. G. Van Vechten W. S. Van Clief A. J . Wadhams Charles T. Wood • Mrs. William G. VViUcox Stewart H. Walker L. W. Widdecombe Norman S. Walker R. St. George Walker W. J . WeUh Otis L. Williams W. Y. Wemple Vion. Arnold J. Wedcmcyer F. Zappi pli ^ork Shows Sa^ t^ii Be iiiufactured From Corn at 4c a Lbl The following prominent Staten Islanders are striving for this principle and have also endorsed these candidate I it The Republican Organization Has Failed to Endorse Judge Clarke For Renomination. WHY? r GEORGE CROMWELL, Richmond County Chairman - Citizens'Judiciary Committee' ENROLLED RBPOBLIGANS f On Primary Day September 14th you select five candidates for Justice of the Supreme Court. Make sure Staten Islsuid will have a resident '-•fforu wVci included V experlTiienls, Krank K. [prcsideat of a Manhalt^a JttCts company, yesieiday that Dr. Arihur W. S^ F. Kratis of Balti- j larented aJid perfwtcd whicb white &u{;ur ot fdowestic and commercial . t>e obtalnetl from cora. •lically unllmiicil supply [ in this country, coupled ' thai the sugar may iciured for less than (our ^ad. proves ihut In the ^ there can never he a ihortapc\ here - ot that neces-sliy will loore than cut in half, ard tto® successful com* Tour vfoxW Mr, Gardner llerdav. \as probably the K)rtaut footl Ulseovcry for IL means that there ^ adequate supply of su- Lll jiurposejt and at a price few enough tor any pockel- r means that the people of tlry will have nil the Fucar ^ for household c«»nsumj)- L t^me and that 1» the Lortant feature of the •overy. klly reallre what this new ImUed sugar supply means ary to understand the IsJtuatlon. Supar aa it Is . Know n Is tiic product ot Mane, beets, fruits and Icane and beet nugar rcp- Vje in-eat bulk of that now •be prt»ductlon of these for i year was about lfi.000.000 tich t« about ri.OOD.OOO tonii amount producwl during Uls crop sasmr Ukla :< cxperlmuli^ii near cmo/V^'ww Inc. fe*' cnn, the present shortae* aed blsh prices. Fbnr and n Italt ^^UOkia Tons CoQsmnwl U»e Vtat Ymr \Today thli coustry U Wrty well SQppUed wUh «nrar. hut the rest of the world Is practically do- inc wlthoQt U and It iiiU be yean before the ahorUge U relieved If the (dd sources of supply are de- pended upon. For the year ending July ], 1S20. the sngar consump- tion per capital in this coantry WAS a Utile more thaia 90 pounds per year, giving a grand total of about 4500.000 tons, of which less than l.OOO.OOO were produced in the United States. ^'Realizing the above cnndltSnnsi and Fcelng that they would result I In an ever-Increasing shortago. lOre than three yean ago I com- menced working 40 the prohlei obtaining a pare, sweet sugar I from corn, having In mind that I the tremendoua corn crop would I supply an nnlltnlted amount of} raw material. \After practJcHlly countless ex- periments and inve«.tlg»tlons, Dr.l Arthur W. Smith, a i-esearch chem- i-Vi«>j 1st of Ualtimore. has producet! the ^ every oihar ! ^ U9te. In tlt*^ gar can sugar IB att'W.X.. wordfc, thft gar requlnfW^ the - • liiji! tared and of cane, * daily us* the bandt < the conut^^Ti pound.'* Mr. Itoovcr'a iM«lf work of and was thM^ft grains . (Atne plan to obUiln com. iBANDIfS MEXM UCIIWK nttnwil Fttr«r -Ke ar e atler . I t hiiH nit Uie | p!ir.lcal an d chrmlml Ui^'llVuklMlrtlto l.Ua. ol lioney «nd In l^«t \ „ mUht !>. ralM corn-Wr. II... »•» <>\>«• tlU 0 ever, th e sclentlflc nam e given It I the hcor l ot « an d unde r whic h It Is patente<i 1\ I ^ ^ ••Invrrtose\. a nam e soon t o bel*\\^ \ know n everj-where sURar In nsed. Thr .usnr 1, while In \I\'. I {I:;.;;;;\ ronfln. .11 nulrltlT . quallli™. \^\JJ*\ an d I k about SO pf r coat a. I „„ ^ a, ron » sncr. I n .ilht r wm.l . « whrn placcd o n tl.- markel , a Utth mor e nia*t b e purcbflswl t o obtai n | ttie Fame ammin t o l jweetne m a. ean e ,nK.r . bul th e price wl.l «•' L J,'\ ?Uv « 1 :Um.»t 100 pe r rea l le«. to r me I ^ an,I wlilt h an-outiU to r At pn-sent th e new juear, . . •Is mad e l a .yru p form. 1> \J , •white In color an d posfe..e . tl,e \ > nnl,n e fen.ur. , o t lH-h.r 'rylt\'- J [able. A. ,«on a . imwlble. the .J ;\n'rre<m T l tortn, win be placed on th e niatke t I \ so tha t tho jM-ople of this rmilltry ma y lie able t o rat thei r snca r bill In holt. f^ASS iefinished ?ave money I ind all other articlei hhed . repaired , polished. |l t o new . Reasonabl e Writ e o r call. F. Electric l^nd Polishing Co. ; Richmon d Terrace . Ne w Brighto n trains. Out I< theiM ate train\ elthar, tbini; riillnilli-.l .-in.M'ly . Ipr,... awl «iUi •The unlltnlto.! snpply ot • new sncar Is understood when H I ^ ,i,lliJ U known thai one bushel ol „„,„.i,a„ai«.,-^ will produce nlKint forty pounds i •he syrup and that the annual com ..op'w mor n tbs n tbre. ^\nglnV bushels. ^ frflRhJ*. rwq freigh t CAM. * voMienger ^Mili lay t o HDm^ concunt rt'Bch their .Mo loni«« t ikt»ck nuiiiper til obtain ft lly th*cH»X« di«tAiic« oC « tlit» ravrcbant sary tr^ltM t , JiHKla. hla drrreanvd . tiKrlcttUunl producti , U' •uffer«ni 'resent Prosperity -uture Protection .et vottr pre.-^nt ItiRh wanes provide for a iK^isilile re ncod. .is no niorninR sun shines all d:iy lonR. It t^ Ite-Itiy. Ciuiet and ploddinc ones; Thai win in tht ( Ions life race.\ I Systematic SavinR is the Secret of Succes.t. S3.000.00 AT MATURITV d betore Sept. 3D. r,onth thereatter aoj yo^ \lUlnt^wUh ilT^.c'.r.d dl.l- t COUPON I jjCut this coupon nnd mail it to us will be all you , to start your account. I Name — iRichmi Satyii ..Stnte- Street Address Post Office h desire to p-nys monthly. Enclosed ta $ atiation fee, July and August dues. Judge for fourteen years by* RicliinoiKl Coopdrativi! Savinfls & l^ffllissii i 70 Richmond Avenue, Port Richmond. N. Y. casting\ one of your five] votes for ICTION at PUBLIC AUOT^^^M/, U% Taylor SU formerly «l«tar» • i • ~ . • Tjeaiher r»H<»r iJl uprl.ht Piano Mil « k«. sxls Aimln.t«r JluMf. BUJ' ^ ^^ Trfile., 5 fc Chair.. Itound »»•' Sf'SSi ks. lira,. ii«i. it^^JS^- SSSSa7ciiUd-« crib, a'\''IS. hw,. Ulnlnlt Boom Dome*. !>»••\•. J'S.ti , tor offlSe. Toll« fi. and Uit. ot oUier Ooodl. , v ,„nl WtO- jK.N-r VA1I.TO ATTEND, MU >«•<\• Ay at 1 I\. M. a«.4 ( aal... or win bar ill\\' ^om ••I O\ V- ran bB paid aDO JJS^Id SWt''W'\ \ •uKl.; „u.l b. luild tor «lta aiJe-HUO- •> T.L — No. 26 oh the Primary Ball^l Ifrove Ave., W*

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