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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, September 13, 1920, Image 2

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nw Toinc. MONDAY. SEmMIEK HMO ^ippiiplppi 'II^^OUGHOUT THE COUNTY HeoTT Jr., oa a XBstari tf^p^A Deep Wii^r. Canu. Xn. aad Ursu Henzy TanMnvion •f T iwili iiiiMI n~ir remni«4 basse •n mmadKT trma. a Utree wef4i ; at Oma^ Grave. J. W. E^rt. his son. Ed- ^ Mimes JTildred aaa AxUne . mli of Soaib avraue. and^ ril of AnnxpaTis. Md..' motor trip t» A»ln»Ty IK: ednc»ti meat t nessla right,\ i£ tiiCL too sn own \kJ caxxM tendi! try t« It - U* Satnrday. HI Crowes' Harbor road VKtenain*^ Fraab DMober **t Biid^pertr roen,. over tbe we«k «3id Labor Dar. Xxal ¥*ar«9t Bedell and ber two ^ildren bave retimed borne after a •»<atrt€m «T«it at ToungF^Jie. y. T. Thej Madrid and Arliat 3IerrHl ••f Sowib avetine are enter- ilfflmr-TCr-a week E. •etl Asaapoiifl. Mr*. Aacie E. Tao Name of Har- bor p«Mid ba-» jmn^ to Tisit rrlalhreii fof JU^f^ ^^lewwHi. K »re Beacb, Conn. Jtr»- W- C. Ortr.n ba3 been at ^ rvasare Bearb darias Ae eaiLre • Mrs. C.- L. Bryden !»peni the snra- ? met iPitb ber tamily at I>elaware i Water Gap. Tbe AdIrcmUarfcff <d3£me<t. as in | former years, Mr. aad Mrs. E- U Kupf for t^OTeral weeks. { iti«r5 A3va and Miss Nan Fof^: »eQ were at l^ke Georse duriiiK mo!«t of Aoifust. Sir*, a. H. Hopkiost and family •cnmtnered near Wliliamactic on the Xelcons riTer. Mrs. T Tntile and Pearce Tat- tle »<peiit Mime time in tbe-Cafs- kill». nr and Mrs. Arrbnr Fnnk ba*e returned from an extended trip! Tbeir retam to Persia, owin^ to | difficult trarel conditions, has jj^j^'a^in Wn po!*tp<me.I for pevera! . w^eeka. Mr!«. Emily Tamhall j't>ent three weeks of Anglist at TVatch Hill javenne'taad a» her snests for ilie' -|~wcek>Bd Miss Eleanor Ackert and ' pbler. of New Bruaawlek. N. J. Mrs. noben B'.ai; of CloTe nad who'has been III for several dur* J. Id i^ruduaily improvinp:., i Charles Nlcbol of the West ; •;TT«i:'7ton P. n.. h.is returned to ilztj s.'ior trip to Troy. Lansing- bnreh. Wnterford Sarat^rga Sprinir^- K. E- Jr.. cf Castletoa nv- S Ts -.ie left on Saturday to «pen»l a '• r.-tM-k a'* the jf««»t «f Mr. anrl Mrs. I P. J. Sleiahacher of Pimchkeepsie. r .\fterwar<ls he will two ueeks raoiortnp lo* Waterloo. N*. Y.. and other interestinp places in the S'ate. EVERETT TRUE FOUT WAUSWOKlll The Misses E'h<>; K-^lher an'l • Heatrit-^ Larhln o' 2S<1 Kil'perr board rttiid Lav»- reluin**'! Irom ) rooatli'-'i vacaiion piwnl ; Rest. 1-ous I-lan<I. TAJ\? * ^\i'-\™\- J „ . iflbi'Baku of ManSuUtaa sp»nt Mr. suid Mrs. Palmar Bradntr aad lioHd«v wi'ii Mr. , are 5i»ndinir a at on(» of the nd Ur. Trr'.T. Enilaod coast r«ort». -Hr^ Sa!no»: MfrrslI ind b«r Mr. and Mrs. Malcolio J. Cam- •OTi. Araord. of B-irbor road !«ft: «mn cpttaEers at Fire Island tm Satnr lar Mr Sarfork and Ba.-k • Inlet florins the wlole smnmer. H-T-r. titer wW T-.i-itl Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Low spent rdatrtfc- for two wwlts. some week? motoring in the moan- Re* Otis rowle* and fatn- tains. Ht oT HarlMir road liaTe retumeil, Frances and Miss Nella Imum.aCcr spendine the month of; Haynes win return on September JVtccosc at therr summer cottape at from their sammer online. Bu;. 3S«Ti«e;d. Maas. PORT RICHMOND Mr. and Mrs. Harry Graber of Jewett avenae are recei*inB conifratnlations oTer the recent ar- = MARRIED rival of a babv girl. \Mother and! Vanderhilt avenue are ieo«ivini: daughter are doing nicely. ; consratulations over the Mnh cf a; Kline-Hiaain. Mr. and Mrs. E^arl L. Re.-ord of bab.v eirl. r The marriase o( William Kline Lewiston Me.. Mrs. Elia.-, Copp o;, Miss Hegina Cross of Jamaica.! of Cary avenue. West .SV« Il-.ch- Canada knd Mrs. John Kelly of • I- I., has l.een the i:ue=,t-the pasi I ,„„. and .Miss Mary HiSEin< o. Connecticut are spendici: a few of Mr«. C. L. Cpham and ha,- 1 po^t avsnut. Port Ilichmond. dav, as the Knests of Mr. and Mrs.' returned to Adelphi Academy. W-: B. Verkrazen. • Mr. and Mrs. Harrison ol Brow- Ed. Simmons and J. A. B-rraing-; ne''- street and their nelce. Mis.^ ham have returaeil home afler an jj-imoise. left ye-^terday 10 spend a enjoyable visit to friends at Pitts- vacation at Saratoga Springs. Miss Roslyn Hunter of Metcalft street ha? returned from a month's stay in New Hampshire. Frank Williams of Van Duier motor trip \Beld. Mass., and through that State. Mis.i Mildred CanJpSeS of Rich- mond terrace has returned home j WESTERIXIGH •W. \W. CorzeZl and family epent Aignst at Their corraue ; after Ppendinc an enjoyable tlrm at Sansertiew. N- Y. af^-i street is hGme after two weeks' i trip up the Slate. STAPLETON and Mrs. Louis Perkins of* PALACE THEATRE NOW PLAYING Jlatiner Wednesday and Saltjrday 2:30 WEST BKIGHTON Irene Roberta of Jewett I s;)linenizvil last Tuesday Mary's Churi:b. Port Ilichmond. the Rev. Father Snyder ofTiciatiap:. The bride wa.- atrended by Mi?.- EJlzabfth Walfh and John Hi;:sins acttd as best man. After ihe ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Kline left t'l spend their honeymoon In PhllndelphlK. from •w-bere they resumed yesterday, ami hftve lakon up their residence on Post ;iVt;nue, Poti. Uiohnn-nd. B*'*jin the Week with a Smile TONIGHT and 8u see The Dainty Musical Comedy | \Ob! Ladj, Lady,\ (;IKL.-;—CINGEU AM) CAITn ATINC MI SIC IIBERTY THEATRF MAUV PICKFOKP IN atJd Swan -ttre^^i «as packed wiih^ ' 03 Friday and Sio—• • the cccasioa beiavT^ j imiyal «cder ibe JL I-ady of Good HiU. Booths I erwtta :and wen loaded. every descriptJou.\ ;clo5ia5 boor evtrr out. All! kinds , on hind for ib® • old. inclodlns daachJJ Professor Bassen'i fj.*®\ The affair was a tfecai^ in every respect and ; erlBE that tnraed cbi , \ : expectations of ike , charge. ^ The stands and Imbii^'l ^ Ifspked after by the ^ ties of the church. Arder«on Avtnm B^fc f^j Richracnd CooaciL X^'* I . A. M . held aa tskjAvl party on Anderwa tT^r Richmond, on SatnWhT^ and was larptJy lUBjdiwS , members and their fitaii^ all «ectlons of the stiti^. jjJ tions and UlumiaitSojmi^S were in evidence lad ^ati with the fair sex tripp^^^ fro in the latest daaee lab* a r.i-at spectacle, Boot^« of all kinds were erecUi ptrett and refresharati i ' c-uded home taade aWaf^ made a big hit wiii aH.' h-Jmm 9Mt.r. APVMtc g IS, AFTER BRIEF FIGHT, If ARESWftMPEllff6«£llf$ •srns- AT I'ALACE Trolleymen's Picnic an d Block Parties Crowtl Social Calendar OHtill .(i froitt 1.) It may iutt-re^I tho;.e wh.i see; .Mary I'ickfor.l in \Suds.\ ai the Palace Theatr.- loday. lomurruA- and Wednesday, t.j know that the WMud.-rful visions cf broad mead- , . V.S deep with gra^s. and th.' lif-- jjy avenue. W.l:rls!>- ot luxury and .-a-se which .Mis^ Pick- affair surprise lo •ord a,-. .Amanda ASlck. tile lUIle liepniy County Clerk .Iam<.- Uundry -slavey, promises lavender, j^^.^y chairtiian had a pn-jtram mobile\ which wr.s placed on ej- hibitlon. The streit and home-, were dccorated from cellar to tool with Sags and Chinese lantetr.s <•! all The mii-ie liy Joe Per- rara's jazz hoys was a treat lo ull. . Tile rollowing w. re in ch:iige:|. llenrv Cav(,rley. chairman: Jani'-'\!. Durkin. Frank Ilacey. T. Hull. I! js IleHenkemp. and W. Planini. ADVANCE III ADS. Blillt RESULTS^ tbe dtfcreplt old delivery hor«e ih save-i Irom the glue factory, ac- tually happenej lo L.ivend*r teal life. Duriug the fdmlnp of \SudN' l^v»-ndt-r adapt'-.l liimself n'ad- THIS WEEK OKDEK YOUR SEATS NOW. Evenings S:I.-) ^ ana >ati:rnay _:.>u • — ^ HOME OF REFINED PUWS Fim REFINED PEOPLE J7MP1RE THEATRF. TODAY. TO.MORROW and WEDNESDAY 10 - BIG ACTS - 10 IH> vol' 'aNOW new YORK?—It s mysteries, crimes, sensation:?—Its (iay White Way. East Side, and Underworld. SEE TODAY THE WORLD S M-\STER MELODRAM A Pre.«4ented by Williiim Fox niroduc.'.l thai has nev.-r »»eon w^r : ueswl at an affair of thin kiml^ before. Ht-ndiug the IM of foaiures wi'r?; boxi:.i: exhibrtlun.-; by St.iten K- lard favorlie boxer-'. Amonn some , fil ihofco were G»-ne Moran, Joe, ' Cunther, WlHle Murphy, Frank' Hanniean. Frankie Daly and Eddi».- Mt-cni. All thc.=e younB men pave demonstr.-itions of their >kill in th-* l»oxir.R eame. The Ilayonne-i5ta'<'n Island <juartot compasod of Frank Heile. Jimmy Lyons. Ted von Mftss an:> Dick Giind-.y. rendered the latest song hil^. ; The blotk an«l the rcr^M-^neo^ were decorated wrrt jllnm'nated for the ot-casion while stands and bi>oih« of even\ d-»scrlpUo.i -A—rf^ • ^rcrted The music fumlsh^'d b«- rrofes.uor \Vyatt'.« JazT»rs. i proceeds of she affair will iv de- voted to ihe charity fund oi Hie orcanSzation ' The followinc committee was m •charge: Jam-s Kelly, chairman; Mrs. MrSorley. Morris MoAloon, Mrs. OP.yme. Juck Sweeney. J«-.h:i • rounollv. Georee Daley. Ptt-ve Schult/. Jack Baylor. Mr>. Home-x. . Mr. Mell. Mr« Murphy. Sheridan. Duyer. .D-vlin. Haye«. and Hannan. St. Paul's Avenu- , between Gram THE SKELTON SYNC0PAT0I18' . • ? Soan'thiag rew la tH'^ I Land of Jau X turni.lHNl farkUvMafl 5 luioked b! W. M. JOHMBU { 315 Jewett Ave, W. «. L I u;hp Saxlg Aliuaurf Motion Picture Play 'A FERRYBOAT ROHANCI showing at the ^ CastletonTheati WEST BRIGHTON IN EIGHT ACTS with MARC McDERMOTT And An AU-Star Cast Cven.oQ Performance Dcors Op«n 6:15. THE RICHSVIOND THEATRE THE Mouse OF SUPREME PICTURES •TArUCTOX. ». 1,. lam nd TOMORROW— >L\RION DA VIES in \Aoril Folly\ A popular tlcry front Ti-e Coomopel.ta\ Magazine and The Evelina Jeun*al. . SPECIAL ADDED ATTRACTIOX \LADY TAILOR\ a >l.nck Sennett scream xext^week Mond.nv & Tue^Iay, -RIDERS OF DAWN\ by Zane Grey Thni-sdav & Friday. -WHY WOMEN SIN Coiains Very Soon: -HUMORESQt E\ and bras of his film ht\? thorouRbbred ily to the screen work and acitd so well. permittinR so tnany indig- nities to hs3 person that wh-sn the picture was finl.«hcd Mis-^i PickJord ,=f-nt him to a large ranch near her Peverlcy HilU home, fand there Lu->*endcr will spend his few declin- : u.c years with nothias to do but take life ea.vy \pcricnces t companion;\. In audition to the feature picture; •he usual bill of vaadevllle will be plven including The Seebacks. Lou and Jean Archer In a specialty dancing act; Tcpger & Irving and Signor Romani. LOCAL CRICKETERS ON ALL NEW YORK TEAM Kleven players have been plckeii to represent All-New York in the International cricket maUh aga nsl the IncogntU team of Kngland on the groonds of tbo Siaten Island | Cricket and Tennis Club on Sep-. t» nviwr £2 and The orflelal Mm. | givej out Satar<lay by R. O. Chal-, lenger. president of the New York ! and N*-w Jerwy Cricket AMOcla- \ i tion. I* as follows: ; F F. Kelly, captain. H. R. ti. t C. Jones. C. A. S. Oewhorst. W ; ' M. Raebum and K. Tarrllle. fUa-. IsJand Cvlcket and Tennis Club; I- R. Miller. B. G. XuU. H-. Cnnacbo and F- C. Taylor. M»:ior Field Crkket Club: J. I. Poyer. n-o^klyn Cr1«V<n C'ub: H. Wooiraffe. Bensonhurst Field nub. A trial mntrh aiainsi •.team tn be selected by J. S. Brett capUfn of the New York HaUU* Cup team 'wUl b« pUytd at Wwt N«w Brigh- ton oa September 19. Gordon Street Democrats Celebrate While the \West Brighton Pemo- rrats were enjoyiiur themselves at their blm-k party the members :>nd ' friends of the thlrly-tlr'^t election 1 district held sway on Gordon -Strive' 'Sfanleton. on Saturday eve:iJn? , with a block party and cakewalk. ' The feature of the occasion was- j the Cakewalk in which «evtral of ; Ihe old timers took part and cre- i ate 1 much amnsement for the on- I lookers by their funny savinc-: and ,' steps In the line of inarch. Anolhcr ' feature that had th«» large gather- ing amused was a horseless \auttv \ Wednesday and Thui SEPT., 15th and 1 6<h Staten Island Scenes Staten Island Characters Staten Island Produ r:TTTTTXTYT!tTTgIi;XH; SEE— \The Courage of Maige O'Doon James Oliver Curwood's most successful novel, stai Pauline Starke & Miles Wi TODAY AND TOMORROW ii Xhen Fade Out—Final , Score 10 to 4 By TEK FLAT . Trouble for Innihss* •4nce Joe i rbrvcd at bU b«!«t (or the M*vtral fte»sfms aod In addV • I lion it'tma to be a hird »nU con^j »ls<eat hUler. l!e scctnttitrd fori : ihree- hit*, two o( were baid -and healthy Hoc drive*. \ .,es this fan vrcre sadly abor a .. yesterday i^emooa ai ^^^ ^ ^ ^^ ^^ neld. -^ben -Manager ^laier's ^^ ^IcoHHnan^ or the .ituatioa and «. firm of Buage. Frawlc>, Kcm ^^^^ , ^ ca of Elm Talk lor a scorc ot, . f- lo^to 4. i Caseys Shin« and FHvwer at Start The Elms foogbt hard and for ai Tl>e Elmi sUiirvd a rwa acrotut time bad tbe saiisfactioa of; In the cv^nlag baU ot the flnC as thai they w«ic cauau&g'With ooe do^, Sharkey walktt! _ rrr Squier and his cast ccc-|and stole eccoml. after which i*;. [eratiie woriitncnt. Bui for the'maa popped ooi. Sharkey. Iriak • iiig around second baic, drta Frankis Steers towwd that bai* •t the very Instant thai Bryant da- stretch of the gatno It was ibvioufi that the Hlms air not up championship ft^cdardv. .M Cast not jast yet- With n:ore sta- nlng. however, ii i?* mm* than ^ilblc tbat they will be right up ' the forefront ot local L year. The Elm liJie-up wai libcrauy rinkled -with some very i^omir- home talent ttiat hUnuld be hit ^ard frfMii nexl sca5on. In Vof- sl. BUfleld ADil Lj^man tjicy have livemi • l»« to VoMKl. Tbo Ul. ter shot tlic bull llirotutt the lor Rlnitlc lo left, BtDrtOB Rhar. key. KwSM Tli^ Caarys eatnv back in their. IiaU of tbv fln.>t aotl tnadr 11 look Ukr curtaltu tlj4it OR tiT kcoiiai Ibrvo nins. \\\itl» onr dowo, Voc- pel iiuddeni; sniitird'on hii wtnlrol and valki^l WrtiBlrnin and Taylor, it^ banl htttin? Icft-tiandcd | Ztannon itim amaahrd a dran '.tsmen -wbo altfp Into a bull ia} to IWt atid on slow flfldlim 10 fityle. Voepcl, wlih the cx-.binh Wcttftrom and TayJor scoioil >ptkm of otcasion slrcaka orjwhUe nannon tnadif third on Udncss. also flushed some pictty: lhlow,ln. A JonB aarrlflfo ny southpaw pilcrlng In tspois. -hlle EiKH:kcliiian also displayed SWti •bttlic:' Iwtlw ln>Ml« rlclit by Lunny acutrd Bannon Tha Elma' Big Third Etasolf to be a hard „ ,„ u,, Innln,. how. fripl. in the third Innlne ..^ic^, ,he Elm toour. Had ,5t of Uie Cascjs wotrle. in that • ^^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^ _ . 1 steam <dl lo llle Iimil. Hoeekel. Uunnj Stara With the St.ck opened thl. Irarae »llh a three but alter the openlns Hurry. Ihe | „„,„. and r y.i. once they sealed down ^ ,„(, , their stride, proved too attone; „„iiog ind weU balanced a ball club tor j Sharker frounded tnit. but Ih'e Elm Park bojs. Tliete »^eie | , ,.-,„.„ Tailor ^rc« new faec.i m the Caiey line-. ci-ounder and Voipfl U yesterday, and ihe irlo lu.l j , ,rl,>l,: Wmed to cle;in off the weak spotn j^,, jj.-j.nt finally brousht tht Sliii have been elvin^ Manaser , ,„,, t,. (.nnlnj Moran, tier no end of trouble the I'ast -Fcelu!. hM.'Fn >U th« oiMeM uniy t«i' u^ b«n ma» t« uny IXittT. Wild cheerlns treeted Ibe Elm team after Ihia blR aplash. bul U JI Lunny. plajnn.i; \ju flr^tja-ia the la»1 <heer, lor Irom Ihrtk te with Uie Caseyi*, more than on Ihe Careya »imi>ly n>tDpe<l idl jj] do Kood, linlnc out a lone triple lead while Hryanl held tha Iter In the Qlth Innlnc and ^nms safely at bay, itnsahlnE a hoaier to lelt m the i .j-j^^. f^spjs quickly erabbcl ihc itWath. Jlmtny I>oolan save Man- ,i,m»el»f« aaain In ll>» ner Squier ihe best th'.id b..slli«. , „[ tallies. WIUl iMias had since Eddie Mulinlns.i ^^ Taylor «lnsle.l to cm. aiury made it neees«ary for Wll-; ^^^ Gannon ilumpcd a alow rol)w.t]|uw [l»^aylor to switch tram Ulfrtl loj t»a*« line a«4 , niui.kowlU polled a bad blipe wti«n to top thl. oft. Souler .eems. ^^ ,co,.ped tbo ball up when U :o ha*-e made hia best strlK-e ot looked certain U) roll fooL VoT t season In socurins Dan Itan- twilns. tha Elm aaeker i of Bayoiine tor bacUlop dut}. catch llannon at first, while T*y. .^noa ahai>e<l up ace blfih a vj^rtmed all Ihe way lo thlt^ wtchcr, flashed a whip tlin. has CA? Stem Jtadk, IW! t K« - - ^Hn ie • DlMOCitATll CMPM (or JPSTtCF. OF Tire SITPREME tOtJKT PRIMAaV DAV, TOMonilo^ SlErrEMHER 1* VOTE FOR George J. S.DowKng l^oliUad , cW)^ fraUnnA art ctarl1«1*> \t!*\\ j «e is a memW ot N. Y. StoU . Friends of IrLsl. FtwAw K \ I I u IS te X )2t Geogjl^il^' ir .. .iL'[ BY API Dt ..West New

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