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PAGE FOUR Tr-TTT-Tl •W WTKJTW m-TMUD. NEW YORK. THURSDAY. SEPT. ISrO j\FTER 2 YEARS IN ICE ] (Cantinord-1 . Therft Is noth- ing nior* artract- i-re aboac u woman tba a a «Iear. hf'alihy romplexion. The tin t ami glow of facial «ki a make-* a Ti impressloa . qnil f often I>e- frtr* * beaatiful ryfH— eyes have a XaSiWi open their tall batteries lion as possible is axinnuttic. A ^iHMi romplexif»n Is natur^-'s best evidecr e of health. Healt h | bfip s beauty to linger. Thi s know- , letlffe ur«e s Women to ever y I -fforr to the cinnplexion ahcr e , rriticisra. Way s f»f doiajf this were i not tinknown (o thr anrienis . j Man y women of hismry . indeed. ; I hav e vietl in perferil-i ? arr s of I preferration . | I Ci'rTain womt^n he^-ani\ cehbri - te^ fo r thei r lt»f»k« aloiie. am ! ! . jajur h s o that even m.w the priz.^il I m tll'» besart Pri«le m th** postses-| formiilas. bHierw l to ht- han<l.-a • •»n o l a fine Carlal ski n I j mor e j tl'iwn by them , ar e renp:oa>l y tha a paxiionahle; It b» prT»pt?r. That^^-Rpicil aati k.-pr suppos*..Uy serrt^t f m* * atnl atte?nti.tn shoalil be by iho«»t» fortunat e ••imuch hu.v.- spen t OB makLj s U nea r p«rf«<- j >Pinf-«l a n inkling of iheJr mrt h wis . ^ . I an«t preparations. WOMEN SAVE Th e smaJlest camer a in the worUl which ha:i actnall y \lakta\ pic- tures is doubtless the eye of the [froir. It ha s been found that if a » frr g is kept in the dark for !«ome ] tim e th e retin a of th e eye on bel ig j disfected is found to haT»» a pur- ple re<Idish colo r which fades awa y ' o r l>ect>me» bleache<l on exposure j t o day light. • If th e eye be placed in fron t of a window aijd left ther e i»r ••exposed'' for sotne time, and then fixfd in a four per cent, fsolu- ; • tion c f alu m the optogram is par- ! j tially fixtHl and retain s an inverted ; • pi<-ture of th e window with 1 S cross bar s a s pictured on the re-1 { Una . It Is claimed that by a sim- ila r photographic process thf la-st picture o r image retained by the ey e of a dead tnan o r anima l ma y he pre«erTtd. ~ Septemli^r Hoys' IJfe. t Sarah Bernhardt, Unable To Leave - From Severe Cold lardt. Unable ' Prenc h actress , is confinetl to her! out th e righ t eye of Michael H Bed. Suffering ! LTaf ifer \oL in Paris . U i s re- (Taylor of 213 ^V.est I=Oth street : • ... ,.»-r.'an d tha t of llenrj- Jaff e of l. b Ea s 12nd street Bu ' ••citrivie ha.-» ?o fa r tha t such J»ecrpts :ir»? of little meri t now. w*' know that with , p .rrsfcVf -ren« »- and pati»-nce and T^OnLD proper attention , pkin ma y i Thi s picture . Jus t arrive d fro m tna«Je beaalifn l and tha t ordinarv j Maska . show s ho w Roal d Amund - features can b e mad e normal and I th e note d Norwegia n ex - plorer . looke d whe n bo arrive d l a N'ome. Alaska , afte r battlin g th « Arcti c nort h fo r tw o years, READERS: Oon t foroet t o have your hem e pape r The Daily Ad- vanc e mailed to you while on you* vacation. Rate a ar e th e same . S6 a year : 3 fo r six months ; S13 0 'o r thre e months . ported tha t the seventy-five-year- old tnarvel is sufferinp from a sev- er e cold in ih e chest . In all Uke- lihocHl Madam e Bernhard t will b f forced to abandon he r proposed trip to th e United S!atr-s. BOTSFORD HALTED The marc h of Wi:iar d H. Botsford, well known State n Island tenni s player in th e na- tional singles championshi p at Fires t Hills, finally cam e t o a hal t in th e third round yester - day. Botsford wa s defeated by G. Colket Caner . of Boston . Th e scor e was 6—t . 6—C. 7—9 . 6 1. •whose iniitfl«e4 iammed into'^tnS ^ in a swamp ne e i day nipht. The eu , • ' until Sattirday. Wii^ Col. Mayneld Lose s Command j Mrs- Nou ^re C.uive.<ton. Texas . Sept. 2.—Colo-1 n.\Y OP THE 1 ! ^tKT^Mi i&gieMKAnPTC. ! hi Policema n Charged Wit h Th»- (Irund Jur y handed '.tuUvttncnts yesLTdiiy trolman H Assault up i*o against Pa- <:<jl»'man of th e <5aiah H. rnhardt. allegin g seconii ilesri'e assivul^. nu-nts vharue ihui ho put est r.Tth Btrw t station, first ati Th e ind nel Hillle Mayflehi. provost marshal of the Galveston militar y zone, was relieved of his comman d to^lay fol- lowing hi s siatymen t assumint; rt- •.ponsibthty .o r th;. utiempteU --ar. . ^ Sept J i-esl\ of O. V. Sanders , editor of 1 pro^^ching »h«4 e»ejj, ith o Houston Pres s Monday nigJii. j have to be her , ' Prigadier General NVolters '; Miss Jennie H. s jni iinvea. 'of lumsehold an« oI n here said today Hold Thre e .n Nott \ .Mi.s Snow. kaon,,. llridgeiHjrt. jConn., Sep L -—The ^ teacher\ _ • charg e ag-Ainst KUvm>d 11. Wade . ^^^ ^ ^ ^ ' .lolm K. Johnso n and -Mrs. Kthel ' j-irj jj, pa^jing^ Not t for breach of the peace \va». sihould lie J* KOod L 1 r«.rinally thange d U» that of «r--t | well. We shall ttt^ i .degre e murvler when thei r ca.se | jsj-hool girl the > • cam e up in Oity Court her e today, .^..^i housekeepiat-^sT* t Tli e thre e ar e held in conne<-ii«»n ' ply to herself aloat. J i wiih th e dealh of «;«H)lge K- Noll. I vUtire family.-• even aftracriT»». I a m going to rail you r arten- tinn r«» th e «ikin disordera of y<mnir PQtpIe. One o f th<» c«>mmc.ne:<t o f these disorders is pimple<. o r acne. Thi n unsightl y condition of the skin l i very frenoently nollcetl in v^w muc h I which tim e he wa s reporte d ••lost.\ The Norwegia n complet- 1 e d th e first circumnavigatio n of , th e worl d betwee n th e norther n i coast s o f Europe . Asi a an d Ameri - 1 noticetl m coaaia w.. . youne sirls. Ther. are many ca and tHo edse of the ArcUc ice ...v-t .. nack. 1 cause s tha t pr'Kluce jr. of which lack of cleanlinesii. carelessness in Irxiking afte r th e skin , faults o f ^exercise and diet and black- fceails ar e the mos t common. A grea t man y ca-e s can he cured by simple external measure s ! associated with proper hyfiiene. Of ! curia e the «Her and meth-.d <»f liv Inir mu~T I«x>ked Int«». Kc )« m J< that ar e healing , fresh hrejj«l. pies, condimen'-^. indnl««-ni e in can<!v. and n»*-.tl two or thre.* times a day must be forbidden. Nta--4a«inff th e f^ce of tlie pn- lietit i.^ not advisable at first. .\f- ter n-in g htrf towels, th e pimples [••-hkiuid W f.pened with a sm.jJl lun- 1 cet tha t ha s been properly steril- ized by boiling and dippini; inm ; peroxide cf hydroeer. The n the face should he cieiineil with an an- i l weptie s«.hit ion. f»f the-ie lutions I there ar\ many , the hishl y antl^ i«epti.' ones givin c the he-J re- ' rult-=- Th e following is ex.-ellent .•\cne rjean<lnff I-oiion: 1 Mer .Mirv hiihloride. T irrjinsi FROM TTie tami- h --n lopper. bras-=. ftTid bronze is M.pi>»T .•arl>»-naT.-. Ir th.- me n urv in th.? wa- roar he remuvwi by irii-l;on. t^r : then add th e zinc, sulphate diH!-«lv-d in weak acitl'» ; i.-i.-tiy tb e henau>in. Th WASHINGTON—Miira Cather- tBS Howard is In charge «« onrmnlsatlons ot th e a«v - lng» DIvtaion. U. S . Tresaar y De- Srtioent. He r duty i« t o kee p tmb cm th e mone y spen t by the woraem o f tie United States , an d tlie m i n saving. HOW TO REMOVE *-ith oil rion , ! ' Ilotteff^tone cr-amr con«isten« v i.^ the commyu j allowed to B«rt int ^nb -Jfc- n-fO- . n thf^' meials. - thi-s cleaner ha.- h«-en applieil sh«>uld Ik- poli.'iheti with a i-loth. A final rnhhlng with dry nittenrtone or •xh,'.i<« e-.ve the an r-wt-a brighter Jvi4 \..Sution. bMftermi\K. ,ir vinecai'. peoiaTly wht-n warmetl. .lui' kJy di.-«^lve«: the tar nirh €»a. th.-sf meials- All ira«-e.s thr--^ eVaninc ae.-ar-^ mn-r !»\ re mo veil. er the m.'tal -^ambh acaln v.-rT m^i. Kir. SAS iJoosehoJil of the- V ^ , , »->e>^rtment of .\gTt. ult«re Washing th.- mettal in w.»:er. drv tng IT. and rubbing M wjth dr- wbit'.nc is n^ually < wJvijnR n«t only i^if but p«ilir»h»^ by fru'i i»isonou.* and should not the eye-. CUBS TO PLAY i FOR HARDING M.iri<.n, Uhio. Sej-t. 2. IV.g lea- gue b.i.-»-bj.ll and schcMd teacher s rniupeted !.>r the utiention of War - i»-n i:. Maiding today. Th e fhicaco Cubs arrived to call on th e tandidui e and play an .-xhlbirum sam e w5Ui the .Marion >-ui;-pr'.'t»-s».u.n;il team . i>n their heels in a spec;.tl ca r from <-hica-' •^if cam.- a .lozen h»-ads of euuc. tioj^al a-ssocjatlon.' resenting T.....MOO t.acht-rs. .\Senator Kn.>7:. Penn^.^1va^ia. was •'XlHKTrd ditrjng the day. The leaclif-rs were headed by W . T Mei-f.v. r l the fhicaso school rcmnu'f--. Williatn 1». uwe n of •.•.e national educatifinal leacut-; C n. S'illman . preMd.-m ofthe.\mer - ican Fe.lenitson of t.-uchers and i t r. .Mtjore. ptesldeni of th e Ill- inois .slate t'-achers* ass«K-!ati\n. Hardin:: canj e »»ut tlutly todiy for thr.iwin:; the -tj'-nst h <>i the rovenuuen t b»-hind the .\ni'-rjcan merchan t mann e thro'.u'h sub-ldies AWOIHER tniLKb NOBIUTY Thf I Rt;K KE-ELKCriON OF rRE.-inEN r kuert I>rlin . jifpT. 2 —Fri-.l<ri.-]i KI h - tt mttj- ar»r all J>. .-nn.li.Ut- l..r Tf^Ierniin thf nty. J*' fonlins t'l ri-i.ii.-iuK Ifj.lfts in liiudl tllh the •.Iluiiiion. Tb» striinlEffI prf nr f i« lwir.2 l^-ar i n h.ni in-t llim I'l^rittstf'\ mind. Jioi i it poA^I iluT 'hf pv—1- e\*-\' h, maT imar.v asnf, f-l>f.ii>l!y li,s .-jn.iuU.y i, lii-lifvf,l m l.i.arc hi- flf>u.ra. in vif«r i.f >hf r f-j. t tlijrr ts.- rislir «> far half tf-n vinahlf I\ li««l * ' raTnt«t3Tf M«irf\*rr . thf rpnlr f party, th f jnaliiritT s,»ialist i an.l th f .Ifma- <-ratH\aJ» ii.<« inrlinf l -ui.p.irt biiu t.i thf !lm:t I^rao EbfT!-^ plaintive appi'ill t\ --!|fr esm\ fiit l-« fununu f in p.ili tlf-alT^- uliiff \i t a i-tra-n .,„ fgjpif\ anJ ip..iU th f -.l.imf - , TS,tV*thi-r iHith Inyf. i-viiifnt!? 1-- RiiiaK to hf ^ubnif rgi''!. S! They hiveaone-ycar oia daiiKMtr -.a.jr ot ^u. one utlScUI aamm Bad I Holiday Attire IWiiutiful nntl lierominu nre the new model clre»i»s in -iiltin. tricotine. and i other fa^hiiinah'.e materials—you will i fike our st\les. .and our priccs :i \ ei'^ low. Suits, Skirts, Coats] .M>i> a full \f dresses, and | Ridimond Specialty Shop ne-A Jersey St_ New BnRhlon (SlappM i fiolani. Propi.) H. L. SPITZER 1. W. OSBORNE Our Anniversary One year ago H. L. SPITZER Became President of the COUNTY RICHMOND BUICK CO. Here is our Record of Twelve Mouths Sold Buicks = all we could get = expect next year. following Staten We more have taken over the Goodyear Solid Truck Island agencies Tir^s Tires « blocks the thief Mason Cord Kar=Lock \the lock that Qill Piston Rings Seweli Cushion Wheel Mirror Park Light {Installed more than any other concern on S. /.) Accessory Dep't. fully equipped - always being added to. Efficient Machine Shop - first class fan of _ mechanics. We have outgrown our plant and are making plans to enlarge our qt We pride ourselves on our service. Try it if jjou havn't already done I DAILY ADVANCE ).THE MINUTE ' SPORT BRIEFS from Poffc 3.) race by Peter MocsUops, bl- fchainpto n at Holland, at the feromc in Newark last eight. . the bcsl out o{ thr w Lon Harbor. Mich.. SepU rDcmpi'ey PUi hardest work yesterday that he has bsinc e he started training for •en -round chamidonshlp Intut Xplll v Mlske hore on Labor atieVnoon. Wesldes polns ich the routine «»f early morn- ad work and a I'ouple of with the sandhaK and pul- : the vhaniplon Injxcd eight imlnui e rounds with only a ^liiut e res't het»«M?n. After U »ver he dis-lared himself • tnati took to velghlnic up one or la :wU two aeUoas^ol hi* Impeadlns tath- aecnrd«nC(<,*-i er-la4aw and decided there wa i terminer Vp . too much heredity to 8Bht rhon® S o he wUhdrrw hU credetitUl*. a;<ked tor the rlnc back and sot a real-eyeopeaer as to uhat the be« iuved could do In an emergency »o far as la&!;uaee waa cotteeraed. Since thea hn has iMfn patllnf: hlm»elf on the back for his far f>lp;htedtiess in studying psychol- OB5-. In the nem* »chool. love thins *hlc h matter* Uttle, The impasslone<l torrent of words which fell from th^ old-time loT' 4 lips now bolU Itself down to What did your urandmother die or?- fephly s^atistled. ' rfTort provide local . of athloties with an oppor- u view «hr n.»«li»ii'» Olytn- s in action is nvfloclcd in vtlo n of Septrnihor 2r. as % for th f anuvial Kail trai-V i\u>ld nnM>l of the New Yi»rk ' aj Traver s Island. Many of 'iturnln p cindor j^iih hrrtvs Arrive hort» ^ho^lly ht-fort* thi- and It is prt>bahlo tho Mer OBITUARY George W. Clayton Georse W. Clayton, a rehldent of Staten l«dand for more than forty yearfi. died on AuRUftt 31 at the home of his diiURhter. Mrs. Minnie CafTrey. Horrlson »tr»«et. Stnp ton. Funeral f«'r>iceH will b«' held at two o'clock this afternoon at his dauRhtrr'R residence. Uev. Jsmes A. FVas-er wjll officiate. Interment will 1H« in the family plot in the Moravian r«-tnetery. Mr. Clayton was S« years old. He was horn In New York City and ha.s sjM'nt most of hl» life on Slat- en lt.lunil. He Ih survlvod hy three dauRhlers. Mr*. Minnie Caffrry; Mr.«t. Nellie CatTroy and Mri«. Anna Uvoi flxturt- will assnm.* Jhe J O'l.rary. all of Staten Island; iw i. jcr of a woK-onjo-honir font-i ^tm« livlnR In New Jersey, and ,c rclchralion for thr .\nt-] numlu-r of Rrandchlliln-n. c.>n«iucrors. Tln» pn^^rani of • i J>ol as >«'t lirt-n diH- hut U Is rNp<-.-Jod to inrlinlr [nihtT of spts-iiii test> for the jjlnc nihlcJes. .it, Sept. '2. —.Jimnjv P.viplrs. prcat shortstop with tho tanntl anil llrooklyn Nationals yesterday bn ha. NeU.. Srpt, -Trtl Ray an-v Vartlnn. Hniish colfor-*. two matilii'H hen- >i'ster- In tho f.MtMUM.ii Iht-y do- Kriuifth n.MMl, former Stale •;, and Sain K.-> nold>. W. MissJ'^sippl . h.uiipl.in and irs SU«t*.> t liaiupioi\. one up aftrrnoon thf llalph IVt.r-^. Stall- cham .1 .lohn IUH.Ui'k Jorint-r Stnti III. four an«l thrt-.' niiiut. TfX-. l' --Vcm<»r n pitihpr «»r th.- no.nimont lid PHONE COMPANY EXPLAINS RATE INCREASE ASKED THEBd f iHith ot tu mUe a ir^Ui tor* cak]H4 in (he plentihil 90]! pur© « are rvarlas a of -yow IMKtKms tisv shortly fed. <hMt taken not pIceonA w ! nie i, eni WwU 4 to • only <m« dje, o r tkcy >y. nUhott*** »ider«Me tU Wh M Matvr u«ed in TnUlur« of iu«d(» tif «it stnall ^ho wheat. KWi and \etcK tsKmt S Mini inlUet niohinR Hhlch nddeil t^ ' nnrden or hulled ll«n com , i HtuAll quatv^ I Ape. mlUe vetsl TOAJ ' IUIA peas : he e.^ficu CBpiH'laUy < Ktuden Vnder the prnpowrd tiow tele- phono rales which hnve Iwrn pe- titioned to the Tuhllc Srr>-liM» Cimv mls^itm hy tho N»'W Y»»rk Telo- phono Company, theie will he no ihanco in the chnrpes for , pinc^ ^^^ fn.tn public phone.* to pohiJn I jjj- clde the city. nccordlnK to a fiHt.- ^^ ^^ ^^ mcnt Riven out hy J . S. MiVuP.oh. • dRewt^ ' Under tho new t4dl sihiMlulert mid « N.-w York City thete will he I , ciianKo In the chnrRcn for call* ^^^^^ ^ trom puWIc telcphonen to point* within the cUy. Tho hoimdnrio. ^ . ,1 scope of Borvice In the t'-ti i LcaKnc Clnl. wa> ^ i;,, ^ i,,,^ nhh h tho city I, ^ L,.nt. the ofTl. ial announced, Thrs r u d hy tho ya.-htlnu writers SYorli paper? ;a(;ki> coi STIDV -!•.• Hav. Koiit, (iif • for adtni; IM.KS Kr(;KMCs Sept :2--Ntnn- Iples havR ap- un to the Summer KUKCllii-S just DIX'IUll Bn y will lu- liistriiclril in lirrr blnliicy. jtsychr.locy iiiul Ulc aiiiin of fUK*\'*'*^!* «h<. cjini.' il.-wn 1>rr.' iim.T with Ihi- frlviil'tuB III- (f riijnyhiK Ih^m^flvrt nrr m.>.l int.i u.M-hiii'^ Ol^i-iiH .r i.tlKT's suilulMlltj-, 11. fuilii- jitlvaiiri'il fliKURi- iir.' lii'tiiR liriikrii iifl lTi~tniu«'. niif ytiiiiiK niiit llt.'.t Ih.- M-liiiiil rfKnrdlnc htt^. oh.i lia.l ;i il.'iil.iralil. ulaliiic • I> ii! \ ••\•1 • t ,1 htritlii' lit K'linlt K... 111. 1,-arm-il wjis nut iM-ri- liiit it WHS r.-rlitiiily \anll- • iiii.l il ..vUli-lK-i'il a iiri.i «hi.-ii Iiiiii.iiiiin-iny »» • hi -ti -.llly. Tlii'ii till- yniincl (•oroml>nUi>i, S>',>.ii,l ni«trlil ir tin- fatcf, pniimH*-il \rp n(t- lirc.yi-,i mill ailiiplyil. It 1» rlnnniil lliit tntf ImHtm'iin nervirj. will lii- cllnilnuti-il in nil Tint riilo rcrtiOi'iit-p ccn-iro will lir illitciili- tliiiu'il in m-Vfral innpf, nnil w I hti* It u inntililK-il lllo r»lo» will at.niit r.O rniln Iior mimlli liltlii-r thiin at Iirosmit. Only mirli Intrn- ,-liy toll cnlls n» InviilvK tlni InnBiT liaul.s urc i.ulil«t to Inrrtiiiw'il Mr McCulloll 1-alll lli« Jirri-iMil anniinl term ot ..Tvlc.. wilt I.,, .•llmlnatril nnil oil MTvUo will <111 n miintllly lia»l«. Tills niiratllly i-oiilrocl tlii'tliiiil will niaVP (.jblr • ^>»t(ln^tT^' tM-ntinmlfn in nc- .oiintlni: pr«ctlr« wilh r.-«.ill«nt ' wivllic to the public mill will Iir : iliiro ^lmp^.•^ lillllnc mrlhoil.. tmlH tor twrvlrf will I'n ItwHi-iI habll ' til-- >•»'•'' ,t\ 11. Ili\l.\r«« fnr tw mini. Ita.l niuni tnontWy H\\! \ minnnri-\ will •how th \ --harRm for Mrr M m-.tatf. <l«cj in n^<^ P<T1\1 'l-nm ,bo irih .lay ot til- i.w.n.1 IT-;\'!- lus nii.nlli in thn iBth H\' 'l\' .,.r.llns tnnnlh. MPi.««i :n. u»..l 1887 ONE POLICY FOR_33YEARSJ920 j Quality—Value -Service UGUST SALE OF FURNITURE . -tnwtln ,.,ccc .:,.nvc„c..c Suite in-\^. Oavcucttc opens to a full iiM cl.arsc for mattress). 1 All omm iut»<r u — Uotor Truck DMcriu of Nmu) york Pay Railroad F^f' Within 100 Mila lUI'TOWN 3rd Ave. |Cr-. 1.->3d St. BROOKLYN Broadw'r S.r«tog« A»e. DOWNTOWN Avcntw A Cmmt 4th St. JJ-LiBERAL CRBUir T^RW®

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