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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, August 04, 1920, Image 3

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Secmitg VabiB Confidence Gifts That Endure ^ lU K ut.u i lU'tiTr uT IiMiIII• ini III cununiiir ^ -utmaA Temn ® t3i»r enizle s are b«{B S received fo r rtr\' SUite a laluid iloiibte s cbamp!aBship tooner -wblcfa -will^ Juaqiat H at CU£u» Temiis CJab . TTs® entrm are beuts m^^ lu EsEaedr Ran-*- \ et.,13 9 TowitaeB d avenue, staplecoa. aiu l WW far iMeptiaa lira »in be at » p . m . AmpMt IJ . tb e c»« e l«a t year , tte tmmBUMnt commtnee plan s t o '' • - - limiuer irre r two TOfk-e^da. Staitlne o n SatmdaT, Att - ^-.\ir -wOl be tumniuta on tli e next dajr . Then, nnles a the Sew if to® ^ ^ expected that all TfKud s up t o an d mclnd - ; * ffi^wni-flnal rtmn d Trffl be complete d on Satomai. -Misus t 11 . ^ m aauiu, \ \\\\l «ased. Pta y wil l tnonamcnl ia open t o nMnden at al l Staten Uland clota . anr naident of Staten Wand. Uie entry fM ia place d ^jte^ drilar a a team . T»t ^ seasoo-'s toamey wil l anrpaM i n Interest en - xDi. aSbrt at competitio n amtSins erer seen to loca l com- praclicany toe. journe, al l the way t o Lone — T6e presen t sea- ^^^^ t o .ee two o t thei r leadips ^ las «en a taJOers e» t o It. However, that a activ.I T the^l ^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^and ^ „„ Lon^ « oJ a n i s tha t ^r an thos e who <Iestr e t o ^ «re repoTT M t o have to tS^ ^^^ ^ Murphy and wmie Carry au . \jr , , ' in!!«:e aeain the aant e tins thi s at sate i t decidedl y Interest- 1 ^^^ ^'t.i^^'v indeed . I the tri p shoal d make a rathe r iTS Tw^nS^'l^ P'—--. excursion , ^d ia K r j^i ^^ hardl y be ! -- • TCaptnr* Shari t m Stars acMiL. C^wsi., AJL: Tbel • lAa^er j WM eaxwuTBd resir«»I o f • aere tr»*txy after a api S «iac3 - Ue . s5i*ik . wxs ; 29 AS J. ^ • f roi a Aan 3 g 1 f*« t erf w««r. Tirse am^ dss IsaQkB iO ^ ^ ^ -m*ad »o r * _ cr ias ^ . dacide d j iU ri r ? Titfloeia ^ t | tarw iSe mm- aaumner bat h da^ : tsirmn wiii l3 tsa? . w'^SdS' '''at .-.U if Sir-'pSiet .-Sew BrisSica. arr . and M rVirl KecnT tf ^ Pott Hjrhmond . ti and \ ' ^ Ciinmius. ir» . lalt »••• ••h«:r taoldayH at li-'mjat . 1.1 ROYAL H. XEWEtar 23 RidamMiJAA part ^Tam* ani FSafcer. hard a il ia retai n thei r Unreis - •a e lecei:-- Jlter^ila b tenni s -cm Trtuih W\ won hy th e Tenni s Otdi <or the case, :1a! latte r vanquialiia ^ ti e Slaie a Islan d Cricket ChA naa iB lie ft\\' round , ba a helped a ^ in ;S e loca l player s i n DmmEYSAGMIl BEAT UNGOLNS CampbeH in Ka« Form Yidds But Thr« Hits—Score 12 to 0 At tie CatboUe Projector? Groaad & ia Weetclieste r Sunday t& e Dovaer shlpjsrd basebal l t« an i deteated . the LOncol n Gisnts . c«k>x«d etampicms . b y a scor e o f if r to 1 . Notwithstaadlas the oue-slde d score , the game prove d an iaterest - sasement wit h tb e Sprinsfieid s o f Lone Islan d City. Dic k Wacha, who Is ttsder rae- pensio n b y th e Jersey City Inter- , nationa l Lea«n e clnb , played wltk th e Do^eys yesterday and hi s pUyinc at shor t vas brilliant . The Lincol n GlacU score d thef r onl y mn i n th e first innins - Poles , the first batsman , slBg:Ied an d stol e second ; Srown poppe d ap t o Sheehan. Penhus' po t a pas s t o first an d on a doubl e stea l Pole ? score d oa Otfs high throw t o sec - ond . Thomas was thrown oa t b y bat:.e on when las t man -as oot . «tpectin« a rival s hook up . Slnrphy . t o he soje. has gaine d a coupl e o f pop - ular deci^ons over Curry, bu t no one ca n aay tha i Ctirr y was no t i n there Sshting fo r ai l he was worth frtn n pons t o gana:. , in ;a e wcaj -, For some tim e p«t Cur^ to xeans tha t mere wU l [ been teepta* rather ouiet . He has mrr. coo d tenni s on tap been Bshtlns . however, righ t aKW . Tacoue t wieWeis a t out-of-tow n club s and who knows bu t ^hat he has ftot some - thins up his sleev e whereby he hopes t o square accoimt* with hi s sreat littl e rivat William the Red . th e Tocal racuuet wieldeis KOinr >•= is* cla y court s M at CS-Inn T-unis Club . iiftaires louraey . incidentai - ^ liec-z; * cae or the most Jpl' l tffrsi^ -! loca l competitiv e whlcii :t>elf insure s th e rf cnmtfc c Tournament . Monras^n : waj i pu : on a year \Br ta r ilrst lini e i n answer t o jl ^fmtxr i>X3r,. i irot n loca l ten - ik tBa!=-.a--• anil \s popularit y .SB •tiW:. \ ; the Brsf . 'Advance' Junior Baseball League Importan t Notic e to Umpire * Umpires of _ al l games i n The I>an y A^^^Ulce Jnnio r Ba^eha U heufKe ar e hereb y retpieste d t o man 10 Th ^ tWiy Adywce eom - spor t a Exnt- . selec t tUe y con-jFarren 'ni T.clnstr. ^ eide r a soo d uajpir e an d b e will- j In s t o accep t hi s decision - as final.! Scsres o f Gange s J C'.evclani i . 0 I 0 v 1 0 f 1 5 j Crescent .. 0 ; : 5 « = ' 1 Batttrics—Foratttrics—For Cie?ccnl.ie?ccnl. Monl-< ! B C Monl- 0 1 0 ft' han . lonch an d Keccan: f-Jr Cleve- j lOOSOlO imd GfUher. Kuusitalcj - Shutte r | Batteriei—Tor Cfels^ M Ilaseity. Umpiics—Ilonovaa t land , an d an d Burke . HEisnn Immediate EDI Phone P. S- l .THE BATTLE -- - r.rui^e limes , indeed , •.isBSat.s •..-• .=.1 arh; fans have to r Murphy, th e foilowinr ouxh' t o tel l cleart y how thi s frrea t r.Hi e Stare n Islan d battler \lakes\ with the crowds i n varioos part s o f the country . Here Is a clippins from the Stonirea l Oail y Star de - sctihinc his Brht in tha t cit y th e othe r evenine with Younc Lewi.* : -Does aavbody here know Mur- phy? His hair t* re d an d h» eyes ar e the las t man was oot . expectin g a batUns tally by th e Giants t o win the same fo r them. The gatn e was playe d i n a dria - iling rai n f<ir seve n ianinss . rhicl f made goo d pitchinr diffi - cult , ho; Bill y Sheehan . th e Dow- ne y pitcher , hurled a briUian t same. The Downeys see m t o have the -Indian sign\ o n the Lincol n Giants a s the y have now defeate d th-m thre e ou t c f fou r games thi s seaso n b y S to 9. I S t o I, and 1 0 t o 1 . The Uncolns defeate d th e Downeys hv a scor e o t 5 t o J . Bot h tes!4er«au- s Bears an d Heine Zim Merman's Bronx Giants want the Downeys to r tbel r attractio n nex t Sunday, bu t the y ha d previousl y bee n booke d t o play a retur n en - throus h an d AOv awcE—aa-im »ds tl«i« a or tna i ca n * oKalit^ te ca ea.\rfui t a uiiy wu srvin a a msaxrn Ilaal. an^BJ^I Thl. air«=»T SPP^- FOR RENT - BRAND NEW ItEX TYPEWRiTERS Th« las t word i n stranst\. DurabiUty , Visibility , Coo - .enieiica, Eaa « and SpMd. S. L Addrcssins Co. xan-cxo USTS WTT.T.T ES. tBToar's.Tm- Mtma __ ir^a c SCWM S ^ A^iirmnd. * - tbr Arilwd. CSk. ss aMBM M»* lOO<-^ Pttf » UitaAMtara^e d .ALUTT -VXD HOPS THAT FINE POFITERIME AND CARTEL Tob^ sSaLrs, Rubber Stogjns, Crow». The K S F. Slalt S Hojs Sopiiy Co. (is^iint—O \ : \3W-J. Wrt IL_ • H o r ^ W-w: Brtgaa**. wn. A. PUiXO A Trip ruKCMA ttr .3*-- = •K* tim Warttcgy j :ns mrtoB- i ' ^^ ^ FT^m w-vrcTntsi^; S3- xnvnwi ^ a rTtMCkV^TT. • # rrr,. t STL ' CTZUELn Han —« • nutii- • Fxnmro xsm i • Tm^ij t * M our Sham WWms S^ T^ AMERICAN SIX SEDAN WestBrii TtLW.B^UTB BY APPOWTMEKr btO.Y. blue , .\n d hes Iris h through . Doe s anybody here know -Murphy ? Murphy with hi s cieen. green pants. \ Thus warbled a happ y Irishma n i n th e bleacher s a t th e Moun t Boval -Vren a las t night , after Wil- lie'Murphy o r -Ne w Tort thu s W t o Mcntrealers unknown. an d though t by many to be \a ringer , thoug h th e management denie s this , had pu t U al l over Young L*nrts . Murphy was much les s mcKd than the loca l man an d must have weighed pound s less . But what he lacked i n weight an d rugsedness he made \P^ ati d knowledge of bonng backe d h y a Bghtlns spiri t tha t mus t have , bee n bred int o him from many generatiozL S down . As a boxing bout , hi s encoomer with Lewis was a farce , an d with a U respec t t o Krfereo Jlmtui e MC - Klmmv, who a « a rul e makes a very TOod thir d i n th e ring , the !«. te r was a goo d dea l t o blame lo r allowin g Lewis t o ouarters o f the time which th e ^ laste d to piUpabl e attempts to save blmsel t from punUhment and tir e ou t hi a opponen t by ~l«g the tun weight o f his n^T body o n Mtirphrs shoold - \owing 10 Lewis - tactic s th e boo t almos t became, a n Vresrting. fo r a s a boxer te^is a one wiesUer. ,Bu t Murphy would not have it . When Lewla would no t come t o him he went t o Lewis, uid befor e Lewis coul d wind ht e tmtacleJike arms around ^ Mnrphy usuall y go t -Jt a few tellin g blows . Therefore, thanks t o Hurpty^ wholehearted aggre ^ivene.. there was a Ugh t attec alt fo r he com- peUe d Lewis ti defend Ulinse U « t tltnei bu t as t o the merit s ot }h e two men there waa no compariaon . I t !» «o b? hope d that some day Stophy nUy .PP»r wain to loca l riB« . Hot belter matched I n r.,^,to weight ^ lAk. .puttahma^,. TieL p.fe. ii^ Wacha an d Wyley was throw n on t b y Henry . I n th e secon d innin? tbe Dow - ney s scor^ thei r first mn. <>t, th e first ui'.ema n up . single d an d was sacrifice d alon g b y Henty; Thompso nstruc k oat , bu t reache d first when Wyley muffe d th e thir d strike . Moelle r double d t o left , scorin g Ott . Thompson was pa: oa t a t thir d when h e orersli d th e bag . Sheehan flew on t to' left , ending the Inning . When the Dewneys went V» i n th e fifth inning , th e scor e was even , eac h team , baring score d on e run - Buerlein . th e first batsman up . siogied: Ot t fanned; Henry ^t ft p&.<ts t o firj>t; Thompson fanned : Moelle r double d to rii^t . scorin g Boerlel n an d Heary. Moelle r get - ting t o third . Sheehan reache d first o n an error , an d Moelle r sccrod . Daurili a was thrown out b y the secon d baseman . I n th e eight h Innin g the Dow - ners score d ihre e more runs oa single s b y Ot t an d Henry, a thre^ haeger by Thompson an d Shee - han' s sacrific e fly. I n th e nicth. inning the Dow - .neys score d thre e more mna. o n a singl e b y Wacha. a lwo^>a»er b T Buerlein , a pas s to Ott . and dMble b y Thompson,. I n the eight h inning after two o f th e GianU were down . Thomas sing - led; Wiley hi t a lon g twx>^»agger t o cente r an d o n a rela y hy Buer - lei n t o Wacha t o Ott . Thomas was nu t oat at th e plate , th e I>est pla y o f th e game - Two fas t doubl e pUys by the Downeys were als o feature s o t the game. Thompson, the new first sacke r o f th e Downeys. showe d up well . The box scor e DOWNEYS 2 b ... 4 0 Wacha. ss < 1 Gelser . U S 0 Buerlein . c f 3 2 ott. c « I Henry, 3 b I 2 Thompson, lb .. 5 1 Moeller . r f 5 1 Sheehan , p I » Uberty 1 » 0 1 1 (' Sea Rover s . (» 1 4 2 2 Eatlerlcs—For Uber:*. an d to r Sea Ko-.crs . Cut - o-.:a an d Fucacci . wi D g.vt fai r and impartia l deci - sion^ What thes e umpire s say roes wiU i us . We are pcrlectl y wil!in! : t o hel p I ihi s Icaeu:? alcng al l we can . tut, p-el e repori o n ai l games in whrc n \canno t hir e a s:a<r c r dete^ fher c IS a forfei t .'warded , giving: tiv;. t o g o .ocopine sr^^ ao ^ i h detai l why a game was lor.,a»dlns ou t whether umpire s ar e felted . Hereafter . notic e of [ c vto s hones t aec-.slo=s. games take n b y forfei t wil ! no, te , The onl y tim e we ca n vev^rj. Scotmixed in th e s.andlnt : ot she , a n un.pire-|3 dec.s.o n club < unles s reporte d in a slsne d | ha s made a n e.-tor o n tnie s When statemen t b y ^plre. . ! ^^^'\r^^!! incidentally , ther e - ^^ir'S;'l^rtS\'^: tha n ia .goo d fo r th e league . If ; Then Uie. c have hee c a num - th e teams in th e leagu e desire , he r o f protcs' s ie=ard»n! : p.arcr s thei r leagu e t o go throug h t o a: above th e i:n>;t.^ finish, we wis h t o warn them tha t ntui t cal l upo n tb:^ hones. y 6 . the y inu.=: pit a speed y en d iDptie msrasers l o p'ar fs.ry much o f thi s protestin g a s wei i u I I t say tea m hrs rrco! ttat a - s • i th e reason s fo r it. | playe r c n a n oppositt c tea m i s lYuiirbow s 1 0 0 1 0 1 ^ - < s 33 Much o f th e protestin g has been, abcvc th e age Umlt . tha t tea m Richmon d Cub s 040B101.3 «—» , Markers Harbor A. C . _ - 0 0 0 3. p 0 Umrir<>—G.- Engles . CSsls^ S and Xola: fo r United . Jlciesmiaa.^ ^ an d Colter . L'mpire—Tucjlfr. Batteries—HiCkr and-,,J Bulger: fo r Marwins . an d McCullough . 4;mi>lr«»-Tb0fc!j | McGinneie . ^ ij Atla s 1 u ; 1 1 i< J I 5 ^ Independent , o 0 1 v v « f . Eaitcrics-^Fo r Atlas . Kayo an d i Eagles won thei r game fttmi • J l Fecter. ! iiScfcorics s o n a ft^eit wBfc n J g Blu e Bird s 5 4 1 t 1 1 — 1 9 abou t tuupire s apd tht e i s on e t roiit t which w e wil l no t interfet ^ with . It is a matte r tha t rest s entirel y wit h th e m^.itagt'is o f th e teams. It ia up t o the m t o se e tha t for th e interes t c f thei r game the y ar»ro:a t goo d umpt^s who -houl d submi t th e proo f (O u S i n writin; : ati d i f thei r arci-ation i s !OG3d tru e th e tea m urin e tha t playe r wit ! tc thrown ot n o f th e ica'rtie. Tha t alio -K Srol . ( Let u s pla y lliLs le«::o e strictl y 1 Tip Top Jr 0 O <> 1 I » cr. th e leiel . icllows . arj i -cut oo t Alpine ... '\-ft' liatterie s — For Clu. Birds . Scrrgt ? an d Atlas: fo r rainbows. Dtni n an d Edwa.-d.s. IXiiila n an d Singer . empires—riattlla an d DP Yotinge . Hickorie o n » '-J'\\ „,- Hickorie s tetuse d f o umpir e s decisio n In tS S f<«l11 i nln g an d continu e \ f M game. The Eagles were le«dias «; ibe tim e b y a scor e o l S t o t The tam-IUversid c bee n postponed . iSSrtSr 1 , , -i^^he\ Rainbows cUim tbt* 1 0 : 0 1 1 . 0 0 l-« wit h th e .\cmc s b y lorteit. ^ ^ mm 15 1 0 I S 5 7 13 UXCOIX GIANTS Poles . If 3 1 » I i Brown, r f 3 » » • ^ P«th«s. lb .... * • • \ • Tbemas, d 4 0 2 I » Wiley, c 3 • 1 » 0 Kendall . S b » • \ ® J Hoogin, 3 b .... ' » » ? J 1 7 1 7 1 0 « Score by innings: . Downeys -. f ? tl\ CcL Giants . 100»»e»«.®— on b«s«—Down«Tfc »: Glaitj. T . Tw bain IUt»-I>*nrflJ ^ Buerieln . Thompaon,Hoe^^ Wiley I. Tire. .on . SacrUte HW • sheeliMi , R«»«», <S«1«''- •le u baseti—WacJia . Buerl<tf ^ Ott . Poles 3 . KtmtolL Doo^^^ DEBtnu ^ THompMa: DMrtn^ a—off Sheehan, 4: M » . Passed brfJ—WD«r. Bobtiuon. TI— »' gune—l hour. 4 1 mliimtes . Sc . MdCerun. the Whether It is ndtt. fMm pi^uce. coal, n.erdou.«ise or aiiei rertle v,ne>-s. on the des^ or In MoS liidi i^ -oS^e job7 hanlinc their lo^^the Bi^eat^, AaUmx ^tt least «tpen«. It tak« tiini aid.^ « ncu«Dw:taw to.B^a^xe^ ae ^ tat wherever fi»l an Inter»itio«I Motor Tnick joU win a stisnled owii^. ' ' _ i Oail laotter YtttOf T to tbelr cr-Jt wbea tier defeated the Boowvrtt a « f M «» »• ^ Bvc iulBCS «b « is\* * ^ MXbfewei o f S Brnve. \'^^fV^ Statfs . wHh the latte r Jttvin * » t h ekrtter of. I t wMi lie » tW 1 . U i Ike Zlckel New TO. ^ Bans tilUBl atoe «»»• and itaotaa stanod with a ^o. crtai-to U|. « Ito Bcmii; •rtU\ autmmn wm a* «u«* - sTfdf iiii i. w jwn ot »»•. tlw . ^ultnKfc. No iaat'tei^^^ have to ha«l or .where with, a iais of te^iea! ^ b.t If U^t iati iniHmiiln are «i the job aad attkniK ««»* a>« w^. A nri-- ety et hUr style \ii typ*»—il-1, \\d 2 aim . ,. ^i^ irkm isM^b Mvm^^,-:,^^ Qm tilM ...A its ifi ..jaszlcif.'pDi^^

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