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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, July 09, 1920, Image 8

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THE DAILY «w -.Ui^v jmiDY eOESONeMIDr '•SBMMERTUR EXHIBITION . lit. By -aABJOKIE- (Vnam fi>r O r Fm'. • = rcMOT. rnrrim! i>»t. mxit Ml- ! WiCTt.Uuii. Uie Ji«iJ ; i , a te« bi« .iy »r u>e .ame •ritl' SUMMER TERM OPBSED TUESDAY. JULY 6, 19M rrandon-stevens INSnrUTL SEND FOR CIRCULAR CKS mduDoad XerracT, Ne w Brishto n mar Mt, bat the tact is ttot the went taJa, ioWa »hlch bandies a,g«,aiee aiid ToUes i» Uxree \Cation ^.bUe the ^r tniscreants --Itoee lot la cart IT^tSe HndMH wal and ennme al- cCTe mop bede-ed brows as 0.W Korth Pole garb at maid and matron. There ^ a day -hen llllady New Tork wOTld have emersed frmn the shop Into the torrid anue ot Fifth aTenne ^ Ercadway aH swaddled in her new bat this year «y that -women a little horse sense ^ _,Tr.as thtir prenialurely-wr- , ^-tuent, in vanlts where • oritf r dast Eor moth dotn roirnpt. i „„r thieves break in and steal. I U may be trtie that womankind ' ./...ins^sense la her Inr pnrcha ^ this year, but Mre for a song, and seven hun- dreS hocks and ninety cents Is :iow an even tbonsand. Is there a cxxt In H-at-r If so. farriers were, mis«^ wnen the Inlom^tion was passed abont. For. whether K be a seal trom Greenland a icy mountain or a mongoose from II^ dia-s coral strand, fonr figures and mayhap more are reflnired to ex- press its valne. But. to give even a ttirrier \lis dae (and we wager much will t e due.him for some time), never have tura been lovelier and more vM-ied. Even accessories as linings or to^ teners surpass in fabric Md hue these o( any former year. The past year s craze for the Oriental is per- sisti-j; into tic nelt. and Hamgs ap« Darrtattcila or Carmen-like In gi^rgeouaness. .Metal brocades, gold anl silver embroideries, heavy t o theils® who . tenfe f ruin 'I oth«.t; taUti PMBe Wist Bris^it M 168® and c3Trf»U pcr«.nal attcntioii. If yon Tisit the store yoo win Iroa th»-senric c a Ume an d M—«y saver. • HaiMmm Motor 0«l;v«rie» Throuahout the UUnd betjvktsient store Bl=ha..nd Terrace and To».plcin. Ptac. West New Briohton -TiJE OTOJU: Til AT SSTISFICE' trunks bags SUIT CASES STEAMER RUGS for ybu r vacation trip. Newer Summer Frocks - t w Btit arrivins so late in th e season they wardrobe. Organdy Dresses, - - $9.95 and $11.95 French Voile Dresses, - - $4.95, $6.95, $9,95, $11.95 SMOCKS Stnnnin„'. vouthful smocks of natural sHk shanturs . with dainty lo irhr •>> h.ind embroid- ery; cool and prac- tical: and th= ever nsetal poc- kets; Wonderful Value $6.98 other smoek.^ in daintv voile, pretty crepe, etc., at S1.9S to 56.19. KUMSI KUMSA SKIRTS for sport wear In blue, tan, white, lavcnderj orchid, yellow; in stnnning: st.vles: this hand- M>me silk fcs without rival for beauty and service, a manufac- turer s overstock to clos? out a t $11.95 Baronet Satin Skirts: white, tan, lavender at $1I..\>0. TUB SKIRTS novelty tuckinu, hemstitching, buttons and pockets, contribute to the smartness of these fine white sabardine skirts; a manu- facturer's overstock (mad e t o sell a t f 12 and $15) ; t o close out doopetoa. xgreen. line ^ winter fnrt* from seal <o leopard. , S .na Se coats with Btted sleeves are stUl nnknowa In the fur realm The prominent cut is \tat <.t Jhe toll cape flaring from the sho.^, unboVted . and with Handam sleeves. The dolman coat cut straight from shoulder to hem and unbelted is another prime favorite. The modish Kmg-waisted effect was shown at a fur revne by a coat « mole with waist extending well be- low the hips, from which hong a skirt of two pleated flounces. An- other novel eirect was shown in OT ermine model with three scall^ shpnlder. capes. Narrow. Kailo^ bSds ot ermine overlapped all the [ capes cnto the maln.^cape founda- tion. Many big. wriippy dolmans of gray ainirrel or mole ore shovtn. ??ese have long, straight back panels hioused a l3 Rastian at the • waLst. Back and sleeve are CMt: Wto a liarinB cape eBcct falllnE un».elte<l from cuK to hem. -^e „o, t .ipensl.e wr«. upon disptay -BO ejpeasi^-e that the eihibitor wculd not name his price—was ot tiny ermtne skins arranged so as to form a huge spKler web in front »nd back. The cape was barrai- snap.,!. the lncr«u«^ width of tte body being eirocted by a flaring circle of spider Another novelty was made of sable. The skins were run Irtm Ihe neck Inlo L deep bonier at the hem. then rts- versed and run abont the bottom so as to form a conlrasting shade. Hudson seol coat-s of thirty-sli length renuxl i the good old standb.v. contrasting hands of squirrel. Cana<tian marton. .<r Australian Oim^sum are used lavishly wilu Mil For -sport wrar are shown short coats ot le<ipard trimmed with seal, or chic, short coals oi mrle or squirrel with titled lines. White furs are liihoo. with Ihe ex- c-plion nf ermine which to he real- IV il faut must o-.-.iy lie worn at the right place at Ihe right time. WOMEN POLICE MAKE GOOD, REPORTS SHOVV l-ondcn. (By Mail.)—Policewo- men. who have been on a years probation, have proved ot very real service lo the country, accord- ing to the annual reports of Sir I.eoiar.1 Dunning. Inspector ot Ccnslabuiary. just pnhlishe,i. \The emplpymenf of women on police work.\ says Sir Leonard, like any other novelty, has been and is the subject of much dilfer- ot opinion. But there is no dcubt that.with regard to two evils —juvenile crime and Immorality— i the preventive work of the police- man can be better accomplished by a policewoman, ller very sei gives 1 her influence over the child whose 1 mischief lias brought him under Ihe notice of the police before the ' mischief takes the lorm ot crime. I and over the mother to wllse neg- lect the offense ot the child l^ so often due. \She can speak to the.Elddy girl betoro her giddiness makes her slip down the first step to ruin, as no man can speak without risking the accusation of undue interrer- ence which have so often stopped the ettorts of tBe police to save them from themselves.\ HELPFULHINTS Meat should put in cold] w»ter except tor making soup. ( '\iSoo^a and turpentine, equal will take out ]Ser cleaning brasses vt th salt ai vinegar rub with oUve o^ ^e aromatic oil of coffee is fre-.; ,u««y a cause ot ^ ' Broiled green poppers make a delicious finlshihS touch for a sUafc. HAS BUSTLE SASIT Open «iond»». Frida* Evening.^ 127.128 Richmond Avenue, Port Hichn -Telephone 203 West Brinhton mMTTAI of COUCH HAMMO( V and REFRIGERATOI Our entire stock of the fafl Englander Couch Hammocks Rehigerators will be- closed oi CREAT REDOCTIOMS IN PR< averaging from 107o to 40*] It wiU pay you to buy now at these pric put them away for next year. ' XHK WKAXBSR Partly cloudy todays Snnday fatr ; gentle t«i moderate ^»ing winds. ^ iiuI.WH mIM^M \BOIE TMDE Bonus BOK FKOSPOttn\ HTLAN Liberals in 4a-ER RAPS PLATFORMS OF PARTIES IN KEYNOTE The bnstle saah to the verj newest effect in evfening wrar. Thi. model la ot hydrangia UN leta. with a ritslng hem-line that. discloses an accordion-plaited un- derakirt'at the aide-back. Improvement Ass n. Meets Tonight A meeting of the Xow Dorp- Oakw oil Heishls Improvement As- sociaUon will be held at Currs's Hall. Now Dorp, this evening. A want ad. in Th« Dafly Ad-' vanco means a want leaa In your horn*. Fitted with Knst-proofSteeV Spring. Cotto^ tress, some with upholstered backs. 'Jr Can be had with or without stand and avi a t $7.98 I Pillow cases, either inilialled or j embroidered, always wear out on| top first. Cut them in two. and by putting the two lAcks togetiicr andi making smaller they will serve for 1 a long time. Parsley kills tiie odor of onion. Candied cranberries arc deli- cious. A red-hot stove is needless waste of fueL Iron round dollies from the cen- ter outward. Plngy beeswax can be melted and remolded. Bread is. more nutritious when milk^is used. Starr* that is stlrrcl with » parafine candlo will bo clear. It natlrons are sticky wash tl^en carefully .and dry thoroughly, j If yon must be economic on meat, be sure to have plenty cj milk. Honey can be uscfi instead ot sugar for sweetening custards. gCOWLS . Are often caused by straining- to see per- fectly. GLASSES Properly fitted re- move tlio strain and produce ^ILES CATurnlsch &S6ns lae. TM« BaUmark JcwelCTM • Staplcton * 'S80 Bay 6ti«et Port Richmond 20G0 Richmond Terrace, V. M OP THE BETTER GRADES White enamd, lined. Porcelain, and stone lined. A delayed .shipment compels us to ' dose ;tl«m out at ^ reduced prices. ' ' - •Ronw Ratunded U any Ptlrcha«e Is not Safistactory. atthough goods may be cut. Over Three Million ii I over production in Silks must be turned into ready ^i^sh^ «mce ie:Mumm*' . .r^KOO • par yard Wtor's is one of the stores in the coimtry selected bjf thfet^K^ostmanufa^^^^ goods. We hay^ ^^iM^^ sqld for ^ them 48,000 yards and will put on sale during July about.5Q,0p03nore yards of newest silfo of the Widest gKiae,^cli as Kmnsi ^ ' • ' •••-•-••-.--•.i^'.i.'-'lisc.i'ji-^- Kumsa, Satins, Taffetas, Crepe de Chenes and Jap SilHs. NEW MERGHANDI^ ^RECEIVED DAILY ARMYMAin PAYS FINE gommjend; Ccscheldt Retired OlUcer {!•• a 'Bouqafrt* The l«il 111 IW * Vlckd up h.v ,>tt»U1» h lorcycle iwilkpnien OW wook-rnd and holldtflP, « o,xmvlod three d»}-H IB 1 trate's court and Tolml^ I 100 cpscR, wera I N. w Brigliton cca^ (hfrieen oTendera. 1 In i.tacUcaliy all ,»»« guilly were enured, . WTiin Niclmol MC ehaulfnir nf ISO W««t 1 street, Mnnhatlan, and colivteud ol tM cycle OIBcer MaurM < celved the survriao Ot' jor William Jamlwn^ army olTlrer. McMitkB auited Irt-milsafon lO » I aeiions ot thr'olficwa I bracnd hinl«ol^ for Wlt reel banaem. I \I •«1»h lo In part MeCurdy apbko as \TO- army olllror, \Ute * Iowa: \The Kepuhlican bid is bold. I tho elflclenl and kw It reads out ot ita councils every I ner In which man and woman who ever Blood iremeiy uni.l<>a«Mtt j*; for any form of human rlKlita. 1 The ntheni adopts a piatform that evades. L^ero: EusoOO eq^vocatei or ati^ddloa nvory iiv- van altooC; Ing Issue: pavea tho way tor ajijuj, .umea : war by which. In exchanse for tho j . live® and treasure of the people. cJiarlM lAMI^I Meaicnn oil shan be delivered to neach: Antoiv:. W the inlen»u: endorses iho Jntam-la,), road; Jwiwii' ous EechCummins bill over ihejij-n; John-J, protest ot farmeia. workoni and oh.rie, 7.oHnw,,\» informed ciUioOT, nnd coiurtstchtly leianj; Mil* ciowna lu -work, by nominatug \ Brooklyn; «»ndldato for president a provan, I i,„ii„n. and Iliw fj •teady. whoel-hotae politician. 1 s • guataJiteed to stand without liltdi- ing. who leaihed all tiic poUtica he over learned In the aalisCactory and thorouth Khool of M^^j^ flUnna and Joseph B. IMrakCT,! •way hack to tha pilden age mark- ed W the Sl««>i«a'Oil acandala.] „ .b^ds the iirty of Al.rah«n TM Frewfc.J to U,. lii l day. of It. uhamed In lU aiiTU. MPrlM of a a O'hO^' greedy phitocracy. than bold: 11 U braxen. Sj -With mfld thi. cffllMrf; only claim. , muitoet^ttjrtii® pr^d^ - Mou^ lo U\ Ueneh ^ Says Convention Is Called to Meet Inastent Demand for New Party Chicago. July 10.—Abolition ol privilege was made tho slogan ol the convention ot tho ComniUiee of 48 to the keynote speech today of Alien McCurd.v. New York Wly tcmporan- chairman BeratlnB the Rcpuhllc,tn and Democrtllc parllM as \bold bid rfers tor tho opt«rtunlly lo be agent of tho rapacious interests for the next four years.\ McCurdy declared the present convention had been called ' to discover whe. ther a political party vrtlh the aho- lllion of privileges as its para- mount isdue can be created.\ McCurdy reviewed tho platforms of tho major parties and asserted <hat the party leaders \are without the vision of slatosmanship. iho courage of leadership or ihe con vtotion of patriotism.\ He said there \Is not a word In either plat form that might not hnvo been written and endorsed by a conven vonUon composed ewlusively ot corporation lawycre and Wall etreet bankera.' ITOGEI Bl lynM^O ~ iiimip^ — - dnni of ttei wr- irtmoal tno_wni| . ^ , Mr-' » French t •aid for butUe trii^ •roll da U CtnTalln\'! by ihe'*f c9imuo»i tUB WC -\ TSS uT. gi^u Of m and eutonneot coBitiBOtion. iSS nittita . »l»t .pBnwriulo\ . .^^.i^IW* thi^ 0.e !«!« « the'imrttw^M^^ eot deound for > niwr »«ty artMtlon. jwl; to »> j\® — 'kMikin mtimi htn^ti- - <ai« fi-r ouihj to Jiw « ii wIadmiu H iU u» •b, f«md to • Aott vtMUtm > IM0|< •te I ^ •lUoi; Wa Pay Yaur .tertaM -r-: Mmk Clarka tar^a p ^^ TFfE HOME OF YAfeDSGQMS , / \fAtogNNtn* ••yoniM'IfiVI

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