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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, July 09, 1920, Image 3

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•••• • i. t nwec; Jra- —~ ; OK nwpi* vm-teats, 7.3.1(1, ,1,1- •• an Txyiar St. 1 i iiiii^'i „ U»Tei-ll»14 o n TxrUn - stmrt a»t«a iT sacTjri Htsrt as- SOTdW ; - \J \ : It'ha t«<=« oMno'^ , br th e Fatter; WHEN AT THE IMOVIES thw ; rJmrri . 5=<l «•!, n atai-iir lairfi »ai i«! « ; of 115- > roar Batton r Iqr parkk q TERRACE GARAS oizrfreeeHi* Temes That Bains | Bea r Theitt* _ llepai r an d S«i»iu « Statfa ^ E 1-W W- Font o f Xarth St. FncMMQ-i a SOZICV CiLUlI'lUU ^SSS^rf EitajTOHi. su-ncB I . IS- ««»tii -r HAJUIT w. 1 vXjt ut» ^ Co«nIT J> I TO prr^t tl«e - ; .Jan- -r EiT.r«: tt GMrte, • 1 • t-rt t^U*. o«UT* xitm Ml | ! ; -W TarK CUT, i; .tsturtu cam- BAnsES. HJU.CST .- ATHING .Vt thE Qeanest. M<js t Tp-to-date Bradi on atalen Island GRAHAM (odjoms ilidland Beach) aesn. tip-t(w!nte. first cfcis s scrvice. Toa tath= here van wffl ahrajs patronize ts. 2000 ROOMS i_\ri;e swnnnNG fool FREE TO C.VTHEK5 every cvenins-AVfek tors Mc. Smriays 50c. AaV*NCE—«an«»r«l i of tlmw W ^t^tf.^.ortnatcan b^owainml. ^ hav e bee n t a «m«y ^ tti«n . -nn. dimrtor y -il l app«r ' to taiy. or yuu wzrrt prefesslensi SOTTiMi TBS C GCTEKAZ. ACTO LOTm:. ^ J-VD saEDi. <.^LEK^ klnA »a r tisa^. «ny iirr, - - >r JTV. a^r VOtd-W: St. J - i' ^ Cji ^ Briciuon. j«t L • •• TMU Prtca^cra. *<»c« nrasFS wxsT bbxcstovj C 7<m a^ piumpt, i MUt d«ii»MT •emr r wfcrr*-, mny in«»dfrat»_l .. r^,. a»»r» t» iMir t iR»t«-i guratabfO. •I-^- »n<'r Huann-M aiannw a - •\- r» 'w • ruruiJai* «ua - - - . • tar ma<i -.to Taci OW- TOW13H4 ^ X.OC-M» ' U^-Al sc \T Jwmr. <Uy a r «ii »«w t^uion SianiMa r:sa rmio x.\axxr. sot j; T-r » i'jrt nicaawmO. T»i. an^i.r pW W^i ari^t. OESXSUI. ACTO TKCC noTinar; br bosr. tt«d « r 4 trsrt : «ii«(alpiiMnx ta r i I 3MU. S Ton < . « r a ivi . ^Wai I iin^wk lOH-l^ WmC BrUtS^TiM. STATE W tSLAMO . NEW YORK- FRIDAY . JUUY 9, 1920 PAGE THRE tiOINGS OF THE DDFFS EXPECT BIG HELOS IN S I. TEWHSTpytYTHISyEftR ... SnHcs TaarazncBt Starts at Cliftan Angnst 14—Singles duoipionship Slated for Country Onb September 4. ^ B y TES PLAT. ABBoancemei ha a jast be« n made b y the tonrBamen t committe e » 4f<Ltiie Slaten Utead Tenai a Lea^se tha t th e loca l stoele a an d double s Champimiahi p tonrnajiMaits -wfll again lie hel d thi s year , an d fro m pres - ' ent indicatlonB botll tourney s premis e biffKer fields an d i>etTer compe - » lltta n than eve r before . Wtlch Is Kijins mnch , fo r las t year..nlilc h . prerion s aeasons . boi a toomaments brongh t fort h bis fields smd excellen t eompetition . - • Sim I t aeena to h e s*r e to make the predicUo n tha t on r tenni s i chrasiianship s ads year *11I lo p a3I th e prertoo s ones . Last yea r I nw but a starre r i n poet-w«r aoarttles . With the impetu s gaine d las t | Mason, emhnslasm i n tie coort \ ^me seem s Jo b e iravelin K alon g at, • a sreater dip tha n ever an d interes t i n tenni s appear s to b e erer on me incnase- •n»e doable s tomney. the committe e inncmices . will b e held , as his t year , cn the clay court s of the Clifto n Tenni s Club , beginnin g Aacast 1*. The amstes toamament -wm b e hel d oil th e tnr f conr' s of the Rictamm d Count y Cla b beginnlns . a.i i n previou s years , o n the Saturday prio r t o Labor Day , September i . La M yea r -was tire first lim e the double s loamey wa « institute d am i Us pr.pular;ty wa s estab - lishe d fro m th e first. Frti m report s emanatins fro m the. yarious local 'club s to th e effect ( a-id tha t b>>th will hav e t o that bit fleMs dre preparin g t o j jjc risbt up o n Their mettl e to re- te r the hom e clu b tourjmmenUs . it , [hei r laureiii. _ca n b e taka n fo r a certaint y th.-it | i,^., alread y wo n th e lilJe amons th e bi e OeMs tipecte d to , ^ ^ ^^^ occasions, whil e Ke n Fishe r , star t In the tw o championshi p tour- , ^^^^^ previouHly accoanlo l f<.r _ - nament; , tfc ^ seasc n the ™ wi n ^ . champion.,hip . Bot h ^^J^iVj The \ challraie, \ th e matc h many ne w faces . haT» beo i i n th e same no w .lu.te a • J\ , t^e to o 7Jf™\^' few years . The y wii l be cniied up-^ ,, thes e ne w faces ther e ar e ap t t o be. ^ ^ ^^^^ , •\'y Beac h to o • -sclera l wh o irill gire th e present , ^ vounBstcr!-. and , thoug h . • . , „ t«.Ider s are Al Caws e in th e san-. ^ompeiitjo n concerne d ^e m !s sltpp^-RB well aloTJS l a ' Caw^ .nd Kennet h D. ; finds buddin g yo«t h jnmpmg t o the -eu. ^ ^^ ^ K ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^^^ J^^bef in th e dmiblej*. Thes e tw o j 1 ^ i-i a r^ul ,, Nct?.;g h>w Jhese tw o veteran s j jns'ch. St]\\ wit h Rreax wer e onnaeHtmnaUly th e r^^ing ; ^^^^^^ ^^ ^^^ onslaufht « j ^^ ^ of •piaytTS on Stat«i ^land •ast . ^^^ Tonng.steVs sT.ould ; game , h e ho fera.-e a« vear- A'^ fa r is kn-JwH. the y ar e of th o moFt intrrestio K featnre a ^ ,jt!e. . -^tiU th e tiro lei.iin u exponent s t>f. m ronne<tlo n wit h th e tw o toar- j ^^^^ boime d th e cour t gam e in oar mM^ t t.Jdoy • • . . •antace . Announcemea t ha s been • mad e liat beginnin g wit h t^nior- I ro w evening , a t MBloney's Dancin g Parllicn , a t Sout h Beach . Pez^lli will open i»p wit h a summer seaso n of vrrestling exhibitions . A n offer ha s bee n mad e to giv e an y Siate n Inlande r a dolla r a ralnu'e fo r ever y minut e o p t o fifteen minute s h e manage s to sta y wit h Perrell i a t Grffco-Roma n styJe. Her e shou'.J t>Oja:i excellent op- portunit y fo r thos e wh o las t wm-1 rer took u p Perrelii' s offer to thrar - • an y thre s Statei i I.»lantlcrs inside . of an hour . For som e reaso n o r . other , thoug h thre e youn g fellow s . • - .At.... —eK^ vncif^^ I Bo r in ^-port. qaalit y usuall y fol- Iffws f a th e wak e of increase d quan - tity . It is aimus t a fixed la w In. the worl d of spor t tha t the greate r th e number be<'ome*#in rotnperttio n • tfte ^eex>er an d stlffe r become s th e rnTCTietitiOR- H^ece . whil e w e are • Tir fron i wHlin g t o predic t th e ney s JOHN rBlSUK!.:. ! OFF AGAIN . j Siatc. i l-lar.r l morfe ind 1 mrnt ^ wrr ^ rr.id-» fr.r sem e of :h c — I ha^kin s t a t-.Xe u p wrextlln - Lcok » a s thoug h som e of thos e p^rrenj misrht mee t .h!f W-i^erloo. wKr y-xi wint- vtri-c rmmori-ic:in fact , we hcv c a notio n P^rrel.'i fo r a\. hanc t a t .Tohn PerreJli's | wnil d w.^iom e «-urh ^ Iw^m ere n titl e of Si-te n Islan d heaTyw.nsh t a t fh- cxpen- e o? \tos.ns t-reatle r will be aw-rded a cham-e» PIrrell i hu ^ d'-vcted all h: s lif e t.-> i^^ H .hanSd ibe-se nroTO themselve s WT^TtUnj:. an'1 prtMhly ncthins bi c bojp t c n Srate n •„«nsacerrainry that,h^winl» rpp.VAunlt7To\ad. ! c n infractor. Perrel: : «p ma!n.- t >he sliir...t sor t o ; com- ab. e to l«m ^^^^^^^ . ^ ^ sjrrlcc . hav e claime d t o be. the y shoal d he :t tak e KEARNS HOUNDS GABfENTIER . FDR MATCH WITH DEMBSEY. \ cat bidder. Toledo, Phll:}^^!!^!^, Bento n Harbqt an«l several othe r citie s ar e said 10 hav e mad e Ulg ofTrrs. ^ Th e -millio n dollar** bids of ftie wiute r ar e missing , however . On o . offer of $ri00.000 fro m a ^^ndicAto . wontin g to stag e th e fight a t Cone y •- Islan d is reporK^d ' l o haN-e be^-n made . Te x Rickard . promote r of th e nemnwv.Willarx l fighU said t o l>e vrhcnn th ee Frenchmarenchman n .tea . .etli upp \\ I'S^. SS th e Mv oratin g in brclten Ilnglish icda y h e would mak e n o alter a t tHU . t \irfld me to him.-* 1 ; '^l.t^riSriS tfK;.: .oC k rvnir^e y Will M ^ ivorli t. call th « h::n.l- <.; t;.o - world' s hearywelsht charapllTOslllP;-., rrr-tirhir.cn h. MrM li.cy Icv. v H-t-^ fe r H,e first tim e aCTlnst Bill Hr^;;;, uflay fo r France . r >»« ^ho arfl - !-• 1 ele s wer e sisne d toda y b y Jac k I to^o- ^itt h.. wa^utiOe r ..it.art ' \-.'n.- a t Ih e principals. DMllnn, Brif.s!i\ r.roraotcr unti l I?:.'. Ui:t | >•>«• Orloaiw hav e hM to r Ih o last niKht h o jud.lcn'.v rcmvJllMrtxl i .ll^it wil h price s ranjins r Iron i »«.-. - it an d said if Keami wj.-.ted t o . 0 to SSu.Cnd tor ilie clKimp's «er . ToM He Will Ha - e to Go to London lo T;'.Ik Fisht , i B y IlEXll Y L. FAilUEI.L . * : nitt^l I'rcss Staff Corrrrpo i.-frnf.) . .Wit h Jacic Kcaxii-i n-itl Francoi « Dcbcamp s bot h in tow n the Ilemii- sey<!arpeatie r flRht Fcctns nj nCiir- cr a realit y tha n it Nras month s aR.t whe th r ctea i ;et u j fljjht h ? would hnv c to go dci ( L-on- ViCt'S. Havin E raiieti tlie han d t! of l \LoaJon . nothinK.-' Kcan:' . .-aild. C c ;;<.-. Citnicnlir r an d fiad.n s i^je, • -Hei V I am . th e inMascr cf the, y.-cj-.cl: Mn toul.i not tntiko s^ r^ world' s chcronion. pinctlca'I y ran - l. s tilallmKCS. llcams Ruined hj«. .,r nloK th e ciiaJlenKer out of th e I utentlon t o a pile ot olTers for-a couiiirv fo r c. ti^ht—.and • j n > n... . .j... sdy i to cam e on eve r to I.intloti/' . uif l Billy ari.sktv ; foicini ; th e so— I mcn y me n clnsc Take a portable Victrola with yon on your Vacation. The IDEAL instniment for the BUXG.\LOVV o'r to carry along on OtrmGS. Con-renient for both outdoor or indoor use. and always ready at your command, to famish the latest and most tunefnl dance ntnnbers. PHONE or WRITE ns for a demonstxation right in your HOJE cr BL-NGALOW. , Convenient terms to snit ffiRRMABS'S VlCTHOlil SHOP \TTTicrf Ftcto r Srrvice li At Art\ con. BEACH an d VA N DUZE R STS . $23.00 S33.00 T=mp.62f STAPLETON Tomp.224 S In th e h^-y-day o t hi s career . Per- reTil wa.^ know n thri>nghout th e c^iuniry. In rerar*! t o th5s w e re- call 3 funn y c ie tha t happene d to t us jus t abou t thi s tim e five year s ;laso whe n w e ble w int o I.^uISTi m ;hn connectio n wit h th e Prairi e Schoone r Expedition . On e of th t ' fir?t word s popp^'d a t u s were : ~Com e fro m Staie n Island , eh \ I s John Perrell l up ther e yet? \ \D o yo u folks know PerrtH I dow n herer * w e aske<l. -Wel l I shoul d sa y we do.\ cam e th e response . -Perrell i onc e did , som e grea t wrestlin g in thi s town. - foiclng the- sentiment s a good . lirt n»a n «il l b o tb f bM t cjjiil. mcn v me n cl=&c to-bsslng aiTasrs.. th e charopIob.'*\Kearluiif':|^ •KeaTOS cxpresre d Ihc belle-'' t«>doy } afttr signing . . j| , tha t Carpentic r wa s r u inlr g awa y . The xnfeting yosteiM' an d tha t h e neve r would rftura to, Kearn s an d th e Frenc h tarattmi^^ Amerfca . 1 out jus t as prt-dicfSuT \KwiM^^ \If \I ca n get Descamp s it a con-, oppncn! th e mectJn g -vriih a fihori'\^ ferenc e I'll thro w dov m th e paper s j histor y of th e Frentfliimm's actllrlt»,'- wit h m v nfime on the m fo r % fight l >>» s^ h tnn^ad : JONEST n.SS A NEW ONEL 1 Harry Jonesi. who onc e handle d 1 Youn g Mitchell, on e of th e greates t ' natura l fighters eve r produce d on ' State n Island , is toutin g a ne w one. i He is Jo e Gonther . of Por t Rlch- 'mond. who . accordin g t o Jonesy , is ' goin g to hi t th e to p \a a sur e a s you'r e boTO.\ Gunthe r weigh s 150 Exci-rsiiv K a«»HTK.«5 _ - -zy.sr— P U fwrt Richmend. —nu fntxmx. m MM^MI^?. TiMtr iiii—iT Cm^ tmcifeEMm. S2 OaklaaA^ Lia. -..•Ti \ TC*-- w««r Brt^^aa . Brt«jiT«m. 1M.X. ID to 40 Per Cent REDUCTION SALE on our High Grade MEN'S, WOMEN'S AND CHILDREN'S SHOES and OXFORDS nound?. an d tbo.<a who hav e »cen hi m i n a te w ctiEasement s sa y h e Is mad e u p of snm f miBiity promla . in g material , a fellow wh o ca n tniu it aa well a s (five it. Uunliie r wiil fight tonigh t a t th e imperia l A. C. ANTHER^NS AT ROBIN hOOB Niiietee n sljootens turne d ou t fo r th e Robi n Hoo d ehoot . w.-is wo n by Joh n .\niher s of Klizabeth , who was hig h r^zi \with 46x30. Joh n als o wo n th e ::2.3'ard eveh t -witit th e scor e cf Z2>,2Z-. J. Kohon t wo n th e begianere ' even t wit h I6s25 . ; considere d verj - good fo r th e first tn' a t clay bir d shootine . The score s fo r the 5«-biM even t were a s foUow.-v. G. F . Hutchlng s ST; F.\AuHtfn . 33: L.. ScofiMd. 32 F . Colton. 43: G. Jones . 39; F Rucknam . 42; O. Smith . 23: O. Smith . -3S; K Stillw.isrn . 26: J. Housman . 33: C. Stillwagon . 11; J AatherA, Af>: G. Conelley. 39; F. Fetc-hn»^r. C.>; K. Thiearrti . 2S: G F . HuJchin;^.^. F . .Vutft^n. » : i- Scc^eld . 13; G. Jones . 1^: F . Buck- nam, 16; G . Smith . U; C. Smith , 12; C. Slillwafjon . 1\; J. Houseman, 16; C. Stllluau'on . IS ; J . .>nthera. B««lnnorR' ovent . 23 blrtlR—J- 'Xohout, 16: J . Ilentz . 12; E.' Jln- i kerFon. S; R. Jtnkp. 5. EXPECT K.O. IN A want ad . in The Oall y Ad - vanc e m«an « a want V» y<*»» , home . Jelf iSmilh an d Johnny Howard ar e both resolved to score a ksoclt. out ia tijWr bout a t th e .auditoriu m Sportin g Club, a t Pert h ..^mboy. N . J., \next .Monday -eight. Bot h my th e affai r 'A'iil no t last th e limi t of twelv e rounds , bu t eac h claim s h e will emerg e th e victo r by th e K.O. route . , in thei r previou s matche s Smtt h an d Howard .showed the y wcr t evenl y matche d ove r . th e eight - roun d distance . The extr a tou r round s thi.\ tim e Is eipectc d tc bri-.ig ou t the bes t ther e is in bot h an d it is figured tliat a knockou t wil l en d matters betwee n th e eight h an d twelft h roands . Smil h ha s a .great knockou t rec- ord . fo r in hi s many year s itf the rin g hp ha s stoppe<i mor e oppon- ent s tha n havii gon e th e limit wit h him . .In th e las t Sew month r Smith knocke.1 ou t hal f a do=cn middicwcighu ' an d liBht heavie s in Englan d aid France . IIowa^^ als o is a terrifi c puncher . lO d fe now Betting Uie benefit ot trainin g ii h Fred Fulton . TUIb >cn«-Iiiiat bon l of eigW rounds wa s ^ arrange d las t nigh t an d wi n hr''\: t-^TCther a pai r ot ligh t heavyweishts; from State n Island—Walte r Doliovtn . o t Wes t JBrlgbton, an d Al Wabe . of Staple s ton . The latte r Is Pnlton' s spM^ ring ^artner , an d wtl l probabl y b e !>econded b v Oempsey' a .tmw t 'per •Isten t challenger . Gran t Cit y Break s Eve n The Gran t Cit y Basebal l Clu b brok e even In a doubl e heade r yes - terda v tak i iB th e Erst same fro m Roosevel t Sttrs to 1. I n th e sec- on d gam e tSe»Le\*alhan s gav e the boy s a toug h fight, winnin g ou t 4 t o 1. Nex t Sunday th e Gran t Cit y tea m wiil lin e u p agains t the Klch- motid Cub s a t Midlan d Park . For games , writ e Georg e Wange.istein , 4C Lincol n avenue . Grant Citi% o r phon e Ne w Dor p 97-M. C<ib« Mee t Gran t City The Richmon d Cub s wii l Irare l to Gran t Cit y Sunda y an d tickl o th e fas t Grant Cit y tea m of that, section. The Cub s hav e been'go- I'lg at a fas t rale lately, s o a good game is expected . The Cob s have , a n tatlrel y ne w llne-up an d are no w cbnfidajit the\ , wil l giv e the' iunin - (earn s a tgh% fo r th e title . | Th i b'itltJrlrs to r th e Cub s will b o McKcever , who is pitchin g grea t ball thi s season, an d Mickey,' th e Cubs ' ne w catcher - wit h m v nam e o n the m to r » fight an v tim e an d cell hi m t o sign o r admi t tha t h e • dtiks m wan t t. fight,\ KMrns saTd- want mor e tha n a tore .statemen t thn t h e Is comin g bac k t o this country . Le t hi m pos t a forfei t that b e will com e back . That' s the bes t wa y o t provin g hi s sincerity. \ -.Keams'also said h e would InsU t tha t the CarpeBtier-Levtosk y fight h e calW off befor e h e sign s fflr the champion . Keams say s h o is wHlIn e lo sig n an d pn t the fight op fo r the hlgh - ies in America , bo w he ha d challenge s .bjojdfast an d s-way -when h o tria d t o pin dow n to tbesQ. . am here -with J-OB ntnr,\ saitl. leanin g ove r t o DejM^pc a m read y to sigit, pos t a Torlelt pu t th e boa t up to th e Mgh«» t dcr. \ - Throug h a n Int camp s said he wa s tii disctiM th e aeht under Ma sIonB of a contrac t -with iContmtea m Po|W «.»' Tr XT '-.I. — T^tv. r— Trmimi n. clxtlxs • kM*. T-.irr^tr*. \-•tmrrn. A rot CirktcMHL. MOVrSGT wyL AT'SIOKRH X.XC i«>»ri> I JUfO (W. B. r. Ok I nio?: K » W. B. irfir* ]»•«-• rrMM T %. XL • • 1 [The wen known Hur- lley Shoes and W. L. Idoii^ Shoes for Qneen Qnality I ghees far women, and lur. p«w«'» Idien's aad Gr«wl«e Icirl^ Sboes. ;. r rrv K < r i its;-.; pjuyTiya ASD DCC LAUNDRY Ttin Van Kafl Lanndry SayesM »« K3 C0I.1,ECT «m: >i ; Wrt z* 4 >1 ; .'.r-.-j.-.!. w • fV-. -(A I-MBdrr. T>-mcik SiixnMn IttYtMr. Urt.TTSZSZ \ njttx. BE-ximm, i XX* n%t.t. . t.« th«r ; urif TnaiM^ a la.'M .i: r ^ \tif^iaf RMI df-norKitiK;. I C. S{Biiau4<ra A^rvLsp nt'-el. L^'rp, i m HELTON saw kssfff^ asA i Sra an ! ^low irMnm: Tt 143 Wtmt £tUt«n eSJaabarsv. tXT ITS mKJt TOC m J TR-tcrnrKT- w* 4o ' haacin*. aud aU klBtf* a -^MStar-*. X . I T. ansa* t S^ 9U W a . KE9-M. rnLHT rubtrt wa L HKhflff\^** ^ uer ormib «I2L50 Tan »slk i«aOO' -Tan Oxfords laso The rea.son for this great reduction: Late season and late deliv- eries ot merchandi.se. We hare jnst receired a ' large shipment of men's Oxfords wlilch win be sold at a great redaction. HUKLEY SHOES $18 Brosnre Oxfords nS-W Ita Oxfords $1230 $14.00 Tan Oxfords fU-OO IHIIIl WE SELL So meat—No harUw«re—N o clcthe s ONLY QoaElr Supreme —Pare and llnadntterat«rf Hops .nd Malt Extract . TabiBB.'crewns, Rubbe r Stopper* . Cappin g Machines , Etc . 100 Richmond Arc., - - Port HichmoBd Waxt t o P«laM Theatre 1 A Trip Worth Taking At our'ShoW l^efliw Saja' Tho • AMERICAN SIX West MohtOA Auto ArOvvs Defea t Cotcre d Gian U ' ' Tl: c Arrow s debated the fas t Westfield coloretl Gisaf a a t Arrow Oval b y the scor e ot ii to 4. The game was marked ' b y <as t fieldlnc b y bot h tenm s and timel y bltanB by tiie Arrows . The featur e ot^ th e gam e wa^ a runnin g catc h of,' a line driv e by T . Bethos , th o A^ rows ' lef t fielder. , ; The scor e by innings : » t' •Bmield OianUOOOOOOSO 1—» ^^ * r- « 0 O * i,'' —\ r JEBtSirl^lToe CoJo« ptatiS a-. a iluckie ; to r Arrowij. ^ Memcsse l and Finley . Elms Lcs o » i r»cerlet s 1'ho Elms'were defeate d b y th e stron g Pverlc.W nin e of Lon g la- b y 'be scor e of S t o fi. Me- Keovcr , pitchin g fo r th o first tim e In four years , struc k out seve n th e first eigh t me n t o fico hi m a*»d IhBh ha d to reUr a patte r tSTOWln* bli:»rm ont Vope l the n too k hi a plac e an d -pltched^fin e ball , but Tds 'taam mates \m^e si x errors . wUic h were tetwonslbl e for fire ot tbe ylaltora'. runs . - Jimian Ptan Bloek Dance . Ushers ot the innfaf; Ota» T Bnoaiig As«>ci»tion ol lUtaunoiid Ccontr ire mailV p«W«MtloM to r tlie hoidto g ol a;ti1i>dc.<laiiice t o • fc. 1 lf.6 irflMt 1 The'Acid Test of Shoe Satisfaction \^ is Weat* WITH fiyinft colora RALSTON SHOES . pass;tlie «e^ice test. They iive yo%. \Vatuev recejlyed\ and. that la •ital-consWeratlon these ' days.. .1 Sutiivan^ Shoe Store^:; tiELLEZZA, 768JW0 Kidim^ Ave., P« U w nw hibira , tWdata ms a plyeo . li b a Miioiiaca d fctar- fbt txtet wM • loWrd • flie Jonlor' ceec s wiu , Orter BntWIol t A»»o<iaUoB taUfr, iiii: tnna . • ,' v FCimi AMaOY, K, J. My 12, / STAA BOOT . • Twalv a . Itoinrf a • 4 JEFF SMtH ii^WBOfYMOIW*

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