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-TMC: Duuur , isol kiwrfmr mrt c::i Trt\ 11C1..S mi ftiqur-rf ... =rtrT etmj !onn t»r » lo b» «» 'J' cnnn=; Md no Tima tuc atstinca » E«ffll«c=a! errr COT- » \\ TiiJs ennrenHs. • -31 im-.-.l -.seif cmrp««itiaii a CTOwdr-a ctr. cOTrtrar i* ^ u-iT- mml nrom »> i Prr- ur^lr : .T .if ' Uradj mianixnni. tar tm cumuj i! =«•> „ I»rt nnirailhnEOi tnd iinimmt^ , r-t ic-S i„; . r.-. UW declare .taptwJ -l-rir «!»t» in Tf'.n w-re HtaniUm: is roarrrsT Kaa Mfffcin ON PARADE Wind.- Dav at Semler's SBd- land Park flfft *• ZAtruitsctfl77 kou*. fosQXDicli- i'^T^iriTia'n * lie Calcrrs: Ptedsisc ^^ fjtft addresH, Jaden 4 Tienara: address. J. A. Bw m'tdlaiefr after the exerti aserembUiec' formed In line j aded ta SemJnr'B Miau ' •where Xhtf slhlctic brJd. Thr fjrflflnrlnir are Uie tbe stiiietic events: Serried men's race—Wa^ viaa.: Earight, Mwmad^S xtti^ Tsannr men'» race—Wg, Lariai E. Dotr- second; tUirt- , ^ OcmkGT race—Woa hy bert; Ajm» Caleau aecoc Exriiwowd, third- Facarto iac»—\Won^by , liardt; Virctaia Shanks, 3Xarrted woe «: i ' s race^i. 31m . Grzatz Hj-s. Cnffej; 1 Eiaiiiliiff race (boys Wos \ST Vltielll; Varated..-i Griffla. liird. Potatfv race (xifis 12 Wan by 3far:» CartJs; ner, icecond. SS-yard dash for -wa by Mrs- Triaaler; Mrs. end- 23-yard daab for girla —Wnn by J. Riwt; J. At mrri: Anna Caleca, third. Grant City lost ttie baS gjil I LirriTiians by a score ot On tbe cumznlttee of « \\\ : were: 3. A. Cngemarh. I Charlps Peterwnu Richa ' ner, G;ibrtel CsaXu Fred i , Walker. lia»ry S. rn withi^re'J EilmisTon, Ga IP W^rUimulIer. Kirbr, G. L. GrUten, F. 1 .. Mart:a Herbert, ,Aosast j Charles Wbitakrr. il. Sh • cf. •tiwna -.f nmnt Cirr andrr j.- Lecoccu : - I the -Mayv: . : ^^ jj^jer. Carl J. ' ^d iUH:ci RicrJ, . i IsJ^j^saracei J PbiDip^. H: Phelan. -xa 1 --ft iwnul^ -i wixxcH was .ui S'.'l TU f-TVJ UJTli^ ' r iiantJ, • \ \ aaiJ «mr First ta- . r- iudfs lu ADVANCE ADS. BRI RESULT! Hair jJrowth iSJxTn. JbSsr Ewt BriitJa. -mmM nmtui ^Ml^w^htfraixmarwhMircrr'w^ ^ — - 1——.—* (IS ; •«. I w.* • i -T.\* airw. , - ' \tL - tfTZ I I IIP^ • ^MP . . _ . — — — _ . \iNDL^S ^rp^ O^ H^^ GROWTH ~A» a tSM r UserrmiP^* «S trr--ar v^rin^s ba^irlauaM. tc-^n. cpaeuiuta , femnmcl*. I axaw mgratt, m dMrz^tam I&diss -awjin^i -mbo h-O. I irf rul* f-'tx X i* • tTT»L_ T» IS drrmlBT\ » «a bT bsis W^ aa ] y^Ktr.ta! Aayfc. - , . . . CtTtiMtj, il»» ht»ir jw^sir luni art SBt_i tb •eUo, > \ \ gutttT gwafcta-growth I ••ii«ia—a^w How YOU May Grow YOTO • lUBT^ fS VMT- OMM t^ fafeTPqty «T»a w»«« th» kmir f«a <«i» liraasi «l»adraiS, . mratm mr <««im atW «>• Mlp dUwtUrs. XiM TTTiarWT —Xb«*s S T«*rs »r xmn «=aretir I KIOTALKO raw FAUJI«C HAOI sxLzyiGS. OANoratJFr BasyDraz Stores lUmU r-*Forwr —T^ wholw •( JST hr^d. •• t&» sntsk of KT Ictr XS saxaf crul si Us« I Msram Ko- tkln.- Vr toll «9ata sn wmwt asv; tha growth is rwA^T •Jwort ioBlM*.** S_ .W. JCitb^ »r«t»: •TC •TW. enanlrt^ telX. m^sM fc«tri8H*w ^tnnsr eine* r nsd jfrc. KOTALKO cnnrara KL&S cik UA < _ 3 tMTwlintt •«>• iAr-b Baud's aolp ami iuc^ Fi»Ui*«IT «B» a^ilBiittBUT taii- pnpmtiMt ' Kpm i—> Vv XDTAMa Uw Arav Miir«. Or >* itil^t eowie w drac anr Tbtvw S UK*. Ml \inn n S3nn M tolAMSTHX, Orl I C«l*«T.«r>tHSp*i. ..wwUl TBOOrBOX-t wUk W3W t» .Uiinn** PJaPTUITr, im tnmt BATDI - luia. ixaic y*T.T.rva. m S m «f KortTum, liCTT ml > j^T THOOT BOX no wsla.. MM i lOHM HAHTBHrnAIBI.fai:;.BAJ*.a»BnaF.N««-1 sciemtiftc rcyulatim of heat to nifr; KCBfle to Mlfciite shiftus St^ Island's TroleySenlGe Must Be Restored VOL. XXXIV DAHiX NO. 639 the home newspaper of staten island-eveby afteenoon except sdndat STATEN ISLAND. NEW YOIK FRIDAY, JT^LY 9, 1920 . EIGHT PAGES PRICE TWO CaE !NT6»i MLOY NAVES BRAISTEDFOR N^omcE Ptort Biehmcmd Lawyer Win Be Swmt in Tomorrw as Assistant D. A. Joha M. Braiated, tor fitteen jfan » prartJcins lawyer In Port Bichmand. jefitrnlay iraa apjwmt- «d aaaistam diBlrict atlomey by XHBtrict Attorney Joseph Maloy. Mr. BraisteJ \will Ije fiwor* in to- tnorrtnr and -will start on his dnlies immediately. AUhoask 'he appointee's niMT« Ttaa not amonJt lliose at first ram- ored in the contest lor U>e posi- tlnn. the placlns of thl« man has ^jeen expected for the past week. Alioat that t™e when m choice seemed in «l)th'. Mr. Braisted'H jiame came np »« a darK horse. Dnrinu this week it lias eeneml!? been accepted that the Porl Bich- mond man would be the appointee. The appointment was announced jestentay morning iy the district attorney. It was piibltehed last Samrday Ihiif the appcintment at. ready had been made, but this was <:enied yesterday. The new assistant was bom In Sammervine. Staten Island, in lawi. He attended the public • achool and Brammar cchool on Staten Lilaad and erenins school in Manhattan. FoHowins this, he Kudied law in the oiTice ot James Borte. Jr_ in Port Hichmond. and • was admitted to the bar in* 1905. ajr. UraiPled is married aPd lives at 20 Clinton avenue. Port Rich- jQond- Tlie assistant district at- tomeysblp is the llrat luihlk: office be has he-d. Political fences were broken in this appoinHnent, as Mr. Bmiated cirmes from the Third Ward, which had not been reckon- ed on for this position, and while an enrolled Democrat has not been knjwn senerally as a rennlar or Canizatlon man. « The appointee will be sworn In tomnrrnw by County Judije J, Harry Tieman. FINDS MOTHER DEAD IN KITCHEN Mrs. Katherlne Schaefer. 32 years • old, til » Slmon»on arenue. Port Richmond. \»aa ftwnd df-ad in the SltrhcTi of her homers* a result of inhaling JIlnmlnatinR at eight pVlock this mornins. Upon InTeatJ- S .Uon bj- Medical Examiner Dr. oW. causB tor death was slvcn as suicide. Mrs. Srhapfer'a hnsband had left a few minates before t^ Bf» to basi- and the woman was bellered tt» haxe been in the kitchen pfepar- ing brwUtfast for her »on. Albert, when she determined to take her iife by taming on the light gas jet a5 well a» the cocka on the cooj^n* ranjce. She was fonnd unconscious by her 5on. who summoned Dr. Chapman, of 272 Heberton aTenne, Port Richmond. The physician proaoosced the woman dead. Wer «on Informed the poUce that he was unable to acconnt for his -mother's act. other than that ahe had been In poor health for some time. POLE ERECTED FOR PARK DEDICATION The b»fl flag pole waa erect- ed In Tompkma Park, Tomp- kinsvHle, yesterday prelhnin. ary to the flag ralaing and de- dication to be held tomorrow afternoon. The program will begin at 2 p.m., and Max Tha- ten^a American Dock Terminal Band of 22 piecea will give the band concert at 3.45. Troop F will be in attendance and Wal- lace Downey ia expected to -make th« prinopal addreaa. SUGAR SUPPLY ISIN^EASING Bat There Is Uttle Prospect of Decline,in Price, Says Expert Washington. July 9.-»The sugar supply Is increasing but there la little prospect of a decline in prices for a long period. Dr. C. O. Town- sugar expert of the Agricul- ture Department, said today The United States at the best only grows about 25 per cent, ot its needs, he stated. \This year sugar growers planted one of the largest beet acreages Jn history and jthe cane planted Is about the usual acreage. Beets pXanteii lor sugar this year totaJ more than 900.000 acres. \Lai»t year the sugar crop fell short of more iban 20 per cent, than the estimated total. Under condi- tions that prerail this year, the loss should be less than 10 per cent.\ •This large acreage and ^ood ctJn- ditlon* will not lower tHte price of sugar bnt it wll! probably make sugar easier to purchase.\ Town- send said. 48-ERSliiEETTO PICK CANDIDATE COMMUNmr CANNING CLASSES STARTED Besi.tr»tian tor two canning classes -wlilch are being operaled this Kunmer under tHe direction of the sauat Wana Conmiunltj Ooos. Chicaiio, July 9.—Liberal party leaders (-athered here to<iay to lay plans tor the foundinc of what is believed will be a third r\rty tic- ket at the tall elccUon.'i. Dissalieaed with fhe treatment accorded the progressive elements at the Republican and Democratic conventions in Chicago and San Francisco, liiey are expected to amalgamate leading liberal orgini- citions, into one party and place 1 nitional ticket in tie field. in line with this project the names of the following are being mentioned as presidential candi- dates on the so-called tbiril party ticket: ; _ U. S. Sei»tor Robert M. U Fol- lette of Wisconsin. Gov. Lynn Fraier of North Da- kota. , Frank P. Walsh, former bead ol Ije Federal Industrial Relationa Commission. Glenn fc Pitimb. originator ol the Plnmb Plan league. WliUam Hale Thompson. Mayor of Chicago. Tomorrow the Committee of for^ ty-«ight will open H« national con- vention at the Morris hoteL Sev- eral htxndred delegates arrived to- day. Sonday. the National Labor par- ty will optn Its convention. The tingle taiers are also scheduled to meet Sunday. Leaders of all three parties heretofore have been In favor of » onion ot tteir organiaa- tloos with those of 'the Non-P»rtl- league and lite Triple Alliance. ACCUSES HIS . NEIGHBOR OF STEAmCWIFE Husband Says Missing Mate Was Traced to Newark Famisiied Room Hearing In the magistrate's court in the caee of Frank McGuire of Richmond terrace. Mariners' Har^ bor. aoctised of. abducting the wife of a neighbor, waa commenced yesterday. After bearing a num- ber of the prosecution's witnesses. Magistrate -Croak adjcwmed the The defendant appeared in court represented by Frank Innls. The prosecution was handled by former Judge Joseph C. Handy, who rep- resents the conrplalnant, with As- sl.stant TXIstrict Attorney Charles B. Dullea for the State. The testimony yesterday was confined chiefly to prr.Ting that McGuire was found In Newark •wiih the -woman in the case. U is charged that they were liring aa and wife. The etwuplalnant Herman Sieger of Mariners Harbor, told ot his •wife leaving home and trace of her being found in Newark, .^t 1151 Broad street.- that city, he stated, he Jipcovered hia wife known as Mrs. MoGuire. When he arriyed al that address, he said, hie wife was in bed. He declares that she icfosed to return home with him. It was brought out In the testi- mony that Mrs. Sieger now is in 4ail in Newark ona complaint made by her husband. The Magistrate would not admit eridence abowing the nature of this complaint. It was said, howerer. that che will be bailed out and will a«»p€ar in the New Brighton «>urt as a witness. The proprietor of the boarding house in Newark where Mrs. Sieg- er was found told of this woman and the defendant hiring a room, giving their names as Mr. and Mrs. McGuire and saying that they wfre man and wife. The witness stated thax thia couple lived In one room at her house for a week. The only eridence which tended to show that McGuire had per- suaded Mrs. Sieger to run away with him was given by Rosy Dyak, a 7-yeax-old girl, sister of the woman, involved. On account of the youth of thia witness she was not sworn, merely her statement not under oath being taken. Mr. Innis objected to this, but the ob- jection waa overroled. The little girl told of acting as messenger lor McGuire in deliver- ing notes to 31rs. Sieger. This, she said, only ha5»p«»ed once and she could not definitely set the time. Another wltneaa decUr^ that McGuire' had at Umes stated that ho bad another wife and two children. With the completion of this tes^ timony. former Ju<'~> Handy re' ouested an •djouinmcnt. atating that he wiehed to procure Mrs. Sieger aa a witness for the . prose- cution. This reqneat was granted by the magistrate and the c«»® •was pot over imtQ today. MOTHER AND DAUGHTER ARRAIGNED IN COIJRT Delia Snyder, mother, and Esther Green, daughter, ot 99 Mooney's lane. Tompklnsvlle. both colored, were arraigned In tho First Dis- trict Court yesterday* charged with disorderly coAduct and violation of the Sullivan law. The Green wo- man is accused of conducting a dls- <M-derly house. The charges made by Detective Gleason ot Inspector Deer's staff were numerous. Based on alleged immoral conduct, Delia Snyder was arraigned for vagran^. She also is accused of having possession of a revolvfer without a permit- Her daughter faces a complaint of con- ducting the disorderly pretaiseR. No testimony was taken yester- day. the case being put over for examination until July 13. -KALTENBORN CONCERT TONIGHT AT CURTIS Special announcement has been made that the Franz Kai- tanbem Concert, oHglnaKy s^edulc d .for tomorrow night will be held tonight at CurUa Field. This is the first'time that a Kaltenbom concert has been held on a Friday night on Stat m Island, the change from Saturday being made neces- aary by . an engagement Mr. Kaltenbom has t o play in Cen- . tral Park tomorrow evening. The usual program will be given. • DRY FACTIONS STOMCGOX Believe Ohio Governor Win Be Forced to Come Out for Prohibition Laws By HERBERT W. WAUCER. (£7nifcdi»rcs» staff Cerrcsparutent.l Dayton. Ohio. July 9.—^The pro- hibltion issue is fast coming to the fore front in \the preliminary plans tor tho caropaisn of Gov. James Cox. Democratic, presidential nam inee. Dry factions of the party, it is apparent from telegrams now being received V the Ohio governor, are bent upon forcing him to de- clare for the present prohibition laws. Anti-pnJhlbitlon torooa have started a counter-offensive, thus making Cox a storm center. No inkling of what W. J. Bryan, with the backing of the AnttSaloon League, intends to do about tho Cox candidacy has been received here, but the commoner is tbe one lead- ing Democrat who has sent no con- gratulatory message. Altitough the prohibition quet^ tion is beoomlng so important that It Is certain to be one ot tb« main topics ot discussion ot.the big con- ferences ot party leaders. Cox ap- parently Is not worried over devel- opments. He expects to sand a re- ply In the near future to tho de- mand ot Richmond P. Hobson ot the AntlSaloou League that he de- clare opposition to any change in the Volstead taw. According to Ills friends Cox wUI state he propoees to enltorce the Volstead law as long as It Is on the statute books and that any change in Its terms can come only through a \damper\ Congress. Plans probably will be completed today tor conferences ot Cox wltH Franklin D. Roitserelt aid, ether party leaders, mial decision as ta whether tho notiflcaUoa ceromonlM •win be held al ColumbuB oTr. Dayton win be postponed until niter he makes a trip to the rtate eaidtal 'next week, the governor Bald., WARNS COAL , CONSUMERS NOT TO N|Y NOW Present Prices Unjustifiable,] Department of^Justice Is IWd By RAliPH COUCH. (C7n»rd Press Staff Corrcspondent.t Washington. July A net proOt of 100 per cant, is being collected by bituminous coal mlne operatora in some districts,-accordii^ to sell- ing price r^orta receiTed here by iOcorge H. Cushlng of'the American Wholesale Coal Association. . \Buyers are being forced to pay $8 and |9 a ton f.ab. at mines in some districts,\ said Cushing today. Little coal costs more than $4 a ton to produce, according to reports to the Federal Trade Commission, ndesration Acrees Cushlng warned consumers .fv^reca to buy now. He denied there is a famine ,and charged government agencies have played into the bands cf profiteers in warning against a possible famine in coal. \Presentt coall pricess aree nnjnsti GERMAKY WILL MARMFORCES to Meet Terms of the AlUed Ulti- matum By CARL OROAT. \Presen coa price ar nnjnsti-1 flahle.\ said CuBhing. \The country (I7iii(cd Prcia Sloff Corrcspondnit.) Is paying prices Hxed by alarmist | „ . , , , . ti .. c -.,. repTru and these reports are Indus- Spa. Belgium. July triously circulated by government man delegation today agreed to agencies.\ meet the terms ot tte allied ulU- THREE IN HOSPITAL FOLLOWING ACCIDENT Score of PasMngers Hurled Into Wreckage When West«^ Icigh Bus Bound to Ferrj' Swerves Into Tele^ graph Pole \Near St. George ! Three persons went .to the hospital .and a score more ralj^: aculously escaped serious injury and possibly death \«icn a city bus was completely wi-ecked in sideswipins a telegraph, pole on Richmond terrace, about 200 feet north of the juniK tion of Stuyvesant place and the Terrace, St. George, at 8.30. o'cloclf this' morning. , , j „ Those jnjured and. taken to the Staten Island Ho.spit^; ^ Chailes Muth, 16 years Old, of 17M Richmond tcrraw^^ Port Richmond. Abrasions about tho head, face and body. .1 William Eagleson, 48 yeai-s old, of 409 Manor, road, W«rt,, Brighton. Scalp wounds and injuries to left arm. . 4 Mark SI. Bloom, 26 years old, of 214 Willai-d avenue, Wo»-?| terleigh. Bruises and injuries to right leg. . LaForge Walker, of 24 Garden street. Four Camera, ceived lacerations on the nose and right knee; but i-efu&rf;? to be taken to the hospital, while the others were bMly ™oTcomplaint of Emil J. Aberli, ot'379 Uve^rhbfe Westerldgh; who was aboard tiie bus and also received sugftfc oynries, the driver was held on a charge of \vreckless driW^ ing. ,.,.'•,. - \\ E.6.P,V0TERS LYNCHED IN GA. CU Cuphlng said he laid his facts l>c-i ,nalum'demanding sno disarm ber tore Department of Justlcc ofBcials. 1 ^ Immediately. The Department notlBed all United | Qermsns. however. In sign States district attorneys to ing the ultimatum, protested gate and\ prosecute cases of coal jig^mjt the proposition that allied proQleering. - 1 forces occupy the German territory Cushlng said his denial that coal I ^ tJnleea the Oer 1 shortage was responsible tor. high ^^^y ,, reduced to 160,00C I jj y^ .Suppressed by prices was based on an officers .and men by October l.| ' that consumption will not Xialmlnic tJiat this .demand was a I n—— 535.000.000 tons for the twelve\ of the VersalUes treaty, months ending March 31, 1921. I agreed to the first Total production from April 1 terms set down In tho allied to June. aO. one fourth of a year. I „iumatum. as foHows: was 116A>00,000 tons, according to i_DiArmament of all German, reports to the nnlted States 0«o.| including the security, jo- logical Survey, said Cushlng. At ^^^ immediately. this rate , production would fall | ^ Germany must publish a proc short of co.nsumption i y \^l-OiW.OOO I ordering, immediate Bur- tons lor the period ending March ot all aims held by ,Oeman 31, 1821. elTlllans. 'Troduction during the first qtlari I 3__ a 11 arms, ammunitions, guns ter ot tho coal year has always been 1 ^^^^ cannon in excess of the treaty it a-much slower rate than dur-k,j^5.m„,t boJiandod over toithe Ing the remaining period, towever,\ ^i,„^aiont'|ie>ay. '. said Cushlng, \A 71.000,000 tons 4_<3ennaliy must aboIlBh, compnl shortage will, net occur this year-L^mUiiary. service. Production has already ;begun tot .^.^he .afth proposa , The bus. Tfhich was.» Boo ing a -license .number.ot 07WW,*! was owned and operated '6y. Jajaa«l Ryan, ot 253 Davis .ayeRuo,, Wert New Brighton, antl waa bannd ^ar St, Ceorge from WasUrJalth.li waa reported to hjve be?n Jamin;i^.i to K^clty .and it 1» believed Brutal Force, Committee- • maxi Testifies »icago, July S-rTJiat fs5 per ^nt ot the negro vote In CeorgliL \outrageously oppressed by brutal force\.was the festlmons here today before .the,Senate, com- mittee Investigating campaign ei^ oendltureB yoC Henry Lincoln Tohnson, negro Republican natlon- U committeeman troni Georgia. IhlB -was the reason whT .BO mjW oscapsd Bcrloui Injury. The Bengera were wedged in when tho crash came each pi ger acted.aa a cushion to thf The bus was traveling nloi^ MS mondi terrace at good .speed jr\ was making a sUghi turn IV , ro*d-«t-» narrow point-ihst r ' the Terrace widens «t tho.Jul,. ot Stuyvesant vlace, when thej «iIno suddenly swerredt^;\\* .and crashed Into.«-ttt]egn The toreo ot the coniB|g;j ,—.— — I .afth proposal tnat —- • uat « wj speed up. Tho speeding up process ^^ German army vras reduooS I ,Chilean t began earlier than\ usual this year, I ^ i5o_o00 by October 1 neit, tUic I -ninut.;per ; ' allies would', occupy the Ruhr dlB I In < HOLD FIVE FEUDISTS Lncts or other <Mnnan territory. I ,ot«r • IN WIU> V^LEY BATTLE Gadsden. Ala, July »-rive ^^ tuUUled. Wblloith. three ot them wonnded. were onder agreed, to reduce the nilll »1.000 bond iere today. .foUowjM ^^^ allotted time; a feud batUe In the Little •Wlld ^ tfeclii»d-the «lUeB. Had ne Valley. Warrants were-oat-tor-aev- ^^^^ ^^^ threaten occupaUon ot the eral others, 1 ij«>,r .boldlnx this -waa-not In \ao. Tho famlUes of J.D..Woods. Hen- ^^ ^th the peace treaty, ry Lan«ley »na John Jenkins w»re • - — . all aald to have been InvolvBl .In. ' thobatUo which 5t;^ed_lii a flght|cHXiri;4irQOA „ Ijr smashed-the'bus.' carried awa^, crtiBhed which the frame 1 on th« front and right fft^,,., bun, togehtro with part oflJiit caved In. Suit caaes, hati udj] »en»» landed In a .heap i^ midst of tho wreckage. iTrafflcjwUceman WIDOiP' happened to b« near Vut/-^ t(«o»h« ,wlUt <»Uier.i Bd. Jn tho-irorlt of enUntf ed Wwnger*.; m^.fcllleil oriaerlirtil oonalder^ indeed » \^SfS «Bldo..'trom Uioao miullpifioa oih«r«~e»eap»d •witsont-V''—^ than- badly Bhaien op,'!* tacludlng the drtTtr,j., -between tlM B0liB ;0f Woods and Jen Una yesterday. The Jenkins and Lander jaxthd; «d to \ -was commonced yesterday, good aUod list Btgadng up tor these \\rtoe clwea will be held in Public School IT. Jersey street, Kew Brighton, and In PnbHc School S. Groat Kills. Tliey meet every Thursday and FMday 191m » ajn- to.I o'clock in the af- Mraoon. The seMtans wfll conUnne nntil Anguot St. The claam open to an women and yotmg girls. At >bea« ete»ae».»r»«leal onstratiolia la ««» meHioda of can- ning tni« and regatllsSsa w« bo given n^r the direction of .tr«t«-. ciMm at l^bUe ScJaool »rwQI get atast oJ Ua atw fOBa baaa tto ««««>• wt n<i,;]rinThoad. »« tJM wIU .ie xijipSOd tnn »e Th« Stm Brfthton <i»»« wW >» Wtnitod by lira. Vlote m.a Stacrr wm •<««* fh-otoBla Sina Sinfl 'B Tranafor OsBlnlsC. N. T.. July ».—Protest was reeelTBd by Wardon L«*e» of Sins Sing prison today from Whito PUlns antliorltiea against transfer to the JaU *t that place of Sam MIchalow. wliooo nasal nocturnes, ao annoyed Sing Sing inmates that they llter^Uy rose up in arma de- manding ihat a allencer be placed oo -tbo anorer,\ as Jllchalow liad •ndita Raid Hotel paterson. N, J, lluly ».—Plvo bandits today held up andP robbed iNicholaa RnlBag. piroiiriotor of the Delawaro Hoase here, and Jive guests at tho hotel. <(f ^MOO In jevrelry and \Bh. Fred Walling. 33, and Eugene CoBtello. 23, Iwth ot Pateraon, were arrested oa »n»- cldon ot having been impllcalad In the lioldap. SOUce docUred Wall- ing confttsed. - OW —— \ Ifldislow has been in the elic SInc.death hoaBO sinca, JanaalT last. Ho waa conilcted ot maniaT- lug a Tcjikara woman. •HI WouM Ptiltad Drinhara Atlanta. Oa» July »,—DriatorB ot Gaorsla.*B -wbito lighting\ -mfO he graided fnm low o« down If Kep^ r^sentium Bane*' but, before iho HoDM ot <b* t«IsUtBr« today wnb a faTxMMo report te adowtaa. Tbe Mn prorMaayhtaaay »^ by \ ' ^ ~ Soarch tor Mlaaing Brokar James Robert Stake, wealthy member at a stock exchanga Una, who disappeared ta his taunch taat Friday waa aofsht by pollco and cetaUna today. Bmtanl 'wmm of- terod tor InlormaUon either ol Btako or any part ot Iho hoat. FOar waa oaptooaaS tl»t t]» boat J-J bara owalaad <arlag aatorm wUeii ame BOOB altariako stKtrtoaV arm w^ stolon HiAoken. N..J, JalT than wortt ot Carman Jy* wero itotaii.ttli™ a war*hoii»o bora t^ilwt^ aoi^i raMan wl» took tha^MWot 4xa ,a«*T Hack THa, ayo waa to th;jnij% o< tk* taaied Statea Taatno THREEMORE ARKESTS. TN ASSAOLT. CASE Three more defendants, TJieodore •Scbuler. 7M Bay street; John Caroley. JiU .3S Water street. «ind Joseph MeEaaney. also v^t Bay •stroet. Staplotoo. were arralgaea Ul tie assanlt oaBo btooght liy Nicholas Do Joy, i Union street. ThU makes live young men who have t>eeB arreted on-this charsa. The other defendants, WUUam WlUtlns, S Front street. Bad Rohort Cannlchael, a Canal street. wW arraigned last Tneoday. All «w« wUl receive a bearing in. tho Naw Brixton court on JuIyAf- Toslo^ day's dBtendants wero rfaasod on parol, ponding the .heartac., . , No testimony was jirosmted yoo- (onlay. Tho . comiOalat; Vtfa^ that tbeae m'eh wero ittemberB ilt a crowd that attacked tho comply aa t last Batur^ alghtUt Caaal and Water Btreots. . . if. panU wore .reported £0 -have .at tacked'the'Woods' hoa»o-.e.n;iaa«a04 They WH-O rewhnd by shot gun er«,.threo oC tM menrbeliicrwoand ed. • * ' Samuel and Henry langley. Page and Amoa Jenkins and J. D. Woods wen the men arroated. - ;'< COBIES TO A CliOSE I Auto and Trolley Collido Roao Felther, .JS.wara CIovo road, -while\ opeiaJIng aa •an' tomobUo this momhig, collided Wltb a OaatlobxuBiveituo trollorm at the comer , of CaaUoton aad auto street, .West .Brlghton.i'TM m^lne'was' tadly daniaced j*» ,dio woBnas wa/'tbrowii a>t,ab the toad,;l)at,aRof ,liaTing horwwmdt attendod, »ha. tetiaa«d 4a co to a boBPtlal ai^ .-artist I}Om«. , ASKS jmic^Toi i Fiia><iiiBsiKG/Ba>i: The t>oUcaJU»;.l«dW ^aarch tor ./oaeH iin ywn oM.:^ Woat^BflghtofciWlaa^M • ff*!^ to tS».»0Uca mr .hia ian^.<«»a« AM tny ha. boaa alaoa-ya^ t*rdar,.i»»ttlac^ ' Thobor wa* last •oan-MTla^h pmgacaroacg JWVE WILL BE oounmnto PUns wero ««dor wajr^Ww /«• tiM T»oi«aiiliaao^ ot, ,lba Sat^ Chanai WortdJIovament. -laon^ ailtteo ot IS. to otoct xatloa kSpolBtad at last id^'a aaa- sioB ol tBa saaoral^oaaaBlttaajU IManh-\-—i-f\*\\*^\' ooatar Bhart- 1, latiraaaTititlToa ot dano^ stlou iB.tia aioTomlBt. - i: VJ'. lhaaaa IHAeW^ Johnson. caUcd to explain tho IlBposition . ot - »9,S00 lalleged ..to hare bMn sent him by lowden campaign managers, aq^Uedithe State's voting taws and \ declared hat it -was a \struggle tor a-Be- to vote In Geoxgla.*^: • .'. c6nt o£ colored Tot- beorgto are aHowed to roter. asked Senator Kenyon, chairman of . the committee. \About. 85 per .cent. ot the-negro Tote in Georgia is outrageously jnppressed. by., brata( force.\ .safd Johnson.. . . In the last taree or. ISar yean, nld Johnson, there has been a ^t exodra jot '\\J\ ^SshrraU tromlirok^l . -l^ery tlmo.aheSwkltM Wta^a, OrivBrfjNelil.'fort^^ Victim, many colored pewto loavo „ ,«mipliUnl ot the State for moro,lrtndly:^r^\ ho aald. ^ '\r: ; In response to a qufaUon ity , Kenyon as to whether tneni^wMO .. . 131 .0 .ave^dajr prgpam «« I ^^^ tor belM' -RapnbUcank. tUIo -come to a close yreiat^ 1 ^ ; . eTanlBg.ftwltIi,a,concert by^WMt-I -jgjg a-man'TOtod^for'-BeB- Mfi'a Oclam9»o)IUn orcisostrfc I ^^^jH»rrlKmi«nailiB\liaBnft>l>»«n The Chantanaoa Ihls aoaaon.tur I since,''-J<din«oa-.Bald;, lllah«dian,v«»cdlont pr0grain.,::0Mj.. ,,ohii»oniteaa«ed that-tho -TiOW- of Uio heat that ToUenvOte ^ 1 expenditures In Oooigta tali It cipitained .many , amoalae I ^ggnted\ to. imiO«. and. odticaUDBal foalorOB. ,.| wHich. . ho. said, he ' .liolectaM'br Denton C. Oc^ . nowapapetman upon \Faito —' ftindea ot.Modem 7BocIaty^;>i„—a— - - •traveling. ••.\\'V: ^^ ; lirood <aiwl*n •aawBOT- ., loctaro.1, Bp.at.fJripiy«M»«».to hBday-BibBaringiaM't^a comUt^ . . .. , AlhortiEdward aaoSie- naWB^porman gave a pracUcal dreaa-apon -Hvw BU JBot^a^w or. Fort* Kinds <»t ,Foo^\ , J .^Uioo^ the Chauta^ua JB® altewlod. thoTrah^rvot « tlckau apJd .vtoU »ial<nr.^ iht iviirage. ^ tho consany is,-ut« aalo:Of IMV; adalt aeaBOB tlckota. ti«otherj!«|a tant.'^!^S«t IW.Udw'a worai^- Obilims lumiau' of: th«' - ,thal the atnfin -' T- I WHICH, ' ne. Miu* .\w L Oc^ I from lis own po<gi<!t,.1int„!t,^caBi«j;tthe ads.anirUn mint, ho Bald,. In aondlUf flai U^^iilrcutara. poBtago ayaii,s,tho,-dnyiir,.waa ph arreBfl^ Patrolman lalgned before UagUt) theh Key,: Brighton -, , charts ^tflrnecklesB <1t( t coorC nyan sutad thati* ]a4ionMctloiv.wlth hla.j tor '^e; snaoc^xQiJr tBllidi.to ,wprli;;»ad:v ^c«nBO:OtUift ae«I4< On the tylct AttornWiTljrtpii, a<U«ota^ for.«t :K tean^la: order to ln]i' ' iojtu^ hoBpUal. at lh<:« mmnte'aad-had would b <!,s\iU ««i.\»>>a Iwn M lUiiaMlcan tP par,™ ortw to cUnr I|paiiltBia»>i^;tli^ imS wrnM apormliiiBta, fU iOi cuuldM.^in If.J . ThoIwy^waa.last ^ , _ ^ ^Sawcnta. ^.-i/T^ MFT^ tha OaataiKpa.^ to tk>ttaBTille.f - •.^t''**'til?'? iM 3m

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