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rrATC M nUAMBr-HEW Yomc. WEPMC»DAY . JUL Y 7, 1»aB PAQE Fivm t tmA. Mn. wrwi .. s w Browtwavt. W. B^ t EUn. IwtailBtiSB •f IT tav^ant mmxtrtm wUZ be I COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE RECORDS The foUowins realty transfers bare been recorded at the county clerk's office: , FIRS T WARD Stanisla-ir FomianowsU to Fran- cesco Granite, Jot oa deventli street; aom. Darld Ostrander and others to Ella S. Bobertfioa. plot va Manor road; 'Wniiam V. Anderson to Wniia m J, Todd And irlfe. plot on York avenae; SECON1>*WARD FredericlL Rohde and wife Gertrade K . Glaser, 2 lots, on Bcr. tba place; $3,000. New York & Eastern. Realty Company to Nathan Lamport, plot Area Park; nam. \ Nathan Lamiport-, and wife* to Lamport Realty Co., Inc.. plot Area Fark: nom. Victor MoUer and wife to An- gela Piatti. lot on Hockland are- nne; nom. Henry Schwack andvwife to Pat- rick J. Keigber and wife, plot on MetcalTe street: nom. Minna Stianss to Clinton J. Cal. kin and wife, plot on Jackson street; nom. The Lamport Realty Company to Giuseppe Fuclllo. plot Wellbrook Estate; nom. Same, to same, plot Wellbrook Estate; nom. Farm and Home Corporation to Jo&ei>h Casper and another^ plot lUloTena Park; nom.' Jalias Gaelat to Marie G«elat. plot Pleasant Valley avenue; nom. THIR D WARD Agnes L. Watson to John I aut - eno. plot Crochercm street and Richmond avenue; nom. Antonio Pallaviclnl and wife to Demasi Girolamo. plot on Harbor road; nom. ' John Piatfcowski* and wife Nicholas Francis, lot on Grore ave- nue; nom. Agnes li. Walton to Owen Boy- Ian and wife, plot on Richmrad avenue; nom. Floyd T. Bailey and wife to Charles Ahrend and wife, lot on Richmond avenne; nom. Catherine Pero to Adam Mikal- ski. plot on Decker avenue; nom. August A. Drubel and wife to Phillip ReiUy and wlTe, plot on Wrl^S»t avenue; nom. , D. Howard Zcluff to Domenico Buonacolta. plot Grant View Park; nom. Amandes Johnson and wife to Andrew J.-ilansen and wife. 2 loU on Fourth street; nom. Andrew J. Hansen and wife to Jacob Torkilson and wife, 3 lots at New Dora Manor; nom. Jacob F. Ronnlng and wife to Andrew Ramano, plot in Port Richmond; nom. George Ross and others to Frank J. Briskey, plot on Richm<md ter- Richard O'Connor and wlf^, plot Bowies avenue and Renfrew place; nom. / Clara Patmos to William F. Bunge and wife, plot on Van Name avenue; nouL William F. Bunge and wife to Clara Patmos, plot on Van Name avenue; nom. FOURT H WARD Margaret Haddock to Madeline Fletcher, lot Ocean View; nom, Garrett T. Townsend. as trustee, to Walter C. Chllds and wife, plot at Great Kills; nom. EUzabeQi R. McDoweU to Glo. vannina Scocco, plot on Pennsyl- vania avenue; nom. George T. Ulrich to Wilhelmena P&sterer. 4 lots Borgher Farm; nom. Same t o Percy C. Afferton, 3 lota Tyeen Manor; nom. ElUnsvUle Shore Co. to Charles J. Knothe, plot Eltlngville Shore; nora. NUs P. E. Petersen and ^fe to Frances W. Vlner, plot at New Dorp; nom. Joseph A, Farrell to Hanna. Van Ordt, lot on Washington avenue; nom. William T. Davis, as executor, to Hanna Van Ordt. lot on iJgbert avenue: <500. 0 Ocean & Bay Realty Corporation to Edwin G. Bath, plot Seaside P&rk; nom. Ida Nielsen to Julius H . Schwarz, 3 lots on Washington avenue; nom. James Smith and others Louise Graebe and another, lot CHftoa avenue and Roeebank place; nom. James W . Hoghes and others to Harriet Saltxman, plot at Beach Park; nom. FIFTH WARD Mary T. Mullin to Leone Laud Letonc'Laodati and wife to Helen Volk asKl husband, plot in West- Held; nom. Rozetta M. Gaylord. b^ commit, te^. to Alexander Gimonet. 4 lots In TottenrUle; $1,500. . NEW BUILDINGS Two frame bungalows on Eighth street, n^r Midland avenae; Mrs. Pitkle, owner; M. A. Biles, builder; 11700. Frame bungalow on Pearsol street; N. Russo, owner and build- er; ISOO. The Buzz of the Bouncing Bus As Related by Mrs. Edwin Markham (The following address was de- were a little higher, so that genUe- livered by Mrs. Edwin Markham at the mass meeting at Midland Beach Casino): • I come from the little town called Westerlelgh. which as you know is a progressive place. Twen- ty-five years ago we started an idea, which the rest of the countr>' has lately tak^ up. hut which many of you have not caught up with yet. However, we have for- gotten that issue; we do not care whether It goes with the glades of Florida, nice and damp, or with the desert of California, nice and dry. We want trolleys up there in Westarleigh. When we (Changed the name 'ot Prohibition Pai k to Westerlelgh, some people spelled It W-e s-t-e* l-ee-i-g-h. We ster lay. William M. Brace and wife to ati. plot on Segulne avenue; nom. Hollow tile dwelling on Sherman avenue^ John J- ©\ReUly owner; L. Leach, builder; $9,000. Frame dwelling on Major ave- nue; L. H. Peebles, owner; Ole T. KoenTlck, buUder; $12,000. Brick garage W Richmond terrace, near Andros avenue; Mar- iners Harbor Supply Co.. owners; J. Milnes Co., builders; $1^000. Frame bongalow at South Beach; Frank Piluso. owner; Louis Mell, builder; $300. . Frame store on Bloomingdale road; Mary P. Harris, owner; D. Androvette. builder; $50. DEATHS Mary A Wicks, 63 years. 115 Franklin avenue. Grant City. Dennis Regan. 4S years, Allen place. Alethia Bills, 6 Syears, 1177 Cas- Uetoa avenue. William Hayes, 3 days, 37 Hook- er place. Mary Sorgenter 4 months, 41 Grove avenue. Ella V. Tate. 53 years. Main street, Tottenvillc. Mary Terhune, 49 years. 27 York avenue. Josephine Skugr. 87 years, Swed- ish Home. 20 Bristol avenue. Bridget Lyons. 60 years, 303 Third street, Rosebank. Rose Prestia, 1 year. 4 months, SO Jackson avenue. men who were forced to stand up did nntjsand-paper their bats on the roof; if they were larger so e could sit down; we would like them sanitan*; we would like many more of them. When 1 talked to' the Sfayor the | other day. I told him about my fer- ry house experience, and he said I he was hoping to have a much bet- ter service—a better line ot buses.] I sympathize with the* Mayor on ; that proposition. I even pay more than ten cents now. and some- times I walk. We cannot get along without some sort of service. So j we would like. If not more buses. Richmond County j Savings Bank and that Is very emblematic of ^^^^ ^^^ trolleys in some way. I am not Interested whether the company pays a dividend or not. ^ Personally. I always wanted to. what we have been doing lately ap In Westerlelgh. We have had to tramp to Castleton Copers, and ^ „ we have had nice tramping expedl- municipal ownership of tions. I have met crowded buses jhlngs that belonged to the people with an operator who gave you a common. W e have municipal horrid stare; X .have met empty carriers; we have municipal buses where you got a blank stare, ^^^ j ^jji^j^ ^^t anything and sometimes I have met no buses I ^^ belongs to us in commou all. 1 should be under municipal con. I came home from the city one I trol. We would have more inter- night. I had been to the theatre est in It; It will avoid strikes. I t and I had on my 'glad* clothes. I may not be opportune at this There was no bus. I slept that time, but that is what we are com- night in the ferry house on the ing to. bench. I slept like a herring. I certainly would like to have never had a better night's sleep. trolleys come back in some There was another lady there, an ^^^^^ ^^at sales have authoress, with two little girls, and hindered from this lack of h'.d « nleasant night sleeping to Westerlelgh. 011 the benches. W e slept good j ^^ j^dy who would like to and plenty, but I should not want I ^^^ house, and she could have to spend many nights that way. I [ ^^^ they said they could don t object to the buses In some ^^^ j^ y because what was the use ways; what Is good for little old k^j having a place you cannot get Fifth avenne is good enough forlj-i^-of 1 know a young man who - If they were on time, if they ^he city and who is not - • •••• ——- I coming home; he has to pay $20 a LEOAZ^ KOTICB, | month more i n the city, because he I would rather do that than stand WMt BrishtM. n. J. a. Bmltb, President Axel r . U«rr«ll. li t Vlw-Pr^dent Benedict Psrker. 2d Tlc«-lTMldcnt Frank W. Tompklnft, Treaiaru OMrga H. Trwlwell. SccnUiry TBUSTSaaS John T. Smllh Jon.pb^IL Maloy BeDf-<1ict rark« All»ert K. Bnbl A«ol F. M«Tr«U J^airtd»on F \C. Tompklnn 8. W. F»ncii«r Gm . M . Bbiitbiiui M^lTli) I.. Dfckac John A. 8nyd«r R. M. Hardla C^eo. H. Trwlwall Ctoaa. K. SlnoDsea Samoel Eckstan J. H. CritteadMi Bank open dally from 10 a.io. to * p.m. (nofidaTi «xcePted). Onfitatar- day tram 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. On Mon- day orening trom 0 to S o clock. MMtlosa held oa the aacond Mon- day ot cach njorith. -when appnca- Uona for loana will ba presented. It la dealrvd that applicsUona l»« pre- pentrd at leaal tan daya baton* aucfc mvaclQS. Monay always to leaa « b bond and sort gage. Depoalts made on or before tla tOUi day of Jannary or July, ot the Srd di ^ of AprU or October. wUl biir lnLr«t ^om tba Ut ot tliaae moDtha raapectivaly. Plenty of Heat - for all Rooms ^ Boynton Square Pot • Boilers steam up quickly.. An even heat is main- tained, fcr the fire is kept , dear of ash and clinkert'' Thccxclusive square form of firi'ixit allows the use* of grate bars all of the same length. Ashes dro^u as freely at all sides as m the center. Cutler'bar., smashes clinkers. Like the firebox of htt\ engine boiler, the firepot of the Bovnton is squarfe.\' The square bed of coal, heats a Rreatcr radiatine area and uses less cp^,. Only Boynton-made boil- ers for domestic use hayg square fircpots. Your dpolcr will tell you rliout n^j-iiton Boilers and Furnaces—also Newport Rann.*!i. Sec him at once— or wii;e us. B\ r.'-n Furnace to. ' vi-.u-e Pot Makmn' i7Ji» j . xxcar Broadway NewYork unMiiniiiiuiimniiiiMniiimniMimiiimiim HARBOR MOVING and ' TRUCKING FOR SAXJS ii Two new houura. Plot ia t sr. Anatln'a PlaM and hflgthj l»t SITKEMK COURT: niCnMON'Di , _ ». • COUNTY — THE .vt.L.R?.'-waKist.RK i op and sand-paper his nat every ^^ sets in and out. So please try to get us trolleys dersiffn<>a. the Rpff^rec in aaid JodfC mciit named, win m >1 I at public auction the hi;rh*«t bidder, at tlie office of B. Slmon.^on A Co.. Inc.. No. 42 Fttchmoiid Tirrac*. nW Brighton. \ rcTirf45 til* raoitB -Jnlr ri»rt Ittr&moiwU ,, JPOn-EVIAVS & Ijn. «n nn- »«: t». , TnTOt JTB\ : 'TT.-TiW ta,t lit\ •d » p->«- • ^ I. What Every Mess Man Wants LOW-COST Hauling—The average motor truck purchaser is riot so much interested In how a motor truck is buUt. What really interests him iH how much mileage he is going to get out of hU truck for every doUar invested. Int«mationaI Motor Trucks have been built with this one fea- ture cohstenOy in mind hauling the load the greatest distance with least expense. ' A Motor Truck That Lasts—Every part of an IntemaUonal Motor Truck that is subject to wear is provided with a removahle bearing or bushing. If these parts .nre replaced when worn, and the truck is given the care and attention that any high grade machine deserves, an Interna- tional truck will last and serve for years. Years of service is what the business man wants and years of service is what he gets with the Inter- national. Appearance That Adds Dignity to a Business^-All other, thlnb being equal, customers favor the man whose equipment makes toe best appear- ance. International Motor Tracks have that staunch and business-Uke ap- pearance that inspires confidence in a business house and in the prt>duct3 it handles. They add an air of prosperity and dignity that proves a valu- able asset A Real \Service to the Ownjr\ Organization — There is an Intemar tional Motor Truck of a size to meet almost every hauling requi^ent. We have a service and seUing organization without an equal m this sec- tion of the country. Think what this means to you ^ter you have become an owner. We are strong and the International organization is strong on \Service to the Owner,\ after the sale is made. Come in to our salesroom and see what we have to offer in trucks and service, and we will tell you how the International wiU pay for itself. SOLE STATCN ISLAND AaiNTS FOR: Paise, Willys-Knight and Overland Cars am mston Rlnas. F u \ U\* •• Amo Aoeoaaoriea and TIroa Autos to Hire — 'Phone Brighton 636 RICHMOND GARAGE EOiZIGER BROTHERS, l^rietocB. 159-163 Richmond Ave. ( ) Port Richmond of «a~ld day. Ibo premlsea In aaid JudsnM>nt directed to tx- aold. and thwin deacribwl aa followa:.. All known and dwIgnatM on . map fllrd in the offic* of tbe . . of tbe Ceuntr of lUrhmond, on De- cember Wh, JM5 (Map 29A) en- Itled \Map of CaKttelnu Hlil beiouff- nic to thn M. W. PiMtrr I.*Md Com- panjr. Flr«t Ward. BorouRb of lllcb- --n<l. City of New York. AuffOat one way or the other. . READERS : DonH forget to have TuT. k'lti^'^^t''^^ your home paper The Dally Ad- B \ aly WA t ®n o ciort In Ui; vance mailed to you while on your ' v«.tion . Rat. , are the «.me W a year; S for six month®; for three month*. lioae ceriabt plecea or parcels of, land. *nate. (ylns and belnir In the'Flrsti rd of thr nomiigh of Richmond of I m\The Daily Wants of STATEN ISLAND BRING DIRECT IJESULT8 (Contiiwed from Page 4) DOGS, CATS. ANIMALS Local and long distance serYice Wholesale and Retail ICE DEALEKS EPET^ftSOH 252 Harbor Road Mariner. Harbor Phone W. B. 1409 or 2112 llWff' as and by th. Lot nnmlwr* ipa. 103 and 104 «ud mon> ptrtjciilarlr d.- .crlbed .. follow.: Comtneaclnff at a point on tlw .outbprlr iilde ot Dr«lte .wnur. dlm.nt 140 fret ra.terlr from he corner n>rnir<l by the »«ia wulhist-] Jr .idr of nmk . ATcnuc .ad too can- .riy .Id. of Smith Avenur. all aa laidL do M <A ~ld map. and rm.ntait thenw IMMIB. CATS, AinUA M aontherly «nd parallrl with aald eaat- TWO pwd work horwa for aa^. K. Sly aldJ ot sSllh Avrnne and alonic Ko.low.'44I> Waallngton the atiaterly hoandary line of I.ot nnm- .ra Harbor. Phone ^^est Brlfihton ber ion a. laid down on ni d map i m rert: - thence eaatrrlj-^ and^ alons__the Coal That Burnt HERRY MEYER & SOR . ... l-oTor, lITln l room. J loB room. kllrCen. 2 panUI» P«I- | Sane t floor, wll h ehr.lM t Utaj ; - | 5 s« d Thre . laree l»droJ^| I cloMt. hal h room. tUe. Hoori Eiretrlclty. St»W n~t.| OAKWI)ODIiOGiiTSG(MLfe;' XNOOKTOmAXKD ' ^^ DKAI.1SU XK * Coal, Oaaollner OH, San ^ Qravel, Cement AecM«1«< ' CInden and 8lov» Wood Oalomed HelghU Boal' E»t«l» Many Beach LoU For •«!• ' OAKWOOD HEIGHTS, SEE PIAZZA rh.n . m Kn. Dn* Op«i llnedax.1 AM.M ll—KM. ' I nnm . I 12 HKAVT Uylna It. I- Kjd h«ia. j™. —. - — • on. eocfc; I t month, old. M April JSd SipV oo^rrt: thmce northerly hatehM pnlM. and pariuiel to <b« Onit mentioned ..11 all or part. Call 1I5-' Clo™ rd_ ranr>; and alone the we.l.rly boond- w~ t Briihlon. Phone We.t Brishtm ery line ot Ix>t nnmlier 101. a . laldlmT. \ down on aald map, 100 feet to aald I ;.«th.rly aide of Drake Ara.™;] TWO Htron« hon^^ tbenc weatrrly and alone Mid aonth-Uo Sooth r — .rly_B_Me ^ ^ra^ 1 tb»rnc.'weatrrly and alone nI d a^ l Slhfr wltH all the r^f, tUlo and «n»ekln«. '\I\'':^ in InterMt of thr paHy of tba OHt part | Tompklarrllle. Pbooe Tompk., SHOO- of. io or to the Und In make ATe> niie, to the center thereof In ^ot o\ aald premises, aubject to tbe rirbt o the pQblle to uae the aame a» a wajr. Bfdnr tbe aam* prani m to aald drr«^aj»ta. lUls Weaton aud A^««a Wrytoiu hta wife. Ut the M. W. rolter laaad Company of l^leodahlp. N. T. by_.de«l da^J l®th of Aoffnat. 191>. and d«ly. recort-, FTcmber, Klchmond Coaaty. X . T.. TELEPHONE 147 W . ft. Yard: Foot/of North SU PORT RICHMOND STATEN ISLAND CE CREAM assr.rsssts'sisKrs!; Cralt arrwpa mt m Staten Island Ante Jto^ ' and TrnddoK Co. , ; -.vil-V. Local and long d{st(ipM. Special eauipment for itt, purpM^ ^ .-IHHV.tM Brighton T«yl» H. a. i iUti CABt D. ISAACSL pulntlir. OUlM and Po« omce Ad- dw n Kaa«ll Sire*. Boreulk 01 Maahattan. City of New Tork. ABLlE BODIED MEN for rorectoaare aad sale, duly made aiut •aurvd Is th* ab<wa beariBT date Jnne 30. 19S9. L th9 SwriitBed. the n^ferw In aaSd ]od«- SSfc^ J-Iy » •Me «C Viitrvlew AvacHM^ wlam a SsMt^rs! ^.js^ \ss PASSENGBK.AND FREIGHT SERVICE M«tac aUe to iMd iad write it least Uk Hm. hi hdght. Afpir B. F. KEIXT. Tcaiwaater Statn UM lUvU TimMit By. Fkr a, St. Gcoise, bctweoi »-io *M. ma * 2-S f—, M*t SarfBjrs m^ hdidajTB. ' . \ ' Cood W«q—- Steady Work ' •^•-\^'^Tj R. ULL Efadrtal Walk ia al to I >«4iil .ilontlwil*—' 'Wlri^ aM IMa .. ft iilalMi'Mna^

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