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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, June 30, 1920, Image 7

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FL - VAG E SEVE N iLY mowcE «t*tem hew vemK. THE IMtLV —i-ffiT qapsiln a la - \my ij iBlr7. i • -KX \irstT -If ' -^^arit-* il)«Bt I liir a myjea , ' r »-HiTtrn- miia > Ei:cl«=-1 ™ 3onr, la - ' - A tar hinul ! Jrt 1 \ I' - Mr^l rt. -r^ li^r v ^^ •-frT a n • • It.-- H;>Ki- i • i sia , \ . . - - ^ - • -.. , nu- a Tii<» r f,TtT 111 ti-- ' H^rantij. ; an 1 T-nr ALTTT A3 h Don'tje^ your old floors be eye-sores No bnsrr is k «c««y t o We oU ft»n or Bnokum. Tha'. days. Any'^ much wor^ ca n b e erren. a tuodscsBe , durable finish wrch LVOE Guarantmed Vamish Floor Paint - >EW BUILDIN'GS Fram e liuaeilow Beryl na« : J . T . C. Waleni. own^r and baild^r ; SlJO- Kram t <.a .YetMn aTt- nae ; M.Tte Filemon. owner ; JaM : an d P»ten<ea. bnilrters; $6,000. i i-Timf bnagalo * Midtond av^ I Mrs. M. Oal?. A- J. Wilkiason. builder; $1-0- Vram e bunialo w on tCinha m aveoae ; ' ». Gibson. oK!!«r and nue ; W. Johaion . ownfr; J . H.Ivet. Imilder ; J3:i0. Fruaie bunealo w \a Ftj l ^-r. U-. Boiiand . o»aer aaJ builder. ^^Fraia e dwelling on CllntDn aT^ 1 isae- J A. Sn7d«r. owner ; Joseph i-rort'o'X bui!d«r; J9.000. d^nms on Six.h^t land Frankli n a«nae; [owner ; A. H. Farrr . bnlldel . aweilin s on Siit H 'tre« an^Frankiin avenue; owner : M. A. Biles. ba.Ider; Fram e earas e oa Harnson ave- nae ; peorg * builder: OU m . owner an-J 1 ALTERATIO^ra O n bricS tanding oa St. Vatk' s place: S. T . Teleoiin e Co.. own- ers : JST.OOO. On fram e garage on Bard ave- nue; I. Well, owner; D. Lipmau . bulldtr ; $200. t Or. tram - dwellin* on rnlon | avenue ; J . H. Scbmejer. owner ' and builder; On fram e dweinng on crescen t n»enue; Honor a Bnrke. owner ; T. Mc<Jae«n. builder; $6C0. ; • On fram e dwelling on Washing- ; ton avenue ; S. E- Zela\ 1 J H Schmyer. fcullder; $=.»- ! On fram e dwelling on Wayne ! street ; P. J- Connerj-. owner: Wm . Doyle. buUder; $400. in fram e dwelling comer V.e«d and Grove avenues; Tony Mangi. owner ; C. Wolf, builder; HO. On fram e dweUlng on RicSmoni avenne ; E- Thollen. owner and p-SfV^amfstore on street; 1 1,2 Trlpoglio. owner; D. S.atoro . ''°S^%km? garage on Thompson street; J . Anderson, owner and builder; $150. \The Haul of Fame\ SUrPUES ALL MATERIALS A SIASON OR PLASTERER ^QUIRES liriLDERS: NOTICE'. We have a limit^Ml supply of 4x12x12 parttfon tile and 8x12x12 boUow tile for sale. ^ppig G)\ COAL .^ND MASONS- MATERLV^^^^^ Phone W . B. 121 r V. a. T-cSrs-TiV-in yaar- Ijcsn bacir m ysxartsxa- i-htamcd rtia::- levcttf 3* r 1 hrisfc-i*^-™^'^™^ \ \rv. Tr.e \rritia i crst s srirfl. I-!l> St, Sew- Tork CtT E- Latismi &; C.-JTnpanr SSa Prj^ l St.. f-w ToA CitT E23t-TTT QcO SttJ^r Co. , . --- St., N™ dtT G-E Te SlZElrctM D^al. Thzs SifUi l-onc vrear U th ^ ^^ tto th«= t pair^ . ar c maa = wit h a Wd^e . an d clastic ^-aruish. i if W Ae thiie fo r oU. dicolorra SoorlL Vamish Boor Paint wUl n« ^ o r chip, ivm r>ot mar, EivM a hard , el«= T ' and r^ists Can be washe d wid l soap an d water . If hav e an y old floor, t o lia^ come ii, an d se e how ea«ly ^^ ^cw them . Wc euarante e y^ . •Bro.er Ero^ ^ '' TRUCKING DELIVERIES Service pr-mp t and efficient. «.ny kind— Any time — Anywhere. JOSEPH REAMAN OfTice: 149 Sitnonaon Ave., P. R- •Phone W . B. 1719-W ICE CRE^Nl rAK I OR Realty Note . Cornelius G. Kolff has sold for „. noremus . assistan. of standar d Oil Company ot Ne w Vork hi-s private resident. <9 M^var^ comer Wardwell .ve- . po^efs-.on ot sam e shortly. KEEP COOL Daily Advance Want Ads Bring Resul^^^^. . ric«-.> Beware of sunstroke an l heat ex- i^tr^^stroke th e patient is « ii'SiaSrs the pa-.ienl lie I\\'.\ in thi i cond.tiun K Ku^hes- husky ; who tries to si.r. =irl -bo-.=cers- who | Sa n ^-rancisco. tl.e Waning in coll«e . Th e two , .an . Th e fair Bender. aUernae ircn. U^nd ij her e shown are. l!e!l> dau=h:cT of VCiibur ll.rsh of, ! Bapids. Mich , an,! Miss tnd cla-ss-ma.es in Vassar. . Waterloo. Iowa. They -re ,,u--h,er-« f Car,er Glass -The third -bouncer is AuirJ- ot Virpnia . FLOOR COVWLMJOII GVJ it.-^-^\'\-d 10.2.-> Sn'J ~ i:!SS ^wll not i-nis ;.!.T 9 Vl> . Sl-MMEU valtte s i n au over ana :!vfi . - - our entire cart. Carria... ana Cril. 23 per cent. - HERMAN COHEN Th e Store ot a Million br,oHTON. S . 1- 165 JERSEY ST.. Delivery on Staten l.lacd •Phcne Tomp. Mboyhuj^ ofgraquates Nim- girls and one boy wer e graduated fro m Public School «. Ae Betsy Koss School, last Mon dav. Th e presentaliol. of diplona a Iwis accompanieJ by a Ions gra m ty th e pupils of the scbooU Th e principal addnes, to th e -ra<hia:e» wa s mad e by !» - Tho- O BakeV. district snpennten- e..nt ot «hooI., for Th e diplomas ,«ere awardr f By Benjan.in B. Chappell. principal ot 1 th e sc!>ool. The valedictory wa s ' delivered by Syh-ia Ijndrocs . on .he proeram wer e a num«r of sdnps and lecitafon s given b> th e different school cJifldren. A unmber ot piano solos ^ 1 Jer.J. among them an crlg n=a i selecticn composed by one of .he , \^^ie graduates wer. ^ Al^^ M- { Beci Mamie S. I - Schrcede.. U , T e M a Nauw . Vivian E \ .orer.\ Sylvia t^ndrcos . K..hl-e = j ke. Edn a M. Harris. Krfe a M j ixirothy Rusby. FranX H « gchmardel. * CONVENTION NOTES | ^ countriaed-iocking individual j .ho ,ir.ro,luced himself in a hu^y \ .voice as \the liou. e OCcer ofjhji. .j Richmond County Savings Bank •w—t 3Ccw liTi*at«». V- J . B. Bmlib. rr^Uft ITaok w. Tt».«ar« n- Tr^^l. TUCSTEEa .t-^a a«lir tro3> • hotel - ha d a lot ot .twiwl th e palace corndot a order- ed people to .to p sanding von c^lrs to vie. th. assorted detn^- strations. Th. business o e «t- tag a president paled Into Insigni- fioance In his estimation when c^ tired wit h preserving th. pruST ties ot tha t hostelry. -iwanttobeli^nd't'ten^ the seventh Assembly into it.- Mrs coo k y ! • Mon.T Bua Bi«rt|C«K«- l-ler-\ tr»B; It\ t. l GIRLS (or Packing- and ^^ Inspecting Apply Employment OtBce PROCTER & GAMBLE , JIFG. CO. WESTER N AVENU E Port Ivory, S- 1. HARBOR MOVING and TRUCKING Local and long distance service Wholesale aid ICE DEALERS H. pmr & soH 552 Harbor Road Mariners Harbor Phone W. B. 1«9 or 211Z ; IMMEDIATE j ^POSSESSIONS 5 For Kent ; * .. Iv- Cy DLT-lil'raENT STORE Terrac e ar-.d Terr-pVins Plac«. dVs&t 3r -5ftt3n T3XT SST13T1£S^ in •UK black and >•3-54) i!- i : -;fm d--. ^kirt und Waist Nitin \Smnnicr colors $ri50 yd. •tin: ~„mmer iiindOTrt. «hite and flesh 75c WTiite Tailered Wafcsts. «hrte and rolan llall-. Summer Net Corsets S2.00 0 Men's fast crfor S« 35c Good Wages-SteadyV^ wante. WHO can sp^ par fair UTing wages and the work U Apply to G. Siegle CorporaUon o f Amenca throttghoot the year. ^ v t Chestnut .\Tenue. Rosebmnk. S. 1. nr. Little \<>««« , /Hr;.';,\ • Imilt). harden plo t -Ix-i\ S fct on each. 4 KOOM.^ 5 ?:10 I'er Month 5 \11 modern improvements. ! electric lisht. etc. 3 Jutes walk front bottth ; Beach. ;p Capotosto. 21 .\ustin 5 VvcV-^rochar. S. L Vhone I Tompkinsville 1325 - (;;outh Ueach Car to Ceder I St. and Oce.an Ave.) Coal That Burns HENRY mm & SON' TCUEPHON E 147 W- B. Yard: Foot of North St. PORT RICHMOND STATEN ISLAND • t l!' ' j i \iTiu >%t.K . off I axif\\ ' •mmm. KleCrlollT. 8te.- n.^ lUDidrTjl \ iil^ Stnts KEDS, OXFORDS, PtTffS J Proving Essex Reliably A Fact Not to be Disregarded • Esse, perfonn^ce of 3037 mte io On. cuinot Igno™ tM mdoMCe. 50 S^ co».d,r.„8 ^^ ^^ . c^ Sho- .. of JOHN D .KILLIAN AUTO cu. INCORPORATED 197 Bay Street, TompKnsodle vmm AND BASON'S MATERIAL Sewer Pipe, Flue Lining and Wall Coping ARTHUR DREYER & SON The Btora of - compLt . toniKur« ••rvle»- a„ry A. SieBt o * Co. mmii mmi SECLl-'O AND BUYlNOt CAWETS and KUGS OILCLOTHS FURNITURE Birs'ina •I**/* 681 aj» d isTlay Str«« Staplctoa • 1 — DKAL-CU ^ . Coal. a.«lln«. OH. Swid. « ar.v.1 . Cmtnt, AccwortM Cinder, .nd 81.V. Ckwood Helgh u B\! E.\\ OAKWOOO HEIGHTS . « . I. SEE PIAZZA VluM «M SOT* i —irj^^ COllPMl^ Be sure to get Repaired — pnces KEGISTER EXCIL 199 FlatBU«h Avfc fStw Dorp 1 Sleriae,!*\ •niOBe 1 Slertloe sL-MrdT ScM Stora Sp«eUlt'«» BrooWyn. M. V. ; Staten Island Auto M OT M B .nd Trucldns Co. | , Ldtal and long dS«t»nA- I Special eJiaipmoit for ffl poirposeii T«U WOTt BrteMon •t 2S» Taylor at, »«• \j^i 20 » OFF ruuMWiio \L N, E. . , ta-n I- S PM UI attention B'**\\\*^ ,WlrUHl «2 Elixatxth Stl~t, W. M. •PV.. . WSr-

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