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THE. CAlLy 31.- WtauK widow, aae koi^ aa^tJi* icEiry ^maf- pusned star* r^rngpie- ! RifLlnxKiCd Hni. I^Ti. , families atsw do-. ler, Sra- Addie TTdia ^ r (rrJrtrd tOOT ernl wTTirfs wm fc, -'^d hi Hm. aue residEire SaimTSty * Brsilan. «d W^ .^r- ..U. h, and SATUBnAY EVEliWGS tZ7 and 1ZS Rsshmand A« ylan Rebuff Stirs mchrnand's TroUeyless Residents IHE wcathek Fair today and Sunday; miW tem- iirsatnre; sentle yariaWe winds. TUDEBQUS HHC FSOSratnT' Bailu ^JmantP eTTVmAV Attend MONSTER TROU^EY MASS MEETING At Midland Beach Casino Next Friday ^ home newspaper of sta^ ^L XSSJV DAILY NO ' STATEN ISLACT. NEW YORK SATURDAY, JUNE 26. 1920 EIGHT PAGES last year and prices. these bases made faminire U mads d Porcelain Lined $31-50 ^ ro. 629 \ mmiraJUBm nOMASFMR MEETS DEATH ONBmTREET jt^tT Rushes Boy to Hospi- tal. Bat Little FeUow Dies on Arrhral Three-DcoriSide Icats 17- om 537.00 to $75 .00 FECIAL for THIS WEEK' SUIT CASES In L-nitation Leather and Mailing Covered $1.S8 ThomiS Fiir. futrr yeari inu B moniia old. 10=1 ^^ ^f'*'- wiH tir.^ by an auto- Mbilf l«,t^rday while p'.uytaE In ST sir—I Sis ln.me. Hans. Oakland avenue. Wet BriKhlon. th? operatur of th« at hirld nnder «j.OOI) on a tech jail charSB of homicide. Tti.. arcident happeni^ nn Bay n.ar St. Mary's a»-nu'. Tli» little bny \I'll \ compmM.n IM playins m 'I\ or appn^ched- Tic boy was ruck k. the aat.tnoille. the front wb.-el mioi: over h;^ body. Hermansen tool the little in till, rniteil siate» Marine Hotpnai. near where tl,e acTid.-.tt occurred iml he dle,l while belnc earned iBt.i the Ins-iitotion. F,. owin= lae death of the Fair V.r. llrrmaa>en was place,! under . .. ihe homicide charge, lie wa,. arraicned before Mair.3trate Tilliam T. Cn^t In the Stap.eton rourt yesterday aftenKwin and teld Sir (anber etaminaiton. Bail Siel a: sr..tei.> and tumi»hed. A., irdinK 'n tne driyer of the «nr h- -aw It.- boya playlne w.th w.e.., in th- «reel. il. de- •bar he blew bi-« born. Ml the l;;tle Imy. apparently frigbt- ran diiectly In front uf the wn- by lm»iiv people. Seme nf Ibe^e stated t-iat Hermimsea had .time to stop ti.- tefore hittinR the boy. TWO-OAY PROGRAM O F DEMOCRATIC CONVENTIO N San Francisco. June 25.— Following is the tentative pro- gram for the first two days of the Democratic Convention as decided upon by the National Committee: Monday. June 28— Noon. Call- ed to order by J. Bruce Kre- mer, vtce.cha!rman of the Na- tional Committee. Prayer by Bight Rev. P. L. Ryan. Vicar General Diocese . of San Francisco. Reading of call for San Fran- CISCO Convention, by E. C. Hoffman. Secretary of the Na- tional Committee. Arnooncement by Vice Chair- man Kremer of temporary or- ganization decided upon by the National Committee. Keynote speech by Homer S. (fumminjs. Chairman National Committee as temporary chair- man of convention. Boll call of State, for pre- sentation of names of members of various convention commit- tees -Credentials. Boles and Order of Business. Permanent Orsaniiation and Resolutions also members chosen for committees to notify Presiden- tial and Vice.Presidcntial can- didates of their nomination. Tuesday. June 29—Noon. (Earlier if convention so de- sires on. Monday.) Prayer by Bishop William F. Nickalls. Report of committee on cre- dentials. Report of committee on per- manent organization. Address o f permanent chair - \Rrjort o f committee o n rule s an d Order o f Eosineas. Protaabl e adjournment unti l report o f committee o n resolo . tions is ready. FEAR SUDDEN SPREAD OF R.R. OUTLAW STRIKE Says Excess Money Ciraihtion Halts Decline in Living Prices Unauthorized' Walkout Hinted for Midnight Tonight WashiDEton Is GUR OPENIHG DAY la^b Of $2.50. INORSE iHJUREO IN AUTO CRASH ON BOULEVARD FORM COALITION TOREATM'ADOO By . .1 Is nn luif SUPPLY GO. TatnpW. 14Z7- OP£N TILL. I D P. at i.ur MONEY REFl-NDED IF PI KCH.VSE LS .NOT S.VTl.-F ACTORS DE.-1(;:-.S cf ^ATLN FIU L-^ifci colors and sijles-. ret^ular $-»-00 J-ard. For sale only Y-VRD TRICOLETTES colon; and afl silt- .-^\inr; everywhere at for this Creat Sale only Y-VRD 6011 \ .\iU>ji 16 MVM--ME T.VN PONGEE worti »2.0fl- Only fee this sale SLOO Y.VRD TiO per cent. saTing- C..! \AKDS HUmrE TAN .-H-VVT^G SiiJ-i Talue- For this Great Sale ontj\ ^1-19 100 Her cent, sating- ir.- • C.ihxin. yitr.i cil'i- . at the F\t IlilH Hospital. injuti-il and ihree . . w.-re !ian wiien i»n . rf.n;a<-il liilelai.tniKiil ,-,.:-:ifie!d boulevard. Both cars -- llama?...!. IS . . n Eustaiped iuierual [isiar . The others hur. are Mrs. M:.: . Mi cliei;. ZH yean old. I- iJers. .ireet. jcalp wmmds: IJunin Mil Chen, her husband. iJan old. laceraUons of the face buds: aad Tliomn- K.. Neu- llint. nars old. IV\. Coyd siree MBtu-mu - of the face and bod>. Tile e«>!.i--ioti tiKiH place on the Itell^vard near Old Town road. Graaaiere Miss Gibson was m by M..jor Ecmk K. n-.nters. attached to t-ie H»J« H.isiiital- Kihlers escaped in IjiT!-. T!.e maj.ir-3 car wa-s soinK noni^h |«l me fnlrvanJ when It met the Uher auto, drlveu by Neokart who liaa as lu» fne»t Mr. and Mrs. Ktchell. la -«.ime way the cars OB,- tocetber. The coUision tosie •1 the oe.n>.nls of boih cars to •tie roadway. Neuhart's car was »ie n»t« badly damased. Sla-i. Gibson wa-s rushed to the ane Hoepiial. IWlowJl.; th« TCideut. Neubart ..-wsied o» a cOarse of feSonl- m a.-»ault and wmisned thu Isoniitle i- the S>«P<eton pohce '.iwrl. He is held exam-natkm Monday. I.. I'. MAKTi:-. ... r'-il .••..rc.«J.o.in.)il •s in Frar.cisco. June —An '„?. wa^ ii.t Iix\ Cialittiin iKtween -he raltn^r fi.rves here with a \ preventins the iiomin-ttion of W.I, pmi-.anes from I-aimer's h^.-!- „ua°ers called uu E. ir manu^er r.eorge Ub-te. oue h;. chilt lU-uioni\\--'- and Charle. E. Norri«. Cof. pr^tate . June 16.—<•\>•>• ment official-, here today still fear- e,! a .uddea spread of the \unau- thoriiiK!\ i-allroad strike be.ween miOnlEht tnnlEht and Mondaj luoitiinE. , , „ 1 Siatemetiia ol Brotherhood l. ail- ers at Cbloaco that the promUe ol railroad labor board lo lUiiKe lire award by Jul! 2\ were aje I.arenlly accepted a-, their fare .alue here. But there waii still apprehension anions oftirials at the ^%-blle House am! UailroaJ Administration tlial ,he leaders mlcbt be unable to hold considerable number of tall-1 road men. ., 1 Just previous to the rauroaJ hoard s definite promise of ^ award late yesterday, the mte llou-e rei-ei.ed word U.at a stti- er.il strike of all railworkers w:i.s .c'leJuied for midnin'.it toniKiil. This strike, officials were toW. while apliarently sponianeoiK wculd await the sendiDB of code iiiessaues lo local leailers throush- eii: t:ie country. Kollowins the warnings J- I • Tumulty. Secreuiry to rri.ideni Wilson and tieei etary of the In- Iliyne. who Is acUnK rail director went into conterenre .-it ilie White House. They conferr.d ions alter word came from Broth- ..rhood le»lers at Cblcatto that ili,re would probably be- no .sen- I'ta^f^ orilie -rank ana nle^ ! „f railroad unions here I.>l3y ei. iiressed ,l;.saallsraction with t.ie labor boaril-s I-onii-se. .l-la^ Iha, ihev wani...l som-.- detln Oicatlon or wbal wase raise,; are ui vet. •WatihinKton. June :«.—There is litUe prixipect of a decline in tood and clothlns prices this year and increa-sed eiports may aciually cause an advance. Royal Meeker, commissioner of labor .slatlstics. said today. ••There can be no ileclinlnE In prices until there i.\ a decrease of lurrency in circulation, or an in- crease In the coods exdumged lor currency.\ Meeker said. \Currency is beins dettaled slow. Iv wiih the payins off or debts but this ran scarcely effect prices this vear There Is also no pcsslbllity \or an increau e in quantities of vl- i- l necessities ot lil e b.-InE pto - duced at this sea.son and Eeneroll y prospects are ihitt food and col .on C10I» will be below normal this ^''••l^n as much as Ihe fo^Kl budset ronstltuies about -Hi per. cent of) the entire budeet ot the average family there can scarcely be aii appreciable lowerinE in the leve of priccs until the cost of lood comes down. -Clothtos the next more im- portant Eroup ot Items In the tarn- ily budget jnaklns about I. per cent ot Ihe total expenditures. At present there is no prospect of a decline In the price of clolhinE nor can there be any until there is a considerable increase in the cot- ton and wool crops. All the above lact-s apply to this country even if we d-d not have obliEation s to leed and clo.lie starvInE and shlverlnE Europe. As- slstlns Kurope will mean that our ow-n stocks of fuel, food, clothinE and other necesslti*.^ of life will bo still fur'.Her depleted, thereby ten- derins lo maintain or Uicre^-e prices of these comm.Hlities in the Cnlttd States.\ DEATH KEEPS 'Wll-l- BOGEBS FROM 'EBISCO With one son dead from diphtheria, another near death and two other children dang, eroosly ill. Will Rogers wires that it will be Impossible for him to write for The Daily Ad- vance at the Democratic-Con- vention. He is .pending all his time with hi. sick children. It IS with deepest regret and sincere hope for the rapid re- covery of his family that The Daily Advance makes this an- nouncement. We feel confident ' that Rogers will have. also, tne .ympathy and good wishes of the hosts of reader friends who enjoyed his paragraphs on the Chicago convention. REVOKING FRANCHISES AN ESTIMATE BOARD PASTIME Women's DelcRation Termed 'Limousine Crowd' by Ma- yor Hylan JACK BAPEB one of the topnotch -colyum^^ writers of America. will \cover\ the funny side of the Donkey Circus for The Daily Advance. * Another McetinfC Passes Out With No Trolley Service In Sight thev PUPiLSii^OREO AT GRm KILLS •Medals and Prizes Awaided at Public School S Grad- uation A fitting example ot ihe flnlsbed product of one of our great^t ftstltutins. th e American public scLoI. was thorouEhl y exempl^ed •It the Krailuatlon exercises ot Pn^ ic LiLl NO. S. held in the audi- torium of the school. Oreat KlUs^ „„ Wednesday evenins. Sixty-two «,urB men a-ad women were Klven Clr dTplomas a, bavloE suc^- fully passed the requirements ot the elementary classes- Counselor Joseph B. \\hdr to his address to the younE f aamonlshe,! ihem to look to the tu- ture and to strive to be Eood meti women and nseful citl-ns of our preat commonwealth. In the X of a partinE word of advice he rclltll tL story «( a man who ,1 died and instead Schulti. Ethel Carroll and Bertha Mekkelson. ,...,„. 1 Cooking Prizes —Norina Wa c.- man. Anna von Gerlchtcn and Vera BnindenburE. The Eraduates were; aass of February—GeorEe Buhl- man. Bennle HurdEc. ^f\'.'\: son. Edmund Gundackcr. Charles Henderson. Edwin Jellltte. Aithar MunEloll. -Milton Nissen Cur.is Schurmacher. William Todd. Wil nam Walsh. Catherine Asensio. Helen Brown. Kdilh Burrows. •Alice carstens. Alice Cochl-atie. Helen Cochrane. Gertrude Co toil. iJlorence 1-i.land. Hel-n En^ht. Mario Hartman. Irma Hrffman. Helen Kelsey. Nube Klocke. An- ionia I.a Grecca. Don., by l-o--^-^- nice Post. Molly \oss. Mabel Scbultz. Louis. SorKe. May Steele. GeorEiana Styles. . Class of June—Adam Uasile. Tll- lle cooper. Uoyd Deschaux. Gerard iDunkleman. John Gosol. Edwm Jones. Rudolph Pederson Rhein. Harry Sailer. Joseph Ta^ bi. Lillian Adcock. tlbel BerE. Mary Belts. Vera BrandenberE. M-try Burns. Ethel Carroll. Lillian nePorrest. Marie He Lecce. Fran; ces nury. -Bessie H.-tBen. Hazel FREE BUSES TO MIDLAND BEACH Also Business Men Independent Grant City Line Propose from ,.-etary They aiked how Cox's be reEurded as prelim^ary to later ;,,.als\ would b,- unable to si E^lnst a Palmer-Cox coall ion a vire presi.ienlial posslbllitv. tbey intimated, be -'l\''// idied. There the matter rest, or the time heme. ESSHrr man or not. Chicago Worker. Will Stick. Cliicaso. June ill—A threatensd raU Blrlke was , nrotherhood leaders said t\oa . when the rnited States mil board announced it.s decision on wase in- creases will be reached on or be- fore Julv Tlie Drothertioci lead- rs.'wh.; obiaitieJ Ihe anoounc^ men, after a hearlhE yesterdas Taid I hey tlioUEht the men would remain on. the job now. man. « . „ •-Honor pupils. Replacing Strikers in Philly FiuladeliJiia. June :i;.-Continu- ed hlrinc ot now men was at-h^ 7wi for toiiay by the roads here replace ''•.'l.lf •K k aso-- rrelEht lawyer DIES INBROOKLKN _ __ TVitnnMn Ol I.Om> Y ARHS OF HE.UT JAP^LK a finish: $.-Um valne- Oniy for thw occasw-e Slj:.) Y-VRD Ju-.^ 50 per tyut. og- OFFER N.VVY SWISS TAF^A C was sold as Msh as S3.00 per yard- <»\ 100 pgr cent, sarins- SAEE—STLK SAEE—SII.K llwo LNJURED IN BOILER EXPLOblON Jasenh lllirte. Si i Hans .\»lo»t- ffj\«reet. Brooklyn. _ . «reet. Maohatt^u ^ ,etl »-».- at-\te Iwded by ^f'st. Charles Borroneo. Inter • lerrr. Th« m»n _,„ he nriTlte. Bichtird James \•^\-resT/ent'-^r^t.-rsr.na on F»ner»I jti Hicks ^ OK of one of the >»\\\• , n. lulured men were trten to IlL?Jacent'« HoopiUL ^^o^n. Malone, X. Y- and Jere- vee ano ' , seme improvement yesterda waT^po^ed. special attention ^ elven today to the movine If ft^sluffs. a.« \Ireadv shown a sllEht Increase Uue lo an alleped sHo. •'•- over lJ:oil shopmen, affiliated tbe Amerl.»n Tibor were to walkout today, dis- ever a report from ^ic^- EO that they were U. crease ot but I cents. Tfey OA ne-T cenL increase. rSlnE in an uUlmamtn »» \\rrTtlrersecic. rexn^. nor- mil. 308 Women In Convention SaTrrancisco. June Cella Kroosch' Marpar<'t posivi-1 ^ _ „,- he left ins'tead a will which ;.'„>ntainod a lot ot Rood ° ,he vounE. one clause of the will read: -Tear God. tear the face ot no man. and remember a He is a cowards defence.\ Mr. Handy In conclusion i»id to the youDE people before hitn he.^ived up to flat principle ^at ^bin death came uecil have no tear that their lly«. had not been succcsstul. The followlnK honors were warded: Henderson. Vera Brandenburg and February Class- George Buhlman and William •\ttp Medal. June Pederson. John Goge and Fred ^l^'e'LattshlP prizes -Mabil GOP. Nominees to Confer Boslon. Jtme ;S.-Tli<. first con- ference licfween Senator arret^C. Harding, Republican presidential \ presidential n\\'\.^- held at Washington on WedMsd«> Jun e 30. It wa s announced ^ -s^Tardit r r^ a^-rwin ^erioi'Lv'tirhV.;:- the coming campaign. Call Meeting for Mo«Jay . Ther e will be a meeting of tenders, firemen, coal P^^Y^iiS -tnd Wipers in Emerald Hall. T. Jerse y Street . -New Brighton I, was announced this morning that a line ot tree buses will beEln running tomorrow to Midland. Woodland and Graham iHvaches from St. George. Bergen Point and Elizabcthport ferries. „,,„„ Taking matters of transportation in their own bands, steps are under ».,y bv the business men ot Graham'. Midland and Woodland Beaches to organize an Indepcnden bus line to operate from the Grant Cilv station to the shore. ll is proposed by these men that one ot more buses Ik- pu^ .diased tor this purpose. Jo r^^ funds it is planned to solicit ™i> scribcrs. each to advance a certain amount to go toward the original purcha-i price of the vehicle. Af- ter this is iKiuEbt. the upk«-p will met bv monthly subscription from Ihe men interested in th '\in the papers outlininE the scheme, those back of 11 say. have used everj- otfort. to induce the Boaid of Estimate to allow us to pay eight cenus on the irolle.vji. which Is the lowest amount the Judge will permit Ihe trolleys to accept, and having tailed in all our efforts, hereby agree to own rair bus and organize the company o run one or more buses. Wf mate that this bus running all the year round'will take In sutflcient money to more than pay its upkeep, repairs and a Bxed salary for tne chauffeur. Let us get together and help ourselves.\ A delepaUon of Staten Island women, appearing before the Board ol Estimat e yesterday to plead for the restoraticn ol trolley service In this borough, merely caused Mayor John F. Hylan to reiterate his de- lermlnation never to allow .tn In- creased far e on any car line in the cll... The women attended Ihe meet- inE in the board chambers en nia.sse. carryUg banners alluding to liie situation here. A number ot the delegation addressed the board iling that conditions are intoler- able and demanding relief^ from the clly officials. .\t the end of the dl.scussion, a resolution to allow Ihe Midland coml»any lo charEe eighl cents was declared out ot or- der by the Mayor and the women left with little accompllslied Th e Staten Islanders arrived a t City Hall at 10 o'clock yesterJ . mornlnr. afler a march up Broad wav irom sout h Ferry. Along the line ol march Uie banne m attract- ed considerable attention. In t'.ie board room, however, these ban- ners also were declared •'out ot order \ by Ihe Mayor and the wie men wer e forced to lower their slandard.s. Women Walt for Heur. As Ihe matter upon which the women wished to address the body wa-s not on Ihe board calcndai No hint a s to the cBccl o r out- come ot the revocaUon ot ten of the old village franchises operated unde r by the State n Island Mid- land Railroad ComiKiny oould be learned tod.iy. Clly ottlclals would ISKUe no statement on the ground thai the action would depend on .;il> l«iUcy which must be decided, nie traction lutercs u seemed to believe ilmt Ihi. action of the Board ot K--.llm»Ie wUl liavo liUlo 'ffecl. , , ricpuly Commissioner of Plant and Stmcture s William Wir t Mills. UilB morning decllneil to express and opinion ot the effect -whlrtl th e forfeiture ot Ihe Iranclilsia trtll have .Neilher would h e say -what future policy in regard to tho op- eration ol the road the city •Kill tollow. These thlnge. slated the rommli- Blon-r. were matters of clt» policy and a s sutli he did not feel a t llb- ert yto give out any InformalUM. William J . smith . Staten Island represcntallve ot Jaco b Brenner Federal receiver tor tho Midland lines, slated this niomlnE 'ha t h e did no ibellevo Uie action ot tho board will have much effect As t o forfeltlns ot franchises, ho said, the city officials had been doclar- Ing these aEreoments annulled fo r - - some time and slJll the .Ituutlon Is Llie delegation w-as forced to wait ajict-d To absolutely revoke lour hours unlll all otber matters -were disposed of before they could obtain a Jiearlng. At Uie end ot the regular buslnrf.3 Borough Presi- dent Calvin D. Van Xame brought the delegation to the attention ot Ihe Mayor. Mrs. James S. Graham ot Mid- land Beach introduced the subject .and called upon Mrs. Edward D •Wisely of lUclimond terrace. Tori Richmond, to present the case ot Ihe Staien Island women. A Mystericu . Missil e Mrs. WIsely'a remark s were frc Quenlly Interrupted by Mayor Hy Ian who tried to prove that only , a small iiortlon ol the Kiehniond • n,enls Borough public tarored a hlgner 1 revenue tor ihe trolleys. To back up his slatemcni. the Mayor read • letter, purportlnc to come from .om e State n Island •aoman. docJar- Ing that the delegation was nol re- presenlative. Thi s letter deduced that the st^akers should not - unclianceo —, ---- the Ininailses and romove-uio Mia land coml>.iny from the tractoi. wa« his opinion, will necessllate court action. _ , . Tho mer e votlnE by the Board ot Estimate thai the franchUe . ore tortelted, h e declared, will mean nothing and will cause n o change In the activities of tlio receiver nor In his action under Hit! recclT- ershlp. Th e Line . Attected Ry unanimous vote Uie board v,.»lerd«y declared ten ot tho ZJ franchises held by the MldlMKl company revoked. These are gran U Irc.™ Ih e orielnal vlllago govern- ol Stntmi island untWr which Ih e company was 0l«iialhl{- wnicn iiie —. . .- The lines involved are those in- ning from St. George to Concord, from Concord 10 Port trora Concord to RIclimnd and the M.mor road line. This action on I'l\ I'\' , \ Board ot Eallmate followed notice of ninety day. .erved on the »m- speakers should not be belleveu. a. ^ay . .erve o on i^e tStrwere Involved with the tra.^ „ .n.pend^ r\ Th- Mavor refused ^ „«,i„tlnn. revoking the lima- ^r ot Cli»te.«wr. PREVIOUS MIIOCPATIC COM^ MB CWWTES TO IW*™ Date 183! 1S4* 1818 1852 1856 1S60 Place Baltimore Bmltimore Baltimore . Baltimore Cincinnati ;NomiDe« ..JacWwn •• ..Polk ..Cass ..Pierce ... . .Buelianan .. PoBglM Ballot. > 4 9 IT 9 aoV Baltimore \ ,Ko choice at Charlerton: «n«nt« 4„re. bolting conrentlon 1864 1868 1871 IStS ISSD 1SS4 1888 1892 1896 1900 1904 1908 191: 1916 Chicago Sew York ... Baltimore .. - Baltimore ... Cincinnati ..• Chicago St. Louis --• Chicago Chicago .... Kansa. City St. Loula Penxe r Baltimore .. St. Lool» -• . .Seymour ..Greeley •• ..Tllde n .... ..Hancoc k . ..CleTeland . . .CICT'Iani . .Cleveland . ..Biran .•• ...Bryan ... ...Parker .- ...Brymn ... ...•WlUwn .. .^.•Wltoon . Acclamation 1 6 Acclamation 46 AcclamalloB AT ST. tJOCIS W ConTenllon at the Colls«.-n St. On^ ated KT acclamaUan. AT BAI.TIMOM. mS f Wllwn DECISION SENDS STIDKE PICKET BACKTD JAIL Th e convlcUon and .entence s ot IJamey King. David Tannenbau m Herma n Altman. ralncojt Strike picke u wh o ««ulted David Sllber, a local manufacture r y^ lerday were unanlmou.l y 'O\^™^ by tho Court ot Appeals. These men now -111 hare u, sej^ e teim« M fro m tio and one-halt to four fnd Te-halt year , in Sing S!« at hard labor. Th. appeal ,•«». argurt some we^dis azo Jietore th e Cour t ot Ap- peals by A«l.«an l W'^e' ne r AUred V. Norton, who tried tto la the County Court and Sined th. convicUon. DurUw O.. trial, tho detendaoU were repr^ sen^d b.v Arthur K thoush their appeal was argued l» AbrXm Levy, of ^ Th. three m« ^ Uind a. plck«a during a rtrike to 1 raincoat UctBry. 11 Blc®- l^iS^ Sl^SJ.- Tompkln,!^\- wer. o.nTlcte4 ot i,m «. aeverely ,he .trlkK.- union tor (Vt^U tlon interests. Th e to divulge the •writer of th e loHM ^•ben It was demanded by on . ot the Staten Islanders. Mayor Hylan tinally included the irgnmen t by ^ecto ng tta t whatever the women migh t w ^oul d be useless. He then slated rh« h e was determined not ,0 gran t any lncrea ~ in fare. He re- Ferred to some of \the limousine crowd\ who desire a n eight cent fare tor others. ^'\At this lime Borough President Va n Same Introduced a reMlntlon to allow th e Midland line, t o cto^ eight cent a Thi s waa ImmedUtely dS^ed out or order hy th e Mayor J^m prior to this dlKUMlou Mr. vL Nam e had voted l o fortett th« franchUe . of thl . «im. company. Call . Kar a MM'ihO Another meeting ot <ha Midland Democratic Chib wa s held at th e Flrtermen' a Club. ,a. t nlltht to coatlrfu. Pl\\^^ monUM mas.-me.tine In nfM to Ih. troUey aUuatlon. E . W . iLnard an d Jame. Otaha m wer . lb. speal..?. .ixed th. -'rlou»e« .l«. pany aiier 11 Hje resolution, revoking th. chK.es wer. hawHl upon claim, that Ihe coBpwy had failed to W the city certain percontai;. of H« recelptii. and had failed lo turn certaini required report, to th* \^u\ was explained 'hia moml^ that ten mor. of the 27 frantiiUM •will come before the board tor » vocation nou wt'k^ \Il en will b« referred to th. atWrW general ct Ul. 8 <at., It Se.k Antl-uyn^lng Plank San Fr.ncl.co, Juo. many rwueaU tor Jiearlng. before the Hcnolutlona Opomnie. of Ihe Democmtlc N'allon^ ^^ST'^Sil one from a d.lepllon W N*^ aeeklng au Good roads Inland •wntfrww ar. t^er atihl^.J. » which hearlnti hay. .b<».n a.^^ , ater-i? ^ CTOPPWG HWAWA* -A hiiii »t<j!chrf to-a lUht «•- ^u^fi \T TOW V^ tir and Srt\«tTh« the -tlr. f h'S? Z colony extinction unl.» ^ S\™;^ ley wrrlM can^Hi reatored. It wa. ~o . ^ ^ j^j ^ d«l4ed to call a mau S?pmnpt action ol Jowpk CoW bdd Frldw .r-^jo-i-.f!!.'*\! to™\\\-!foro h.\. .craah^ would oav wILllni automobll. tuU oC^chrf Midland Ca^\uanainl ,, kit . .ver y nuhUc oOcUl an d pn- Kan<\w . .t^im > t th o auen d IJla «»>• On. ofth. pemon. preMBt ml ammm. -—a ih. pn^ n 'roor. «mual location lor J>U trip . Mi \\\WW * ^^ ,he .trlkK.- St mor. than twenty bnto •«;»« SS^ recdrrf In th. STdluwa to JUU. JS and a U^™^ ~ ^^ ^^ i.1, —tlu, »»tJi«1« ' lot . dMOlBtdr .4«<ilCSb ym wmMT — — aOarts no pj».—*<»«-

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