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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, June 15, 1920, Image 7

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\ PAOE FtVH -pHS. ^ - - ..i„.,i.„, maitrz Dtiia»i\°- \\St\ lortlM*^ « * ajTie* aw ^ I lock party Wedws^y' J'nK 16Uu IKO „ ST. MAKKS place, •y Tom^ansvaie L rf 43rd Efcction District of the Ricli- rSTtomty IJeinocratie Organiration. ' TidMts, 25c each « caarity »» On^^nlntion •Ptame Tomi^dnsvaie 16o9-K .FAKEWELl. DINNER TO | -- ^^ RUSSELLUSSELL MEKRELLiH.KKE.i-i' were; R a I „artng was an eimox.™ A Ur^en dinner given on j .^rcHGlWe origmat^ »y Friday af Hc.l Kesel Erooklyn. in ion\ I and his l^rtner. Misa iian Merrell. who is leavins on a OT- . cerl tour across continent, '^e y^^^jig tmir. -.Kich will last tor the peri^ses of foort«n wwiis. is rection ot Professor Omora C^lVeau.. tuluco. The dinner was attended by hie intimate frienda. At the close ' — \ .Vmong those present ^ -y- Mi^ Mildred Koger,. Viola Hen- derson. Ullian MacMullen. -M^el <,u,ner De Hamilton. Alma « friend.. . oavld,on. Jeane ^^Je^ Marionbuilder; ,e ot the dinier Mr., p„,elU also En^nnel Keftel Ar a few words in ap- .hnr Wold,. George ^J^e — M.irTiett. Konald Dell. Bnice and Eagene Fergnson. NEW BUILDINGS Frame -tore on Bay uSILrti. owner; S. Riapoll. build-^•i«l ''^wT'frame dwellinss on Fourth fisoo e\<-I>'. Alterations frame dwelling on Butter >wner and Merrell said a lew wo™= preciation lor the dinner and -was presented a diamond acart pin set in platintnn. Many stories and • :. .J cr.. IS\' --- l-nr; Blfbl^ma. : . -- nniUiin''- ^ • .r ~ .t., Br^.UIJi; tlieMotor Thief On - avenoe: A. Iverson. ST5. On trame dwelllnE on Butler av^ueT Joseph Pepe. owner and builder; KOO. On frame .IweUing on fc^renk der: fV'O- on CO., ere,e aPP™\\ J. M. Knopp. huilder; daily with The Daily Advance- Are youT MASONIC NOTES I Richmond I^se No. ^^ J. and ! A. M Frank Foguin. master, held ^s communication last night tn^r Masonic Hall. Port Bich- The work ot the evening ^rttM of .he sublime Degree „r Master Mason. Empire Commandery >-o. 6b KT. Arthur G. Hastings com- mander. have called off for «he \nmmer months to meet again on September ^ Julia Lore«?HTlUa?d. 25 years. 63 Sharrott avenue. iwrtr Schreiber. 53 year,. 10:. MSiughlln. 7 days.-S= ^•\^iirm ^r/i: T, years. . Be- dell street. iHatnfli wmmw Call to see our fine monuments • and save money. 'Phone W. B. 1988 _ APPEL & NAll^IAN 952 Richmond Avenue, Graniteville, S. 1. KEAK UII.I.SIDK CKMKTMT York City. V.V one tho»»«>ias atoa ho\ izii and tweal^.^. ^ S«<.a.l DepotT Socr.'\! r^COWm MOTOR to. battery IauciilM ODDS and ENC I We are equipped for a\ kind-s of battery and ele^ t^ical work. We will ^^ I voa a battery while yours is beins repaired. New uatterics in btocK. 1 438-4-lU Richmond Avenue, ' I'ort Uichmond •Phone 910 W. B. [T T3 l^—FUHN^SHE^ A UTOS—M OTQ HCTCL^ 3tops the Thief Before He Gets Start^'- ^ J. , Your Insurance Protects Yoar Car. Keduces • t ,ST VOUR CAas V-J-TM UlCi? toe. our cash rthe safc. common -^/^^VtT committed every day ^ the. auics ..ndin. m ,n.y take such This unique dcvice LOI^B^ you 'rVtcered U cannot.csicered or towed. . com- . KARI.OK is an \.\\\Xl of tested «reng.h. . Pos.- ^ J^fanl Pro-ir Does not interrerc .n any th\ mechanism. TOTl*. ! , TO rxrnxx-K ..m.--.- t»„r nalia»i»n«« J-rll W. t X Price $15.00 AtUrfied >Mdle You Wait - Ir ' Uriw - tvMza :>' ilar* ; - lac-iv- . T..U. r-tuiin »lriT«*. 1 ,»r .-.vtxinir* nfti-r « i'i-'? TTnir n,-. rr^dj tar < • >-•!» F-M -Mtrtitc. _ ; i. * r-^r 1 un: mn an mUM. AM-^t |wre<l fi-nvt CAR DisfiW ratestotgow, . I UnderwrHers . ' onOwners^m^riVc^':^®' ^ AIl.CU^BjmADVAHai)^ IT-rTO- ic*^- Qidulac rmixla*^ , i ri.«-» TCTitM- g\- — - aifiHrar nr.— ^\.Si'rflSS ' vrz. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE / ggacU . a.moii»trm^ aU thta Inirfiidow of (FtrMBen:* invMCT. vffiSUsL.- For Sale at Garages and Accessory Stores 'ffooff .lUSUHUU^ ^ ^ 0« Undetimte™ PlC^OND COUNTY BUiCK CO. RICHMOND TERRACE _ .phoneTAOTompkin^ ^ auspn^ NEW BRIGHTON u W. OSBORNE ATTEimOIl - ODDS -- T^^HAHP set o? Di-hes. 100 p,.c... a lot of Gras. Bug., and Mattrel^ses, D. H. J^^^Vj^ta.. Conool.um for Porch use. o,l H«ter. Pots. Pans. K.tch.n - ^^ - - - - .rani removed the ne.t day h> J. T. hOURKE, Auctione^f^^^ at the \HUB\ Tel. 80 w. ^ 1. . p-lti— t. wroi.a '' bollJl-I* tnrb IM lnii»r»>«>'»» WORK THAT H01D£ YOUR WTERBt ™ • i)o YOU want import- unl and fa-scimitinB work for Kood pay m » sant and refined \tmos- phere? Ilo YOU want a real part in tl- saction of modern ness? - _ 1)0 YOU want to ray\^\! Sl'uiO a Wfek ' learning? U vou do. enroll in the „cw cla-s-s for those wh? Xh to le.irn telephone \keratins which will ij^, ^?sani7.ed nest week. - and r> p.w- l„ Chief Operator, 44-1 St. Mark's mace, TumpUinsville Itoikt Uoii»®» C«> • t nwt \ D^elUnS W?\*.**^ rmrtotr BnlldlW >-«rak Ulin<UPVa Ofa<-« MaUJlna\ Worlt »hop» Good Wages-steady Work Men wanted who can sp^ pay fair Uving wages, and the worlc Apply to G. Siegle Corporation ot America throughout the year. Chestnut Avenue, Kosehank. S. L Work Shop* • ,„ , EDWARD P. WORRISEY 141 W/e.tervelt Ave •Phone Tooipklnavll. sraVlCE THAT SATlSnis'i PLUMBING heating & GASFn;jING 'Phone 1179-11 TompK J. RIVK'M IIG Jersey N. l!..S. I- SO JOB TOO SM^ll wa mi TtuPHOHUO- W ayne R ^ity C o: 1» Hpal Estate U Insurance lU 6360 Amboy Road,' '' - Pleasant Plain! speci-wToffess t electricity: near \\ fare, convenient to e^pr ^^^^ 5 tion. uarae plot. l.v i' .If KO -CilHTR&CT TOO BIG .Phone'l-ott 2541. T^tenv^e S. U N Lumber of aU^^r^P^\- ~ p^e. Brick. Gena-sco and Cement. sewer Pipe, Flue Lining and Wall Coping ^ ARTHUR DREYER & SON I Coa^That Bii.\s II HENRY MEYER &.SON iif iTJiONE 117 W. B. ,, I .„,l ot North St. ..,iMr RICHMOND ilAIEN ISLAND H AR B O R MOVING and TRUCKING ^ Uical and long tance servita Wholaaala and Rata\ ICE DEALERS H.pnrr&sos 252 Harbor Ro«d,-iluii Marlnara' Harbor T.hon. W. B. 1409 or WH' fthWflODHlPTSCOALCO.' IlliAl.l-:K IN Coal. Oaaollne. Oil. Sana. Gravel. Cement, Ac...\\.. Cinder, and Stove WoojU OakV«.od H.lBli\ l\'^' Many Beach Lot. For Sal. OAKWOODJHEIOHTS, 8. 1. 'SEE PIAZZA rk... M SJ- \vr II AM. UIM rM. than 1- , /.-e, Dorp , •Phone -j sterllng_18OT REGISTEK EXCH. 189 Flatbuah Ave. Brooklyn, N. Y. staten Island Auto BUfl^t and Trucking Co, • ' Local and long dIatM>'c»'.' Special equipment for mil purpose&i I 't.I. w..tBriaMbn112Ti.r e.H >t 25S Taylor R. E. BEUL' '\'f El^l Working I\ Br^ Spaclal .tl.n«onsW.nt»H^ Wlrlna and Wotor \•P^\ »2,Ell«b.tJ. Slrart, W. * •Phon. Wert Prlttte'^ Mi^ '20 56 OFF rLUMmma „ Bpia*—1w*b t»b»» wmm ,tapletSI puombino « SUPPLY CO. . : Tira CtTiSli BIAUT mw

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