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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, June 15, 1920, Image 5

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,THE macT. nAMOMA VKEAVEH M^s CHEERED BmORT MTVtTSWllUOWm ! , Eooa fWrond baKmilL. He prob- -Uamiinz. Schwarz and Gene oii« ot th- Rreatcst ficW sen- trali. :n 'he ^emi-pro mokj .t>d a Mrflrath \re Kecovering ! «ar al holdini: an laBeld toBetb\- \-hen It ioclil.Ifs yonni; » » • frtxn Injories l kl«rs who ar? apt to bijw at aw • mom-at. It minit b.^ rra^lwrrf Bt ten FI- AT - that Charli* Quinlaa was Kettittc \ \ , . , I alotut nirelT at Bhon. But when As .otnebodT remarHtJ once 1 was* taken away from bim — tere. it\3 a long wnrm that doesn't ram aomewhere aloCK the line o£ DOINGS OF THE DCFFS OU™-s Prospects Seem To Weaken^ m BYAIiDttM^; AOO 1 ji-.tk - 0! -n OSlare cJaiM ct S HALF price ovular sizes hou: >vith an intematiot umlorvvtar and steamer ru? wools {pictured) > oa pay their loveliness . ,f in tne revers IT.':ir.a for those irho delay Yaa pay on rhe othiT side of the key!\nae sack, the younoter went a'.I to And Manage. Ha. pl^e. ^ ^^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ i, of the opinion that the Ca^ey ^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^ wona of misfartnne ia about ready | jj^^insa injarr. Bii: then. -R-iilje to withdraw in fayor ot a compro- , proyed himself to be an eirep- mise candidate. tioa ia m..re ways than ono. He H mise canatna^e. ^son. and one ThinSJ ar,^ to perk np j^al hall a whole lot for the Caw m pt^j-pr, :o come to the front in iheir endwiTor to make a bic thins ! these part--- in i^ome time. Hif work ol baseball at Sisco Field. In ta.n. -.bird has bjen fauUle<-». an not since the Casey's winnini; ^-^nr does nor rattle streaJT was suddenly derailed when „rii-.innal error does nor rattle Wnen ^nd he has J»een coins at a taree of the team's SOS stable lerriSc clip ISs Teterans went on the h..sp;til list-, s.hwan's retam behind the bat haye thinss loomed up qaiie a> j, badly needfd. T'vre are . not many real i:.>od ran-hfi ; m ihe •mi prou rar.lr< t.«lay.- Schwarr.. cheerfmlj. Sunday's victory oyer the siron:: ^tjni yr -—- ^ Caaranty Onb. altSoush the thre»; fr^d Leahy. how..ver. -s .ic.' aJIins yets »ere still absent, caas^i „f i|„m and to r. pla.-e him is « ^^ the oalSt nmrh cheer. And n..w p-e.iy ,tiif as^icnmen:- Hen«'. it comes the announcement that the . ^^e Ca-eys can at be ^Tte, Frank Srhwan. „t hayins Sihwan and Manninc comets three ailinit ones. Frank Sihwan. Eddie Mmnine and Gene M.-Grath, woold yery prr.bahly sta.k up aeain.'t J.je Mc.Salls'^ n<-b.>ken». with Harry .H-llKirrow. f .r two year-\ the star pitthici a.e nf the l>»wney leara. on the mound. •While it is not pcjsl-.iyely certain that the threo ;nJurM Caseymen will be back :n tie linkup ntyt^ Sunday. r»poTts from the three re- | spertive si^k b«Js a.— bitten-.. fayrahle. , Schwara's injured fincrr* are fiid to be comina ar.-.n-td ni<-ly. »t;!'i •Eddie Manrins'i knee i- -J d t.- ; -.tac-na a remarkabty speedy re- . royerv. One M.-CratH U the onty on- it.l! on the .loul.tful i:-'. a< . he is 5u3er-.r,i J-vrely !r m ,he injury b- a when h- ir.t hit in the Jaw »i.h a pi:;he.i balL Gene did not mifer a V.ne fracture as had at iir\t b--n believed, but the b:.-w ba.ily .'U up the in-ide ..r his m..u:h ar.M ,.au.-e,I -yeraJ of Bis teetl. ' • cet prie,! Io.^e from their m<K.r.nct.. Of the three, h.-.wevcr. oe-.- <-a- be-t be .pared Mr another week ,wo. tirhich i\ not meant tn-\ anythint away frr.m Gene s ab; ^y. bat it so happens that In n..- =w~.ttev. &-.tl'ef= manae-,I \to up .1--. ab;.. f-^r The retarn 'f Mar.n.nc - ' oad. and S.-hwara behind the b.... Zt.^^ are badly by th- ra-ev,. f..r Soniers has n... able \to duplicate tb~ ^unnmc went oat. the c=.:re Ca.^y infi.ld. - '1. '-;>- * — went to -n-.s-^h. .t ie und-r-a.od. more than b.i.rir\the\lfne-l!P n-lt \\•f'fj;; they iu-e confident they wtll civ- . Ha^y H.V.borrow a warm receptt.m , at t^it.co Field.- HO\VARDfllSTS ' FRRHKFLEMSNG HUBER'S WINDS UP TOURNEY rfi!; the n.?-.' ti- sh. r! ... '.er. K'.eminc has 'hown if. b j few l«)at--lha- h- inu.«t ' • , his b-.u:. '*t'h I.. Str.tih kn.l iwnny .Ma!.-r proy-.. , u . bux-r and b^, . . f.,re b. t Klem:— .'.-i ; ^ ' „.. in h\-- hfm'wlin'h^'fa::;;; Vhe: .„rpr.,~l every by i'^.tittt h. ,\ ,' re., kt .k d..»t.-i mat. h he repeat.-i the \t\\ ^^ , amrtnc the h- ha.^^ proT«-<i la • Ot-.-ree (\lijl> LEAGUE DURING PAST VSEEK; u Sew Tork ensasi^ . ipany. Ed . seale. and Slim . ,, ouUrvd .iff the flase.*- Sfllle uirector^nd t^ir ^•^.{.\tudie didn't know their r TuTn\: \SlVican l-eanue s,a.e. • bills remain the p-io. , vspcakcr', Indian, after a « ' t-a- in \ua; m Ir\\'- • \^e. t.. v- ate .he ' Vankees in \ao^h. what .. •t r.,.url ..f br-akiri; pitch, i - h:;Vt/b> rappiu. .ut -.t hits for Bv HEN-RV L. F.VRREI.I-. During the , rait.\.! Pr. ... .--to\ Corrcpondciit.* | tnent of the ' Z ,l,e\.N-aIional League' Uous^h. \ontinues like a yaudeville .how 1 with a new lianjier attraction every i wec'k. 1 Uist week Hranch Uickey ami i his .-ist of Cardinals put oyer the . ! star number ot t'ne bill m ^kll-' Teck- ot ba.l ..r Ine t Itl.kf o! dynamite tor New 1 • ' The Cards hopped fr.ro nfth to third place by .'a v'li'l a'res ihrt— from Ilrc<iKi>a -i-\' tw* \'n'.m'the Giants and drew up ,wo cainef frtm tir=' i-..islt'otl Today the St. l...uis ^ „„ Ws- -,orin2. the harde.-t l..ttinf the fastest club in the Ica^e and'scored more tuns in silt san.\ than the Itobias an.l in.- Gia...s lirin -even. Good p.t-hln= and of t'ne ciicuit. The .bampion Keds .econd to .irst pi.ce at close of th.- week but ihcy can thank th- C irds K-r It. .Moran's •''f';;' tour out ot .lit ,.,te-tc.l in a Ptnb,.-tn plaj o t l-uis'ilsaXinritsU^^^nder : the Il'ibins for lhem_. ...It of eifiht jmmcs. marr-tl a I •east in the Xationa: Leasue. , <>« ,, The Ueds „tl ^eric^uysfi^ clubs on «.< six. the cubs J^'P^f 1 ;\stern Invasion. •\^r'iitTrr h'loppe^rtwo 1 The Vanks took six ^t o. and'el^rom fourth to L,, «ed fifth place. ^ split even In six Barnes cacO. The AthKi«- drop^-ve^' ^ un.-.ivcrcl n new In lUP Colhiii. a v-ho pnitiit^es t-' „t of 'h'^ •e n.-t yet 'ti thctr RIWIS and RIWI PARTSr \LL MAKES IN STOCK U Caro' two extra-—we have the equipment^ ^^ n N.Y. MOTOR SUPPLY.^qr U —.a ™ ron ™ \Phone V A 3 rir&i. , - 1 n ..v. BRIGHTON Store at 6 P.M.-^unday at- 1 P-JglL has .... jerlornifr t.ikr thr Piac \jj» a niui;>u' In ••.o 'cason and ti=e r.ithvtics fell r...b. '\w-th the exception of the Cards , ™ .pvi'-. 's .^ere liti.il; bmcmc CHEVROL Nash and American AND TKUCKS COLU>UilA TKUCKS (LIB^HTV MOTOR) Six West Brighton Auto Supply west New IM^hton ..... . -il b- pumpk.! zn.- -- .il. biit ' •won lilm r.ir-k : T.p Top Jrs. w.n T;P T..J'- • AUis on li-ituf-\.' r.-.r.ur •'..ir.i In''.i.»r.a. i.» nmk.- .:u> hriU-.unt lUrihy bKina of ..,.-•.. art-M'- lii.i .vns H:- i^-iy'-ni: .. ».- • iftiii • '. , ..t til' 1 4 \and he swapped his gKouch for a smile\ ^tartfn ,he wtn,vnp of Hater's three-man b-wltni: is,and', crct\ arm. bri.uKht t., a clr-e .'.ne o- ,h, sreat.st sea..ons the l^al P n r;m;:n..taten island ha-o-c , aey: -b-^, KleiO... Wim-... I.rner... \M > —-. XllT.-.--50O, k.r C^irk. In aTi^>ihfr • ijTA-T^var.ti bout ••r. ] ...rtenihev;^--: Portian.l. Or\i:.tii. Ita- ; 1 f. S 1 \ --.y'llron. ICE CREAM , Sml.b. . ••«7 J\\ 1137 or 1026.M I When ><.u neea seo'ice. , Towinit and r,p.iii3 at »>' l-our.; !=ni-ion expert o^^O^Vl\' \ !>my. We^tlnclio-ase. At-wa.e.-.. '• oi-s for all systems, : SERVICE ' 6549 Amboy Road j Pleasant Plains. S. I. $35 For This Victrola or vour tampins trii>—iny«here. V VICTROLA VL if pu.ch.a.-.ed now will taken in exchange upon ^^ „f a Virser VKTKOLA in the FALL. dett^ired. Albeeu. KleW. • VX l,iu-r- - 1\ rim tr.* til ig liair. m natural t' n^f blact anU Poetically e«0 pnttcrtittn nct.l.d .-osv tor nionnnm.^. And. a u undcnullv -to- days \ the Fall. — every scarf is perfect n-^n be cJf^rcl of rrSTilar crratcr . ,>nvCT.cT,« \\ ^J aervice .-iH H .:,r.. un. civ.er.t wiH hrinS- , • rf •• • k — I ^ » J - tti m ;ayonne A.A Str«t \ti Boulevard Bayotmo. N. J- Friday. '920 •reo sTMt 12-woim bouts Johnny HonTUrd Shamus O' Ericn VicMotan Admission Tickf S«P>«t°\- GOSH BUT that trolle*. WAS ALMOST a» paclce.t. ASJIgJiard «lltI<lo=ed. THE candidates. FOR PRESIDENT in. •whenever'THE car .waTod. I SAT on tho Up. OF A pudgl • • • MY BRAND natJ derby. ... WAS SUNK -irtthoot m. tr»c«. AND A SmUc breath. BLEW DOWN tny noclc. AND MY foot ifont to rioep- • • \ AND TH E rest ot mo- • • • ENVIED MY tooL • • • AND I -mi BOre. • • • YES, GOOD suid aorfi. AND THEN a cHai\. WHO CAUGHT laT. «T»- CHEERED MEur.- ... WITH A low AND SAID to me. . - • \NO OROUCHES Now.\ and honest/i tolt IT WAS »n ad. * • • OF A clsaretW. • • • • BUT I'LL »»T tliU. .0>J£l'. « IF THE al alono, can » Bnmea. • • * THE C1GARE1JE3. themselvWmost do. WHAT TH E car card m A • • * \THEY SATISFY.\ IT •WTU. tieVle f, Turkish and ' ^tofiDdoollMOTI A 'lurKisn «b<n Mended in tte « »•» j. They do «ati«ly;Ai>ds „dfr«hintbeir.I>«dal.l packaso. TulVATE-tlA-'-''\^\'^ iBifswS

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