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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, June 14, 1920, Image 6

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li^'rt S355 tpw MflNPAV. JUNE 14. 19M WAOS snt W.C.T.U. lunw - p^-, .nd tsere will te 1 ^^ of tb. rhurch. T!ior«toT. .t Z^a p m. ^ SnxUiUnntomMt ^^^ _ ^ Kiebtnon.l ap-^ x^. X,- W. C. T. C- chorch. West 5.r«t, director. „ iM .-Occk- : , or tb. • \^...ion ^ 1.F ^ -Hlr.s nil ma THE DAHCfflG CARNIVAL^ = cf the Grand Centra. Pala« NOW AT THE St. Nicholas Rink 66 Street, Near B'way,N- Y. C. A High Class Class Dancing Academy For Refined People Qnly of 11 r,. A. B. M;- one o'cU.rk. Y.rk m-.-nh'-:' Y.-uns nran.h t summer camr ^^aJ > - !-atk. Jane :'.o lu Ju,y .IKATK P. VIllX'M. 1, nl.vlhi v . Ill'- --- ; , r has r.- t,.r lb- rr'Tirte\®-- Tvl not titno reaU Ivn o, pre» c* ' peoE couc jieoj at c Stat shoo Bcdt not; K!£ADERS: Con-, tor^^t hcn,. paper The Ca.W Aa^^ vance ma.lea to -ycu e on yc^ va=at.on. Hates are the .. je..r: 3 for months: ^ for three month , Madriini- IMnneliy -la and M^^ Ma ^^ ^^^^ pel. n.o ney. ' The bride' MftRRitD „ , •. ccnl son. uauBu-^' -- ot luir ' br^-r'-M^biua^r-i-r-nho TOony. , vtJNnlio w.-Uliac tr.:> I\ A''-\'- .,..,1 ix.inis ..I ia.oi. i. hor.<-rn..vn Mr. ^ Ameficafel ileso^P Tgl. iierlj; -^hb wkathkb cloudy with protoWy ^owere IS storms tonight a«d Wed- I not qiUte so wann '\ I ' ' ' i»iw; «lllDS HOMI PMga^ von KENT—r>KAND TYrEWHrTEBS *T=.-uiator: Two-color R.bbon: Ao-.oraitic U,- • Lino Uock; Card Wr.tcr; Steecil Caa.- Wid\ C^^rrU^: Marainal Release; Cacx S;«cer; Platen. -••ri.Vv ls!:ind Ac!drc.<.<ins Co. • ^'TroRks'sTNG-MAll-lNO USTS-^LOING Residents Participate in Con - cert, Flas Raisins. I-''\\ Fete, Etc. Westerleioh Program swnnor. l-.i.!...- of \in ... ....>-1= 1 .som.-.l.inK \I .m a. \V.-s..-rl.-l>;l.-s -S foot ce,l.n3s: perfect v^t,.^ per,e« heat.n, p.ant; T^OOO s^re feet; =5 feet on 66.h Street. We ha»e just connected a •,5,0D0 xiuar. foot bu.ld.ng on Street to the BmU. maW.n^ 75 OM „uare feet. ..th t-o entire three «ory bu.ld.ns. devoted exdos.ve- C ^^ dancn, and ro.ler s.at.n,. „a..n3 th,. the lar-.e .t „=or .pace A-neriM used e.clus-vel, for I tn,« purpose. .„;,a,„a ,o the east of \S. le also added on, .nt,r. no,nj rooms. to he used as pnvate .esson mny and Snndnys from —<' - Lessons by Expert Instructors E«th ladies and t;cntlemen •i Lessons (Individual In.<tr«ctor1 ..Oc CO'^ME ANY TIME ^ ^ v.. \Vn t P'J Town M.-el'mK m^ bou ben.'tv Vftctrcmn. Pinner Ui-ur ..r After •Vheat.e N- Waitir. ftir In--tructor> Come at 2:30 o-Clock. stay UntU M.cln.ght First Class Restaurant On the Main Floor for Our Patrons COHNEUUS FELLOWES. Mana,er vMorp,... .1\- •'..•sWihS '^•.k,. ,.a.ri<..is,... l.,.n,..r. oaJv ..k.-U-lu-d N--- Mr,. 1-:. Slm..ns,.n. roii.. ...n.inu S. 1. .••'mi....nlly .'nunril. „r,-,llr.mB a fra.ilylns \ ,„.. san... r.ankr....-,» .iml Mm.r on-^ianily 111 liiii\! Mi.li. nc t,. carry .li,-.r 1 .r...-,lr.!ni 111 - v,-ir -Wiiili- i. «a» Inuiracllc- aW,-' u, lak,- all ..ur h,-iKl.b(,r» inu. ^r ..,-lla,. IV- Kl.oaW l„>ar.s an,l l,an,ii. m «« r.-v i-l.-irli-i 1!. KliiRSl..y. liio'lor ta,<.r,l<.no,ir.n:ui.mal on,- taslralinns of th« lonitiiuniiy i-burrt. „,.„;l,bnrli..o,rs llioilEW in I'\\'\'' '.'ninin,; ii..' undcnaliih-.:. \ r,™.-.- ma,Ui an al-...-al J ' v ,in \-Ha Best ft tbS) tal?-. lra« onr^ «\\• I to i PA i It «i< m . r K' \ - ii •5 f- WV latlt>a> It, « OIL of Cooking— with Economy The rerfe^tion Oil Cook Stove U the perfect and most \yc^^lin? water system. Simple and very «onom«l. SM hfi deaUrt tra-yaltm standard on- co. of new york » For 6o4«««»»»« ScamsKmt^ hree Dciys WLLO NEIGHBOR' SLOGAN • POPUURINALLSmS 1 .... ' xlinrirp tt Other tableRiwfr« in chttrne \t Mrs. W. Jones, ke irraro; Mr*u J^mos Iiurkintt dor. tandy; M Mrs. Gwirgo T MrtL C, lit San«lwic.hc<t at by a commlll F. K. UaynM in:<on and Mj ra K1 J. F. C. Ailams JackFOti. uiki*. uiul .man. li-anHCurlci*. d i-ulTi'O Wtftc wrvoA .•e in rliorKt* \t Mrm. an«l Mrs. C, 1. 12 o'clock the IMttlt^f in lorm \ PHrtce Bay \uv was celflirulcd iiB .if Princcs l»:«y flup raUlnR. t'cu- heUl and odiln««trj» A* NrlKlilKirs by the rc?Ul«' nttoa yi'^ienl vuTs and « monies wpn di'Uvi'rttU Thf cfi«htiillon g.-lhtT will' ' ' jilacefl tin th Uland Com l.all BJOund Ilfntal to McnU ,-lnK that 'Mrh comninnit '.UtmUt . .cUtilon of nu-t nl it,- own vUhlti Itst'U. \ r HO, ton of the BuiMln. aA h i„i„lon .hat .m ill and li.mi U.,. loiirLicu Uv..n „rfanl.alion» on yv..r.. .KilbK ^ „.slJ..nv.s of \ Mltn.. F.n.enaur r^O ..-„n,-an II. I>r..«nn. cha rnmn inl. cbairnian of '', .•oniini.nl.y '-•\\\f^ li.sl,.,,, Cbarhis SinnniT Vlnc.n. K. I'l.nll..» '•\•^'''^l h,rc,- lirin..-. of l,ropM..d IW „.h.rs al dHI,T.-.it l-laiul. l.V Ibe Slnli- nll.iilv r,-,uncn. Tlic „r ibf S. S. Wh»» C.,ii!il>aiiy ••»« >'\' 1''\\'\' rtofi-n for .b.. rrinm l>«y nuinf,--,. Tb.- ninln aa,lr.-M. of Ibc m-ra.ton by I'r J. av..ve«i of comnmiilly M'lm Hays tor I)i..nii»;rar.r. I)r Sb.-i- lanl l„.ii l„-il \\ \><- „,.,„nll.an rharactcr „.,-. i,bowlnB .bal i.ior,. lb.,n ..I . <,[ P\'!'!\ oicn born or tb,. oblWrei. -d U^ clUers. l!le \bni ^pol\ m.-nse of >b.. .-nanlry. Tb., .lerl.r,-.! ,„.>ln and; braver, of » lo U-nifri™. ,1.., nnd'fcvorlns rarlat tfl»l on- Ihkn. ... ht..i<.lU »n4 to t-lSlTrlb.\.!- .beir van .o .bo cow '\•Tb.- ill -a \f nolcblKir. br nolnlrf „J .-as .-11.- of Ibre.. .boUBl...! 10 -Hi 2,- »l.b t.ta «\'' \ ' -IKM. .bl, t. rarrl.-,! »«>. t>» ,.« rela.lon liM»rBn niw „,„„ ,111 bo f.l«l.Ui.b«J im ili-nUK-rary. .™,.y, b.. \»•«\' •Kvcry \Ib.-r ma\ •» \ '.jVem «Pro lli.roilucea bj' iJ,'rv ftalil. n .or a...l f„nnd,-,l I),....•> lievl.iff. Konil a.-; Tbo of »ni in T wi-re Mis ter ot S5< ;al(Trl er, « lUlti torn Sacr TV. «lstc Mlw »on Whc fdi DIs. A« tlln. tn-,-! J mo nn <» o« m u« S< s WilUiinji Jollni- nctpd bur's Hurl of Ibi- Ibe (orme jol.n.-. A- , rbalmian ..t >li» Not\' ay ComniHIce. . ,ho »irri.-r« lb- fhnOtW nubile M-bool IMtCkeil wrvlco men from lho^t>U« romt.i|ny plonl^^ Curtis Concsrt , „,,,r, -»» nlven Who ha«.. liu^^. „ c.lobe -eriw of „..re .bo .uWsl.. ' ^^^ (onu nce. blfibly c«mM«a- . of .1 .0 proposed fo™ nee. S.-.mt clnb and anno..ncod „blo ^^ ^ ^^ .1,11. ,l.o buHdlnK »o„ld a\' J H^. nuno..n H. DKWM eo,.inh«ta..on., for club a. '••I a.T. Or.'* i*'.-!\}!'\-'\'\' :.r wad ar^r-. :-;.- or ol.M ,.a<p.onful..; U-ad ar.cr,..o ,o a \t K.vo lb,- rlpM n.-.!.-.. ... ..f -.t >l.ravrr or ovea a tpr.akl it .be solution. Eaursh Vm: Borers j-inab-. »onrd .-Uher.-,! l-rubably rum Ibn r.H.t a«n •d'H, 1. •^-'^t.ld Vow'-'\' «t bolh n.e.t and «.r.™nd b.-ar public iiark In had been focured aM ^e bulLllnB ^ould be completed dur '\\vSle -.be ..udlence aPlOa^ .nil „.Ieronce <o .be ItUolembl. W. .-ondlllon. It would not so OT „rd as emlortrtni: an mcjeaff. ^^ l..y fare unlen, .here sbou d be .n Impruveinent In the aonrlee eom nii.nsura.e vrim <lie Increnae. »-„.. .1.0 told of i of work Uu.1 b«. b W giP Ib'o ConirouB>iy Hold' Fete •mo oponlnK leleb'» celebration o Ibo Days tor Democrney\ \t\. » fete held on Saturday and evening at the home and Mrs. F. E. Hay. 81B Jewe\ aveQue.. . /tthsr Hundred, greeted MC^ ^l.h \HeUo walked the tnany hootM tbe numbers ot the rr.>Bnim arranged by Mr»- • ^^'ti^ge group o.H.a. .irU-ho had bren coached by Mto Cawer Ino O'Shea gave a unlQ«. Playlet, \Th. CuUing of th^\^ er.'. An InterpretaUve d.^ ™ r,lven by Mrs. Talmer Br.d«r nblbltlon danrtns hy tbr» etiled ehlldren. Cecil Wolff. Xl^ Hml.h and E.ln» Smith. A. eboras led hy MarUn <V, land Mng aereral sel^'o^ th. WosterlelSh orchortre o« hy C. L. Brrden danring. MIm MlrUm a solo dance and the\ girls galore. Mrfc J- JJ; 1» ehargeol the e» In the attemoon. •Kauty was in charge rt UMe: Mra. Jatne* W«ll««. toys. I- -^•'•^S'; .S. 19 WSJ oMPr jllx Hundrtd PtipUi 5 and Hdd - Wm Belnmlng 'to'a in th. Khool 'wm. \la hondr.d Vfi^BrlghtoB. held .ftetooofc l.r nag W:??' Ih.aun.l^o'\'? cLUon. hut Ihls y Biiivtha eli'ld«\ • «l.ool \\/\ijSi'!*

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