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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, June 12, 1920, Image 4

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'bTATEW l8t>NO. NEW YOWK. mta Satin Ainmtue iKSl maJdng any objectltos. iTCiVi cn tbc subject. \KeptT Sen- ior C. B. buslnes. seiMlon eve^BS. June \ S. Same -in be. held in l$.e churcb conterer.ce room. j Trinity M. E. DelaaeM avenue and Eliz^te;- Bible school session a. 9..0 _ . n. V. Bamber. superlnlend- .^ Trinity Men s B.ble Cla^ at 30 a. m.. leJ by the dren-1 Dav service by the E.ble t rool in the churcb a,4».4B a m Epworth League devollonai ser>ic< 5.) The Daily Wants 0« srATEN_KLAND MISCELtANEOUM^nji^ji - rniVATH of honat^i-ini'V tare, iucladlns & new IMnc ho]»ny >>ult«'. Ulnlnc nmm. ImMmm. library table*, ftiraUvji -iS^ n«.w Sohta.-r t»l»no; MtrWe^ Ctt iot tlinf. 192 HeWrtwn r«R igL mond. ; - .tai \nsci;LL.\xnor8 IM. ct .j. toys; n nunniltr of top eni; ^^ IK* i-w\ awy ^ »-». . IMu- nt CoUys» VTmcrWi^ ^ i LATIIK t<tr C«U &atBr<«y if. i-^^v or SHftday. »0 Eetowt V.rlcbtoa, . \tw uW IN benefit euchre i;ooil liorM^ mid hor~J-. ulU ovtf, Mrlner* at wcrUa. CWi UftrtMt. - urs ana t» ** i>>y Srttrca avt 04 • Wrst ncishtw.F)(iM • TEe-j^ men in^ Poafif- ney far kaqr . ti iaheiiat nutted to <&aas of'the we anjWs concept: Stjtfen tto expre IXlhStCT' ti \By^.. . toor few <at4l:um. Tniatter TiMwiti I (Chase .t ajecausa\ lins th n t5ur5~h rjrejghtii tlvhethe? tiotuse mave ha ha que ly .an pert Ufwiaat tiiine ca^ r. • 1 ol «the S ! iiSrSJimB iaaaii 1.1 J r^em^ •w of Incoiwwient Saence ^g-he mere y ^Kmi^ inspectors \\ ^rihat h' taows what he means of the In.sp'ctor and h Back to the Pavement Much has been tS tlJe the \^k to the Stiffs summer is alwut ^enty un U now Puin^g fn the other '^n-evorfc nUKnttion mean, crop ^-ru pumn. down ' other hen (Confin«rtl on. Tag Satlg l&smsvi B, AN OLD ADVA-NCE REPOBTEK. Twenty-fiVe Years Ago David W. Sands of New York and Miss Map Dubois were marrioa. twenty f.v-e years ago today, at the home or the brides par tenvllle. The Rev. J. C perlormed tH6 ceremony. nor and Miss were married, I today, at Ne» •. K. A. Shln< Eimony. 1— tbip. luMirine ahbct • -- lac .vw'li'''^ nackiUK m inflnitlBE William S. OCoi Mao- H. Johnfao.1 twenty-nve years -as BriEhton. The He' oHiciated at the cer The marriace ol I-eter B and Miss Ellen Wholllia. olace twenty-five years a_ day at New BrlKhto... Th moiiy wa? T. J. E-i'l Tbi ilnct fn-er;^ M.C3 BiWSWI -tmnorted paUadium.. u .houM not he « ^^^ the counto- s f^tory jr.^^ recommendation to nuui , get to- prices. J^'^Tl^u to ncces^sity of shotdd not 20 tinheeded. . nfrered unl'ss Thi.^ and experience those men of large ,,feiv lie i-educed. believed that Lve l«en too I^^t^r .erew... .. j I^i^h ^.fl^^^herhr^^^ --spread funx^t stor>- of the>e^ -J.^^Il^t^rco^Srand they t.; Twenty \icars Aso . -Brave I!u.k>\ of ,,„„ elected the tnllowmK . ,wrnty year.- ac\: J-h\ ' l.-ink M-rai'nrer; William Snlom.\ secretary; John J. Donovan. M. ccanl at arr ' The Caledoniai nond Iloroush o llichmond. held : In l.in«leumviUe. day and initio memher^. •nt which at iea--.t. •enioy the aroma that to y ^^ the laurel wreath -\hich we _ - ' Granltev.ll' M •w .lu»nt>' Grace M. E- '\\.•r- collection « ,n,n.l. 1-ilbl.c wotTi!- .. Sohiert. IJt:l« Thm=«-- ,r. -I\\-'\\ o-clocli Children s D«J tm. Sunday sc-h chanps of th •xwrlaea by Service inr'Tint e XO oteiiw- t I everyone u.\^- they call upon th^i^-^i^'^l- to normal times. . Kr-ancih i- The as follows ion; 11 a. ni ..ermcm; 8 . and address, •e ,111 be special mu •clock serv ice by the oh\';- I ,.cr the direction or iwnaid Jone orKaniat and choirmaster. Frtik.J Baptist lUjennil Sheppt^'l- I'^- \ ,;„, B. stmner. musical liii. Grace Vr.\>!n. •>••_: -N^hob. and Ne ahbor. subject U .n.l nebeccj. lad-e rin .W-.r ,Mr. su nn J, taterm<Hll»t' E-- MWweet rrV\ \ny parents wii^hlnc t •,CV4-' children baptucd n>a ' ,vne al Till- service b> ai »»h.lhe pallor- \\'l- ...ercU.-,. ,n the .„ , c»nlala entitled ••\••'•l' t \*' :',a'„d w.\ be hcl., in .he even. - .»' rr ,,11 br- \\ - Summecfield M. E. iriners- ll,.'b.u Ue rcwle< ivi.-ilor. >t»nil»> f \ F Merrell. sm«''-li organized „, . id by the iw.it\- 1 ,,>r-,hip «t 11 a. m. Sermnn -N.i^hbon..- .-hlMrcn w., I.I -.d l » ^mmlltee in cbarse mJ.- d lSta tidy sum Tcal- ^ r mt beiottt ot the S!.te«. Katlirriii* I>nrett>7 TaffM-r. rUna MarrU nraiu l-rtrK fcno»a: U. .i. rarlla. rikliw dink: Mr*- i^Ulti*. I .vdw; I inn •t.'t v'^*' «f Xo«t». fe«B«U.Tr>»W»; n»r«»<» AMi Mari ftort^. rmrVi'T* (2 bost^K juu* lUBmry. ii* MU VT*. >tr».ui^ lUkT.. lUkj- r«flry. t cunwr. iioi* Imir* rr«rirr»: Tt »«ioiy Xr^-lJi bp^oty ewmj. . K-.thrvB I 1 \J\-—- -H •llTrr ' I Mm. Cntkn*!! cty»til ct««ra xi X Mr*- ii. €Hitr bRtto«-«. I KrXlT ruj'elmwii dUfc; Sir*. « sit.s bowl; nWr Ann» IH-una. I,. t-Ty»Ul <•««*« I*. J. XlarounBlMi It'lT; xt^ Mpkxnar*.. Ut>fi^ , i^rflu. V..1M. larn Scovfanm. ........ f Amfb.-\- '^''\II''!™\, ; Mm, Imvt; I «-nMiw M-t; I*. J. K^M ,.itci.»T Mri. C. >lcN»Bi«r» U SJrT Druw-r, l«h«cc« K. ilidiyT kuUttd »Hvv^f>. lir..»tu pyrr* I'Uto: Mr«. Uof^. • toiirl: mA. J. .ertliiC Ty: Smith. J ^Ir uHT^ pVliBlrt.. rnK-vrU\;.K. U nrtj^^ - X r,™rc NmT.nin.-t.. l.r» Mr., 'j. A. Mr«. 1.. r»j.ui.i J'K'vr'r;;,\\ s iMtTTfcow Mr*. iVAMVi, kint>H«}r; „ .lr>«. A. t^ .^,Ki:il rluh el iiam lUK-y. vUe-presLlent; J tar'y; and Jacob LIpson. serB It arms. Fittcc* Years Ano The Girls of CnrtU llleh Sch Tn rnter.ne<lla.e. Miss Bell; J\\ The ll< elected tl years an coll. pres presiden' Add 100 per cent to the Life and Value of Your Car! Uiscasvand...cono„.ic«lf«. VOr to rcfjnish any SHERWIN'IVILUAMS AUTO ENAMELS ./I color and .hade while or black, 7 IV TO. 7.IS; wtroi tlvlce \V« • IMCV » ..nn*® Wt- It lUr «»1« RoUlcn Sh,,v«in.Wllliam. Auto E\- „, „.ase. a.d their unu.u. will not becom. dull ed by IreflU.nt «a.hWO. Sh.rw.n.Wlllum. Auto Top TatiVo-'r sr., Ing other hlgbll' \oU«h«d .urlaces. rman Klenile A^.icia ,e followlns officers lltteen today Thoma.- A- l^• ^Jent;'Jnhn J. Gordon. vi^c< . James f-erson. Tecor.l frequent - r xmim Onii f\\- A full line of Lubrication.\ Paul Bossert ot TumpklnsvUl i-ned to dutv. fifteen years ::: NO. .. o,d sup. suihattan Fire Dep-iriment. Ten Years A50 Mr and Mrs. eCorKe T \ITth^.-??^ \excises irw^lB-e^refcrie;': Where their fauRhter. Miss Kather.ne Tredwell. Brailuated. A party Nolan. '\Lme Sol mate. Who bad tak- , up his residence there. n.riuolomow Brosnan o. Sch^ jump. dSi'^fln)'\\? \\rSLlelphla i .He New York team \cT i.. the front in th L-up comi»ciiii\n- AJvJi.ce- WANTED—UNFimmi^ niK. iM r sirs. Luetxow. w , ClI)-. l'\\ ™ llallfa t„, ottfers\! by intber tiff \ is p. „. sermw J. - , a-tlock. •r. UaroU l.st...in. e»ei<-ls.-5 h5 I ,h,«d. The l.a;::.n br^ Iindny scbool w.ll pa. The prayer •ne'-'tnl c-MlayeveninKv.M, ha. .ares provid.-.l by ih Sk.nrcr ao.l Mlssionar ,peci«l music. Udles- A;d. theme w,Il be \Th the Ufe of.J«>u».- evening. H.^or Bapti ruperlntendent. will be p.esent. „„ be the preacher . cmumunit, ^rvices. In the mornln? at change In Harry \ ° -hica makes it ImP^s't\ D. \\o-botn were electe., Iss' \ lTue.djy even.ni .elves in » aiorSeld CuorcU. Miss Lanra Arab, president, five years U..olenmvllle branch worth Ueasue. im wi aR( of H elected , ot thi the KP over «rty euests were present. Drlgbl.n. IIW- Tt. Condi nmad »t.. st»plcl«.\- sr.vus nH-ti.-.; imm\.il' CSC. Ii..|\lr» T-', I.,riilsl.\l - ,,„1 itnili r....;\. f\i I,. i.rivBte turn..! .. .11- l..or. Apply -I „T ..« il of l.«rl~.r: IJ three niwi ioa3-J. DOGS. CATS. ^ \JO'.'S'' ^wiu.:- , Itrisbt. ,\.ucce«d them •orleeJ cf ..„ .„y m=n serve Me. bin. will I J... One Year Ago The weddlns of l\\',!-™\\ ot Richmond street. West r^tbe bride and William Flnley icted as best man. charge, a year a«o. from tbe navy. 'tlSTTi.a boy. (o.\ •y nt tl Irarn work WioroT. Apl>>y C. The nal.y Ailvi' ' .nt^l 1 luiiar \toV retire Si or j-a r- -— \ON- kabek rurt ntcho;.. Id : J Clovo jrrvlce. rhona W. tor appnlatmwit. or wtll» - -jLt-B. car. Tb. U«UJ hin... r/W, tor « L COUNTKIC ance. CO.. v., Poier .u. Stspl\-' iiil'SJSlfa Ulcb«.ond avt. Port e! inon J. Mid CMUetan • KM parages\ . 1.. Westetlelsli. «»»\; mISCEULANES riiBBluiE •Sooe Totel**-:? boarder s WANTED BKja baoialjwt ,„. SERVICE^ 'Kri Klcl»n<.a.l. ^.W.. ; » — I i ntebnionil. BUSlNEfW ' \olJJ . R C VAN NAME ^ Monday, June 14th AT t P- :il mU by <\•«''\' ol the Slapleton clean «o«cc- good Avenue. Stapl'^on. a ^^ ,„„uare, IZ of meai\\- „,e a Urg. prominent among the B^ vtay. Turkish nuK in Gr.nd er Piano. Kranlch & Ding's' 1 Piece Parlor Suite «n Chlltoniers and sheet^ ettes. cots. on cu,«.. spreads, and Bh^^\^ Crcx Rugs and lots 01 household goods. Repaired — wwj^ factory I • I aiwun* 1»« \8t »nd»rd- 8»IM aiicina \«>• .\\ Stm «(»etattrM BrMklrn,

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