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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, May 27, 1920, Image 5

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mmw ' TME antty urm iSb? Sattg firinan BT AS »U) jnrjLXCK nEpnima. T«enti-fi*e Tears Ago in ,«:eTl«i=e ^layrf an Sqaare, I n — a^citmtnuS- I-wenrr ftre ^aa -a. Ht-«. Sit ^.-es -Ttre plural rmlliJll! ia a -arrir^ lor -<Jia Hjmr\ 1>» » - IZ. \Rofe^rr Brawn pitclsni EnKiue aail Wai, T„k Lito of ar»aiteviH» -i™ - ,,„p«ilc!i a tnld mnUl, viiaed \ «-'•»• Si.yrle ut toe 3., J. at EerlJta H<.- I-E. f D. —d the T.«man Truck Co. ;a - \\'.i;; eamf \t Seid. ,v i \f 19 I .1- PAQE SEV6M. •TATEN 18U\«». \EW YOBK, THUBSDAY^^^^ Da2y Wants STTATEN ISLAND AUTOS—MOTORCYCLES M.OLWELL S^pt^I\ ''\'IJJ-^Ji .Z' Ulrhjuouj. ..r l.l.o« CHINKS BOOST ' STRAW HAT COST nr r»>» r> Tk-un WANTKP Four »|M>rt toorms t»r at^- m-M. Thf t*«tly AdTajK*\. ONK t«nrlnc IBJrt. i-orvUlllon , to <»l. ISrlKhlon. Chica.go. May 2 sang nnnl Tbafs the the high C03J of ftra* Chinese laborers, Oh o -^unBo's^rt xeason for hats rebeUlns ' NEW BUILDINGS UKIGHTON Frame bungalow on Rldge^^ood The enj««ment Benlamlu J orainst low waeM pald for ;ng straw braid, art' KOing into oitier industries. Local straw hat dealersa ay that. It means this country will have a straw liat fam- ine.. Straw braid, tl.^ed for makinft .«iraw hats, is <ii>lly trom China arj'Sons.\ \builders: »3.:00. Ten frame bungalows, comer Ocean Boulevard and Cherokee street: George D. Gundry. owner: E. Langlols. bu.Mer; »iOO each. $3,000 total «;ost.. Ten frame liuncalows. comer B(urd •R-^lk and Cherokee street: Oeurge 1>. Cuiidry, owner: E. l^nc- . loi.s. builder: «00cach;»3.000 total .iniported [cc.st.^^^ nue: C. Matthews, owner n builder; 56.500. Krame dwelliue on DuBois ave-Cole ,e- A II. Henxn. owner: T. Ben- .sen. builder; J3.CU0. Lurie Itave purchased a motor boat and are already making arracse- ments for a summer cruise. The ensaeement of M. Diamond) of Jersev street to Hiss Uosalie Jae- ser of Newark. N. J., ha.i been an nounced. The wecldins wiU take place in June. Mother Saves Both Sons Wahpeton. -V. D.. May ^h spectacle of one son drowning with another tryiuK to come to his re *as tou muvh for Mrs. T. 1 mother of b..lh. She Jumped Intt, the Hed Kiver her. and l.roUKht b..ih to Jiore. Victor Lul. 3 hjd fallen int.. the river an l-'red. had dived to his r..sc« (l.en the mother appeared ui. tl scene. Olilil Twenty Years Aco marr=a5e f «n>- - -- Mi-\ Elisatteth F. r«n- h:nr.;re'l twenty years . St. Mary s Churrh. . 1- .'\ra.in • Th^ ren-monT was ; ;,> ri^Sier Br..wn. n..« s- !•-• r' Church. T .a ri.iinr..- t.i.^ter (if the .atil. and rharie.1 i. tir-t man. .\rter bridal supjUT was ce • ' !fce hr.de hy J. r.mntir. YOUMG WOMEN CONSIDER THIS OFFER FIRST, we will leach you an intereiting occupation. SECOND, we will pay y®\ $13.00 while you are being trained. THIRD, we assure you P«e; and refined aurroundinQS. FOURTH, we promise you sociation with young women corrpanions worth knowing Ft«=\TH. we wi'.l give you fre- quent increases in salary, per- manent emptoyment and many I opportun.ties advancement. The work is Telephone Operat- r asant LABORERS Good Job Come ready lor work Apply at EMPLOYMENT OFFICK PROCTER & GAMBTE HTFC COMPAIH Western Avenue I'ort Ivory, .Stolen Uland I HARBOR MOVING and TRUCKING Local and long dis- tance service Wholeialc and ReUil ICE DEALEUS •••J oj also need several Apply to CHIEF OPERATOR 444 St. Mark's Place, Tompkinsville. S. I. H. pnrr & SON 2S2 Harbor Road, Mariners' Harbor •Phone V*. B. 1409 or 2112 mfflniff\\**\\\\\\\ Raid \\ ihoir . n 81»- Tohlbl- '-.eo in- to and ' \at 116 larbor, •d tho Fift!-<-n Years -Vsn r. !.i • l\-' a; . -t .,-nro:tt'- r.freen Zj^ .Arr.iattenlrfl^a NEW YORK TEIEFHONE CO. ••'•I llUil 30 v.ord. or less, once » Per additional Insertion... .25 Over 30 word, two cent, each Postaae stamps accepted. Paym.nt. it.uM b. In advanc«. IGl-M IPJFLIJ^ 15S UNION fUrr-* Good Wages- Steady Work Men wanted who can speak find read EnsUslu We pay fair living wages and the work i. -teady Apply to G. Siegle Corporation of America throughout the year. Chestnut Avenue, Koeebank. S. L jolinD. Kiliian Auto Co. iumberTmSIiason's material Sewer Pipe, Flue Lining and Wall Coping ARTHUR DREYER & SON • ,, XI V_ iNr«)uronATi:o U AY ST tl K E T SlatrQ Iblaud, New York TrL Tott.pkln.UlU l4!»-».1r.r«om USED CAR SALE Overland Roadster Oakland Dodge \ Oldsmobile Coupe Mitchell Sedan Franklyn Touring Dodge - Al'.en ** Chandler \ Studebaker \ Moon (nickel plated radiator) AVE.. MARINERS' HARROR, N. Y- •clephone: Wes t Brighton 1910 'RQSPECTWE BUILDERS AnENTlOW — .h»rt —ir* •«« •a< b : II* If* l-Mlorr r.rm MollJlor. Iinirt. UaUdlBK* T»oU i^na UoUer T«»l lIonWM BtAtU EDWARD P- MORRISEY 11EN>;«»I- CONTKACTOU HI Westervelt Avfc •Phon. Tompl<ln..lll. ri ot c^l^. e 'Iw aiKl >ut.i me^-^^rj , ' ——\ Tor sat\ J^ti •M per l..r-..ln«-i tJtlOD StspW\\- ^ tais-tt. Ta. DiOlI Jta- W-ee*: i'^.el-r.lelT. »' ^ fi.nooM •- -It Kill.\ Uacnr. One Year AJ3» WBJ* , '\•>• » \T T t». dl^fo\- VlDtlKn. Fm.v> K MC ' Vl-vr Bm.ii.iiT«>T<u r 51 \\II^Iii^I^UNF^^E!^ ' *» rWvnInc U< nwhrn. Apply nU fr. wantkp Ph. TiinKK aosioo: Inqnlr* of r.. *knrt «nli»r»: u—.r H.-rm^n'\ I T<nnnfcta«TilV. SERVICE S W\ •sttlstle.. the Staion _ Br,... -.,.r tae otSar -E eajth funnte^ W!=»le- MPtn- -T>« CW* \\lar ^ RAte. «»• : 32.00 6 memtSt*, a. fwipfal 4n»»r. I nor- • bkKh mr^- a* »• pun tj^r^ b4>x 15-*. Tb« -Sil : movers re^l^- THRKE nleelT '\'\1;''^, •.IT nreailrri'jn'rrl''\\^ i-J-'Jl'-relrK.^, !»».. or pbone Tuinplt. TWO itooM .ktlr WANTED—UNFURNISHED room. ••\>>!•\'• .r . barcaln; b- igrest s^s g^ gj^ John's lBBt«. IB St. Jokn-S am • •am. DOCS. CATS, ANIMALS •ale; _ K pnrpo-^ -BABBITS r^'-J^-.\' .i^r^S; S'^JSiVJ r <> r^ To-pk... H- . Inr^ - 1. n.-.. T,..p.<-, waiter. . L Wmm^t. TO 1. :iT—UWFUK'SHEP t»\K erest Iji ore. pi . «V.i llrl.W. for sale, i.rt ItirlimoHil. O.tl 101 nr 'itbiit\'! _r- prtw*\ tr^ s Vmi • J, rh<H)» iwc't. istv I BOARD WANTED TOTTHIVniE COAL & SUPPLY COMPAW Sand. Stonf. Cement. UKST GKAOE OF COAL \ANOLl-D He sure to fiet our prices before p acms orders, we can save >ou monc>. Kstimates chw-^SliJ\. HAND LAKCK STOCK OF MASON'S l.ATH ON 11A>U • • • \ J - ' 1 •\ ,, ... JOHN MOJECKJ JOHN KAMINSKl Tel. W. O. «2> TrMuar.r '^\ K AMINSKI & MOJECKI. Inc. Coal, Wood and Bnildint' Hollov^le. Britdc. Cement, Sand . = Klatan l.l»n«l. W. Y. Jahn Street and Hallroad ^ . BOYS and GIRLS! Whu U.e expensive poper for uH.rfe.ng out example, at home? We have a large supply of PADS suitable for this work Pads 8\ X 11 at 8 cents Pads 6'x 9 at 6 cents Pads 4i X 5i at 4 cento 100 sheets to the pad. We also have a mpplu of paper. 81 by 11. suitable for carbon copies, at 30 cents per ream (300 sheets) Pads and Paper may be obtained at Office of SatlB A&oance LOTS FOR SALE Curtla Place. St. ceoroo Height! • Bilouie. w»tk tr-m t.'T 1 PLOTS FOR SAL.K FrelinoKuyaen Road. I BriQhton Hcigtita I Inquire I WM. BLAINE 744 Van Duier St, Stapleton S. 1. g Tel. »M Tompk. OmODHHGHTSCOMGO. I>-CORrOB,\TKi» DEAI.KR IN Coal. Oaaollne, Oil, Sand, Gravel. Cement, Acceaaorie. Cindera and Stove Wood Oakwood HeioMa \eal Eatate Many Beach Lota For Sala OAKWOOD HEIGHTS. S. I. SEE PIAZZA rho— WS Ke\ J>nv <ipe» i»AJt.».an«rJi- LUMBER All kinds of new lum- ber for .\ale. 3aati tloora, sarase dooi», dr,».r«. l.r.00 door;,^ III .leretlptloua. I'rlco H.LO and np. c;. KADISH S70 Bay St , Tompklnavlllo •I'Lone Toinplt. IJiti^ _ FOR SALE PACKARD 5-T»n' Truck, worm drive in perfect condHion. WM. SIERSEMA, West Brighton 'Phone 681 W. B. Liberty Bonds and Instalment Boob Bought AT MARKET PRICKS ZkSA IMllBMAiaY M. GOODMAN S3* J.raay St. New Brlghto. OppoalU HMdrlcWa *»•• Staten I.sland Auto Mo.vinK. and Truckinc Co. Local and lone di.itanee. Special equipment for\BU purposes. Tel. Weat Brighton 1127 itHliilf' at 2S3 Taylor St., N. 8. ItxfU^ VaWtlt MUios* DViimC - t jtt«»»a ctimji * rKCTHi ,„ bMrtl. n 3 tnt^ahk- family. SiapMofi. MARINERS' HARBbA'' HARDWARE STOBB. 151 Van P«H A»«. Antrio B!ti>l». We cnrrj » \>\ Crockery, ClaMwara,. -PoU. Pana, Oartlei^ To«la, ale. f -i .. . .

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