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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, May 18, 1920, Image 2

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m P»OE T*0 STATE M lai-AND. NEW YOKK. TUESD^.J«AVJI8^J^ the Ml^l PrtROUGHOUT THE COUNTY Pelt mrena®. M.-s. OxarlM; Fsuico of iT nti^ artt r«joicia« ^ arrirmi ot » l«i»y XEW BRIGHTON Mr«. l^wrenrt- Crabtre^ from Ft. l-ftOil«T<liUe. Fla.. • - - , ' iiaTin® spent the winter tljer**. Mr. hold the tliinl shoot of the serJ«* (-—jju-e* b^n been by bu.-*- ciie aab crtMiQds on SacarcUy a CrLVNITEVlIXE 2 o'cloc t W SlkT of aichmon d roa4 re- ; nxme d tm Frida y after a six-day ! motar tri p to Bc«ton. Ma«*. ; Gwry e CocMler. the feno»-:i ; siuft. l*ft thiii moraini? i.v iwkrtkr:- ' pAte l a an. op«n pigfctm ahotii. In r Siiff*Ja K . T^ ! BrrstnU Pa. r day aa zhe^t^ Andrew .Vewmaa cf Cre^nt a^ ^ t^jlizstt of VUia , ^^^ ijjj^j^ after a tri p by iiut<i- , uf'ttlltf to B4».Jttn. Ma.--. . - psrrJias ^ . arrira i > I ivt RUdcacnd ' Crabire * hait been iaess interests fcbnui Jan e 1st. will rero TEA IN HONOR OP 1 DIANA RICHARDS; Mr*. Taylor Toward -wlU give a tf-j, this afternoon at het , in C'Hftoa In honor oC Mis* DUioa RicharclK. who?e marriar e to Eu- rpne Van Court Lucas. Jr.. takes place in <'hrj>t i>. E. Church. Frankli n avenue. Tbur.sdiy after- DOWNEYS LOSE THREE MORE MEN AND DROP BALL GAME noon C*jai n HillA ha^ I Va., *b«»rf ic trjend^. -Jine or th*' S*m« af , :: te heW *t tiwir cioh -r^Tnr.Bd aT«3ae. on -t ..-a . matinc erten- i ;-_ • . resides'* <in WEST NEW BRIGHTON wmiaja Jiubert*. for many yMr f | g fa^orv . *ho uikf n ill ^bll - on | £, Ti u prl.a' - ha^pitaJ in that rliy. ua luta sp^nditic u t. w das UNOLE131vnXE llj^rman Si^hmul of Melvln ' noe Is able to be arauail apii n .i x mentis ' iUa^^i. J' Ottifld* f- » wnst CONCOKD \ 1 nan r: i HARIVERS HARBOR i a ! Mu(3 Ida M- WiKMl of Va n Pelt uTMioe ia able ti> Of aroond agai n altt r tbr ™ .n-ks ' UlMsa. an ,l STAPLETON 111 at her re^ideo..- oa Targ\- -I.e-i 13 A I A PI7 THEATRE ; r J\ i-j V^ HI PORT RICHMOND Matines Daily 2:30 \a 'IKllT,- PUTS JINX ON SUPKRSTITIONS i . z;3a Ewcninfim at T and 9; NOW PL-wrNt; GOLDEN GATE TRIO' i n • TI.'E SIDEW \LK-S OF NEW YORK\ \.NNETrE n.VKE 1 Rl^SSELL J t DeWm ComcMlit-nne 1 -Variety Nonsen-se \ i •• r ii WRIGHT i n -Something Different\ ICA ari- Uwjkt'J for when the m'..t»n p;.-tur» t^n «.«>« t,n*- kno*-. that UU pn«ducl:. !». nile<l with the inimiiahl tanUii- «lonls. b ev-r>thiDir in -M-hcii ih. \ whii h <!p«n«l ment at the ve«;terday. Th e them , ot the proil ^mperstilaliun. A d erouii subie.-t -- -rjoue\ iuina.es II i-' C. -ti-l » \\— I SPECIAL ENfiAGEMENT Eugene. O'Brien 'HIS WIFE^S MONEY\ \ riiiip h Inci- Production g P.nmancr Adventare g i n :l i'lrx-ini § - rrubUia Plav Dut I t W ill r.iv e Vou samethins to g Think ANiat. s •.11 Kair- .. . di d in his lite Cloud.H Koll Ity.\ lv>i> days- enitaee. l>:;iti Thoatr\^ i M\. an.l Mr=. F F.mersnn iil'.l ha% Ijictly treach. j cundi'.i'-i hand> . But the | „( Montr ily I BreakinW mirrora. walklr.i? unde faXr. helns one ot \\\een in ; [he black cat .<.rus..!nB his ,.u„d ,r the proverb^ l oid i,...- -rvrn y-., iinie T Itappen t\ hi\ - \\'I'l^nK ••< honi.- ni.i.le like the real optlnil^t he lia^ , n Whe n a baseball team loses three .t>nd bail players lllie Benny Geiser. Start and Waliy M.jrsan n one »eek. and t«o more good ta.l ^ . - plaT-r. like Tred Deahey and Saul ..jeh of I>-n' before, it i\ leil from Nor t ij u-e-k anv team. be<-ause bad been, vi.- i ; ^^ ^^ w repiae^ . , I th\re i^ a .earcity ut Kood piar- e,= arr.nnd -New Vork as nearly every bic team around New Wk »jnt < ball players to strenclhen u p Th e Steel I-eaeue ot Tenn.syi^ TanU the InTemationai and tne Ka,teVn I-eaaue ot New Enitland have .-..tul^d New York '\ r alljhe York and wbal i» lyin s srounii ja«t ordinary ba-e ball niateriaL Kiiduft K the the ilowney llne-UP. \ \'j i^U IVilliam . ..f a, third. , her ram p at [.vcn< behind he bat _ .. .. ks ..lUinniR and fieldinq t anni.i iheir eu ihe Mi> I fielder s choice i and Brittama. Mundhenk's error. • The Downers tcored three ran.. .be fifth innln e on a smele b> Vundhenk . a pa.-s to l-yons. a sin- Kle bv Campbell and a long drive to fell \by ileimann. The Downeys ^„ed their last run in tje s«th lin f Cook singled to ielt. ViuiBihenk ^a.rinced and while he was eeltit.g put ou. at first Cook rarwl all th^ w wonderful piei'e i I^lial e got bit b: and on a double f TUf foor . . . third. running, a pltche«i ball •al Cook scoreil. ELKS OPEN BASE BALL LEAGUE The intei^tat e Elks* Basetal l t.eastte opened underway o n Sta- ten Island. Sund.iy. with the Sta un Ishm d Lodge losing l o Now York by a 5iH)re of C tA 2. at Alaska Park. OriK'nally it had bts>n 5ntftld»>d to «tase ihe sanios a.^ a prelimin- arv- to the regular Casey at Sisci» Field. -Vt the la-st mom^ttt. however, it wass learn»»d that the ; .N>w York KJks would not able i to arriv f on Statt^n Island in time Starr the sam « at 1.30. so Ala-s-Uh a bet oo ^x a local prfd'- In the other are scheduled to talEei Flcmming. the local champion, will sitlon in Danoy lyn.. Flemmineg k W gl Stat u in Ur.v.kl.vn. mound for the Sta:f and to some ex-tent ! 'ttects ot Oie iiard ^ not quite sn etteelii oniarily Is. and in nninc be retired in TO Givh mm FOR OUTING FUND NATIONAf. I.EAfH E I i^ly,';!:,' w I. P.C. W 1- P.C.I lleuieva Cm-ti 16 10.615 Boston ' 0 ' I \X.\''.'?, B-kl»n 1=9.57 1 Ph,1a. ^^ AU • Pitt , i;i0.5«St. L. 9 i 1- Chic Nelsoi A Play That Will Search The . Heart of Every Parent 3RANDED\ isERTY T heatre! STAPLETON ' , -,- ..- REFIXF-D rL-VT.-5 FOR F.EFINE D mori-E xmRE THEATRR today and tomorrow William Farnum THE ORPHAN\ ROBERTS HEADS BAYONNE CARD 1 lyn Flemmin » every time he starti^^i after scoring a win la 8^1 cvor Georee Smith ered pome IVthter Another local boy Wesit BrlRhtoa. wsij , * against another newc^^^ Pacific coast. Cabe has s^cored some gmt^S'l there In the four-rwad^ i Another battle thw for Thursday nlgbl, uj^ ^^hould be worth thft wjT-I mltv'.ion alone, is the -JVl nartl.-y Madden ot thTtS and f»K' Aniier>on ti Madden is just alter'fco^ ! Kulton in PhilailelphU^jy creal itnpre>slon agalttn ^ plasterer. In Anderw^ A mw t a touRh. rough opjqwl will ro.nke h;m hustlenejJ to j-core the popular murphyIis WITH A TO r.illy Murphy, stiia i <» nsai jon.kl ft'aiherw^ittt another Conn.-cticut fnitr already w. ll-plutned i , ha i when he knocked o- - , Johnson, oi Waterbary.Sa^ {round of their sc hedufed hk : round bout at UanlQnI,Ca,: ' urd.^y nicht. Murphy xu • vory ber^i and from tit i worked a! t. rrifie spefii. Bj ; lei-ed Johns'vn with Tt^ livened fmiu all sr.Al«iii, N.vw Enuhuw'.i-r. alter i u-mpt. vktm !.>rrwl tn settaj ^^^ifw'wSTHniG- have lieen caasht and ar« now ii the hands ot th« aulhoclUM. I t 1« hoped that their tailt will be « tabllthed and that a danterous band ot criminals will tha i be eliminated. The automobile has made It aUo- eether too easy tor certain kinds ot thlevoa to do a thrivlne business nd escape punishment. To coun- eracl these tcduites a freal amount ot visilence on the part ot police olllcera everywhere. This recent capture should slve us . teelinE ot security under tho pro Lection of our o* n l»olice ivpat t o«i»» ; U.ooo. , i..'.* Joseph SiectN an4 Island Savln n BaaXS W Same io same; I^VWrK sllTi'e J . Sch»et » COUNTY CLERK'S OFFICE RECORDS ha |l„. prntlctnen «h . It,\ habit ot lettlnB I.H.viiiC I\\' ' '-'in..:';,\:;: at South !al 11 .ill b,\ Well IK l.h .f'lhe l nd Thun day , J Ai iioberts. heavyweight . of liie l-..Iand will rae«'t ; < xa l laltler in IIarr>- NVi. . jrt ilii-hmond. in the tea- . S Performances Wil IBe SUiRe d ^ to Give Children Beach Trips Benefit mniion pl.-iuie perf-r m-snces will i-e given ai th- hm oire Theatre for t Richmond, '.r Mav \r. and by the lllch • mond \ trounty Police Ileserve. t. ' aid the Chlidren-s Outmit ^ and The amounf i raised will defray ex penses ot days' DUlinBS at , t«aches t..r the TOunK cne\. ASWH-Inled with the I-oli<-e Ite l-erve,- in ihe«e per'onnances Mrs J..in..tt.- Perry and the i-remlns Social l.'iab. as well a.< ,,•.;.! „f 1.—. Ti.kei.i f'.r m e Sttilman Gy m in H^- aireadv in great shape ft on Thursday nicht. II iVnt ot not al a hard V many f ot be as well know n nevertiieiess lie i- nean ability. havinK ockouls in hi.\ last the rins ni Albany e ho has done mi>st H e is traininit PANSIES Veaetahle and Flower Seei s California Piiiet for hedEing Grass S«d and Onio n Sets ..hers do their -onceru them- tear that they have Kood old raior and r„ china hereafter, rs decidci not to BO ;„„. ..llhouch m.OOd hair '.,,1 beard trimmers in \ i.Md liiooklyn walked r,l:,V mere was no .-ucli ;,ot about .he pro J n.nViia t \ t inte ,„d i-^ Ihe fa. 1 land iiarhers , Ktal\ I The 1 tiU'lie I Mar.hi nd i: ,r his bou e is conti ...IK Uobert lie \but he has told his ids on the Island to have 'Piione West Brlgiitoaai SCOTT 'S DelaBcId Ave., and Cteit Wes t Brlgiitoa Thei tiillowlne really . ave been recorded at the counts •lerks olfice; FlUKT WAUIJ Joseph C. Wells and wlte to Sadi Oallcks. 10! on Taylor street; uon Fernandlno Uispoll to Andrean-, B. IlisiKili and husband, lot on Bar- ] ker *.Ireei: nonl. Wood Harmon nlriimnnd llcalty Co to Ji.,.ephine T. lletnandrl. plot at South Sew Vock: ' Same to Mas Uul«;r. pi ^\sameWimam I.. Doian. pi nl Soulh New Vork: noni. Meta O Fowler to James Wilkin- Ji and 'wife, plot on Van lluren^ ' ''\jTdiii \\\smll b and wlte 10 Wan- cl, S. llancrolt. pb,t on Uendemon \nTWi^'Moaics i t,. nam e Tallla, plot on Casll.ion avcnoe; noin Herman F. lienyse and wife 1\ t-.ertrade 1.. Garrett, plot on tort \\\iKrtlNl . W.Mll . llenrv Chr M and wile to (leorR. McMuilVn and wile, lot oa Irvine place: . „ . I M. Bl.Hert and I'eler llomie executors. IO v:dna Cum- 'r; lot Kdna cummin s to Hero I'ohl i,d wife, loi in staplelon; nom. Sam Cohen and wife to Aultu.ta Ooltschaidl. Idot Vounc and Tar Blchmond fouuv- Mutual loa n Assu.; »«,»•» Margaret M. MclMO T *\obn rittr o .tid *lt» 1 JO napolla; »S,M», Charles Tick nuil otbe n Shore Builillni; lKm»'» w Assn.: »5,«100. Charles J . ChatnbCT* » » to Edith MeUii »S.S<»9. Matilda DatileUOH W A. Wheeler: »r.Ofl. Antonla IVirolna 10 Flake: TOO. , Rantl l>omlna att<\ Island SavlnsH Uan»; Uucla FancUa lo $1 i>00. Tomato dl li»ned»Uo 1 acolone: »!.00. Mathlble lO l.ie: U.IOO. Pauline VVcclolIk Ixmiiordo: 13.000, Vlncentn t'r«p»n» M o James ThonnwOtt .on. James S. llvierTl.ro Helena Adams; >l.aQO> Una Ku.ch to S0( 11.00\. . , Ansellna Slant IWoellle; J3.I.0II. , William M. Batlow Howard H Wotwl : \ Martin tllvenltr liiipit; J'.'\\- IMbcrt 1.. atlU w wife to Klhcl >\ llalph Ik.rntllnlMr To.ld and wltes WS ' (Irenl Kills J-arX C , I'errival O, VUtn IMilllp J. VHWtjIt WeslerleisK VWHJlb savins- A»»n.: 1.UUIS Mell ana Ml tale^ In.-.; »l.fl)0. Margaret A. WO W Sliva: >1.500. 'BRANDED MODE streel TllllU l WAUn i.r A. lliii;hi.s and oil MaKrnd. r. plot on Ti\l't..i'.lliki and -wife lo Cow and wlte, lot on •rs lo 1 I'ell lone JUiKian\ ! I ciely' s Prejua 1 eiD- ~ •Branil.i f hy O Miss M.il.11-...--- Ml.s Vivlun Cout Ml«» Bul b Btltuai KoinTH WA'lI l William A. Eadlo and »«. J Ciitran. plot on Nc Floral detlona mail' « ' notice. We deliver. TOTTEHSVILLE COAL & SUPPLY COMPHI ivi woo d Avenue I •Phone Tott. 2.ill. Tottcnvillc, S . 1., N . i- . I.u.i.be r of al l descriptions, RoofinR Paper , » Gemusc o and Wooden ShinRles, Sewer pipe. Bni Sand. Stone. Cement. I REST GRADE OF COAL HANDLhO H e sure lo net our price s before placins ord(rs; n ] c;in save you money. Estimates cheerfully furnished. , LARGE STOCK OF MASON'S LATH O N «AM thl- rr.i lar.il • He wholly within if ibis attiuide can .ilRiiout all lines of , lonHd.-nt that Slali-n .-Oine throiiRh any la- , nyinB colors, be- ll-position on the pari inajoritv of Slaten Is isnien and employers t. las b.'en acreeably ru I,at <il alroo^l any olhi-r PAPE R FRO M ALASKA ,..,ry . r AKrlcuitnie MiTC i Mrs. Coutlnoy. S Itiallmla . . llior.i •Biauiled- ^ 1 play; lt« tour a enlecn-jwr OeMCt Pia.na tl Tb. Great Outdoora Da. h and Spirit of EXT=1A ADDED ATTHACTIO N -UGHT WEIGHT LOVE\ A Fox ^onshine Comedy, in - acta HARLEY - DAVIDSON SALES and SERVICE ii Liberty Bonds and InstsUment Boolu i; Bought MARKET PRICES .rFICIENT HKPAm^^FOR ALL MAKES OF | 3. _ . Joseph Killimayer i 1053 Richmond Tumpike. \ Phone W.B. 610 LINOLEUMVILLE mmrrt r—~ - --- DOCGLAS FAIKB-^KS in lal«n an d lT~T«i t • TSSS^^w-\-\ F» PEGUV H^V-VD THE I riK. RICHMOND THEATRE •.\.•TL PICTURE S TH E HOUS E O F SUPREME PICTURE S Sisrl-KTON. s. I. rh.» e IS3a T.ii.pk. TODAY- MARION DAVIES \THE CINEMA MURDER\ • - - Si. r. J.aewal. >' PICTORIA U COMED Y \\\\Et^rK FERGUSON in -COUNTERFEI^ ^^ ^ ^KX T WKKK JOHN TO M MI X in -D6SEB T LOV E ^ f|p.\RLOK SUITES LIBRARY SLTTES . . RI GS. Gx 9 and 9xl2 j rs' Call .100 St. Paul's Ave., Stapleton i Sunday or any day, after 2 p. m. | ; Kl oxa ana t :ce Cox — Carpet Runners* \ i REMOVAL NOTICE E. SIMONSON & CO. Inc (Real Estate and Insurance) announces that on May 15th, 1920, they will move their main office to more commodious and centrally located quarters at 42 RICHMOND TERRACE (.Crabtree Building) St. George, Staten Island •Phone Tompktniville 2850 .-l.n-.l 1 iat...! li: 1.. ti.r-.- ... ll.jt 11 iat.i; J l.l.,t;u-i .. liiBhly tint.'d rain- •niiscs resavlin,: th. i.-w-s i.rlnt paper, i n fiom Alaska, and th. -si when one feels In or scout the re- reilion. once rele- r isnorance to Arc. mu. h cold and cool ;ht from the tcrrl- llBlcnlni: lonccr tr choir, which onc( acalnsl Secretan .'lioo.ooo land deal, dith asserts that Ih 1 part of the acdulsl forests havlni: inO, ,f timber snllable t al ihe rale of 3.000, ually of usable pulp line, enonch to m third ot the print pap th.. rnlle d Slales. Th of transporlallon. larB ,-. . apltul required and In il.llllv. ho thinks, nro r. 1 .loul of that popnla . Too 1 11 br.m junit y vl.-lido .-rii •.. i ain r.ls ail Ml»» Weir ImuKlas Coutlno. loiih'i' y 'sr,reSo\cLarle W . Burrows and Ser. lot on New Votk avenue; I Anio \\'.ioiph Thomalla lo Amy Mullln dot on Amboy road: nom. \Tn^^'&.o Joseph Curre, plot at Norm \•'O''\''\^i \S\' , „ thcn w l o ' n.-ean and Bay Holly t]\; \ York. Uul h WlllUnm Eward and wife, plot a> l Utlma \Teat Kills: tn.m. I iK^a Marie W. l.d a lo Amelia C. ;,,„,.„ „ -1 tinssvllle; nom. 1 •'J? , lo t a tlch ma n ™ I-W\ JU to » rrtitie: nom. , -- I hrr i»»rcttlaR® Walter B. Boblnson lo Ilenrr \1 ,,„„' , Kiiss, pint at Tottenvlllo: nom. , h James B. Mdy and oHfr s to , „ I ,.«rl « ,1 B. Androvelie. plot on Amboy 1 ^^^ ^^^^ -oad- nom. , lion ot h« c* Eilward E. Androvetto and «rlltlrOb< 1 Kate Bowe and another. I''\' mot M n Amlioy road: nom. ,„ l nmlM Kt* f Julius II. Belnert \\d 7\\ i.l«nc«> j Ella Uarckhans. plot on Edteerovol „„ •I' • nom. 1 tho le«U*MW Ella llarckhaus to I.oul»' \•Ulycn .t w JJ Wuenwhel and another, plot on ,„„, M«t Vdeeiirove avenue; pom. lt.rtlW»«e» t'lll h M. Butler to Harry B on 0 Bi'lVer. plot at T.dletrvmei_,nom.^ |^ plM at Ho Annie 1. Fish. ClarkMin and wll lot We • d. 11 n.Is dep; .il..n:.l forest scrvlco h upon tho promotion and rtment ot aerlcullnri .•ii.lv to contract tor etump .11 favorablo terms. Kradwl ,..ar periods. The siream been Invcstlltated and siilflclent tor tho motlT\ ,f niiila either by direct w; ,er or electrical con.or.lon „iro prospect a. Il'd» oS'\^' ithned Is alturlnR and lend inward ereatine a rift In Ihocloil^a Its iinmediate eftect upon tho dli Uewlnr. f.-arclty Is not held tortt • il.l seem there Is no oc a l.y I n.vA- four pow Thr allv ry B.I rlUe: nom. . ;o Harry S- ivllle; nom. Veen tn Kdlth M-| „„atTO,lenv_nb^nom. jinWMENTS »,Wr Business Appllan c Inc.. belnc too mtepllcal over e oillmale outcome. BesldK. Ih> .p?lv liiat A^laska mlsh t contr b le lo ih f iminenso consnmpHv. d niieht exert a wholosotn. „ o on cosl. Thero 1« Ih Ihcr item cnecte d wllh the \n' ew thus alforded. nemrostallon ot the .lenudeil rcition. »tty«h«r« wllh hemlock and spruce could ^ hasten.-,1 -while Alaska was helpln* Mon fi tl il Inr.u f The whole matter is ao l only r.t business Interest and cheer, but all this nccumulstlnit orldonce •ihe wi k lidu*. i>Mkt< _ Iteo H . Bhroyer: Mi'a. . Ehehen to WMlwloU h M»s' Bavin. . A-. - - nllon! ,, island \•f \kSr • DraV . to Benno nMJ^nwn : ,n4 nlchmond CoonW \» ^ corner , lo Vrtl. va«» iman. bcme. ... The ^ily Ad- , wan t in your toreslithi in hdVlnB Ala« appeal, to the American setiw .t fair play t.i an enterprise «. d«- rliled when pendlnB. and lo ll» P\ ' sl^lcnt promoter. ^ COO O POLIC E WORK The oulrk work o't the lowlni; tlie robliery ot the y,rT \ vj think Slaten Island .mlch t ^Li, SSS alt\! f the Sc. -cr o aided W '\J^lL'L'^n Jw^i .riS^ that tho«, robbor. MaauBmammMBmiimwmmimBmixsunmx uHmtitaunumunmfifunsiPiiffliiiwnuu^ and tlnclivi color, but tbo oitSfiW tiSitiMm m

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