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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, April 10, 1920, Image 1

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UCENSEn -amii:!! F ITS -.i s JrTH-'t iwr Aui-.ftt- Bureau of Buildings^h^ the weather ^nd northwest- ^^ > .C^PVERV AFTERXOOX EXCEPT Staten Ws T* «G HUST Bt RtSlORtD < Not ina Lot ecthic cleaners ANO machines i)FMON~TR.\TH^N at y.mr h..n,r nr 1 ^t u- >\U in;iny ni ^ -a..'- -11 - p' \\\i' ..n i-.r p^xrl. > I,, rt. -nA \e J\\\\ ' '•Sr-^ -r \ - TEKM. TO M If- CLARKE & FiNAN . _ --- - . -s. .e S2B mayor OF V«N NAME S Borouah .con ,o a hous.^s proP=»' t,on und«r its charter. To offset th.s, LaGuard.a. President of the Aiaermar, announced introduce legis- Albany that ««ould ,ch a plan as Mr. Van _ possible. „.n,her. th= Board tow t^surcs weer read Mayor Hytan sta.ed jd the nd consdered This City Cut oti from F'>od Fuel Supplies Suffers Much Ami.l , , l.aaif ami !-rns and s-l' .nil .eil'.ns '' Itri^hlun .Midi'ormm. ai. ,h.. attract- i i.rc.n;in.nl ^u.•ia, s.-. • KiHinion.l liorousU \ ' . I... .1 l'T«t-f I, the-n. that he had r< t.on carefully , 500d plan suits Women and Misses WhelhiT :.nu mn nfT..rrt one , ,u,t.s. .nu will find here a . .n '.f mode!—vested. Eton. , luh -p.... in .elour. el:,lH.m.ely \.mnted or de- _ Uflormc f- the.r -martm-ss. Pnced . ' , !T >.•. U ••- yi .. riMini I hr II >-\ • •• Thi- 11 inrnl I'l-'Hi' ' 1 in- b-1, n!h>T II' OOYLE'S PUN OFFERED FOR R TR'iOUT HERE in cliatc- • •• lun.WT 111*- aire-c.iin fuyetle ram-t un .1\ $20.00 -.nipr ING COATS ..... ...n,,..- prole.,„n ,h. . h.lliest SpHnS Ld .ire .de.rl for and mmer- ha.r cloth. and m.^tnre,. I l.eauliful a—ortm- nt ol st>Ie-.. at to $69.95 Wool Auto Rugs auto ru=s. in plen--m« ov«-pU.id eff«t=^ T.Tlue at and $15.00 Handsome Coat Sweaters Tirtedn and coat sroai u. 6.95, $14.93 and $1235 end 1\ •a nuMli , iin-ler • - , . X' f- iiiun- A\ I '-.n b- I.b- , ,1,.- Uiirousl. I ••— I ....-b I \'J.'] .. ni\ = 1..1 Accnrdins. • \ Naai' '., ,•„ anil 111- ' . . J wUrn buili 11 , ,urU a butiain ,1 n, ihr niy Mr fl 3 r-lurn ol >1 invrstmnnv V mor. a montb- •nl buy lb- Would Initiate Hou-sins l'\- ject on S. 1. Cit>-owned Uind BURGURSCftREi foR TE!iGHERS|iE£:^ \^dow Broken . ..—rr, tor tlx\ ...lUitinK larce »m<mnt ol ^ „p»rlo,.c..d in th^ l-a- •ivonu.- court ycli-rd-iy , laj.-.'- a.. ,n.iii liaV Ihl^ oI lb.- prlsunors »enL ^ .-siS'^-SSiS t', ' an\.n -1..- .U-fmlanls ,„ve Jail ..nlciue O <1-. • Ti-ir MimWlla. nt Manli.-.\ 'lid c.rryln. •rw- lolUvv-in;: in- lU'- .-wninp: „„ 1- .Mr. and Mr«. J-i.iii a MV. nnil «r- lir .Mr. ami Mr \ I i-ii-irli- r . KlaiinlitoTi (• lii.bK-i. .Mr. r.\ • irn.l^ Mcfariby. .Ml;- la ; M.Siirl.'V. Ma-.ih.-v.- .1 k-ini-r^K. '^''-'''-''^- J. Mullitan.^^^^^ Wall. Mr.'|Kull.-r. Ml 111 ahill. . K island «i.n „„ ,„,. sov.-n,..ioni l.anspoit world %V„r«m tn.-.- cur. Koo,n a, lH- Hom..^ Hall loni.irrov alt.-ra..i.n M •< • ,„ ..m-i:. a ... rman.n, .ir- .raniza.l.™ <U lb.-- .x^allors. -M Ui.. n»r« man Tm Klrtmu-nd buys .vl... ~a-.v --.-rvic.- on tUi. vcs«-l. pnii-lirally all rrninii^.-i u. „!.,.n.l iblii mecUnir. I vvbal lonn Ih- proii-. 1 can-aili™ »lll >' »» ^^ 1 ,..,-,l.d. .-onio li.-lni; i\ '••'•\r ''I ' \... mr it.' lioi-t \t .\m. tli-an l'\ lb.*..- liili-ndins imuiirrow ^ ha.. b.-.n a,.,.omi.-d Baki r. l-biliP Clark and rllltc Watkln.i. Tlio irar.Mniil I'l wlin' Frrin I M- anil .'111-' ' anil Mrs. lI>-\»- StuUcn.bi -n U' -.rman i:div,.n . IMdi:..t ri^l.i.-'-'l In nff' 111.- plan I 1- 1 i-oniin'. li\- „ar.l .11 N\-\ „,.,..->Ul.'n b.- li.iard ol I to build Jl lunn-s on ^arant .>1. \v. ninr IS 1o Mr U „-• ' l.>'» l\-\ --cine \T ,i M ^hicb sr.. ,o b^ prrpald ,,„ .^i.i -V\ --- rcj; - -el- — and --n.ral ,J,,i,..o«n.-i- a, ill havf ^^ i-ivid ..ITlclali'. S tb sluiauon. anoil..: a -all amount ..( 1 ' V h ii-pur.-l r.-.-.-iv-'- ,.ol 'b> bare., on all -t''\-1 ,!-,• in ?oiu< ° „ „„ 11,H Jf-rs-y r,.a.h lb.- markrls. \or lumln. a rorn.r paid lln<- \ Proprietor ! sahtrv Matter Kests « Hh l-,i.:naiur. burclar alamin lU-, 11- 1 (• Sirkus. pri.pri\fr l.rA.-d 111. 1- > piy ol the local| :inv 111. mbi- wr Ilia; 1- ihi- I.cBislaturc Taking lb.- li'i'\\! iV.Mur.. 1., mollis lo .el.U- the -bol« „,au.-r.\ 111. \oi-r.I <>' \ ;„.,il „. tak,.- a.llun ycterdny. on n-iuei-t by -VnninK S. rra\- I\-\ ] 1 i,|,nl or Iho Board ol Kducatlim for i ;„„„ddHlonal tiUOO.OOO tor the m- i „t teachers- salarlen. I Pnill a»k.-d tor Immrfiate 1 ,n. the roflue-t. s.atlni; that STRIKE PICKETS ftPPE^-RGUEQ con tmtll toriH-tloi'il in Ui<i-;iy. IslitS'l in tlu- /joo^^'Ainerican '\in'teord ,o ,h,. action ol tlK ^ .. ttinlflni: Sf^rretury <>l t\M me inn.l glorious cbapl.-iB In •• Urlcin naval History .1.0, n;,o < actli It III. iin ini toe r.-u\^-- ,-a, desired to raise tho pay of ,earher.i In tbe lower Brnd.^_. .. »h.,ot in be inau '' turned j„.OpleS ..f .-.nt^T wnr f dt f^vOlUlirttt- fUYlti.-r of the personal Eoroaen \ Le,,,r w Nanie and M^- I r.irt Richnxoo\- ..Ke .Uee front tnore 'rmitled Jo rlia.-'-r ».u ^^.^icl, b.' (l-So mcntbly. «lth an • Ihf l.-a5e runii.o.' vractically a\ , 'X- Wblrt. time ute P\'; w^ileV- dur.n, privilese of I bers of the Woin All were lined mind plat.' =lai-' .m.- inlail. dotlnr biiil \-•-^..rdrbr.::^-' U.rou=ll I. ,.„„ .... .1 I\.\ .1,,,, I,;;. ;•,;;„;„„.,„ i.™ 'STr- =5 =£s; Ask for Ccrtilicate of Kea- sonaWc Doubt: Decision Is llesei-^cd CHARM RBU FOLK MEET HERE ..ere outlined at . m.i'ed i' .\rarriyal of rar 'lue 1'V '., irt lo be cau.ed by. tloatJ. This u. said boil..- o' ,„e strike has aJ 1 ,h,. past float-' ,«-,ed tbe II. •>• ,„„.„, by arrlvins •'•r'^ private tuirs. ,„,„ns siven one ol be .nam r« toe the beliel that 1 l.sund. men '•%',aler ..und are no. the Idea Of placed -ithln tlte re>cl. ot - -Hve-on -etirurr/r-unuveiy. ivcision on llie appueallon of _ .ere ou.,.n.. - a- .ornov for the convicl.-d mf\ ,i,e scope J c°\„ tbat tbe c.-rtmc.-.te ahould Chairman Verd„n a»tructe., h.. Issued, alleslas Impioper ad vice cnairmiu ^is Ions of evidence on the trial i,,^ „, districts also claiming that the vcrdlct ^ tollo.tuR wasacalnsl the ^-eisht of ' cliarse: t - A. ^^^^^^^ dence. Tbe application oi the New chairman \ Kcnney. Yorlt man .-a. cpp»>ed by Assist „f eom°.ltt^. aitrlslon; District Atlome. Alfred ^ ' ! ^^ Tu\\- •\•fre^ard lo Ihe evidence admllj^enV \-'^^rVo-^' led t t me trial befor.^ Ju'ls\ chairman ot . section or e^ • ^ mmmmktmi OK DOWNEV =m r He^^^ The first detinue su-p toward hrins about the restoration of tr^- ,.,,«.rvlcoon.Ue!in.,of ihe MW l„.,d Itallwiiy company, as t.dd ...r.lav In The l>ally Advance, was When Koileral dud„e Cbat- neld .ninli^l P-rmlssion to tho city of Vork to operate Ih,. l\°rbe ,.,.rml».lon came In .he Ion.. .,t , n„.mora,idnm prepared by the ft the .-lose .If nesoliatlon,. : ^-..dorill uecelver Jacob ....... and V. U. I-a Guardia. presl- a,.r.t ,.f the .Iiiard \f Aldernten. thouKb it is wholly pnivlsion- :;:\p..„ .unher ne..,.,atlons. imtlook uiw-itd .in ' ration of service aHP.-ms -o b\ ,„h,..r than a, any time since be Midllind company operation of l.« \\ \l-unher neBo.la.ions tioiween Ue- ce verltrennerandMr. l.a 1— be crrled ...I ne«t week lie- dod^et^hatll.-Id ...Idling „,„vi-ionii thai mn.l y.-l be .na.it „„-,e actual operation can be put iin.o ,-lTe.-t IS a drawlnc UP of de- ,:, arran.emen,s,h.at Will prove llatartory to iho federal receiver. luennor-sonlcelhismorn- in- was said that the fed.-ral re- wa, ...ady \lo a.r..e lo any nrrauEemen. that was sane and SHr^ \T I^ur; Ulc \^rtpos- lisii not dSl to .be J.onioa.1 re- road ^m ix- band\\ fmm cite is only oue section oi l hi or evidence snate\ a.Idrf Comptroller ,or Justice '. .hri.e-l9lature i» EO'-I n.e entire record. rendlnR ':;rion and' taln >\ ; until Monday___ e^penem. was ADJOURN CASE lu-r^-'\ f the \op. , —Xhom. Murpt. • tft \coppers tnav 1 '.nnoutce to Ihe came Do^-^-^^'i'j'/'jVoSU another 1 baU. -Xro^^M^-erasa we. j ^afd at ^r ^^^^^ come relief^ ..March 30. was ^ro't\.^^^ . .w, „. „ ;^-I'lM-riornln. tor hear- .Z OI ir^HT STI could j-t are al The purchaser „„ ,„,.H.-lo.nres. He s.W ^^ER SLIGHT STROKE, ,nR. 'i-' ^^In IBOROHEADTO recbvebios' ... ... hv VIOLATED TKUA>C\ iikw— - - i ^i,,. „ la PABENTb PA\ „,„ rcclved by Two^ents. runnlns \foul Van judg. Ch.Udi ' -\tuTuhi^ r^^v. —ra.\ matter M o™ eliy WW. o«r .. .I\-. 6ullerea»\--- ^jurphr was arr^-u T -yliiiwi^ ; 101 franchUM. ^^ 'lit TWO lorents. runoiu. ^. ^Monday.I In Tiew oil K-rci court om- -r'tuTuhln. \ Mr Edith r»rr^Ij HUl road; Hilt road;

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