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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, April 09, 1920, Image 4

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Ihe hob£ c. s, , ^ Ml J^'^^t the poopi e of Krr fi rnmSE-Snim s Hn^ ^n^^ or lens t do not letterbox I WHITE HOUSE^I^R .41 lA f rVu^a. r.ar ^lis' nmcHT « I ll«< i.'T^Lr'- rail , ... rRU.> i u- u -. i\--' - n tne p^ \ i- — - Elanil c-th<n- favo the and de- .iSTic l are . but the bn.ny e;-.ia=h r^.-u\ things worse . There U Vo \ it i\ thc.lQpsins there may be ^ .\^\r--® con - eertir. people to they .picuous r.o Wo that mast t^ ach.o.e tK e the father « V inin-^- -.nrt not hdp- :.•• t., n 1-it.- that he i> ^J\;;:\:,,- . ^a •vi'l '.et ; t-.c the peopl e .-or.cc.m.. . -n I »• tire matter drop. V o ollfniio \ i' f'\ \\'T^l \ for pu^'ica. on but lor all ri M ilnr -Wh o in S^ m Hil l i>«t. k O. nii.l- ''\\tTe cLlm. .o t e a !an»er.- . turnc-l -.nto STEPPIN G STONE S IN GOV . UOWDEH-S UFE . c.nrisc . 135'.—Bom at iunr. o ,S6a-Mcve 4 '.o Mard.n C.u n Law school. Ch cago ,M6_Married to M ss FUr- ence Pullman. den. Estabrcok & 1S5S— Appointed • r.S: \'•• about the towh With C.a>k Tteal i „,, „,,it5f whose impreii- The \MfOtallsl. Tiloce Theat. . in bo on . lhat Hira m W . w tar P^'-C.iratJr all. A, .HO ; a nan to or ^lurned _ _ I,„uis A. nw. • to 1., ..iwln s in\ • wi\ \ir-rirndaU .hat .m .PO\ •ri;u\\o»\ baiter. «mpl>- handl e ©atUj \Vent.-FiveV^rsJ^ Tlioinas p.biniaster a' ftvo y ai s aP' ^ WcJn Hobo QuitsProfession - I is polng l o >»>» ihcte I- P°<»> • cvicwrt pj^inu G.\..~o'ine Trie ; M il- Ten v^a. s a^o r : inrr price s Tlti average ir.a n did r.f.' .u.\ it . r.a.«>i:r.e in t.ioJ.e •- .;i.irtir.s prop.i-^itiiin. T.wiay tli e recen t ETiThe Chnrrh AUve aiE tvt-o very intere.tin? featine. - I thre^ .n.«lt the nata-.n Uy the Int c ^ -h W&d Movement. One ni th . .-. i. . . ^he faiUt,that tite y ^^^^^^^ ^ tran..p.rt-n. ^ al l ^un.L- fn^onei^m a bil l movment t o \ sell .he I f. the peopl e r. ! thU cjnntry. of th» inter-denoBiinat-Ona l ins p^vaile.! i n th. pa^U U .hotdd permanent c M,pera-uon and r.- partldUar tenet - e - o . .n. -^c t • another. ip,,-.'H!,t fi-n rrn . |tna! faii l trtibin!; h;u-i r. - V'nt: tj. a T-«^t I ^eii ever-tl.in - fi' :t ha- m..- •rc.pajrtind; i -••••'- ; a.i--, .^vv.-isr. r.. • i n piuwUne the fe^^tive v.ho a t that antomobi^:.^ . r.r.ich i-.t«:.iit v;. , laigel : , ..>, wa ^ appointe d plac-. uf -M\ . men l o! the vears .afO Clu b \eUl twentv..^ o J. fausl\^. randidate twenty- JIJ oppo^i^^^^\- Twenty Veare Ago Veterans, at a i5icUn;on'.l. Mason:.- appo'.nted twenty years to . j rna m ItoLer, Cooper, second m- n satlerlee. cha p Fred .V can. Hrs. C i'crkinii. quaiternia!.! •j II. V.-ni.-.n. so.seanla-- '\Var time Aureri Kbaerver ' Mi lit I n r .rodiict , ;ie,I in r„>in'r food , iill kind. ^ of pn«liK ^ — : „ - .v-o'l-'.v l>e;\l ^ fo r comnla;nt than t;u k v, ill rc.-ult. Taxin- i Itichelors and \Old M. i jiritnal. L A tht ! \ad'-ei t; Vtta'r. -The f j^. . I.irrh - ; - her'.- ',Vm->rio it -n irc h ••„.'. former! -n K-,:ndr.-,i, i..,y sknder t„-.vTt o f •hi - i.miiin e t h i-.-tmer.t .-e.t-ion that ^ both ,.,biected to ^^l^ry ^ would We b, .n the c.^ > fe-..- ye=--r.s as\. ^^^^ • t o rurtl-.er t.ixation . ^ o n the , Icr s ar n nv.'^. hi^ ,,,, J,,;ed . o l a f. . .t l.- , „ot a.^ a c..nt,n.:.t« to the ^overnnunt. ..ecofxni^e- thi.^ prir.- familv man r-.l.<>.\V mo-.-e th;u i i.-. K'lvon a T!-.; i n ri in -.un\. ill -.V ^Ln' til. vaid , I t -:-r ap - con - • an' -> con- ' ; or an-I' tl t1 IMl ! .•ered I .. -chen>i\ .,.Iv defini;.- trvf aion that may Mii-aanhiie . th it-Hji t r-a.- it mu: t .-^hotv ;;nii n-.o ;e fo r t' y.j-terd; : vV c r.ran. l .epor t . I. r,. I t ,1 .Ivn uhi-^i- t. ,r.m the r.-.at'u.r. .v tli • - t' The ad'- ^ , ^.yh such enrerpn.-.-^. _ 1--, thimr? t.Hat i t tvoul d V ; - new'naper. , -^.'.^^ent con.inti e .he peoP-. = \ir .Vice. . onl : . that t' ind ih.^ c-mn-^iiiy t cmli.T.^\. : • esti'.i ivii'-ab'. trcll e L-l a win .me ..... - ^^^hT;^ i\ ..mal l ora tl^^lt-t we congratuUte the ^-Sxt in community sood. • CS wit! \hinnir.i er-works an sltar® i '«'\> ...» v.vcnov. Now I accordlns 10 W O -J „I iwctl^a .. v.-1.1. old >»».V i,v,t 11 tbeto a\ \ .- ' lltli-inm-.\ tre'T n hoboe» K-,.. U' co.l . iwlce a. mttc^l rVhlel Ot the 1. NV. W.. saLt. special - — Is >ald a' without lh<- „ho v.se.l 1.. inJ blind ban- Ij ! slsr ,ho .ein-etly (o-aml la railway yards, no. pric-d i--\- Prohibition ' ic.lu. 1 n.. U«R« S,, , ,.. n..; do .l,.r ihrouKh > Xchrnska, t>t« ..minri. arcMdln s Cl.ll w.-ll»tv- n5o thi' floclcty Itll and 200 cftVf , nid Iio-.n VllnA The ati-iSRe tW „ln.. cacU t«M ihtirlaKe ot .-l.iy bcaufiftd ; , . h n- . satiis— IViemise, camisofcs . silk-W P , , at low'-'^l ^tocUinK jSlk Stockings svrevh .pialii v .ill. \ ?:).00 and tip- garner-. Su^t -V ^nrf^^f S l.lio. Sl.O O and \p. til ' 13 1 Uirl.moml Ate.. SILK urge vartetv o f ^t-H'\ tnovclty st;-!es. ad t. d l.O O and up „1,1 l.tshioi) llm 1.- S.-w i;M UP ' corlt or ilu- cout.tr 1 what I'l ,nt s ot ,>t the «-->' tl.-n CIV nil.. ' - . , CrhGiie W - 1 .W.rul. n.-b.v du.pl'.'d n.-.tbwc MitlcX b ,; „ n i ; run. Whea .:„itt.-.' i t wdl .how. . . ,-.v„pan v ha? \ it t - v'.rprotu- , r.'th'i- T tiian to li, , In our opir- : '.e hoixx l for i; Iv reac!v.:d ..str.re<I to .ser- • scitratio n and „ I St^ite n I- •Ncep; for the ccomm-irhttio n i n . ..iTiciaL-wh o ,i-vev of the n-.-irket rhat the price.-^ .xTtwe^tr wil l come down , .-r..l> will . . ,,,0.001, ''^\iTtor'.-a'iT \\tsSit-OO O lush- ; The tore. a. t i 7 ;tl.r,3B.00<l i i a. compared .M\ ' . I bu.liels h..rv^ olt Is bell ^ renroval r^r -^.'Crthe of how to ; PASS >ULITAKV rOUC^ Herein i-s 'ifit \ possibl e tern- ; April, deanor ^.chool. announced, muc h to iboT ;1 th dres.es. M he said, ht- -tbc cho..™ raledlctorl ct all that. JudB' had won tw o J..0 .ratorr and the o.h- |er for scholarship ni^nt unw (profiteers who p.ac. ^^^ „ committee w^l-u i\\,;! - Arm ot bowden. E.tabn.o » m Thi s l.lE talllni: bp „ result ot i h hased upon reparta .ho » averase condition ot . „hea t crop \\ '^J'^Vh e c;ndit'o n the twcntie.h ,m tor one day ot ih e week. 1 o been named by the leaKue. T.,e chief f.-i-.ure ..t National . Marine Week will b.; the first mer- i, ,1,1 marine cjcposltion ever held theTnl e l Stales, whi.-h wil l be Jla^l V. the Gran.l Central Palace Manhatlan . .lurinE the week. tini-ric-l'l «riip!'Uildln!:..l-hip op- .rltins . marine en.ineerlnR. recent marine inventions, the use ot tuel ol-ier maritim e activities wi n 1,.. iilsplayiil in almost Iw.'Ji\\- dittcrent \hihlts Th-. rC—t'^'cir 1,1 the Shippln s Board wil l partictpate. There will 1» motion pi,Mures an.i lecl.ire.« .,n mar.nc tubiei-t.«. marine painl.nc s at i.-hcstra conccrts aticru,.ou niKht. A rar- collection of mmlels. ma d in 131..^ by a New Y.Tk firm, t \ov e the neee-ssity ot enlarslnE ,«,rlod ot the tiny sailing ships to tury fcteet liners. Pewin z Circle wa s •anlied; tilteen years aso. by <;..-orse J.. :iharpe at Rich- Ten Year. s At;o ,h,lay tecepliim and dinner in honor ot -V.rs. Joh n OUe n an d Mi^. A. Shar p was a social fesliv- itv at Ki m I'ark. ten years aso. Those present were Mr. .and Mr. • Merli . Mr . an d Mrs. Ahlboine . Mr . an a M.-s. Vol-.t. Mr. and M.S . Shai p Mr. an d Mrs. Otten, Mr . and Mrs. Cheviron. Mr . .ind Mrs. C.undlach. Mr . and Mr.s. Simon . 1 Mr and Mr... Welngarten . Mrs . Trabanl. Mr. Il-ck. F. U-mennan . Misses I.l\ie and Ann a \0SI . Otfn. Kati e Gundlacli. I.y- 01a iin.l Theliua Cheviron, >otlo and l-illian Otten. Messra. Josep h •i:on. Ma x an d Jos. Simon . Geo Kliarp. Frun k Sltnna. Henr y and U'.lia Otten. Henr y Traban t ,r.,l OeorKe Voss. Mr . and Mi.s. Jame s U. Crow n Df Mariners Uatbo r were given a. suiptl.se party ten years ago to- dav .\muns the guests were Mr . and Mrs. C.rrig. Mr . and Mrs. Kee- n;.n. Mr. an d Mrs. Henderson . Mif-t Jeanitt e Kecnan , Mr . I.lc- Quad a and Mr. Fulton. F.v e Electric ,'ashing?y»achines ' wUh Swlnu^no Wnnoer^^^ Every day the va> t a1- users grow.-^ , ,millio n -s ready the Thoi piioaie y « tabor i our showrooms. i Five Years Ago Curtis School nl feated th dc rc'surprised than ever. ^ZZ wheat on Apri l told h e had been I wndUUn o^^ ^^^ ^^^^^ ^^^ g , j Then u'a t conditions thi s year are taf ^WBR 56r..099.000 hasUel» wWch is .^niversaries iTOOUih. Icade of Mu , the forecast for thfai year :haace to clean \ saitl L-owden. 1 hearins transfer EH. to the ^\Ein W the . throtish toe Aon e so . bltl can be ^drane» . a rer^» German MHitanr Movement l^udon . Apri l I dam s»ld today. ISitt—nuk e ... —\•-• of the rebellion against Jame s 11 ot England , born In Kotterdam Ueheadcd In I-ondcn. July ^ , , ITtC—In hi s first naval tight, j Cu m I'aul Joni-s. in comman d ot the . j,„i„. , Ha r I Amc-tcan ship. Altre.l. engage.! the | Margaret F Dritlf h 4and. is::)—Mi-Many t. Newtown Hig h School . ... Curtis Field, five years afiO to day. by a score ot 9 to Joh n W. Wisema n wa s appoint- ed. five years ago. as tree expert by the Wcateileig h Improvemen t Society. .\ veiv enjcya:ble atlair wa s a ourprlse tcndeied to Miss Ad-a imming s at her hom e in Staple- ames 11 Oumming s a t he r hom e m itterdam. ton. Qve years ago to-day, Amcnf i 15. lOsn, those ptfstn t -»ere: Misses Mar- al fight. Cumm'.ngs, Clar a Donahue, . igs. Clar a Donahue -iscn. Mabel GelBty. -'St. Infred IsaacBOn, Cuinmlngs . Mr . an d ship. Glasgow. oK Block Is- Mrs. cummtngs . iM.- Mrs. Talty . e1«o Frcdorlck Felat, lives lost in Dantxlg j^^es -SVilson. .\usust Stock , result of an overflow of the-, Gresty. Gordon CnmmingB . ' - Ilea SallB an d 'William Gres- ..SiSlgf lilfessrssi RE^LTS-i ,f the Chicig o nar. | I n ISSG came U.wden-» marr.as e , .ttome y . w- interest iit politic*. I n „ f 1S«0 Uiat Winte r 1. Stilt Hero | Anothe r rte nw cl . But—a V'sml a 1S3.\.—Ueoiwld II.. kin g ot t h Belgians, born. Died In Brosscli December IT. 1309. L iSKi—Wa r betwtan the States UlrtuaH y ended wltli the surrendc 1 oC Geuem l lJ!e mt Appomattox. lS70_Tii o American Antl-SIav ery Society wm dissolved, alter a n existence of thlrty-aevcn years. 1917—Mario Menocal ''a a re- elected Pr««iden l o t the Republi c o l Cuba . olhe v The 'Vho r i s sc neve r neco^W' •I-|,o sclcitlin o wiiithiiiK eleuii ami The Thor hour, Awasl lilK a.'. ' I West Brighto * ..111 Kive labor Qpuls it in The TllOU IttUeit the df ^-iU ironanyll'lnB Also th e heat. AhM«« thepre^sure-wWjhW results . Y OU ju.»« Its poUshfd \f>hoe «l wrinkle and puW » One Year Ago,' I,awrcnc<! A , Seavc r of Donga n Illlla -was appointed, a year ago. by Secretary of Stat e Hugo as siccia l Inspector ot th e automo- bile\ burea u to lierve one year -without pay. Th e banner s for attendance xt Publi c School Ko . 1'. ToUenvlUe. ^ were a-wardeU, a yea r ago. t o th e •ou r own home, on > \tHOR^LE( C.W.STEPt Richmon^^

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