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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, March 22, 1920, Image 1

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THE WEATHT:: pai r and warmer tonicht and to - ©hp ©aiily O^ STATEN ISI^BVEKY AFTEENOON EXCEPT SUNDAT m « * Sfiwte, MUST BE RESTORED , ii PRICE TWO CENTS IVAN NAME \Would Abolish HAKE OFFICE AN 1 elective one ONE NT\N DEAD I IN CONVENT FIRE ^^MONEY TO Bffl HOMES AMktl Exa^er^LOffic^ Restore Coroner = \ GERMftN REVOLT M EYER'S ^OALdMinFrT ^ in Favnr oC Lynch S«t.urf T^ay Pre^'nt Sys - te m Inadequate t < - .1- re7Jirtal:d -uiii.i 111-- ik-fiTfcnes \ paving -uift uuentifra .u-ine- -. W ill pay thl iiiht --\ul - ;.ltt;Titinn . „ur i.rii. • \1 vfll t ti; HEHRY MEM & SOI I rout ca HOSTH ST. Port Tttlep'^mo W. atKil'.sh Ih c pres- in*-di'\3l t-xJin- ; ril T aatl r-^^tore tiv^ nnroush- Ih** has twM-n iaTrn- I,»-eri.-la:«re bv 1,7m h. • ihat Ih \ ih<- nP wa,-; Vcif'.alt-'I Tj l y-a'^ -tiall he funr iMir-i- js a i.r Manhatlan. in nrLiWlyn .m. - •Wilk^-Ban* . Pa- March 2:1. Op- Nu n «a s hum ' .1 i n <l«.th. iiiii» <nh*-r- wert- liurnt^tl or injured. an«i the Wilkes-Iiarrp C.mT^at ..< <hr Or- il-r of Merry wa-.i prarll.-ally ile- -trnve,l hj- fire i>r uiikn..» n or«.t i Kertlenlay. Tlie wii- e-iimaK^l a: Jir.'l.liOO. ' .Mother Theresa. i,t r.ev i J,.hn ..t KorJhain fniversi- ,v an.l member n( a Ima l family ,i>.l lonieh. in aw.ny (mm her : barns. S:i nnn s are in Mer. y ho,. pital an.l thn.^- o.hers, whose 10 I juries were Ie«= serious, are beinB ' are.1 for in anoiher ronvi-nt. Siiiv- Sisters were in yariovn parts ;.t the hniWine when the f.re was di-.-overe.l- a i.iiniher ..1 ,„,U.eraen hurrie.l to .he builmK Si-,er r.r.-i.-orr. wh.. ha.l b.-en inc ... a wia.b.w le.l^e „n the thir.l n,...r as flames ,-su.-l fr..m the w.ii- ab.,ve her hal,.ls. -w ...a.-.i -.\.l , Ml ,.. cronn.l. Th- t..ll s.,me. Iwlu. hr..ken by Iw., men »b' . .fully .a'. h her. 40 PASS FIRST AUTO EXAMS ON STATEN ISLAND Tiernan Speaks on Versatility of Police at Department Mass - • the poli.-e r,.r...-- lie Wok' State Huieau Opens OIRce Here for Convenienee of l.oraI .Vpplicants K..rtv Staten Islar.il re-i.leu:s re reive,rii.en-es 10 r.i.er..te aa'..m.. biles in thi . Ma'e Satur.l.iy mo ™ ins b>' pa.ssinf! examinanon ,h. i-..un.y c.urt . the Br series examil.atirn Member, of .he tfta.en Island p„li, e f..r.e ai.en.l.-.l a mass a, St. l-alriik-s l-aTh...lral. soletnnize.l ,,.r,lav mornlnB by the Holy Name Sr..-i..y .-f Ihe .lepartment. later ji.e-i.lina a breakfast isivi-n at ih.. •Tbp ('..urace ami \er»atiUt> of 1 .be l>,.li.e.\ l a his remarks he re. ! flrre the work wUi. b has been ,1, ne b-. Ihe -brass buTtons^ in anw H e spoke ,r. by men \ wh u-h in the fare of .pew ntu.l an.l '\imrin E his ad.lress the Cummi: '\•\vl.h'aV i ..t this erltbi^ m the nie-i o: the .lei.artinent so ..ti an.l draw their rloaks about, sbiel.lins Ives fr..m the mu.l au.l sln^b • nai uuwoithy men s|.ew in the t-i.-e 1 .1 the people. W e exp.-.t t... w,.i.l of sui.p.>rt ..r en.ouraKemcnt lr..m .be,e :..air...-s. 1. L.r w„ul.l <are 10 see tbem pral-. vou. be.anse Iben 1 MUCH QUIETER^ REPORTS SRY Uisht Socialists Decide Dis- missfll of Noske, Bauer and Mueller Es.sential lj,nrton. March 22.— Dispatche: er.- Ii..lav in-liealed th.- situatl.il. , ilermanv Is b. eonilnt; 50m..«-bat NORTH SHORE CITY DOCK TO BE DREDGED Sealed bids will be received at the office of IMck Commissioner i Murray llulh-rt. X-ier A. North ( I liiver. Manhattan, until noon on | 1 March =.». for tumlahln g all the 1 labor and nialerial.s for dredclnK •Ive feet b.lo-»- mean -water about fifteen hundred cu- bulkbead bei-«-een \\ rrj-street. the only north boropresideht SEEKS CAPITAL IN MANHATTAN :.X. tv an.i f.nf in Ki. h h,. itornrner. a-» .Uif f a\' ' us'ar»- aef-mfil ;.:iuul hu'lP^t. are If. B..ar'i \i IG COfULXClllSGl nF NETW .nx. .ITT Metnltera N\^ V : Uc-nse aa.l redc.-al r.-ant Canital. SurTJtus ant* ^ Pmflt a . -a'iUiain N. . ' , U-... er n . STATE M tSI-*NO BHAWM. I -T^^.-,... 11. ?r. . •• raiii p L- f • ^ Coin Sale Dtptt s»r » OejJOi.t and SOT Vaulta far walaaWe Eanlull-4 Hour;. ^ , ^ Sifurf-ty,. a. a.- ta C .-..J. led. W..a;.X be . Januar y I. 1»-- . mea-ure. the coro- . l.e f..ur years. .- m.-n are sael ' o re«t..rali.>n of e th..^e in fav..r .re .bat the present ,1;. ejamine r ha- .aa.iequate. Chief the latter ht.i.l ...t w!p*. out the that It inve..tsthe . • '.n a sintlc person. MILLION ARE ftFFEGTEOBY LftBOR OUTLOOK ...b -- —APP „il l be afl.s-ie.l I.yj I; jn.l waee .-ont •jh; n n conme r was an t.«l. that a, .,f parti. The sov.-rnnl.nl bas re estab- .bed its a.tlbority at Kiel atld eii.zia. dispatches sai.l. and the ,orney .lene.al ba- s-ar.ed pro. .e.linas asain.s, I,r. VouKappan. l .neral llar..n V..n l.uetiwttr. tli. -aders of the insurr.-. tion. An offi.ial r.erlin wireless cav.- |„.,.F tet-tiis as the a=r.-.m.-nl be- we.-n labor unions an.l the c\- tnment tor calUnc ..ft ..t the pen- •tal .-irike: \ new cahin. t will be formc l ivitb the c. Olierati.in of th.- lab.ir mark i>ic feet at tl- iticbmon.! avenue an.l K . I'ort Itlcbniotid. -which ; [city dock located on th I shore. The lime allotted for domR .. e.in.pl.-tinc the work Is thri-e cm- s.-cutlte calen.lar days. and 'd.-iKisii wllh hi.l. in cash or certi- ll,..l check. 52.1. is the an.ounl of se.-urity t-e,inire,l of all bl.lders for .tract, whl.-h is a J.-arly on.- .ut hv the I<.->.-k l>ei..-.rtment. S JUS Homes Can Ec BuUt Cheaper Here Than In Other BorouRhs cao W ton T cht ' ON SUFFRAGE (.fflcials of the Von Kapp In.- ree.ion w-iU be lamislosl. ll...ir.japizatl..n ..1 tb.. a.im. tta.ion ibto.lEb al.l-iintment of ,,nidi,-an odi. ials. . , , 1 ( Sociali/.ation of in.lu^try mcl.pl- ina naib.nalizalion of mtne.s an.l he p.>lash InMusi.y, stiionser m.>asur..s t.. cons..rve :,nd in.-rease th.- supply ol .tulfs. pt.isecuti.,n of illicit trader. :,n.l n. w agrarian •\'•.•..ic.hs H,H,rKanl-i.aii..n th- K. .< n un.ler lea.l.-ishlp of t-epub lic.,n ..Ifi.-ers. with .~|..-c.al reeoi: nition of the labor un...n.s. ll..m..val of all known r.-action ,i,.s 110m the !:ov.-rnni..nt. Tli.- -pet first . I|U.- latte KtTorts are l.einc made on tt e part of BorouBh I-resident Calvin D Van Sam e to Intere.st invMl- .njltnen t capital in Stalen Isltjnd huibllnR ac.ivitlos or produclns money ,,rncllon work here. Nep.tla ions now arc pendiUK with nnanclo^ In- terests alone tbese lin.«. „ Is the hope of the llorou^ .-secutlvc that by folowlni: up the „„..rs br..um.t ottt at the Mayor' . bousitiK hearius ..f two weeks aBO („„ds which are mu.-h needed I n thl- se.tinii to accommo.lalo the htiildinc of homes to relieve th. Sbortace may be (ortbromlni:. Mr Van Name is in communlctl- tiol. already, by letter and other- wise. wllh those rcpresentitlB Mat'- mattan .-apltal. .-nlllns to Ib-ir lenlb... the oi.p.^t-ttmtlics oITcrfjl I in Ulcbniond ll..r..uBh. Ite • I hown the sreat n.-e.l ..f homes o n Istat.-n Island and the fact fttft hev ,-an be bul'.i h.-re cheaper tlltin in '..ihcr iH.roucbs <.f the (lreal>r fity This, he .states. Is due to ih t . date -all Dover. 11.-1.. March :2.-Tb f lor takini: up the nuestion 01 l>ln= the 1-V.l-ial SufTrate Atn „•„.„, w.ll be llxe.l a. a J..inl I IIV- .-i.u.-us lonlalit. Tbe i.-sislatur.- met in si .„io n ,o.la, to act on the -ut ,n and the scbiKd c.«l. ,„- ,;ow..-n..r T.mns.-ml-s ,„„. ,,rl,-e of land and that con will b.- consul.-r.-.I 1 opis.n.-nts ol stiff le The .,.ecl. iIT.-rini; th.' ,11 lb. ol.lsis trade, school in Ulchmond. transportutfoh illable also Kop« r sui.ia.rt urn t..r tli.- K.-deral ani.-ndio.-ni. NVasbinB...n. M.TCh 2-.: . fbance s (or ra.lf.ca.l,.n of tbe Tcleral wo tuan suffi-ace ant.-n.lm.-n. tn Wla- ; ware -.-.-re .les,-rih.-d as ••^ery bad suirntiie headquarters he.-r f i Enii; Don NOW! Thone Briehton „r llir.7-J vonr roofs re- anil painted, e -qirinc rains and ho.ne dectiratinc- Meti l Stov««. naiMo i Furrtaci* Cleaned atttl Renxir^d Estiimne i tumi»B« S Joalnn u atlcrrtlcsl t o Th a «t=rir oT complete turttiture w\® Henry -V- Siesta & CO. mmm. mm SEU-IN G *NO BUfm^ CABPET5 and BrW on-ctoTto FCKNtrrHE aarj^.n. »!«.«• «\ 631 and 697 ^7 gtapleton Phon « 237 Tairp. B.O J I 1 iculat of a. 'thai' the teotimon. an intiuest very of t.ea ! aid l.> the m .i,.niace. hi-.-r. •• a-Kutnent artvan<-e.l . of the hill it« that a. -.dent or foul play, am.ner\ .1\ not pnt In an ant-.l there is a .lea.h. .. • ,-6 of itettlnl ani.- -en.ents to the p.di.e. rners. h v appearins .. ,. .,-.ne ohlaine.1 thetr m..rtem >ta-ement ;:eve,l. 1 W.IC.- ar twi.-e thi- o..O,t..>.l. l a Kill the .ase. part me m in the throush wtiB an.l »trikes this yea jr.iio.l.tiio.v. it was iM , r..l'J. I..tal 1.1S .-...S 1\ ls.liev.-d t., have been .urn ..r more than tl.'!\\. h..weve-. p.-r .-'•tit of referre.l t.i the labor d. ,.,r -eitlement were still -•rover-v stase and ha.l ilownt. \lU'Th- Aut.rm..Uil.- HU ti) iu»l.l ix:imina n.trOURh- ThPN t Int^rv Jiade i-ne r.l..l.\OT the\- ^^ur e in the labor ••'P--^:,;';; Neither .loes the c.» l strike R.ftrCOllNCILS IN COMPETITION ... . Wil . LABOR PLUNKS MADE PUBLIC !;; IN EDITORIAL!'; ,R.\IUMANA(;ERS AND 1 COMMERCE liO .\RD MK h. 1- Seew.ce Ittecat Neithe r - March \ ,t',nr h i«re-ar y \V,ls..n person .mm^l.te all American ^ ^ Kich: lium - ...hincton. M J ,1 i.iatf.irm Liberty B^ ^ Instalment^ Bought , CASH ^\vL GOODMAS, 1 CO. Tracking' RI. Y. OFFICE •Phane Broad 29fiH H . U KBEtJSCHEi t Sroad St. (rao^ Wl Yorl., «. nan. h«i». «n l«i»-t Bui der between the Tnile.! i'V Brazil were aeain shat- when tbe Braxllian . .. counta handed dow n a isrikt l.unc that, the crnice\. t^ien.:- irahte d '\e » \ .t=er.c..a coml-UT h? \\ as, atmisters ot tran-sportation »»« mecally dniwn . Tte min;..,ter-- concesilon for di -abh-s from Uin to Trustiay raraauay am i lr<tm Kio ft rat , .a.so was declared illeral- Uncle Same Poor Employer nuc-a.!... March ::L--Th'r e 1= 1 America -irho hai- scale tJ\ '•\\'l' Stale, r„.vemmeiit.~ Juds * K . Unffis told his an.lietK-e »rt,v. H e stated th«t Con^M ttrait 5ub<t:t,.t^ jn»tic» for •\J\'^ to It. deallntts wit h emPl\!\ \ * the piivemment. Tie nteetin. wa-s held as a •«t by Federal employe , as\\'^ ••J»«»ment accorded then\ CTiUL They have threatene,! to Wt their jobs it their »\ • :i;;:;;r.;.an,l s have .-e n presente, ,„r in.rea-e.s ransm s from «1--. 1., •ntpio>-r M low a w-asi morrow e..-nin= .i.^irae U. ,-„-,is .-.mncil. I t will .„ its .«.nis . l-olumbian Hall. .,n,i ,,-race. N-w nrlsb.on, ,e-ca>ionIte=.ni M. Ilrale , ome imporlant malleus which ( 11 di>cu.-s w-.th the membet> j after th- business routine has come to » \ ,„chr e will be indulae.! m b ; members and th-it „„>, . wbo .lo no, play ,„r lllackbui-n stales ->\•< '• . ma.le preparat i..ns for the ,n Willia m Curtis rc^r, .s a. the present time lnvol>ed ,n ^ .Membership c'nle^t. its - . _ <fiitt«>tnn ' ouncU- ^ ™ EXTENT OK ^ive-th e ntuali^.i;^-;,':, ^ ,„: \n-PPH o , New vor k State .HI be on hand. •mlier^ of I'niolis wa.- ma.le i a.sbinsion. March 22 Itailroart iiaers an.l attorneys from all s !,/ th,- country came here to^ ,o alt.-nd ibe lii-sl hearins of Inlet-stale Commerce (;ommis- , under the Ksch-Cummins itansiM.rtation act. ^ ^^^ .....iatcl Trade ,onsl,l..e.l as a whol ;;BRITISH PRESS FLAYS SENATE IN PEACE PACT ithlic Today In 1 .1 V FIRE DAVAGE SHIP Buralar Killed by \OP Philadelphia. Marc h Conte n -4 to the basement of the h^e m Hatx Shapiro. »tt Nort h TO^ ttUrtl «rret. earlj today. vu latallv .ho t hy J*\\\\\ lUn y a Smith. He ^\ Hon^opathl e Ho.n>Hal •taout revemllKS his • c«,lete™.llt of WtJBheniaha was fctuxl OB Be I ri»Heved t o b e resp<«»^' tor tMi y robberies in tbe vicJUlT ncratlv. Saihar Taken HI a» tWr t areime. yUMOMn. , of unknow n \tlltin In'^' yes-te^ay^ afte^n -i^it^h - - Bivermor.. f .^ e ro\-! . o. the oil Jid. Th e unJil »b*>ui het'Tt don«. CFNATE EXPECTED T O ® NOMINATE COLBV „,.e etlitorial in the Amer. ' (1,-an F-<lerati,inlst. lab-.t's ofTicial 1 I orsan. by Samuel <lomi»-rs. 1 The cdi.orial. entitled: \labors l-olitical Manner I nfurfed.\ is Bcn o„sider,.,l to In- an <.mcial analv.ls of labor's platform in the ,-ommK presidential election. united <-IT\tt on \'<• P\\\' , —^er ^s-an ^hra:::! piralions ..f labor.\ V -political b!a=t;i.=l\ alread) .^Ive- to IH. inimical to the d.- mauds of labor. This lisl. is t.. be auemente.! as all ,-andidales wh'.m labor wl'hes [iefeate<l. in ....ups in applyinit section r- of the in,nsl«:rtation law un der which tbe co>-.-t-nment Buaian tees a return of r .'-s per cent o ,he value of lite toads. TREATY DEFEAT IS DISASTROUS SAYS GERARD Jame s \V. Cerard. lormer Amf-ri can Ambassador to Germany, be liev, S that defeat of the Leawe of Nations' covenant by the imltc l State., Senate will result in re- newal ol \the ol.l same of roit- nuest ---war and revolution.\ .U-rard was aske,l \J\ 'l- '•\\\j'' I rress to comment on ib e eltect In in \Va.sbincl..u. lead the ratiflciition will be accomplisl,- in iHtlb Ilelaware an.l Wa-shinston met tmlay to con- ider the suffraRe amendment . l.H-h would allow women votinE ; igbls equal lo those enjoyed by .nen. Thirty-four states have roll- ' (le.l and favorable action In I>la- 1 -ware and Washlncton wculd ntake ... ,,-, ,.,1 Pre-.l M. the total necessary lor final d.plored the acii.,n of the Amer-; lean Senate In what it consideretl a llnal rejection of the peace treay. Willie the comment was not Ben- erallv bitter, newspapers pointe.1 out 'that tbe rca.-tlon throuehout the worl.l certainly will bo serious, especially with r-sar.l t.. the resto. ration of peace an.l normal econo- mic relations. Kelations between the I nil« I Slates and the re.st of the world Ecm. hack to their pre-war •Ulns . the newspapers believed a„.l American presliKe ha., sutfercd a con.siilerable blow. The newspapers regretted that there seems to be slicht prospect that a.-ceptance of the treaty wll b.H-ome an Issue In the presidential campaign. They agreed, that the pact apparently Is far as America la concerned. Only a spontaneous popular deinand «n revive tho pact, most the press \^Th^'vost was the only newspaper to conKraltilate the Senate. itru.tioii i-osts The laci that for materials i lo rcdui-e this cost. As an a.ld.-d aUiacti.in. the Uor- ouKli I'rcsid.-nt s.-fs out that a ' n...r.- responsible class of people ..re etiRa^.-l in tbe er...-tlon of their , own homes lu ihls county than in most of the other botoushs. II- f.-eis assured that good re- sults will .-ome fr..m Ihe neKoUa- titns m.w pendinR. „11 ,-andidales who m la.K,. - | eommen t o n th e ene.-i ... d.-feate.l 1 Europe of the defeat of the cov ^ , n enumerallng the I „.„, \^nd peace <••--'>•• '\V he principles ml\ .»tam from Palm Ueach; Ha, ,h e nominatio n \ t commiitee . af -n'-l-itTatTor^o the senate I his afterncoii. MAN Bt'MPED BV TRAIN ENOIM' rrnU\:— 'rT-'rve-i „ . „„rie bound train, at seven Uompers states that \not one mea :,am. e tiks since the ar m s„ce deletio n of candhlates .ho -hanse this sitnation. ^^ to Berlin to, „re«nt^ rte U« e wa a a saUor. \\food t o . xier-' reived. telly taken m at th e St- C^ ^«nB.e« is unhurt, hrrr iMWae. H« wa» <»»• » \\ ' liO dlapatch today Sartae Bassnal . at CUtlOB-^ Uittla Haroiita tJ\\ \ Smalipo . Close. Buildino . j Health be«.u-.e of an hotne under Ute i I'ntTtn o' precaoUc -t^ gra m \\•Whe n President -R-ikson went to Krani-e there was a gleam of ho^ for he poor, the humbl e P«<>P'<' ,;v world-thos e who Jaunon fodder an.l the.victlm s ol • he war NOW that through the 11. wlVh the failure of Amerh ^ to helpTl e world to a new diplon.a<=y- l^^e old game of conquest war and 't^^ojitio ^ Will begin ohce^or. and both militarlirts and boUihe- v,st , will lif t their head.. Pari-. March 22.—The Joui^a l Wilson for the Senate's rejection of \^'Eir/wZ^autocratically tried to Impo« his Idea, a^n th . ple he was supposed to represent. The newspaper said, the I^litieal parties sU'iMed \> La destroyed th. fmi. s of Amer- ica's victory in the war. ECONOMY IS ITALY'S POLICY Home. March 21.-;The go,-e,-n- menl. at last night's cabinet meet- ing decldiMi tliRi Italy'\ internal ,„tlcy must b,. governed by strict ,s:onomy. according to a statement \\slgno r Luziatti. the now Minis- ter or Ihe Treasury, outlined his campaign as follows: Keductlon of expenses In every department of the through releasing unnecessary workers and aholllion ot uncssen- Tlal bureaus. Thl . will .»v e Irotn tw o to three hundred million lire monthly, he said. Ab..lirion of all superfluous of- fices and commissions. Rrtur n lo their private owners of hulldlnES requUltlone.1 during '\ItTmedlate sale ot all perishable war materials. Curtailment of subsidies. REALTY OWNERS DISCUSS RENTS I -with the understanding that SO ,,er ceni net profll on apartment * -isn't i-nough.\ a commiUee repre- senting the rmted Heal Eatate flw-ners' Asl>oclallon will go to Al- bany tomorrow to opws e bills de- signed to benefit predatory ten- ants. 'speakers at a meeting of the as- sociation yestenlay declared thor« can be no nildltional building un- less the \poor owners\ receive aU the traffic will bear whUe In the audience shoule^l. wo don't want more buildings.\ -The other cblMren were . ^ ^ Oen. Bird. Betirod. Dead Tirtr Gen Charle. Bird. xeUred. <,een ill fl»e - He leave , a .on . J' S ^ln -WUmlngton on tVedne . I day. EVE S OFC.O.^P-ARe ^^^^^^ New Haven .Conn.. March 22. The -.y. . or the O . O. P. in nectleut are turning to thi s city a. the time approaches tor the R^ publican Stat . tl„ „ wil l take place Wedn^y- Tbe keynote or the Sir.S'Brooder a. a pc«ibl. vietof \\ ' te« fo r delesale-at-lanc. STARTTERM..„^ ATSINGSIN6 Commencing Iheir stay \n P ,lvcr.\ Darney King. ^vW n.nbau m and Herman A\\\- convicted an d sentencjrf onlou . aKSault on DavKl SI\\'. * local rcalncoat manufacturer, wero taken from the County lal i « o Sing Sin g Saturday momlne oy KherilJ Willia m K . ' Under the penally Pl-\^ the men hy Judg e Tiernan. tltey wW. spend from two and <'\«-baH to (our and one-half year . In tto 1 State penitentiary. The prisoners were .entcncM ^ Curtailmen t of subsidies. I, i fV.day In a vitriolic addr« M Increased agricultural 1 ^y.hV Justice, having b«. n loMd through compulsory labor If 1 a Jury laat -rnf^r -?;cmler Nitt i agreed -o wa!.^ plan declaring Ld feellog brought .bou t by » government henceforth will \\ ] „[ Siiber-. enlPlW« - economy. —— ZsTrh^S^Bus Ride for 5c Would Yead Profit; Whakn Figur^ - ''••itanc ^ a loss.\ . Wit h the completion of pla M for the 200 ne w but-a Se \loner Otmer A . -WSai™. \f ^ D^nmenl ot Plant s and Stnic added tbat h e J: «m«dent lb. P^ -irltlt favotable -vt a ave-cent fare.\ aald Mr . Tbo.bUM . are to \ cap«:lt y ot Uilrtr , iuandlnE room for UtW y J\^ Th e aeatJi ar e t o be tTOlT^ inchea -wWe. Th o al»p . tlte interior wi n b « of U» Wg ,«.l e type an d •>rin « » fa« . totxard . and » ^ts -will accotmnodate tenvi\ tto Board of iapprtrvB tb o Plana th U TrtWe^

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