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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, March 20, 1920, Image 1

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TMB 0»1I.T •nv»1«C E aid Bs No Beauiy Unlese She Were Ssrg the weathe.; Q^y tooiiait : Sanday fair; [^^ctanse i n temperature . lit- „ BatlD A&uantP ^^ HOMB .BWBP.PBH O. ^ATKK KZCgX^^ Men l«s Tnfflcy ScWte MUST BE RESTORED •-•v ua > ^ THE UUJUJii ^ fXUVAEi A. rw w ^ teimscMEsW^SfS : fr--.m -5 r.ts _ p^ . TTiCa An : TS . f-ray HPERT REPORT 'pksENTEDTO imOLJWD JURU ^j^mrnt Ma y B e Reache d Te<tay marke d th e o p o f Spr»ng . Go d hel p u « a t th e Ciosm g o f that season , if th e c*imat. c cand«tion « prevaiUn o •iRC e Marc h 20 dawne d ar e an y criterion . We ca n loo k fo r an y krn d of weathe r a t an y tim e o f th e yea r afte r th e eiongevit y o f th e »t.l! eviden t winte r season . D o no t be to o hast y in discardin g you r furs , heav y wrap s an d overcoats , warm glove s an d overshoes . Yc u may hav e occasio n t o wea r the m mor e fo r som e time befor e tn e temperatur e «s seaconabl e an d winte r fo r a t leas t on e yea r wil l hav e thor- Gughi y spe«-t .tself- SAYlFiuON IS CANDIDATE HE SHOULD TELL Uralt y Me n Asre e Troduc e Th e i)r( i>o loan , t il in' caK Krt [ Ik animml- ib.' rrl' >.<1 .-\^mplit»:i \ t m.iit- i,m llu- S'liti- aii'l I\- ' ' .iiK- lax.-- »iH hviuK \I\\\ ,„ S.al.-.i Islan.l. l-'l. ,l-,irlti c I.. V.uM,l an.l 1\ liulnliliial »iilt rannt, i,i...r.UiiK ihi- .„ liv mai.y ..f ll'e lir\\' ,..il d'alirs In ll n Tha t PassiiRe o f Measur e Mor e Availabl e Monc v for Loans -p.i pxpmr Would ..ul ra..if- iii\\ey 1,„„,... . T.al.linc smull ' l-iil nil tlK'ir h'>nit->. Woulr t Star t Buildin g In ill. . W. ;.-1iiit pli 1 b>' li'i- 1''*'\' i-\fnn>i i\n t\ I llip li.-sinninB a ,ni Tli.-n- an- ai iir.>. i-ni „u\l i li>' slatftl . \lan y ,. ,7. ,T,r : thei r i.«i i Ji n.nn«-ni - a m.-iiilH-r \ f Slale n Ifl.im l .It Klks. , , , , , run^-val service s wii l be !iei,i morro w ul hi s me Inteinieni will Mana.sqiian. N. .1. 11 ,lence mill - in I.i,ui: Ijehs ..I Jll- mal l I als o li'rej't ^ POWERS OUITS' THE MINISTRY . 111. tru« ti' abl e Store large assortment of Suits, and the youth, at luauaz t \-•ii'T TIL .h,. •IK i-i.le -•1 rm» : trtrt n 1 rah- n n mW - r s o f - . orduro y --nit- here in Norfol k =-tvIes- th e ne w stTle capn . [ »L- hiCDi'' Tu»i r-r wn- [ aaa aner . ...m l wer e slUtU'lT \p , Ite^'h . UMhm.-n.I LiKht and .mp.nv . tiitnipe,! Int o a n a-nl j.inipert l\'''''' .1 niniun ulrMt . Tomp - Jamej. f lur.r. lUT --.tr.^'t. n.t , ve<l brul-ses o n th e .nmtiaer . an d How a . hauffenr. r<- ,in th e righ t Itnee- iaken It\\' 1° ronltll n an d maaased to muHe >»\\• „peraled M ,llh Frinf Zlrpol i „ , h.ian J tor . l r. anit v.\' —. *mi --. iCrrrtl 1 -BUilllR) ,v helted- « at SI\ to snn-iO- S and COATS Priced iwtant CT*\- arrlwl. *«.a..lv walcheJ b> Iiem.wT I'altv'lea-i-i s l\ r \.lieali.' n wha i liie I'i . M.len; wil l .In n,. w lha t ili e t^rmii e ha:- re>iirii-.l th e .r,„t T l o hi m .iiri.-ial^ ..< ih e pa r ,.. lirira.el y rroI.i> s \> believ e 1 her e I W rfianee Ol r.lM. n berom.n = a ran.liJal e .n a „t,re, I si=m.nranT iba i n.i .1-nnit. .-or.l ha s .-onie Iro m >he eex.-.lti.. manjlon an.i members o l rresi.lenf. b.™.-ehol,l retu- evei ral k abnn r i:. \ I.uhli r ,le<-lararton is exper. e •»inn- I n iha r messas.- t o ll-e ,,le ..rihe l m.e. l sia,. . . .h e I r.-si- .len i is e,„e,.,e u , o announc e .h a • „,, .rea. y is in .h e campuis n .ha t Txmerica in L- 'l;^'- wil l awai t w;.; i confi .iehr e th e ver- ,l:ci .If Ih e vo.er s I n N.ivember . Wh.l beliele W.lSOB m-.V a.ain ar.ue it is lo-t.cal .- r -o Ci.nie .orwiui l no w a s Ih.^ can,li,.a. e whos e ele.-I.in wimi a mea n beyon. l a *\ib. tha . rltilile demand Wis „eal, h us .h e bi^tes . ob.ia.le :„r.Unir ... .hos e close 1 \ ^ ti - i'.-r-«ins who kn.i w him an.t hin . o n hi s speaKin c ,„p U.I fall hellev e woal d b e s,r,.ncl y \\f'\\' ...r th e aien a t o clarif y th e l..-n» a a a -Wilso n roan Former I'asto r o f (irace E. Church Become s : Uiyman Til . t,,- lim\ I'-, i:. .-la.rr h Metho.1 -ren. ,rle, II I-iiweis. , f^. ,he f.rare M wiihdiawn Iroiu mitiisiry. accor,lini: 11 Ti'- N'-'Wifit ;\'amrb ; a ;..te ..t .he .-.m .. vas be,n locai.-.l. \he term \.ed for beccmlni: i e Money r 11. Sprail. maiiaiier (;...TIte hralii h .-r Ihe < ^..ance Ilaiik. sp.iUe hichl Of .he leiiisla..' While hi- .-..n.ern d,d i nioneace loan-, h- evp a,n. ,.,„;.| Iha. a belieli.ial w..i.ld r.-sii:t- The he -aid. Iha. Ihi^ I V. rv ma.eri.iily ir i available ni.'iiey f. I Benefit to B. t. , 1 1 :i pupOmSsat GERM^MUSIG Class Cheer s Actio n o f Dori s Hillve r and Teache r Cet s I Peeved The retu.-'al ol a pupil cil furli: il- II,ch Sihonl AnIl.N. To.'' \\h •Man Who Collected Another' s Pay Will Complet e Previ- ou s Ter m When Ih e cottr. .llscoveriHl tha t I,ouLs Ferrara . a Uo«-ban k yout h wa s wan..H l ... serv e a n ..nexpir.s l ,er m in .h e Ci. y Hous e ot Itefuse . ,ent.-nc.' o n a lar.-eny charg e lo r thiih h e wa s arralcn.-d yesterda y ,as iler,.rred an d .h e 5 \ut.i ; man «a s ...rne d •ivi.r ... .h e r..f..rm»U.r y au.hori.ies , Ferrar a wa s arres.. d la M fall, ,l,.,rc.-.l wi. h bavin s defn.u.le d .h . llal.inmr e an d .)hi o llailr.ia d ..u. GIVEN 'LIMIT' Thre e Members o f Garment W'orkeis ' Union Go t o Sin g Sine Th e • limif wa s th e fat e o t Bar- ne y KlnK . Davi d Tannrntaum an d Herman Altman . convicte d o t felon- iou s assaul t i n th e second delireo in Ih c Count y Cour t last Tuesday . When recelvlnB sen.ence . Kin K ut- .ered veile.1 .hrea. s ot th e ellect th.- tria l w..ulil hav e o n J\Jillc e \ \ i Tiernan-s s.andiu s wit h unio n n.6n. „• a consid . rahl e su..i of .uone y I . ^^ ^u^p^tlo n b y th e Blul e claime d tha t Ih e I;;';\\\ - ' .hre e prisoners , wit h tw o a'';w:rin;\o -others. a.tacUed Davi d Sllber . a ,,r .he lien.'+H II. the pe'.pl.' -et ..UI by 11. r . ; the relief whi.h -mall hel p man. Mr. r.'weri pasiorshil. o: Chur . li ab.. « ^cupie. 1 -he pulpi l Ibei m-n d .o the M airo an.! u.r ablaut the lime, ne.iuen. T. .ns'were .urren. .ha. ^ .. 11 111.- rela.ion beiw-»r M K fhuri-h , h - mc ,,resent I^lsiiir- ^ ^ \' ' M K I'liuich in 'b - \j .m l i. \ :,m-o,'::;iei'ed more dtnien.t.eslhe.e wt'rch. it IS ileeision lo w.ihdraw ministry .\n.,iher nntle I will a.rri.» i S.a.en island wa- re .,ow I.n-..-d . o pay I\ ' I'r 'we.;\.\\ \ „'\.. T.' :.M.lain.-l- 'he amoun t howe^r .h-i. the itreaies. lien.-fl' will be ile r V Ihe larger investors' who H .he huihlin. i.f larse apa t I house, callinn for money in. , ,he huiidreilthousand.. ne al^r^-J^ ^ thimeb. Iha. there was m. Mortgaa e T- » \ ne..,ard Mullen ii-'\-; I ,.., wa- a line .hini t as i. ..-sUl ed • „ e elimlna.io.. . of a hariWiM . .re.-t..re res.lo c \\ H' e smal l m .T , r wh. . ba.l p,eviOU-ly felt .liaf . . wa- ahoil. th e safe-t -I woul d lik e to s« U in..- b- T !,'ld Iba ' uin-e na.l y . a.-h woul.l i 'o,\.. bu . .-cliev.1 ^a. ...ul d iii-t he a-, rou'h avai l „„..U.l. 11 hi.weve, ,n.-ideiahl ..urity 11. Little ra.i o .1. ..-mpli. Privat e Sharr. i Mone y can: idere.l monil. .1. obey Ihe .each.-. » m J -• iin Thu.fday al.e.noon i-.iused .1 .-lasses ol 1 and 1 D ^lail'-' be li. pl in .ill ' o-.-lo.-i. 1. beca..... known ...day. Th.- ....abl e Bla.l.-d dunnB th e musi c less.in. whe n IKiris Hillye r wa s ask.-d l o play , whil e th e clas s .\pp.-oachins \h.' pian u Iw. i \ , Law llia l WOI.1S or-the sonit 'w.r. - par.l v in lli e ce.man lan::- uaite. an .I'she r.-tus.-.l ... play^ ' Her .-la.-,-i.ia.es clapped .hi ir hands in app.ecia.i.m ..i' her pat- I ioiism. . Th.- leacher. Miss Ik.inbri.lce. i .hereupon ,.la>,-.l .he -->eCllon oth.- thl s ritaR e a thin e an d sai d .vas .h e ...ily wa y l o pu t „,v,-lm..\l-on » ;,r,.les. Th e .-Ife.-t, h e woul d he 1 .1 pro.lu. e mor e '•\\^v ;ir - f' us \111\ u ot WOULD TWt ^ ^ mm FW New Jerse y PRESIDENT ASKED AS TO STATl S OJ OV\ SOLDIERS h?.\'.-;'oru statu , .If -he ikmeri.-a n militar y for.e s in Ge r many Th e text of resolutio n fol- BO.mLVN LOSES OAR, SCTLLS TO *im. m Johnston. _ • bcttnan. spent . n Wtia* » !« nisht when 1- rand th. W « » Tompkl^'^' Itoataa had con»ey«> « The meeiiof. — , «. «. . t th . »l.iP« ^ , Curtis Ujeeam ^ and retumin* \tna-ss •hn. be one ut hto oars. W ^^ Governor Smltt C\LL JHEETING TO ^ -SAVE THE SCHOOUS Throug h th e State n sUnd school . NO. n- \ . ,„ rr.rer'^rl nrookly n scttool . -», ,i„ presen t rXher^f^re.^ stat e o t N'* To t •\•\T ^L^'VeTth A^boy, ha . ren'Tntr'oSuceS In t.e Stale Sen- ate hy senator l-Jh':''- , „ „poln t „ „r Rich- \'\?^esolve. l by -he 'l ' r xaTt s atu s ,.t th e America n mill - mmms TuVkcS. commander I,.-Chief o T anl^ force . In -he -cuP^ Hhin e -ithout CHEROKEE CLUB GWtS OWNER led an d pr.,ved on e of th e n successfu l tha t or.a„iza t o n :: ever held . ..oca l ^ ,rle , leader s an. l p.dice force wer e pr.-^en. I n larKv ^ ™ CHem. U.;utenants Mclv.,r. 't^::rrin« anTvl«.ers a.,,1 Patrolme n Me,sir\ Schletein. Matthews and Turner herself , bu . th e .-lass wa s dumb . So . a soun.l cam e fr.m . Ihel r lips . ,..v,-ep. a lain , hissinc- Th e class kep i in bu t .in thi s o, i-as.on , n..b,»I> cartsl. an d Hons vv.as .he, h.-orine ..t th e hour . | NEW^liND ; 16 AIDES GUILTY OF CONSPIRACY .. _ . Mic h . Marc h 20, ?nte<l himsel f a t T.ay ca r .m e i.ay .lay, - th e cal l of anothe r man' s name an d oblainini : hi s waq.- enveb.pe . The def.-ndaht -was indicte d by l,h e Januar y C.rand ^ charc e of C..-and IJrceny. Ferrar a .v.mually mad e res.i.u.lo n ,o .h e ' compan v for U s hiss an d i n consid- '„,„.i..n'of thi s th e Chare e wa s re- I a„c . d ... P.-.H larceny , t o Ipleadei l inlil.y whe n pla.-.-d ..n tr.al 1 last M.in.lay , ' Wh. n Ih.- youn c ma n slom l W t o I receiv e hi s s.-n.ence, Judse Tie.- '|m.n s.a.e d .ha . b e ba d le.-,mcd , tha t .her e wa s an.i.he r .er m hanR-1 ove r Ferrara . .\n .ifflc.-r l.-om Ih e Hons. , of llefus. : ha. l ••-.I'D-\\^ h..t..re th e court . e«dalnins .h a ' Ih.- pri.-oner wa s on . unde r p..ro. Ifron . tha t insii.uti.m . \ : breac h ha d been cmtn.it.e d h e wa s i wante d t o serv e hl » unexpl.e d \\•The lu.lce the n acree. l t o defe r sentenc e o n th e larcen y Ihi s count v unti l th e youn c man Is ,ree.l Iro. n .h e Hous e of Ileluse . „,. wil l .he n b e hrouth t hac k t o .h e Count y Cour . an d sen.ence.1 here . FELl)®i PROPERTY SOLD nennertV a . consM- tailor- d same popufctr „,„rs shown this l» t. r»in ana .no» ais —' li., .rtti th. renmlnlM ^ »»ilr rfiore. not \ort t6 . - -«r trom »!» S4T and $30- Becnmms a^^t^i^jHl. derUs at $3->n- Governor Smith W gunday.\ .omorrovr ^rin , be- Pastor. are dan- BATTLESHIPttAllt^unu AFLOA 11 ^ !J«,.r t S.*., Va, Sare h 3>- S-Jtart. wa. Utmcsad at »« SWpjartl t^y, to ^ Iiandsonie 25 c&nis UB- Dwyer\* -1. CrtSJ CARDS ^ ita—Mtrt. 'r^hv ro~n; authorl manner « • P\ n.- charter J^f ,mpro«ment.. ™lI.!o«rB are to draw no , object ot Kann s ,0 aace^l n the extent to which c™ to Pft -own re,o- c was referrcu to the ratoUc Senrlce. The Felix Boehm , ^ oakwood Beach ha» been leased by ?he Kott. Brother., -ho tor many veara have been cngaBcd in the l-o .ummer scaMn^ U. S. Oct . C.rand KapMs, Mich.. March W -Senator .Sewberry and siiteen others were (ound BUilty of-con- spiracy today. The jury reported at lI.-« o'clock after deUberalln^ \'\\J p.m, Thursday, The Juror, found that Newberry consplrcl wi.h his a,,,ociaIes to cause the expend^ ture durlnc the campaisn of a sum ot money in exces. of tlte ..mount allowed under the Fe.ler.il Cor- rutit Practice. Ac. Vhe maximum penalty -provl.led lor th.. on.-nse is two year, im- prisonment and a nne of $10,000, Nutritional Survey .hineton. I>, C.. March =0-— Kxner.s of the Children\. Bureau ot The Department ot are mak^K a nutritional .urvey In one Tth\ rural district, ot Kentucky gather dependable data on the relation between the physical condl- CoMhe child and the llT.ns con dltlon. in which it is bureau', representatlvw have a truck-known as the Child H^ l t^ Speclal-ntted \« » model w \l -babV clinic. A phy.icUn and Ltrare In charge to ^ children and instruct the mothers 2 .h^car . ot their little one... FINE IS PAID FDR^NAWAY Owner Punishe d When Hors e Break s I.oose Endaniierin K People Tompklnsvlllc raincoat manufac- turer. BO severely InJurinK him that 'his nose was broken and ie since has lost the sicht on one eye. i t was .he People's .heory that the men w.To ac.lnK n» \stronB-arm.\ lor .he Waterproof aarm..nt liVork- ,.r's t'nlon, who were at the time strike picketing Sllber'a shop- I'p until they wer.- removed (rom the court r.i..m, the prisoner. veried their in.io.-ence. declarlns . ihat they had no soever of Ihe aitnck or who com- mit led It. The detendant. King, \rifd to m.-,ke a statement tor puhl cation b. Uire Koin^ In to receive his sen lence. but was prevented by mem hers ef the sherilt'a Btatt. When asked by the court wtot he had to Mty before hearing bis p^oillime,.., K^ng clalm ^ that th . verdict ot the Jury had been unfair and innuenzed hy alleged attach ,n the part of the Pjosecut on. U was then that he referred o ti e elf,.ct thai a sentcnco would have ou organized worker., •The Jurv was influenced\ stated prisoner, -by roITMrk. ol ti e - .ople when they called us Utuf •gangsters'. We really tiree deatioyera. J S. Lend. Farmer. JIS.OOO.OOO — l y statemen t o f rto Fed^l rarm Chart«l hy private lendenL Haw MOU on th. Kalaer ' fbe Basne. Marth sr.TJidSrsf.s^i the e»-tod»er to wm e dlatant eMia me_«x Touch- The owner ot a horse which broke loose in S.aple.on last Thur. dav, running down \Bay street and endangering pa.^sers by. finally to he caught by Motorcycle OIHcc Dickson, escaped with a $1 r.ne i.. the First nlstrlct Magistrates Court vestenlay afternoon. William Mclntyre, the prlRoner. was charged wi.h having left « horse and buggy improperly lied „e plea.led not guilty but upon evidence of the onlcer. Magistrate Croak decided that the title must bo paid. The .letendant had gone into a stapleton hou.-e. leaving the animal tied to a telephone post with a ple ^ ot twine, claimed to be too light o hold the horse. U subseauently hroke loose, and ran away down Cstreet narrowly minin g a nnm^ ber ot pedestrian, in the .treet. At rnghr,«\n.nil.hringln \ T^'hor\. wa, luleted but not until h. had again broken aw« only to be pnrsu^i and »Pt\«d by, tound and summonaed to appear m tho Magistrates Court. Ot^ tSe trial, McIntTre denied Wckjion wW «ld tbat tb . tl . In loeatlon wa. much ojor® flimsy. cbtlcbten to that effeet. SStedra l tornono- « PoUowlB* tbe maa». « tb . SulU .UHtid force •Ue»«. and -gangsters'. we reai.y —- workcA!Connected with union or- ganization with 3.000 membws. I ^ould not ilk . these 3.000 men to think that a union man can get no Justlct in this court.\ In answer to questions from tbe jourl. King State.1 that be I'M hern in Austria and had « this country seven yea^.^ II», been inducted into the service, be said, but was discharged M \ alien enemy. Tannenbautn ^dJUb man said that they had bMn Ji empt from the dratt as married \\in passing sentence. Jostle® Tlw- nan commended Ihe Jff verdict they had \turned He tull notice to unions that tblsconW not be used a. an excuse for brew- ing tbe law In this \>\>'7 . «• then pronounced the P\\'^™\ tor th . tbre. men. that J- noed at hard labor In Sin s Sine S^uon io r a t.rm ot not than iwo years and .ix months and aot more than tonr yeara and tlx months. _ - nurluK bis remarks. Judge TlM- nan said. \When you maHe jxr are telling the trutb. T^'J tak. tbe burden and suSer tot what you have done. \i n tbl. county I for the method, used In tbl» where \.trong-arm\ men \ nr . imported to beat UP Allhouih • X favor union •mctv^ iilf do'all proper help tbem. 1 '\111 no ' count«n«^ them brealtln* th« I»w. ••I will serve noUoe on all union men tbat adopt t)i&t th«r art. aot g<»ui«:.» 7u omce U w and served In this cooBly. Tto IgJ- in tb« country and, thfT.^-^f:*^ m. That tbey .wf'AB' I t was th.B ordered tla^fp prUouOT b. tmlcea ta iraphad and flnter-prlntea I ro«ue» gaUenr. Dori W 0>e trial nil? tenee w\ ^^.\TST- of the prUonen ««» «»•' room, keeplnr m watch m ^ CMdlusa. TUa 'WlW taum and Jqdie w»»

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