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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, January 19, 1920, Image 8

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y»<UV~ADV*tlCE \ I the Home of Refined Piays <or Refined People --- iu k •CHE'WKATHER ' | Tair today; tomorrow cloudy, prob- ably snow. Wednesday See the Cameo Girl ===== STA'l KN W DAILY NO. ..fmNOACM SATURDAY 11 Jury_H^i^sD^ \The Right to Lie\ Aa Albert Capdiaiii PVtrfoeHon By Jane Mnrfin OKratkor mf \tibc Time\ and \Day- \\t^air with Jane-Cowl ^^ St '^ stir Yonr n«c t airi M^ taSActs Cartoon and Scenic de Luxe No Advance in Prices Thurs,, Fri. The JACK PICKFORD FILM CG . presents JACK PICKFORQ \In WW la 6 Acta Written and Directed by James P. Kirkwood ChaWa Chaw Green Apples yod were sn»w«o up ymi jim^ TOs lletn« wiB t»te «• ^ bMK town- The Strange and Fascinating Visuahza= . tion of a Young Girl 's Experiences on the Threshold of Life HVBBY gxuson offers tl.. Scvecns Most Vital Pevsot.ali.y A. in the B. SOLDIER MUST STANflTRlULFOR KILLING GIRL THAWING OUT PIPES CAUSES SLIGHT FlUE T*o »u.«ll firw occurrod on StMon flV. blatc. ^hUh aid »»0 damat.. caused by one ol ot the two-.tory Iinmr « Mnntaiian nv.niiJ. ToxicnrlllJ. sctilwE Sille tha»lns oul Tb. Imlld I . . ^ i^-'i-iitiU iHREDESTROKi STOREROOHr ftUTOSW nikklivw woodwork In tno ' rf Touri„. car. pushed Aino Driver Charged with Slan- j„rdan. Th» i« iuii>' mi\''\'- ^y^^n Flamex Thr««V slaughter lor Death ot \\s\'.\\\ Showrooms Woman c. of Love In 7 Acta spicy, with deep for the teach you the A. B. C. of love. lyon-moran comedy SCKEEN JLVGAZINE SUNDAY A allsUt Waio l.ro1c.i out a^r ot tho i«a,tory brick Can»l ».roc<. St.plo.on, ...ni.il »ne , , , ncounlcd bv Frederick D;.vl5. U »»• TSe January Grand Jury ban.W lluc. dovn l«lore Jn^ oau, uc. m luc court yvs- r^uu^-iits pitdomtoaie. \ -^a-a..!'. a soW'-\' C^r.. .^>.1111,. caig^d »-.>U acc^ncl * t <••> :.W.HilV C^^i. t-ii^iK^\ d.coe manslaugu-.cr anJ V. ui u ,vvo.v.... U .s i:ia.m.d cuuwuui; Uls army \••lovlvcr; w a cayuii illtrl-U. tiiUliUJUt ^oal-5 sui on Occ«mbcr 7. i^o ' w^a ai&caaisca. .Wiiliag THREATENS LIFE OF GIRL, CHARGE , ,„ .,,, AGftlNST \OUTF!l= - I tie PlOck Love Affair of Jennie Pelersor and Emi\ McLaushlln To He Aired in Court conccftlfrt Flames Sh^ rooms Fire doa'.roypd Oip «lor«WHV Wwl Drlsblon Auui SawW. by rir. I., c. Sirku., ISRJ » 1 avenue, al S:30 o'clock Ibl. W dome \boul »;C0 .Unmw 10 0*0 ,nl; and nlocU. The onllni ^ jl 111,- bullilms »«s di»»oy«a. The fite wn8 dlPCovertd uy i was In ibi' tinice «t «\ou> by I the cclIliiF U ovor till' ufTiCo ^ 1,6 Mo J Uiimci wcro c>»«l' \B V> .OUB lo llie 1\««T Hour.. TW xas u lci.lione.l to ibi- flro dsj .V Janii'S :-'••» bU'S' »» -I.I- stdlf. Five automubllcn wcfft »ti t room adJolnlnE <1>0 \O\ vmbcd oul ol ibc blirnlaS and tcroti Cnill.'loa \•<•««« nnlour belli and W\ luinliure and idocV could bo bglorc ibo arrival ot Iho i.u.: bUls were wund agalns-. Vat- Bamt 11 IS c.aiai^d ibat on mornlnl! beld in J...u M,elMrali Ibi^Iorc ine at.i.». — U.fo u C^di. a iucnd. a Croak in tbo Socond District ,,,0 flto couW Us Napo. .as Indict. Jor I \ -la. v.-o.Un.an. ball«ay ot the cum w tcc-nd deerco and McLauEblln 1. . agu \ i«und against Au- tjio teapot, a:\cl-.uan. He i. accuaed o f „ on tbat occasion. the entrancing Xr^ATiC DOCUS^ENT C , : aciiur luuuu ut—-- - Of UttVing w.uiuw •• - ...Lr a:acl-.uan. He i. accuaed o \JXJ^^ed it on tbat occasion n - a motor t.ucli on u.cnmond by H.o policy lb . Vilu: n No.cmb..r =8. It la claimed M,., f-\\\\\^ ^ • vvlinu l.M»lna a lETc-d aticr kccplmt .i.mnany »llb klliLd'a ^coman named Sl.lia 1 - C. r^nmeyor and Cbarle. - < iltri-laud llapld Transll Company Croak. ;lmcd at Tbe cbarEC .oc- _ cud dosroo srand larccny. as nec«Mar> lo IMr HUB rool to eel ul Uto MM« .niounl Ot perUimWo <»»l«ll room bcncilb llio Bto W .,j «aler Bud U ««• ««>» ,1,1. will brlnE >b« tolM lM in ibo U>DUi.and». The cliUBf ol Iho ttt« Wi Uicerialned a» there *«» vtIrM In <li« nloreiootn M (irlrtor dcclar.n no oil. « otUer valmllii ioat«n»V *« the itonroom. .Milb'\\ BRRftSWTES TO UPHOLD LftW 771 ' «« Clftn ,>ASSEN6EIIS POWHKTli fclluMiil,, J\\- ''•—W fi,n«i>iiru I'l.wl'.inn. llB«b)i-<l r.lill r.ilwl «« I innday trilb S71 pM»«>W irru ivi\ —- i.aio thl. atlvruoeitt «»« Nov.:nber \ „nd Broad p„,er. .ccor.Hu» to »Y rrsr.^o;'rrnrEa,.y<rom T.tKe Steps .o Stop tie scene ot tbc accUcnt. ^^ j.^^.ijee „f Unautl.oriy.ed CV.ST EXTILVOBDI>%.BV„inc.uJnK^nLTON OTHERS, and the most lavishly staged film « the h.s ry LEIGH. PAVLINE ST.VRliE. LDMC^D L cl the screen. empire comedy pathe news Evening P.rform.no.. Door, open 6:16 —1 , , ^ P.evail a. .be MaUa^ ^e^^ ADDED ATTRACTION Ite Sw pathe NEWS - MIKF iflYCE in the \Slaves ot W 'ac«« BECKONING ROADS In 6 Acts . A StartUnR Production of Jndaon's Great EooK. In which a Ufe's highways and bj-ways achieve happiness. ^ ADDED ATTBACnON. ADAM and EVE ALA MODE ,In 2 Acts ot Mirth And the Bee! So Dil tion. •1 iiw^ets iiiKc •. he scene ot tuc ae....— 1 Practice of Una\!'\\\\-\' \v;i,ian, sniiti. ot New Persons cus:d ot ,, ,,„,nUon to enecl .loPPlnE o^ ™bl™ mS uTo\u conn. accused ot aa^iult. growing out ot tbo or In an, ''uoubl. ba. b^ icUl be handed donn by toU Inrj uibi Conwacrnm ^^^^^ ^^^ ^^ aiioda- In the moatb. Navy Vard Uoro loW. , Accordln* to th»'«M« haun pa*ent.r. J ins '-b. nlebt by «>v Cedric and »t« Mf Kow York, WlreloM roiwtu V—_ luai tbo Pi-M'oi^.^, army transport vtnjw tr»Ml«rr«l to Codrlc Hit nU« '•W'\ miaucei roc«WM M Irom tit capldM t»n and tbo Codrtfc^^ CALLS PRIVATE AUTOMOBILEIN MEASLES CASES That the molor.powe«4 am^^t 1 rMmM MATEINIO , OMfERRYBOAT .1—MldllMt «T»ntl»i lUsaonpoUl. « m« brokt lokOjiU dud Modleat' ' ud OKHPt^ ' »na bwolii «1U IIM.OOO. TfcWfi, ^nd carrliuJ I COPELAliq^ TOJT\ Tbat or Mr Istl^ « r d I n a r w A11 r « c 11 o n • - e .. „ e r Feature E * t r a o r a i n a i^^y ^^ ^ ^ VPIease Get «.»'4v AT f l^ON in \Fair and warmer., , ^m^^ - ' or-MT their Uomo lor Mmo ^ «„'fci»pt«>* «« ca^ Fouowins^ fctt -ine I _ ji^u ^ ... ....... . - • - I ——-\\^\TTZLirrru »,

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