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Staten Island advance. (Staten Island, N.Y.) 1921-current, January 19, 1920, Image 6

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^iBfmtiiiR^\\^ UZZUKfiMl ftlwiniiTittu. jBinp, to Ft«it owat West Btitfrt—CimwflinFu-1 ailinte aZ Flar SCSMboa T««n. ^ I H.I, nam. B- \ ^ Mncludn •»» \^f M;^ ta hr-afc\\ ounn a=h«ia4l«a for T*i» TT . irfT t^tfo rt«a4«. T - -1 rn.1. arm T..n r-r — M. iM-tn^ u«>u.c.l. »t naiiiilag Clua news^ MONTANASSTAKTHRILUNG FINISH ANDBEftTOUT M'lNnRE'S FIVE •training on skates Bl m. cu-r. ul tamr Orertenl Bis Defeat IntoTjaUonal Nickel Quintet 32 to 23 ComiBS UP tram .^riiis ol unbroliw. ..clones JSS^ Al«k -sptt.\ MctatTT. o^i I ,ir I —— - . n- u-.ut« Kii\\ np u. .vai « t!=e clo^ am. Siall \ alp and luck IB the second Jilt until lie cwsms mJimea o: p.»> uM lUe M^n,ana» pui on suli mo.o and nhowfnl to lis tronl al tj^ Dy a ma.BJl ot lv.o ae.d goai» ilvLTvhy and lUe fo Zu.mimiM .fere U.e cWM pomt selle.5 lor ue ^ ^ Mcmote i^^rdi-i'Lrx^r-^\- r r: r^To \\ ° .^Tco...^, iu.a inc. be=i be uom ... \ \ .... \U l-r r ^e r. lo^aed Mo^ ! Monuina t ^Tb ta. u-d '^.jna,, w<«.a b^ buried I>..ueata iJifir ; .... ^^ .clH-a.- ^ • itol deieal ol lb. A' \\\ llaxl Ke Bav-nn. lean, bad lorEed '» ..e^^.tom bv a marrn ot ten ^ s^ana.id bome Club appeared . , Lue U4av »»• — =u. iwo ^'\^-J\, c-lup-wc iwrv 1. -mirk is- '\••n tea3>» .cm- » '<•- C (32) International (23) LJ- iiCUlxSle Itj' iluipni fred ZurmuaitS IjG. ..t'lantt Zuiuiuuieu uoim^ aiMi. I Uiie m tae a-''- \ a. ja.1 i. ^ i.—t — ir^len' \VnnK Za.inu..,.n Men- —20 minuiea. receiviai; aa juur>e ^^ \\— ttOMENTOACTAS ARABS DRAW ' ...nnrn KT nnilTC Dion -vuo dai I ^ Ufct liio 1 Fljbler. -im I\\! . M. advantaf. ber. M .ndaT nld.! JSB-ifiHS , li to -0 • _ ... \ T-Tiun ^rEUs^UlNG TO ATTEND _ lumun - PRIZE WALTZING SMOKER IN SEATTLE J^URN, JilOGtSH BOUTS BIG CROWD rF^xuKSBRLL . . . » nr lb** Arab: ' \ RICKARD.ANGLMBICHIiin' ' lew dnTS Noted Promoter Quietly Going ^ He ai.o^™ w INOICU » . „„ believe tne latest hot imn About Business of Signmg has De,np«y u. '•httn bad hla bound by a vertti tct«i> 1 „,ntod to buT the 'Wool- , lot everjone know nj \ bTdlnT\ JS in-r 1 have been waltlns ^^ worth building u ^ (^Slllze after the lllinta rtouf to thr^orld »hat ^^ offers.\ he said. nhone and sBoui lo .oi • ^^ ^ America Itt ^^IheMbr-s ness U a lot '^inrst.rr^ np ? The one that ehows his will not last.' 'run tor his money. -Dempaey Is belnK made the ^ rredlt Tex Rlckard ^Uh these hits I attack. He U » er-s ink was smearing ^ gantlc o«e« _ Dempsey ta J^ mmmm^ 0, promoters ho -as \\ r other prominent (ishters W let It be known that he had ma ^ t^^chlrg boilnB and «bo wot. »^ \-he - r ^^^us -r^^t^l ^ ^ ll-a uua an \\\ . V tiL uu; \ H. sears. P\\\\\\,.;:^, \ ' ^t ol iwiti''^ — \ \ ot the buuta m t —^ .. Edd,. Mor\n. T,,e interstate Social Club, which Is c'on.ral J'';;'; .T^^ted with U-cal :0«o. S^ten ,„d and NO. 176 ol Elliaheth, J • „pporlunU7 to jreet th. Boilermaker, and Helpers ot Amer- .ue A -E.F. H held a dance at the TS'est I3rl«h- ,hre. day. h.r. \ton Aud.iorlum on Saturday erenlns, Uii tort, ot wh.ch -as largely al.endcd hy the v.lt Camp Lewis J „ ^ center, thet- ~ v^e.r and Johnn.. Sb^\. - iLtiH/W tfvl a mad gjjgiiaii lightweight, are « JJaJ . \ STATES ENTERTAIN -The atmnal ... - -aplelon u., ^a^. k— ^ , _ talimd. took » ^ ....med hy \•--a Eoom. on Friday ; d«p.t. th. Br... —.--ijrwL-L Lnd -— ltd V-J-^ uxs^-\-^^ ^ The annual ball ot the Arab j C. took place on Saturday e.enins j at Ihe Slapleton Club Booms, and the itlaL- proved a success. The grand I march was led by rresldent P. gerto and Mas Elsie Cohel. -bo were presented w.'Jj lioMUet. ot ttowers by the aaaoclatlon. The tollow'ns committee was In charge: P. Esserto. president; Ceorge BUke. ricepresldent; A^ Oil^ ligan. recording \ committee was in amllh. Ilnancial .ecreiar, V\l\ am Westendort. president; SchmidU treasurer: ^^^ \ a^ist ¥ Upk\' vic<^pre.lden.; U I'ensa. ..T CLCB UOOMS .a^ger; ^^^^ meM colkmlttee; O. Smith. W. Schien. -Rauien.trWl. . GtOTH. I Seattle, -ftasll.. Jan. , t^Tv.^o men weio to Borvi^e men ^^ — .Uargeotthesm.ker_gl^nt.nl^tin -workcrsT wsuiv^^j ^ . aouncomcnt. I may hare .omethinE ^ Wed^ ^ \\\\\ \ \ 'rcLTslgnlflcnnce on the every athlete. ^ IS.-Formcr Thl. \within a who hasn't a nervlce record on » t»ve entire .tatemenl ot Descamps tnai WMhlnEton.\ inSaUed with metal prevent, drauohta and raUle, Mve. luel. Estimates Blven. H. aiLDEN, age Clermont Ave., Brooklyn. Phone 8124 Pro.peet teTfares. the m «L C be^g ^h.d by = » band to ..-it.. - « ..M * .T»t»..UO siBmi \tin Ol ttu^ maiiasera. J«ny a bad Pdi. B-jam- out tM t^o. ho—ver. omir ^ir\\ .... B-ach jtmpM ..re.— 100.000 Feel ol u.ed; LUMBER I l».ng.l<r-» or sarauea. PORT RICHMOND ^isnisspjsis^ EniES, CAREFUU PERSONAL SERVICE, AND LOWEST PRICES OLD TYPEWRITERS BOUGHT New and rebuUt tjT^writers in stoA for mediate delivery. REPAIRMAN , An exper t is at viceeverj- Monday; P^ i orders received o p to urda y night. TMI OMLV •.DVANCK ' il l| Liberty Bonds , and ta»t«tnient Book« Bous*it at MAKKHTT PRICES CASa Ml£91ATat ! M. GOODMAN i Opp..«. AVW _j mmka, SnitcasM » en for WW\ OOOU O West Brighton and S2.50 per pair Does not cover cost of material. AD wool Army Shirts $2.50, $2.25 and $2.00 All wool Army Officers overcoats $12.00 Army Raincoats; Double Back Army Stocks 1988 Richmond Terrace. Port Richmond Faclna and alongside Port Richmond R. W. Stotiow The Dafly Wants of STATEN ISLAND HELP WANTED FOR SALE FURNISHE D ROO .w»_ „r tblriy.^to j;,. UrtsJiion. ^ark-o ylacr. >rw HrlcV lirlcbton. rhnmtwrtMalrt. i»ot> or rtu\ lUlcUu ToAVwH- i».rt. i^tor.-. t'lUii^; noLi- Tor ,. I',in UirUls r.OUv. T.i»l^>r. Hiy Mb \ r.uAin-ATK • moiiihly. Uorp. \yorNc IM. ,.«iHte offUT. . •• V.>rh. «nU->'- A.10 , I\ .J;^ f.r lUrl'or. A<Sa«*» ' ,hnlt 1» .111'\'- ,1 1,1.111 .....1 «•'';•> .,„trti b.'J'r- , ' WANTEO Offlce supplies, and at contract pnces: w^l day books, etc. StedairffJ\! filinK cabinets, etc. ii\^! stamps to order. •Phone West Brighton^, 2088 Richmond Tern\ Port Richmond I BE A PRlVATi SECRETAI K The hlghert •\•\J^^i priva.. -\SSl^i hlghert .tenographle pe'l^^fgE most dealrable from ever* aw:r«urle« are In demanO. BAKfeR . . BUSINESS SCI STAPLETON Mtf^ I ROMA -nSLK PRESCRIPTIONS TAUXDFOBANDDELn-ERED 1051 Caitleton Avenue WANTED Oar deBvwies wiH wch yon. West Brighton whether trolleys ran or not Five (5) carpenters; five (5) mlUwrlghts, aad Ubot- ers for Inalde and outside work. Apply Employment Offlce, PROCTER I Wm MFG. CO. Western Avenue. Port Ivdry. Statea Idaid II..B. UU. rudrical WoA • ,, «>l.i .twitwi Wlrtns WK n EllaMth •T. acol .....rv U.i.'\ .'\ Vie.-, r'uri » '\'• v^. _ ... fl^'\\',1V..1..C..... 1 \vr.n. — .iitr^wwd'nK*- « IMII. I oUtfl ,1... ti.^s . v» t'V* . mxA K»m\ . i.m.'- \\U ' .iM hMP ikr lA\* 1 our a«u»v O.uul u . l.U I . Iti »'•»»• , cunnrr- •7'V • hnit.. MISCELLANEOU S KOKI'^ C iriM- 'triiiW itt'iiili*. \\ M.i(rJ..»r ^ I tnr . I.-.If • .„ IN WANTEDANTED TOO RENT \'^T.^;.'..^;-;-' .'.'..v W T • — ' si a-: ^ ^-\\\' \ — —' tork. I Ti T C BUO I S. il YOUR Di» Vox I p.iiU fM^jni 1 pay In'KJP _ _ - i - i_ nn TOOfB\ v-HV^n'^Uurtr-r i \'.sr^lii; BOARDER S WANTED ^wANTeo 'HM .iS^ftir -—Tr-TSHT^^TM'^^^ Br..,-\-- •rvi.

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